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…if THIS BOY’s gonna “turn out to be straight” then ure going TOO FAR with that baiting already!!!!! omg wut XD

or perhaps…

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You guys know that I’ve been working my butt off writing and designing this project I call ‘EERIE’. I’m not sure if everyone who decided to follow me (thank you so much!) knows what it’s about, though! 

What you can see above is the very first, official sketch for the very first page of EERIE’s prologue. EERIE is going to be a webcomic about a very sad, dramatic lovestory involving Jack (-septiceye) and Signe (wiishu). It’s not going to be a soap jab or anything like that, though. More a thriller than anything else - there will be lots of blood and gore, you guys. The comic itself will make it very clear that this won’t be an every day fluff comic, haha. The main focus is on Jack as main character and his myterious backstory involving Signe, troubled and confused.

I want the reader to FEEL what he will be feeling. And I want that because there is an important difference between the reader and Jack in EERIE; you’re able to feel empathy towards him whilst he is not able to feel empathy at all. 

I’ve had the idea to make a comic about the Antisepticeye character for roughly two years now, made characters, wrote plots and stories and threw them all in the trash until recently (a few weeks/ months back) I finally had one idea that I could work with. I presented the idea in a post that featured this drawing;

which basically became the cover for the comic. ->

I frequently kept posting concept art on here that featured the little pink orb by his face; noted detail. I worked it into the plot as one of the most important things. 

And while it all looks fairly supernatural, it totally isn’t! I really like the idea of Anti being nothing more than something Jack thinks is there, that he thinks is controlling him and making him do bad things. When in reality, no, Anti is not an actual entity. This will be the main conflict both the reader and Jack will have to deal with throughout the whole thing; what is real and what isn’t?

Every single one of his ‘symptoms’ and delusions/ hallucinations will have reason and origin. So will his behavior and certain traits I chose to give him.

Over time I noticed that I had worked too much story into this plot; I had to make a reasonable world that the reader could believe existed. A world like ours, logical but also twisted. I had to give reason to each and every single character, give them motives, intentions, feelings, backstories– 

So I did just that and realized that I had so much to work with, I’ll most likely publish three comics of their own, all surrounding this one middle comic. Agateophobia (fear of insanity) will tell Jack’s story, all old fashioned, AFTER what might’ve happened to cause his troubled mindset. But there might be more to come, two more works that tell the story of how it came to be and what might be the aftermath of what Jack caused in AP.

(Here are some more concepts before I gotta leave this post be oml this is so long)

Anyway; I’m super excited and proud to be able to show you what I worked on soon! I really hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed and still enjoy working on this project!

With that being said; I made this to announce that I will be very much occupied with this from now on. If I’m quiet for a while, just know that things are in the making. :D

Thank you so much for everything and your awesome support so far, you guys! And please excuse this horribly long post– ;w;

Vintage/retro posters: SONGS THAT 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER REALEASED IN 2014.(without beside you and out of my limit)
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darknessangel12  asked:

Omggg your arts are the best!! Can I request a slight nsfw Poker Pair art? (〃ω〃)

Hi :) Omg I was very happy when I saw this request, not only because it’s my sweet otp, but I’ve actually never drawn something like that, so this really helps me but I then noticed that I have absolutely no idea what would be considered “slight” nsfw and what would be too much xD so I  didn’t make more than a sketch but if you like it, you can request more art, request a specific pose or something (: This really helps me a lot!
I’m really sorry if you think this is bad qwq


Okay so this supposed hate is actually so FUCKING SAD AND IM TIRED OF IT. Karamels keep calling us rude and hateful and blocking us when most of what we do is literally mention what has actually happened on the fuckin show. Yet you’re gonna decide to go out of your way to make a HATEFUL block list that literally promotes manipulation and homophobia and transphobia. That’s: PURE HATE. Anti-Karamels post so much about Mon-El bc he’s ignorant and disrespectful yet you Karamels are feeding that disrespect and idolizing his wrongs. Meanwhile, Supercorp shippers want what’s best for Kara??? And want to promote equality???? And love Lena because Lena is a good person???? OMG THATS SO BADDDD!!!:6/&: AND U KNOW WHAT?? THIS IS WHATS SO FUCKIN SAD ABOUT ALL OF THIS.

BTW I’m not gonna tag who wrote this or who found the list for supergroup shippers bc I don’t want them to get anymore hate then they probably already are.


….so I had some sort of a sugar rush a few hours ago (CAKE UGH)…..and I just did a lot of really weird things

I Need You Tonight

[Summary]: You and Scott knew each other since you were kids; playing together in the kitchen, hide-n-seek in the royal gardens, summers spent on the beach that was near your father’s kingdom. But you were a princess and Scott? Well, he was the kitchen boy. And as you two grew up together, the feelings between the two of you blossomed. But once you found out that your parents had an arranged marriage for you, you wanted nothing more than to be with Scott for the rest of your life.

[Pairing]: Scott x reader (mentions of Steve, Peggy and Tony)

[Warning]: A bit of “sexy time” (but it’s over pretty fast)

[Word Count]: 3,564 words (OMG, what did I do???)

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A/N: BSB gif was made by yours truly! Yep… yet another fic using Backstreet Boys as the inspiration… I have no shame in this [x] This is for @sgtbxckybxrnes’s “AU Writing Challenge”. Prompt is in BOLD. I’ve never written an AU before, so this was a really interesting experience for me. I really enjoyed it, so I might be writing some more AU’s in the future :)

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Scott and you were the best of friends growing up; You played together and caused mischief for the cooks in the kitchen. Played hide-n-seek in the gardens. Scott taught you how to catch a fish with your bare hands in the pond. The two of you would spend your summer days at the beach.

The only thing that seemed to separate the two of you were your social circles: you were a princess and Scott? Well, he was the kitchen boy. 

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on this flowery path

“if you were a flower, what would you be?”

“what the heck, hyung?”

“just answer it.”

“but why–”

“jinjin, im older than you.”

“fine. i dont know, a rose?”


“well, you made me answer so i did!”

“have a reason!”

“i–? well– i mean? roses are pretty, so–”


hey, man, hyung, i am pretty–”

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anonymous asked:

You honestly have such a pure blog. You have a large following I'm sure, and yet you make the time to respond to everyone's tags, reblogs and comments, and you also make the time to praise and reblog the works of beginner, lesser known CC artists too that's literally so pure! I know my praise probs sounds stalker-ish, but you always pop up on my feed with the cutest comments and all this hype and it's so great lol

aaaa..AAAAA OH MY GOSH THANK YOU SO MUCH…??!!!! this ask made me so happy <33