i dont know what to do

I don't even know anymore

So, I found out that I won’t be able to graduate high school because I can’t pass gym class due to my asthma. Because apparently, if you don’t pass gym class (which you are forced to take), then you have to take it again until you pass. And, because I have asthma, I won’t get to pass, even though I’ve had a chat with the counselors and shiz in charge. So, I’M FUCKED, BECAUSE I HAVE A MEDICAL CONDITION THAT I SURE AS HELL DIDN’T ASK FOR.

Thank you, school.

Mikayuu possibly being queerbaiting...

I woke up in the middle of the night (it’s 3 AM as I write this) and thought nothing bad, scrolling through tumbrl. And then BAM! Like a slap to the face I saw the whole predictions of Mikayuu being queerbaiting (implying how Shinoa needs to satisfy her sexual desire in order to truly use her power) and for someone who developed a strong attachment to the characters and ALSO their mutual relationship, it makes me really sad to see ONS become like this. 

Makes me want to drop ONS altogether only not to have to witness the downfall of an anime with such great potential in plot and potential relationship between two boys. I mean, my GOD, if Kagami wanted to make a straight ship so BADLY, he could have EASILY just made Mika a girl. Would have made more sense even than this BS. 

Can I please talk to someone about this? It’s stupid as Hell but I really feel like crying right now because of it. 


well…i dont know what is happening…

In the last 4 week 4 of my senpais started follow me…

What did i do to deserv this? ;w;

I know i did some good draw but i’m not THAT good

thank you all senpais qwq pwp owo

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how to make her heart ache:

1. ask about her day, always
(it may be small, but it means a lot)

2. say her words mean a lot to you

3. tightly wrap your arms around her
(as if you don’t want to let go)

4. promise you’ll call her

5. confess you don’t want to lose her

6. always make time for her

7. plead to talk to her all day

8. be too kind for her to believe

9. love her wholeheartedly
(make her so happy, she won’t want to let you go)

10. leave.

—  in other words, this is how i fell in love with you (via @sleepypals)

I’m in a dilemma guys. I really don’t know what to do. There is a health inspection job opening in July that I want to apply to but I feel really bad if I leave my managerial job because my boss trusted me with his restaurant. The health inspection job actually pays less than my current job but it comes with benefits. My managerial job salary once my boss leaves in a few months will be even more because I will get a pay raise. The only issue is there are no benefits. What should I do? Stay with a job that pays really well with no benefits or get a career job that pays considerably less but with benefits. We are talking about an $18k difference in pay a year.

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What's with the sudden rant?

im sorry anon i—

i saw an account thats been reposting my hamilton art, and not just mine, there’s also: Hui, Ray, Terror, Exaderlion, Aimee— basically EVERYONE i know and love here in tumblr and i just— why the fuck???????