i dont know what this was either

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How do you explain what pan means to people (simply)? Ive completely given up +just let everyone think im either gay or bi bc no matter how i explain it they still seem confused+ i dont like going on about it for ages bc the whole things awkward enough already... l literally cant mention i like guys or anything bc everyone around me will stare like im mad (they know im in a f/f relationship) theyre not closed minded it takes too long for them to understand +they loose interest in listening

My dude the whole “simply and before they stop listening” is something I still fight with. Right now I still go with “pansexuality means I can be attracted to ALL genders or gender identities” and follow it up with “there are more than two genders, asshole” when needed

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How come so many of these mexican immigrants come here and dont assimilate? Plus they always use a mexican flag on their homes! Why dont they just go back to mexico if they dont love my country?!?!

Is it now illegal to hang a flag on your own home?Where does hanging a flag mean mean they haven’t assimilated. I’ve seen people who are Irish and Italian also put flags of their heritage at their homes, have they not assimilated either are they not real Americans, do they not love their country? 

Answer these questions please. I want to know, who are “These” Mexican immigrants, and do you even know what the flag of Mexico looks like, just wondering. 

Your Obedient Servant
  • Your Obedient Servant
  • Workshop Cast
  • Hamilton Presentation - May 2014

OKAY I just listened to the workshop version and HOLY SHIT OKAY CAN WE JUST DISCUSS THIS A LITTLE BIT:

  • The amount of words in this version of this song like HOLY SHIT
  • “ Obviously such an accusation must be met with either an immediate acknowledgement or disavowal. Now! Are you capable of such a thing?” SHIT BURR GET REKT HAMILTON
  • ‘"Dangerous with the reigns of government", wow, Surely I said something less banal, Be realistic now” wow hamilton very humble 
  • “Or prepare to bleed, young man” “YOU KNOW WHAT? I DONT LIKE YOUR TONE!”
  • “Sorry if your life is difficult without your wife” ALEXANDER ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS THAT IS A LOW BLOW
  • His “YOURE ON!” is so much quicker than in the OBC album likE HAMMY PLS

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fun mentally ill things

never washing off your makeup

there is garbage all throughout your room

never washing your clothes or your dishes

what the fuck is a shower

when you just looked at the clock it was 12 but now its 4 am and you dont know how that happened

up all night, asleep all day

u either dont eat at all or you eat until u need to puke

those days that you just cannot get out of bed

‘have you tried yoga?’

in case anyone was in doubt that yuuri purchased only one ring, here is a little graphic i made. rings were 649.85EUR by what i could make out, tax in spain is 21%, and price on the receipt was 768.94EUR so my guess is theres a tax i dont know about on top of VAT or it was just a typing error. either way, it’s clear yuuri only bought ONE ring, and viktor purchased the other at an earlier time

okay but consider lucy lane coming back to finding out the danvers being Gay Disasters™

  • “actually im bisexual lucy” “kara thats not really the problem here”
  • “cant believe you broke up with james for a luthor kara the scandal” “wait til i tell clark” “dont you dare!”
  • lucy “i leave for a little bit and suddenly you two let pretty girls ruin your bravdo” lane giving dating advice
  • unasked for dating advice
  • not that she expected either of them to know how to ask for Help With Girls
  • meddling!!! the meddling!!! lucy lane who always has a plan and clearly knows what shes gotta help them
  • “what are you doing on my crime scene lane” “cant i just miss the deo danvers”
  • lucy lane in all her military get up even though its not even relevant nor needed
  • but ofc what is very much needed is the hand on the small of alex’s back with the “lex, whos this on our crime scene?”
  • maggie sawyer flashing her very not so fancy and clearly needed ncpd “sawyer, detective. i detect. who are you” making eyes with lucy
  • maggie who cant keep her eyes off lucys hands who seem to linger too long against alex the entire time and who ends their conversation with “were still on for dinner tonight right” not making it seem as if her statement let anyone know that dinner included kara and james and winn too bc why would she
  • lucy lane who does it all and pulls some strings and i gets lois to get new and upcoming reporter kara danvers into a high class event with lucy by her side
  • an event who just so carefully is hosted by our very favorite l corp head lena luthor
  • lucy who cant just help but find a very good reason to bump directly into lena luthor causing lena’s wine to spill all over kara
  • and lena who feels terrible and just has to make it up kara by giving her a sweater and taking her home that very second she cant have her being uncomfortable
  • lucy lane who clearly thinks this plan is going very well into motion cleaRLY SHES A GENIUS

i’ve been doing this for a while now, and thought it may be nice to share with you guys. i never really had trouble verbalising thoughts during discussions, but seldom have been a person able to express my emotions without shutting down completely. music, and especially the lyrics of songs, have always been my outlet, like the words spoken were either my own or the ones i wished i would get to say one day; the rhythm and beat a whole new dimension. my fear of the temporary (and fear of losing these songs) was the final push to start this journal. i began collecting lyrics from songs that either held meaning personally or conveyed emotions that fit a story, and have found that not only is this solidifying a memory but it has been therapeutic too. not sure if it would matter to any of you, but if you ever face similar difficulties then this may help.