i dont know where they got so many blankets but


One of my followers asked me if I took photos of what I brought from Japan, so here they are!

The first photo is the display where I keep my Sebastian’s figures & I got the new Sega figure so that’s new XD, also I put the autographed ball I got from the event.

the things I didnt photographed were the event’s book, clearfile, postcard, & blanket. I forgot to buy the artworks >____> 

Sebastian… damn that man, he’s very expensive; I went to K-Books & many other second-hand stores and he wasnt anywhere to be found and if he was, the prices were high. I dont know why the characters I love the most are the most expensive (example: Midorima Shintarou, Tachibana Makoto & Asahina Fuuto ) well actually I know…. they’re pretty popular.. but still… &so I got the chance to see the rubber keychains from the Youme Cafe and Sebastian was 10,000yen.. yep, almoSt 100 USD sorry but it wasnt that pretty and the price was crazy.

Whenever I bought kuroshitsuji merch, my friend robbed me all the Ciels & grells, she was a meanie lol

I went crazy on Kuroko no Basuke merch because it was everywhere, I got lots of my favorite carrot; as for Mako-chan, he was nowhere to be found until I went to the arcade and won one of the cushions >3>! 

anyways, the photos includes items from the seiyuu event, the animate cafe & from retail stores! Oh I also saw lots of doujinshi on toranoana, K-books, Mandarake too bad I’m not into sebaciel or I would bought some!