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GENRE: noona&youngerboy, smut

BACKGROUND: Jungkook’s first time had left him traumatized of having sex ever again. It had gone so far to the point that a rumor had even spread about him not being able to get hard-ons. You then decide to step in and prove the rumor wrong. What was supposed to be a simple test of theory leads to a night that you weren’t going to forget for the rest of your life.

AUTHORS NOTE: Omg I haven’t written something in so long. I’m so sorry this took me quite a while. This actually started as a drabble but I kind of got too into it and finished it into a full blown story. I’ll be working on the remaining requests sent to me before, soon I promise you guys, I’m just trying to come up with ideas! But I do hope you enjoy this, tell me what you think. 

Jeon, as forever, is a sinful little shit. 

If there are any errors, I am sorry about those! I did proof read but I know I still missed some. 

Your pen hangs off of your lips, fingers tapping lightly against the glass table as you study the boy in front of you. He has his face buried between the pages of his Physics book, eyes scanning through each paragraph in close precision, oblvious of your scrutiny. You slowly turn your logistics book shut, choosing to ignore your studies as the conversation you had with your brother during last night’s party flashes through your mind.

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Hey dude how do you feel about all the pewdiepie drama lately? Honestly I still love him, he made mistakes trying to make a joke and he realized what he did was not cool and apologised. I dont think he deserves all the backslashes and hate he's gotten. But anyway what do you think?

(this post is talking to people generally, not specifically to you, the person who asked. :>) 


cuz I’m getting so many asks on it. 

I was in California for when this situation happened in Long Beach comicon from an event I literally came back from tonight, and I’m, both disgusted, and I’m not even surprised that this happened. If anything, I’m surprised it took so long for everyone else to finally chip in and see the vulgarity that the media is placing on Pewdiepie. 

I watch Pewdiepie’s videos every day. I also watch him more often and favor him over literally any other channel for he’s even apart of my daily routine. I wake up, watch the new vid that came out, and then draw. He’s by far my favorite channel, (I know, CRAZY! innocent little me doesn’t seem like the type to enjoy his entertainment, but I truly do, and will be a bro forever. XD lolol) and because I’ve been actively watching him without fail as a big fan of him for the past year, I’ve seen from the beginning how the media has placed attack after attack on him, warping what he says out of context to make him out to be a monster, when he is infact NOT. because I would watch the videos first and see the context of his videos before the media threw lies at him. The proof, in my opinion, is undeniable that pewdiepie is being attacked. It’s actually because of how I see raw proof of evidence of how disgusting the media is that I don’t trust a lot of news I see anywhere, even regarding politics because the media targets that like it’s a gold mine. (because for them it is. it’s all about money to the media, NOT morals or standers, click bate and ad rev and controling people’s views and opinions so they can keep wracking in more money for later scandalous news articles and reports. it’s all a fake greedy glutenous ploy for money.) So seeing what happens to pewdiepie, I don’t trust most media, because they are the same people that make news on everything, even to people I don’t always agree with or support such as Donald Trump. I will say that I am definitely not a Trump supporter, but the media does the same thing to him as they are doing to Pewdiepie, they are in the same position, Just… food for thought… 

Now when I say this, I want to make it clear that my point when I say this is that, be careful what you believe when it comes to hollywood, news, the media, the press, even when it comes to people you hate, or love.  

I may be only 22, so it’s probably not saying much when I say this, but I have NEVER seen the media, the press, news, even the bias of some teachers in education, Hollywood, etc become so full of lies, let alone people be so GULLIBLE as to believe whomever gets to them first, and then believe it without question, or do any background check, or research. The people that think Pewdiepie is what the media is making him out to be, is just as ridiculous to me as the media itself who is accusing him of these horrendous labels. Like seriously, the least you can do is watch his videos to actually see what’s going on. it takes all of 15 minutes. I don’t understand how people can be so disgustingly violent and ready to believe and hate and disrespect someone so quickly just because someone pointed the finger to them, let alone with false evidence, when they have NO idea what the story is? HOW Can you people be so hypocritical to call someone scum, and then act like scum, TO SOMEONE WHO IS INNOCENT!

basically, the media is disgusting, and I’ve seen it’s vulgarity for a while, and I find the people that believe it to be wrong too, especially when they spread hate themselves and lets the media control their views.  

Look, I’m not saying that Pewdiepie’s jokes were in good taste, and that labeling it as “oh it’s just a joke” justifies the bad joke he made, and I can understand why it would be offensive to some. but an offensive joke is something worth forgiving, that’s just a mistake, and it’s a COMMON mistake that many do, everyone is guilty. it only matters because he’s in the public eye. like it’s not like he raped someone, or committed murder. and unlike those things, a joke, does NOT define a person for what they truly believe in, that’s why it’s a “joke”. So to call pewdiepie any of the horrendous names that the media is labeling him under, is absolute slander and bull, it’s disgusting, it’s inhumane considering the fact that it’s literally an all out attack to give attempts in ruining his career, Just So the media can make money off of a story that isn’t even true.

I see other’s such as Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, h3h3, CToastKen, even The Amazing Atheist who hates pewdiepie, etc. defending pewdiepie, and these hypocritical “social justice warriors” who’s blindly follow the horrific media trying to tear down Markiplier and all who defend pewdiepie with hate, and calling them homophobic, racist, nazi, kkk, antisemetic etc. I even saw people accusing Markiplier, one of the most genuine and respectful people on youtube’s platform, being called these things today…So originally, being a small tiny youtuber in comparison to the giant youtubers who are being attacked just for defending a friend who is innocent…. I was scared to talk about this subject, because unlike them, a lot of hate for me defending pewdiepie can seriously hurt my channel…. And chances are, I will receive hate for this post, and will be labeled the same things as them. but ya know what?… I don’t care… And if people don’t agree with me and think I’m a homophobe, or a sexist, or a racist, and attack people and tell people to go die over a situation you don’t even know, (despite that I’m a female, feminist, liberal that is apart of the LGBT community) you can gladly unsub to me if you so desire. And I will respect that. because respect, is important. it’s not easy to respect someone you don’t agree with, or even someone who hurts you, it definitely takes the bigger person to respect something you don’t agree with, And it seems like a lost trait these days… 

So I’m ready and prepared for whatever is thrown at me once I click that little blue button saying “post” in the bottom right corner of my post. 

I completely 100,000% defend Pewdiepie, and stand firmly by him. The Media is disgusting.

JB Homophobia Analysis

Okay so there’s been a lot of bickering within the got7 fandom over what JB said during his celebrity bromance with Youngjae. Firstly, I’m disappointed in JB but I’m more dissapointed in people defending his actions. It wasn’t just one mistranslation, it was literally throughout the entire video. This is gonna be long but I took screenshots and I’m going to break it down for people who still can’t see why what he said was wrong.

But before that I just want to say this does not mean I think we should be sending him hate. In fact, we should be educating him on why what he said isn’t okay and a simple apology isn’t the end of the world. Idols aren’t perfect, they make mistakes and have flaws. JB’s homophobia is one of them. There’s nothing wrong with correcting ignorant behavior, but ignoring it just means it can happen again. Alright, I will now go in depth about the screenshots I took. 

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can you tell me about the bts ships? not just otp's, brotps too!


but ill only talk about the ones im familiar with:

1. YOONMIN (yoongi/jimin):

ok holy shit where the FUCK do i start with yoonmin. they’ve been my bts otp since day 1 so i have a LOT TO FUCKING SAY LOL 

first off, refer to this post as to why i started shipping them, they have a LOT of cute fucking moments predebut and its been a painfully beautiful journey ever since 2013

before we jump in we need to talk about how YOONGI WROTE A SONG FOR JIMIN BECAUSE HE ADMIRES HOW HARDWORKING JIMIN IS. IF THAT AINT REAL THEN GET TF OUT OF MY FACE LMAo like where dat song @ tho yoongs

ok i need to chill, but theres more:

like jimin being yoongi’s #1 cheerleader at ISAC lmao look at him cheer his name in front of all the fans and other idols with ZERO shame, and then there’s yoongi pretending like he doesnt hear him #typical

^ TYPICAL YOONGI. this ship is very love-hate. mostly false pretense of hate on yoongi’s end and WAAAY TOO MUCH SHAMELESS LOVIN on jimin’s end BUT we all know yoongi’s putting up a front. like there’s actually so many subtle moments where he reveals how much he cares for jimin and they kill me every time, like this one:

but then right back to pretending like he dont give a fuck lmfao:


this whole v app broadcast was a yoonmin fest and it was a blessing. jimin got him a sweater for yoongis birthday and they basically confessed on live broadcast that they’re soulmates. ugh im so sensitive about this moment

in summary:

  • yoonmin are polar opposites and that heart-pulling cold/warm dynamic they have is super shippable, thus the reason why they’re one of the most popular ships in this fandom
  •  yoongi puts on a cold exterior and doesn’t really show his emotions. jimin on the other hand is super openly loving towards others, especially yoongi, and its really fucking cute how yoongi reciprocates sometimes
  • the two really do care about each other a lot though and it’s really heart warming to see. also yoongi had jimin rap on his Tony Montana stage and it was everything

there’s tons more but for the sake of room lets move on

2. TAEKOOK (Taehyung/Jungkook)

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ok uh. yooran gaming channel au - part 2

@misfireezreal reblogged the ‘yoosung has a gaming channel au’ post and wrote a really cute lil addition that inspired me to add some more ideas to this mess of an au….. and i got really carried away

their addition / reblog post is here !!  tho i’ll also put a screenshot of it under the cut… along with more headcanons/ideas/whatever for the au/scenario

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Do you have any finished stuff you can share with us pretty please? Or long snips???? :D

i looked through my drive and i dont have many things finished. i have about 50 wips, but nothing actually done

i do have this chapter of a theater au i started last summer though. (i honestly havent looked at it since then so i apologize for whats probably very questionable writing) i stopped because of how unsure i was about theater in france and wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to write a story with such an inaccurate and americanized portrayal

but here, sans editing, is what wouldve been chapter one of paper stars

[let me know if there are issues opening the read more and ill post on ao3 or something because i know mobile breaks sometimes]

Marinette’s sketchbooks and bags are dumped on the floor, slowly taking over an entire row in the very back of the theater. Nino had asked her if she was moving in, like he doesn’t have a blanket and pillow stored in the light booth.

She doesn’t have to be here, but she’s always liked watching auditions. She doesn’t like having to audition — the thought makes her slightly nauseous — but watching them is always entertaining. It’s fascinating to see how people play their characters when they first audition compared to how they play them opening night. And the song choices sometimes lean towards the more humorous side. She missed the first day of auditions because she had to help out at the bakery and from Nino’s stories, she should’ve been there. Kim auditioned for the part of the fairy godmother, and supposedly, Alix has it on video. Marinette has to see that one.

There are also things that Marinette greatly dislikes about auditions. But at least no one has sang Popular yet this year.

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What if Neil can actually dance? Like, just bc he doesn't doesn't mean he cant wiggle dem hips. Do you have any headcanons on that?? (coughKandrielsmutisalwaysappreciatedcough) (coughpleasecough)

Y'all and your Kandriel smut yous guys are like insatiable heathens for it. Sorry that this is not smut maybe next time. But it is about Neil dancing.

I’ve seen many a headcanon about Neil being a phenomenal dancer. And I agree with them. But also, I present this to you:

  • So the Foxes may have lied.  
  • I mean, considering the kind of people they are it’s not too unexpected.
  • See, Neil was just having such a good time. And he looked so damn happy.
  • The foxes didn’t have the heart to tell him that he’s actually shit at dancing.
  • No, not just shit. He’s actually god awful. A regular no rhythm sally.
  • They didn’t really think Neil would take their words to heart though…

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Steve's Notebook- Comic Con

Here is the first reader suggested entry into the Steve’s Notebook Mini Series! It was suggested by and dedicated to @221bawesome, who is very sweet. You should go check her blog out!!!

This was so much fun to write, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to drop in a special cameo (or maybe two?). I really hope that you like it!!! Any feedback is, as always, very welcome. It helps me keep motivated, and figure out what I’m doing wrong, and what I’m doing right : )

If you want to see something particular in Steve’s Notebook, please send in a suggestion, and I will add it to my list (I don’t know how long it will take me to write, but I will get there)!


You looked around the crowded hall, feeling kind of anxious. The excitement that was pulsing through the venue was breath-taking. Feeling so much happiness was a nice change from the usual.

You looked at Steve and smiled. You felt embarrassed, but you had both taken Tony’s advice, and you had dressed up. Steve was Luke Skywalker, and you were Princess Leah. Maybe in the future you would try something more exotic, but for now, this was good. At the very least, it allowed you to fit in.

Steve was checking over the itinerary that you had helped him put together. He was getting William Shatner’s autograph at 2pm. That was the important one you couldn’t miss. You wanted Matthew Mercer’s signature. There were panels that you were both keen on. If everything went smoothly, then this would be a fun day for you both. 

Comic-con. You had nothing quite like this back in your time. Once a year (or multiple times if people travelled), all sorts of people, interested in comic books, video games, movies, anime, and various other ‘nerd’ cultures, got together to celebrate their favourites.

How had Comic-con made its way into Steve’s Notebook? Well, you had both been told to watch Star Wars (in fact, Tony had threatened to have you removed from the Avengers if you didn’t), and found that you really enjoyed it.
Clint then asked you if you were considering going. You were nervous about the idea, but Steve wanted so much to experience all the possibilities of the 21st century. You couldn’t possibly say no to him when he was so eager.
And so here you were.

You wandered around the vending hall, smiling at cute merchandise, from things that you had not seen yet. You watched people who were dressed up being asked for photos. People laughed, and interacted with each other. There was so much energy. 

You focused as much as possible on blocking the energy out, when you felt a familiar one approach you.


“(Y/N), I wasn’t expecting to see you here!” he pulled you into a tight, somewhat uncomfortable hug, but when you groaned, he loosened his grip.

“I wasn’t expecting to see you either, especially not dressed…”

“As myself? I know, a bit on the nose, but it’s always been a popular cosplay at these things,” he explained with a shrug. As always, you weren’t entirely sure what he was talking about, but you smiled none the less. 

“How have you been going lately?” you asked.

“Not bad. Busy trying to get the XMEN to leave me alone… nobody that’s hired me lately is willing to pay me… so, same old, same old.”

“I see. It’s a shame you aren’t being paid for your work.”

“I know! My reputation gets around as ‘insane and reckless’, and all of a sudden, I’m not good enough.”

You nodded sympathetically, and then remembered Steve.

“Oh, Wade, this is Steve, Steve, Wade.”

Steve shook Wade’s hand politely, but looked confused. You rarely met new people without him, and you hadn’t told him about your previous encounter.

“Wow! You’re Captain America! Huge fan!” Wade exclaimed. The way he spoke reminded you of a little boy meeting his hero for the first time.

“Thanks,” Steve replied with an awkward smile.

“You know, it’s funny. I just got a signature from some guy that looked just like you,” Wade pondered. “What was his name again? Chad? Charles? No… Chris. Yeah. Chris… Evans!”

“Oh really?” you asked, intrigued.

“Yeah, I’m sure plenty of you guys love him,” Wade replied, staring straight at you.

You exchanged a confused glance with Steve, but smiled politely.

“Anyway, I should go. I heard that there was a stall selling art of me, and I want to go and collect royalties!”

“Have fun Wade! Feel free to come visit us if you are ever in Washington.”

He nodded, and was on his way.

“Who was that?” Steve finally asked.

“He’s… hard to explain. He’s nice though, mostly. I don’t think many people understand him,” you smiled sadly.

The rest of the day went by in a blur. You were able to see everything you had wanted to, bought a vintage style Mickey Mouse figurine that reminded you of the times you used to watch the new (old now, you supposed) shorts at the cinema with Steve and Bucky, and even had two people ask to have photos taken with you.

Returning to your hotel, you were absolutely exhausted. The adrenaline that pumped around the convention centre, keeping you going throughout the day, had worn off, and you wanted to do nothing but sleep.

Lying in the bed next to Steve’s, you managed a final smile before drifting off. He was so happy to cross another item off of his list, and that happiness was your lullaby.


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String rings and strawberry shortcake

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Kurotsuki 

Summary: “Lemme get this straight,” Kuroo started, stepping aside and allowing Tsukishima to enter the apartment he shared with Kenma, “you want us to pretend like we’re fiancés, act all lovey-dovey and stuff, all so we can get free cake?”

“Ok first of all, the words lovey-dovey never left my mouth,” Tsukishima countered before plopping down on the overly comfortably couch and directing his gaze towards Kuroo, “and second, you don’t understand. This isn’t just cake Kuroo, this is cake that’s good enough for me to ask you to pretend to be my goddamn fiancé. Don’t belittle the cake.” 

A/N: I have finally written kurotsuki cries because this is sooooo long overdue. Dedicating it to the wonderful @kandismon because I love her kurotsuki and all her art in general. I hope you enjoy this humble offering from a fan! (This story contains fluff and snark)

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My MCL HeadCanons

-Castiel is the type that secretly calls his mom when things are going wrong in his life. I can only imagine demon trying to comfort his human when Castiel found out Deborah’s true character and decided to stay home for a while. The day before he returns, he stares at his phone hesitantly before picking it up and dialing his mom and telling her what happened. She always knows the right things to say to for any occasion and this ultimately makes Castiel feel better even if he isn’t all cheery.

-Armin has a secret skin condition. Armin doesn’t like being outside and normally just blames it on video games or his laziness to stay in the house. But what if when he was super young, he used to always watch the other kids play outside with his brother while he could do nothing but stay in the house and find something to do with his time. Being semi allergic to the sun as a kid probably used to seem like torture to armin. He more than likely finds an old gameboy while in the house and from then on, video games have been his go to. He can’t stay out in the sun for too long or he breaks out in a harsh rash. Alexy has never seen the rash so sometimes believes that Armin is lying just to get out of shopping.

-Castiels dad is Asian. When I first saw Castiel, I thought in no way, fashion, or form that Castiel was anything other than a European. But I noticed his eyes seeming smaller and slanted compared to others and thought maybe its just to emphasize his characters personality? So I dismissed the idea UNTIL I saw Castiel parents. His parents were not only gorgeous but HIS DAD. His dad was the check mate for me. Matter of fact, let’s rewind to when I found out Castiel wasn’t a natural red head and that his hair was actually black. At that point I came back to the idea and dismissed it again. But like I said, his dad was the set point. Castiel has to half Asian. He has to be. His dad looks a little Japanese to me specifically because of his really defined facial features especially around the jawline. Castiel probably isn’t that fluent in Japanese but can understand it pretty well, enough to get By.

-Castiels parents come from different ethnic backgrounds and thats why they chose their careers on Airplanes. More than likely they met through their jobs as well.

-Ambers shirt is really something….special xD Leigh specializes in Victorian clothing but when he first opened up his shop, Amber was one of his first customers. Her mom modeled one of his pieces in paris and this is how Amber knows him. She requested a special one of a kind tunic. He tried to explain his issues with it but she offered a nice chunk of money. Enough to afford some fabric for the next couple of months. He accepted and asked what type of fabric would she like for the tunic to be made from. With an attitude, she told him to think of what to use and not make her do all the thinking. Jokingly she added “you’re the expert. You should be able to make even a potato sack look good.” She left and not understanding the type of humor in the city just yet, he took her seriously and used a potato sack for her shirt. She loved it and this is why Leigh made more of them.

-Violette is pansexual. She is so sweet and just seems like the type that wouldnt care for your gender. If she likes you, she likes you.

-Peggy is the person that takes pictures of our illustrations

-Future Candy (about to graduate from sweet amoris) is probably narrating episodes from her diary that has pictures of these illustrations thanks to Peggy (they threw a grad party, and Peggy probably gave them all to her as a grad gift. they are no longer of use to her)

-Nathaniel stays up at night studying comedians and their humor to try and impress candy

-Rosaylas natural hair color is blonde but after meeting amber, she hated the color of her hair and just bleached it all together. (Blonde hair is easier to bleach)

-Castiel learned how to play guitar as a kid from a man that was a regular at their airport. The man used to fly out to do shows but even when the trips were personal, he would bring his guitar just for Castiel. This was Castiels first guitar because the man was getting old and decided to give it to Castiel. His second was a birthday gift for his 13th birthday. An electric guitar that came in the mail. Castiel hadn’t been to the airport in 4 years now since his parents invested in a good baby sitter but he recognized the name. It was the name of the man that taught him how to play. There was a note attached that said “Hey there Castiel. Happy 13th birthday. You’re finally off the clock. Sooner or later you’ll probably take the same path as me start your journey to becoming a musician so I wanted to make sure you got this. Its been two years since I last seen you but not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought about our lessons. You gave me a reason to play again and for that I won’t stop. Even after I leave this earth which will be soon. I have about a few more months to go now but I’m still up and kicking. The last thing on my bucket list will be completed once you read this and that is to make sure you get this gift on your 13th birthday. Its been a while since I’ve seen a kid with your spunk kid. Keep it up. Dont kiss no one’s ass. Enjoy the guitar, you deserve it- Lance”

These are a few and I will share more later :)

Thanks @my-candy-ass and irf94

Hi there im back with another “theory”

[skip this rambling of mine] Sorry to some of you who have been waiting for my post (tbh I don’t feel my post is worth the wait, they’re just… delulu thoughts) and have been messaging where am I or if I am fine etc…  I disappear for a while bc 1. University/college assignments: it seems this semester my professors/lectures try to kill us slowly, 2. I don’t mean to disrespect anybody but there were lots of drama here, like “Kaisoo is dead/broke up/not close anymore” etc and tbh those things made me sad, I’m already dying enough bc of the papers I need to do to survive my student life, I couldn’t afford to be sad bc my otp’s gayness wasn’t exposed in public like it used to be.

Erhm, yeah… again I remind you this is how I see things, it doesn’t mean they’re true. I do not know these boys personally. I repeat: this is how I see them, how I perceive them, and I’m deluded af so don’t take my words seriously.

Now, what I want to talk about is sexism (what?)

Yeah you heard me.


Not long ago Soo wore a gray long-sleeved shirt with a big yellow embroidery rectangle patched on the front of his shirt (on the right side of the chest area) and “gender equality” was written on it, clear, bold and vivid. (I don’t have the picture but I remember the uploader put #equality gender then #love wins on the tags)

And when Nini babysat Tae0h, he taught the kid to protect women (he said something about; Tae0h needs to be strong like iron man so he could protect his sister and his mother). (I don’t have the picture/gif, but if you have watched the episode/have seen the gifs on his tag, you’ll know what I am talking about)

This idea struck me when I read an article about S.K having new curriculum which is teaching their young students about the dispute of “comfort women” that existed during Japanese imperialism in Korea. (You can read the article here on Wall Street Journal if you’re interested).

It made me remember about how women are still treated in S.K now. 

I’m NOT saying S.K is a sexist country (I’m not a Korean nor have I lived there, also my knowledge about them and their culture is not enough to label them with such term), I am also aware that there are many countries that are worse than S.K about this matter (my own country is shit too about this matter).

BUT, still, there are many articles about how unequal women are treated there (in S.K), thus it means we can’t say that sexism doesnt exist there bc it does. if it didnt exist nobody would talk about it on internet.

A quite famous blog channel (that shall not be named here) had talked about this before; women are expected to pour drink for men, pretty girls get dragged forcefully into clubs so they would attract more (male) customers, it’s inappropriate for women to smoke in public but not for men, and there’s “women must be pure and still a virgin” before marriage too (or so I have heard, my country has this ‘rule’ too btw. And I think my country has it worse. Basically here if a girl lost her virginity before marriage she would immediately be branded as “slut” “second-handed girl” “don’t have any moral” etc… sigh)

In their dramas too, you have seen how the male protagonist would yank the girl on the wrist to stop her etc.

We can also see it on the radio interview when nini rubbed soo’s hand (when soo had that red hair),

soo saw the camera, pulled nini’s hand lower (did he tried to hide their linked hands behind the desk? lol)

it seemed nini rubbed soo’s thigh?

^^^apparently in the full video (of the interview) baek and a member of the girl group (it was not only exo who got interviewed at that time. and sorry i dont remember which girl group it was, my kpop knowledge is a bit shitty) participated in arm wrestling, resulted: baek lost, the girl won. AND THEN the host immediately said something like; “A girl should’ve been delicate/soft not strong/brute like that [you].” (sadly I don’t have the link but I swear to god I saw the clip on my dash, or was it on YT? hmm.)

In a different radio interview, Chen also had commented about this. He was asked whether he wanted a boy or a girl as his future child. He chose boy bc he thought having a girl is a worrisome. He said something like, “So many bad things would happen to girls, especially in this [entertainment] industry(?)” (same as above, I don’t have the link. I watched lots of exo interview videos on YT a year ago)

Back to kaisoo. Remember this 

Now connect the dots. Based on what Nini had said, I (and as well many other kaisoo shippers) take that Soo isn’t quiet when Soo is with him. We have been wondering what kind of stuffs these dorks talk about… Imo these 2 talk lots about some deep shit when they’re alone

Ofc, they have their playful moments —

chen was like “chill the fuck out”

soo was like “no! lemme go”

look he only nudged chen

but with soo, he grabbed soo’s arm

— but, I think when they don’t always joke/play around all the time (duh) they would talk about significant things [probably politics, ideologies, etc], not only just chilling. Imo their personalities fit the idea [talking about deep stuffs] bc they don’t seem to be the type to gossip around, [at least not when they’re alone/together IMO].

(Idk prob they would gossip around when they’re not flocked together? like when they hang out with other people? – it had been said that nini hang out with his buddies outside the group (you know who) often, and somehow my mind can’t stop to think that they’re gossiping around when they hang out ( bc his buddies seem to be the playful/teasing type, so I guess they would talk more about lighter topics, but I could be wrong). GUYS gossip too It’s not only women’s things to do.)

Soo also had said this before.

“Mature and sophisticated” Soo wouldn’t say this if both of them don’t talk about some big heavy stuffs often. Often? Well yeah, if they only talked about heavy topics once or twice, Soo wouldn’t have the “sophisticated” impression about Nini (suho seemed to laugh at soo’s words choice tho lol it seemed he didnt believe soo? he did agree with soo tho [in the video], but i think he couldnt disagree  even if he wanted to. bc then it would be unethical? if he did the topic would get dragged on and prob would make soo flustered. he just seems not to be the type to fluster/tease others? if it was baek or chen  i think they would disagree just to mess with soo lol)

(Maybe this is me being delulu but Soo seemed to see Nini in different light (different if we compare it with how other members view nini?), like soo was entranced yet proud at the same time about Nini? like he glorifies him? no, it’s too extreme, like… he sees nini in higher level? 

bc not only he chose nini to be the mature and thinking in sophiscated one (i mean there are xiumin and suho in the group, why nini?), 

soo chose nini to be the most handsome guy in exo (others voted for themselves but soo voted for nini thus nini won - nini had 2 votes, others had 1, soo had 0 bc he gave his vote for nini), 

soo chose nini as the member with the best body in exo (even shindong said, “no, i mean between the 3 [baeksoochen] of you” he still didnt want to change his answer), 

soo had said it twice that he would fall for kai [1st. bc of nini’s perfomance - this is in magazine interview i think? i dont remember , 2nd. would fall [in love] if he was a girl - exoluxion japan] (gdi low-key much)  

erhm…im drifting out from the main topic, sorry.

What am I trying to imply in this post is that kaisoo might or might not have discussed about how unfair women are often treated/sexism? I can’t put a theory which one of them had the idea first/initiating the conversation about this matter but my guts telling me it’s Soo? Since he wore the shirt first, then Nini said those things (protect girls) later on

Sure, Soo might’ve just worn that shirt for fun. But remember this guy has a good English pronunciation, seems to favor English songs, watches quite a lot Hollywood mainstream movies. His English isn’t bad. He must’ve known what that “gender equality” tag means when he decided to wear it.

And Nini too. Some of you might’ve thought that he said those words to please the female fans/boost his image. But if he did, then why he said that? He could’ve chosen others sweet words to make the girls squeal. Imo he was genuine when he said those lines.

I think that’s it.

Sorry if this isn’t a “theory” about KAISOO IZ REALL but it’s more leaning towards to how close they are. Bc imo people need to be really close – especially people with KaiSoo’s personality [reserved] – to talk about such deep matter like this (IF they DID talk about it*, bc this is just a theory folks, im not saying this is true happened to them). At least I do. I won’t talk about ideologies/principles to people whom I’m not close with (bc i’m afraid my view would be judged or frowned upon or belittled).

Again, this is just how I view them. Thank you for reading.  Sorry for some mistakes, English isn’t my native language :)

I’m not sorry if this is too long, and too deluded, go complain at me and i’ll send you my sloth pictures collection.  SUE ME FOR BEING A DELUDED TRASH.

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rfa + v and saeran, mc has a gaming channel and allows them to be in one of her gaming series!


- yoosung knew entering the relationship you had a gaming channel
- he loved to watch your videos so much
- he always secretly wanted to be in a series with you since you did some with your other friends
- when you picked up a copy of skyrim to play for your channel, you decided to ask him
- skyrim was a fantasy-looking rpg game where you got to design your own character and hoard all of the items you possibly could, of yoosung’s favorite things
- he was so excited to be in the series and wanted to make a good impression so he wore a nice outfit
- you two spent an hour in character creation trying to make sure your character was perfect
- when yoosung saw the dragon he grabbed the remote thinking he was going to be able to kill it
- although he didn’t get to, he kept playing with hope that he would
- yoosung’s favorite part was the combat. yours was stealing as many of someone’s stuff until they noticed and jumping off the cliffs to see if you would die.
- you guys have so much junk in your inventory that you can’t run
- it’s worth it though
- when you go in the mountains, yoosung runs bask and forth so he can hear the sound of the snow beneath your character’s feet
- you steal some armor and thankfully DONT DIE
- it makes combat and missions much easier
- you two got so into it that you played for over five hours and took up all the space on your camera

- jumin never really played video games growing up
- once he started dating you, he liked to watch you play the games for your channel
- you got so into it. when you beat a level, you cheered and hollered around the house; when a character you really liked died, you snuggled up into his chest and cried about how unfair it was.
- he wanted to feel emotions like that when playing a game, too
- you kept a lookout and you picked up a copy of until dawn
- you heard that the story was very good, the characters were enjoyable, and quick-time events kept you on your toes
- all of your viewers had requested ur so WHY NOT
- you gave your subscribers a disclaimer that jumin had literally never played video games before
- he eventually got the controls, after a lot of explaining
- jumin liked the idea that the choices you made could make or break your ending
- he became very emotionally invested in protecting emily at all costs
- “people misunderstand her, just like some people misunderstand me.”
- :(
- he hates mike though, so much so that he refuses to play when control is switched to him
- “any man who would trick a woman like that is not a pal of mine”
- the both of you have an argument about whether or not jess should really undress in sub-zero weather
- “jumin, she’ll freeze to death” “you know just as well as i do that when you need to have sex, it doesn’t matter where you are!”
- touché
- jumin has you do the quick-time events
- you guys play daily and it takes you only a week to finish
- “that ending SUCKED-”
- he actually CRIED
- jumin chill
- lowkey me too though

- zen has only ever played lolol once or twice at yoosung’s place
- he’s never been into them but he says if you find him a REALLY good game he’ll reconsider
- you decide on the walking dead game bc zombies
- the killing of the zombies gameplay isn’t particularly hard but the storyline and characters are a+, according to the online reviews
- zen is excited to be on camera and he hopes that “your fans don’t faint at the sight of him”
- he makes really snarky comments whenever the character you have to control, lee, says something “stupid”
- “lee you just killed him with a shotgun why would he answer you”
- he hates lilly and larry so much, because according to him “they’re a more outright aggressive version of jumin”
- he likes how all the dialogue options and the choices you make affect the game in small ways later
- he cries every time clementine gets upset
- the ending has him totally dumbfounded and he can’t speak for a solid five minutes
- “zen?”
-“…..i can’t believe this…..”
- “zen, are you okay?”
- he literally breaks down into a sobbing mess, and turns his chair away from the camera
- “you got me, mc,” he chuckles as you wipe tears from his cheeks, “i’ll play more games with you”
- he literally doesn’t shut up for the next month about what an injustice the ending is and how he’s going to write the company just to tell them that

- jaehee is a little experienced in gaming but not like you
- however, she finds a copy of murdered: soul suspect in the discount bin at the store and finds it so interesting that she has to buy it
- you see her installing it on the game console after you get home from a jog and your jaw DROPS
- “JAEHEE!!!! Do you know how long I’ve been looking for that game in the stores?”
- you get so excited that you set up your camera and audio and everything
- “wanna be on my channel?”
- jaehee eagerly nods - this could be a chance to experience something new and exciting, with her girlfriend too!
- she finds the intro video so COOL but it ends up being really sad and makes her cry
- she’s in love with ronan because he’s so cynical but is just trying to help people
- the enemies are so hard to beat and it takes her around half an hour to kill only three
- the game has historical background and she LOVES IT
- the game ends up being really spooky so she snuggles up to you in case she needs hugs
- which she does. many times.
- “jump scares, i can’t help it!”
- when the mystery is solved, she cannot BELIEVE who did it
- it was so unexpected and NOT who she thought it was in the end
- “mc that game is evil why did i do this to myself”
- good question, jaehee
- your fans love jaehee because they literally have almost all the same reactions she did

- saeyoung has played almost every game known to man so when he tells you he wants to play a game with you for your channel, you are SO lost as to what game to play
- you just got a copy of the new game “the sims 4” so you pitch the idea to him
- “i’ve played the sims 3!” he exclaimed. “i should be so good at this.”
- you guys boot up the game after downloading a bit of custom content first
- you decide to design a married couple to start as
- saeyoung puts up the body thickness, muscle, head size, and ear size as high as they can go and the feet and hands as low as they can go. he makes the guy bald with thousands of tattoos and thick rimmed glasses, and puts him in a speedo-looking outfit. his name ends up being “billy bob omelette”
- you actually take time and put effort into the female character. you name her scarlett and damn is she gorgeous.
- you move them into an empty lot so you can build your own house
- billy bob is a secret agent and scarlett is an at-home author
- for some reason saeyoung finds it funny to make them pee their pants
- “they just look so sad doing it”
- he begs you to make the title of scarlett’s book be “but that’s none of my business”
- he insists on lavishly decorating their house even though you only have $15,000 left in funds
- he likes to fish or dig in the stones for treasure and collectibles
- he tries to tell you this fake story about how they worship the llama God which is why it’s on everything, but little does he know you’re a lowkey sims nerd too, and you know his story is fake
- you let him have this victory, though
- you run to the bathroom for five minutes , telling him to make sure the camera doesn’t fall over
- you come back to find that scarlett has died of overexertion
- “saeyoung! what did you do??”
- “…..i made them woohoo ten times….”

- your subscribers are always asking you to feature your boyfriend v in a series with you and you finally oblige
- you get life is strange because it has a seemingly interesting story, plus it seems to have quite a bit of photography references that he’ll appreciate
- well my pal, he did more than just APPRECIATE them
- after the mention of daguerreotypes, he gave you a twenty minute lecture on daguerre and other famous photographers
- he takes every opportunity to get the optional photos and even rewinds so he can pretend to have a photo shoot
- “warren, step aside, for i am King of The Nerds”
- of all characters, v likes the non-centric ones (like juliet, dana, trevor, and logan)
- the plot line has him literally shook
- he treats the characters like he knows them in real life
- “how dare you victoria i could’ve taken that unflattering photo of you but i DIDNT and this is how you repay me?”
- the end literally kills him and he ends up crying into your shoulder
- “it’s not fair, mc….”
- it’s okay v, we know
- you get him a shirt that says “ready for the mosh pit, shaka brah” and he doesn’t take it off for a week

- you want to help saeran get over his nervousness to talk to people and be on camera
- you figure that having him be on a series for your gaming channel will help
- it’ll help him be more comfortable and you’ll get to play a good game, two birds with one stone
- you pick the wolf among us because it’s by telltale, your favorite game company
- saeran is nervous in front of the camera at first but you hold his hand and reassure him that you’re here for him
- he appreciates the humor of the game and finds it hysterical that the characters are such assholes but don’t even realize it
- he also likes that the story is modern fairy-tales
- “i’ll have to tell saeyoung these jokes”
- snow and bigby remind him of you him and himself; you’re snow, the beautiful, optimistic badass and him, the guy who may appear scary on the outside but isn’t on the inside
- his favorite character is toad because his voice is so funny it makes all his jokes 10x funnier
- he really enjoys solving the mystery and trying to put the clues together in his head
- the person who did it is not who he expected at all and it has him confused
- he gasps at what he calls “plot twists” every five minutes
- it’s kind of adorable how he’s gotten so into the game that he forgot about the camera
- his gasp at the end of the game is so loud you’re sure that you’ll have the police called on you
- “mc, what the fuuuuuuuck”
- he buried his face into your stomach
- “please tell me there’s a season 2” “unfortunately not yet” “UGHUGHUGHUG”

The Circle Of Stupidity

Pairings: Nozoeli, Nicomaki, Kotoumi

Summary: What’s the appropriate reaction to being ignored by your crush? Getting drunk with your friends and ending up in bed with them of course.

Words: yeah

Tags: #Crack  #What_Else_Did_You_Expect_From_The_Title

Note: It’s not what you think it is but at the same time it’s exactly what you think it will be

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• jeonghan proposed when you two were on a regular date that you guys had once a week or during the times when he didn’t have work or practice or any schedules.
• usually he’s all loud and rambly about his day and his crazy stories but this time he looked nervous and anxious and like he was gonna faint and you were so worried bc what was troubling your angel????
• you constantly asked him if he was aight but he just said he was fine and u were like in ur head don’t lie to me boy
•but you decide to just leave it bc he would tell you if something was troubling him right?
• anYWAY you two were walking through this hella crowded square thing and he was holding your hand and walking you to this little like platform in the middle of the square and there was lots of people bustling around and jeonghan yelled and got everyone’s attention bc apparently he needed to “say something important”
• “Y/N, you’ve probably noticed my weird behaviour all day… All week actually and knowing you you were probably worrying your pretty little head. I just want to say thank you for being patient with me whilst I got myself together for this very moment.”
• then he freaking got down on one knee and you already knew where this was going and you were bawling your eyes out before he even said anything else.
• “Y/N… I love you. I want to spend my whole life with you, to be with you until we are old and my beautiful hair is grey. I want you to be mine forever, to be my Mrs. Yoon.”
• friendly reminder, you’re still a big bawling mess :)
• “I love you, I love you and I love you. Will you please do me the honour and marry me?”
• and you say yes and he’s so relieved and you can see all the stress and worry in his face just disappear with a single word from your mouth and he stands up and you two kiss for a trillion hours and all the people around you are clapping and celebrating bC YOON JEONGHAN IS GETTING MARRIED TO THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE YALL
• when it comes to preparing for the wedding, jeonghan was even more freaking perfect than he usually is
• he NEVER makes a decision without you being there first
• he ALWAYS considers your opinions on things
• he ALWAYS makes sure you come out of the decision with a smile on your face otherwise nOPE HES GOING RIGHT BACK IN THERE TO CHANGE IT
• like when you two were choosing the cake for your wedding, he literally dragged you to the biggest cake shop in Seoul and made you try ALL the cakes they had and after every bite he would ask how it was and even if you tried to tell him that he should have a few bites too (bc at this rate how df were you gonna fit into your wedding dress) he would just shut you up by shoving another forkful of cake in your mouth :)))
• “Y/N, what do you think?”
• “I wanna know what Y/N thinks.”
• “Help me decide what to do Y/N.”
• “…. O yeh”
• wedding day yAAAS
• in a nutshell, you looked beautiful… But you gotta admit, your boy looked better than u tbh lmao.
• but that’s not what hE thought. When he saw you walking down the aisle, his jaw literally dropped to the ground and as cliche as it seemed, you were literally the only thing he could see and think about at that moment.
• and when the sermon was saying the things they were supposed to reply with “I do”, he wasn’t even listening like he was just so entranced with how amazing you looked and like gosh he was a lucky guy
• “um jeonghan?”
• “psst, jeonghan.”
• “jeongHAN!”
• “woah what?”
• “this is the part where you say I DO”
• all in all, it was the best day of your life because it was the day you were officially his til death do you part ::::)
• tbh jeonghan would ideally want one child with you, as he wants to spoil that one child rotten. however he is conflicted with himself bc whAT IF HIS CHILD GETS LONELY PLAYING BY HIS OR HERSELF?? DOES HE REALLY WANT ONE?? OR DOES HE WANT TWO?? OR DOES HE JUST WANT TWO FOR THE SAKE OF THE ONE??
• ohOH when he found it you were pregnant he dropped everything, grabbed his phone and phoned everyone he knew. Like even if they were just acquaintances they still gotta kno his beb is having a bebbeh!!!1!!
• once all the phone calls were done he proceeded to open up the window and yell to the whole neighbourhood HIS AMAZING SIGNIFICANT OTHER IS PREGNANT
• would’ve probably knocked on each individual door of everyone in their toWN if you hadn’t told him to chill
• and like every like minute he’s with someone he’s constantly reminding them about your pregnancy
• “hey, did I ever tell you Y/N is hAVING MY BABY?”
• “only about a million times.”
• when it came to preparing for the baby, jeonghan literally wastes all his money on everything and anything related to babies
• for both genders
• no matter the price
• doesn’t even realise he’s getting ripped off by people like since wheN WAS A BIB THAT EXPENSIVE
• or maybe he did realise and he just didn’t care bc if it’s for his bab and the future you two have together, he’d be willing to pay any price.
• was the uLTIMATE Angel throughout your relentless whines for the things you craved and the pain you felt from the baby
• would run to the end of the world in order to fulfil your needs tbh bc he’s the most angelic person you know
• “I WANT chocoLate”
• “What would I do without you?”
• you two were just cuddling on the couch one day when all of a sudden your water broke and he was rlly grossed out bc he thought u peed yourself and he’s like ew y/n, you’re nasty the toilet is literally right there grosS
• then you started to panic bc thAT WAS NOT PEE OK OK U WERE GOING TO GIVE BIRHT
• held your hand throughout the entire process of you giving birth, and even sang to you bc it was the one thing that made you calm down and take deep breaths and he never took his eyes off of you bc this moment was so freaking precious he didn’t wanna miss a single moment.
• but afteR the birth of his child and you were okay and fine he just couldn’t stop the tears coming from his eyes. Like he started crying, then you stared crying, then the baby started crying but like he was louder than the two of you combined lol
• from then on he’s pretty much filming everything you guys do as a family bc “when we are old and wrinkly we can watch this and laugh and cry”
• Your first words were really “mommy” but Jeonghan refuses to believe it and goes around tellin people that your child said “daddy” first. and like when you say it’s in the video that he filmed bc he filmed everything and hE FACE PALMED SO HARD BC Y DID THAT GOOD IDEA BACKFIRE
• throws the biggest, most extravagant parties for your child’s birthday, every single year. Like pretty much all of the money that he earns from his job throughout the year is all gone and wasted for this one day.
• like he invited everyone in his neighbourhood, all his family, all your family, all the members and all their families.
• always attempts to make the party a “surprise” but as your child grew older they kind of figured out the pattern of a surprise party every year on their birthday. but they still act oblivious and surprised just to entertain jeonghan lmao
• immediately wants to meet the person your child gets into their first relationship with and just stares them down when he meets them
• “jeonghan.”
• “…”
• “jeonghan.”
• “…”
• “w-what?”
• “good.”
• has a habit of trying to force his family to be matching whenever he can.
• matching pyjamas
• daily colour coordinated clothes
• matching toothbrushes
• and socks
• and shoes
• and haircuts
• you can imagine how embarrassing that could get
• even as you and jeonghan grow older, he still takes you on these spontaneous dates every week and it’s honestly the sweetest thing.
• like people walk past and they’re like OMG I LOVE THESE TWO OLD PPL THEYRE COUPLE GOALS
• during your anniversaries, jeonghan would drop your child off with the members so they can take care of them whilst he toOK YOU FOR THE BEST NIGHT EVER WOOO
• “baby you are my angel.”

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Can I get a Boyfriend does my makeup fluff scenario? 😌 I just saw the cutest video on YouTube haha it can be any member 🤓



WARNINGS: Language, suggestions of sex

AUTHOR’S NOTE: So this isn’t as long as you’d like, but these are the kinds of little things I’d like to do more often! Send in your requests! And I’m looking to branch out from Jungkook scenarios too

DESCRIPTION: Jungkook x reader, noona!reader, youtuber!reader,

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Just Friends?! - Jack Maynard Imagine

A/N -  Anything with Jack ❤️ something where they are just friends, and they Get drunk and maybe hook up and wake up together the next morning and are both a bit freaked out. Feel free to change the plot, i dont mind

What is it like being friends with 7 guys who liked going on night outs quite a lot? I’ll tell you know.. it was draining. I’m that type of person who doesn’t like saying no. Sometimes i regret it but other times i do actually thank myself for agreeing to go. I get a thrill of doing activities outside my comfort zone it gives me the confidence boost i always needed. Saying yes to the boys always meant there was going to be laughter, jokes and new memories to laugh/talk about in the future. 

I’m currently in my apartment drinking wine with the music channel turned up loud. My hair and make up was already done but trying to pick an outfit was a nightmare. I had tried on several outfits but i couldn’t find one i liked. With the guys texting me saying they were just waiting for their uber i really needed to get a move on. In the end i decided to wear a short pencil shirt with a off the shoulder top and heels. (Heels are essential as im small compared to the others) Downing the rest of my wine i made sure everything was locked and switched off, double checking i had my phone keys and money before locking up and heading outside to wait. 

Ignoring all the hellos and i rushed into the car as it was absolutely freezing.
“It’s so cold, please turn the heating up” I asked the driver chattering my teeth and rubbing my arms to warm back up.
“Demanding” Conor laughed. 
“Maybe if you put more clothes on you would be fine” Jack mumbled.
“Need to look my best to impress dont i” I replied with a smile. “Plus you don’t have any right telling what to wear and how to dress Maynard”  
“oooo, Jack got told” Joe laughed with the other boys laughing along. 
It was only friendly banter with the boys, if you could give it you needed to take it. 

We had now been in the club for about two hours and i can say the boys had all taken a big amount of alcohol. Having this amount of alcohol in you took you to that stage where were everyone confident with what they were talking about and with their actions. We were in the booth downing the shots and pretending to dance like we were pros. “We need more drinks” Josh shouted over the music. “Lets order some” Oli shouted back grabbing Josh and Mikey to get the drinks in. I was in my own little world until Joe starting snapchatting and obviously i wanted to join in. We started singing with the different effects making a fool out of our selves but we didn’t care it was fun. As the night went on me and Jack started to become more closer dancing against each other, taking random photos and videos enjoying each others company and this didn’t go a miss from the boys. Don’t get me wrong Jack is a very attractive lad and we do get protective over each other but we didn’t see each other in “that” way. Just friends having fun on a night out. Nothing wrong with that right?


I always love a good night out but the hangovers in the morning are something i despise. I was awake but i couldn’t open my eyes. They were so heavy. My head was awake but my body wanted to sleep. After a few minutes debating to myself if i should get back to sleep or just wake up, i blinked a few times getting used to the light before i decided to move. I started my morning stretch and i froze mid way. I turned to look and i couldn’t process the thoughts. Why was Y/N in my bed? I instantly checked to see if we were clothed and i had my boxers on and Y/N had a hoodie and underwear on. I sat straight up to see if there were any evidence of something happening and i couldn’t see anything. 
“Jack?” I turned to look at Y/N still in disbelief. She started to open her eyes and she looked as confused as i did. 
“Why am i in your bed? Did anything happen? How did i get here?” Too many questions which i couldn’t answer especially with this hangover.
“I-i dont know, no i dont think anything did and i dont know” I spoke out. I watched as Y/N checked under the covers and sighed with relief when looking back up.
“Dont worry i already checked” I let out a slight laugh. Even though i’m confused out of my mind i didn’t actually mind waking up to Y/N. It was different. 
“My head really hurts” Y/N croaked out. “I know the feeling” 

I pulled out my phone to check snapchat (this was a regular thing i did after a night out because it would give me an idea to what happened) There was pictures of Joe having a drinking competition with Conor and Caspar. Videos of me, Joe and Y/N singing and videos of Mikey and Oli trying to flirt with girls. Nothing on there to tell me if something happened with the girl next to me… well that was until i watched Joe’s story. There it was a photo of me and Y/N kissing. Don’t get me wrong the fans have seen us kiss before but only as a dare. This wasnt a dare. Inside i was kind of freaking out. But freaking out in a good way? I always thought Y/N was different to other girls. She always made me happy no matter what mood i was in.
“Y/N have you seen this?” I showed her the photo of us as she just came out the bathroom gathering her stuff. She started to giggle.
“Aw aren’t we cute!” I started to smile. “We would be” 
“It’s a shame we’re just friends” She said picking up the last of her bits heading out the room. I smile was soon off my face. This feeling in my stomach started to appear and it wasn’t anything to do with the hangover. I sighed to myself.

“Just friends”

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Did u like the music video?

i thought it was a cool concept, he looked hot, it was nice and interesting but.. There were a lot of mistakes, it wasnt done very well, idk how much of a budget they had but comparing the effects and costume and whatevers of ENC to that just makes it look WORSE, and like they couldve done so much better.. 

a few examples 

i honestly dont know what they were thinking bc this is like 2 seconds after he got stabbed??? you can see his full stomach and hes magically healed?? who is he??? deadpool???/ he would even take longer

do i even need to…..point it out……..whats wrong with this……..it looks like someone took a picture of brendon and just moved it across the screen in fact now that i’m saying it yeah im pretty sure thats what they did, he doesnt fucking interact he looks like an ugly yet majestic bird escaping through the window after aunt hilda slapped it with a broom. he stays in the same position… the same….. position…i dont know………what these people were trying to do….. (also quick point out he doesnt have the injury there either)

no to mention how it never actually looks like the tentacles and brendon are legitimately interacting except for a few points/areas, and ik yes theyre gonna look like that to some degree but like it looks like one of those netflix movies that somehow has ½ a star about the sharktipus trying to invade iceland

i mean what is this????

ANYWAYS i could go on picking it apart but i dont want to..

I dont think it really fit the song? again at some points i could see and match up but like i was talking to my friend oliver @tinybren and like we both thought itd be more of like katy perry last friday night theme, but the whole tentacle monster thing doesnt really fit the vibe of the song at least imo, if they had had him getting fucked up and having fun and then waking up the next morning even w the girl and like going through having a hangover for just a short amount of time, or even if they like had him get fucked up and that was the cause of him seeing angry squidward, it still wouldve worked.. aha.. 

I guess i just have this image in my head of what i assumed it would be, it’s not my least favorite music video, i can understand why a lot of people dont like it for different/multiple reasons. I would say i dont dislike it, i like certain areas, i enjoyed the overuse of bedrooms eyes and the amount of licking he did (whether it be to his own lips or to someone else). Plus he looks good when he gets slapped. I can’t look at a lot of parts without laughing, im hoping he was really going for the ridiculous theme over scary/creepy because if he WAS trying to freak……honey……let me help you okay…..

I like it more than the Hallelujah video and ill probably make my mum watch and laugh @ it with me, all in all it couldve been better, i dont think the idea worked as well as they were hoping, and the next MV should have a much better budget or less special effects…this sounds mean ok i love my son ok i love brebdop i have been so mean recently with the tat and now this omg i love him ok i dont hate him or anything. im a monster fanatic, im a brendon urie fanatic, even more so with naked brendon urie (they did that part really well..i appreciated the camera work for that), put them together and youve automatically won me over so even if i dont like this music video it has a place in my heart!! forever! now. and in ways i have to automatically like it. Because i like that kinda shit, so.. To answer your question.. Yeah i guess i did/do.

It’s January 1st, the first morning of the new year, and Harry can’t imagine being more hungover than he currently is, right now, in this moment. His head is pounding, the Denver sun too bright even through the closed shades in the living room, and Louis will not stop fucking whining that he needs coffee, needs a sweatshirt, needs to unpeel his contacts from his eyeballs, needs something to throw up into.

“Lou, baby, for the love of God, shut the hell up,” Harry groans from his position behind the kitchen counter, wincing as the refrigerator door slams behind him.

“No, it’s your fault I feel so shitty. You forced me to drink.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey Jax since you seem like a dude who can make watchin Paint dry seem fun, What are some ways to have fun when you are alone. It seems all my friends these days are either busy or just dont want to talk to me anymore. I go on skype saying hi and whassup and I stay online for all day and I get no response. I dont want to waste my day Veggin out on Tumblr and YouTube so I was wondering if you had any ideas. Big Fan and thanks if you see this

Oh trust me dude I’ve gone through this too many times (especially the skype thing….stuckup basta—). I already have a plan all layed out cause Friends can be flaky at times. Here’s some ways you can have an awesome time on your own ^_^ My philosophy is this. Think of every cartoon show you watch, they barely are ever inside vegging out doing nothing cause their lives would be boring and we wouldn’t watch. In a way we are living through them so we merely have to emulate it ^_^ so this is THE JAX WAY TO HAVE FUN ALONE

1) Workout and do yoga! Trust me this sets the basis for your day and makes it so that no matter what it should be good! Gets the blood flowing and the body prepped for the day at hand.

2) Go Bike Riding, Roller Blading, Skateboarding, Scootering, etc: Go Exploring somewhere with fresh air and just have an adventure in a new “SAFE” area and don’t forget to bring your iPod so it feels like you are making a Music video about your epic life ;D

3) Go to the Beach: You can enjoy swimming in the ocean, running on the sand and admiring all the fineass bikini babes that are there ;) 

3) Play some Awesome Video Games from the Start to finish: (I’m playing Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 right now) 

4) Cook some tasty Food: Go online look up a recipe and try something new. I  personally enjoy baking in my past time so I either bake a cake, brownies or just anything, something tasty to enjoy.

5) Make an Epic Movie/TV series/Anime Marathon Night: Cook/Buy  some delicious food, get some tasty beverages and pop in your favorite movies/series/anime you want to either catch up on or just enjoy by yourself. 

6) Make a Fort: WHo gives a Damn if your 20 something years old. Make a Fort CAUSE ITS FRICKIN FUN and watch Netflix or Play Video Games. Its whatever, Growing up just means you know how to act in public and when to be mature and responsible, but if you are by yourself F**K IT have a blast and make that crap :D 

7) Draw/Paint something: Just sit-down and draw, even if it looks like crap. Even Picasso started off crappy just build and build and build. Its fun and then you can impress a bunch of people but most importantly yourself 

8) Read a Book: Isolate yourself and Let your imagination take you on an insane adventure. :D 

9) Go for a walk: Sometimes just going for a walk by yourself and being alone with your thoughts really helps you contemplate what you want out of life and what you want to accomplish. 

10) LAUGH! not just randomly and without incentive. That will land you in the mental hospital. Find stuff that makes you laugh. For me its those Batman College Humor videos and Scare Pranks. AND PUNS I F*CKIN LOVE PUNS! Its great for relieving tension 

Well Anon there are many ways to have fun by yourself. Trust me I know, I use these most of the time when Bum ass friends dont answer me or dont message me haha. They all work and lemme know they work for you. Wish ya the best ^_^

Chapter 12: You In Trouble.


Unwrapping the towel that was around my waist, I grabbed some lotion off of the dresser. Didn’t wanna walk around here looking ashy as fuck. Rubbing it all over myself, I thought about if I should wear boxers or not. I didn’t have nothing to do today, so I guess not. Shrugging, I grabbed the pair of sweats that were on my bed, sliding them on afterwards.

Taking a glance at my hair in my full body length mirror, I scrunched up my place. Jogging to my closet, I looked to right where all my hats were. Reaching for my white and blue bucket, I grabbed and put it on.

“Better.” I smirked to myself as I looked at the mirror in my closet. I had to be one of the sexiest niggas ever. Cutting the light off in there, I went back in my room and sat on my bed.

Grabbing Raye’s phone, I slid the bar across the screen had no problems. I’m surprised she didn’t have a passcode. I had one of them bitches. But then again, Raye has no hoes.

Chuckling at my thoughts, I clicked on the Photos icon, and sat up. She had a lot of pics. Then it was videos, too? He’ll yea. Clicking on the Camera Roll album, the first thing that caught my eye were some nudes. She had bout 5 of them. Didn’t know Raye was the type to take nudes of herself.“Damn..” I mumbled lowly, looking at the other ones. Raye was blessed, man. Quickly sending the pics to myself, I deleted them out of her gallery. I didn’t want her to get caught slipping on ig.

Scrolling through some other pics, I sucked my teeth once I saw some of her and August. Why the fuck she ain’t delete these? Shaking my head, I deleted anything that had August included in her phone. Call me petty, I don’t care.

Finally seeing some pics that we took, I busted out laughing as I scrolled through some of us fucking. I remember these. It was my idea to take these pics. Raye claimed that my stroke game was whack, but she was screaming, moaning, yelling in every last one of these pictures. Thinking about making a video to make her smile or whatever, I scrolled to the left to record. Pressing the button for it to start, I sighed.

“Bet your dumbass aint know I had your phone..” I chuckled, scratching my head. I was trying to sugarcoat what I really wanted to say. I ain’t wanna admit that I’m over here catching feelings.

“Anyways, I like having you around all the time. You cute and shit. You be making a nigga feel good with that bomb ass pussy of yours. You got the whole package,” I paused to laugh.

“And I guess what I’m tryna say is that I wanna set—” cutting myself off, I sighed with a chuckle afterwards.

“Man, you get where I’m going with this. I’m not about to admit it, so yea.” I said, before ending the video with a kissy face that I always made to make her laugh. 

Laughing at myself, I heard the doorbell ring downstairs. Quickly hopping out of my bed, I ran down the steps, almost falling in the process. I knew it was Raye. She the only person that would come this early. Plus Ty’s never over here anymore, cause he’s taking care of his schemin’ bitch. I be wanting to go over there, but I dont wanna see her.

Trying not to ruin my mood, I just shook the thought of her off. Walking on the rest of the way to the door, I stopped once I got to the peephole. Looking through it, the stood Raye. Unlocking the locks, I swung the door open making her jump.

“Asshole.” She mumbled as I laughed at her stupid ass. The blunt I was smoking made it even funnier.  Walking further inside the house, I made my way in the kitchen.

“Chris!” She yelled as I heard the front door shut.

“In the kitchen!” Hearing her footsteps get closer, I watched as she finally came in here.

“I’m about to go in my room, you coming?” I asked as I grabbed my Snapple out of the refrigerator. Nodding, she disappeared before I could even leave the kitchen. Fucking Casper the Ghost.

“I knew you had my phone you little devil!” She yelled from upstairs, making me snicker. She lying hard as fuck. She called me from Raymond’s phone last night crying about loosing her phone.

“No you didn’t, cry baby!” I yelled back, jogging up the stairs. We had bout 20 fucking stairs. Probably even more than that. It was a workout going up and down these bitches everyday. Walking down the hall until I got to my room, I saw Raye shedding a couple of tears. Scared to walk in the room, I just stood in the doorway. She could be faking for all I know. Taking her earphones out, she put her phone down and looked at me.

“You like me, Chris?”

Instantly freezing up, I scratched my head and looked around. I’ve never really been asked this question before. I normally don’t try to tell a girl how I feel. First of all, because I don’t do this dating shit and second of all, I’ve never really admitted or tried to admit that I like somebody.

“Um.. I—” I said, lost for words as Raye cut me off. “Oh my gosh, you’re going soft on me!” She squealed, chuckling. Instantly wiping the smirk I had off of my face, I didn’t want to talk about this anymore. She ruined it. Now I feel fucking gay.

“This is what the fuck I get for being nice..” I groaned. Walking over to her, I quickly grabbed her phone and ran in the bathroom afterwards. Locking the door, I blocked out her screams and bangs on the door as I deleted the video.

Thinking about how she was always on her phone, I went to her settings. Clicking Passcode, I typed in something that she would never guess.

Putting the phone in my pocket, I unlocked the door and smirked as I walked out. Looking around for her, I spotted her in front of my mirror stripping out of her pants


“Who’s tight ass boxers are those and why are they on backwards?” I asked, making her jump. Realizing it was me, she sighed in relief and mumbled “mines”.

Pulling them up higher, I bit my lip in amusement. Even though they were tight af, they made her ass look good as hell. She ain’t have the fattest ass in the world, but it was big enough for me. If she ain’t have nothing, then it would’ve been a problem. That’s just me.

“Oh,” she paused to laugh, breaking me out of my thoughts. Looking towards me in the mirror, she nodded.

“they are on backwards..” Pulling my phone out, I went straight to the camera without unlocking the screen. Snapping a pic of her, I stated as I felt my dick jump.

uploading the picture to ig, I thought about tagging her. I want her to be shocked when she sees it, so nah.

Locking my phone, I threw it on the bed and plopped down behind Raye. Pulling her down on me, I took the time to admire how she smelled. Warm Vanilla Sugar. My favorite.

Moving myself from up under her, I tried to open her legs, but she closed them tightly and lightly kicked me in my stomach.

“stop, I have cramps..” She mumbled, as her face turned a bright red. Scrunching up my face, I quickly pushed her off of my bed and searched to see if there was any blood on the bed. Finding none, I sighed in relief and plopped back down on the bed.

“was that fucking necessary?!” She yelled, glaring at me. Looking at her like she was crazy, I waved her off. “You better watch who the fuck you talkin’ to like that.” Sucking her teeth, she got up off the floor and stood beside my bed with her arms crossed.

“I was joking though, you didn’t have to push me off the bed..” She rolled her eyes.

Smacking my lips, “That’s not anything to lie about. You had me thinking I couldn’t get no pussy for the next few days.” I mugged her. How dare she?

“who said you were getting some?” She smirked, causing me to do the same.

“Girl, I don’t gotta ask. You gone let me in my shit regardless.” I stated, hovering over her. Trying to keep a straight face, I stared at her and waited for her infamous smirk to be present. “I fucking hate you.” She rolled her eyes as she tried to hide her smirk. “Oh yea? Well you not about to be saying that whe—” I tried to say as she cut me off. She turning out to be like me. Rude as fuck.

“Stop talkin’ all this shit and just fuck me..” She mumbled as she tugged on my sweats. Raising an eyebrow at her choice of words, I smacked her thigh.

Ion know who she thought I was , but I was about to murder her shit just for being smart at the mouth. Yelping from my sudden abuse to her thigh , she moaned lowly as I shoved my hand inside her panties .

Licking my lips in a seductive manner, I slipped a finger inside of her slippery pussy . Mm, she wanted my dick I could tell cause she was wet as fuck . Working my fingers in and out of her, I looked up and watched her love faces go 0 to 100 .

Adding more pleasure , I now had three fingers pumping in and out of her. Moaning my name lowly , I pushed my body up some to where I was now hovering over her . Attacking her lips , our tongues wrestled for dominance and I refused to let her win .

Melting under my touch , I smirked within the kiss and pulled away . Not before sucking on her juicy bottom lip . Ducking my face down low in her neck , I sucked on her spot softly before getting a little rough .

For a quick second I had forgot this was suppose to be a lesson, not enjoyable although I didn’t have plans to hurt her as if she was just some random hoe. I was gonna be gentle, make this memorable .

Her mouth began to form an O shape meaning she was about to cum, but I wasn’t ready for her to cum yet . Taking my fingers out her pussy and from inside of her bottoms, I stuck my fingers inside my mouth .

Watching me, she bit her lip as me sucking her warm juices off my fingers turned her on . Considering I only had on a hat and some sweats , it was nothing to strip myself .

In no time, I had Raye down to nothing but her panties that was doing a poor job at holding her juices due to them being laced. The feeling of her wetness coming in contact with my dick made it jump as it stiffened below.

My warm mouth currently preoccupied her right nipple and my tongue swirled around it so effortlessly . Her baby moans could be heard and it was honestly music to my ears, enticing the want I had for her.

Showing her left nipple equal amount of treatment , I let out a low grunt as I slowly pulled her underwear off her body . Biting my bottom lip at her glistening love box , I looked up at her as I stroked my already hard dick.

“You ready baby ?” I questioned. Before she could even finish nodding her head yes, I had done slammed myself inside her and an high pitch scream has left her lips.

With no mercy on her pussy, her pleads for me to sleep down went in one ear and out the other . I soon tuned her out and held myself up with both arms being on each side of her.

I had her legs placed on top of my shoulders and I leaned my body all the way in. Screaming out of pleasure, she scratched up my back with her stiletto nails. A loud grunt left my mouth.

Soon another flew out of my mouth as I realized I was deep inside of her without having on a condom. The feeling was so good, her pussy was already warm but now that the condom wasn’t present her shit felt hot & the warmer the better.

For a good ten minutes I sexed her like crazy and she was once again ready to let loose her orgasm that I didn’t give her a chance to release & I still wasn’t. I wasn’t close and I wanted us to cum together.

Laying down , I pulled her on top of me and slid her down on my dick, not giving her a chance to catch her breath. Moaning like a lil bitch, I bounced her up and down until she was able to pick up on the pace I wanted her to go.

“Fuck chris baby you feel so good!” she moaned grabbing both of her boobs. My lips tugged into a smirk as I knew she couldn’t have more than enough of this dick .

Leaning down, her lips crashed into my own and she shoved her tongue down my throat. My hands found their way to her waist and bounced her up and down my dick much harder.”Chris I can’t take it baby slow down!” she yelled out.

Ignoring her request , I had managed to change her leg formation into a split and her moans were now mixed with pleasure and pain. Still having no mercy on her pussy, my eyes rolled back as her walls contracted around my dick .

Sweat beads dropped off my forehead onto the sheets & both of our moist bodies had the room filled with skin clapping. She felt good, no lie. Probably could make me do anything while fucking but unlike her she’s probably focused on busting her nut.

“Chris I can’t hold it no more!” she screamed. Grunting, I buried my face in her breast .“Good baby cause I’m close too. Come on, cum with daddy.” I encouraged .

My thumb had found it’s way down to her clit and my pumps became much quicker and faster . Both of our moans could be heard loud and clear and together , we sounded amazing .

Feeling Raye’s hot liquid drip down my dick, I knew she had came and was currently riding out her orgasm. Her moans soon turned into whimpers as I kept my fast pace going cause I was less than a centimeter close to busting my load deep inside her glorious pussy.

Doing just that , I gripped her ass cheeks in my hand to have something to squeeze as I let out my heavy load inside of her . Biting her nipple semi hard, she whimpered and scratched my back .

Pulling out of her, all my cum seeped back out of her pussy and low moans left her lips. Smirking at how beat red her pussy was , she looked up at me with a pained expression on her face. Shrugging my shoulders , I bet she won’t do it again .

Removing her legs out if the split formation, she cried out in pain as her legs came back together. Getting under the covers, my tv was currently on BET and like mike was on.

Soon the tv was watching me and I was knocked out after being pleasures by the best pussy I’ve had yet.


Trying to get out of Chris’ hold, his grip only got tighter. Sighing, I waited until he started snoring again to move. Once he did, I gently removed his arm and quietly got out of bed. Lightly closing his door, I struggled to make my way downstairs. My legs felt like jello.

Tired of trying to walk, I sat down on the stairs and just slid down each step. Reaching the last step, I opened the closet and grabbed a blanket out of it. It was cold as hell in here and I wanted to turn the air down, but Chris would curse me out. He hates being hot in his sleep, his nose will “bleed”.Shaking my head at the thought of his annoying ass, I couldn’t help but smile afterwards.

I’m actually starting to trust Chris, and I hope that I’m making the right choice. And when I saw that video he made for me, I could not stop smiling. It was really sweet of him for that. Also sad, because that’s honestly the best way hell admit anything. Sad, right? Atleast he tried, though. He didn’t have to tell me anything, but he chose to do so.

Flipping through tv channels, I noticed that my stomach growled. Rubbing it, I looked towards the kitchen and thought about making something or not.

I’ve been eating home cooked meals all week, I want something out to eat. Some razoos would be perfect right now. It’s right down the street.

“Babe!” I called out, hoping that Chris was awake. I’m also hoping that me calling him babe will make him say yes.

“Wassup?” He asked huskily, indicating that he just woke up. God he looked and sounded so sexy right now.

“Can you buy me some hush puppies from Razoos?” I asked sweetly, as he shook his head no. “Chris! Come on, please? I’m starving!” I begged, wrapping my arms around his torso, as he sat next to me on the couch.

“Ion feel like it..” He mumbled, with a yawn afterwards. Sucking my teeth, I just had sex with him, the least he could do is go buy me some food.

I hate you.” I mumbled, crossing my arms. Chuckling, he tried to pinch me but I smacked his hand away.

“Man, Ima be in the kitchen.” He said, getting up from the couch.

“Can you at least make me something to eat?”

“Get your fat ass up and make it yourself!” He yelled, making me roll my eyes. He knew why I couldn’t get up, he’s doing this on purpose.

Pulling out Chris’ phone out of my bra, I unlocked it and clicked on the messages icon. I couldn’t text off of my phone, because Chris decided that he wanted to put a passcode on it. Shaking my head, I shot Ty a text.

Me: Tyyy

Ty😒😎😑😏👌: what bitch 😳

Raising an eyebrow, I thought about cursing him out. All I did was call his name as I get called a bitch for it. Shaking my head, I began typing away. But then, I sstopped myself because he probably thought this was Chris. They’re always calling each other a bitch. 

Me: this is raye, not chris..

Ty😒😎😑😏👌: 😂 lol my bad, wassup tho?

Me: Csn you please bring me some hush puppies from Razoos, be cuz your friend is being a bitch

Ty:😒😎😑😏👌: Yea I’m already at Razoos anyways 😈

Me: Yes! 🙊 I will give you a big juicy kiss when you get here! Love u

Not caring about what else he had to say, I put Chris’ phone down. I felt like I was winning the lottery right now, I’m so hungry. Wishing I could do the happy dance, I rolled my eyes at the cause of why I couldn’t do it.

standing up, I limped my way to the kitchen, and mugged Chris as I saw him making a sandwich. But he couldn’t make me one?

“Chris can I have a piece?” I asked, causing him to smack his lips and groan. Roughly tearing a piece out of the sandwich, he shoved it in my hand.

“There, you hungry bitch.” He rolled his eyes, causing me to chuckle. I’ll get him back for calling me a bitch later.Putting the piece that he gave me in my mouth, I moaned at the taste.

“Can I have another piece?” Sighing, he clenched his jaw. Holding it my laugh, I kept a straight face.

“Yo, I’m thinking about putting my hands on you. You annoying the fuck out of me right now. Can a nigga eat his sandwich in peace?” He spat, making my bust out laughing. I don’t know why this was so funny to me. Probably because he was so serious.

“ok Chris, I’ll leave you alone.” I shrugged, sitting on top of the island. Counting down the minutes until Ty got here, the door bell rang just in time.

Smiling, I gently slid down the island as Chris went to get the door. Grabbing a cup, I opened the fridge and reached down for some apple juice.

“Good game, baby.” Ty said, before I felt a hard smack on my ass.

“Ouch Ty!” I winced in pain, flicking him off. Snatching my bag of food out of his hand, Chris snatched it out of mines afterwards. Glaring at him, he did the same as I rolled my eyes.

“What nigga? You better not say shit, csuse I gave you some of my food.” Crossing my arms over each other, I watched Chris eat some of my food, wanting to kill his ass.

“here, fat ass.” He said, sliding me my bag back. Instantly turning my frown upside down, I opened up my box of hush puppies. What the fuck? I only had 4 left.

“What the fuck am I gonna do with this?” I asked, as Chris shrugged. “eat it.” He mumbled plain and simple.

rolling my eyes for like the 100th time today, I ate my food, tuning Chris and Ty out. It’s gonna be a long, but kinda fun day with these two.


Rubbing my eyes as I woke up, I groaned at the brightness from the sun. Quickly running to the windows, I closed the blinds and smiled afterwards.

“Better..” I mumbled to myself. Putting my hands in my pants, I chuckled as I realized that it had been a habit ever since I was a little girl. I used to have bad dreams, so I ended up sleeping with Chris and he would always wake up with his hands in his pants. He probably still does.

Frowning at the fact that history is repeating itself, I couldn’t help but be jealous. Chris hasn’t spent time with me not once since I’ve been here. All his time is spent with Raye. The only people that spends time with me is momma and August like always.

And I feel like he treats her better than me. He screams and yells at me, but I never see him do it to her. It seems like thats the only time we communicate now. When were fighting. I haven’t talked to him since I went over to Aug’s house, because he pissed me off


“where the fuck is you going?” Chris asked for the 100th time today, slightly annoying me. Why was he worried about it?

“To August’ house to get my things.” I sighed.

“I told you not to go over there!” He yelled, smacking my purse out of my hand.

“You the one that said I needed to go back and get my stuff!” I yelled back, looking at him like he was crazy. He said that shit the same day I came back.

No I didn’t!” Blowing air out of my cheeks, I rolled my eyes. Why does he wanna play dumb?

“Yes you did! Either way it goes, I’m going over there so just shut the f—” I quickly cut myself off from cursing. I don’t do it often, but he’s really making me mad.

“What the fuck are you goin over there for anyway? I know its not just to get your stuff..” Sucking my teeth at him questioning me, this boy must think he’s my daddy.

“To go have sex with August, that’s why!” Clenching his jaw, he looked down at me scaring me a little.

“YOU FUCKING FAST ASS GIRL!” He screamed, before pushing me into the wall. Hitting my head, I winced in pain and tried to move him away from me.

“Move away from me!” I cried.

“What is going on?” Raye yelled, rushing down the stairs. Pulling Chris away from me, she whispered something in his ear and he walked away, making sure to mug me.

*Flashback over*

Shaking my head at the flashback, I took my phone off of the charger and searched for August’ contact.

Me: pull up on me 👀

Aug😘😝😂😎💦👌: dont gotta tell me twice

Chuckling, I tossed my phone on the bed. I didn’t see August and I being this close at first. We met through Chris, of course.

He didn’t really pay attention to me the first time we met, but the second time he did. I guess he was coming over for Chris and Chris wasn’t at home, so I answered the door. He saw me crying, so he decided to stay with me and talk until Chris got back. After that, it became a habit if his to come make sure if I was okay. He did it more than chris. Not saying Chris didn’t, because there were times when he did but barely. He would always go hang out with his little girlfriend Alisha. Kind of like what he’s doing now, just a diff girl.

shaking my head, I got my outfit out for the day and ran the shower water. Grabbing a small towel out of the cabinet, I put my hand in the water to make sure that it was hot.

Stripping out of my silk pajamas, I stepped in the shower. Squirting some Forever Red body wash on my towel, I began to wash myself. Repeating the same routine for 20 more minutes, I decided that it was time to get out. Turning the water off, I squeezed my towel then hung it up. Opening up the shower curtain, the hot steam immediately hit me in the face almost to where I couldn’t breathe.

unlocking the door, I walked in my room and almost screamed once I saw August in my bed. “You couldn’t knock?”I asked, holding my hand over my chest.

Turning around, he chuckled. “It’s not funny August..” I mumbled, getting slightly offended that he thought this was funny. Giving me a confused look, he covered his hand over his mouth and quickly apologized. 

“Fuck, I forgot. I’m so sorry.."Giving him a small smile, I nodded.

"It’s okay, I guess.” Sighing, I grabbed my Sweet Pea lotion off of the dresser and lotioned my body down with it. Reaching for my bra, August smacked it out of my hand, causing me to smirk. 

“Stop playing, Augu—" 

"The fuck is this?!” Chris yelled, barging in. 

“Man..” I mumbled lowly, quickly grabbing my robe. Squeezing August’ hand, we both were speechless. 

“You got 5 seconds to bring your ass downstairs!” Chris warned, after slamming my door. 

I didn’t even do anything.