i dont know what to do but i want to do something


gotta be careful about what you tell an alien who’s just found out he’s an alien

a doodle comic that got totally outta hand bc man reigen makes such a cool agent

MIB AU setup from this post  

idk what im gonna do now. i really wanted to do this timeline of events of the show. but i need screenshots from the show. most of those episodes i still like. but its gonna be weird. to see. in just. confused. idk what to do. i may write that ficlet i wnated to because it had a better ending for tld w the gun. so i may do that. idk. i may finally draw something. maybe. oh i forgot my tablet wasnt working? idk. idk. i still love the characters and whatever happened before tfp. just. dont know what to do today.

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Sorry, I'm terrible w/words but I want to ask your advice. My brother(twin) gets quite upset very easily. I'll do small things, suddenly he seems very upset. Whenever he's upset, he tends to aim it at me, most likely b/c I'm the nearest thing. Help?

when these things happen, ask him why it’s upset him so much. dont be confrontational, just calmly ask him what’s wrong. there might be something else going on with him that’s making seemingly small things upset him so much. if he’s not willing to talk, then leave it for now and let him know if he does need to talk at any time, you’re there for him. maybe let your parents know about it so they can be more aware of his moods and offer their support or insight for both of you. 

is there a pattern between the small things you’re doing that upset him? like a common theme? what are the small things you’re doing? I’m not saying you are to blame, it’s just difficult for me to offer advice on kind of a vague description. has he always been upset by you doing small things or is it a recent change?  

Just did my second open night (performing an original song I wrote!!!) and the venue wants us to do a whole show!!! I’m SO excited :D :D :D Here’s our performance (I’m on guitar, the girl with the amazing voice is my friend Sara) and the lyrics are below!

You’ve got this look in your eye/that’s telling em something/you’ve got this twist in your smile/thats making me weak/youve got a million little details that i want to carve out/youve got this recklessness and wonder that i cant figure out/but with our lips intertwined/i feel it course through me/you say/enough of playing pretend/you want things just to want things/and i say/we lose love to find it again/do you want me, say you want me/i could spend my whole life/watching you watch me/i hope you know what i mean/i dont want to sound creepy/its just im pretty sure i get addicted to people/i get high off their humor i get drunk from their evil/and im pretty sure/im addicted to you/your eyes may shine/your lips might/ lie/but i dont know if i dont try/enough stop playing pretend/i want you so damn badly/if we lose love we’ll find it again/do you want me, say you want me

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I went to a Trump opposition organizing meeting last night on campus. I’m not a student, but I wanted to observe what students were doing and offer support if I could.

I want to share something that happened. Three separate white women on three separate occasions spoke up to call for an end to ‘anger’ and to not swear at rallies and to not get emotional.

Fellow white women, that is White Feminism. Do not do this. No civil rights were gained or defended by asking nicely. We should know that! But here we are parroting the tepid moderation men use to silence us, and turning it on women of color. (And we have been doing this for decades and decades.)

How broken is that? If we shout and get mad, “uh bur your being too mean.” But if we supplicate they don’t have to change anything!

Civil rights battles are by nature inconvenient and disruptive to the status quo. When we tell other groups who dont have our privilege to calm down, we are telling them the comfort of white supremacy is more important than their (and our!) survival.

This is a women in martial arts and self-defense blog. This is a feminist blog. The TRUE solidarity of women and defense of civil rights is key to that aim.

BNHA 119

Do you know the feeling that something is not right or that something really bad will happen?

This chapter was basically this to me: Something will happen and its not good

Ah, I loved how much Midoriya grow up and is more mature, but what I’m talking about it isnt about that. 

In the first page the narrator is the future Midoriya 

“Looking back, my thought process was distorted.”

To me this phrase is basically “I made a bad choice”

And in the end he complements saying…

“And surprisingly, it had never occurred to me… Exactly how much I had been able to traing and polish my body up to now.”

In another word Midoriya didnt know what type of consequences his actions could do.

And to me, the narrator is telling everything with a tone of regret.

It’s just my impression and feelings maybe the things will end well but right now I dont think so~ 

iwaoi hcs

-  iwachan is more easily affected by the cold and has to wear 162838404 layers when going out plus hold Oikawa’s hand for good measure

-  its iwaizumi that is the one who takes over the bed, legs spread, mouth open and drooling, clutching on to the nearest object (most of the time its oikawa when they sleep over) it gets worse the deeper he sleeps

-  Oikawa likes to scare the shit out of Iwaizumi like yelling all of the sudden when it’s quiet or throwing something at him in class, clutching his shoulders/neck when hes about to fall asleep. it annoys iwaizumi to no end but other than yelling at oikawa for a bit he lets him off the hook

-  iwaizumi and oikawa share eachothers bentos with eachother and trade what the other doesnt want; oikawa takes iwaizumi’s tomatoes and iwaizumi takes oikawas green peppers, ect. whenever they do this (more like every lunch) hanamaki is always in charge of coughing, loudly, married! into his fist

-  Iwaizumi calling Oikawa ‘my love’ “How are you, my love?” “Did you eat dinner yet, love?” “Love, you can sleep if you want.”


- oikawa, in turn, calls iwachan (other than iwachan,,) babe, in front of everyone he can just to embarrass him

- “iwachan my parents arent home” “…” “dont worry im sure theyll come back”

- “if you were a flower, youd be a damndelion iwachan” “…” “you know dandelions are weeds right”

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OHOhO,, HOW ABOUT MC BEING PREGNANT WITHHH TWINS. :"0 if you done something like this then how about mc having an identical twin,,, how would the rfa members+v+saeran react ayyy. TY And I love your hC

Omg, this is so great!Pregnant with twins, the ideas are popping in my head! Thank you for your support.
This is such a cute one!
They know MC is pregnant!
Thank you for your request! I HOPE YOU LIKE IT

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me
My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request. ( HERE it’s my do’s and dont’s)


  • He was so happy about this pregnancy, a room for the baby, it’s already decorated with neutral colors, so like that they’ll be prepared for it!
  • But then you discovered that you’re pregnant with twins!
  • You’re so excited to tell to Yoosung when he comes back from work you call him
  • “Do you need something love?” He said already desperately, he take a good care of you right now, you are the most precious thing right now
  • A precious thing that is carrying another precious thing, one baby, his child
  • But he doesn’t know that is not one baby that you’re carrying, it’s two babies
  • When you tell him, he’s paralyzed, looks like a statue, you’re so worried about it that you put one hand on his shoulder “…Yoosung?”
  • He looks at you, and without even thinking he hugs you so tightly and starts to cry on your shoulder
  • “You surprise me every time..” He says crying on your shoulder, and then he gets on his knees and put his hand on your belly 
  • “ I’ll give you guys all my love…” He smiles and looks at you 
  • “But we will have to decorate the room again” You two laugh, he’s right, but it’s worth it


  • You discover it yesterday, but he was really tired because of the rehearsal that you decided to wait
  • In the next day, you two were on the couch, he was with his head on your lap, saying a lot of things, about his roles, about this house ( he was seeing some house for you two move in with your kid)
  • Then he looks at you and smiles ( that smile, that one that kills angels) 
  • “I’ll take really good care of this little one princess, just see!This child will be so handsome that I got to keep one eye on this kid!”
  • You laugh, “You don’t say “this little one” when it’s two”
  • He immediately gets up 
  • “What you mean…Two?”
  • “It’s twins.” He stays still, without not even an expression on his face.
  • “This means…That’ll be two beautiful creatures that will born?”
  • You nod, he pulls you from the couch and hugs you kiss your neck while you’re laughing and after that, he looks into your eye
  • “My queen it’s holding my princes or princess, or the two,I’M SO EXCITED!”


  • You’re home, nobody is there,
  • except Elizabeth
  • You called Jumin telling him that you wanted to have a nice dinner with him, he said that he’ll cancel all the meetings for this dinner.
  • Sorry Jaehee, but this time is important
  • You have requested a cake to the chef and in the cake, you want to write “To a new household, with me, my husband, Elizabeth, and our twins!”
  • When he are home, you hugged him and he kisses you passionately “Hello love.”
  • You greet him again, and then you pick his hand and drag him to the table “You want a wine?”
  • You laugh and sit “Wine don’t go well with sweet things, especially a cake.”
  • He froze, he’s scared, did he forget your birthday? It can’t be “…You know I don’t like sweets” He says sitting down, slowly
  • “You’ll like this cake” you smile and then they bring the cake and reveal it to him
  • He looks at it, making some time to read, and then he looks at you and the cake, you, cake, you cake
  • Looks like he doesn’t believe it and then he gives you a big smile, you don’t even think that Jumin could smile like this!
  • He gets up and walks to you and kiss you “There goes my idea of doing a brother or sister to our child” You two laugh and he kisses you again
  • “Thank you, for everything.”


  • He’s excited about that baby
  • He has already bought those cringe the shirts AND HE CAN’T WAIT TO MAKE DAD JOKES
  • It’s going to be so funny!
  • But then you ruined his plans when you discovered that were twins, you walked to him while he was typing something “Hey…Saeyoung”
  • He looks at you after he discovered you’re pregnant, he always gives his attention to you, don’t matter what he’s doing
  • “I’m pregnant..”
  • He laughs “I know MC”
  • “With twins”
  • He gasps, almost choking on his chips and then he looks at you again
  • “Are you serious?” You nod, he looks serious 
  • “I will have to replace those shirts now!”
  •  He says angrily, you just laugh and then he laughs too, getting up and hugging you
  • “You know what they say…Prepare for trouble..” He looks at you waiting for you to finish
  • “And make it double”
  • He smiles at you, a large smile reaches his ears
  • “Oh god…You bless me with  3 angels…I don’t even deserve that!” He kisses you “I love you…And i already love them!”


  • He’s feeling so blessed by this, something in his life was going on the right path for the first time!
  • When you discovered, you’re already smiling thinking about the face he’ll make
  • When you’re there, you stand still in his front while he was sitting on the couch “V..I have something about the pregnancy”
  • He stood up, looking worried “What…? What happened?”
  • He was already thinking of the worst, he never has luck in his life…This is usual
  • “It’s twins!”
  • “What?“ 
  • It’s the only thing he can say before start to cry so much that you got worried
  • "V…Are you alright—”
  • He hugs you really tightly, but after that, he got on his knees and looks up
  • “Thank you for this blessing!Thank you for bringing this woman in my life!”
  • He stood up and kisses you, and then he looks at you, with a large smile on his face, still crying
  • “I don’t have any words right now…Thank you for letting me enter your heart”


  • Here we go
  • He was worried about “not being a good father” but now he passes that phase
  • Now he’s the super protective Saeran, he think everything could make you lose his reason to smile
  • So he’s very careful about everything, he doesn’t even let you cut something for food, he doesn’t even let you make food
  • You’re scared, about how much protective he’ll become
  • But you’ll tell him anyway when you told him he kept his eyes on you without any expression
  • “Are you serious?Twins?Like me and Saeyoung?”
  • You nod and he falls on his knee
  • “Saeran?” You run to him, and he looks at you with tears in his eyes
  • “Mc..I don’t deserve this…I’ve done so bad things…I…” He looks down and after that, he gets up 
  • “No…Stop this Saeran…You’ll be a good father, for our twins…” You smiled and he kisses your cheek smiling
  • He looks really happy “I love you so much Mc…”
  • “What?”
  • “I say that we will need more room…”
  • You laugh, “I love you too Saeran”
  • He gives you a genuine smile and kisses you again, this time on the lips.

okay i usually dont talk about this kind of topics but do you really think jonghyun did that to annoy and disappoint his fans? do you think that if he’d known he was gonna get this feedback he would have done it? i mean if you think jjong is that mean, why are you even stanning shinee? why are you a shawol if you think jonghyun is such a bad person? 

it’s funny how people say you need to educate others so that they won’t do things like these, but if it’s an idol we’re talking about they’re already completely educated and they know about everything. just so you guys know, human beings NEVER stop learning, they learn new things everyday until they die. jonghyun learnt about that today and i’m sure he won’t do it ever again. 

he is an idol, but above everything he is an human being like you and like me. doing something wrong not knowing it is, is as bad as not educating someone to make sure they wont do it again. 

lapis except she actually has some side affects of bein cracked other then mirror eyes and being unable to summon her wings


Here you go, Nonny!
#8-Breakfast Date

Knowing these two losers, I have a feeling that their breakfast “dates” usually revolve around homework or paperwork =___=

P.S. Happy Oct. 3rd!!! ^W^

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Do you have any headcanons for what the seven will major in college or/and which ones won't even go to college at all?

leo: i don’t really know if he’ll go to college or not, i don’t think he has anything left to learn. in aus and stuff and if he ever DID want to go, i would say mechanical engineering (that’s sort of obvious) but like i really do see him opening up his own garage. i think he’ll be happy

annabeth: architecture, obviously. i definitely see her going to college. she seems like the sort of person who would really thrive studying something she loves from knowledgeable professors.

percy: pls dont make him go to college…IF he goes i think child development (he likes kids a lot), i don’t like making percy study stuff related to the ocean bc like idk it’s all sciency and mathy which percy hates both and also like he’d have much more fun as a “freelance” or self-employed environmentalist If You Know What I Mean lmao

piper: psychiatry if she’s willing to put herself through all that, or like human resources/communications, possibly political science.

hazel: nursing? i don’t know why i think this but i do. she’d make a good nurse.

frank: honestly like frank would make a good businessman i feel like he’d study business and then be like “this is boring” and just go open his own business somewhere i dunno. he’s sort of set for life at camp jupiter so it’s not like he really needs a Real World degree.

jason: i want jason to be a teacher!! i think he’d be a GREAT teacher. (they’d honestly all be good teachers like every single one of them but like jason especially seems to have the temperament for teaching kids and making lesson plans and stuff)

wanna chat? pt. 12

on ao3
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holy shit its late

the miracuchat is wild and somehow we got to coffee marshmallow mème frappuccino?? i dont???? what were we even talking about??????????? i feel like this is @frostedpuffs​‘ fault for some reason

(ayy = alya
niNO = niNO
coffee marshmallow mème frappuccino = adrien
flowers are flowery = mari)
((it gets a little confusing so youre gonna want to pay attention to text styles))



something about optimism has changed their name to coffee marshmallow crème frappuccino

niNO: if i can
what the fuck

coffee marshmallow crème frappuccino: ;*
ilysm marsh
mwah mwah mwah

niNO: al?????

flowers are flowery: Alya why do you have adriens phone

coffee marshmallow crème frappuccino: um bc he got up to get coffee
i had an opportunity
i took it
pls know that this boy has autocaps and autocorrect on
its v hard to keep up The Aesthetic™

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what do you think would happen if i just tweeted Zagtoon and said “I need a job and live near your Glendale office what i gotta do”

like im sitting here at midnight applying to gamestop and applebees and i just know i can do something big if they give me the chance. Let me learn, i’ll do data entry or social media management, i dont have to be a writer  i’ll earn that if you let me. I dont even have to be working on Miraculous Ladybug i just want to be there and given a chance to work with a company that inspires me. I can do something huge for you Zag I know it! I just don’t know how to get in the door. 

Learning To Dominate

Pairing: Castiel x Reader
Word count: 1,001
Warnings: Smut. Oral sex (female). Unprotected sex.
Request: ( @stephizzle94  ) so i havent seen any castiel smut lately and id love to request some! my only thing is i dont really know about a plot? maybe priest!castiel or something with dom!castiel. i mean he’s a kick ass angel of the lord, an a soldier, yeah?? i give you total creativity in this :x
Authors Note: So I went with Learning To Be A Dom!Castiel

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i really, really, REALLY dislike and get mad uncomfortable when people just start giving me advice or ideas or tell me what they think I should do when I literally never asked for any of that… and like 90% of the time i know ppl mean well and are just excited about what i do and i appreciate that, so i usually dont say anything but smile and say “thats a good idea thank you” and then ignore whatever they just said lol
but if im being honest i really dont need any more ideas, ive got more ideas than i know what do with, my entire existence is made up of ideas, im producing ideas at a rate of like 10,000 per sec.. if you really want to help you can FUND me :), buy something from me :), share my work :), find me resources :) tell your coolest friends about me, :) tell your RICHEST friends about me lmfao. :)

I think i speak for like every young poor black creative pushing out work despite our 2 dollar budget, the very last thing in the world we need are ideas, our entire existence as creatives starts w/ “i have nothing but i want to do this how can i make that happen” so if you see we arent doing something, its prob not because we havent already thought of it but because EVERYTHING COST and because everything cost, if we are even able to find a way to do something it will probably take A LOT longer and require A LOT more labor to do vs if we were just properly funded. so if you want to support our ideas into fruition, do something to help make our work easier dont just tell us what you think we should do :)

Honestly? If you are offended by NCT’s style then you have the right to. Dreadlocks aren’t just a hairstyle, it is actually a part of a religion which developed in Jamaica in the 1930s. You don’t get to play around with people’s religion as if it’s a toy or something.
However, you cannot go around degrading the members and calling them names or saying ugly things about them. Sure, what they did was wrong but I don’t think they sat there and picked out those hairstyles from 100 different ones. SM will have a department for styling a group to fit their comeback concepts and I’m pretty sure they were the ones who were responsible. And above all, you can educate someone without bringing them down. Sure, it’s almost 2017 but ignorance is still very much alive and people do and say things without even know the extent to which it can cause damage. If they did know the damage their actions can cause, I’m 100% sure they will not purposefully do it. Don’t assume that the members will know right off the bat that it’s wrong. Tell them in a way that will open their eyes not attack them and make them block out what you are saying. Educate people if they are wrong, don’t belittle them.
And don’t go around attacking people who are offended that their culture is being used for the look. It’s a culture, it has meaning and it’s more than just a look. People have the right to be disappointed.