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Hi, my name is Luke. please don’t skip past this post.

First of all i would like to, from the bottom of my heart, on my knees, thank the people that have already helped me. really i can’t put into words how grateful i am that I’ve gotten the help i have.

Let me bring everyone up to speed. a few days ago i made this post.

TL;DR me and my family are being kicked out of our house. we dont know what to do and we are in need of help.

But… unfortunately the situation is much worse. as of right now i think we have a week maximum to figure out what we are going to do.

in the original post I offered to do Commissions to people for what ever they could offer and I didn’t want to take just donations…

but at this point i have to put it all to the side…


This is my paypal email. (those of you who commissioned me might notice its different than the one you used, that was my original personal email.)

Please….anything you can do im freaking out and my family is freaking out. and we dont know what to do, i don’t know if i deserve your help or not i dont know….this is so hard for me to make, but i know if i don’t i’ll regret it.

if i didn’t do everything i could. please if you can just reblog this… even liking would help… i cant offer anymore commissions…but i just…please. i know i dont deserve it, but i dont know where else to turn to. and if nothing else, i know not all of you are religious. but those of you who are, if you could pray for me and my family. i would appreciate it…. thank you for reading this.


Yosuke: Are you really unaffected by this?
Yu: No, it really is amazing. After hearing that they had died before, I’m really happy to see that they’re back and alive now. But the idea of revival doesn’t really feel so… far-fetched…? …anymore? I mean we’ve fallen into TVs, and found whole worlds inside where we fought monsters with spells and things we summon, met an empty bear suit that managed to create it’s own body from nothing, met clones of ourselves that knew our darkest secrets, fought against gods, met robots with personalities that can summon personas –
Yosuke: Okay, okay, I get where you’re coming from. But could you at least show that on your face? (The happiness and amazement, you know…)

Working out that AU where the twins are brought back to life and from the seal w the help of some new Kirijo tech and Elizabeth (and making sure The Fall doesnt happen by some means), and everyone has their memories from PQ. Their souls from the seal get put into artificial bodies since their original ones are no longer of any use/dont exist, Mitsuru makes them change their names in case someone looks them up (i’m going with the names from the musical, so Sakuya/Kotone Shiomi), and while Hamu trusts the shadow op’s judgement and is embracing being back, Minato is irritated/mad about the fact that they interfered (but i’ll get into that another time)

Also long-haired-ponytail Minato and short haired Hamu bc yes

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what's once on this island about?

i hope ur happy anon, bc this took me literally like six hours im not exaggerating even a little

short answer: so u take the original plot of the littlest mermaid and u plunk it down rIGHT in the middle of 1920s haiti, right

long answer (like, REALLY long answer. like REALLY long. im sorry i dont know how to summarize when there are so many good things):

“there is an island where rivers run deep…”

“where the sea, sparkling in the sun, earns it the name, ‘jewel of the antilles.’”

“an island where the poorest of peasants labor —”

“— and the wealthiest of the grand hommes lay.”

“two different worlds on one island!”

“the grand hommes, owners of the land and masters of their own fates.”

“and the peasants, eternally at the mercy of the wind and sea, would pray constantly to the gods.”

those are the four storytellers, beginning the play. lydia started the first line, then abby, then dori, then natalie, and repeat.

(oh yeah, also this is the jr version. also, i dont know everything bc i was backstage the majority of the time)

so the gods that the beach people / peasants are dancing to, theres 4 of them. asaka (played by lavanya in our production) is the goddess of the earth, erzulie (played by luke who’s closeted, so i change it to a god, erzulio) beautiful goddess of love. agwe (played by ian) is the god of the sea, and papa ge (eli, of course, and it’s literally pronounced papa gay), my personal favorite, is the sly demon of death

and this is all described in the first number “we dance”

stay tuned yo it gets better.

(its so good. dont ever listen to any version besides the chatham one i can guarantee you that any non-eli papa ge, any non-luke erzulie / erzulio, any non-lavanya asaka, any non-ian agwe, any non-lydia / dori / abby / natalie storyteller will not be as good)

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how do you feel about the music under that scene in 109 where nicole is talking about demons and waverly is talking about liking nicole? i was just watching it and i thought it was kinda fun. just curious bc i know you like that kinda thing.

I LOVE IT! One of my favorite musical parts of s1. Its so fun and plays so well with the whole dance Waverly and Nicole are doing trying to talk about two different things god i love it.

Tbh i first thought it was a little corny, but its supposed to be playful so it fits so well. There were some moments of s1 where the underscore kind of caught me off guard and at first was a little hard to digest, i suppose. The dramatic/intense moments (like bobo’s theme god thats good) are done so well, but the show also has a comedy spin to it and really playful moments, so its sometimes hard to go back and forth. I think in s1 especially you are still trying to figure out the tone and the mood of the show, and i feel like maybe the underscore composer(s) were doing the same. 

But anyway holy hot damn do i love the underscore in s2 as well, but you didn’t ask about that so i wont go into it.

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this is super random and idek if you're familiar with the characters but can we talk about how wasp is a more interesting and important character than ant-man but she never got a solo title when ant-man had like 7? i mean she recently got one but that's not janet so

janet was like… an original avenger and i dont even know where she’s at nowadays?? like the new wasp is very cute i like her but janet’s kinda been dropped. n then there’s the mcu situation. she’s objectively cooler than any of the ant men because she has wings like being small is a shitty power but add wings??? its neat. she could have a rly cool girl oriented book like idk much about hank other than i feel like he’d bore me to death so i def know which of them id rather read about

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i cant find the original post :’( if anyone has it link me pls but basically a while ago there was the standard yoongi discourse where all the str8s were tryin to say that the ‘whether youre a guy or a girl’ line was JUST A METAPHOR!!1!!!!1 and isnt about being gay stop assuming his sexuality!!!!!!11!1! and at one point some idiot was like ‘listen ,,, i dont know yoongi so i cant presume anything about him ,,, he could be gay he could be bi he could be asexual or a furry for all i know but i dont know him so i wont presume his sexuality because thats disgusting and ur all disgusting gays for doing it’ or some shit and thus the he could be asexual or a furry meme was born

i hate that my fan art is what some ppl have followed me for bc i dont want that to define my art…..my original work is filled with so much passion and research and effort….like my fan art is alright and i do enjoy drawing it but its not my best stuff……like i get it i understand no one gives a shit about characters they dont know crap about or of the work of some no name chump and im grateful for the ppl that do enjoy my fan art but just know my true passion lies in my characters and my stories. theyre what ive spent most of my life striving to let out in their most perfect form……….anyway im an art nerd what up

luke skywalker rp icons

#55 icons of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy. All icons and screencaps were made by me so please LIKE/REBLOG if you use/save them. And if you edit them, please let me know, don’t do it without permission.

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Tama and Kenny got into a spat during the tag match. Tama accused Kenny of not caring about Bullet Club only about himself. So things are brewing and I dont know how to feel....

tama’s one of the original four.. he’s seen finn, doc & anderson, aj, and kenny- all leaders when he hadn’t been, when honestly.. besides fale, i think he’s been here the longest. so it’s probably frustrating seeing kenny take a leading role where he doesn’t worry about the rest of the crew and only worries about himself and the bucks YEAH I SAID IT

watching orphan black with my dad
  • dad: *sees helena*
  • dad: is she crazy??
  • me: no
  • dad: she looks crazy
  • me: shes not. Uhh. She's just.. idk. not crazy.
  • *after 20 mins*
  • dad: what is this show about anyway?? i dont understand
  • me: its about clones
  • dad: where are the clones??
  • me: ...
  • me: youve been looking at them for the past 20 mins!!
  • dad: where
  • me: the one you called crazy, that girl with the glasses, the one with the bangs, and that girl (points to sarah)
  • dad: theyre clones? why dont they look alike??
  • me: they all look alike
  • dad: no they dont
  • me: theyre all played by the same actress.....
  • dad: really??
  • dad: wow
  • dad: so whos the original?
  • me: no one theyre all clones
  • dad: that impossible. to be a clone there needs to be someone they got the genes from.
  • me: uhh
  • *pauvre petit chiot scene comes on*
  • me: *grinning like an idiot because cophine*
  • dad: i dont understand
  • dad: why are you smiling??
  • dad: did i miss something???

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ok ok ok soooo first, what size is most of your work? (like a general estimate) and for the watercolor stuff, how do you get your coloring to be so precise/seamless? I've tried watercolor but its always blending together :/ and I'm guessing you're had a lot of practice drawing the boys, but what is your all time most important tip for drawing people and really capturing them? sorry if these are vague, you can be vague too! i get that the last one might be hard to put into words. THANKS SO MUCH

I work on 9x12in mixed media sketchbooks (canson), and 6x9/7x10. Coloring wise, it depends on what kind of look you’re going for. If you want to avoid blending your watercolor, you have to let the layers dry. I had a teacher who had us use blow dryers in class once. Another trick is that when you do layer, you don’t want a ton of brush strokes. You don’t want to rub your top layer into the bottom layer, so you have to be delicate. ((And oh gosh  /////// no no im not seamless sobbbbb))

Drawing wise— I’ve always sort of had a knack for breaking down shapes, but it’s something that I have to practice. When you look at anyone’s face, you see the shapes that build and put it together. Seeing them and using shapes to draw– not so much the features– helps a ton. Also it helps if you lean to the illustration side that you use selective features. i.e. nose shape, lip shape, eye shape. small specifics so you don’t over whelm the gist of who you’re drawing. But this is used in realism too, so its up to you how much likeness you’d like to use.

So i made a quick drawing of Dean, hoping to explain. I took terrible photos as i went, so here we go—-

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you are kidding right? first ur anti feminist and now your watching an abusive film? gross

1- Im not anti feminist so i dont know where you got that from.

2- you literally sound like your barely 12 so you’re not even old enough to go and see the film

3- You clearly haven’t read the books because you would then understand that everything that happened was consensual, he repeatedly tells her that she can leave any time she wants, but its HER that is obsessed with him and chooses to stay because of her lustful desire towards him

4- If you think that people are going to view this and want a relationship like this then you’re mistaken. People who are actually old enough to see the fim are mature enough and know that it is a work of fiction, and wont ever think that. Its just immature young people like you who might think that. which ok is a bad thing but these movies are rated at what they are for a reason.

5- BDSM relationships are real, and some people like it, get over it

6- Yes ok you can pull up loads of things that show he is possesive of her, but that shows his character of how he was abused as a child, and this is shown in his adult life. Its his character developement and if you read the other 2 books his character changes 

7- Its fiction!? its not a doccumentary. Its exactly the same as going to watch a film where people get murdered brutaly- doesnt mean im going to go and do it. As a film student I have seen a lot of controversial films and yes I have seen A Serbian Film (if you dont know what it is it is literally fucked up so badly and includes instances of child rape and necrophillia) 

8- Did you know Aladdin was considered to be a really controversial film. Aladdin and Jasmin are not depicted correctly and the western influence was highly present. Also the oppening song original lyric’s used to be “Where they cut off your ears if they don’t like your face/It’s barbaric, but, hey, it’s home” And if you look deeply into it you can also consider that Aladdin stalked Jasmin :P yet no one gets attacked when they watch that.

9- A more recent one is Gone Girl which is highly popular film and is really popular on this website. In it Amy manipulates everyone into believing her husband killed her, and got with her childhood friend, had sex with him and killed him by slitting his throat while doing it. Then hit herself/inserted herself with something to make her look like she’s been raped. Then manipulated her husband to stay with her at the end. So this can be considered to be a bit abusive/fucked up? But oh god no, no one will ever slate this film because its a cool film to go and watch because its a ‘tumblr film’. yet if it was the other way round and it was a man doing alll the manipulating then there would be so much outcry and anger. (this isnt meant in an anti-feminist way but it is the truth)


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Any opinions about Dragon Age II? Should I buy it?

i’ll be honest with you, and give you my PERSONAL pros and cons of the game


  • very repetitive in almost every way possible: it all takes part in the same city across the whole game, the places you can ‘travel’ to are very small, you will be going into the same caves over and over again. enemies literally.. drop down from the sky in repetitive waves. its just an extremely repetitive game in terms of gameplay, i will warn you this
  • moving onto DA2 from the other two games will be slightly disappointing for this very reason
  • you cant change the armour on your characters
  • some people may dislike the dialogue wheel, where you’re basically ‘shoehorned’ into set personalities. i personally though liked them, i feel like my hawke has the most vivid character out of all my protagonists


  • DA2 imo has the best feeling of companionship in the series. you basically spend almost a decade with your crew and they develop as characters depending on how you treat them, something which i felt was lacking in inquisition. i feel like the dynamic between the characters was really well done. i just liked the companion system in DA2 a lot
  • the combat imo is better than origins (minus the… dropping.. enemies), and i’ll get killed for saying that LMAO but i do think that
  • its really replayable, origins is my favourite but i have way more DA2 playthroughs for some reason

dragon age 2 gets a lot of shit but.. there is something loveable about it. i dont know what happened during its development, i mean when you compare it to origins and inquisition.. like.. ONE CITY guys? really? and those CAVES? but anyway.. it does have its good points and i personally like it. the companionship side of the game is the best in the series in my honest opinion, to the point where inquisition felt like it was really lacking in this. so yes, i’d buy it, also because DA2′s story particularly really contributes towards the overall DA story… hope this helps :) 

Drunk history of 5SOS

inspired from brendon urie

*cough* *cough*


so luke was like yo i know about music so he started singing and uploading songs on youtube on a channel called hemmo1996 he was playing music and shit and then he met michael and michael was like yo i know more about music luke was like bro thats impossible so they hated each other and they wanted to kill each other but deep down they were lovers
then they met calum and calum was like shit yo i know about music lets make a band luke and michael agreed so they made a band without a name and uploaded shitty ass all time low covers on youtube
calum was like yo we need a drummer so he went on this relationship website called eharmony and met ashton ash was like yo i have a youtube channel too so they watched him and fell in love with him
cal was like cmon be a drummer in our band and ash was like yo okay
so they uploaded covers like teenage dirtbag, gotta get out, wherever you are oh wait that wasn’t a cover
their first band practice was in ashtons garage and he was wearing a shitty v neck purple t shirt and ash rode a bike bc it was like 655652165 miles away
michael was like yo guys are not beautiful most of the times and i want to change that so he dyed his hair like pink and reverse skunk and blue and galaxy and shit
and louis from one direction saw their shitty ass teenage dirtbag cover and was like yo i know about music and these guys are awesome so they invited them to tour and they went on take me home tour with 1d guys
when the tour ended 1D was like yo you guys know about music wanna go on another tour so they were like YAAAAAAAAASSSSSSS and thats how where we are tour started and niall was like yo can i be a member of ur band and they were like wtf no
so they released an original called she looks so perfect and it hit the charts like 123 321 54321 123456789 987654321 IT WAS NUMBER ONE HOLY SHIT
then they made dont stop AND IT WAS A FUCKING BOMB TOO
that’s how the story goes

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Hey there! I wonder if you could help me out, I love Old Xian's art and especially 19 days! But I hardly know anything about the artist and I don't know where to look. Like who are they? Is 19 Days based on France and England from Hetalia? Any information would be super helpful :) Thank you so much and have a fantastic day~ x

hello!! this is old xian,

she presents herself as male in her comics but as you see shes a pretty chinese girl who lives in hangzhou and graduated from the central academy of fine arts (the most prestigious art school in china) and did a comic course there. she works for mospaca advertising with her friend tan jiu and her boss and they pretty much draw comics from the moment they wake up to when they sleep and get commissioned to draw advertisements from various companies, pretty sure shes like 25 and is in her first year out of college 

19 days is an original work, originally in this large fanbook where i think all the college graduates had to submit in an original comic into one big project, and she just kinda started from there! ive never watched hetalia  so i dont know haha, their personalities are pretty similar to some ships ive seen like iwaoi or hori and kashima, but its definitely not related to hetalia at all 
hope i helped! xx