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Maya and her part!


Recently a fan tweeted Marlene asking if mayas storyline was over and she replied saying their may be a bit more to it. So I went back and tried to see what I could make out of the maya clues and how she fits into everything. 

I always love maya and emaya but her character always seemed a bit sketchy at times kinda like alison. (remember this)

when her and emily first meet she seems REALLY interested in getting to know emily, she was asking tons of personal questions about ali and herself, answering questions with a question, and she was being super friendly and almost choosy with her words, almost as if she had other intentions when she met her. What if she was told to get close to her? (Kind of like ezra & cece already knowing who all the girls were and jenna already knowing alison) 

In S1: “The jenna thing”, maya meets spencer and when her and emily go back to her house she says “I get your connection to spencer, you both like to win.” and emily replies “well winnings great but usually if I do my best im happy with the outcome.” and maya chooses to move the topic to spencer by asking how she feels about winning which always kind of stuck out to me. Emily tells her spencer HAS to win.

I just never quite understood why Maya only really asked questions about spencer, I know you could argue she was just trying to get to know emily but throughout the episodes maya’s in we don’t really see her interested in knowing about all the liars to me it seemed like she asked about spencer only because she reminded her the most of Ali.

& then maya moves the conversation to Alison again saying how she seemed like she was always the center of attention. Then tells emily she usually runs from those girls. Em says “you don’t look like the type of girl who runs from anyone” and Maya moves the convo to something else. (WHO U RUNNIN FROM MAYA)

Also later in the night when emily turns around maya immediately goes and cuddles with her almost like she KNOWS emily was in the closet. She said she had a boyfriend & i dont think it was something she just did in her sleep. + the A alerts afterwards were right on time, something was up. 

this also happens again when they kiss in the photo booth and A steals the strips right away. & maya tells emily not to worry about it that it there was probably just no more paper & drags her away. MAYA WAS IN ON IT THE WHOLE TIME. She was used to bring em out the closet and let A use it against her. 

Also in S2: “I must confess” Maya is scene wearing the exact same tory burch boots -A ordered online. (couldnt find a pic though)

But I think somewhere along the way maya started to really develop feelings and wanted out but A/AD or someone connected to them had stuff on maya forcing her to stay in it so she chooses to run away but A gets her first and kills her before she can get far.

Now lets go back to what I said earlier about her kind of acting like Alison

In the pilot maya asks emily if shes ever smoked and em replies No. Maya says this and the way she says it for some reason really just reminds me of something Ali would say. 

& then later in the episode Spencer sees who she thinks is Ali in Mayas room (ali’s old room) 

But what’s odd is that this person is wearing the same tank Maya was wearing the whole episode.

now this can be explained in a couple ways, either:

1. maya found a blonde wig while looking through the dilaurentis house and tried it on to pretend to be ali.

2. that was really or ali or maybe an ali twin and she was talking to maya & wearing a similiar top? (this one seems too much but wouldnt be surprised if the writers went this way.)

3.maya bought a blonde wig & was really trying to pretend to be someone maybe a trick she learned from a real blonde she knew who liked to wear wigs & be someone else.

       - i’m thinking its this last one! (or i hope it is)

In S2E12: “eye of the beholder” Jason tells em & spencer that maya found some of Ali’s old things in the attic, “Like they were hidden” he thought they threw everything away but maya kept some things, maybe b/c she knew what they were for.

Another thing I wanna point out is maya has mentioned on more than one occasion (1.02 & 1.12) that she has trouble sleeping. I mean I would have trouble sleeping too if I was worried my secrets may catch up to me.

Now I know there a lot of maya theories & some have even said they think she’s A. I don’t think I could really hop on board with maya being A but I do think when mona said “MAYA KNEW” she really meant maya fucking knew, like she knew the game & knew what was going on & just how dangerous A could really be. 

Okay so, we all know there seems to be a couple different teams when it comes to PLL and their alliances. Theres, 

  • AD & Cece (& maybe someone else? idk yet still looking into this)
  • Theres the Liars 
  • Then theres AD’s pawns (Jenna, Noel, Lucas, Shana, Alison (sometimes), Garrett, Mona etc.)

Well i think maya started off as one of these pawns but like all the people above at some point they wanted out and like I said above its likely so did she. 

It’s possible that maybe Ali and Maya knew eachother prior to her disapperance maybe they met on vacation… at cape may.

I saw this picture when I searched up maya clues on google and I almost screamed! I think this Analyzing A tumblr acct found it so i’ll put her link:


Could this mean this is Maya’s unnamed brother? Did she also hang out with Ali, Cece, & Melissa during that summer? Or was she scared of them like she mentioned to emily about attention seeking girls like Alison?

Now I heard from twitter it may be fake but still why would they make the mistake of putting it in the credits? Idk I just think it would be a nice twist for maya to have a deeper connection to Ali than just living in her house. 

UPDATE: MARLENE SAID WE’RE MEETING AN UNKNOWN RELATIVE OF MAYA’S! Some people meationed that reporter Aria went off on in 7.12 may be her brother but I couldn’t find a pic and I didn’t wanna sit through hulu commercials to find out so if someone finds the pic reblog it cause I wanna knowwww!

I mean we find out they had to have known each other either way or at least met before b/c they were both staying in the kahn cabin around the same time!

Also when Ali and Maya’s body are found the scene is so similar they even play the same song.

I think at first Alison gave Maya the idea to fake her death & Noel, Garrett, & Jenna helped her carry it out. 

Marlene also posted this pic on insta w/ 2 dolls that w/ the hashtag #emison but to me the 2 dolls look more like ali and maya then ali and em. Idk I just think there’s alot more to their relationship than we know right now. 

Now lets talk about the night mayas body was presumably found:

Maya trys to call emily but she cant get service so it never goes through, I don’t think this was maya b/c her phone was already stolen by this point. I think A just was trying to distract emily to mess with hanna.

Jumping ahead to when Mona falls off the cliff, we get a zoom in on her watch that says its 12am. The girls then go back to their houses and the cops have a body they think is Mayas.

BUT we later see this video of Maya at the kahn cabin at 1:14am

So are we just really gonna believe it took the liars OVER 1hr & 30m to get to thier houses?? B/c maya had to have got kidnapped and then dragged over to emilys back yard from the cabin and murdered. Which just in my head doesn’t add up with the timeline.

In addition to this I noticed when Maya gets pulled out of the cameras view it doesn’t necessarily mean she was captured by A, I think theres a good chance it was Ali who pulled on her to take her out of view and talk to her. We know Ali was staying there too so maybe she already knew where the cameras were and didnt wanna take any chances being seen seeing as this was before A supposedly knew Ali was alive. 

Now lets talk about after her “Death”:

We find out Maya went to the kahn parties often and met holden before, she was also friendly with Jenna, we see her get into a car with garrett the night she died (But we know he didnt kill her because he was arrested at 12am) & its when Nate (lyndon) is introduced and he is accused of being the one who killed Maya. 

Nate never openly says he killed Maya, in fact some of the things he says when he tries to kill paige kind of indicate he thinks emily has something to do with her death. 

He says “Im gonna do to you, what you did to me. Im gonna take someone from you & you are gonna watch me do it.” 

Its also been speculated that Maya was involved in the night em dug up Ali’s grave b/c they used her bottle of pills to drug her (which was also prescribed after she died) & flashbacks she remembers having + jenna lies to her saying she found her on the street drunk when spencer asks why she lied she says b/c she’s protecting a friend.

This was also one of the flashbacks she remembers having,


Most of me really does believe Maya did end up really dying sometime later before the end of season 3 or in the beginning of season 4 

The girls do find this carved into the dollhouse in S6 maybe AD found maya & took her to the doll house to be his Ali for a while before Mona got there.

But idk i’ve also read alot of theories w/ extra clues and reasons she could indeed still be alive helping out emily and hiding from AD or might even be bethany young herself. So theres that lol. I’m just excited to know that Maya still is relevant b/c her character had so much potential, hopefully mar doesn’t fuck it up!!

Reblog & tell me what you think, do you think maya’s still alive or dead? & if she wasn’t the person in the body bag in 2.25 then who was? 

anonymous asked:

I'm seeing a lot of antis talk about how swan queen will win out or emma will just be dreaming at the end of this. and that's why the person under the hood will be her because its the last dream like thing to come into play before she wakes up. and I'm nervous. d u think captain swan will b end game?

Okay first let me say something without including spoilers. 

Anti’s ALWAYS come out of the wood works after big happy CS news makes its way onto the grape vine. Which it has. Big gushy, head twirling magic spinning madness in the best possible sense has been released into the universe for CS fans, and people who want Emma with someone else other than the lovely Killian Jones. Are. Not. Going. To. Be. Happy. About. It. 

Hashtag, the last three years of their lives. 

So as a result of this unhappiness they start spiraling and come up with left field reasons that fit the narrative they still want to tell themselves instead of the one that is canon and on screen.

It doesn’t matter that Adam has explicitly stated that THIS IS NOT A DREAM, or that the characters of Emma and Killian will not be breaking up but instead will be facing obstacles that they will over come together this season. It doesn’t matter that the character of Emma has both implicitly and explicitly stated and shown her love for her pirate boyfriend. 

All that matters is that the anti’s want what they want and they are not getting it. And because of this anger and crack theories will slip out like crazy.

SPOILERS AHEAD. All who read on be damned.

So lets talk about something. Let’s talk about the possibility of CS endgame, since you seem to be so worried about it. Now there’s WAY WAY WAY more (pre-warning) that I could add to what I’m about to say in regards to reasons captain swan is most def. endgame, but I’m going to include the things that mostly come to my mind when thinking or talking about the topic with others. PLEASE FRIENDS OF THE INTERWEB FEEL FREE TO ADD. I’ll bold the points so as to make it easier.

Parallels - One of the biggest things that stick out to me in regards to CS endgame talk is just how frequent that couple is paralleled with the MOST SAFE couple on the show, SNOWING. Not to mention that these are her parents so that makes it INCREDIBLY SIGNIFICANT that her relationship on the show holds so many similarities to Charming and Snow’s relationship. And this isn’t anything new. They planned on having Hook on from day one. They started the parallels in his very first episode between him&Emma and Charming&Snow AND have yet to stop. I mean the initial animosity being the same. Her hitting him in the face. Snow hitting Charming with a rock. Not to mention Emma literally used her parents mantra of finding each other FOR HOOK when she walked into the lake to go to the Underworld. I mean this isn’t a post about parallels but holy shit are there are a lot between those two ships. All you have to do is search parallels on my page or in the tags (though beware of antis) and you’ll see three years worth of them. Idk about you but paralleling Emma and Hook from day one till’ now with her parents seems pretty indicative of their importance and their endgame.  

The talk of true love - I’ll keep it simple and short. They had nearly one of their first solo conversations (while climbing the bean stock) on the first day of them meeting ABOUT BEING IN LOVE. Like you just dont have some character come in and have him start spitting things out about love the way he did unless it means something. This show isn’t subtle. Just remember that. I mean this brings up another good point, nearly all the serious conversation Hook had with Emma before they started dating include lines that were SO ABSOLUTELY telling of their future together. I mean just watch the whole Neverland Arc and you have everything you’ll ever need. I mean there’s literally like 5000 quotes just from those 8 episodes alone that could stand as reason enough to believe in their endgame-ness. 

Hook finding her - Even before Emma used her parents mantra while walking into the Underworld it was proven to be true. I mean he is the one that found her in season 3. Him. This stuff is done for a reason. Not to mention again that whole 3B arc was a huge parallel to Snow and Charming (when Snow took something to wipe away her memory and Charming came to find her. I mean even down to the quick desperate kiss and the the subsequent push from both the ladies we can see the parallels.) 

WALLS - Okay I don’t need to give examples for this, anyone who watches the show knows that the writers have made a point to have him be the one that really gets through to her and helps her break down those pesky walls. (Much like spouses do in real life). i mean but hey if you want just one example look at the end of Season 3. He was key in her finding her way back and acknowledging that Storybrooke was her home and that she needed to be with her parents. 

He gave away his home - Killian literally gave away his only symbol of home and stability and probably a large part of what felt like his connection to his brother in order save her and her family. Also can we talk about the fact that now they are in a home he PICKED OUT for her, TOGETHER! I mean this brings me into another point milestones!

This show drags out the milestones, sure, but they are there. Amidst the magic all the typical leading up to marriage milestones are there. The nervousness of new feelings. The dates. The falling in love and getting comfortable. The admitting of their importance to one another (emma was a little slower in this regard). The I LOVE YOU. Shit even a promise ring. The picking out and talk of a place together. The second I love you without worry. The bonding with Henry. AND NOW THE MOVING IN TOGETHER (thanks spoilers). AND SHIT DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON the scene with Killian and the toddler. YOU DONT PUT THAT IN THERE UNLESS IT HAS MEANING. (Add all THIS to the loads of marriage and kid symbolism and you got yourself a fucking clear as day endgame sign hoisted high and waving). 

I mean like I said the list goes on and on. 

  1. The going to hell and back.
  2. The sacrifices.
  3. Him dying literally 4 times and then being sent back to “where he belongs” by a powerful god. 
  4. the wedding dress in the window (no one can convince me someone somewhere didn’t have that as an intentional plan)
  5. All the damn child symbolism and Hook bonding with kids recently.

 I mean the list goes on and on and on and I know this whole post was a bit long and a bit everywhere, but it’s hard to write a cohesive and flowing answer to an endgame question because there’s literally 3 season (and a whole new season probably) of proof as to why they are endgame. It’s hard to put into an answer. Also logically speaking it would just be AWFUL WRITING and NEAR RIDICULOUS for them to write THREE YEARS of CS, do THREE YEARS of CS promotion, and continue to do so just to have them move in together, come to an end (in what is probably their last or second to last season) just for her to end up with a women she’s shown no romantic feelings for. It’s just not going to happen. 

Anyways, I hope this eased your worries a bit. Probably the last time i’m going to go all out on a question like this though. I get the worry. I still get a shade of nervousness on this lovely angst ride we’ve been on a lot, but you just got to stay logical, stick to the canon facts, and stay away from the hotspots for anti talk (tags, twitter comments, public commenting feeds,etc) and you’ll see the question of CS endgame isn’t even one to have, because the answer is clear as day.