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Be More Chill characters as shit I've said trying to be cool


Me and this moth have a lot in common. It’s crushed. I have a crush.


You all make fun of the ‘smoking drugs’ line but little do you know that I actually have no idea what the correct term is and I use it unironically


Is there such a thing as like…platonic sex? But the sex is cuddling and the platonic person is my boyfriend


Well it’s not my fault your morals and principles are as fucked up as your face

(my apology to the aforementioned quote)

For what it’s worth I think your face is very nice!


If I took a shot whenever you mentioned your boyfriend, I would be a recovering alcoholic.


Your ego makes up for all the boob you don’t have.


I started hating myself before it was cool.


No, of course you’re not fat… just… dimensionally challenged..


I may look calm but in another life I’ve ripped out your spine and hanged you with it.

Embers (Teaser)

The sudden explosion sent Hiro’s small frame flying through the air. A pained cry erupted from his lips from the rather excruciating impact. The raven knew he had been careless enough to have allowed himself to be in such a predicament but he couldn’t tear his eyes off the scene before him.

Orange and yellow hues accented the figure standing in the heart of the demolished terrain. There was no doubt in Hiro’s mind that he was the cause of this fiery abyss but the reason was why? Why would ‘he’ of all people be hell bent on causing destruction?

The flames twirled and whisked gracefully around the antagonist’s form as he closed in the distance between them. Amber eyes were wide in the horrid concoction of horror and disbelief. The ghosts of his past were finally catching up on him leaving nothing but agony and turmoil in its wake.

This couldn’t be the same person that watched out for him all his life. This couldn’t be the same big brother he looked up to. No, this man before him was just wearing a mask. This ‘thing’ couldn’t be Tadashi.

The cackling of the fire subdued an eerie silence to befall them until ‘he’ decided to speak.

“Long time no see, knucklehead.”

“T-Tadashi….?” he rasped.

I was planning on making a Sunfire! Tadashi Marvel inspired comic. This was supposed to be just the teaser but honestly this took way too long than expected. I have a lot of idea’s spinning around in this head of mine but I’ve been really busy as of late.

Although I might be continuing this in a simplified monochromatic form of comic! So stay tuned for that (maybe)(hopefully)!

Enjoy <3

luckyadd  asked:

Tris bab, can you give me some text interactions between Jeremy, Michael and reader where they're in a poly ship? I live for that stuff. Headcanons would do, if you don't like doing texts!

i love u

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a jasper redesign to go with my lapis one. i want to maybe add some pattern to her leggings but i dont know what. this is basically how i was drawing her anyway, like for her face. im not  100% happy with the clothes but the little thing on the end of her cape is probably jingly lol

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Q: What do you like about Joshua/Jeonghan

JH&JS: I like everything about him ♡

The fan asked them the same question and received the same answer. <3

cr. m_you_me


tea!!! u wanted me to reupload but i decided u deserve better sooooooooo here we are at the cinemas when we watched baby driver!! u were coverin ur eyes and it was so cute bc ur just a sweet cute angel and ur 20 now!!! so i hope u had a wonderful wonderful day and u enjoy being a not-teenager anymore! it’s been the best thing ever getting to know u and becoming friends this year! ily so much petal happy birthday!!!!!


why i left bpd tumblr

well, i havent really left, but im not involving myself in the community anymore. i havent for a few months.

when i first joined the bpd community on this site and made this blog, it was shortly after my then-fp left me with a letter saying she didnt wanna be friends anymore, and shortly after that i got my official bpd diagnosis.

i was lost, scared, and confused. i was alone. my fp left me and i had nowhere else to go.

so i joined the bpd community.

it was accepting beyond words. seriously. the community two years ago made me feel accepted and “normal” and it made me feel less alone in the things i was feeling. 

but now…

it just makes me feel gross. the mental illness community as a whole now is just… disgusting, honestly. anti-recovery. so so so much negativity and abusive behavior and pushing it on their mental illnesses.

it isnt okay. and i dont want to be a part of this anymore because ive come so far and associating with these sort of people will either make me relapse or make my recovery come to a stop.

you all know what im talking about but if you need clarification ill pull up some examples of shit ive seen on bpd tumblr as of late that have really unsettled me.

so yeah.

this blog will still be up as a source for good bpd resources (check my /tagged/ref) and if i need to rant about bpd specific things, but i no longer will be answering asks about bpd/giving advice and i no longer will be actively participating in the community.

though its been like that for about a year now.

once again i guess if you guys have any questions feel free to ask me in a dm or an ask or something. idk. 

if you wanna follow me on my main:


im active daily there.

hope you guys are safe and well, and im sorry it had to turn out this way. <3

Hey, uh, its Patton week! So to continue the pastel goth thingy I’ve been doin, heres the Pat! It was the first one I did when I started this thing so i tink i ended up spending a bit more time on the drippy drips. More faceless aesthetic. I dont even know anymore I didnt sleep. Virgil is up next!


with great Mediocre moodboard power comes great responsibility

and no one should ever give me responsibilty ever what was the internet thinking 

The people said no but Lily and the Giant Squid said Yes <3 @hprarepairnet

Where are you sun?

- in which Bucky misses Steve so fucking much he can barely breathe. (on ao3 - @itsjamesbarnes​, @victimbucky​​ , @hairspraybucky​​ , @bucklebarns​​ pls let me know if you dont wanna be tagged anymore i dont wanna be annoying)

His own screaming wakes him.

He jumps up in the mattress he calls bed and for a moment, he knows nothing. He doesn’t know who he is. Where he is. How he got there. What—

The nightmare is the first thing to come back.

Then, the rest of it.

His already heavy breathing is coming out in sobs within seconds. He runs a hand through his tangled and dirty hair and lets his face fall into his hands, too tired to even try to fight back the storm about to unleash.

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I’ve been tagged to do the bias selfie thing by @oecceo. <3

I dont even have 1 single bias anymore so…I just picked one lmao

Anyway this is horrible and I’m gonna probably delete it soon anzbjbjzn

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fucking all ive been thinking about for the last month or whatever is that because niall was constantly dreaming up weird, mundane things, his death (and the subsequent dissolution of what little relationship declan had with ronan) almost certainly means that in addition to all of the Big Fucking Problems he left behind, declan is probably just quietly bummed about the loss of lots of creature comforts he remembers fondly from his childhood. like…probably his toast never comes out quite right anymore (or, more in keeping with their family dynamic, he’s like “finally, a toaster that doesn’t ruin every slice of bread that gets anywhere near it”) or he can’t have his favorite soda bc their house used to be full of two-liters of what niall thought root beer should taste like, or the actual recorded version of a song declan remembers hearing on the radio all the time is way slower and only has a dozen words in common with the one he learned


Super quick paint n doodle between work:
Because rumor>>> Robert Downey Jr. Reportedly Joins Assassin’s Creed Movie as Leonardo Da Vinci and i just can not stop my brain imagining things~ i really need to let it go.

PLEASE dont take this seriously, coz it was just for fun~:)

you can also see my Assassin!Fassbender concept, over>>> HERE:D


I was gonna title this “The Necro sides!” but then i was between that and Dan sides so… yeah

Tagged by the always amazing @dan-yuna, here goes nothing

Rationality / Daniel (He/him)

  •  The oldest of the bunch, got created when I was young.
  • Takes care of decision making
  • My sense of right-and-wrong
  • Also my common sense
  • Knows a whole freaking bunch about history
  • Black hair with my same hairstyle, glasses (which btw I should probably fucking use… [shrugs] eh), as white as my skin color will allow, dresses like a mcfreaking hipster

Empathy / Genesis (She/her)

  • Mom friend
  • Calls everyone a “kiddo” (even if they’re older, heck it)
  •  “Have you eaten? Are you okay? Can I help?”
  • The part of me that LOVES cuddles
  • Surprisingly overprotective, will offer to fight people for you, has fought people for others
  • Red-ish medium-length hair, always smiling (even when threatening others), “tan”, flow-y shirts and a love for make up

Melancholy / Niri (They/them)

  • Pessimist as all hell
  • My mcfreaking insomnia
  • Surprisingly enough is in charge of my creativity
  • And in charge of my feelings
  • Hero-complex (the one at fault that I break myself to try and help others)
  • Sweatpants, a ratty shirt, messy short hair and dark circles under the eyes

Rage / Niel (They/them)

  • Little less pessimist than Mel / Niri
  • Self deprecation thoughts
  • Will probably fight themselves even (a really good fighter tho)
  • My horrible sense of humor (Give me memes or give me death type of individual )
  • Curses like a fucking sailor
  • Blue hair cause yolo, all black clothes, all of it, owns maybe one colored shirt and that’s cause the design has red and silver

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The idea of this project comes from @pansexualroman and the… guide… thing i used to get an idea of what the fuck to write comes from their blog and im pretty sure they got inspired by @the-prince-and-the-emo and @theasgardiandetective

’    the first time was when i heard my parents fighting for the third night in a row and i realized life wasn’t as simple or as easy as i’d always thought. people aren’t exaggerating when they call it cruel. it will leave you sitting in the grocery store parking lot, begging for mercy. your eyes will burn and you’ll have spent so much time pretending that everything’s alright that you could bottle it up and sell it.

     the next time was when he started looking at someone else the same way he used to look at me. he held her hand and told her all the same things he told me and as i walked by with my head down i realized everything had been a lie. i wasn’t special i was expendable. sometimes people take the best parts of you only to leave you with the worst of themselves and the only way you can forget about them is showering in water so hot you’re convinced it’s burning away any trace of them that’s left.

      the third time is when my friend was coming home from college for thanksgiving. he was ten minutes from his house when someone swerved into his lane and just like that he was gone, and i realized that life just takes and takes no matter how much you give. i don’t think i’ll ever understand why and the only way to deal with it is grabbing two bottles of the cheapest alcohol you can find with a look so pathetic on your face that the clerk doesn’t ask for an i.d. because he knows, everyone knows. ’

—  i’ve learned two things. 1) a lot of different things can break your heart and 2) i don’t want to feel any of them anymore