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responding to some “Dipper is cis!!1!” arguments :)

1) “Don’t force child characters to be trans!”

- Applying a theory does not count as forcing
- Trans children exist in real life. There are kids who are 4, 5, 6 years old that get diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder or Gender Dysphoria, and it’s only fair that they get some kind of representation.
- Dipper is a fictional character, stating on the internet that I think he is trans will not affect him in anyway because he ISN’T REAL
- There are bigger issues regarding fan theories than the transboy dipper, transgirl Mabel, transgirl Grenda, etc. theories. Within the fandom there is shipping going on involving incest (Mabel/Dipper), pedophilia (Dipper/Ford *shuddering*) and abusive, interspecies (?) (Bill/Dipper (does bill count as another species? He’s not human and he’s definitely not 12 so it’s still a bit weird)) relationships. If you think saying that a male character could have been born female is the biggest problem facing the show, then you have some issues

2) It’s a children’s show, stop trying to make it LGBT+

- Children have a right to see LGBT+ characters from a young age. There’s nothing wrong with being LGBT+, and by hiding it from children it’s just enforcing the idea that it’s bad or should remain hidden
- Please return to this argument when it’s possible for children to google “My Little Pony” without seeing content that is actually inappropriate :)

3) Dipper has been seen shirtless and his chest is flat

- Hormone blockers are a thing. There is a perfectly reasonable chance that he is on blockers and so his chest has remained as flat as a prepubescent girl 

- He is 12 (13 by the end of the show), and on average femal puberty starts between the ages of 9 and 14 (google it). He may not have hit puberty yet, and this his chest is still flat.
- Similarly, Mabel has a pretty flat chest. They’re both children, why are their figures so important to you?

4) Alex Hirsch tweeted “if anyone wants to know what I consider canon, it’s easy: it’s what happened in the show” (x)

- Gravity Falls airs on Disney. Disney Channel has been around since 1983 (and Disney XD since 2009), and in almost 33 years has had two canon gay couples. There is no chance that Disney would have let them have a canon trans character, because parents would complain and it could damage ratings and profits and whatever
- He also tweeted “[Headcanons] don’t need my input” (x). Alex isn’t for or against trans!Dipper. If he’s not fighting it, you shouldn’t either.

5) Mabel wouldn’t tease Dipper about not being manly I he was trans

- She probably doesn’t mean to upset him? She’s clearly not saying the jokes seriously or out of malice, and she probably just doesn’t realise that it affects him
- If she would make those jokes towards him if he was cis, why should she not just because he’s trans? Personally, I sort of see that in a way like her saying “I see you as just the same as any other boy, and I’m going to treat you like I would treat any other boy”.
- She is a child. Children say stuff without thinking it through.

6) There have been flashbacks to when they were kids and Dipper was a boy then (x)

- As mentioned in an earlier point, children are trans. Children can express gender dysphoria from a young age and so it’s perfectly reasonable that dipper could have been out and living as male by the time he was 5 or 6.
- These memories come from Mabel and Dipper. Mabel and Dipper see Dipper as a boy, and so they could have altered their memories to fit in with that. When I look back on things I did as a kid, I think of it as “when I was a little boy”, and erase the female side of it. Mabel and Dipper could be doing that as well.

7) Grenda is more obviously trans than Dipper

- Why should we be limited to only having one trans character? LGBT+ characters aren’t just little tokens to prove that the show supports our community. Dipper could be trans, and Grenda could be trans. EVERYONE COULD BE TRANS! Why limit it to just one trans character? Let’s have a million!

8) “it’s disgusting”

- Would you like to elaborate on that? Because until you’ve given me some reasons, you’re just being transphobic. Transphobia isn’t cool.
- there is nothing disgusting about being trans. There is nothing disgusting about suggesting a fictional character could be trans. Shut up.

Please stop attacking trans!headcanons. They aren’t harming your enjoyment of the show. Unless you are genuinely being attacked for not accepting trans!dipper as your supreme overlord, then you’re not being affected by the headcanons. Please just let people enjoy thinking what they think.

These are just responses to some arguments I’ve seen. If you have anything else to add, feel free. I just really like trans!dipper and would appreciate not getting attacked for thinking it.

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andreil + 2 or 10?

2. please, talk to me.

As time went by, Neil slowly came to realize that true freedom probably wasn’t meant to feel like this — like one wrong move, one lost match, one step too far from the top and the rug would be pulled from under his feet before he could blink.

He stared numbly at the sleek, anonymous black car waiting for him across the street and refused to think about how Andrew, who was probably still lying in their bed back home, warm and relaxed from a rare night of dreamless sleep and everything Neil would never tire of, would know something had gone wrong before midday.

After all, Ichirou Moriyama had never sent his men to compliment Neil on his performance.

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he’s beauty….. 

i forgot to watermark this and im too lazy to add it now so pls dont use w/o permission!! anyways i love my pink father and would die for him hbu?



Aaaaah anyway omg I’m FREAKING OUT!

THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SOOOOOO MUCH @glitteryandpeachy and @kittykatmaniac ! This is so amazing and awesome and HHHH I dunno so hard to believe that I can have them in my hand like this!!



I love you so much aaaah thanks you!

*spazzing intensifies*

what to do if you see someone picking:


  • point it out
  • tell them to stop
  • physically try to stop them from picking
  • try to guilt them into not picking at that moment (eg. “please dont do this you know it hurts yourself :(”


  • provide a distraction, physical or verbally
  • offer them something they enjoy to do
  • if you acknowledge their picking remind them that it’s ok if they can’t stop and you can help them clean up afterwards

this is all i can think of rn but feel free to add on!


a jasper redesign to go with my lapis one. i want to maybe add some pattern to her leggings but i dont know what. this is basically how i was drawing her anyway, like for her face. im not  100% happy with the clothes but the little thing on the end of her cape is probably jingly lol

@stevenuniverseredesigns @angstyamethyst @badstevenuniversescreencaps @sucritical idk if i should still tag people hh,,

classical language net!

Classical languages are hard to learn, and they’re even harder to learn on your own. Wouldn’t a support group for people learning these languages be super rad? I think it would! And hence, this net was born.

Who is this net for?

  • people learning latin/greek on their own  *****note: i created this net especially as a help group for these people as I am one of them
  • people trying to brush up on their already existing skills
  • people who already know these languages and would be willing to provide help

What you get:

  • a group of helpful people, always willing to give advice, tips, etc.
  • cool new friends
  • people to reblog your selfies, classics related posts etc. (just put them in the tag!)

What to do:

That’s it! I’m going to add people generally as the form is filled out and this post reblogged, so there is no end date, and everyone gets in! 

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You have a beautiful bog but I dont understand why you don't like stuff like cgl or ddlg. I mean if they follow you cool, if they reblog your stuff its great because they get to share your awesome post! its not like you have to follow them or see what they're into. ya know? They're not harming anybody!

that’s your opinion and I respect that! please respect mine! I’m really tired of people trying to guilt trip me into allowing these kinds of blogs. I do not like ddlg blogs and they make me very uncomfortable when they tag their ‘daddies’ and add gross comments to my posts. It makes tumblr less enjoyable and I would appreciate if they would just leave me alone.

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Hi! I've just recently come out to my mom and a few friends as ftm, and my mom's primary concern was just about like how to transition and stuff. I've read around and found out that in order to start t, you usually gotta go to a gender therapist first. So, I was wondering, what are visits with a gender therapist usually like? I know it's different for everyone, but I was trying to get a general idea. Thanks, and I love your blog!

How depends on where you are as requirements can vary. In most cases you will need to see a therapist to obtain the required letters. Research for your area specifically so you have the correct information as it can vary on a state level. Im going to link you to a few videos which might help with this. Dara is a gender therapist and has many other videos as well which you may find useful

The 2nd one talks about what to expect

Generally its about your background and stuff like that to try and find out what you need and assess you for gender dysphoria. It will vary by therapist and what you are looking to get out of it as well. Im not in the US so I have no experience with this type of therapy. I dont know if our assessments are equivalent or not as the process is different. This is open to followers to add their input and experiences of what it was like for them. Have a look through the ‘therapy’ tag on the blog page as well

vent art :D some info along with this picture to be added in my about page
im just really annoyed with all these ship hate ive been seeing in my otp’s tags. ^ v ^)

i wont put this under read more so you all can read it.

look here you dipshits.
wont life be easier if you all just ignore what you dont like which is not even interfering with your fucking lives? like if you HATE something so much that isnt hurting you, why give ATTENTION to it? how about shut the fuck up? hmm? i mean. we’re not BOTHERING YOU WITH OUR SHIPS. WE’RE NOT THROWING THEM INTO YOUR FACE? WHY THE FUCK DO YOU MAKE EFFORT TO EVEN WRITE SOMETHING ABOUT IT which is practically useless. i mean you add the names of OUR OTPS to your shit tags like what are you trying to do huh? try to make us change our ships just because you dont like it? now arent you the ones forcing your fucking ships to us? 


OH RIGHT. what are my ships you ask? let me list it down along with the fandom name u 7 u)

final fantasy vii crisiscore : Zack x Cloud , angeal x Cloud, Genesis x Cloud
final fantasy xiii : Snow x Hope
final fantasy iv : Kain x Cecil
final fantasy xv : prompto x noctis
Kingdom hearts : riku x Sora , Axel/Lea x Sora, Leon x Sora & Terra x Ventus
d.gray-man : lavi x Allen
Fairy Tail : Gray x Natsu / Sting x Natsu
supernatural : destiel
night at the museum : larry x ahkmenrah
boku no hero academia : ALL Might x Deku & Kiribaku
khr : yamamoto x tsuna
one piece: zoro x luffy , shanks x luffy, sanji x luffy, law x luffy
cpt’n america CW : tony x peter

WHY oh why did i have to type it all down? so if you dont like a ship of mine and is disturbed to the point that you wanna go hating on me and write a whole novella about how you hate that ship go the fuck ahead and unfollow me also block me if you would. 


so anyway. i will repeat. THIS IS FANTASY, NOT REALITY. so before you go complaining about age gap and shit. dude. theyre fictional. not real. do you think we’re stupid enough not to know that? besides. ive seen couples not minding age gaps nowadays and is marrying because they LOVE one another so much. fucking gaia seriously.

this had been a not so friendly reminder and shout out to those ship war starters/ ship shitposters by yours truly,  Vhazzy.

Alphabet challenge

I was tagged by @amycampbell00 (thanks ^-^) and i thought i’d do this too :) so yeah okay here we go

CHALLENGE: say something that begins with each letter of the alphabet, then you explain what the word means to you (why you chose it or why it’s special to you) Tag 26 people at the end to do it as well!

A FOR ANTISEPTICEYE - off to a great start here. Anti has really made a part of the community, he was the thing that really, I mean Really pulled me in. There’s something i can’t explain about the way i feel about the glitch bitch, it’s inspiring, in way.

B FOR BOXING - that’s my hobby and i love it. I started last fall, so i don’t compete or beat people up just yet tho, so don’t worry :’D

C FOR CURIOUS - i like to think i am curious, at least curious as in strange :D

D FOR DARKIPLIER - Dark has made me appreciate Mark and his ambitiousness and just the way he does things, with his entire being. Also he’s the evil alter ego of Mark, and i love evik characters in general (also my darkiplier charity shirt arrived today and i’m so happy)

E FOR ENDIGO - He is a swedish youtuber and he is also the first youtuber i started watching and in a way he lead me to Mark and Jack, and all the other cool people i now know thanks to youtube

FINLAND - where i’m from, yay (so excuse possible bad grammar and what not)

G FOR GUITAR - i’d love to be good at playing the guitar, and i’ve tried practising, but i’m helplessly too lazy to do it when i can’t see the results…

H FOR HARRY POTTER - probably the first fandom i ended up in. Soon i’ll be visiting the studios in London, so the hype is building up ^-^

I FOR IDIOT - because that’s what i am, sometimes.

J FOR JACKSEPTICEYE - i wish to reach his level of being a good person one day. Sean is also a big inspiration to me and he gives me energy to get through each day

K FOR KID - because i am VERY childish at times :D i also really truly do not feel adult yet, even though that’s what i’m supposed to be…

L FOR LORDI - my absolute all time favourite band. It’s been 11 years since i found them (i was 8 at the time) and they’ve been sorta there for me all that time.

M FOR MARKIPLIER - i bet nobody saw this coming :p anyway, Mark makes me laugh. One day i hope that i find something that drives me forward, the way that Mark is driven by doing youtube.

N FOR NOTHING - because nothing can stop me, or you, from doing what you want

O FOR OPEN MIND - i have a tendency to judge people too fast. I’m trying to get rid of that habit and be more open minded about things

P FOR PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN - there was a time in my life when i had nothing to look up to. Then i saw pirates of the caribbean the curse of the black pearl and i was amazed. Johnny Depp has since that been my fave actor.

Q FOR QUIRKY - i spend 45 minutes trying to find a word that stsrts with a q :’D but quirky mean weird but cool, right? So i’d like to be that. Now i’m just weird. Not cool at all.

R FOR RECKLESS - this is just a beautiful word to look at or hear. My favourite word

S FOR SHY - i am probably the most shy and awkward person you’ll ever meet. I struggle even talking to friends (which i have like 2 and a half), having a presentation at school is literal death

T FOR TRAVEL - i wanna see the world and i want to travel more and more

U FOR UNIVERSITY - i study at a university and i absolutely hate it. So. Much. You. Have. No. Idea. I’ve contemplated dropping out. Or at least changing to some other school. I dont have anyone to talk to there. And i feel bad for not liking it because i know there are so many people who want to go to uni but cant and i’m just here complaining about it

V FOR VACCINATION - eh yeah. I am scared of hospitals and anything related to that. I don’t want to go anywhere near anything medical if i don’t have to. Oddly enough i’m not afraid of blood.

W FOR WHO - to be more specific Doctor Who. My fave tv show. I love space and scifi

X FOR X - i know that’s not actually a word. BUT hear me out. There is an amusement park ride, literally called X. I got a job at an amusement park for the summer. So that’s what up.

Y FOR YOUTUBE - i watch way too much youtube. All the time. Especially when i should be studying. It helps me not to lose my mind i guess. Like distraction.

Z FOR ZEBRA - i have a pair of socks with … um.. zebra pattern on them. Like they are black and white striped socks. My fave socks.. okay

There we go :D that was fun ^-^ ummm i don’t think i’m tagging anyone tho because shy and i dont really know anyone so okay i’ll add some tags so if you see this, feel free to do this yourself :)

“Master …”

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could you do a tumblr survival guide part 2 that includes how to change your cursor, how to add a sidebar image (like idk the image in the bottom right corner not your description) how to add an about page, how to add a navi page, about the sidebar image thing i just dont know how to place it anywhere besides your description.. um idk what else but it'd be a big help


How to Change Your Cursor

How to add an About Page: 

  1. Go to Customize  
  2. Add a page  
  3. Custom Layout
  4. Add a About Me Page theme (About me Themes)

How to add a navigation Page

  1. Go to Customize  
  2. Add a page  
  3. Custom Layout
  4. Add a Navigation theme (Navigation Themes)
  5. TIP when you are adding the tag make sure that you have “” correct and that you put search/whatever+tag 

Sidebar I think you want to try a different theme, one with the sidebar where you want it, otherwise you have to manually change the theme in the html there should be some sort of spot in your theme that says sidebar height 150px (or whatever it is) and you have to change it till you are satisfied. I can’t be more specific since each theme maker is unique, you can always try to message the maker and ask theme to help with your issue

If you want to have more images in your sidebar you can check out these themes or top or bottom sidebar

I really hope that helped, if you have anymore question you can always message me again. I will do my best :) 



bold any that applies to your muse and italicize any that kind of applies to your muse. feel free to add to the list.

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tagging. @piratisrex , @curly-cook , @yosokui , @cinderbled , @revoltion , @bxttcrfly , @qrowcapn

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Please Help Us Get to a Safe Home

My housemates and I are in desperate need of help. There are four of us in all, my boyfriend, myself, and two of our closest friends, who are also a couple. We are all trans and neurodivergent, and one of us is physically disabled. We are all unemployed, although me and one other are going to the local junior college. The issue is, we are all currently living with my mother, who is abusing and manipulating all of us, especially me. When she’s not insulting us and treating us like children, she’s trying to control my academic life (”Go to a four year college or I’ll kick you all out”) or my medical life (”If you go on testosterone, I will stop paying for your medical coverage”). None of us can stand it anymore, we all want out.

We need to raise two (2) thousand dollars by January first, so we can move out into our own apartment. We are all working to find jobs, but the fact that we have to pay for our own food, schooling, and anything else we need is wearing on us. What little money we have is shrinking. I am asking for your help. My email is kikkimonsoon@gmail.com, and if you guys can donate to my paypal, I would be extremely grateful. Even if you can’t donate, please spread this message.