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Hawkeye (2012) #11

i’m safe right now

idk if any of my followers go to the university of texas but STAY INSIDE get home don’t go out and don’t wear greek letters

there were multiple stabbings and i know at least one person has been killed and it seems they’re targeting people in greek orgs

please be safe and please reblog this if you can i’m just very worried right now

(it’s may 1st 3:50 pm right now) 

people abt that fidget spinner post: lol some people just dont know how to take a joke it seems!

zuke: boarded that deleted scene where peridot (autistic coded) was put in one of those baby chair things + being treated like a child despite the fact she absolutely doesn’t need to be treated like a child

me: hmmmmmmmm yes this is a joke

funny thing i wrote out all this shit in the tag of an anti jonerys post and realised well actually i’d rather have it out in a post so i can read it properly so here it is (plus elaborated/edited ofc):

i dont hate dany. i quite like her. i’m actually so interested in where she goes from here on out, but yeah dany x jon dont make much sense – narratively or politically. in fact, instead of them being too different (as per the post i was actually responding to) i’d argue that they’re too alike to work. both are hotheaded, emotional, stubborn and really fucking dumb when it comes to politics. jon marrying dany would literally be sooo bad. two rulers who dont understand how to play the political game. and if dany’s answer to everything is the threat of violence or actual violence – well is she really a fucking hero?? wasnt the whole point of the lannisters and cersei in particular supposed to show that ruling through fear is not only going to lead to revolt and chaos but that it’s also the most black and white display of evil vs good in game of thrones? putting the lannisters aside, that was the downfall of aerys II (the mad king) as well. 

i don’t doubt that dany has a good heart. she means well and she wants to save the little people, but she can free slaves and arrest the corrupted all she wants. when it comes to actually leading, she’s proven to be quite useless. she doesn’t understand how to keep a city running. but because she is so proud, emotionally-driven and hotheaded, she uses force to keep the peace, which is an oxymoron. 

and jon. the boy is a great leader without a doubt. he understands warfare and strategy. but the political game that is westeros? not a chance. like dany, he’s too emotionally-driven. he has a clear idea of right and wrong, and for him, there is only one choice and one path, which isn’t always the smoothest path. politics is a huge part of this world. you have to learn to play it or else you’ll die. honour and heart gets you nowhere. look at what happened to ned and robb. 

putting jon and dany together?? what kind of rule would that be? i mean in any other fantasy world that’s less horrific, that would definitely be the ship of all ships. opposites coming together. but this story is about the game of thrones. it’s rooted in politics as well as those fantastical elements we love, like heroic deeds and honour and bravery and chivalry. but it also shows that heroes can fall because this world is unforgiving to those who cant play the game, which means that jon and dany simply don’t make any sense. 

just my opinion. what do you guys think?

my blog is just shitty doodles of various dnd elves with septum rings.


anyway?? daisy can kick my ass any day. daisy could break into my house and eat all my salt and vinegar chips (which are my fav) and i’d be cool with it

It Was Bound to Happen

Paring: Sebastian X Reader

Words: 658

Warnings: none.

Anon asked “an imagine or fic whatever with sebastian, he gives the reader a ring (a friendship one) and looks like a engagement ring, so everyone asks the reader if she’s engaged​ (they dont know that Seb gives to her) them seb’s see it, and start to joke about it… and the rest its on you”

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I am irritated that from all of fallout 4 companions, X6 is the most vague and undefined and he otherwise is so interesting and the character has so much potential?

Like I want to know what X6 thinks about the Institute personally, I want to know if his love for the Institute is something he chose or something he was brain washed into??? I mean to ignore the fact that unlike any other faction, the Institute is almost irredeemably evil so a lot of people not only will miss X6 as a companion but will also not understand him and his ways because of how badly the Institute was written. 

But I feel like even in fanon X6 loses his agency because you can’t really tell if he is brainwashed into the Institute mindset or he willingly chose to be a courser? And in fact can a synth willingly choose to be a courser? I mean X6 refers to Gabriel as “it” but we don’t know how he was treated in the institute? Yeah coursers more or less have more freedom than other synths, but they also go through a lot of training so we don’t know how he was treated. He doesn’t consider himself as anything more than a machine (the way the Institute treats all synths) and yet he is very loyal. Is his loyalty coming from self hate and idolizing Father and the institute like he was taught, or is it coming from being forced to survive by learning to be emotionless and follow orders. 

Obviously as you gain his affinity, he starts showing emotions, humor, sass, loyalty and admiration towards the Sole Survivor, but it still remains unclear where he really stands. I wish they sort of cleared that out, the more you get to know him the more you find out if he was forced to be a courser, or he simply became one because he actually agrees with the institute - and can synths actually willingly and freely choose to agree with the institute since the pressure of getting “killed” always hangs above their heads if they show their sentience. And coursers get demonized by the Railroad too as if they willingly support the institute, even though there are runaway coursers that changed their minds. 

 X6 is actually wonderful, very intelligent and curious and overall he never feels like an emotionless machine at any point, but I just wish he was given more agency so we could see where he personally stands with the Institute the way the other three faction companions state their own personal feelings on the matter the higher your affinity is with them. 

tfw youre starting to doubt your perception of reality and you dont know if youre real or if your brother or your mom or your dad are real and what if youre in a hospital and it’s disguised as a home or what if it’s not even disguised and it’s just a hallucination and what if

Everything was going to be fine.

Tom Holland x reader

Summary: Reader has an anxiety attack because of college and Tom helps the reader through it.

Word Count: 1.3k -ish

Warnings: The reader has an anxiety attack

A/N: I finally finished this. Btw I don’t know how grading works, but I still hope this is correct.

You looked at you exam. “F”. 48/100. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. Everything was going to be just fine, you told yourself. You were in your second year of college and things weren’t going as good as you planned them to be. All your life you were a A student. Always in the first place, but since you get to college everything changed. You knew it was going to be difficult. Damn, you’d seen a lot of memes about it, but somehow you managed to calm yourself. Now, this time was different. You felt all your insides burning and a horrible fear about what was going to happen was filling you. You couldn’t have those grades. If you kept failing exams, then everything your mother worked hard for would be in vain. You wouldn’t allowed that to happen, but it seemed impossible. You were doomed. There was nothing you could do to make it better. You felt dizzy and grab the kitchen table to hold yourself, still with the exam in your hand.

You heard the door opened “Hey, babe.” You heard your boyfriend said. You didn’t answer him. You couldn’t answer him. All your strength was gathered to help you not to cry. “Babe? What’s wrong?” he asked you. He closed the door and started to walk towards you.

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