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Q: What do you like about Joshua/Jeonghan

JH&JS: I like everything about him ♡

The fan asked them the same question and received the same answer. <3

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Embers (Teaser)

The sudden explosion sent Hiro’s small frame flying through the air. A pained cry erupted from his lips from the rather excruciating impact. The raven knew he had been careless enough to have allowed himself to be in such a predicament but he couldn’t tear his eyes off the scene before him.

Orange and yellow hues accented the figure standing in the heart of the demolished terrain. There was no doubt in Hiro’s mind that he was the cause of this fiery abyss but the reason was why? Why would ‘he’ of all people be hell bent on causing destruction?

The flames twirled and whisked gracefully around the antagonist’s form as he closed in the distance between them. Amber eyes were wide in the horrid concoction of horror and disbelief. The ghosts of his past were finally catching up on him leaving nothing but agony and turmoil in its wake.

This couldn’t be the same person that watched out for him all his life. This couldn’t be the same big brother he looked up to. No, this man before him was just wearing a mask. This ‘thing’ couldn’t be Tadashi.

The cackling of the fire subdued an eerie silence to befall them until ‘he’ decided to speak.

“Long time no see, knucklehead.”

“T-Tadashi….?” he rasped.

I was planning on making a Sunfire! Tadashi Marvel inspired comic. This was supposed to be just the teaser but honestly this took way too long than expected. I have a lot of idea’s spinning around in this head of mine but I’ve been really busy as of late.

Although I might be continuing this in a simplified monochromatic form of comic! So stay tuned for that (maybe)(hopefully)!

Enjoy <3

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more reasons to date michael clifford

  • BIG T-SHIRTS u would never need to wear ur own clothes whatever
  • “babe is that my shirt”
  • “i mean its mine now”
  • “oh thats fine then”
  • h i s s w e a t e r p a w s
  • cuddling all the time. all the time.
  • S W E A T E R P A W S
  • ud never be cold hed legit hold ur hand in his sweater paws
  • late night convos expect theyre not cute its more like
  • “do you think cows know theyre covered in nipples”
  • “why dont u fucking ask one michael”