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Our Little Secret - Part Eleven

Summary: Dean and you try something new on the way to your next hunt

Series Masterlist

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Square Filled: free space for @spnkinkbingo

Kink(s): Sexting

Word Count: 3400

Warnings: Smut, sexting, language, flashback in italics, texting is in bold and italics

A/N: Thank you so much for reading. I’m really loving these character and this series. Thank you for your wonderful responses. A special thank you to the people who looked this over for me.


It’s been three weeks, three freaking weeks since Dean has touched you and you are dying.

The first two weeks had been because you were healing up. He was pretty sure you had cracked ribs and your shoulder had been really sore, so he wasn’t going to chance hurting you, even the couple of times you had insisted.

Then you had gotten the bright idea to tell him either he could have fun with you, or you would take care of it yourself. Dean promptly made sure the two of you shared a room with Sam at the next motel, a smug smile on his face, daring you to go right ahead. If you weren’t so nervous about being caught, you would have called his bluff.

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do you ever wonder how others in the fandom see you?? like,,, what am i to you??

Can we just imagine singer!lance doing small gigs at coffee shops. Eventually, his bestfriend Hunk sets him up for a noon slot at the coffee shop that he works in. This is huge for Lance bc this coffee shop is great; it’s almost as old as the town itself and they have popular ticketed music events on Fridays. While everyone is rooting for Lance, he believes that this will be a one time thing bc he can’t possibly be good enough for the Friday stage. But everyone that hears him that afternoon loves him, bc he has the most soothing voice ever and he is so charismatic. He was too nervous and excited to notice that one guy that sat in the back of the coffee shop throughout most of his show. The stranger was completely floored to the point that he forgot about his coffee and just stared at Lance the whole time. Hunk, however, noticed as he asked the stranger if he wanted another coffee, and even took the time to tell them that Lance might be performing the next Friday. 

The following week Lance was officially offered an hour spot in the coffee shop’s weekly Friday nights event. He was over the moon and got Hunk to help him plan out all the songs he would play. When he gets to the shop on Friday, the coffeeshop is completely packed. Hunk says that they had to rent extra tables and chairs for the night and that the huge crowd is due to Lance’s performance. Lance gets a little nervous, and it doesn’t help that he’ll be the closing performance for the night. Hunk on the other hand has the perfect solution, cause he saved Lance a spot at table next to the guy that was gushing over him last week. The guy is immediately flustered to have the cute musician next to him, but after he sees that Lance is nervous he musters enough courage to tell Lance how great his singing is. They end up talking right up to the moment that Lance gets called up.

When Lance gets up to the microphone he says “I’d like to dedicate this first song to the great guy that forgot to tell me his name, but told me I sound like an angel for almost 2 hours. Let’s see if you can pass ‘The Quiz.’” Lance starts singing this quirky song and part of him is doing this just to tease the guy and get the crowd going. But in reality he is a bit worried about how perfect the guy is, and there is no way in hell that someone like that guy would fall for him. He is really enjoying himself on the stage and he is just smiling cause this song is the last one he imagine he’d be singing. As the show goes on he forgets about the hot stranger and how he basically made a fool of himself choosing that song, cause really there were a million cute song he could have picked.Meanwhile, the guy is sitting at his table blushing up to his ears and he can hear Lance’s insecurities through the music, but he is sure that Lance the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with. 

After Lance’s performance ends and people are coming by complimenting him on their way out, he notices the tall stranger approaching him. Lance hadn’t expected him to stay for the whole show after that song, but it was a welcomed surprised. The stranger smiles at Lance and says, “Shiro. My name’s Shiro, and I think you’re perfect just the way you are. I would answer all the quizzes you want, if you go on a date with me. Lunch, tomorrow?” Lance just nods, cause jeez this guy, Shiro, is sticking around after that, like it wasn’t even a romantic sweet song. Shiro pulls a folded napkin out of his pocket and gives it to Lance. Once Shiro walks away, Lance unfolds the napkin to find Shiro’s name, number and a short note “I didn’t say you sounded like an angel. I said you were an angel.” In that instance Lance knew that this would be the last first date.

•jimon coffeeshop au for happiness reasons

•jace runs a bakery/coffee house with his siblings. its called something dorky like Lightwood Delights. their main customers are vegans and hipsters who dont want to go to starbucks

•enter simon lewis

•he starts stopping by every day on his way to work. jace looks up from frosting pastries to see this radiant guy standing at the counter and, honest to god, his heart stops. simon’s so awake despite it being so early, and he’s laughing and brushing his perfect curls behind his ear. theres a guitar case slung on his back and its making his green sweater push down his shoulder, exposing a little bit of collarbone and next thing jace knows he’s heading over to take the register from alec

•he introduces himself and trips over his words like a DORK and alec and izzy snicker at him from the oven. jace flips them the finger (beneath the counter so the cutie cant see) and takes simon’s order

•he gets a caramel frappe with extra foam and a sprinkle of cinnamon. jace is shook like,,,,how can a DRINK be cute?? simon also gets a blueberry muffin and his whole face lights up when he sees the total because “finally i dont have to sacrifice dinner for coffee every morning!!”

•simon comes in consistently every day between 7:50 and 8:00. every day jace swoops in to take the register from izzy, then goes back to baking when simon leaves. he starts making small talk, asking about simon’s guitar and then asking about his music career when simon opens up about his recording contract.

•alec and izzy are …. stunned. like when jace thinks someone is pretty, he turns on the flirting and without fail its always smooth as fuck. but with this guy….he’s a mess. he stutters and laughs at every single little joke and he starts giving away free muffins to this dude!! so theyre like, ok, we gotta give him a lil push

•the next day when simon comes in, alec goes over and mentions that they’re getting busier in the evenings and maybe, if simon has time, he could play his guitar for a lil extra money

•simon is thrilled!! he loves playing for people and this is his favorite place and not to mention he’s ridiculously into jace the barista. so he agrees right away and jace is beyond excited

•simon is schedule to play on friday. jace gets a million pep talks from izzy and alec about how he has this great ass opportunity to get to know simon and talk and !!! they exchange PHONE NUMBERS in case simon needs details on pay and scheduling and stuff.

•then simon comes in on wednesday all bundled up in a heavy coat and a scarf and gloves which….its cold out but not THAT cold. he orders his usual and he’s chattering all happily about the gig and what he’s gonna play and then right in the middle he sneezes. like five times. and then when he keeps talking he sounds all stuffed up and his nose is red and jace has a dawning sense of horror in his chest. he waves away jace’s concern and insists that he’s fine, and jace hesitantly believes him

•on thursday its 8:02 and simon still hasnt come in. jace is gripping the cash register with white-knuckle force when a petite redhead bounces in and orders simon’s regular. jace hesitantly goes “sorry but is this…for simon lewis?” and the redhead chirps “yup! he’s my roommate. you must be jace, he’s told me a lot about you! he’s sick because he’s totally overworking himself. he told me to tell you that he’s still gonna play tomorrow but between you and me? he can hardly talk. anyways, he’ll text you”

•she leaves and jace is a whiny mess while izzy and alec try to calm him down by telling him that they’ll just reschedule, it’s all fine, whatever

•jace is still sulking when his phone dings and simon sends him an apologetic texts with a billion frowny faces. jace answers and tells him not to worry, dude, they’ll. just reschedule

•simon texts back that mayyyyybe jace can come over? if he doesnt mind the risk of contagion, maybe he could hear the songs simon is working on?? a pre-concert kinda thing, he says, and jace is already out the door with a bag of blueberry muffins before simon can even send an address

•he still looks beautiful, and jace cant believe that he’s actually sitting on simon’s couch and watching brooklyn nine nine. simon eventually shrugs and says “i dont think anything i sing will actually…sound good right now. i just wanted to see you”

•"really?? i mean, i wanted to see you too"

•"dude dont sound so surprised. ive been flirting with you for like, two months? how many times do i have to mention a special song until you ask me what it’s about and i get to tell you that it’s about you???“

•jace fuckin kisses the HELL out of that boy, despite the circumstances, and afterwards they eat blueberry muffins and watch tv.

•when simon feels better, he does a special performance on sunday night at the cafe and jace watches his boyfriend sing about him while he ices a heart on a blueberry muffin

yall ,,, i think im just nonbinary idk ive never rlly felt like a trans guy, ive never really felt connected to either gender at all and honestly trying to pass all the time is really tiring and only makes my dysphoria worse if that makes sense?? like i wanna be seen as neither but thats not rlly a thing in our society so i settle for trying to pass as male but even then i dont feel like i belong with males, cis or trans, and idk i guess im most comfy just being marshall and not having to deal with gender roles or expectations

but im already out as a trans guy to EVERYONE irl and i cant just go back on that bc everyone will be like grr ur a transtrender grr ur in a phase grr ur gender isnt valid rawr theres only 2 genders


and i know lots of ftm guys look up to me n shit but like,,, im nothing like u guys. i call myself a boy bc its easiest but like ?? im rlly not either one and i dont connect to either one

the only thing abt me is that i relate to the way gay guys love each other so thats what makes me feel inclined to call myself a boy u feel me??

idk guys asdfjfjfgh i never rlly addressed this here bc i was confused abt everything and like im one of those ppl who changes their labels 800 million times so i just stopped using labels for a while

and honestly the only reason i started identifying as a trans guy was bc i was dating a trans guy who didnt believe in nonbinary genders and i was basically forced to come out as ftm when i wasnt ready to come out and didnt feel comfortable identifying that way sooo rip

but i realized the reason i dont fit into the trans community and i dont like being called trans is because id rather be called nonbinary LOL so

on the topic of pronouns, i like they/them but no one uses them for me irl so i dont really know how i feel about them i guess. ive gone by he/him for a long time now and im used to it and it doesnt feel wrong or anything so i guess ill keep going by both but if some of u could use they/them for me more often thatd be cool bc i have no one i know in person who uses them for me ;0;

idk i might change my mind again later idkidkidk im still thinking abt things but

i guess this is me Officially™ comin out 2 u guys as nonbinary ?? woop

Why Wincest? : An Honest Answer.

Like most Wincest shippers, I get asked a lot of different questions about why it is so appealing to me. Fortunately, I havent received any hate regarding it (yet) just mostly curiosity, and to be honest, I ask myself all the same questions.

To be clear, I am only answering for myself, since everyone’s experience is different, but I know there are people who feel the same way. I’ll start by saying, I don’t have a brother kink, or any interest in m/m sex, but something about Sam and Dean specifically, intrigued me very early on. I’d say somewhere around “Woooaaah easy tiger” (Dean grins) “Dean!?” (Sam answers breathlessly) I thought, “Oh yeah, these 2 wanna bang each other!” and that was literally the first scene we ever saw of Sam and Dean together. 

There is a reason why the writers/producers gave us a scene like this as our first introduction to the brothers’s relationship, it’s because they want us to sense sexual tension between them. This is the type of scene that TV shows and movies use to plant such thoughts between characters. For whatever reason 2 characters suddenly have physical contact, or maybe just long eye contact. The trope we’ve seen a million times, the “oops our bodies are touching and we made eye contact” that has started almost every love story ever. Since this is the very first scene between the brothers, the writers wanted to establish this immediately. 

So, like so many people, I noticed this, and then thought “well thats kinda gross, they’re brothers” and moved on. However, it didnt stop there. The writers threw in text mixed with subtext to keep it going. From standing/sitting too close together, unnecessary touching, grabbing, pinning each other against the wall, and so on, mixed with spoken text about how much one needs the other, or how theres nothing they wouldnt do for each other, established in concrete, that these 2 are not normal brothers. 

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Locked Up, My Love

I have an idea for a series you could do with any member. Everyone is either a Lock or a Key (like “You’re the key to my heart”) so you either have a lock or a key and your soulmate has the other half of the pair. They could be literal physical objects or cute little tattoos like a key on your hand or a lock over your heart you can decide. <3 I love your writing by the way and everyone who sends in such creative suggestions! <3

i know you said series but i thought it would be a really cute idea for my bb mingyu, i hope you don’t mind!!

2k words unedited

Originally posted by 7teans

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God look at that quality header. Graphic design is my passion.


Skam is BACK and this time I get to watch from the first clip! Fandom has been in uproar and I have so many feelings and opinions I’ve been coming apart at the seams. A lot of polarising opinions, questions, concerns, outrage. Not to mention the totally anticipated yet still alarming racism and islamophobia considering our main is a POC Muslim girl this time around.

So I thought I’d take the time to collate all my thoughts and feelings into a daily/weekly breakdown for each episode! I try to be as subjective and clear headed as possible while watching this show and take in the messages, lessons and information Julie Andem et al are providing. Forgive me if I happen to project a little or get wild in my enthusiasm as a muslim growing up europe this season is so #relatable I’ve been shook since the second we got the trailer and still in a state of disbelief that this is actually happening. So as someone very invested I thought why not share my two cents with the class.

Disclaimer: Everything here is my personal thoughts and opinions. They do not represent the views of all Muslims or POC. It’s just my own take on the show.

Im gonna try doing this Day by Day depending on the lengths ( this gets wordy I don’t shut up I’m Sorry)

Breakdown 1 >> Next

Monday 10.04.17 1:28

Okay here we are the famous opening scene. In true Skam fashion we see Sana on the train watching the streets of what i assume is Oslo go by, intersped with images relevant to the main themes of this season. Trump, images of war in what could be syria or palestine ( don’t quote me on that I honestly couldn’t tell you which), the hijabi mascot of the women’s march, the french beach hijabi lady indcedent, images of the army and missiles firing. Right off the bat they ain’t fucking around.

The street ad of two women in bikini’s which Robyn sings “All of these girls a mess I’ve seen it all before I’m not impressed” Sana watches all of this impassively, dare I say haughty even. That is until she finds herself staring at a bunch of dudebros have an ab contest in the street. Sana is human and she stares. Robyn insists “None of them make me feel anything” in direct conflict with what we see cause Sana’s expression is intrigued, appreciative even, shes smirking. That is until she startled out of it by the Azaan for Zuhr going off on her phone.

Hello Relatable AF moment #1 ( honestly why am I counting there’s already a million)

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Sam Winchester: The Reluctant Hero

When we wonder in frustration, as to why Sam seems to suffer more than Dean does, instead of being angry at a narative bias, or assuming the show runners hate Sam, take into consideration that Sam and Dean, though equally heroic, are different types of heros  Dean is a willing hero. He has been proud of his job as a hunter since he was young, even if sometimes he was bored with it, or would have liked to persue a career as a machanic. From what we see in flash backs, Dean was boasting “Im a hero!” since high school, where Sam just wanted to be like every other kid. 

Sam’s first choice in life is not to be a hero. Not directly anyway. He was studying to become a lawyer.  Azazel said he was becoming a Tax Attorney, but Dean saw him as a Criminal Justice Attorney in What is and What Should Never Be, which I think is more fitting for Sam. The indirect hero that would get justice for the victims. He would make a wonderful psycholigist also. Dean would be a very good cop, or soldier, or first responder.  This is not to say Sam wouldnt run into a burning building to save a family, he most certainly would, but his interests seem to lie mostly in long term after care. So for Sam to be in the front line with Dean, is something he does because its the right thing, not because it’s his chosen life path (early life anyway. he has stated in his later life that he did chose this life for himself) and this makes him a reluctant hero. The problem with that though, is that in literature, the reluctant hero always suffers the most. 

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anonymous asked:

Heyyy, so i wanna stan winner/ikon where do you suggest i start? Cause like theres so many stuff... also what song do you recommend? Hope you dont mind answering. Tq!


i’m so happy you will never regret stanning them i promise!

*first of all you need to know that winner and ikon are like a family they loved and supported each other since day 1 (never listen to the winkon antis)

**and please don’t stan Taehyun it will only hurt you

WIN: Who Is Next (2013) (warning: intense show! you will probably cry on every episode) here is the link to the first episode (x) you will find the other episodes on the same channel (with eng subs)

WINNER TV (2013-2014) (best show 11/10 would recommend URIGA WIIIINER don’t stan Taehyun i said!!!) here is the link to the first episode (x) you will find the other episodes on the same channel (with eng subs)


The Debut Album: 2014 S/S

first watch the teasers because *cough* winner’s teasers are on whole other level *cough*

Here (x) is the playlist of all their debut album’s teasers,,, truly iconic

The MVS: Empty (x) Color Ring (x) Mino’s Solo I’m Him (x) + a link where you can listen to the whole album (x)

And watch their live performances because they’re amazing!  they became the fastest male group to win on a music show by taking first place on M! Countdown during their debut stage (MONSTER ROOKIES INDEED)

In 2015 they didn’t have a comeback unfortunately but Mino was pretty active because he went to Show Me The Money 4 and he released songs like Okey Dokey featuring Zico (x) and Fear featuring Taeyang (x) (read the lyrics) (Fear  became the show’s most downloaded single with over one million digital sales,,, legends only)

The Comeback: The EXIT MOVEMENT

in 2015 it was announced that the group would be returning from hiatus in 2016, with a ‘comeback series’ with at least 4 project releases: EXIT:E EXIT:X EXIT:I EXIT:T (i don’t want to remember this lie, i cry every night)

watch the teasers because *cough* winner’s teasers are on whole other level, nothing will top winner’s teasers *cough*

WINNER - 2016 PROJECT ‘EXIT MOVEMENT’ TEASER FILM (x) (the most iconic teaser i’ve seen in my whole life i remembered i cried like a bitch that day)

Individual teasers: Mino (x) Taehyun (x) Seunghoon (x) Seungyoon (x) Jinwoo (x) (These teasers are the definiton of art)

The Covers: a number of musical covers of their title tracks were released as promotional teasers featuring Lee hi (x) Taeyang (x) Zion.T (x) Dean (x) AKMU (x) Katie Kim (x) GD (x) EPIK HIGH (x) (truly legendary when will anyone ever)

The MVS: BABY BABY (x) Sentimental (x) Taehyun’s solo I’m Young (x) You can also listen to the whole album here (x

(BEST COMEBACK OF 2016??? but ofc ppl kind of let them flop because ppl don’t appreciate talent smh,,,) a lot of shit happened after that i don’t want to remember it lol, there was no EXIT:E, no comeback, nothing

Taehyun l*ft the group and i still cry about it every night i hope i choke :)

Show Me The Money 3: (2014)

Bobby and B.I competed in the third season of SMTM, B.I was eliminated in the seventh episode while Bobby became the season’s winner (king of rap) listen to their tracks pls: Be I (x) / Go (x) YGGR (x) (warning: you will dab so much that you will break your neck) L4L (x) Bounce (x

MIX AND MATCH (2014) (warning: you will also cry a lot)

here is the link to the first episode (x) you will find the other episodes on the same channel (with eng subs)


(ikon don’t have mv teasers the fuck,,, I still don’t get it either)

My Type (x) Airplane (x) Rhythm Ta (x) Anthem (x) Apology (x) Dumb&Dumber (x) What’s Wrong? (x) #WYD (x) // you can listen to the whole album here (x)

(They slayed the charts with their songs MONSTER ROOKIES INDEED)

Watch their mv makings they are really funny and watch their live performances because their stage presence is no joke!


A hip-hop sub-unit consisting of Mino and Bobby

Bobby released his solo song (FINALLY) it’s called HOLUP! (x) (don’t dab too much you’ll break your neck!)

Mino released another solo song called Body (x) (full offense and not to be too biased but this was the best song of 2016)

After that they released their collab songs: Full House (x) and Hit Me (x)

FULL OFFENSE BUT THIS WAS THE BEST COLLAB OF 2016 BUT PEOPLE LET THEM FLOP ESPECIALLY THE WINKON ANTIS (those who only support winner or only support ikon,,, i don’t get it tbh how can you like ONE group while hating the other especially after knowing ALL WHAT THEY’VE BEEN THROUGH TOGETHER + THEY LITERALLY CONSIDER THEMSELVES AS BROTHERS THE FUCK)

Additional infos:

Winner’s fandom name: INNERCIRCLE (or incle if you want)

IKON’s fandom name: IKONIC

Bobby, B.i and Mino were featured in EPIK HIGH’s song BORN HATER alongside Beenzino, Verbal Jint (the best hip hop collab consisting of only legends of rap) you can watch it here (x) and Taehyun was featured in EPIK HIGH’s song: Spoiler (x) this song is truly a masterpiece just read the lyrics and try not to cry :’)

Bobby was also featured in MASTA WU’s song Come Here feat dok2 (x)

You can also watch winner’s weekly idol episode (i’m still waiting for ikon’s episode, it’s been 84 years)

Love for a thousand more: Jinwoo and Seungyoon’s web drama // link to the first episode (x)


I’m sure i forgot a lot of things but i hope this will help you! Feel free to ask me anything related to winkon ;))))))

AU where Bitty is in the NHL

this could go one of two ways.
1. bitty went to samwell with Jack, they still got together, Bitty gets scouted and recruited to: not the Falconers.<
-imagine jack and bits playing against each other
-but jack never checks him, not even if theyre fighting, not even if he’s losing (bitty cant check him bc hes smol but whatever)
-they keep hockey and their relationship separate, and also secret, but think about the playful competition
-jack takes hockey super seriously ofc but bitty helps him realize that hockey is meant to be fun too gd jack u robot
-both of them work at not passing the puck to each other bc they arent on the same team
-but, about that secret relationship
-bitty isnt super closeted. he has a vlog, he has twitter, the only ppl that dont know he’s gay are his parents but lmao they def know bitty is terrible at hiding it, but thats another story
-so, the press, uh, addresses bittys sexuality by putting together a montage of the vlog and links to the vlog and if they werent basically outing him the video would be cute as shit bc its bitty
-but, really, bitty never wanted to be closeted, and he never really hid it anyway. he talks to his parents, he talks to jack, and heres the plan.
-bitty comes out, but he’s so southern about it. like the press says something to him and bitty’s just “oh, y'all didnt know that?”
-so, bittys the first gay NHL player
-but lets talk about jack
-lets say, falconers v bittys team (whatever team he’s on is in new england. wherever bits and jack live is between their home stadiums) and maybe theres a falconer thats kinda a dick and a homophobe. jack isnt out, and its never come up before, but this guy (lets call him Dick) is a DICK. and he says something to bitty, maybe after checking him really hard, and jack just loses it.
-maybe jack is close by and he heard what dick said, and hes livid okay. this guy was sort of his friend, his teammate, and then theres bitty who’s crumpled on the ice and jack and bits make eye contact and bitty looks so shaken and broken and jack. just. loses. it.
-jack fights his own teammate on the ice. he gets dick’s helmet off and his own gloves off and doesnt stop until he can barely recognize the other guys face, because of all the blood, this dick who he thought was his friend, and someone is pulling him away, maybe half the falconers are pulling him away
-maybe its tater thats pulling jack away, jack whos still struggling to get back out there not to keep wailing on dick but to see if bitty is okay because he’s honestly over the anger (okay, maybe not 100% but hes more concerned with bits atm)
-but tater drags him to the showers and forces him under cold water like they do in all the sports movies when shit gets real and athletes be crazy
-fun fact: tater is like jacks bff second to shitty. but he doesnt know about jack and bits.
-and jack is so quiet that tater barely hears him when he asks what the hell happened out there. jacks tells tater that Dick just assaulted jacks boyfriend.
-and tater says. “alright. we kill him. but not on ice, too many camera”
-and jack laughs. tater laughs. jack is still shaking and ofc hes cold but hes calm now.
-hes calm when georgia comes around and his managers come around and he says hes doing press. and they are like “no. not happening” until jack singles out george and is like “i have something to say.” (george knows abt jack and bits so she thinks hes going to come out, but hes not) so he and george have a quiet convo about what he wants to say and george approves it and the managers/coaches are like wtf why are u letting this happen.
-jack does press. his knuckles are shredded and hes got paper towels wrapped around them and theres a bit of blood still but hes smiling.
-jack says ‘bittle is my friend. even if he werent i would not tolerate homophobia on my team’ (jack could be cap or not but anyway)
-press wants to know why its such a strong reaction, dicks face is wrecked, yadda yadda.
-‘bittle is my best friend’ jack says. cue chuckles from the press. somewhere in harvard shitty clutches his chest and screams 'ET TU, JACK?’ (he gets looks but when does he not)
-bitty is being checked out by the docs (hes all good) and is asked what he thinks about jacks reaction. bits is like 'it was stupid of him but nonetheless, i will make him a pie’
-jack gets a fine and a suspension (and a pie) dick gets a bigger fine and a longer suspension and has to make an official apology and go to sensitivity training.
-bitty scolds jack for being wreckless, he could have gotten hurt, maybe outed. and jack is like “i dont care what happens to me i care about you” and they make sweet sweet love and maybe, jack is thinking about coming out
-followers of bittys vlog (which he still does!!) make gifs of dick getting beat up, photoshop pies splattering on his head.
-and then, well, suddenly people are more interested in the bittle/zimmerman 'friendship’
-bittys vlog gets hits. not the new videos when hes in the nhl. the old ones. the samwell ones. especially the outtakes bits posted where a certain canadian pops up here and there
-articles about the two year period where jack and bits were on the same line at samwell. next game bitty is in he gets put on press. 'so, jacks your best friend’ 'id say so’ 'and youre gay’ 'yes’ 'is jack?’ and bits is so clever, and this is the chirp that goes down in hockey legend “jack is hockeysexual”
-(somewhere in the world, the smh crew are d y i n g of laughter. jack gets a million chick emojis in texts.)
-ofc the press are kind of dumb. 'hockeysexual?’ 'yeah,’ says bits 'he likes hockey.’ (later on jack is going to make a show of writing hockey on a post it and sticking it to bitty right after they have sex. bitty snaps a photo and saves it to post on insta later on…. much later)
-in the meantime jack and george are talking about uh, things, and she says that now might be a good time with all the positive media attention (theres negative media too about how jack shouldnt kick the shit out of his own team but mostly the press is ecstatic about fighting homophobia and the 'incredible bromance between players on different teams’ 'bromeo and dudeliet’–ransom and holster INSIST on being called bromeo and dudeliet)
-but jack isnt ready. no, hes ready to come out. he just has to do something first.
-before jack plays again, he proposes. (dont ask me how bc im a SAP and if i get started on a proposal story i wont stop.) but anyway bits says yes. and then a little bit later jack says hes going to come out but he wont tell bitty how, he just tells him to be ready for it.
-and uh, bitty has an away game while jack has a home game. and jack does press. and bittys on the team bus on the way to the stadium when suddenly his team starts whispering and glancing at him until finally theyre at the stadium and off the bus and his team dog piles him and congratulates him and bittys like ??? and suddenly theres a phone in front of him with a video
-and its jack doing press.
-the press (as they have been doing) try and get jack to address the rumors that he and bits are more than bffs, to which jack says
-'im not going to tell yall that hes my boyfriend’ (those in the know notice the yall. it becomes half the smh’s text tones for jack)
-the press murmurs dissapointedly but jack smiles and says 'because he’s my fiance’
-and bitty calls jack immediately and scolds him a bit, and tells him he loves him but 'dangit jack im about to play’ and jack is just like 'sorry not sorry’
-and bittys team wins. do a lot of the stadium know hes engaged to jack? yes. is there a little hate speech thrown at him? yes, like usual. one drunk guy gets his attention and says something like 'im not a gay but zimmy has an ass you can bounce a quarter off congrats dude!’ (bitty will always be suspicious that it was actually shitty in disguise)
-and bits. he does press. one guess as to what the press asks him about. 'no we havent set a date. no, our relationship has never affected the game–okay maybe the once but thats dicks fault. we ve been together since i was 20. no, the only time i try to win games for jack is when im playing against jack" cue chuckles.
-shitty and tater fight for best-manship. lardo is uncontested for bittys best man. there are a lot of smh hockey players in the wedding party.
-there is a lot of talk about how ppl think jack or bitty are going to be compromised by each other, that they shouldnt get to play for the sake of the sport. its a cheap way to disguise homophobia, and jack calls them out on it. bitty is just… 'bless their heearts’ and pulls a knife
-jack is suddenly appearing on bittys vlog more.
-also people are kind of irked that they didnt realize jack and bits live in the smae house. because at some point pre-coming out there have been 'welcome to the team’ fluff pieces where rookies show people around their houses and talj about what they like. first jack had one and then bitty. in the same house. these fuckers. YALL ARE NOT SUBTLE. (this is also how bitty vlog gets popular while hes a nhl star. bc he talks about his vlog. a lot.)
-cut to married zimbits. jack and bits drive to a game together, where theyre going to play each other, and the press paps them sharing a goodbye kiss before going to separate locker rooms.
-theres talk of maybe it would be best if jack or bitty get traded so theyre on the same team? which, that doesnt seem too bad to bits and jack. but. they have contracts. and they kind of like playing against each other. and it takes more than one player for a team yadda yadda jack and bits arent winning/losing alone
-years down the road bitty is a free agent (or whatever i dont really know that much about sports okay) and theyre both falconers players. bc bittys other option was to move to frickin canada (or vegas lmao could u imagine. with parson. poor jack) and also bc jack and bitty play so well together.
-lets end this story with the managers of the falconers face palming SO HARD bc bits makes jack a better player, jack makes bits a better player. the falcs had a chance to get bitty and they didnt bc idk, they had jack from samwell or maybe they compared him to jack tok much or maybe they couldnt compete with whatever bittys team offered to pay. and now they see what they could have had for years now and oh my god. side note- bittys got a stanley cup, jacks got a stanely cup, and now that theyre on the same team theyre gonna get another stanley cup.
-fear the stanely cup winning gay hockey power couple

but yeah. bitty in the nhl.

anonymous asked:

I was having a pretty shit day until I read your happy headcanons. They're so warm and fuzzy! Keep 'em coming!

awww sorry you had a shit day, hope todays better tho… but this message was so sweet thank you!

i got a family headcanon thing comin soon to own on dvd and video, but heres some more fuzzy shit :$)

-mulder adn scully cuddle at any possible opportunity.
like big family gathering? dont bother with the extra chairs, ill just sit on top of mulder!
wow, humans really do waste a lot of water per day, maybe we should conserve more… and that leads to mulder and scully sharing baths and showers for the sole purpose of environmental conservation. the only purpose. whatsoever.
jeez, this hospital bed is so cold. i could use some more warmth but theres not a thermostat in sight… scully what are you doing? climbing into my bed! well this is a welcome surprise.

-in the very beginning of their relationship, mulder was very nervous about being with scully, thinking he didn’t deserve her, that he was bad for her, etc, and one of the arguments that he used was “you deserve someone who will take you to brunch, to art museums, for walks in the park” and scully countered with “why can’t you do any of that. what if i want all of that, i just want it with my spooky partner who will point out aliens in renaissance paintings.

and so at least once a month, they go out to brunch then to an art museum and a walk in the park. mulder always makes a point of taking her past every statue and painting of people kissing, and then sticking his tongue down her throat. “life imitates art. right, scully?”

-the lazarus bowl got them hooked on crappy movies. anytime the shittiest, corniest, obvious trainwreck comes to their local theater, they go, make out in the back of the theater and then go to dinner and make fun of the parts of it that they did see.

-mulder has a list of the best huggers in the entire world:

1. Maggie Scully
2. Dana Scully
3. That Big Bald Beautiful Man

-the only reason maggie’s above scully is she always lets him have like a five minute long hug because lets be honest the man is kind of hug-deprived and she always smells like cinnamon buns right out of the oven and her cardigans are so soft and shes his new mom now.

-scully carried mulder over the threshold.

-ok i know this is another lazarus bowl one but hear me out:

the sex files still happens because of that movie and anytime scully’s out of town, the two can simultaneously be found watching it miles apart.

-mulder takes a weekly pottery class and by the time they actually got around to getting married, their “wedding china” was made up entirely of his creations. scully adores it and if anyone other than mulder breaks a plate they need to vacate the area for at least 12 hours.

-when william was born, mulder tried to stick tiny little vulcan ear tips onto his son’s ears and scully almost murdered him right then and there when she saw him putting him in a star trek uniform onesie

-they’ve been banned from at least four different dry-cleaners in the dc area because of unidentified substances on their clothes. it was almost five but the last one was luckily convinced that it was their son’s spit-up not mutant goop (again).

-scully and mulder are regulars at the batting cages and years later, they’re still going to that same one, but they get there and notice their son with his (future) husband and they just back away and go get ice cream. they write a review of the venue for the newspaper. “10/10 would recommend. my husband took me on our first date there. my son took his on his first date.”

-mulders been kicked out of multiple flea markets for “harassing the vendors” about “ghosts in their products”.

-their dog’s favorite chew toys are mulders ties.

-they have a fireplace and since mulder’s no longer afraid of fire, they curl up together in the winter, wrapped up in the same, huge blanket maggie made them and they fall asleep listening to the snowy wind whipping past the house. if it gets so bad, the wind is literally howling, tiny little scullys will toddle down the stairs with their baby blankets dragging behind them adn crawl onto the couch between their parents.

-the uber-scully’s history projects are always really something, given that their father has a million different takes on every event in history.

-mulder adn scully call each other “honey” as a subtle reference to the bees they didnt let beat them.

-scully HATES cooking. like with a fathom. she never was good at it when her mother tried to teach them kids, and anything that she tries to make always turns to crap. so in those rare occasions when she does have to cook, mulder always waltzes into the kitchen with a cd player, drops it on the counter and grabs her hips from behind and dances her around the kitchen until the mood is lightened. their second child was conceived shortly after he pulled this shit.

-mulder kisses every injury scully has. paper cuts? kiss. rolled ankle on the stairwell? unfortunately it was only a kiss while he was down there.

-*mulder clutching scully’s hand, tears forming in his eyes as he whispers*: “i don’t know if my being here… will help bring you back. but i’m here”.
scully then wakes up and locks him out of the room. ‘im pregnant with your miracle baby and you’re commenting on me sleeping a lot????“

-if one is out of town, they’ll fall asleep talking on the phone. will’s learned by now to check the master bedroom before he goes to bed to make sure the phone hung up properly and they’re not gonna be charged out the wazoo for his parents stupid “platonic” relationship. to this day mulder’s convinced that the phone magically making its way to the stand is an x file. william doesnt correct him he finds it too funny.

-theres a bakery in the town they live in thats run by a little old lady who adores mulder and his children and his wife and helps him brainstorm romantic things to do for scully because she deserves it miriam, she jsut deserves it so much. the kids go there to do homework sometimes if its bad enough weather that they can’t walk home and the buses aren’t running. she always gives- “what do your parents call you, sweetie? uber-scully’s?”- always gives the uberscullys hot chocolate adn the coveted seat by the radiator.

-maggie is the one who taught the uber scullys how to play poker.

-his children always beg him to act normal for open houses and school plays adn shit, and so whenever the event occurs, mulder always wears his pink, Rob Petrie polo shirt and tells the kids to “go shovel the driveway, it builds character! you know kids school plays are a scam created by the government. drink a gallon of milk a day, william, it makes you grow chest hair adn that makes you manly. GO HYPER-MASCULINITY!!!” and they just have to stand there and suffer. “mom, dads being weird again we just said we wanted him to not talk about aliens.” 

-mulder always gets really cut if skinner doesnt like his selfie. mulder’s not 100% sure what liking is -“will is it just when he texts me and tells me he likes it?”, “no he presses a button and it says he liked it.” “but how do i know.” “uuuuugggggghhhhhhhh dad he doesnt even follow you.” “wait how do you know that?” -and now, out of sympathy for his godchildren, skinner texts mulder to tell him he liked the selfie.

-they have a big bookshelf of sci-fi books in the study and he and scully take turns reading them to the kids, but occasionally he’ll be reading along adn find that a cryptid is spoken about inaccurately and mulder will just close the book and they pick another one. how dare they.

-the kids know the story of “bad blood” by heart and each take a different side. will thinks scully’s retelling is mostly correct but he definitely thinks hartwell had buckteeth. 

-when their children were babies, scully would occasionally find mulder asleep next to the crib in a very uncomfortable position, with his hand through the bars and the lil uber scully is just clutching his finger for dear life.

-mulder has a thing about big fuzzy wool sock and anytime he gets them it makes his day

-scully broke the kids out of school once because a researcher that had been an asshole to her in med school had come to lecture in town and mulder was in a meeting with skinner nad she needed a mulder spawn with their father’s throwing arm to help her egg the guys car. 

-mulder cant explain why a fuzzy pink sweater on scully turns him on so much, but it does. he gets it even worse when she wears it while traveling. “you okay mulder?” “not really and i dont know why…” 

-william was so proud, he ran out of school and out to a payphone and called the hoover building collect just to tell scully that they read a paper she wrote in his science class and he didnt know how to tell the teacher that he could recite the thing from memory because dad had been reading this stuff to him since he was a baby

-both the uberscullies and mulder are those lemon people. like you go to a restaurant with someone, and theres a lemon wedge on the water glass. and then they take it off and eat it like an orange. but its a lemon. but they eat it. 

-at a school dance, once they played “walking in memphis” and the scully children just exchanged looks adn groaned knowing what was about to happen.

-at movie theaters or restaurants or anything mulder and scully dont share soda cups or straws or anything, no “hey mulder can i have a sip?” because hes a filthy straw-chewer and scully doesnt approve until its later that night adn she realizes what talents came out of that oral fixation.

-bill scully jr wears socks on the beach. 

-mulder, and the offspring who share his hair genes, have a longer hair preparation process than scully, but she doesnt complain because she likes stroking it so much. 

kissing monsta x

heyooooo its me! back with another “kissing” segment!

bts ver.

and a quick lil ;) to @nqseo for givin me love and anticipating this one. love u hon!

being kissed by hyunwoo is what absolute security feels like. those muscles might be perfect for lifting, but they also keep you close and safe 25/8. he smiles a lot when he kisses you. squeezes you like theres no tomorrow. he likes innocent pecks rather than hot and heavy smooches. youre gonna have to tell him absolutely everything you want to do with him cause hes just gonna get so lost in kissing you, hes not gonna want to do anything else. once you do reel him out of that trance, babe, its over. its like a frickin switch with him. everything just intensifies and he gets a million times more aggressive than he was.

hun, grab a bottle of water, cause kissing hoseok is gonna tire the fuck out of you. this boy is a grabby little thing. he’ll start kissing you at the front door, somehow make it to the kitchen counter, to the floor, to the dining table, back to the floor, the couch, whatever it takes get kiss you at different angles. the vocal boy. the hot, vocal, kinky boy. just an overall good boy to kiss. 10/10 would recommend kissing said boy.

once minhyuk gets comfortable with you, kissing this boy is gonna be the most fun you’ll ever have. the type to laugh and make jokes while kissing you. he loooves hearing you when you kiss so he might try to quickly tickle you just to hear you; to know its him thats making you so happy. quotes all the cheesy movie lines because he knows they make you cringe (but of course you wouldnt have it any other way) for example, he saw you watching kim bokjoo and started to ask, “do you like m-” and you thought he was gonna say messi but ends up saying “minhyuk?” which results in a firm slap to his arm and smiley kiss to his lips.

kihyun is the sweetest kisser to have ever existed. cliche but goddamn, does he know how to make you gasp. he holds you very close and tells you whatever’s on his mind. sometimes he’ll stare at you more than actually kiss you. the best thing about kissing kihyun is the sighs he lets out when he first starts kissin u. #1 at giving random kisses throughout the day. vacuuming? kiss no. 1. you pass each other in the hall? kiss no. 2. cooking? kiss no. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. known as “the kisser” between you and the boys. not ever “the good kisser” he just kisses you so goddamn much its just “the kisser”

hyungwon is the king of lazy kisses. and i dont mean lazy kisses is all he has to offer. i mean that his lazy kisses are so good, they get you fired up. of course from time to time he’ll get just as energized from kissing you but kissing you in the morning or at the end of the night, when the least amount of energy is needed to show you love is what he loves most. morning kisses are his favorite tho. he gets to kiss you awake and see you smile at him as you ask for more.

kissing???? jooheon???? is as sweet??? as it is ever going to get????? he’ll come home from practice and you’ll hear a “baaaaaaby” from the front door and you immediately swoop in to plant one his lips. reason? he saw a scene from a movie where the guy picks up the girl and twirls her while kissing her and he absentmindedly said, “i want to do that with you every time one of us comes home to the other” he got so embarrassed but you stood up at the door, told him to stand up and get ready and you did it. he was so excited and literally when out the door, locked it, unlocked it, came in and did it two more times. eventually you might get tired of it but for now its the highlight of every day of your life.

changkyun is the most shy (hehohe didnt expect it did ya (maybe you did but whatever just feign surprise plz)) when it comes to kissing you. all that confidence on stage simmers down to nothing when it comes to you. he needs someone to be vulnerable with and thats you. his favorite past time is therapy sessions with you on the kitchen counter, standing between your legs, with little kisses after every sentence he pours from his heart. 

having fun being soft cause writing this sure made me soft as fuck

DON’T MESSAGE ME MEMES I FORGOT.  I REALLY CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. It fills up my inbox and is just really bothersome.
YES I’m gonna do one for 2017 because I have no self respect and too much time on my hands
in no particular order, the memes of 2016

  • jennifer lawrence being a huge jerk to the person on their phone cuz they wwre trying to translate somethint
  • cumslutscootaloo
  • me: why are aliens destroying the earth??? aliens: [x]
  • me: thats fair i understand
  • you fucked up a perfectly good monkey is what you did! look at it! its got anxiety!
  • mercrury retrograde
  • the boys are back in town
  • chungy
  • congratulations you played yourself
  • tag yourselves im the x
  • mario 64 HALF A PRESS
  • squidward dabbing
  • the fine bros copyrighting react videos
  • that one photo of marge simpson
  • waste his time (what it started out as was pretty shitty but then it got fuckijg funny)
  • bernie or hillary?  be informed. compare them on the issues that matter
  • jean stuff
  • is dabbing a meme or a trend
  • i heard that kylo ren has an 8 pack. that kylo ren is shredded.
  • that blond kid with the kazoo and the youre my special friend i dont know who he is but??? hes a meme
  • daaaaaaaaaamn daniel
  • ted cruz is the zodiac killer
  • jeb bush got bullied outta the election
  • pokemon sun pokemon moon
  • its time to stop
  • kanye wests cover art for his album
  • the death of the leonardo di caprio not getting an oscar memes was a meme itself
  • when the sun hits the x just right 👌🏻
  • i wondered why this movie was so visually pleasing (golden ratio used wrong everywhere)
  • let lesbians live (The 100 killed off another lesbian cuz god forbid we let the queer women live)
  • [glass him]
  • the snapchat face swap feature
  • a photographer took photos before and after tellijg people they were beautiful
  • who are you? im you but stronger
  • #memehistory
  • need me a freak like that
  • history of japan (that video was fuckin art)
  • •christian memes tbh that shit is wild 
  • sausage party
  • get a man who can do both
  • that one photo of mr krabs and everything is turning
  • this is descision 2016 (tumblrs april fools joke once again)
  • “can we listen to something other than ___”
  • breaking news
  • be careful who you call ugly in middle school
  • vaporwave
  • tumor toileta
  • I did nAUGHTt! Mister Electic send him to the principal's office and have him EXpelLed!
  • that one photo of skai jackson
  • that one photo of beyonce
  • the skai jackson photo beingg used with the beyonce photo and the kobe photo (the oned where they are silently like passive aggressivley exsisting)
  • power puff girls reboot???? might count as a meme??? just general hate for it its terrible
  • dark [x] show me the [thing that is hard to find with that x]
  • nanalan
  • the photo of squidwards eyes closed and they stay closed
  • LEMONADE and honestly wverything about that album was eventually a meme to some degree
  • the image of a finger pressing a key on a keyboard and its blue and it says something
  • chaotic good
  • dog or muffin?
  • youre on our radar!
  • dat boi (oh shit waddup)
  • to be continued/roundabout
  • boof
  • we are all
  • obi juan whoever the fuck you are… youre my only ho
  • honk if you love x
  • me.       my mutuals. 
  • dover
  • anything involving pokwmon sun and moon ESPECIALLY the starter pokemon
  • captain america civil war came out and thus became a meme again 
  • art vs artist 
  • please disconnect from the bluetooth speaker.  we need to talk. come downstairs
  • mutuals do this it’s really fun
  • the pic of caveman spongebob
  • x has been found dead in miami
  • that one thing of captin anerican saying “hail hydra” became a meme cuz i guess ppl were so mad they didnt know what else to do.  basically you drew a character saying something theyd NEVER in a million years say
  • alright tommy im leaving the house to do some errands see you in a bit
  • tthose photos of like “apple [a character u think is a bottom] jeans”
  • *inhale* you can be in the LGBTQA+ community and-
  • are you a or b? c or d? e or f? (cat person or dog person? day person or night person? things like that)
  • the cursed child plot became a meme itd SO BAD 
  • we are gamers
  • cracking ur knuckles and then writing crazy fast
  • britian left the european union
  • i would literally die if a boy did this to me (image of somehtig that would kill u)
  • old friends senior dog sanctuary facebook page
  • another spongebob one! using spongebob screencaps to represent similar things (ie each game in a series, characters in a series)
  • matpat gave undertale to the pope
  • that one image od the guy running towards where a green sign is pointing like hes middair 
  • clap 👏🏻 between 👏🏻 every 👏🏻 word 👏🏻 in 👏🏻 a 👏🏻 sentence 👏🏻 or 👏🏻 something 👏🏻
  • a submeme is dont call yourself an x if you havent y with the hands between each word
  • does pokemon go count? we had that meme that was like “but ms! theres a (pokemon) in (place the pokemon would likely be in our world)” but now the game came out and theres just pokemon go shit EVERYWHERE 
  • mighty number nine
  • that one picture of squidward lying in bed hella fucking terrified and spongebob outside his window (a lot of spongebob memes this year)
  • wholesome memes? like memes that r normally made at the expense of others being turned around to be nice to othwrs
  • taylor swift is a snake/rat
  • snake emoji
  • *inhales* BOI
  • north korea declaring war on the us
  • arthurs clenched fist 
  • photo of two guys waving at each other"same ___! same ___!“
  • “oh now this! this is beautiful”
  • michael phelps game face
  • how deep is this pool
  • IM RICK HARRISON AND THIS IS MY PAWN SHOP I work here with my dad and my son, Big Hoss. Everything here has a story, and a price. If there’s one thing I learned after 20 years, you never know WHAT is gonna come through That door.
  • i like dropping hints that im ___. im ____.
  • roses are red (weird headline or phrase)
  • #dicksoutforharambe
  • “the pupil of your eye can expand as much as 55% while looking at something you love”
  • 100 layers of x
  • we out here
  • ghat huy in a green body suit saying “im gay”
  • 🐍
  • nut
  • hooty hoo
  • does bruno mars is gay
  • “are you sure about that”
  • iphone 7 not having a headphone jack 
  • u vs the guy she tells u not to worry about
  • steven hawkings first post
  • the jackson hole live stream webcam thing
  • date a terf who… posts
  • stranger things titlecard
  • “this user [blank]” userboxes
  • cursed image
  • that photo of tom from tom and jerry coming out of a door with a hat on
  • me, an intellectual:
  • zoo wee mama
  • those amazon button press things
  • his hair? wack. me? tight as fuck
  • that one image of that black guy mid whip
  • hand slamming the blue button
  • 2016 presidential debate
  • wow try this! close one eye, tilt your phone, and look at this from the charger hole!
  • the water bottle flip trick
  • the naming ur kid after things u like but its like a tv show
  • pulling the lever to make the train kill one oerson instead if five people
  • how to start a conversation with a girl “hi” WRONG
  • idk if this is a meme persay, but there were a fuck ton of creepy clowns in the USA in October.  like.  that was a thing that happened.
  • owo whats this?
  • remember the psat memes from a year or two ago? that happened again this year
  • my longest “yea boi” ever
  • friendship ended with x now y is my new best friend
  • cryptid
  • name a more x …..ill wait
  • nintendo switch
  • “what  he listening to?”
  • vine being shut down (2016 was a bad year guys)
  • i arrive at the x
  • y: z (z is a state of being and y is a noun)
  • dick: out
  • i am forcibley escourted out of the x
  • i voted banner edits
  • [person] is real and they sucked my dick behind [chain store]
  • “theyre okay but they died”
  • 2016 election memes
  • can’t relate
  • me to me: that one picture of kermit the frog and another kermit who’s mouth is a tiny bit open and who has a black cloak on
  • anything from lazy town, specifically we are number one
  • joe biden and obama memes
  • had it not been for the laws of this land i would have slaughtered you
  • lightning mcqueen dies
  • the definition of perfection but its fuzzy, a thing of glasses being wiped, and then a character who you love
  • the mannequin challenge isnt a meme persay but i feel it has a place on this list
  • bode
  • name a more iconic duo…. ill wait….
  • no x we y like men
  • this bitch empty. YEET
  • x but y.  this meme had several subsets:
  • x but every time y happens z happens. (especially with replacing it with other things.) this was extra popular with the bee movie and we are number one from lazy town
  • x but every time y happens it gets faster
  • x but it keeps getting faster
  • the thing of one dude passing a sheet of paper to anoher dude and something dumb js in it
  • bone app the teeth
  • bee movie kinda made a comeback witht he whole the bee movie but
  • 25 miles <-  ¼ mile ->
  • If This Guy👦🙏 AINT Under My Tree🚷🌲On Christmas Morning🍆👌IM GON B PISSED🐸🍷Santa🎅👋Dont Come If U AINT Bringing Him 😏💦💯
  • take a fucking sip babes
  • youtubers exaggerating wildly in video titles
  • three images with the same content but they get more and more badly drawn and the descriptions get more ans more overly specific (increasigly verbose meme?)
  • example
  • nutshack theme
  • pinkest pink vs blackest black artists pettiness
  • removing the middle two panels of ctrl+alt+del strips
  • pinkest pink vs blackest black
  • me at the beginning of 2016 and me at the end of 2016
  • send nudes

also i guess tumblr cant fucking bullet images so here’s the images that i had originally spread throught the list but fuck me i guess

  • what he listening to?

• that thing where the drawing gets worse and worse and the words get more and more extra descriptive (it was originally here but tumblr hates me i guess? anyways)

happy new year everyone. i hope 2016 is writhing in it’s grave

biyoosung  asked:

i love your blog and headcanons so much!! if it's alright with you, could i request some headcanons for drunk rfa + saeran?? :o

i love you so much!! yes, yes you CAN


  • The Sad Drunk™
  • so much crying
  • Seven told him his fly was down and he cried for 20 minutes
  • also if you think he talks about Rika too much when he’s sober
  • you should see him DRUNK
  • “hey Yoosung, can you help clean up a bit?”
  • “Rika used to clean”
  • also: 0 to 100 real quick
  • one second he is crying over Rika
  • the next second he literally just punched V in the face???
  • and Zen is like ??? arent there rules against punching a blind dude ??
  • please keep Yoosung away from alcohol


  • Zen is just himself x1000 drunk
  • if he so much as sees his reflection in a SPOON he is GONE
  • also, every single time Zen gets drunk around other people he wants to play spin the bottle
  • it happens every single time
  • also most times he’ll try and convince someone to go with him to egg/TP Jumin’s penthouse
  • “hey…whaddya say me and you go egg that ass hole trust fund kids house?”
  • “are you referring to Jumin?”
  • “y-yea that guy”
  • “Zen, im Jumin”
  • “are…are you saying you dont want to egg your house?”
  • drunk Zen just wants to kiss everyone and deface Jumin’s property in some way


  • wine mom
  • similarly to Zen, she will often talk shit about Jumin while he is well within ear-shot
  • also probably accuses him of being a furry
  • and he’s like ??? IM RIGHT HERE ???
  • also keep elly far, far away from Jaehee when she’s drunk
  • Jaehee was staying at Jumins penthouse watching elly once and she got drunk there
  • she like, legit got into an argument with that cat
  • it almost got physical
  • Jumin watched the whole thing via security tapes and didnt know whether to be scared or LAUGH HIS ASS OFF
  • poor Jaehee


  • it takes a lot to get Jumin drunk alright
  • but when he does, oh man
  • Jumin is so sassy when he’s drunk
  • like roasting people left and right
  • “Yoosung, are you crying over Rika again or because you cant get a girlfriend?”
  • ZING
  • “hey Zen, hows that actors salary treating you?”
  • ZING
  • he is on FIRE
  • and everyone in the room hates him


  • i personally headcanon Seven as the Designated Driver™ like, every time
  • but on the rare occasion that he lets himself get drunk
  • he’s like, a MEGA downer
  • like the first time the RFA got Seven drunk they were like hehehe this is gonna be so great!! what if he tries to jump off the roof or something lolololol!
  • “do you guys every think about how none of us will ever make a difference on this tiny little planet?”
  • “and even if we did, what would it matter? the human race wont even be here in a couple million years”
  • “and in a few billion years, not even the earth will be here”
  • “so why are we here now? whats the point of us being together? its impossible to do anything that matters, so why do anything at all?”
  • “if any one of us vanished the universe would continue as it always has, unbothered. unmoved. our existence in this world leaves as much of an imprint as a hand does in a bucket of water”
  • Zen takes Sevens beer and pours it out into the sink
  • thats the last time they do that


  • sleepy 
  • clingy
  • whiny
  • and sometimes grumpy!!
  • “i wanna go hoooomeee”
  • “Saeran, we’re at home right now”
  • “i want ice creaaaaaammmmmaahhh”
  • “theres ice cream in the freezer”
  • “i want different ice creeeaammmmmaah”
  • Seven will be sitting on the couch and Saeran will lay on the couch and put his head in Saerans lap
  • “Saeyoung…i’m tired…”
  • Seven wants to YELP but just looks at MC and mouths the words oh my god
  • MC gives him a thumbs up
  • sometimes Seven will get Saeran drunk just so he’ll be nicer
  • he’s a good brother he SWEARS

thanks for reading!!! hope you liked it LOLOLOL

Dating Alex Standall Would Include (Male Reader):

hey guys! sorry it took me so long to get this out, ive just been super busy this week. again, this is super long and i feel like i could have done better, but i didnt want to keep you guys waiting so long. thank you for your patience! please give me your feedback!


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  • the first time you officially meet alex, youre completely unprepared
  • its the first day of junior year and even though its only third period youre already exhausted
  • youre one of the first students to walk in to ap english and youre horrified to note that this class not only has the desks paired of in twos, but also has a seating chart
  • you take you assigned seat (thankfully in the back of the class) and wait for more students to file in with baited breath
  • you decide to just pop your headphones in scroll through twitter instead of watching the door like an idiot, ignoring the anxiety that comes with being in a new class
  • its about a minute before the bell rings when someone plops down next to you, startling you away from your phone

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ik theres a million posts like this out there but like @new artists: dont let this hypercritical ‘cringe’ culture internet bullshit discourage you from pursuing and making art. do not be ashamed to draw, write, or make art bc you worry others will make fun. your art is yours only and we all start somewhere. 

you dont have to write out a full novel at first, you can practice and work up! 

youre allowed to not be perfect! youre allowed to make mistakes! and that shouldnt keep you from sharing things youre proud of. 

and when it comes to content? as long as you arent hurting anyone, make what you want to !!! want to write a 20 chapter self insert piece about that show youre into? do it !! want to draw yourself kissing your fav character? do it !!!! fan fiction and art are great for when youre starting out ! 

trust me, i used to write the most embarrassing ‘scene girl oc dating some emo band member’ fan fiction constantly but you know what? i dont regret it! because even though my writing wasnt great back then, through writing things i enjoyed to, my writing drastically improved super quick !!! 

and when i wrote those things, i had a huge amount of loving people reading along and complimenting my chapters, giving me advice, and encouraging me to keep going! and that helped me so much, and if i didnt have that, who knows where my writing would be today?

basically dont be ashamed of your art, do your best, practice, and show off what youre proud of ! and if anyone tries to put you down for it, block them ! delete their responses if you can ! push away that negativity and try to remember that you are growing, you are improving, and your art is yours, and that makes it a masterpiece in its own !!!

Mix of …some… of my AUs Tonys. Some Ive never even posted…. Liiike King!Tony finding Genie!Jarvis. Witch!Tony who King TChalla goes to to cure himself of his werepanther-ness that has been plaguing his family for generations.

Under the cut is brief explanations and links… LOL (or I should have done all that but eventually gave up because im lazy.)

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