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Hi, I just wanted to say that i really really really love your art. For me its like a present what you give. I (think I) know how much love and work you putting in your drawings and work. That makes me respect you so much ;-; you are the reason I keep refreshing the page (and maybe break it) to see if you have something new. I'm not so good at english or at motivating words... that's why I dont say much how much I love it. But I do.. I really do <3 You are doing a fantastic job! Part 1..

;A; ahhhhhhh thank youuuu


So Im going to disappear for a little bit. Today I did something stupid, let my mind and thoughts and want to die get the best of me and I most likely fucked up two friendships. The people involved could say I didnt but I did. I need to leave for a little while and think about what I did, and to try and figure out a couple of things. Its my fault, dont lie and say it isn’t because it wont help me. 

So I dont know how long I’ll be gone. If you unfollow that’s fine dont pressure people to stay, really I dont. IF you stick around. Awesome that’s very kind of you. I just need to step off and think about some things. 

Thanks for those who have supported me and shown or taken the chance to care about me.

I just hate myself too much right now. And what I do. I will draw when Im gone, posting most of it on a new DA account that I made, no I wont be sharing. I’d rather be left alone. When I come back I’ll post something. So you know I’ve returned and things are somewhat okay. 

If you try to contact me whether its here, skype, or my personal phone number and I dont respond or take a bit. Its mostly because I’m not ready or I’m just really bad at responding to people. Which I am. 

So I hope you all have a wonderful day and week, I’ll be back when I can

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when i was like 14, i once wore contact lenses instead of glasses to school bc i had just learned how to put them on and i wanted to show them to my friends right, and this one guy goes and tells me “i thought girls were supposed to become beautiful when they stopped wearing glasses. something obviously went wrong with you” and that was??? so incredibly rude i wanted to cry but i just stood there not knowing what to say bc i honestly thought we were friends

but the girl sitting in front of him (who was also his crush, mind u) hears him and turns around with the most disgusted expression on her face, and calls him out on it like “omg i cant believe you said that have you even seen yourself in a mirror you have no right to tell her shit” and then she turns to me and says “dont listen to him, you look gorgeous with or without glasses” and she probably already forgot about that but i always remember it whenever i feel self-conscious about myself

so the moral of the story is: if u see someone being a jerk to someone else, dont laugh along and call them out on it. stick together and bring all the fuckboys down

im really worried about dan. like i constantly worry about him bc he used to be so sad and i just sit and worry sometimes that hes angry at us shipping phan or if hes eating enough or if hes taking care of himself or if he hides razors from phil and covers cuts and is silently sad like 2009 dan.  and i know this sounds so stupid but i just care so much and i dont want him to ever be sad or upset or anything but happy. and i know he says hes happy but ive seen so much hate recently towards him and phil and it just makes me think how much of it he lets get to him and i just hate not knowing if hes ok or just puts on a smile for the camera. and if he sees this (doubt it)  please know, we love you no matter what.you’ll always be special to us and you dont need to change at all becasue you’re perfect. and i know that im over thinking this but when its someone close to your heart and someone that has changed and saved your life, you worry a little bit

lance : shiro, you’re the senior officer here. what should we do ? 


shiro : yeah we are a team let’s decide together


Time for a rant

I try not to kinkshame, I really do. For me, whatever goes on between consenting adults behind closed doors is none of my business. But when you bring your fetish into a public setting where I’m forced to see it, it becomes my business. I wanted to share what I just witnessed in hopes that my experiance might enlighten others and maybe even change how they conduct themselves.

In context, I work at an amusement park. So needless to say, our main customers are families with kids. I was working a normal shift, when a young couple came up in the line. The girl was wearing a pink collar. Red flag. While explaining how to play at one of our interactive attractions, she started getting excited by jumping around, screaming loudly and talking in childish gibberish. I’ve been on tumblr long enough to recognize it as a form of age regression.

If you use it as a coping mechanism, do whatever floats your boat. I really couldnt care less. I know that age regression isn’t necessarily sexual in nature, but its common in caregiver/dom/little relationships which are known for being sexual. Anyways, I explained how to play the game when to my disgust, this woman litterally starts GRINDING on this man and both began saying sexual things outloud in the middle of the damn lineup!

Are you kidding me?!

The parents were mortified while the kids in line were visably frightened or confused. We obviously kicked them out -but seriously? They should be ashamed! Everyone, doms and littles included, should know better than to act that way in public, especially in front of CHILDREN. Having a kink is no excuse.

These poor kids were subjugated into watching this couple engaging in a near fetish scene, where the woman was imitating how the kids acted and sexualizing it. This rant isn’t even necessarily about a specific kink. It’s about having some human fucking decency to keep sexual acts and behaviors out of the eyes of innocent children!

  • me: *in a crowded mall* oh no i can't find the emos
  • me: *clears throat* PETE WENTZ SUCKS
  • me: found them

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Okay building off your headcanon of Abby being the mother figure Neil has always needed, what if later down the line I'm talking 40+ years here Abby dies? How do you think Neil would react?

*insert gif of “Hey there friend, you may want to slow down*

Oh angst, my old friend. How it’s been so long since I’ve written thee. (I say as though I hadn’t killed off a beloved character and separated a family of choice a few weeks ago)
{originally post can be found with this handy link right here}

  • after all these years neil is still living with andrew (and hes not moving out ever)
  • hes probably not playing exy anymore but tbh you never know with this boy
  • or man more like
  • he still calls abby and he takes care of her whenever he visits and he still sees her as a mother figure even if he never calls her “mom” (kevin be damned)
  • most likely this has been a long time coming
  • abby is a nurse and she’s healthy so it’s not like she had any major health problems
  • in the end, it’s old age
  • neil knows that people die–seriously, he knows this–but it’s still a bit of a shock
  • he knew she was getting weaker and he knew that she likely didn’t have long
  • but even so he feels this sort of numbness wash over him
  • because this was a woman who had taught him what a mother should be and he loves mary but abby was so much gentler and so much more caring than his birth mother ever had been
  • he doesnt cry in the hospital room and he doesnt cry at the funeral
  • maybe dan gets a little pissed off that he doesnt cry but andrew is andrew and he doesnt let her get near
  • he sees the blankness in neils eyes as the casket is lowered
  • it doesnt really hit neil for a while
  • then he fully realizes that he wont be able to call abby whenever and tell her about whatever andrews done this time
  • andrew doesnt do more than place a hand on neils neck while neil has his head in his hands
  • hes crying but he isnt sobbing
  • he takes shuddering breaths and gasps quietly but he’s not loud
  • hes not empty, not really, but theres always going to be that place in his heart only for abby
  • andrew lets him have his grief and helps neil to bed when he says “i want to sleep for a while”
  • neil mourns for a day or so and it’s not quite the same for another few days after that
  • but nobody expects him to be okay because they all lived through that grief before
  • and it’s the first time (maybe second, if wymack has already died by now) that he’s lost someone so important to him
  • but neil doesnt mourn longer than a few days because that doesnt bring the dead back and in the end, abby was happy so thats all that matters
  • so he wakes up in the morning and hes okay and life goes on even if he still feels a little lost without her

okay i usually dont talk about this kind of topics but do you really think jonghyun did that to annoy and disappoint his fans? do you think that if he’d known he was gonna get this feedback he would have done it? i mean if you think jjong is that mean, why are you even stanning shinee? why are you a shawol if you think jonghyun is such a bad person? 

it’s funny how people say you need to educate others so that they won’t do things like these, but if it’s an idol we’re talking about they’re already completely educated and they know about everything. just so you guys know, human beings NEVER stop learning, they learn new things everyday until they die. jonghyun learnt about that today and i’m sure he won’t do it ever again. 

he is an idol, but above everything he is an human being like you and like me. doing something wrong not knowing it is, is as bad as not educating someone to make sure they wont do it again. 


But some of you want me to feel sympathy for this woman, to pity her? Look what she’s doing, read the words she’s saying to a teenager who experienced severe abused from his mother. 

 “You can no longer trust Saeyoung. If you do, you will be faced with an unrecoverable disease in your mind. Then no one will be able to save you…” I MEAN WTF?

“You dont want to live with people like that woman again, do you? This is all so that you can live.”  Excuse me while im going bald. You know what his mother did to him, right? His mother tied him up, choke him, starved him, yell at him. After Saeyoung left his mother didnt give him water for TWO DAYS. He was so dehydrated he couldnt shade tears and he thought he was going to die. Now, R*ka has the guts to tell him this, really now? Is she really comparing Saeyoung and V to his mom? REALLY?

This is not right and she needs to pay.

  • some abled people: *calls disabled people every term in the book, even if it makes a disabled person uncomfortable or is considered a slur*
  • me: cant you just say disabled? seriously, thats what i am, thats what i want to be called.
  • some abled people: stop overreacting, they all mean the same thing anyway, and thats just what you are right?
  • me: god, some abled people just dont get it-
  • some abled people: ????? what???!!1 how dare u, cant you just say normal,,, theres no need for labels ya know!!!!1
Disobey ( kim taehyung smut)

(Mommy kink )

“Taehyung what did mommy say? ” you try to keep a stern voice as he rubs your ass. “She said wait until she’s finished cooking right? ” he nods but continues what he’s doing . “But i don’t wanna wait mommy ” he says in a teasing tone. “Why should i have to wait for what is mine?” He lifts up your dress and pushes his clothed erection against you. You turn to face him. “ go and sit down or else” you say your voice much softer than what you wanted . “Mommy i dont want to i want you i know you want me too that’s why your so wet~” . You walk into the bedroom he follows close behind. “Just get on the bed tae” he hops on the bed and pulls down his pants enough to let his erection spring free it’s a bit red and throbbing he’s really needy. “Mommy please ” you climb over him and move so his erection is in your face and your heat is in his . Before you get a chance to speak he’s eagerly lapping at your folds and lightly wiggling his hips. You wrap your hand around his erection and pump slowly. You bite your lip as you feel him start to slowly tounge fuck you. “Taehyung” you breathe out . You put your mouth on him finally and suck ,he wraps his arms around your thighs to secure you in place and lightly bucks his hips you moan around him already feeling that knot in your stomach, you suck and pump him and soon his bittersweat cum fills your mouth and you swallow because you know he likes that. Soon you release and ride your orgasm out on his face but he hasn’t let go of your thighs and soon he’s licking you into overstimulation you feel your second orgasm already approaching you close your eyes knowing you’ll be at this all night but you dont really mind tho.

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i really, really, REALLY dislike and get mad uncomfortable when people just start giving me advice or ideas or tell me what they think I should do when I literally never asked for any of that… and like 90% of the time i know ppl mean well and are just excited about what i do and i appreciate that, so i usually dont say anything but smile and say “thats a good idea thank you” and then ignore whatever they just said lol
but if im being honest i really dont need any more ideas, ive got more ideas than i know what do with, my entire existence is made up of ideas, im producing ideas at a rate of like 10,000 per sec.. if you really want to help you can FUND me :), buy something from me :), share my work :), find me resources :) tell your coolest friends about me, :) tell your RICHEST friends about me lmfao. :)

I think i speak for like every young poor black creative pushing out work despite our 2 dollar budget, the very last thing in the world we need are ideas, our entire existence as creatives starts w/ “i have nothing but i want to do this how can i make that happen” so if you see we arent doing something, its prob not because we havent already thought of it but because EVERYTHING COST and because everything cost, if we are even able to find a way to do something it will probably take A LOT longer and require A LOT more labor to do vs if we were just properly funded. so if you want to support our ideas into fruition, do something to help make our work easier dont just tell us what you think we should do :)

*20 Years from Now
  • daughter: hey mom i really like this new book series...
  • me: omg Im so sorry
  • daughter: sorry?
  • me: ill call the teachers
  • daughter: why are y-
  • me: to let them know your grades will be dropping
  • daughter: why will-
  • me: im afraid its all downhill from here
  • daughter: what are you talking ab-
  • me: you might as well say goodbye to your friends
  • daughter: but i-
  • me: do you want me to help you with your blog?
  • daughter: i dont have a-
  • me: you will
  • daughter: but-
  • me: shhhh... its already done, there is no turning back
This. Things Daddy says. ♡

Thats a good girl.
I’ll protect you.
Daddy’s here, don’t worry.
Dont move, accept your punishment.
You’re adorable.
Only good kittens get kisses.
I’m the boss.
No whining.
Daddy will take care of you.
Don’t bite that lip, you know what it does to me.
Do you want a spanking? Be a good girl.
You’re doing a good job.
I know what’s best.
What did you just say?
Look at me when I’m speaking to you.
You’ll do as your told.
Get over my knee.

imagine john walking into their room and sherlocks like halfway through putting on one of johns jumpers and he just freezes and johns like “sherlock, what. are you doing” and sherlocks eyes are big and he just stammers out “well theyre quite, awful you know and i wanted to, to observe closer” and johns just “they smell like me dont they” and sherlock nods, blushing, so john wraps his arms around him and says “you can have the real thing you know”


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Could you do me a Chris imagine?Where the girl doesnt want to admit she is falling for Chris and idk some smut and some jelaous Chris in the writing.

–> You dont know how many Chris’s smut requests i have XD

Instagram messages:

Chris: Hey
Y/n: Hey
Chris: Omg youre alive. I almost missed you my little stalker.
Chris: Im kidding lol
Chris: I swear
Y/n: What do you want Schistad ?
Chris: Hmm i like it when you call me by my last name
Chris: Are you coming tonight ?
Chris: At Williams ?
Y/n: Whats the matter with you and tripple texting exactly ?
Chris: Is that a yes ?
Chris: No one say no to Master Chris
Y/n: Master of what ?
Y/n: Of fuck and flop ?
Chris: Whats the matter with you and double texting exactly ?
Chris: You silly girl. You sure coming.
Y/n: Surprise
Chris: I cant wait baby girl ;)

End of messages.

God why am i even (do you guys when you read even you think of Even you know the god himself because i do and i almost cried while reading during my english class last monday) here.

Noora was stooding next to me, her eyes searching for something in the crowd. I looked at her smiling.

“Is that a something you are looking for or a someone ?”

Her eyes was now on me, surprised i noticed that she was searching for something.

“I… i have to talk to William”

I furrowed my eyebrows and smirked

“William ? William Magnusson ? Why ?”

“Some things just have to be say right ?”

She looked behind me so i turned around and saw William with two others penetrators.

I looked at her. She was bitting her lips.

“Go ahead”
Her gaze was on me with a worry look.


“But nothing! Im a grown up person i can watch myself alone, go talk to him”
She smiled at me and hugged me. I returned her the smile and watched her leave.


Not THAT grown up actually. I got a little bit anxious so i decided to move and get out of the crowd.

I put my head back on a wall when i heard giggling from girls.
I put my head to the side to see Chris flirting with two girls. He was kissing them silmutanously. He was surely gonna get some tonight.

I think i watched a little too much cuz i didnt notice that while the girls were kissing Chris was looking at me pointing four fingers at me with raised eyebrows.

I bite my lips at him and put two fingers in my mouth i licked them and when i took them out of my mouth, i show him my middle finger (Effy style. Queen).

I rolled my eyes and left. I was now outside on a balcony. Surprisely there wasnt a lot of people here. Only me and a couple.


I turned around to see Aleksander standing by the door. Alek was a good friend of mine. He has always been there for me and god hes the sweetest person i have ever met.

“Hey” i smiled at him.

He walked over me and placed himself close next to me.

“Enjoying the view”

“Nah more like avoiding the party”

“Youve never been a party person right ?”

“Am i even a person ?”

I looked at him with furrowed eyebrows and watch him giggled.

After a few minutes of silence Alek spoke up.
“Y/n listen” i was now facing him. Him holding my hand. I was kinda surprise by his move.

“I know its not the perfect moment but since i met you i didnt found the perfect moment. But now i know i know i didnt need to find a perfect place cuz i already had something perfect.”

He moved closer and kissed my lips gently.

I pulled him back. Why ? I dont know. It just didnt feel right.

“God. Im sorry y/n”

He let go of my hand and pushed himself away from me.

“No Alek its not you. Its just… i feel… i feel nothing for you. I mean i like you! You are really sweet to me and i would never thabk you enough for that. But you kn…”

“No please just forget it okay ?” He cut me off and left me on the balcony.

I watched him leave. And there was Chris standing by the door watching Alek leave the balcony as well.

I looked at him with mad eyes.

“Funny huh ?”

“Nah i would say awkward” he giggled at his own reflexion.

“Fuck you Schistad”

I turned my back to him and put my head in my hands.

“Who was he ?”

“Alek… a… friend”

“A friend ? Wow friendship kinda changed right ?”

I turned around and yell a little.

“You know what ? Go and fuck yourself Chris ! Im so fucking done with your fuckboy cliché ! You are such an asshole so just fucking walk away from my life. What happened is your fault !”

I let my mouth opened still confused of what was my last words.

“Forget it.”

He walked over. Not with an amused look on his face but with a worried one.

“My fault ?”

“I said forget it”

He was now a few inches away from my face. I was looking down at my feet so i didnt have to look up at him.

“Just tell me why ?”

“Because you are an asshole”

“Okay i admit it im an asshole, a jerk, a fuckboy, a complete waste of place. But im surely not the one who fucked things up between you and that Alek boy”

I looked up at him with teary eyes.

“Omg i know you are all that but i didnt know you were also blind and stupid af”

“Just fucking explain yourself then” he said that a little bit louder.

“I love you Chris.”

He stood still and so did i. We were looking into eachother eyes. My eyes becoming blurry because of my tears.

“Clear now ?”


“No fuck you”

With that i pushed myself away from him and made my way upstairs. I walked into a room and closed the door behind me.

I walked in the room a little thinking of what happened when i saw the door slowly opening.

Chris was there too. Before looking at my feet again i noticed that his eyes were red and so his cheeks.

He walked over me slowly. He was now close to me like when we were on the balcony.

He took my head in his hands and raise my head up so i was now facing him.

“Dont mess arount with me you jerk” i whispered while looking at him.

He was looking at my lips.

He smiled at that and softly pressed his lips on mine.

It took me a few seconds to realize what was happening. I returned the kiss slowly wrapping my hands around his neck.

He placed his hands on my tighs so he was now holding me up.

The kiss started to be more aggressive and more passionate. I didnt want to break the kiss.

I was craving him.

He put me on the bed still kissing me. He broke the kiss to took off my shirt. I took off his as well so his chest was now revealed to me. He kissed me again with passion.
I was feeling his hands caressing my sides and my hips holding me tightly. He left my lips to meet my neck.

He left wet kissed and started to suck.
I let out a soft moan so he knew he was doing good. He smiled.

I put my hand down unbuntonning his pants and trailing them down.

We were now only in our underwear.

He took out a condom from his pocket before his pants met the floor. He put it on and before doing anything.

He stared right into my eyes.

“You sure ?”

I smiled at him and kissed him. He demanded for entrance so i let him in. Our tongue were moving in sync.

Thats when he first penetrates. I broke the kiss and let out a loud moan.

We kissed again without breaking it. We were breathing loudly our body moving together sutck to eachothers.

More he thrusted more he was going deeper and faster.

He was feeling so fucking good.

I broke the kiss and whispered in his ear.


We both came at the same time.

He pulled out and laid next to me.

My eyes were closed and i was still breathing fast.

He laid on his side to face me.


I did the same and faced him.

“I love you”

I smiled at him and put my hand gently on his cheeks.

We both laugh.
God his laugh was going to be the death of me.