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a jasper redesign to go with my lapis one. i want to maybe add some pattern to her leggings but i dont know what. this is basically how i was drawing her anyway, like for her face. im not  100% happy with the clothes but the little thing on the end of her cape is probably jingly lol

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Embers (Teaser)

The sudden explosion sent Hiro’s small frame flying through the air. A pained cry erupted from his lips from the rather excruciating impact. The raven knew he had been careless enough to have allowed himself to be in such a predicament but he couldn’t tear his eyes off the scene before him.

Orange and yellow hues accented the figure standing in the heart of the demolished terrain. There was no doubt in Hiro’s mind that he was the cause of this fiery abyss but the reason was why? Why would ‘he’ of all people be hell bent on causing destruction?

The flames twirled and whisked gracefully around the antagonist’s form as he closed in the distance between them. Amber eyes were wide in the horrid concoction of horror and disbelief. The ghosts of his past were finally catching up on him leaving nothing but agony and turmoil in its wake.

This couldn’t be the same person that watched out for him all his life. This couldn’t be the same big brother he looked up to. No, this man before him was just wearing a mask. This ‘thing’ couldn’t be Tadashi.

The cackling of the fire subdued an eerie silence to befall them until ‘he’ decided to speak.

“Long time no see, knucklehead.”

“T-Tadashi….?” he rasped.

I was planning on making a Sunfire! Tadashi Marvel inspired comic. This was supposed to be just the teaser but honestly this took way too long than expected. I have a lot of idea’s spinning around in this head of mine but I’ve been really busy as of late.

Although I might be continuing this in a simplified monochromatic form of comic! So stay tuned for that (maybe)(hopefully)!

Enjoy <3


Q: What do you like about Joshua/Jeonghan

JH&JS: I like everything about him ♡

The fan asked them the same question and received the same answer. <3

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movie asks

I was tagged by my favorite pool adjacent researcher ( @poolsidescientist) for the movie asks

What is your…

All time favorite movie: The Princess Bride. No competition

Movie you’ve seen again and again: any star wars movie ever or young frankenstein

Movie that makes you feel inspired: the martian. i was gonna make a strangers on a train joke here but i cant find the wording…

Movie with cinematography you love: ratatouille… lol actually i love Vertigo’s cinematography as fucking old as the affects are

Movie that scares you: im not really someone who gets scared by stuff, but when i watched the spiderwick chronicles when i was little, i couldnt sleep for weeks

Movie that makes you cry: goodbye farewell amen

Movie that comforts you: steel magnolias… i dont really know why but any time im up at four am and cant sleep, i put it on and it calms me down

Movie you dislike: wallace and gromit: the curse of the were-rabbit

Movie you hate that everyone loves: that chris pine movie, snowpiercer. i fucking hated it. and i dont really have a good reason other than i just hated it so much. 

Movie you love that everyone hates: in terms of my immediate friend group, that darn cat (the 1997 version), because i love it more than life, and my friends hate it more than life.

The first movie you remember watching in theaters: finding nemo. i was three when it came out, and that year, my birthday landed on fathers day so we all went to see it. the only thing i remember from that day is my brother who was like a year old at the time start screaming bloody murder in the middle of it.

The last movie you watched: i cant remember tbh, probably gifted but i dont know

Favorite genre: that thin line between horror and thriller or holiday comedy or gillian anderson/david duchovny sexual tension

Favorite animated movie: big hero 6

Favorite Disney movie: and now the witch hunt begins. i am not a disney fan by any means and the only movie i’ve really seen by that company is the lion king 

Favorite Movie Musical: the producers. keep it gay folks.

Favorite horror movie: silence of the lambs.

Favorite drama: the breakfast club count? pretty dramatic…

Favorite comedy: planes trains adn automobiles

Favorite fantasy/sci-fi: star trek: discovery. yeah i know it hasnt come out yet but its my fave

Favorite documentary: The Office lol i cant think of one rn…

Favorite sequel: spy kids 2

Favorite director: tv wise: david lynch (thank you bae) or rob bowman (i owe you my happiness), but movie wise: whoever the fuck directed rogue one

Favorite Actress/Actor: take a fucking guess 

A line of dialogue that’s stuck with you from any movie: its not a movie, but i cant think of anything from movies, but on mash, theres an episode where a soldier in the hospital tries to commit suicide multiple times and the last attempt, col. potter catches him trying inhale gas, and the kid starts screaming at potter to just let him do it and that he wants it so much just let him go through with it and potter takes the hose from him and tells him that if this is really what he wants, he’s gonna need help because he’s fucked up everything until this point, and so potter starts trying to jam the mask over the kids face and after a moment the kid starts struggling against him and then pushes him away and starts screaming about what the hell are you doing. its then that potter points out to him that when caught by surprise, his first reaction is to protect his life, and that means the side that wants to hang on is stronger than the  side that wants to end it all, no matter how opposite it seems sometimes. the kid ends up getting transferred for ptsd treatment or something, but if someone asks me what line from any cinematic piece has stuck with me, that scene is always the first that comes to mind.  

A line of dialogue you dislike from any movie: “Men and women can’t be friends because sex always gets in the way.” -Harry from when harry met sally. 

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’    the first time was when i heard my parents fighting for the third night in a row and i realized life wasn’t as simple or as easy as i’d always thought. people aren’t exaggerating when they call it cruel. it will leave you sitting in the grocery store parking lot, begging for mercy. your eyes will burn and you’ll have spent so much time pretending that everything’s alright that you could bottle it up and sell it.

     the next time was when he started looking at someone else the same way he used to look at me. he held her hand and told her all the same things he told me and as i walked by with my head down i realized everything had been a lie. i wasn’t special i was expendable. sometimes people take the best parts of you only to leave you with the worst of themselves and the only way you can forget about them is showering in water so hot you’re convinced it’s burning away any trace of them that’s left.

      the third time is when my friend was coming home from college for thanksgiving. he was ten minutes from his house when someone swerved into his lane and just like that he was gone, and i realized that life just takes and takes no matter how much you give. i don’t think i’ll ever understand why and the only way to deal with it is grabbing two bottles of the cheapest alcohol you can find with a look so pathetic on your face that the clerk doesn’t ask for an i.d. because he knows, everyone knows. ’

—  i’ve learned two things. 1) a lot of different things can break your heart and 2) i don’t want to feel any of them anymore

@malacandrax tagged me in a 5 Drawings meme?! And I didn’t notice until now?!! (What kind of friend am I- ha!)

I tried to pick a blend of things, some paintings, some sketchy fun stuff, you know the deal!

PS I’ve graduated college and immediately took an awkward break from art for like ~a whole week~ but now I’m gonna get back onto that painting train. I’m thinking of maybe jumping back into the adopt market as well! We’ll see.. Other projects include working on a couple comic ideas (one serious, one silly, daily comics??) SO much to do so much to see.
Anyone who wants to do the meme is tagged! I’m so out of touch with tumblr these days but I’ll do my best to update more!! 


Super quick paint n doodle between work:
Because rumor>>> Robert Downey Jr. Reportedly Joins Assassin’s Creed Movie as Leonardo Da Vinci and i just can not stop my brain imagining things~ i really need to let it go.

PLEASE dont take this seriously, coz it was just for fun~:)

you can also see my Assassin!Fassbender concept, over>>> HERE:D

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🌠🌠🌠 this mean 9 things

wow you’re awfully needy melissa i mean idk if i even know u anymore u dont have memes….okay lets go: a sham you’re masquerading as a mark stan but we all kno you’re swerving HARD for BTS maknae line like if mark was your major going into college u hella changed which department you’re about, also your sneaky tags you try to hide such as BELT and that f**t thing i mean what…you taught your daughter BTS maknae line names i mean i rest my case so, NECKS, MASKS, asking me about my skincare, eating good food but sending me none, in my head you say “youths” a lot like A LOT, wifey, currently sweating ur face off without AC in this heat and embracing my tae proclivities i mean thank u tbh, oh and ***** ** *****

mutuals send me a 🌠 and i’ll tell you three things i associate you with

If you guys can collectively hate Nero in the tag, then I can put one rant in it, fuck it.

I’m not usually one to start shit. I do think fandom/ship wars are dumb and I try my best to avoid participating in them. But hey, it’s you guys who came out of the woodwork with this, so you reap what you sow.

To everyone hating on Nero: please make a mental list of everything that has happened in this show so far and reconsider? As soon as I finished watching episode 10, I got very afraid for some reason, and now I know this is exactly what I’ve been worried about. That this fandom would get a collective fucking kneejerk about Corteo and would start hating Nero. And before you start going on about how I don’t care about Corteo’s death; actually, I do, and I’m upset about it, but that doesn’t prevent me from using my fucking brain.

This show is designed to make you think about morality,

In case you haven’t noticed yet. More specifically, it’s the usual ends-justify-the-means trope. The point of the entire thing is to push everyone’s limits in how long can they keep supporting Angelo. They pulled all the dirty tricks; he’s the protagonist, he looks good, he even has a few ‘nice’ moments. The characters’ names also support the good/evil dichotomy between Angelo (angel) and Nero (black). Now, we don’t know the show’s stance on this, since we don’t have the ending yet, but I’m pretty damn fucking sure it’s not gonna be ‘Angelo’s just fine lol, he’s a good guy, did the right thing’. Like good, don’t consider this a conclusion, putting your common sense to exercise is exactly the goal, so go ahead and keep thinking Nero is the ‘bad’ side. Knock yourselves out. And I’m looking forward to your reaction to the last episode.

Nero’s life has been completely and disproportionately fucked over by Angelo

He lived his life in self-loathing up until now for not being able to shoot someone. At fourteen. He obviously gets way too attached to people for his own good as a mafioso. And there comes Angelo, murdering his best friend then another one of his comrades, making him kill his own brother and slowly isolating him until he can’t trust anyone else. You guys are mad about Corteo’s death, right? Guess why THAT happened? Only so Angelo could keep messing with Nero’s mind. On top of everything, Nero just became Don, one more thing he has to deal with besides everything going to shit. His father seems to be sick, and once he dies (along with his still present authority), people will start coming for Nero from all around.

And you’re gonna call him a shitty person after this. You’re just gonna ignore every motherfucking episode that has happened so far and only look at Angelo and Corteo’s one-week domestic life, as if Corteo’s death was some big fucking surprise, something completely unexpected and out of the blue, moreover, something Nero did just because he’s Evul

Also on the subject of Corteo

Look, I’m not gonna go into the realm of blaming someone for dying. But he could’ve made so many better choices. He had so many chances to quit. I still think that, among all the romantic loyalty, Corteo could’ve considered the realistic outcome of his actions. If he just left, he could’ve went to college and maybe, after Angelo got over with his revenge, he could’ve had something to live for. He was literally the only person Angelo had from his past. Instead, he decided to betray the Vanettis, have the entire city wanting him dead, walk over to FANGO, and then come back again. 

Corteo is not dumb. So, why has he been acting irrationally since episode 8? He’s jealous. I don’t even mean this in an exclusively ship-way; ever since the beginning, he’s always looked uneasy and concerned about Angelo being all buddy-buddy with Nero (first the face he makes when they meet at the brewery and he sees Angelo laugh at Nero’s joke; then later when he overhears the brother-line after Frate’s death). If he’s afraid that Angelo might feel sympathy for Nero and end up very badly, or he just doesn’t want his childhood friend to be taken from him, I can only guess. Either way, Corteo’s betrayal was an act of self-indulgent altruism (yes, that’s an actual oxymoron, make an attempt at understanding what I mean). He wanted Angelo to be happy, but happy in his own definition, by his own terms, at his own pace. 

And you all love Corteo, I get it, okay? Corteo is nice. Corteo is likeable. I also like Corteo. Everyone likes Corteo. Corteo didn’t deserve this. Corteo shouldn’t have gotten involved with the mafia. But that doesn’t mean that once he’s dead, you can claim that he has made no mistakes in his life EVER.

To the ones who ride this bandwagon to shipbash

Oh yes, I love listening to this Discourse TM. The goddamn, fucking fantasy-is-basically-reality bullshit. Because surely, shipping something is gonna hurt someone. Even better: it’s gonna hurt the characters themselves. Of course, that’s right, so reasonable, so intelligent, so mature, not entitled and egoistic at all to want the entire fandom to cater to your sensitivities, likes and dislikes. That’s right, this is so worth bashing people over. 

Yes, I’m talking about avilero, I’m gonna name it, so you can just blacklist the tag. See? Did you a favour there. You don’t have to look at it anymore, it’ll be magical. You know what I’m forced to look at, though? Your whining in the main tag, because there’s no universal tag for ‘complaining about irrelevant things’ I can block. 

In conclusion

I wouldn’t have showered you with this wall of text if only you didn’t freak out. 

I kind of want input for ocs if yall can help.

The first question is pretty general. What are the worst or most annoying stereotypes you can think of when you think about teenage weeaboos?

I dont really see that kind of thing anymore because uh i try not to, and the only experience I have is from when I was a teen weeaboo and I dont remember much of those days. So I want to know the current trends, basically.

As a side note Im tagging this with bjd because I wonder, what do you think the above type of person would do to a male doll? Be it clothes, face up or anything really, short of basing it off of an existing character. I dont know much about the community, or even the dolls other than that theyre neat, so i dont know the trends.

just want you (to dance with me tonight)


Nothing about Stiles and Lydia, or how they’ve grown together, has been normal. So it feels strange to even label themselves a typical high school couple. Stiles isn’t even sure she wants to be that with him. Maybe she just wants him to be by her side in a fight; to hold her at night when they both can’t sleep; to reassure her that she’s not a monster, the same she does for him.

But does she want him to hold her hand in the hallway on the way to class? Kiss her cheek when he drops her off from school? Take her to prom?


Or: Stiles Stilinski tries to ask Lydia Martin to senior prom. Operative word is ‘tries’.

Read on AO3 or FF.net

Rated M. WC: 14 459. Canonverse. Humour fic + fluff and feelings and maybe a teensy bit of smut idk?? idk guys what this is. thanks @rongasm​ for reading this over and offering me suggestions because I don’t know what I’m doing, ever.

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what does it mean when you tag something as "ask to tag"?

oh! thats basically just when i feel like there should be a trigger or something tagged on a post but i dont know what type of tag to use for it, or if its something i feel like theres some tags missing on certain posts but cant think of anymore!

basically just a “hey if theres something in this post you want tagged so you dont have to worry about seeing it or more posts like it(or see more of it if its something you want in your whitelist or whatever its called yeye), lemme know!” sorta thing yeeeee

Team Johanna - Joniss

Synopsis: Recently after the war, Johanna still has to give a couple of interviews. She thought Katniss was bad… But this interview may have trumped any and all of the Girl on Fires muck-ups. 

Word Count: 1,339


a/n: I saw something about Team Gale and Team Peeta again, and I just thought “how would Johanna respond to this question” and the idea of her trying to end an interview and her variety of swears is something that appeals to me greatly and i need to think of more for her, but the ones in here are ones i use so yeah I have a deep love for Johanna and her swearing at anything and everything. … Enjoy this shitfest :D

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