i dont know what they even were fighting about

How the season should begin
  • Oswald: it's kinda hot in here
  • Edward: *crawling on the floor, shivering*
  • Oswald: *grabs gun* wow who knew you were gonna be warming up to me
  • Edward: *hugs Oswald's leg*
  • Oswald: I don't know can we
  • Edward:
  • Oswald: wait did you just apologize
  • Oswald: it was a clone made in a lab if i remember correctly
  • Edward: But-
  • Oswald: yep
  • Edward: she was-
  • Oswald: uh huh
  • Edward: how did you-
  • Oswald: strange told me
  • Edward: I-
  • Oswald: Ivy carry him out
  • Ivy: >:)

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The rfa reacting to an mc who is really self conscious about their loud, obnoxious laugh?



  • it happens when Yoosung and MC laugh at something at the same time
  • they BOTH go to cover their mouths
  • they BOTH try to apologize for laughing
  • “oh, sorry my laugh is so-”
  • “no, no, you’re laugh is fine! i’m the one who-”
  • Yoosung and MC make eyes contact while he’s still talking, then they both burst into laughter again
  • “you call that an obnoxious laugh, MC? did you hear me just now?”
  • “yea, i did, and your laugh is like tweeting birds compared to my cackle”
  • “i think its cute”
  • MC blushes and smiles, then playfully pushes on Yoosungs shoulder
  • “dont lie just cause you like me”
  • he raises one hand and places the other over his chest
  • “hey, hey look! i’m not lying. i swear, on my honor”
  • “what honor?”
  • MC bursts into laughter again
  • just the sound of their laugh makes Yoosung laugh again
  • they are a giggling mess but they love it


  • him and MC are watching TV together
  • and he just cant figure out why they keep holding in their laughter
  • like its really obvious, cause they’ll put their hand over their mouth and make a little noise like they’re about to laugh
  • and after a bit he’s just like hey…i wanna hear you laugh…
  • so he waits until they’re holding it in again
  • right when they’re about to burst…
  • tickle attack!!!!
  • they explode into laughter, unable to hold it in
  • MC tries to fight against Zen, to no avail
  • “gah, no!!! stop, please!”
  • he releases MC and they sprawl across the couch, breathing heavily
  • “sorry about…my laugh…?”
  • Zen smiles warmly 
  • “what laugh? i think i forgot it already”
  • he hovers his hands menacingly over MC’s sides
  • “no, no, please!”
  • “you mean….this laugh?”
  • Zen suddenly tickles MC again, and they laugh!!
  • “i dont know, i think this laugh its pretty cute”


  • Jaehee isnt exactly the life of the party ok
  • but even she likes to make jokes every once in awhile
  • once while her and MC were out together she made some offhanded joke about Jumin being in love with his cat
  • and MC cracks up
  • they start apologizing
  • and Jaehee is just so amazed that anyone laughed at her joke
  • from that point on she jokes around MC all the time
  • once Zen, Jaehee, and MC all hung out together
  • and Zen was like shit Jaehee i dont think i’ve heard you crack this many jokes since…..well….ever.
  • “its not me, blame MC! they’re the one who laughs at me and encourages me!”
  • “i cant help that you’re funny!”
  • Zen laughs and rubs the back of his neck
  • “you two really are perfect for each other, arent you?”
  • um heck yea they are


  • i feel like Jumin would get really emo about it
  • “oh, sorry Jumin, my laugh is so obnoxious-”
  • he would grab MC’s hands and look deeply into their eyes
  • “please, dont apologize. laughter is such a precious thing, no matter what it sounds like”
  • “ah, Jumin-”
  • “my dear, its been so long since ive had a reason to laugh. we shouldnt take for granted things that make us so happy that we have to show it physically”
  • “yea but-”
  • “your laughter is a reminder to me of the thing on this earth that makes me the most happy”
  • “wh-what is that?”
  • Jumin leans in and nuzzles MC’s nose
  • “you”


  • obnoxious? are you kidding me?
  • he loves that shit
  • he remembers so vividly the first time he heard it
  • it was when he sent something stupid to the chat and he heard MC’s laugh over the cctv
  • pure and uncensored since they had no one to hide it from
  • he knew he had to call them as soon as everyone left the chat room
  • he’s gotta hear that laugh again
  • over the phone he tried his best to make MC laugh, starting out with a classic “youve been hacked” joke
  • but he noticed that when they laughed, they started to cover their mouth and tries to stifle it
  • nope, nope, nope, he was going to get that laugh out if it killed him
  • he tried everything, he did his best teddy bear impression and even made some weird ass noises
  • it wasnt until a few phone calls later that he finally got it out
  • “HAH! there’s that laugh!”
  • “wh..what? what about my laugh? its so stupid, right?”
  • “no no no no!!! i love your laugh”
  • “you…you do?”
  • “um wow would you look at the time i’ve just gotta go back to work have a good day dont skip dinner ill call you later!”
  • phew, that was close


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why do you ship kaisoo like they are real?

Excellent question. I will actually give you a list of my own opinions and reasoning about why I think kd is actually real, think of it as my essay plan.  screw it. I am currently half way done and this is an essay. 

1. They go way back. Predebut: ji hates coffee, he even has a hard time knowing what coffee and fish sauce taste like, but he said in eggso second box that he goes to the coffee shop every day with ksoo. what is this courtship. and don’t forget the selfies. butt to dick ones. 

2. Closeness. Hell ksoo loves eggso, and jongin does too, that IS a fact. But absolutely no one can deny how close they are. In eggso showtime, there is a footage of ksoo being so adorable, like a second dad to ji’s pups. Think about this, ji might not even have chances to visit his pups frequently, yet there ksoo is, being a dad. Do you think this is evidence that they visit each other’s home very often? who knows. 

3. The looks. There are numerous gifs showing ji intensely staring at ksoo when he is doing absolutely NOTHING. And yo know that look when you love someone and if you are like me, stare at fy blog’s hd pictures with sparks in my eyes and a small smile on my face? that is the lok ji gives to ksoo. Oh, and never forget the gulping and starring ksoo did when he stared at JI dancing. It even got slightly out of pg. And Let me recall. Ksoo literally said he will fall in love with him seeing him dance on stage. (because he is sexy)

4. The compliments. In eggso second box interview they just can’t stop complimenting each other. Let’s remember the rules here, it is 200% common for bros to playfully BURN each other, say e.g what ji said about ch_en in their interview, uh huh. @ch_en, ji would never date you if you are a girl!! sorry mate! But what if kd are lovers. Ofc lovers are used to genuinely complimenting each other, they just can’t help falling in love with the other’s flaws as well. whipped

5. Jagiyah. ofc i had to include this. This is self explanatory. moving on. 

read more

6. ksoo’s tentativeness towards JI. ksoo cares about everyone in eggso. He is, I believe, a caring and loving person under his manliness. And this should be highlighted, because no matter how much he wants to keep his stage-self on stage, he always shows a soft spot for ji. He does it to cyeol, and others too, but this is worth mentioning because off and on stage, he is the one most frequently seen to hold ji’s chair, hold him, check up on him when he is injured etc. (other members also pamper Ji too ofc) 

6. body languages and touches. Things are getting real because this is almost scientific. Body language is a uni subject, it involves unconscious actions of humans and those often don’t lie. And body lang for intimacy are as following: grooming partner’s clothing: e.g when ksoo always picks dust off ji’s clothes, or helping ji tie a ribbon on his shirt. Doing these are often considered rude if you are not close or intimate with the other. And ofc neck touches, torso touches and UPPER ARMS touches are often seen in kd interactions. These are sensitive areas humans protect against people they are not close to, since these are where your vital organs, or most of your sensory neurons are. These touches are often only occur between real lovers. (more at my senpai @sleepingsoo @cckaisoo @kaisooology )

7. special mention about kd’s touches often involve touching each other with THEIR WHOLE HAND. e.g spread fingers + the whole of palms touching the other like they can’t get enough. This happen very frequently between lovers, (esp places like inner thighs, sides neck which occur abit less less between close bros.) 

- another sepcial mention: their body always unconsciously face each other, this is a strong sign of attraction. 

8. s-m’s cockblock program. It is fairly obvious. All their events are cockblocked by members, and they are never in fan signs tgt. s-m never shipped them, thats a fact. Like what did we really get? ok maybe a cute little photo with ksoo’s head on ji’s shoulder, a fansign with their desks miles apart, a probably script - checked interview. oh and what else? lets be real, look at xiu_chen, they get shoutouts, and ofc recently se-soo, how come they don’t get cock blocked. shady mofos trying so hard to hide things aren’t they? But honestly, you guys fail at making things natural, you only cause suspicion, so just let them interact with peace please, I trust them they know their responsibilities, they probably care more about their career than shady mofos will ever care about them as humans.

9. April first’s secret night. All I can say is, shady mofos probably ganged up with dispatch to make a fairly huge april fools joke. haha fools be fooled. Honestly look at their facial expression, and tensed non confident body gestures that night. some can argue ksoo is just supporting his bro and sad that his bro is sad. but he cried. He only ever cried twice on stage(?) once his eyes was wet during mama2014, but on april fools, he shows how he empathized enough to the extent that he even slipped his true feelings on stage. I say he must be involved, rather than just sympathizing his bro at the side. And don’t forget their secret glances, when someone is truly sad or in misery, their faces don’t lie. How would you feel if your loved one is announced to be dating someone else, and to top that is getting hate from ‘fans?’ I would cry till I am dry. 

10. couple clothes. esp the mickey ones and the bracelet

11. the head touch head selfies. yall really aint gotta be so close every time. 

12. late night valentines movie date. and we had BLURRY PHOTOS NOT HD ONES THAT SHOW FACES AND NO DISGUISE. cough

13. hell ksoo is close to t-min. isn’t it just so normal for someone to be close with your hoe’s bro. it makes sense. 

14. they never stopped. yes there were dry periods, but couples can sometimes fight too, and we know so little about what is going on with their off stage life. just remember, couples don’t need to kiss hug and touch 24/7 to maintain a relationship. even my parents only see each other like i dont know, 12 hours a day and they are still very strong. (I’ve never seen them kiss or even hug in my whole entire life and I am 18, i don’t know what to feel, BUT THEY ARE STILL TOGETHER AND IN LOVE OKAY)

13. KD make each other happy and extremely joyous. needless to say, things ifans or even kfans can do for their idols is very limited. All I wish for my idols, is that they are happy. And I can see they make each other so, truly, and genuinely. They laugh at small inside jokes, they look at each other when embarrassed, they mention each other all the time in interviews, they smile they joke they laugh, they touch and they are there for each other. What more is needed to say? relationship #goals#

nope please don’t come to me and ask me how I would react if they are actually dating girls, because despite this, I love them individually. This is never about me approving or disapproving any relationships. This is about me seeing they make each other happy, there are bases that they are actually in love, and I want to protect them, esp from people who send hate to idols for being non straight or think idols can never be non straight, or say that its wrong for idols to be non straight.

you try having someone tell you you can’t be straight for your entire life and that you have to hide for being straight. You try bro you try. 

ps am i intruding their privacy?i still dont have their credit card number phone no sex tape home address, hell i don’t even know their moms name, so please don’t ruin my nice asks streaks neither tysm. 

more analysis and spams at @kaisdonuts @jongsooyah @magiclitchii @jonginsacne @faakeid  etc etc etc goodbye @ me for random shoutouts

i have so much more opinion, but you are probably bored before reading this sentence so peace out and spread kaisoo love everyone.

end. Remember to buy my book, it will be released never.

Charles was badly wounded from a Big fight he had since he was protecting your honor against a couple of coments you both heard in the tavern from drunk pirates of another crew. You were attending his wounds and trying to keep him awake and not hurting him so much since he was already in pain even though he never admitted or showed.

“ You didn’t have to do that, I don’t care what people say about me being around you and your crew, I know what I am Charles and I dont want you to fight until you get to this point” You sighed heavily and sadly cleaning the last wound he had on his chest.

“ You are with me and I won’t ever let anyone disrespect you, they needed to learn how to keep their mouth shut and I dont care how I end up in the end of the fight, your honor is important for me.”
Charles deep voice was the only thing you could hear in that moment and you nodded not wanting to argue with him since he was too much tired.

“ promise me you will be more carefully in choosing your battles please, and the next time I fight them since I learn how to do it from the best” You smiled softly at him and Charles grabbed your hand kissing slightly.

“ I know you will fight, that’s why I loved you y/n”

You froze in the spot at Charles words, he never spoke those things to you and you thought he was just alucinating from the opium he smoked previously, Charles noticed your face and reaction and smirked slightly.

“I think you need to rest since you are speaking none sense”

You tried to stand up but Charles grabbed a hold of your wrist pulling you into him.

“ It’s a nonsense a man confessing his love to someone that he loves truly? And please stay with me just one night, that’s all I’m asking”

Charles gave you a a child like face and you were never strong enough to say no, so you just smiled and nod your head while taking a place next to him laying down with his hand intertwined on yours, Charles put both hands on his chest and smiled to himself feeling at peace in that moment you both shared.

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Can you write headcannons for how the rfa act during a fight/how they make up?

i have to be honest with you here, angst is my favourite so i hope you’ll enjoy this!!!! made this a bit too long tho? whoopsies



⥁ guess what our boy done? HE DONE DID IT

⥁ he forgot your damn birthday!!!!!!! no way i cant believe he lowkey did that i am dumbfounded your birthday lowkey that got you sad as hell

⥁ you were getting so excited you were expecting BIG THINGS 

⥁ well not really i mean at least you’d hoped to be spending it with him thats all you wanted he was already enough the love of your life 

⥁ but still you knew zen was a a hopeless romantic so nevertheless you thought something cute would pop up right 

⥁ HELL NO he didn’t talk about it all day this damn boy 

⥁ “i mean im sure he just wants to act as if he forgot but he probably didn’t and he’s just waiting the end of the day for a surprise.. RIGHT”

⥁ he actually.. leaves because he says his director called him they have to talk about some stuff for his next movie

⥁ “i’ll try to come back early MC!” ok but still some hopes left??

⥁ you’d make dinner for both of you while he’s gone even though you wanted to spend the whole day with him on this special day you knew work was so important 

⥁ but it was already past 11pm and no signs of him no texts no nothing you were confused

⥁ and then well it just hit you that he may have forgotten it 

⥁ so you were just convincing yourself that it was okay and it wasn’t all that important but truly your eyes were welling up a few seconds after you’re just well on sobbing


⥁ “MC baby? are you here? wait what’s di-” 

⥁ he rushes to y’alls room all panicking and stuff and then he sees your puffy red eyes and wet tears. he freaks out.

“wait why are you crying did someone do this to you? what the hell? oh- OH OH WAIT”

⥁ hits him. fuckinh hard.

⥁ man he spends the night apologising and he’s crying and he’s calling himself the worst boyfriend and its just a whole mess both of u crying what the hell

⥁ the next day he just pampers u and takes you out on the crazing date

birthday sex lol


⥁ this is lowkey your first fight i mean jaehee is just so calm about everything yanno

⥁ somehow you just feel like she isn’t giving you enough attention? always at work

⥁ but not only that even before your relationship you were so unsure wether she liked you or not and went through so many hardships

⥁ and NOW you feel like its happening all over again like you just dont know you feel as if she treats you as a friend nothing more


⥁ so she comes back home after work and shall i add she’s still on the phone with jumin

⥁ you’re lowkey starting to get pissed at this point????????why???????

⥁ “hey baby” she just looks at you and PROCEEDS TO ENTER THE HOUSE

⥁ man i cant tell you how red you are at that moment its crazy 

⥁ you couldnt stand it so you just actually cracked up at that moment you didn’t even try to contain yourself you were already so full of it 

⥁ “OH OKAY so that’s how it is now Jaehee Kang? Okay. Right.”

⥁ girly is shook she drops her phone by accident and you see yourself out of the room and actually head to your shared room because you didn’t want her to see you tear up

⥁ she’d follow up because she’s so confused and just go “what’s wrong?” with her hand on her hip like girl

⥁ anyway you’re just crying at this point and you start ranting about how you think she doesnt love you and she shuts you up with a kiss



⥁ i mean yoosung is way too precious so i don’t think he’d do anything to harm you he loves you so much 

⥁ so your first fight would probably end up being him ignoring you maybe? or you feel as if he doesn’t support you that much


⥁ you were just absolutely stressed like crazy because you had your finals coming up 

⥁ and yoosung promised you he’d help you study and make you revise and all that shit you know?

⥁ but GUEsS WHAT there was a sort of special event on LOLOL “man it’s totally crazy i cant miss this!!!!!!!!” he’d say 

⥁ that kid didn’t even bother i mean he was just too focused on his game and it was 2am now and you were so stressed and starting to lowkey get upset 

⥁ he didn’t keep his promise? and you felt like you were going to fail everything and you could hear him yelling “YEAAA BOIIIII” all the way to your room

⥁ you finally snapped. literally.

⥁ stomped into the living room and just “i can’t believe this yoosung damn it im trying to study i have my fucking (yoosung gasps) finals tomorrow and i cant study because you keep getting hyped up in here-

⥁ and then you actually just broke in and tears started slipping down your cheeks and hiccups were arriving

⥁ yoosung was on his ass his mouth was on the floor he could not even react he couldn’t believe this was happening  

⥁ seeing him just sitting there you just sighed and your sobs just accentuated so you walked away muttering “you even promised to help”

⥁ our boys suddenly WAKES THE FUCK UP and feels so guilty and he runs to you and hugs you so tightly 

⥁ he’s the one crying now he apologises 39373 times


⥁ man he helps you study and its so comforting and YOU ACTUALLY FEEL LIKE YOU’RE GOING TO ACE EVERYTHING


⥁ we all know this man is secretly an angsty teenager up inside 


⥁ ok but you were losing sleep over this? somehow it just made you stress so much knowing he’d just get mad over the tiniest things sometimes

⥁ this week was one of those weeks 

⥁ boy would get so pressed you just hid in your room he wouldn’t even say goodnight anymore BOY HOW THE FUCK YOU DO THIS

⥁ you’d just stroll down the hallway he’d claim you’re making too much noise??? WHAT

⥁ hell it was horrible but you actually wanted you know to try and cuddle with him?? you TOOK YOUR CHANCES ALRIGHT

⥁ it was really late at night maybe 2am something like that and you had woken up just randomly that seemed to happen to you when you knew seven was still out there on his laptop

⥁ so you decided on a strategy to get him to bed so y’all could cuddle because you missed those so much

⥁ you got a tray and put some snacks a drinks on it and slowly but surely take them to him and nudge his shoulder while “hey babe i got this for you”

⥁ this boy is wild he lowkey pushes you away AND THE TRAY FALLS ALL OVER YOU AND YOU’RE ALL WET AND EVERYTHING’S DIRTY and your ass is on the floor and that hurts 

⥁ you stay there in shock i mean you couldnt believe he literally just pushed you away like that

⥁ you start crying and you’re so mad at that moment because you’ve been trying so hard for him and he just goes and does this 

⥁ he is in shock and he cant believe he’s done this either truly???

⥁ you get up and just decide to take your coat because u want to go out for a walk even though its 2am you need fresh air


⥁ he catches up and begs you not to go and he’s crying and shaking and saying he’s sorry and cant stop just saying he doesnt deserve you 

⥁ he drags you inside and you have a  talk but it ends well dont worry y’all cuddling up in bed and whispering i love you endlessly’s as soon as its done


⥁ this man right here. of course. you’d have lil fights from times to times but this one well ehh

⥁ he’d come back late and never bother to talk to you i mean what the hell 

⥁ completely decline you emotionally  you felt as if he was never there for you these last couple of days and you weren’t used to it at all

⥁ he’d just prioritise work all the damn time and that made you so so sad 

⥁  not to mention your week was wrecking college was not going good and emotionally you couldnt handle anything 

⥁ you just wanted his kisses and his hugs and his comforting words but you weren’t getting any of that and that absolutely broke you 

 “later mc” “yeah” “i have work” “im busy” “next time” “would you please stop talking im trying to answer to a business mail”

⥁ that was insanely harsh on you elizabeth 3rd even felt your sorrow she’d cuddle up

⥁ friday night after the longest day of college you’ve ever had you just came back in the verge of tears your day went horribly wrong in all the ways it could have 

⥁ lost your money for lunch bad grades coffee spilled all over your clothes arguments with your friends i mean you were a WHACK lets face it 

⥁ came home looking like a wreck you honestly needed comfort thats all you were asking for 

⥁ but this business man was up in his bureau door closed you were shy to just get it 

⥁ but too tired to even try to think about it you just got in and called his name

⥁ he glanced at you for like one nano second and just got back to his work “i have important work right now so just leave lets talk about this later yeah?”

⥁ your jaw dropped. y’all know what else dropped. YOU DROPPED Him jk you couldnt but you were shocked

⥁ you cracked right there and then. “OH. Sorry Mr. Han please warn me next time your girlfriend has a horrible day she needs to take a damn appointment to fucking get to talk with you or at least acknowledge her ok noted.”

⥁ left the room before he had the chance to speak up and before you started bawling your eyes out. you decided to leave the apartment for a few hours or else you’d get an anxiety attack

⥁ you  came back an hour later because it was cold as hell outside and you weren’t ready for that and as soon as you entered the apartment you saw a stressed out jumin sat on the couch with his phone and your phone right next to him

⥁ his hair was all over the place and his face was so pale it was scary 

⥁ as soon as he saw you entering the door he just FELT SO MUCH BETTER HE WAS ABOUT TO GET A HEART FAILURE 

⥁ man he ran to you and took you in his arms and just 

⥁ “i’ll never be this careless ever again you’re my princess im so sorry i apologise this isn’t enough i love you so damn much please forgive me”

⥁ that went on the whole night but let me tell you THAT y’all kissed LIKE NEVER BEFORE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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if there was no reason, why you left? just want to understand. and what about fighting for what we want? shouldnt i go fight for her to give another chance? we get along, we were friends above all. and we still talk, not much as before, just friendly to know what happening in our lives, should it end? i mean, i dont have hopes, just want to be a friend for her

Unless she reaches out to you for friendship, she doesn’t want to be a friend. She may have even said it in the past to let you down easily, but unless she is texting you first, she doesn’t want to be your friend.
I think a lot of men have been trained by romance movies to believe in fighting for a girl, but if she left you, it’s been a year, and she is with someone else, all signs point to not having a friendship with her.
As for why I left, I just didn’t think there was a reason to stay. Things could be fine but I’m not looking for something that I have a lot of feelings towards not just going through the motions

u ever try to explain anime to people who were never into them? its fucking impossible and also embarrassing as fuck. i was telling someone abt how me and my elementary school best friend used to play “tokyo mew mew” and they asked what that was and i had to explain like “its this show about girls who have animal dna and fight aliens in cute dresses and also theyre waitresses and all named after food” and just so u all know tmm was weird and i still dont get it. what was it even ABOUT for real pick 1 thing. either a Food Theme or an Anmal theme. i had an oc for it her name was choco and she was some type of butterfly.

i just remembered when my cousin told me about how his teacher and his teachers first wife would fight because they would yell at each other in their own language, he is american and was living in russia for a few years and his wife was russian, and because she didnt know english very well and he didnt know russian well either they had a russian-english dictionary and would pass it back and forth between themselves so they could keep screaming at each other and after a certain amount of time they finally realized that what they were doing was ridiculous and laughed about it in the end and idk i thought imagine your otp doing that

Live A Little (Final Part)

(In case you missed it, here’s part 3)


Groaning, you locked your phone, immediately sliding off the bed to the floor. Laying on your back, you stared up at the ceiling, completely torn.

First Calum decides to throw his feelings at you, and then in a matter of minutes, Ashton decides to do the same thing.

But who do you choose?

Or do you choose between them at all?

Did you even have the right to choose? 

They were best friends, you could be the thing that breaks them apart. The reason their friendship shatters between them.

You knew you couldn’t do that.

Shaking your head, you got up, making your way to the front door, not bothering to text Ashton back.

This was something you had to do in person.

Once arriving to the house, you walked up the driveway hearing muffled shouting coming from inside.

Ringing the door bell, you were greeted by a very distressed Luke, groaning at the sight of you.

Jesus Luke, its nice to see you too”

Ignoring you, he quickly shut the door behind him, slightly pushing you to turn around.

You need to leave. Nows not a good time. Try back tomorrow… or next week. Yea… next week would be good.”

Pushing his hands off of you, you turned around, staring at him with annoyance.

“Sorry to burst your bubble Luke but i need-”

Before you could finish your sentence, you were cut off by a loud crash coming from the house.

Both wide eyed, you rushed inside, instantly hearing Calum’s voice.

You knew how i felt about her, and yet you still DIDNT CARE

It doesn’t matter, SHE WAS MINE FIRST

Rushing in the living room, you saw Michael trying to hold Ashton back while Luke ran over to keep Calum from rushing forwards.

Quickly glancing around, you noticed various objects were shattered across the house.

They had been fighting.



Snapping back to what was happening in front of you, you focused again on the boys.



As he was yelling, Ashton pushed Michael away, instantly running towards Calum.

The next thing you knew, you saw his fist connect with Calum’s jaw, sending him flying to the floor.


Finally aware you were standing in the room, he turned to face you, letting complete guilt fill his eyes.

Rushing towards Calum, you got on your knees trying to make sure he was okay.

Ashamed to have you see him like this, he looked to the side, refusing to meet your eyes.

Grabbing both sides of his face with your hands, you tried smearing off the blood coming from his now busted lip.

“Cal, are you okay?” you whispered so softly, scared to set him off.

Nodding his head, he still wouldn’t look at you.

Completely fuming, you got up off the floor, spinning around to face Ashton.

“We need to talk. NOW.”

Pissed, you stalked off to the back door, letting it slam shut, not waiting for him to follow.

Once on the porch, you stood there shaking.

No matter what, he had no right to go after Calum like that. If he wanted to be mad, he should be mad at you. Not Calum. You needed to end all of this right now.

Hearing Ashton slide open the door, you felt your breath hitch, slightly scared.

You didn’t know what he was about to do.

Turning to face him, you saw him facing the floor, scared to meet your eyes.

Feeling your anger bubble up again, you stalked over to stand right in front of him.

He did not have the right to look so upset.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? In what world did you think its okay to go after your fucking best friend like that?”

Shaking his head, he just shrugged.

“I was…no… I am pissed”

Rolling your eyes, you continued to stare him down.

“Fine, then be pissed at me. Not him. He did nothing wrong. This is about you and me. That’s it.”

Shaking his head, he finally looked up, meeting your eyes.

“But it’s not just about you and me anymore.”

Sighing, you moved to walk back over to the end of the porch, sitting down.

“You know, I’m getting real sick of you speaking to me like I’m stupid. Beating around the bush didn’t get us anywhere the first time, what makes you think its going to work now.”

Walking over to where you were, he sat down next to you.

“I know. Im sorry.”

“Don’t say you’re sorry. That doesn’t mean anything anymore. Just tell me the truth”

Looking over to him, you met his stare. 

Nodding, he looked forwards, clenching his jaw.

“Earlier when i said this couldn’t work, it was because of Calum. I’ve known for a while how he felt about you. And honestly, i got really jealous.”

Pausing, he looked down to play with his shoe strings.

“I just thought if you ended up with him, you’d forget about me and our friendship would die out.”

Taking in what he was saying, you were finally starting to understand.

“So, when you said you were in love with me, you were lying?”

Looking back up, he turned to his head to face you.

“No. I meant it.”

Shaking your head, you looked away.

“Ashton I’m finding that really hard to believe.”

Looking back to him, you saw confusion written all over his face.


“Because, from the sound of it, the only reason you’re saying that is because of Calum. If he hadn’t actually acted on his feelings, we probably wouldn’t even be having this conversation right now. You acted on jealously of our friendship, not love”

“But what if Calum made me realize i do love you the way you thought you loved me.”

Stopping what he was saying, he gave you a strange look.

“Do you still think you have feelings?”

Looking away, you didn’t know what to say.

Did you?

After everything that happened today, were your feelings still the same?

“Um… well… honestly… i don’t know”

Looking back to him, you saw his expression change.

“Close your eyes.”


Don’t fight me one this, just close your eyes. Trust me”

Staring at him, you slowly nodded your head. Even if you didn’t completely trust Ashton right now, you owed him that much after everything you caused between him and Calum.

Closing your eyes, you sat for a while, completely confused what was going on.

At first you could feel him getting closer, hearing his shaky breathing, and then you felt it.

His lips.

Slow and steady, he played it safe, completely grabbing your attention.

Feeling him pull back, you opened your eyes, watching him eye you carefully.


Thinking about it, you turned to look away from him.

This was something you always wanted.

Dreamed about it.

Wished for it.

Craved it.

But now, actually having it happen…

You didn’t know.

Well actually you did know, it was the first thought that came to your mind as soon as you felt his lips.

He wasn’t Calum.

Looking back to him, you shrugged your shoulders.

“Honestly…. I didn’t really feel anything.”

Holding your breath, you were scared for his reaction.

After a few seconds, Ashton let out a big breath.

“Oh thank god”

Feeling you jaw drop, you turned to smack his arm.

“Well fuck Ashton you don’t have to sound so relieved!”

Laughing, he moved to put his arm around your shoulders.

“Im sorry! I didn’t mean it like that! I really thought i was going to feel something, but apparently not. I guess you were right, i was a just jealous of Calum taking you away from me.”

Shaking your head, you slightly giggled.

“Ashton, I’m actually glad you didnt feel anything. I think i always knew i didn’t feel that way but i got caught up in the idea of it after i woke up next to you.”

Pausing you slightly giggled. 

“You know its a total cliche movie thing. Best friends turned lovers. We could have made some money off of it”

Laughing, he pulled you further into him, jokingly agreeing.

Before the kiss, you would have thought it was him flirting but now you knew it wasn’t. 

He was like your brother. 

This was him showing you he cared for you.

“So i guess now we go back in there and you tell Calum the good news”

Pulling away, you looked towards your shoes.

“Im not going to tell him anything”

Snapping his head towards you, Ashton seemed distressed.

“Why not?”

“Because i put both of you guys through so much shit. I don’t deserve someone like him. He deserves so much better.”

Feeling tears starting to sting the back of your eyes, you quickly rubbed your face.

“I don’t think you realize how much of a mistake you would be making if you said nothing.”

Looking back up at him, he softly smiled.

“The whole reason i was so jealous of Calum, was because i knew he could easily not only get you to completely love him, but he could be so much better of a best friend than i could. He cares so fucking much for you. You guys honestly are so perfect for each other. Don’t let him slip away from you the way i almost let you go.”

Smiling back, you watched him get up off the floor, holding out a hand for you.


Taking in a big breath, you shook your head, following Ashton back into the house.

Going towards the kitchen, you saw Calum holding a bag of peas to his jaw. Turning his head to meet your stare, his quickly looked down.

Standing in front of him, you felt butterflies fill your stomach.

He definitely made you feel different than anyone else had before.

How could you really think there was ever a choice between him or Ashton?

“How’s your lip?”

Shrugging, he took off the bag, letting you see the cut.

“Fine, just sore i guess”

Placing it back, he still refused to meet your stare.

“Calum, look… there’s something i need to tell you.”

Shaking his head, he threw the bag on the counter pushing past you.

“Don’t bother, i already saw.”

Following after him, you tugged on his hand.

“Wait, whoa, where are you going? What are you talking about?”

Chasing him into the hallway, he turned to look at you, completely broken.

“I SAW YOU KISS ASHTON! I don’t need you to let me down okay i get it, he’s the one you want. You guys are so perfect for each other, i can’t believe i actually thought i might have a chance with you but he’s the better man and-”

Not even caring what he was about to say next, you wrapped your hands around his neck, pulling him down to meet your lips.

Rigid at first, he eventually relaxed, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you even closer.

In sync with him, you let yourself completely get lost in his touch.

Being with Calum was different.

You loved Ashton, more than you realized but also not the same way you thought you did.

You loved him as family. 

As a brother.

But Calum?

You loved him the same was he loved you.

You loved him as your world.

Slightly puling back, you kept you arms around his neck, making sure he didn’t go anywhere.

Calum, i know what it looked like but i can promise you, it meant absolutely nothing. The way you tried to figure out what i felt about him was the same thing he did. Except, i didn’t get the same feeling i got with you when we first kissed. Being with you is just…right. I promise there is absolutely no competition when it comes to you. You’re the only one i want.”

Grinning, he closed the distance between your lips and his, making you melt all over again.

Man you were never going to get used to this feeling.

It was perfect.

He was perfect.


Annnnnd there’s the end! 

Calum was the winner for you guys! He actually won by like a landslide lol at least 30 votes more. 

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As promised, here are a few of my favorites:

lenirom was by far my absolute favorite omg❤️

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This was a perfect example of how passionate you guys are. There was so many people who HAD TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS LIKE WHY DO YOU FEEL THE NEED TO YELL😂

This person just made my day a million times better like its when i get messages like this that make me so emotional, you guys mean so much to me❤️

Lastly, pink-puffles-x also made me laugh because again it shows how passionate you guys are about this😂

In conclusion, this was so much fun to do. I understand there was quite a few of you who wanted alternate endings but for me i felt like that took away from the idea of voting. I wanted you all to feel a complete apart of this and voting was one way for me to do that. There was also some of you that had some pretty sick story lines that involved adding more parts but i want to start another mini series so sorry for not taking it that route. Ending it just felt right for now.

I really really reeeeeally hope you liked doing this as much as i did, i completely love you guys❤️

Maybe someday in the future we can do voting again😉

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Imagine Being M.I.A After A Hunt

The night was cold and fog was covering the ground as you ran through the thick woods hearing the sound of Dean and Sams guns going off. You Held yours tightly in your hand as you saw them in your sights. Something had jumped on dean and you shot at it with out a thought. The fight didnt last long as he helped dean up off the ground blood dripping down his face. 
You reached up wiping it off with your sleeve but it did no good.

“I think that was the rest of them” Sam spoke looking at you both. You kicked one of the dead bodies to see if it was really dead before starting to follow Sam and Dean through the thick dark woods. “This is a perfect fit for a horror movie you know that…” you laughed as dean watched the fog part with every step and he chuckled “Yea babe I think our lifes are a horror movie” You heard sam laugh along with you.

You pulled out your phone wanting to take a picture seeing the impala just ahead. But when you pulled it out it slipped out of your hands. You swore under your breath as you stopped walking but the boys hadnt. You bent down to pick it up and started to walk again the boys had just made it to the car when you felt a hand grab your mouth and an arm wrap around your body pulling you back into the woods and all you could get out was a muffled scream.

Dean turned around to speak to you but you were not there. “Y/n…?” he asked as sam turned around “Ok not funny where are you?…” his heart started to race as he jogged back to the tree line looking for any sign of you. He was starting to freak out. “Y/N!” he scream just as you got the thick hand off your mouth you screamed as loud as you could before being knocked out. They Heard you…Passing a look at each other sam went running into the woods and Dean followed.
They had been out in the woods for the rest of the night and half the day after meeting back up at the impala deans eyes were nothing but filled with worry “Dean…Shes not here anymore..We have to try and find some leads” Sam spoke as dean turned looking back at the woods. He shook his head “No im not leaving yet…” Sam sighed nodding “Ok…” he patted dean on the shoulder before making his leave into the impala “Ill pick you up tonight…” sam said and dean didnt move.

Months had passed and still nothing Dean spent most of his time following whatever lead he could get but was always coming up short as was sam. After a week on the road they sat at the bunker “Shes out there sam…” dean spoke softly looking at him across the table with books spilled all over the table. Sam sighed looking at dean “Dean…You-” Dean shook his head holding up his hand cutting him off “I know what your going to say and dont say it. ok sammy…just dont..” he poured his drink and chugged it down before pouring another one.

2 Years had gone by and still not a thing they had hit a brick wall more then once but dean couldnt let it go. He couldnt let you go. He believed in everything he had that you were still alive even though everything was pointing to you were not. Him and Sam didnt talk about it anymore they couldnt. It was to much and would lead into a huge fist fight by the end. He checked in hell in heaven and in purgatory but you were not there. You had to be alive….

5 years had past and dean had no fight left in him but that wasnt going to stop him. Chasing a lead he knew led to no where only led to nothing. He slammed a glass onto the table as he poured his drink into it. Sam sat down as he saw a picture of you clenched in deans hand. “Dean…” sam whispered and dean looked up tears in his eyes but before sam could say anything dean was broken down as he tried to breathe putting his face into hands as tears free flowed down his cheeks. Sam stood up sitting next to him rubbing his back taking the picture of you from his hands. “Its over dean….” Sam whispered and dean said nothing just a muffled cry…

blueallyg  asked:

Hi there! I just had a question. What's all this about Lauren Zuke and stuff? I read some of it on your blog, but idk. Like why did people just randomly start hating on her so badly that she had to deactivate her Twitter? What even about?

the amedot vs lapidot debate

people were fighting each other after beta aired and apparently there was something going on about people accusing her of “queerbaiting” even though shes gay? i dont know all the details but

alright storytime. my dad buys weird stuff all the time. if it is on sale, then chances are he will probably find a reason to buy it. about a year ago he got two lunchboxes, one with yoda on it and one with darth vader on it. predictably, these on-sale-items were cheap and not worth a penny and fell apart like a week after being purchased. but my dad couldnt bring himself to throw away the graphics on them so he cut them off of the lunchboxes and saved them.

and now they travel around the house together. and all i can ever see when i look at them is a fighting couple. like vader is just like, ‘come on babe, whats wrong?’ and yoda is just being really passive aggressive and not meeting his eyes like 'fine, everything is.’ and vader is just like 'omfg

this morning they were on top of my laundry basket. tomorrow i am going to tape them to the back of the pantry door where my dad keeps his coffee thermos. the adventures of perpatually fighting space-couple vader and yoda is truly an epic saga.

anonymous asked:

Can we just talk about the scene in WW, when Link and Tetra try to fight Ganon the first time? More specifically, when Tetra is rescued from (literally) Ganon's grasp and he just stands there, staring at his hand in complete defeat. PRECIOUS BABY.

i love him

like did he even know about the rito?? did he ever see them before? they dont make deliveries to the forsaken fortress and he might have just broken out of the sacred realm still thinking that zoras were still a thing

he’s just like “….birds???? bird…people????? …..what……..”