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Hi! I want to ask advice.I'm learning fine art at a university, and try to do my best, but every day I feel like the fandom groups/facebook etc. slowly but surely kill my passion for 3 years. Ignorance, humiliation, disregard. I'm at my wit's end. I dont know what should I do, I want to keep drawing, but I feel like its pointless, and no matter how hard I try my artwork is useless. I feel like I'm making a mistake by believing, I can work as an artist, and I should search for something else.

This message kind of makes me very sad. 

There’s one thing I can advice. Quit the groups and fandom circles that make you burn out so much. There is no way every single fan in a fandom you love is ignorant, or humiliating, or disregarding. Find YOUR people who will support you and re-charge your passion. 

I feel like it’s in a way how I feel about tumblr recently. I see so many posts on my dashboard that either make me super bitter or annoyed…I kind of feel like a sea of salt after I spent too much on tumblr, but whenever I’m out of it I’m back to the ray of sunshine. I guess there are blogs and posts I feel no longer connected to. And it’s normal.

SO. Try finding someone you connect to. Having a one loyal friend in a fandom you can always talk to is much better than seeing the art (even if it’s great art) from a person you don’t understand. 

There is absolutely no way that your artwork is USELESS. I generally feel that the main point of art should be bringing YOU joy. If you draw there should be something you love about it. I guess it shouldn’t really rely on recognition only. 

Also, I might sound like Katara, but hey, faith pays off. If you truly believe in something it’s going to get you there eventually. 

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I don't mean to come off as rude, but isn't that the same thing as the people who reblogs things for the aesthetic? Like that one comic you made earlier? Like, you just like it because it's foreign looking. It even has meme in the title. I don;t mean to sound rude or or anything, I am just curious how it is different.

nah, it’s very different. when i talk about the obsession w ‘japanese aesthetic’ (usu. cherry blossoms and sailor uniforms and japanese language without a grasp of what any of it means) i’m talking about just kind of glossing over an entire culture and its roots and only wanting to appreciate how it looks on the surface.

it’s not at all to imply someone can’t appreciate artistic aspects of japanese culture, it’s just that, as with anything, theres a difference between appreciating a culture (learning about many aspects & understanding it as a whole), and appropriating a culture (‘oh that looks so Oriental™’/preferring to project your own uninformed, romanticized, and idolized ideals on it rather than learn what it means from a real human standpoint.)

when i was gushing abt that person’s taking inspiration from the traditional japanese arts, i definitely wasnt just liking it because it was foreign looking; i liked it because it drew upon actual traditional japanese culture. they didnt just half-assedly draw something that “looked japanese-y” without so much as a google search, those masks in the second video i linked are actually identifiable noh masks. i really do love how the artists style & oni characters draw from actual japanese art, and i think they did it beautifully.

wanna one!kid au


before i start just a big big big big big big big big big huge ass thank you to @exojjanggg and @wendyson for helping me w/ this!!! i wouldnt have been able to write it without them lmao

disclaimer: all of them are like 4-11 years old respectively and u act as their babysitter in this !!!!


  • probably holds their poor pet cat everywhere he goes and the poor lil kitty just lets him 
  • nervously sweats when he has to choose between holding seungwoo’s hand or the cat
  • buddies up with seungwoo whenever he goes anywhere
    • “y/n i need 2 go to the washroom !!!” 
    • “ok- wait why are u taking seungwoo with u?” 
    • “ಥ_ಥ” 
  • the type of kid to search blindly for your hand when he’s nervous
  • also giggles when he’s nervous
  • and giggles when he’s not nervous
  • just giggles all the time
  • probably loves u more than he loves his brothers sdfvhbafsd
  • you thought he was gonna be a kid that was really hard to please but really all u needed to do was smile and he melted into the ground
  • doesnt know what to do when people start crying so he just plops his cat in front of them
  • colours so hard he breaks the crayon
  • the first time you babysat for them, he hugged u when u had to leave and thanked u for taking care of them ಥ_ಥ
  • the smollest bunny, likes being picked up but will never admit it bc he’s a ‘big boy’ now


  • a ball of !!!! SUNSHINE
  • the first time he met you, he jumped on you and wouldn’t let go of you
  • he’s on your back 24/7 unless it’s nap time ??
  • during snack time u just gotta feed him while he’s on your back
  • always hums a cute song from one of those kiddie shows he watches 
  • vvv well behaved !!!!! just wants to make u happy
  • if he’s not hugging you, he’s hugging jihoon or jisung or anyone really
  • every time u leave he always kisses ur cheek and says goodbye a million times im !!!! crying
  • dolphin screams when he’s scared
  • is really bad with names
    • thought your name was brownie for a solid 2 weeks bc u brought all the kids cosmic brownies on ur first day
  • has to hold your hand at all times or else
  • so now u have sidekick daehwi and sidekick daniel + sidesidekick seungwoo 
  • always has money but u never know where he gets it from
  • asks u not to tell anyone
  • you’re too scared to
  • has 0 money sense tho
  • thinks a penny is worth more than paper bills bc they ‘look cooler’
  • slips u a nickel and whispers “4 ur hardwork”
  • crabwalks everywhere


  • helps u parent the kids even tho he’s like 2 ????
  • sometimes woojin will try to fight jaehwan bc he hate his chocolate and jisung will just sit there and watch them
  • he has his juice box ready with cookies being stuffed into his face and crumbs are falling all over the floor but biNCH !!!! THIS IS S P I C Y
    • daehwi’s probably sweeping the crumbs into his lil hands and dumping it into the trash can
  • he’ll break up every fight unless it’s over some spicy drama™️
  • does a head count 4 u every time u guys go outside
  • but you don’t trust his counting so you count again anyways and he gets all pouty
  • will stop pouting for ice cream
  • ok but 99.9% of the time he’s really responsible 
  • but sometimes he snaps and just
  • slides down the stair railings and into miNHYUN’S ARMS
  • cries when things go wrong
  • competitive as fuck, eomma jisung goes down the fuckin drain as soon as a prize is mentioned
  • pretends to know karate, doesnt know karate 
    • still threatens the kids with karate when they misbehave
  • gets salty when daniel, guanlin, seungwoo, or minhyun stand beside him bc he has to be the tallest one or he’ll >:((((( scream
  • has ur number memorized so sometimes when you’re not babysitting, he’ll call u up and ask if u can take them to the park


  • gives half of his snack away to jinyoung always
  • always hands juice boxes out to everyone else before he gives himself one !!! just !!!! LOVE HIM FOREVER
  • makes sure guanlin doesn’t get lost
  • doesn’t really like being the centre of attention but ends up being it anyway so his brothers have 2 protect him ??
  • like bodyguards but with cute glares and puffing of chests even tho it doesn’t do anything but make them uncomfortable and tired 
  • was rlly shy around u the first time u babysat but probably slyly flirts with u now
  • slips u a piece of his chocolate bar when youre not looking and runs away
  • if u confront him he’ll be all innocent and stuff liKE BOI
    • “jihoon are u flirting with me?”
    • “no !!! ,,, but is it working? will u marry me now?”
  • pouts until he gets what he wants and makes those “hmph!” noises dramatically while crossing his arms over his chest
  • asks you for homework help but ends up asking u for all the answers
  • during nap time he’ll fall off his bed bc he’s That™️ deep of a sleeper and doesnt even stir
  • if jisung is your backup then jihoon is your backup backup
  • if any little thing is wrong he’ll know immediately
  • it’s just those Little Kid Instincts™️
  • actually gets dressed in the dark
  • daniel pretends not to know him in public


  • the coolest™️ kid in school
  • too embarrassed to invite any of his lil friends over for a playdate bc the house is so crowded with 11 kids
  • know everything abt everyone 
  • blackmails them
    • “jisung can i have ur cookie?”
    • “what the heck no !!”
    • “i know u broke mom’s vase”
    • “*nervous sweating* take it”
  • if yall dont have that drinkable yogurt shit he aint gon fuck with u
  • really hardworking and is quiet most of the time until daniel bursts into the room with a foam sword and a paper hat challenging him to a ‘duel’
  • if anybody even looks at his brothers or u ? theyre dead give him a pair of kiddy scissors 
  • sips tea from his sippy cup and roasts his brothers with his mom’s big sunglasses
  • can u say tsundere ?
  • pouts when he can’t express his feelings
  • steals food from his brother’s plates
  • refuses to sleep unless daniel is beside him
  • probably eats raw spaghetti noodles 
  • just takes a handful of them and walks around the house eating them
  • likes watching videos w/ u bc that means he can rest his head on your shoulder :’))
  • always slides in front for group pictures and has a permanent ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face with the occasional ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ – or even the ( ͡°⊖ ͡°)


  • laughs at anything and everything
  • you could trip on the carpet and he’d collapse on the floor laughing
  • no one knows if he blinks or not
  • stares into your soul
  • u thought he was dead the first time u saw him
  • an actual sunshine when he warms up to u !!!
  • threatens to never stop singing until he gets food
  • his one true love,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • challenges daehwi to see who can scream the highest
  • but not before daehwi supplies everyone with earplugs (again, where the actual heck does he get these things ?? no one knows)
  • jaehwan pretends everyone sucks but in reality, loves everyone
  • can u say aNothEr tsundere ??
  • looks like he wants to kill something 24/7
  • squish his cheeks 
  • whenever he’s sad, someone can just pinch his lil cheeks and he’ll start giggling
  • has one heck of a lung capacity 
    • screams so loud people in canada can hear his voice
  • if you ever wanna bake something for everyone don’t ask him for help
  • all he’ll do is throw flour around and place the blame on sungwoon 
  • would trade his brothers over for half a tangerine
  • he doesn’t even like tangerines 
  • sly as hell knows how to get what he wants 
  • listens to all ur gossip
    • “so this girl at school bumped into me and made me drop all my books and she didn’t even apologize!”


  • scared the fuck out of u the first time u heard him speak
  • u asked for his name and in the deepest voice u’ve ever heard a kid possess, he says “hi im woojin!”
  • squishy cheek squad member #2
  • tries to be cool™️ and tough™️ but looks like a baby who has just come out of the womb
  • when u guys watch ‘scary’ movies, he tries to ‘protect’ u by covering your eyes when the movie starts 
    • ends up getting scared himself and having 2 hold back those tears >:(((( so he can be >:(((( A MAN 4 U
  • gets whatever he wants by bustin out those puppy eyes
    • like !!! who allowed his eyes 2 be so cute nd shiny ????? sue him
  • slaps a hand over jaehwan’s mouth when he starts to sing 
  • looks like he’s tired all the time but could jump someone if u asked
  • the definition of extra
  • sprawls across the floor dramatically only to ask “yo have u seen my teddy bear”
  • one time he got scolded by his teacher for scaring a classmate but really it was just because his aura is just like that and u best believe u roasted that teacher the next day 
  • when y’all walk in public and he sees a doggo he starts vibrating and poking u without taking his eyes off the dog 
    • “y/n-”
    • “give me a sec woojin i have to help sungwoon”
    • “y/n-”
    • “woojin just-”
  • eats angrily like the food hurt his family or smth 
  • drinks angrily too 
  • can probably down a caprisun in 0.001 seconds 
  • pretends not to like the kitty but you’ve caught him cuddling it and he begged u not to tell
  • says well known sayings wrong but no one wants to correct him
  • says the most ridiculous things with the straightest face
    • “y/n if i eat this old cracker do u think i’ll get superpowers”
    • “y/n daniel said that if i run really fast into the wall i’ll get superspeed do u think i should try it”


  • instead of holding onto your hand he’ll hold onto your shirt and let u drag him everywhere 
  • bites his nails when he’s nervous
  • so like all the time
  • istg this boi probably thinks aliens are out to get him
  • before nap time u always have to reassure him that no, aliens indeed are not going to abduct him in his sleep
  • if yall run out of banana milk be sure to catch urselves at guanlin’s funeral bc he’ll cry so hard he turns into a prune
  • for school he had an assignment where he had to draw a picture of someone he admired and one day he plopped down in front of u and was like “y/n can i draw u for school !!” and uR HEART JUST COLLAPSED
  • smol laughs that make his brothers go “!!! OH MY GOD HE’S A L I V E”
  • gives u all the spiciest™️ tea
    • “hey y/n,,,, did u hear,,,,,,,,,,,”
    • “hear what?”
    • “jisung broke mom’s vase but :|||| u didnt hear it from me,,,,,,,,”
  • snitches get stitches but not guanlin bc no one ever suspects guanlin
  • has 2 help his bros reach tol shelves for the good™️ candy
  • gets to sit in big bro jinyoung’s lap even tho like,,,,,,, jinyoung cant see anything except guanlin’s back
  • he’s the only kid out of everyone that thinks logically but is so easily persuaded because he’s smol and looks up to his big bros a lot :(((
    • “jihoon, i dont think that’s possible-”
    • “,,,,,,,,,,,,,, OK LET’S DO IT”
  • he probably has a crush on u let’s be real
    • fights jihoon 4 ur love but very subtly 
    • probably picked u a flower for valentine’s day 
  • confused most of the time
    • doesnt know what’s going on but gummy smiles nervously
  • he has a closet full of hats with those plastic propellers on top u know what i’m talking abt


  • asks u to listen to him sing oH MY GOSH
  • when you guys go the park he always asks u to make a flower crown for him out of flowers he’s picked
  • one time he made a paper crown 4 u and was all like: “bc ur such a princess and princesses deserve crowns”
  • fights jisung for the mom position
  • acts like he hates when u hug him but secretly screams inside and explodes
  • complains when sungwoon holds his hand but never lets him go
  • loves helping u in the kitchen when u make them snacks !!!! does anything he can with his tiny lil hands 2 help !!!!!
  • most likely just grabs as many ingredients as he can and brings them to u
  • enforces the ‘buddy system’ more than u do tbh
  • loves pokemon more than he loves his brothers 
    • hisses at u if u disrupt his pokemon catching session 
  • makes signs for his brothers when they have competitions or smth and screams the loudest 4 them
  • gets roasted often 
  • goes into (。・_・。) mode when left alone
  • please don’t leave him alone
  • actually the clingiest being alive, has to hold your hand until he falls asleep or else he’ll die
  • nags his bros to clean up 4 themselves and gets roasted >:(((
  • one time u took the kids to an amusement park (big mistake btw) and minhyun had to get a pic with every mascot and hug the life out of them 
  • just wants 2 have a good day and not be attacked™️ by his family
  • remembers everything u tell him which is a gift and a curse
    • he buys ur favourite snacks when he’s at the grocery store with his parents :’))
    • but he also remembers the time u promised to take them out to eat after u forgot him at the park
    • never forgets never forgives


  • has a biting issue 
    • bites people when he’s nervous 
    • or just for fun
    • one time u caught him biting jihoon and jihoon just looked u dead in the eye and said “this is normal”
  • really shy, pls praise him
  • just tell him he’s a smart boi or that his singing voice is nice and he’ll be happy for the next year
  • unsure abt everything don’t ask him what ice cream flavour he wants, just get him what jihoon gets
  • always trails behind jihoon like a lil puppy
  • almost trips over their cat 28 times a day
  • questions if he really exists and if anything matters and makes u go “woah dude ur like 2”
  • nibbles on his food instead of properly eating it
  • he’s like the kids in horror movies that stare off behind you like something’s about to attack u
    • but really he just stared at the wall behind you for so long his vision blurred and he thought that was cool smh
  • convinces u to give him extra food during snack time just by smiling at u
  • is the referee for daniel vs seungwoo battles, has a whistle and everything 
    • jinyoung: *blows whistle*
    • ogniel: ??? what’s up yo
    • jinyoung: daniel wouldnt share his ice cream with me the other day so seungwoo automatically wins good job hyung (✿◠‿◠)
  • people think he’s really nice but in reality he’s too shy to say no akshakjs
  • classmate: can i have ur milk
    • jinyoung: *nervously sweats* uh,,,,
  • everybody is apart of the protect jinyoung club™


  • easily excited 
  • show him something new and watch him screech
  • gets jealous easily and gets all >:/// 
  • sharing ?? what’s that sorry not in sungwoon’s vocabulary 
  • one time he mumbled “it’s high noon” in his sleep and u highkey considered quitting the job
  • cries the hardest when an animal dies in a movie 
  • has a sad face as his resting face so ur always concerned 
    • “sungwoon are u ok ??”
    • “ya i’m just thinking abt what we’re having for dinner tonight :))”
    • “,,,,,,,,”
  • sings his words 
    • says it’s for ‘vocal practice’
  • eats anything u give to him
  • fell in love with u on your first day when u gave them all brownies
  • demands 2 be carried so now u have to worry abt daehwi AND sungwoon falling off ur back/out of ur arms
  • eats everything with a fork
  • like he probably eats pizza with a fork
  • has a fidget spinner, u can’t look him in the eye when he has it with him
  • can always be found with his face smushed up against someone’s shoulder
  • wears bucket hats 
  • i’m just putting that out there 
  • whenever u babysit you either never see him at all or he’s always in your sight
  • hides in the same exact place every time y'all play hide and seek and he wonders how he’s always caught first 
  • u can always tell when he’s tired when he walks into a wall bc his eyes were half-closed

wanna one (as a whole)

  • their parents told them they were really musically gifted and that they all liked singing and rapping and stuff like that so u expected them to always be doing so
  • but no
  • all they do is scream and do girl group dance moves around the house
  • daehwi and jisung have fights over who does the moves better
    • “hyung they don’t dance like that!”
    • “yes they do!”
    • “no ur ugly!”
    • “UR UGLY”
  • daily dance offs to fight for who gets what 
    • “:OOOOO”
  • guanlin just sits down next to u with banana milk and watches the entire fiesta unfold
  • when yall go to the playground u best believe theyre all gonna ask u to push them on the swings
  • except jihoon and jinyoung who attempt to fucking climb the tallest slide from the side bars
  • u run out of money immediately when the ice cream truck comes
  • they all buy the most expensive things but u cant resist them bc theyre just so cute
  • the younger ones always ask u to read them bedtime stories im :’))
  • all of them try to play with your hair at the same time and i dont know abt u but i dont think having 11 kids trying to braid ur hair is a good idea??
  • when it’s ur birthday they INSIST that they bake smth for u
    • which ends in all the eggs being broken and the cat covered in cake batter 
    • but it’s the effort that counts :’)))
    • in the end they settle for banana milk and a cookie that they had to ask guanlin to get bc it was on the top shelf
  • all these kids are art hoes
    • asks if they can stay at the park a lil longer so they can see the sunset dsfvhsbjh
  • uncalled forehead/wrist flicking that end in battles to the death 
  • constant sibling rivalry BUT in the end, they all love each other to death and will always have each other’s backs ಥ⌣ಥ

yknow what i like? the fact that ‘newer’ MCR fans are discovering things that ‘older’ fans (like me) have known about for years bc its fun to see people get excited when discovering these things and i remember feeling like that and that takes me back and it makes me feel super nostalgic

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Hey why are you promoting and working on a blog au that shows physical and emotional abuse against Sonic? Last time I checked he's 15, and I'm the same age myself and this project makes me super uncomfortable.

for that reason we put a warning omg

its not like we promote abuse or find it a good thing; mostly against children

seeing as ive been abused throughout my childhood to this very day and probably still will be in the future, I understand this could make you uncomfortable, but understand this is in no way just us fucking up sonic for the sake of fucking him up, there is story behind it and character development and more.

most of the people working on this are 15 years old themselves.

we know what we are doing.

I tag everything accordingly, you can blacklist it if you dont want to see it when i reblog it, you can block the blog for it if you dont want it to show up in your search.

you can totally unfollow me if it makes you uncomfortable to know im involved in this too ??? do what makes you comfortable and happy!

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gonna comment on the discourse?

no thanks dude i am here for a Mildly Fun Tumblr Experience

heres a few key ways you can do that:

  • blacklist
    • blacklist whatever you want!!! people dont have to know what you blacklist unless you tell them so dont be ashamed to blacklist anything you dont want to see
    • ships, characters, fandoms, urls, etc etc etc
    • it will improve your experience guarantee it 
    • (also note: if youre like me and click the ‘show post’ button whenever something gets blacklisted, you can choose not to display blocked quotes at all and save yourself from opening things that you know will upset you)
    • theres nothing wrong with blacklisting stuff. youre never silencing anyone or ignoring a problem, youre choosing your internet experience and saying ‘hey i dont want to see this right now so im not going to’ 
    • dont like oranges? sick of seeing them on your dash? blacklist them. more power to you
  • block people you dont like/who upset you/who you have problems with
    • im still working on getting better at blocking people but honestly?? if someones bringing lots of negativity in your life just block them. you dont need them messing up the already usually unpleasant tumblr experience
  • find a squad
    • this might be harder but dont be too afraid to start messaging people youd like to be friends with!!
    • once you find a squad heres somethings you can do: 
      • make new friends! comes with having a squad but is always nice
      • rant/salt
        • now youve got a private place to complain about stuff nice!!!
        • this keep stuff like that off your blog, meaning youre less likely to get into arguments on here which we all know…isnt fun 
      • have people you trust to debate with without all of the internet chiming in 
      • youve got people to hold you back from sending/posting things that could start stuff 
        • or not
        • maybe theyll encourage it who knows
      • youve got a nice little space with people you like where you can talk about fandom stuff and personal stuff and youve got much more control over it than over your dash!!
  • dont tag hate
    • this is like tumblr 101 BUT tumblr has changed how tagging and searching works in the past few years
    • love this functional website
    • say you make a post criticizing character x and y. their ship name is xy, so you tag it with “anti xy” 
      • stop!! halt!! do not pass go do not collect $200!!!
      • because you used “xy” in the post/tags, it will show up when “xy” is searched, even with the “anti” in front of it
      • that means if someone searches “xy” theyre gonna find your crit, and you probably dont want that
    • and going off of that: 
  • tag appropriately
    • some ships just gotta be tagged differently than others, im sure you know what i mean 
    • but in general?? if someone asks you to tag something?? usually the best bet is to do it 
    • its not a huge deal and youre probably already tagging the post anyway so its easier for everyone if you tag it, plus!! youre making people more comfortable!!!

tumblr is a mess and frankly? usually theres a lot of stuff that make it not fun. but you too can make your tumblr experience a Mildly Entertaining and Enjoyable one

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what confuses me about this genitalia transphobia discussion you're holding is that you switch between what it is you have a problem with. in your video you explicitly say that my preference and what i'm attracted to is transphobic, and that i should unlearn my biases. but when confronted, you talk like it's an ideological issue (ie associating penises with men or believing trans women can't be lesbians). that i understand, but my personal preference doesn't dictate my overall ideology. -

this message was sent in three parts, here are the other two parts:

- i can be unattracted to penises and still recognize that women with penises are in fact women, and that wlw encompasses all women. i’m also unattracted to large breasts; both of these are just physical characteristics that i don’t find to be appealing regardless of who they belong to. this doesn’t mean i wouldn’t be attracted to any women with those attributes, but as a sexual person i prefer mutuality, and i wouldn’t feel okay if i was unable respond to a lady i like in kind.

i just feel like there’s a misunderstanding on some level, and it really makes me feel awful to be called transphobic because i’m not attracted to a certain physical attribute that does matter sexually. i don’t like any phallic things at all. none of that is even to say that i like vagina specifically, because i’m not attracted to men with vaginas either, nor am i to butch cis women. i believe that trans women are women and i think they belong in wlw spaces just as much as anyone else


okay, i get a lot of messages like these, but most of them are aggressive and rude and misgender me and call me awful slurs. yours actually seems polite and like you’re trying to understand so let me see if i can explain.

first of all, you say, “in your video you explicitly say that my preference and what i’m attracted to is transphobic”. that’s just factually inaccurate. i never say the words transphobia or transphobic in my video. not once.

the closest i come to saying that is this line, “Would you date a trans person? Think about it for a second. Okay, got your answer? Well, if you said no, I’m sorry, but that’s pretty discriminatory.”

notice how i didn’t say anything about genitals. i didn’t say “would you date a trans woman who has a penis?” i asked about trans people in general. that could mean trans women with penises, trans women with vaginas, trans men with penises, trans men with vaginas, non-binary people with penises, non-binary people with vaginas, etc.

if your answer is categorically “i would never date a trans person” then you’re not saying you have a genital preference, you’re just discriminating against trans people. it’s the similar to if someone said “i would never date a black person”. that’s clearly racist. and saying you could never possibly date any trans person is clearly cissexist (transphobic). if we don’t agree on that… well i don’t know how to convince you of that. you’re welcome to have your “preferences”. no one’s going to make you date black people or trans people, but i do think it’s important to recognize that those “preferences” were influenced by a racist and cissexist society. implicit bias and the influence of media and society on what we find attractive or desirable have been well studied and documented. you can find plenty of studies on that with a quick google search (before anyone says “why dont you provide links to sources then” because im not required to do your research for you and that’s time consuming and i aint getting paid for this).

if that’s not the line from my video that you have a problem with, you’re welcome to quote any other part of my video, but i guarantee you i never said what you’re claiming i said.

now, this discussion has morphed into something else recently over tumblr/twitter/youtube which is something along the lines of “is it transphobic for a lesbian to not want to date/have sex with a woman with a penis?” this is a very nuanced and complicated topic that i think has been framed in a very misleading way, and im planning to get my thoughts more in order and do a full video on this later – so im not going to address that right now.

i think it’s great that you believe trans women are women and belong in the women’s spaces. and i don’t think you have to be attracted to dick. the reason this sounds like an ideological issue, i think, is because the majority of the people arguing against me are TERFs or radfems or anti-feminists (hilarious that they agree on this topic lol). most of the messages i get are along the lines of “i dont like penis because i dont like men and only men have penises!! stop trying to be a woman, you man! you’ll never be a REAL woman like me!!” so when im reacting to those messages and sentiments, yeah, it’s very ideological. then of course, i think there are folks, like yourself, who say that they believe trans women are women and all of that but still want to have a discussion about genital preferences. i wish that could be the main discussions without TERFs butting in and making me defend my own identity as a woman. i think it would make it much easier to have a civilized discourse on the effects of implicit bias and all that. but when most of the messages i receive are from TERFs, i have to go back to defend my basic identity and we’re not able to have those more in-depth conversations.

i hope that makes sense, and i hope i’ll be able to explain the rest of this for you in my future video.

take care <3

thedoctorbeltingbohemianrhapsody  asked:

Hi! I have a little something I've been confused about lately: Are Jokers a variation of creepy clown, killer clown or circus clown? I’ve heard people mention one but never seen one and google search gives mixed answers. I want to get some kind of creepy or killer clown because I like creatures that are misunderstood and want to change people's minds about them (especially considering releasing of It) and I think a Joker might be what I'm looking for.

Jokers are a distant mutt breed made from mostly Creepy clowns and some type of extinct Court breed! A fun fact people dont know is that theyre very closely related to Juggalos!

Remember to check your local laws, you may need a permit to own a Joker!

5 Times Interrupted

Fandom: My Babysitter’s A Vampire
Warning/s: Some serious sexual frustration
Rating: Mature
Pairing/s: Benny x Reader

Summary: 5 TIMES FIC- Sometimes its a nightmare to just get away from everyone. Apparently the world is full of cock-blocks, and they come in the form of future-seeing best friends, vampire babysitters, annoying little sisters, magical grandmas and dorky blonds.
Will you and Benny ever just find somewhere to be alone? 
Or five times your friends interrupted and one time they didn’t.

Words: 1,913


You were with Benny in Ethan’s living room, snuggled together on the sofa watching the horror film playing on the television while Ethan and Sarah were upstairs doing a project for Biology.

Twisting up to look at your boyfriend’s face, you pecked his jawline and smirked when he jumped in surprise. Quickly composing himself, Benny pulled you up in his arms and kissed your lips, chastely at first but soon licking his way into your mouth and pulling you closer with two hands on your waist.

One hand carded into his hair while the other reached under his shirt and traced his firm torso- using butterfly touches because it made him squirm the most.

With a noise that sounded a lot like a growl, Benny flipped the two of you over so that he was hovering over you with a coy quirk to his lips that made your tummy make all kinds of flips and twirls. Leaning down, he balanced himself on his forearms either side of your head and crushed his lips to yours.

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Dear Fanartists

please watermark every one of your paintings.

not only does it prevent your work to be stolen from others, but if some people screenshot it and want to make it their icon or whatever, they just can’t credit - even if they want to - because they forgot what your url is

please watermark your art. do it like the people did it in the past - a quick sign at the bottom right. it’s enough, and it can even make it look prettier and more professional. do it for yourself and for the others.

take care!! and remember: your art is precious.

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why do people hear end their asks with emojis? does this mean something? sorry I just don't know

i think it might be a carry-over from undiagnosedautismfeels, who tag asks signed off with emojis so that people can find what they sent in easier. it also lets ppl stay anon but have some sort of identity

i dont tag them on here, but i think the search function still lets you search the blog for emojis (at least it used to on mobile)

EDIT: i’ll put this in the faq bc it seems relevant, but i have no problem at all with people signing off using emojis. however, i wont tag them as i find tagging content takes a lot of spoons, and im very likely to forget about it frequently. im unwilling to take that extra strain mentally. sorry for anyone hoping for this feature

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Hi! Do you have any advice for those who want to be animators? I started a career in architecure but I'm thinking to switch to digital arts, so I just really dont know what to expect. Thank you so much in advance. Your art is amaizing!

Ooooh boy!! First off, GREAT CHOICE. I’m a little biased, but I think animation is amazing. There are a ton of different roles in the pipeline of animation (2D, 3D, and stopmotion) that people don’t realize exist. My first piece of advice for someone interested in starting animation is to research the process. Look at the credits of your favorite animated movie and search those jobs you don’t understand. Look at a process video about animation to find out how a shot is actually developed. I think that’s the number one reason I see people switch out of animation. They dive in without realizing what they’re getting themselves into. As a budding animator, who’s already established as an architect (very cool field btw), your drawing skills are probably pretty strong in terms of realism/environments. Those skills would transfer well I think into backgrounds, layouts and effects animation.

And of course, drag a sketchbook around with you everywhere. This might be a habit you’re already have, which is great. But you may want to start using it and looking at the word differently. As an animator, I use a lot of real world experiences I’ve had to put meaning and some realism in my animation and characters. So when I sketch, I try and capture the people and world around me. I go to random places- markets, parks, festivals etc.- and just sit and draw things I see. People who catch my eye, animals I think are kinda funny looking. And that strengthens not only my drawing skills, but also the experiences I can pull from to inspire my own work. So go out and draw the world around you. It’s always difficult. That never changes. But it’s rewarding and my favorite part of being an animator.

Hope this helps!! Good luck and message me if you need advice!

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I'm near dropping out of School by myself. I hate School, i hate People in School, they dont See Their faults, they dont know what is wrong or right, maybe im the same and dont know it either but i try to so the right Things and they make it so hard for me to just be myself. I Search for a reason to Stay at this hell hole

And they’re selfish as fuck. Don’t drop out of school tho. Put on your fav playlist during study hours and just try to act as…whatever they are trying to be (just be friendly with them) because group projects!

ALSO every year is different, if last year was shitty, that doesn’t mean this year will be? Try to find that little bit of positivity! And wear bomb ass clothes to get them compliments and small talk. Clothes say a lot about a person. You like hoeing? Dress like a hoe. You like weed? Dress like a stoner. I’m not even kidding I encourage you to BE YOURSELF. (Unless you’re a bully, everything is perfectly fine except for bringing yourself or others down. we’ll have to talk then.)

Don’t hide because that’ll make the year 20 times harder.

didn’t check on grammar e r r o r s

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whats wrong with kallura?? arent they both teenagers?? i dont wanna ship anything wrong

kallura is fine age-wise but i don’t ship it bc there’s like, z e r o chemistry between them imo. other people are uncomfortable w it for multiple other reasons which are mainly because of how allura’s entire civilisation was destroyed by the galra and keith is part galra and having her forgive him and romance him is just for the sake of having shipping content is just.. Not Good

im p sure that you can find more if you search the tag? i know @pidger​ has an anti tag as well containing several detailed posts explaining why it’s not that good a ship


YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE (hahahha) when anti’s simply complain about how BaD and DiSgUsTiNg it is about liking or having interest in certain mass murders and or serial killers… if you don’t like it then dont search us up if bothers you SO DAMN MUCH WHERE IT “MaKeS YoU SiCk” and make you feel “DiSgUsTeD ThAt PeOpLe LiKe ThIs ExSiSt”. And it’s not even that deep, either like shut the fuck up, seriously. Especially with columbiners, we automatically get called “future school shooters” just because we feel sympathy for Dylan and Eric because of the shit they went through. Or if we say TJ Lane is cute or some shit like cmon now. But dont get me wrong I am not defending the “edgy” dumb fucks the actually CONDONE what Dylan and Eric caused or any mass murderer or serial killer for that matter but since I’m a columbiner in this here tcc community, I on the other hand dont think what they did was right and all my sympathy goes towards the victims and their families, and the surviors even though I may not post about them. (especially thegirlwiththetrenchcoat when she posted her posing as Eric smoking a cigarette near the memorial sight, which in my eyes is disrespectful). And I dislike that we’re labeled as “crusty white girls” I NOT EVEN FUCKING WHITE, I am African-American and Hispanic. Obviously you all see how we react when you tell us that were DiSgUsTiNg and PyScHo we simply repsond with a sarcastic remark BECAUSE WE DONT GIVE A SHIT!!! SO WHY WASTE YOUR FUCKING TIME TELLING US ANYTHING

Anyways moral of the story (rant) here is…Anti’s if you all think what we’re doing is So WrOnG then shut the fuck up, dont say anything, don’t search us up, and dont waste your fucking time reblogging, commenting, and dming us telling us what we’re doing is wrong because we dont give a shit about what you fuckheads have to say about our accs and we will tear your sorry, bored asses up in any argument as a whole.


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How do you deal with missing/losing someone (not from death just life) when you know for a fact they should still be in your life? I feel the need to fill that gap with someone else but no one will be able to fill it and I know I dont need people to be feeling in these gaps. I really just dont know what else to do ive been very delicate with my self and have been busy and focusing on self care alot but what else can i do?

Hello friend,

Focusing on self care seems like it would be the very best option for you at this point. That is absolutely wonderful that you are already doing this, so please continue to do so, and really try to dive deeper into yourself. A lot of the time one will try searching for other people to fill gaps that exist within themselves, when what they really need is a deeper self connection. What I find really helps is a good meditation session every now and again; this helps to clear the mind, reflect, and really connect with oneself.

Please try not to worry too much about who is currently in your life. Those who are meant to be there will remain, and those who are not will come and go. It is absolutely wonderful to keep connections with others, however don’t go too far out of your way to try to rekindle a relationship that just may not stay ignited. Treasure those who are closest to you, treasure those you love, and treasure yourself.

Everything will work out in the end; it is up to us whether we constantly worry about what this ‘end’ will be, or if we simply accept what is, and genuinely enjoy this beautiful life. ❤️️

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Might be a long shot but do you or your followers know of any. Good lgbt+ podcasts? Ideally discussion topics but also just podcasts by lgbt+ people ya know? Just getting into the podcast world and I'm lost lol

not sure? if any of yall have any podcasts you like feel free to share!

you might be able to find some posts about it if you search “podcast” on my blog, although the only one i remember specifically was one about a lesbian trucker searching for her girlfriend or wife or something, but i dont think thats entirely what you’re looking for?

good luck!

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Ok so i just saw your pangender and proud post, and hadn't heard the term pangender before and i looked it up on tumblr as "pangender meaning" and a lot of hate came up for it :/ that worried me because i read it and said "oh that's a thing? Maybe im pangender". i really dont know what my gender is,all i know is im identifying as non-binary right now and im very masculine :) what do you feel about pangender?

hey non, first of all i’m sorry that a lot of hate came up when you searched the term! people can be shitty and you shouldn’t let that dissuade you from exploring new terms and figuring out your identity.

secondly, pangender is defined by the gender wikia as “a non-binary gender experience which refers to a wide multiplicity of genders that can (or not) stretch to the infinite (meaning that this experience can go beyond the current knowledge of genders), always within the person’s own culture and life experience.” there is also the tumblr pangendering which is all about what pangender means, particularly you might want to look at their FAQ page.