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Nickname: ….Bucket(an autocorrected typo of ‘Becky’), Becky, Becca, Bex, Bez…..

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Cancer♥

Height: 5'3 or 5′2….i havent measured my height since like yr 8 so….

Time Right Now: 10:47am~

Last Thing I Googled: ngl…ways to prepare carrots bUT ONLY COS IT’S BORING TO STR8 UP EAT A CARROT BRUH…..pls dont judge ;_;

Favorite Bands: SF9 obvs, Everyone in FNC (FTISLAND, CNBLUE, AOA(Black(pls comeback when)), NFLYING), A Day to Remember, My Chemical Romance….yh i  think that’s it

Fave Solo Artists: erm…. i’ll keep this in terms of K’pop’; InnoVator (#FNCFAMILY), San E, …..and that’s about it lol (i only pay attention to them ;_;)

Song Stuck In Your Head: 4 Step by SF9 looooool

Last Movie Watched: The Edge of Seventeen (ngl super awesome film, I loved it)

Last TV Show I Watched: This Is Us

When Did You Create Your Blog: 13TH DECEMBER 2016!!!!!!!!

What Kind Of Stuff Do You Post: SF9 pictures that i like lol. Im not THAT biased towards anyone in terms of posting….sometimes I trans their stuff…..i WAS uploading their twitter updates but…i think i’ll stick to fancafe pics. OH OH OH i started compiling all their perfs per week n posting that on sunday/monday (fuck u mbc for uploading fancams so late :’’’’’’’])

When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak: loool erm…thats…erm idk….*checks activity* These are the most popular posts that I’ve noticed : Dawon Gif, Dawon saying SEXy, Hwiyoung being beautiful, Inseong fancafe pic(aka actual peak haha)

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: yes…. @hotafty but i’ve abandoned that one sorta lool, @sf9stolemyheart is my main bitch now :’)

Do You Get Asks Regularly: not really, recently….it’s increasing but i really really really do want to get a lot of asks SO SEND THEM IN, IDC WHAT U ‘ASK’ ♥♥♥

Why You Chose Your URL: …pretty self explanatory tbh….lol sf9…..’stole my heart’…. :’)

Following: 15 (sorry lol ;_;)

Posts: 1357 (1358 incl. this one)

Hogwarts House: Slytherin cos i took the #real test and SWAG

Pokemon Team: …ive never been into pokemon…..sorry ;_;

Favorite Colours: Blue (even tho it looks shit on me), Purple and HOT pink

Average Hours Of Sleep: 5ish hours? such energy such weow

Lucky Numbers: erm… i say any combination of 3(birthday) and 7(birth month), 11(didier drogba nsfdfnjksfksd(and my life path #))


What Are You Wearing Right Now: ooooooo…sounds….. *wink wink* *nudge nudge* hahaaaaaa *inner fukboi comes out* jkjkjk errm shorts and a shirt lol

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: 1, im hot all year round so i sleep with the window open and caress my blankie

Dream Job: lol that exists????

Dream Trip: ERRRRRRMMMM I’d genuinely like to visit Hong Kong cos that city landscape at night got mE IN LOOVEEE

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A continuation of my last post.

I have a lot of feelings about the Russian Fairy and the Hero of Kazakztan. 

  • Arizona: Dont ever leave, promise me that right now
  • Callie: Im not going anywhere I promise
  • Arizona: Hugs Callie
  • Callie 3 seasons later: The last 30 days has taught me so much, all I wanted when we first came here was to know that we'd leave together, but from the minute I sat down I could feel it I could feel that I was gonna be suffocated. The last several weeks I have laughed more I have done more I have enjoyed myself more than- and I finally feel free, and by being free now I can see that constantly trying to fix us the thing thats killing me slowly and I dont wanna do it anymore I dont wanna fix it or fix us anymore, instead of loving you so hard I should be myself for a while. I should love me and you should love you and together we love Sofia rather than-..I want so much for you Arizona, for both of us..so much more than this. More than being stuck with someone who feels stuck. I want you to feel free too.
  • Me: Bitch what
Klance Valentine Headcanon

• Lance playing it cool but actually internally screaming because he doesn’t know what to get Keith

• Keith actually screaming because what would Lance like???

• Pining Keith

• When Lance passes by Keith he’d make a pickup line and Keith is just a sputtering mess he needs to hold onto the wall or bumps into it and falls back

• Lance loves this stupid dork so much his heart hearts

• Pining Lance

• Keith asks Hunk to help make a big chocolate heart

• Lance asking Hunk on making a chocolate heart cake

• They both try to make it lowkey

• Keith going up to Hunk asking him if the *thing* is ready and Lance coming in and just..

• “Oh! Lance.. What’re you doing here…”

• “Um.. Just came to get something from the fridge..”

• “Well you’re gonna have to come later you can’t open the fridge”

• “Are you hiding something in the fridge?”

• “NO! Are YOU????”

• “ nO!!”

• they’re painfully awkward they can’t even fight

• Hunk just can’t with them

• Keith’s heart doesn’t come out the way he wants it too and is kind of deformed

• Lance accidentally put too much yeast

• They both give it to each other

• They find it the most glorious thing in the universe and treasure it

• Hunk finds it ridiculous but cute too

• They enjoy v-day together ((:

when ur drunk and ur looking in the mirror trying to tell urself u aint drunk but u dont even know whos bathroom it is

does anyone else with BPD go through phases where they experience full on ED behavior? by that i mean, a couple times a year i will enter an ED mindset and binge/purge and starve myself, count calories and try not to eat more than 600 a day, and completely hate my body when usually i like and dont mind it. this “phase” will last two weeks-a month and one day i literally just wake up and am tired of feeling that way and feel better about myself. i know becuase of the fast reovery i dont have problems with an ED and i think it’s just having to do with my BPD fucking with me? and i know it’s not an attention thing becuase i have never told anyone about it before and never wanted anyone else to know

i have also gone weeks feeling like i am trans and then suddenly i dont feel that way anymore?? which makes me feel really fucked up like why do i literally experience body dysphoria and hating being female for 3 weeks and the suddently its all over???

It’s too late - Bellamy Blake

Originally posted by fuckmeupstydia

word count: 1405

warnings: death and violence. also smut is briefly mentioned, but i do not go into detail

note:  i do not recommend reading if you dont want to read about death. the italics are the memories set in season one :) 

Bellamy Blake was the last person you saw yourself falling for. He was arrogant, cocky, and he thought he should rule everything. Yet, you found yourself constantly gazing at him and smiling before looking away so he didn’t catch you. You hadn’t known it then, but he was doing the same thing to you. You had both captured the attention of the other without knowing it.

You were on a hunt with Bellamy one day when you got yourself hurt. You had slipped in some mud and slid down a rocky hill, cutting up the left side of your rib cage and leg. Bellamy was by your side before you knew it. He picked you up, even though you could walk perfectly fine, and carried you all the way back to the camp. He didn’t leave you when Clarke patched you up either. That was the night things changed for you and Bellamy.

You two had started to spend an immense amount of time together. Bellamy would always find a way to touch you whenever you were by his side and he was constantly glancing at you. You would find any excuse to go talk to or just be near the man. You two were like two magnets with each other.

It wasn’t until Jasper tried to flirt with you that Bellamy decided to step up and make a move. Once he saw Jasper getting too close to you, he stalked towards you and pulled your waist towards him so your chest was touching his. You looked up at the attractive brunette with a quizzical look. He didn’t say a word. Instead, he pulled you even closer and into a kiss. It was harsh and intense, as if he was declaring you his and him yours.

You pulled away from him and breathlessly said, “I am definitely not complaining about that, but why?” Your hands were placed on his chest and you could feel his pounding heart beat.

“I need people to know that you’re not available,” He smirked while side eyeing Jasper, who watched the whole ordeal with a dropped jaw.

“Bellamy Blake, was this your way of asking me to be yours,” You asked with a huge grin.


Things used to be so simple in the beginning. Now, everything seemed to be spiraling out of control. Pike was the chancellor and Bellamy was on his side. That was what shocked you the most. Your boyfriend decided to side with the man that slaughtered grounders who were there to protect your people. You tried reasoning with him, but nothing would work. He tried to get you to join his side. You told him you would never do that and that was what started the dwindling of your relationship.

Bellamy and you would only talk to each other when you were in your room. Other than that, you two hardly saw each other. Not that that was your fault, because it wasn’t. Bellamy was like Pike’s second in command and he was always busy with him. You were always helping Abby and Kane with something to keep your mind off of things.The truth is, you missed Bellamy more than anything. You just wished he would come back to you even though you were still together.

Abby had told you to take a day off today, which you were extremely reluctant to do. You went to go find Bellamy and see if he was busy. He ended up being at the bar, so you sat next to the man you loved without saying anything. “I thought you were working with Abby today,” Bellamy spoke with a hint of regret in his voice and without looking at you. You knew it was because you two had been growing apart.

“She told me to take a day off,” You told him as you messed with your fingers. “I miss you.” You truly did miss him. No matter how much you guys were together these days, it wasn’t the same.

You heard him deeply sigh and he reached down to take your hand. You interlaced your fingers. “I miss you too, baby.” You placed your head on his shoulder and sat there for a moment. “Let’s go back to the room.” He was still holding your hand when you got off the stool. You followed in his steps and you guys walked back to your room.

Once you were behind the closed door, Bellamy’s lips were on yours in a desperate kiss. His hands roamed your body before he grabbed the hem of your shirt and lifted it over your head, briefly breaking the kiss. You did the same for him. You both kicked your shoes off and in a short amount of time, you were left wearing nothing.

He was sweet and gentle and passionate. You savored the moment and wished it would never end. Unfortunately, Bellamy still had a job to do. He stayed as long as he could before putting his clothes back on. “I promise, I’ll come back as soon as I’m done. I love you,” He kissed your lips gently before leaving you alone and naked.

Your fingers ghosted over your lips as you remembered the feeling. You didn’t stay in your room for too much longer. You decided to go out and see if anyone else needed help working around the camp. When you were walking, you were approached by one Pike’s men. “Y/N Y/L/N, you need to come with me,” They instructed as they grabbed your arm.

“Why,” You asked, pulling your arm back away from them. They didn’t answer you. Instead, they grabbed your harder and pull you over to where Pike was standing with a few of his other men. “What is going on,” You shouted, still struggling in the grip of the man.

“This is your execution,” Pike tells you. Your face went from one of anger to one of fear. They found out about it. They found out about helping the sick grounders they have in lock up. You had been giving them more than what Pike said. How did they find out? “Put her on her knees.”

The guard pushed you on your knees, causing the mud to soak your pants. Where was Bellamy? He would never let this happen to you. Little did you know that Pike had sent Bellamy to check on lock up because he knew he would try to stop him, but Harper sees them about to execute you and goes to find him. You feel Pike put the gun to your skull and your breathing becomes shallow. All you could think about was Bellamy. 

You were lying in Bellamy’s arms after a very intense day. His fingers traced up and down your arm. A smile suddenly grew on his face and he said, “I love you.”

You looked up at him with a shocked expression, which resulted in his to turn into one of worry. “I love you too.” His smile returned and he attacked you with kisses everywhere on your body. 

“Any last words,” Pike asks with a grim voice.

Harper got to Bellamy just as you spat, “Yeah, fuck you.” Bellamy didn’t hesitate before running to you. The gunshot rang out about the came and your body fell to the ground. Bellamy heard it and stopped for a moment. “It’s too late,” He thought to himself, but he still ran again. Blood pooled next to your rigid body. Your eyes were still open and blankly staring at the world around you. A tear you had let slip before was still rolling down your cheek.

People who were inside all came flooding out to see what had happened. They all froze and gasped at the sight of your dead body. Abby stopped dead in her tracks when she recognized the girl lying in a pool of her own blood. Her face instantly paled. Bellamy forced his way through the frozen crowd and to you. He dropped to his knees next to you and searched your face. One side was completely covered in blood, while the other was halfway submerged in the murky water.

It’s been a week since that happened. It’s been a week since Bellamy tried to leave Pike, but Pike threatened to kill more people if he left. Bellamy was never fully there anymore. He was always halfway paying attention if he was paying attention at all. All Bellamy knew for sure was that he wanted Pike dead.


So y'know how i hc cherub jaws can sorta detatch and split in half because they dont chew they tend to just swallow things whole like a snake but. They can’t do it when they’re young, their jaws have a layer of skin over them that thins once they hit puberty and start growing theor carapace. So imagine. One day Calli is hanging out with her girlfriend and Roxy says something that makes her laugh to hard and SUDDENLY theres this lil shnik sound and the last skin on her jaw breaks and it snaps open and they both almost piss themselves because WTF JUST HAPPENED HOLY SHIT CALLI

General Hux Headcanons!

Here have some of my general ginger headcanons because he’s my fav. Tomorrow I will be posting a Poe imagine, and possibly a few Finn headcanons if I write them tomorrow. Feel free to request!

-When Hux starts to develop feelings for you, he believes that they are just from him being alone from loving acts for so long. When are kind to him, he saw them as romantic, but disregarded it remembering his past. One day he thought of you, then realized he craved your affection, as well ask him wanting you to be his.

-He doesn’t actually say I love you. If he does it is extremely rare, but he does things that show his love for you instead. He does things such as giving you his coat, promoting you so you can be with him more often, and makes sure you are protected when you go on missions.

-Even though he doesn’t hold you often, he likes being held a lot. If you two are in bed and you are wrapped around him, he won’t make an attempt to move you. When you hug him, occasionally he will wrap his strong arms around you back. 

-He is very merciless when it comes to his strategies, so you will have to learn to be sympathetic towards him.

-Hux would try to be somewhat secretive of your relationship with him at first. As time progressed, you two started getting closer and he realized that you were the one, he would be okay with letting others know that you are his partner.

-He has a lot of work so getting time to spend with him is very difficult, so you would have to plan all of the days you would be together ahead of time. Also the overload of work causes him to take longer to realize how much he cares about you, because of how he usually has to make schedule rearrangements and was taught love was for the weak.

-Hux, when he realizes he has developed a crush on you, goes through your files to learn more about you so he can impress you.


-Hux is definitely is an inside person, due to the fact he works inside all the time, and absolutely HATES the cold (He wears a first order military jacket inside, when he goes out he wears a very large fur coat)

-He would keep everything you say to him very close, he likes to dwell on all of the things you have told him.

-He never breaks down, because he has been taught never to cry ever since he was young. If you ever need to cry though, he is always there for you to soothe your thoughts, support, and just to talk to you about it.

-HIM SOFTLY WHISPERING “I love you, I would give you the entire galaxy if I could, but all I can give you is my heart” I’M SCREAMING

-He will definitely bite your lip when passionately kissing; but usually he is really gentle with you, and usually kisses you just lightly gracing his lips over yours.

-Hux would be straightforward telling you the things he thinks about you, “You are simply ravishing my love, why do you worry about what others say about you? For they are just jealous of your beauty and elegance”.

-Hux smells really good, I mean really super duper good. You can only smell him when he is up close, but when you do he smells very masculine, like woods and musk. It’s a familiar scent, and when you smell it, you feel instantly at home.

Don’t trust anybody, that’s what i would say but every now and then a boy would come along with hands that fit mine on cold days when all the warmth in my eyes are sleeping;

when one says the world is a place of happiness it sometimes flusters me with spitefulness that maybe they don’t know how broken hearts shudder behind doors with keys lost in chained throats,
in knocked up chests and eyes of vermillion from all the sobbing after last night’s third bottle,
in delirious waste of time of souls that no longer know how to smile with cherry cheeks.

Because this world shouldn’t be trusted at all;
every piece of truth
is a lie waiting to unfold.
—  s.c

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You know, I don't really like Markiplier's content much, but I don't understand how people can hate him? I've never seen him be anything less that cordial to people, even when they treat him like shit. He seems like a really sweet guy.

well they’re only hating mark by proxy. most of the markiplier hate you see on tumblr the last couple of days is actually hate for him making a response video on pewdiepie trying to get the community to calm down, to make them realize that a couple of out of context jokes dont mean he’s a neonazi.

but fuck that right? he’s defending someone tumblr already made their minds on and who is clearly a neonazi. 

-Mod Gemini

stxxphi  asked:

AHHH! Can i just say how excited i am for blurb night?! Sdjfg i love your writing im so excited! I want to request one.. i dont know what it would be. Just cause ive gotten my first tattoo recently and i was sitting there wondering what it would have been like to have Sirius there? If that's not to like vague please? Thank anyway if you cant 😁😊

SO sorry it took me so long to get this done! School got unexpectedly crazy last week. But here it is! It’s a little short but I hope you like it :) Love you!! 

“Sirius stop pretending it didn’t hurt when YOU got a tattoo! I seem to remember you whining for three days afterwards.”

You were sitting in the chair at the tattoo parlour, halfway through getting your first tattoo, and you were getting annoyed at the smirk you saw on your boyfriend’s face every time you flinched or winced. But now that the artist had stepped out for a minute you could finally reprimand him.

Sirius: *chuckles* M'sorry babe. I know it hurts.

He gets up and moves over to sit next to you, leaning in close to whisper in your ear. His hot breath on your skin causes your breath to hitch and you can feel the blush creeping into your cheeks.

Sirius: (huskily) Can I kiss it better?

You turn your head to face him and before you can form a coherent answer his lips are on yours, tender but firm, a promise of what you can expect when you get home after this is over. He brings one hand up to cup your chin as he easily slips his tongue past your lips. When you both run out of breath, he pulls back and rests his forehead against yours.

Sirius: Better, love?

You blink slowly as you recover from the kiss, suddenly realizing that you had forgotten all about the pain the tattoo artist had caused. You smile and nod and Sirius smirks as the tattooist returns and settles in to continue working.

Tattoo artist: Ready for me to finish?

You look at Sirius who kisses your cheek before settling in close to you, his arm around your waist and chin on your shoulder. You smile and then nod back to the tattoo artist to give him permission to continue his work on your skin. You close your eyes and lean against Sirius in contentment as he gently rubs circles into your thigh and leaves little kisses across your neck and shoulder, distracting you from the sting of the needle.

  • #CheritzAppreciationSong
  • Myself lol


You dont know how embarrassing it was to sing to the entire world LOL. I made this song for @cheritzappreciationweek thing since it needs a theme song and it’s the last day here. Hopefully it’s not too late. The lyrics are below~. Enjoy.

© @shadi-ee for the meme pic <3

Everyday I wake up to resume my games
Scrolling on your blog that you’ve been posting
Wondering what’s new, what I miss when I was offline
Anyway, I just can’t wait all the updates.

Your latest game, Mystic Messenger, is growing every single day
Please note that your other games are awesome too
Nameless the one you must recall
Dandelion wishes bought to you
All your game concepts made me falling for you

Click click, the sound of me playing all the games you’ve created
I cant believe what I wished for did come true
Pets to living dolls
And talking with strangers
Mostly that’s what all the girls wishing for

Did you get this appreciation song, Cheritz?
All this come from the bottom of our hearts
Our love to you is growing more when you treat us the sweetest ways

Dandelion, Nameless and now Mystic Messenger
We’ll be waiting for your new game
Hwaiting Cheritz!
We’ve been cheering you from the start

Day 49 of #365Days
& Day 7 of Rizumo Week

“Domestic Life”

I am late. Sorry, I was so consumed with sleeping and playing some games. (I really tried to enjoy my restday ;u; )

When I saw this theme. The first thing that came to my mind was shopping, and I don’t why. Also I found this cute game named “Hot Pot Master”. Hahahahhaha


My grandmother used to tell me stories about the old days, a time of peace, when the Avatar kept balance between the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads. Some people believe that the Avatar was never reborn into the Air Nomads and that the cycle is broken, but I haven’t lost hope. I still believe that somehow the Avatar will return to save the world.

I dont know which of my Gods thought it would be funny to drop hip-deep snow on my county last night; but i just wish to clarify I WAS JOKING when i was reminiscing about my childhood and saying i missed those days! (ESPECIALLY after i had to shovel through it to take care of my animals)

…or maybe a part of me wasn’t, because the size of my grin when i woke up this morning and saw the sheer mass of it, was probably the most I’ve bothered to smile about lately…

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  • nickname: mills
  • starsign: leo
  • height: 173cm
  • last thing I googled: vmin icon
  • song stuck in my head: spring day - bts
  • last movie I watched: snowden
  • last TV show I watched: the office usa
  • when did you create your blog: january 2017
  • what kind of stuff do I post? : aesthetic, bts, memes
  • do you have any other blogs: only saved urls
  • do you get asks regularly?: sometimes, depends on how people are feeling
  • why did you choose your URL?: because i am unashamed vmin trash
  • average hours of sleep: at least 5 hours omg
  • lucky number: 7
  • fave characters: all harry potter characters whoops
  • how many blankets do you sleep with? none
  • dream job: author/journalist
  • following: 582

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i think i sort of discovered why i hide my interests when theyre deemed “embarrassing”

i used to be a GIANT fan of this band in my scene kid years of middle school and freshman year of high school (i just discovered they broke up last year also) and everyone i told told me how shitty they were and i was always proud to be a fan of them but then i stopped listening to them and i dont even know what provoked it. i think the 1# reason i stopped was bc i heard one of the members treated Ash Costello (the lead singer of New Years Day, which IS my current favorite band and Ash is my idol) terribly to the point where NYD left the tour. 

but i feel like after i stopped i just started becoming embarrassed about my interests bc of how badly i was seen when i was a fan

idk if this made any sense but. i still hesitate to tell people how big of a fan i am of sonic bc of how much of a joke the series is seen as. like i just always feel like my opinion on anything is bad and will always be bad.

when i was younger i used to not care what others thought but now i change my entire outlook just to agree with someone bc i always feel like theyre right and im wrong.