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I am irritated that from all of fallout 4 companions, X6 is the most vague and undefined and he otherwise is so interesting and the character has so much potential?

Like I want to know what X6 thinks about the Institute personally, I want to know if his love for the Institute is something he chose or something he was brain washed into??? I mean to ignore the fact that unlike any other faction, the Institute is almost irredeemably evil so a lot of people not only will miss X6 as a companion but will also not understand him and his ways because of how badly the Institute was written. 

But I feel like even in fanon X6 loses his agency because you can’t really tell if he is brainwashed into the Institute mindset or he willingly chose to be a courser? And in fact can a synth willingly choose to be a courser? I mean X6 refers to Gabriel as “it” but we don’t know how he was treated in the institute? Yeah coursers more or less have more freedom than other synths, but they also go through a lot of training so we don’t know how he was treated. He doesn’t consider himself as anything more than a machine (the way the Institute treats all synths) and yet he is very loyal. Is his loyalty coming from self hate and idolizing Father and the institute like he was taught, or is it coming from being forced to survive by learning to be emotionless and follow orders. 

Obviously as you gain his affinity, he starts showing emotions, humor, sass, loyalty and admiration towards the Sole Survivor, but it still remains unclear where he really stands. I wish they sort of cleared that out, the more you get to know him the more you find out if he was forced to be a courser, or he simply became one because he actually agrees with the institute - and can synths actually willingly and freely choose to agree with the institute since the pressure of getting “killed” always hangs above their heads if they show their sentience. And coursers get demonized by the Railroad too as if they willingly support the institute, even though there are runaway coursers that changed their minds. 

 X6 is actually wonderful, very intelligent and curious and overall he never feels like an emotionless machine at any point, but I just wish he was given more agency so we could see where he personally stands with the Institute the way the other three faction companions state their own personal feelings on the matter the higher your affinity is with them. 


Okay, Chuck, that’s enough. Run. I’m going to try and stay and defuse it. No, I’m not leaving you. Go, that is an order. No. I said go. Oh, I see. So you’re going to shoot me to prevent me from getting blown up? That’s a great plan. Why are you so stubborn? Actually, I consider this a rare moment of courage. I don’t know where it’s coming from…

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I genuinely hope you find happiness in England, and I hope the nhs can help you- free healthcare rocks :> <3

ME. FUCKING. TOO. this year has been a /catastrophe/ for me as someone chronically and mentally ill and not getting the healthcare ive needed…

man like the month i just spent in London w Sam was so good and it was so good FOR me…before i left i was so sick, i didnt think id be able to do ANYTHING while i was there…but it was amazing, being able to be with someone i really loved, who wanted to help me manage all my problems without any complaints (they went and bought a ton of food that i could eat before i even got there bc i have weirdly specific dietary needs lmao) and it was just. so nice. we were able to watch out for each other and we both benefitted from it so much. i was still sick, i still had pain and fatigue and anxiety but i also had THEM and they didnt hold any of my disability against me even once. and after a relationship where i was routinely manipulated as a result of the help i needed just to live with my illnesses, it was…world-changing.

and if i could get good health care ON TOP OF THAT boy oh boy we are in business i might actually be able to really focus on my art again and start living the life i WANT 

happy pride month yall! i know this is kinda sorta late but i wanted to get an actual drawing of my rebels headcanons… which yeah these are headcanons so please dont like come after me for this shgjjgh

I’m kind of surprised that we haven’t had any fics about the shenanigans that ensue after Draal moves into Jim’s basement. I mean, I highly doubt he just stayed down there all day every day. After the initial awkward silences and avoiding each other. How often did he get curious about Jim’s home and walk around to examine things?

How often does Jim turn around and almost jump out of his skin because Draal is staring at him with the most puzzled look in his eyes. How often is Jim trying to do something and Draal demands to know what it is.

Jim brushing his teeth and Draal stares at him like he’s insane. Jim tries to ignore him, but eventually it gets to him and he gives a bit of a terse “Can you not?”

Jim trying to go to sleep when Draal pokes him awake and questions why he’s laying around when he could be training. Jim trying to explain humans need a certain amount of sleep otherwise they can’t function properly.

Draal observes Jim cooking and he’s mildly impressed by the kid’s skill with knives.

Jim making frustrated noises as he glares down his homework. Draal glances over. “What are you doing?” “Suffering

The awkard moment when Toby didn’t realize that Draal is in the house and he almost runs into him and let’s out a very surprised “UUUUUUUUUUUUHH, JIM?” and Jim has to explain “Yeah, he’s staying here now” “??? just like that??” “Yeah, I did get him kicked out of Trollmarket, so…”

That awkward moment when Blinky and Arrrgh, who learned ahead of time that Draal is staying there, come to the house and just give him disapproving looks the entire time, because Jim may have apparently forgiven him for the shit he pulled, but they won’t let it go so easily.

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funny thing i wrote out all this shit in the tag of an anti jonerys post and realised well actually i’d rather have it out in a post so i can read it properly so here it is (plus elaborated/edited ofc):

i dont hate dany. i quite like her. i’m actually so interested in where she goes from here on out, but yeah dany x jon dont make much sense – narratively or politically. in fact, instead of them being too different (as per the post i was actually responding to) i’d argue that they’re too alike to work. both are hotheaded, emotional, stubborn and really fucking dumb when it comes to politics. jon marrying dany would literally be sooo bad. two rulers who dont understand how to play the political game. and if dany’s answer to everything is the threat of violence or actual violence – well is she really a fucking hero?? wasnt the whole point of the lannisters and cersei in particular supposed to show that ruling through fear is not only going to lead to revolt and chaos but that it’s also the most black and white display of evil vs good in game of thrones? putting the lannisters aside, that was the downfall of aerys II (the mad king) as well. 

i don’t doubt that dany has a good heart. she means well and she wants to save the little people, but she can free slaves and arrest the corrupted all she wants. when it comes to actually leading, she’s proven to be quite useless. she doesn’t understand how to keep a city running. but because she is so proud, emotionally-driven and hotheaded, she uses force to keep the peace, which is an oxymoron. 

and jon. the boy is a great leader without a doubt. he understands warfare and strategy. but the political game that is westeros? not a chance. like dany, he’s too emotionally-driven. he has a clear idea of right and wrong, and for him, there is only one choice and one path, which isn’t always the smoothest path. politics is a huge part of this world. you have to learn to play it or else you’ll die. honour and heart gets you nowhere. look at what happened to ned and robb. 

putting jon and dany together?? what kind of rule would that be? i mean in any other fantasy world that’s less horrific, that would definitely be the ship of all ships. opposites coming together. but this story is about the game of thrones. it’s rooted in politics as well as those fantastical elements we love, like heroic deeds and honour and bravery and chivalry. but it also shows that heroes can fall because this world is unforgiving to those who cant play the game, which means that jon and dany simply don’t make any sense. 

just my opinion. what do you guys think?

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so we all know gladio has that big fuck off bird tattoo, what about the others? do u have any headcanons for that? (also if ur not feeling it right now pls dont rush to answer this, just look after yourself 😘)

Hell yeah I have headcanons for that! I briefly mentioned it to @kerrtrash like forever ago, but since then I’ve been slowly coming up with other ideas.

And hey, thank you. 

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  • The real reason he won’t take his shirt off in Lestallum is because he has this giant tattoo across the right side of his chest. 
  • He got it because he lost a bet (to Prompto) while he was in high school. He’s managed to hide it from Ignis, Gladio, and his father since then by some miracle. It’s this constant fear in the very back of his mind that he’ll get found out and scolded, so he’s very careful about what he wears and how he’s seen.
  • It’s a tattoo of a moogle riding a chocobo. It’s chibi and the colors are a bit on the bright side. And by a bit, I mean… a lot. 
  • Noctis always makes sure to avoid water whenever he’s wearing a white shirt. Prompto laughs in silence and Ignis and Gladio are just confused (and slightly suspicious).


  • Initially very scared of tattoos because of the method of obtainment – namely, needles. It reminds him too much of when he got his barcode, even though those memories are pretty vague…
  • Was startled at first by Gladio’s tattoo, the first time he saw the whole thing. Constantly asked him questions about it. “How long did it take? How could you sit still for so long? Did it hurt?”
  • A few years after the first dawn, Prompto finally reaches his breaking point with hiding his barcode. He knows the bros were accepting, but he also knows that everyone isn’t like that. He’s not over his fear, but he’s (mostly) willing to look past it for the sake of getting the code covered.
  • He asks Gladio to go with him, and he gets a cover-up tattoo from the same artist that did Gladio’s bird. Prompto’s tattoo is of the Engine Blade surrounded by sylleblossoms in memoriam of Noct and Luna.


  • Has very small, subtle tattoos on the insides of his wrists. One of them is a feather, and another is a basic version of the Lucian crest.
  • He traces them with his thumbs whenever he gets nervous about something, but it only looks like he has his hands folded in front of him.
  • The tattoo of the feather was done by Gladio’s tattoo artist, who turns out to actually be Ignis’ tattoo artist, since Iggy got his tattoo first. (The feather actually partially inspired Gladio’s tattoo.)
  • Gladio and Noctis are the only ones who know about the tattoos (Noct was really impressed with it). Prompto finds out after Ignis goes blind because he noticed that Ignis was constantly rubbing his wrists and thought that something was wrong, along the lines of a rash, only to find the tats. He thinks they’re pretty cool.

My mom came into my room and told me that my uncle was in the hospital. So i got all freaked out and asked her which uncle it was and then she said it was Uncle Greg.
AND THEN SHE SAYS “so yeah hes in the hospital right now but ray is with him.”
And naturally i ask “whos ray?”
And she says thats his HUSBAND.

First draft of the character for my 3D student movie. His name is Ezekiel, and his hat can change weather or time, depending on what magical properties the plants he plucks from it need to have.


The Red Knights

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Dave: “–and god you shouldve seen the look on egberts face when he saw what i mailed him.”

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It took me so long to decide Year 1’s layout.
What DID happen on their second year though?

Any Daughter of Negan’s

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Pairing: Negan x Reader
Word count: 1,013
Warnings: Swearing

Part 2 of Runaway

Your hands were in the dirt on the ground when a pair of boots stepped into your vision. Moving your view up, you watched as the legs they were connected to moved around you. Your heart hammered in your chest when you realized who those black boots belonged to. Negan. You watched as he took out the walkers that had been chasing you.

Once he’d taken them all out, his gaze turned to you. “Well, well, well.” His expression was stern.

“Negan.” You sobbed, your hand on your stomach.

The way you were sitting on the ground, Negan didn’t see the slight bump. You were a bit on the smaller side, but that was to be expected. “Been lookin’ for you.” He reached down and grabbed your arm, pulling you up. “Guess I can get you back to the Sanctuary and get some goddamn answers.” You swallowed, the tears stinging your eyes as they overflowed onto your cheeks.

“Negan, I can explain.” You breathed.

He let out a sick chuckle. “You best get to talkin’, because you bet your sweet ass I am pissed.” Letting go of your arm, he gave you a slight shove, making you stumble.

Your hands were shaking as you gripped the hem of your shirt, lifting it to reveal your baby bump. “I’m pregnant, Negan.” You choked out. “I tried to tell you.”

Negan narrowed his eyes at you. “You came out here, fuckin’ pregnant?!” He yelled, the rage in his eyes. “Not just pregnant, either. Oh no…fuckin’ pregnant with my kid.”

Closing your eyes for a minute, you slowly nodded. “By the time I realized what a huge mistake I made, I had no idea which way to go back.” You told him.

“This ain’t over.” He growled, his face close to yours. “Let’s go.”

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idk these kids but,,,,,,,tell me more,,,,

!!!!! ok yeah!!!!

heres the tag with everything else ive ever said about them!!!

i dont know what to say at this exact moment so heres some sexuality/gender stuff that i didnt share before and also random info ft. new characters!!!!

  • rade - nonbinary, once hid out in the library for four days straight and paid musi in pocket change to bring them food
  • rissa - demisexual, gets grumpy and hides out in the crows nest until either celia or tumolt find her and coax her down (usually with the promise of food)
  • musi - aroace, once thought of running away to live in the mountains. didnt because she wouldnt have a bed in the mountains 
  • aiden - bisexual, he hates his laugh so much because he starts off by giggling and then snorts a lot 
  • celia - trans, really likes to piss people off just because she can and loves to test peoples limits
  • tumolt - he’s just going with the flow he has no idea what’s going on, helps celia make clothes when hes stressed
  • quinn - agender, jumps off the boat all the time. he can float but it gives janae a heart attack every single time
  • jonah - super gay, collects old books. he doesnt really do much with them (because hes too careful with them to read and only reads newer copies) but he loves the way they look and smell

I feel like a teacher giving a lecture about a dangerous animal…

He has a two day warning that his heat is going to drop. He’ll start giving off a lot of heat, like you can’t stand near him unless you want to lose your eyebrows kinda heat. He’ll also start drooling really bad. It’s his body producing too much magic, and having nowhere for it to go. After two days his horns will start coming in, and he’ll start growing. The first week you’ll be fine, he’ll be relatively normal, just a lot hornier (heh) than usual. He can take care of himself, but he doesn’t mind the help. He might accidentally hurt you though. He doesn’t mean to, but he’s not used to the bigger stronger body.

Second week he wants attention constantly and he gets more aggressive if you don’t give it to him. Purposely knocking things out of your hand so you’ll pay attention to him. Pinning you and growling until you give yourself to him. If you’re not in the mood, just continue what you were doing before he pinned you and he’ll wander off to fix it himself. Try to avoid drawing blood around him if you can. He can smell it if you’re within a mile radius of him and he will take you where you are. Like he will hustle his ass to your location. Fucker has no chill. He’ll probably try to bite you. Don’t let him bite you, he’ll probably take half your shoulder with him if he does. As it get closer to the third week he might not accept you ignoring him. So scold him and he should back off. It’s best to be careful when fucking him the closer it gets to week three. He will be far more aggressive, his touch will be hard and will bruise the crap outta you. His magic will sputter every now and again. It’ll send a wave out and knock anything in the room away from him. By the end of week two his horns should be fully in and he’ll start losing the ability to speak properly. At this point it’s best to get him to Alphys before it rolls into week three.

Week three he is literally just a mindless fuck beast. He just wants to mate 24/7 until he passes out. He should be around nine feet tall, the horns add another foot and a half. Making him ten and a half feet tall. His jaw will be stuck open, as his teeth are too big to properly close his mouth. So he basically speaks in growls and grunts. Not that he’s really intelligent enough to speak coherently anyways. He’s just aware enough to know you’re his partner, and that you’re the one he can bone. If he gets his hands on you, you have a large chance of dying. He has almost no restraint and will probably gut you on accident. (not that it’s any different than normal, but he just won’t respond to the safe word during his heat) He’ll probably split you in half with how big he is, and he will not be gentle what so ever. Alphys knows how to keep him calm and will make sure he can take care of himself so he won’t hunt your ass down. Alphys lives just far enough away that Sans can’t smell you and track you.

When week four comes by, Sans is calm enough to come home. He’ll be sluggish since most of his magic will be depleted. He still wants to fuck though, but it’ll be soft and gentle. He’ll be a clingy mess, and whine until you get home. He just wants to be close to you and he wants cuddles. As it nears the end of week four his horns will crack and fall off. He’ll will also end up much shorter after everything is said and done, due to the loss of magic. It’ll take a week or two before his magic levels are stable enough for him to be normal height.

Tl;dr First week he’s normal, second week he’s a little more aggressive, third week you should just take him to Alphys, and fourth week he’s just a cuddly mess all the time.

So, ah yeah. If anyone has anymore questions I’m always open to answer them. Sorry if I didn’t answer everything. I really tried, I’m just terrible at writing and world building…