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Do you have any good fluffy klance that you recommend?

Yall are keeping me busy xD but here we go!

Again, all of you can search through this list, its been filtered down to klance ^^

Theres also these works of mine: One, two, three, four, five. All are pretty much angst free, if there is any, its really light.

And, action! by staysharp

Summary: “Listen, where do you go to college?”“Why does a movie star want to know?”“So I can take you out for coffee as an apology.”(or alternatively, Keith receives a call not meant for him but he manages to get involved in the caller’s life in ways he never would have imagined)
WC: 106237 (17/17)
General Notes: laksfbgagah, keymashing is all i got on this fic, just read it 10/10

First Day of My Life by eso/cazzy

Summary: Lance has avoided asking about it all night, mostly because he’s pretty sure it’s weird to ask your friend if they’d be interested in cuddling in the same bed.
WC: 9445
General Notes: this fic is ridiculously fluffy, god these boys are awkward and lance is losing his mind, i love it. 9/10

Not That Bad by varelsen

Summary: “Am I really going to have to explain this to you?” “No, I’m totally fine with you shutting up right about now.” Hunk cups his hands around his mouth. “You. Are crushing. On Keith.”Or, a college AU featuring coffee shops, silly rivalries, motorcycles, arcade games, friendships, and lots of warm, fluffy feelings that are both confusing and delightful all at the same time.
WC: 67847 (12/12)
General Notes: the college university is just the best, bless. Lance is a dork, and Keith is just a ball of anxiety. like same keith same. 10/10

i bet you look good on the dancefloor by xShieru

Summary: “So like in ‘Step Up’?” Allura shrugs. “Now that you put it like that - yes. I guess it’s just like in 'Step Up’.” The smile that she sends Shiro’s way - followed by a shy wave, eugh - is sickening to say the least, and Lance still doesn’t believe in dance camps.-Lance McClain’s dancing career begins and ends with Keith.Keith just wants to find out what Lance’s deal is.
WC: 43291 (7/7)
General Notes: hahahah its literally the dance au that everyone knows about, and like a shit ton of fanart has been made for. its really great, like A+, lance again is a huge dork and Keith is mr moody and broody, 9/10

Take the Easel Way Out by legendarydesvender/svenationalist

Summary: Oh no, he’s hot, Lance thinks while he’s dying.(Pidge elbows Lance sharply a little while later. “You’re not dying, dumbass,” they whisper. “Pay attention, the pose started.”)***Written for klanceweek day 1, “Red/Blue”. Art class AU where Lance can’t focus because one of the new life drawing models is too attractive.
WC: 4094
General Note: in which we are all lance xD 10/10

Color Me Intrigued by dreamcp

Summary: Lance draws. Specifically, Lance draws Keith. A lot. Wonder why that is?
WC: 5235
General Notes: lance doodles and i just really love this, like its seriously one of my hcs that Lance just doodles in his down time. 10/10

Costumed Identities by Trashness

Summary: Lance and Keith are rival cosplayers, who only know each other by their online usernames. They are fiercely competitive, but are also desperately attracted to each other. You’d think they would just get together already, but there’s a couple of problems: 1. Keith crossplays, so Lance has absolutely no idea that Keith is a boy. 2. Both of them are idiots, and can’t seem to figure out that that hot cosplayer they like, is also that hot guy that they drool over every day at school.
WC: 41538 (3/3)
General Notes: i dont know much about cosplay, but like this is amazing. keith and lance are both idiots in love. 10/10

nothing’s quite as sweet by dimpleforyourthoughts, thebrotherswinchester

Summary: Keith is a barista who hates his job. Lance works at the cat shelter across the street.
WC: 50370 (yes one chapter xD)
General Notes: tbh, i really love the tags on this fic: keith kogane; human disaster and lance mcclain; sunshine boi. like thats literally the fic. its really cute and i love it so much. 11/10

Secret Ingredients by Lynn1998

Summary: Lance lives a comfortable life in the outside mall nicknamed the streets of Voltron. He bakes for a living with his friend, Hunk, and enjoys the company of the other store owners near him. Life seems great and easy until some pretty boy with a mullet opens a bakery across the street from him.
WC: 48193
General Notes: my face hurt reading this fic. its great. like godbless. 9/10

Catching Feelings by th3blackcat

Summary: It’s easy to spot Lance. The college student always has his nose in a book, whether it’s for one of his classes, a class that he’s a TA for, or for fun. It isn’t until Keith, an engineering student who’s closer to him than he realizes, saves him from walking into traffic that he realizes that maybe finding solace in books isn’t the best way to get through life. Soon enough, the life he knew began to change and the more he learned about Keith, the more he learned about himself.
WC: 12338 (4/?)

Sleepy Rumbles and After Shower Warmth by BoyBitingDemon

Summary: Restless nights are hard for Lance, especially where going to sleep is concerned, so what better way to combat that energy than tinkering with a high tech blaster and a sleepy boyfriend?Or that time Keith got Lance to calm down and sleep without having to do anything at all except exist.
WC: 1056
General Notes: summary says it all and its hella cute 8/10.

free throw by breadpoetsociety

Summary: “Shiro, uh, Takashi Shirogane, pretty much changed my life. His skill was– is– unparalleled, and he’s my hero,” Lance smiled fondly at the bench before turning back, eyes roving the crowd again. “He introduced me to the greatest love of my life. And, actually, that’s not basketball. But his brother, Keith Kogane.”Keith’s eyes widened, and he turned bright red. But still, he smiled. He couldn’t help but to smile.
WC: 1673
General Notes: this is so fucking cute, basketball player lance, and cheerleader keith. thats all you gotta know. 10/10

BTS reaction to there s/o flinching during an argument

Hey there!~ Thanks for requesting vuv 
I kept it gender neutral just for the sake of everyone but i hope you enjoy~~
This was really heart breaking/hard to write tbh ;u; but a lovely in end hhh i tried my best <3 
- Adminnie

Kim Namjoon/Rapmonster
You rarely ever argued with one another, but when you did… Boy did it get bad. You and Joon had been in a shouting match for what felt like hours over something you couldnt even remember at this point- 
Everything you said was making him angry and everything he said in response was simply infuriating, it brought you to the point where you finally yelled a threat to break it off when he stepped closer to you grabbing your shoulder-
Your eyes squeezed shut and you jerked back slightly in response, catching him a bit off guard..

“Y/N-ah I-I Im sorry did i hurt you?”
“No Joon… Just- its nothing”
“You can tell me, im really sorry….”
“Just my past experiences and arguments weren’t the best in the end..”
You stepped back from him, this impulsively made him hug you tightly, stroking your hair….

“I get it youre sorry and i forgive- But dont think you are off the hook mister”
“yeah yeah”

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Kim Seokjin/Jin
Like Namjoon you and Seokjin barely fought, you were both grown enough to have the sense to understand each other. And when it came to you two bickering it was more like an old married couple arguing than a shouting match.
It started when he came home late from the studio, he was sweaty and taired, you noticed he seemed to be a bit upset so you confronted him a bout it. He immediately denied being tired or angry, telling you not to worry or stress- The same old same old, you were tired of him telling you not to worry,

“Jin how am i supposed to not worry, you come home, sleep, go back to work- dont you think you are working a bit too hard?”
He raised his voice in protest, turning swiftly to you.

You wrenched your eyes shut, hands coming up to protect your face-
This sparked confusion in his eyes, “What are you doing?” He would question, walking closer to you, moving your hands.. You would explain to him about your past relationship ad he would feel a bit guilty in the end, proposing he takes the day of tomorrow and you both relax sex it up 

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Min Yoongi/Suga
When you and Yoongs argue, he says few words. He lets you yell out your feelings before saying his peace, trying to keep things as neutral as possible, knowing he has a temper and he needs to control it. In this particular time you had been feeling a bit neglected. Shouting at him about putting his career before your life together-
“At this point its me or the music”

When he looked at you with a certain gaze and pulled you into a hug, your body tensed, shoulders raising, eyes squeezing tightly shut. 

“Y/N are you ok? I-I I’ll try to spend more time with you im sorry”
You shook your head, explaining to him why you seemed to cringe at his touch, he would just hug you for a moment, telling you how he will never treat you like that and he will try his best to spend more time with you. 

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Jung Hoseok/Jhope
Fights with Hobi would be extremely emotional  both of you sobbing intensely as you screamed at him for god knows what. He would be so angry by the time you finally stopped yelling he would turn suddenly-
You would flinch, stumbling backwards at his action.

“What- Are you ok? Why did you flinch? Did i really hurt you” *sniffle sniffle, im sobbing*

As if he wasnt crying enough hes so soft when he questioned why you would be hesitant to tell him and when you finally did you would just cry together for a while, eventually falling asleep where ever you were.

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Park Jimin/Jimin
Fighting? With Jimin? What is this trechery? 
On the 1 and a Million chance that you and Jimin fought, he would be so heartbroken to see you angry at him-
”Im sorry y/n” *sobbing like a 5 year old bc you yelled at him for leaving the milk out and it went bad*
He would lunge to hug you, causing you to whimper and fall back a bit- He would question your actions, taking your hands in his, listening to everything you said extremely carefully.

”Ah- My bad Y/N.. Im sorry i angered you, and im sorry for scarying you- i didnt know”
”Aishhh Its ok you big softie”

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Kim Taehyung/V
You and Taehyung are young, you are bound to fight sometimes- 
Growing together is hard to do at times so when he came home angry you knew at some point you would argue… 

”Christ Y/N can you get off my back for 1 second???”
“I asked what was wrong Taehyung”
“Nothing is wrong!”
‘nOtHinG iS wRoNg’ 

He huffed throwing his bag from practice on the ground, the thud causing you to nearly jump out of your skin, his gaze making you physically cringe, nose wrinkling and eyes squeezing shut as you sunk back into yourself. 
He nearly forgot about your past in this moment, his face dropped to one of guilt, walking over to you to plant a kiss on the top of your head. An apologetic grin sprawled on his face as he brought you to his chest-

”Lets just forget about this, ok? Wanna cuddle or something?”

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Jeon Jeong-guk/Jungkook
Like Taehyung, you and Jungkook are extremely young and equal parts dumb (jk <3)
 Sometimes you two would annoy eachother just make one another mad- This night you were working his last nerve, nitpicking, just egging him on for the hell of it..
He shouted at you, rubbing the bridge of his nose before placing his hands of his face, at his yell you stumbled at bit, and when he stood to look at you, frustration clear on his face you instinctively shook and backed away. 
He cocked an eyebrow at your reaction, his head shaking slightly like he always did when he was unsure.
You let out a long sigh when he questioned you hours later-

“My past is so good Kook- you scared me is all”
“Im sorry Y/N, i wont be so careless next time”
“Its not just your fault- im sorry too i took it too far”
He would hug you tightly, a hum in his throat loving the moment of open emotion.

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"Namjoon is a genius and namjoon is in the top tier of kpop rappers." How so? I don't disagree, I just want to hear some Namjoon appreciation.

me: loves this ask

me: takes 8 years to respond

im sorry i took forEVER to respond pal! i wanted to do this justice and ive been hella busy


1) lets look at the obvious first; the reception of various rappers and the general rap community

  • Warren G: “Even though I wasn’t able to understand his lyrics completely, I can say that it was really good. The flow, the style and his rhythm are all very good.” and “When listening to Rap Monster’s songs, it sounds a bit like me or Snoop Dogg rapping over the beats to what we’ve made.” AND “If I comment from an artist and a producer point of view, Rap Monster is one of the best rappers I know. The way he delivers his rap is outstanding.” (me: *chokes*)
  • Tiger JK: called namjoon “the industry junior who changed his preconceptions about idols.”
  • SPIN Review: “With smartly snagged instrumentals from Run the Jewels and Big K.R.I.T., a cameo from Tech N9ne sidekick Krizz Kaliko, and surprisingly sturdy hooks on the piano-bar blues “Life” and the hammering standout single “Do You,” Kim Namjoon actually stands a chance of making a dent in the States.”
  • XXL Mag: “Rap Monster rarely fails to live up to his name. The Ilsan, South Korea-raised rapper is one of the region’s most dexterous rappers, capable of switching flows effortlessly as he glides across an array of diverse instrumentals.”
  • DJ Booth (Lucas G): “I really like the balance between rapping in Korean and rapping in English. If the project was all in Korean, I’m not sure I could have connected with him but by mixing the two languages together he provides the listener with a brand new experience; I don’t feel like a passive listener. Shit even when he’s rapping in Korean, I can still feel his words. He’s got a hunger and an excitement that can be felt in any language.”
  • Tony Jones: “Rap Monster can outrap any rapper” (tbh not super relevant but i had to include it bc its so cute)
  • i highkey feel like there is more but rn im functioning on half my brain cells rip

2) lyrics; this is really important to me. lots of ppl pick rappers off of their beats and how lit they are.. THIS ISN’T RAPPING. if yall want lit beats tune into the producer or just listen to trap. that’s not what rap is about. 

lyrics are CRAZY important! and like, diss and bragging lyrics are such a sidebar. if you can only diss and brag I’m sorry but you aren’t worth shit lol.

here in my opinion are some of his best lyrics (READ THIS SHIT! YALL PLEASE)

  • “the thing that redeemed me too, the things that pushed into me - the distant precipice and everything, that’s all me - foolish humanity, you too can become gods - hold your head straight and try, a saint’s smile - Jesus’ footsteps, Allah’s prayers - even until Maria’s love, all of it is inside you - this is unconditional redemption and unconditional belief” (God Rap)
  • “I live to understand the world - But the world didn’t once understand me” (Always)
  • “these people who clamor for respect with their own mouths - even they don’t know the misjudgments of those words - freedom and self-indulgence, they’re obviously different” (Do You)
  • “if you look less at wits, there are a lot of things that change - you were born as a hero, why are you trying to become a slave? - “because it hurts, it’s youth” - that kind of definition is the biggest problem - in life a genre is a trap, just like music - because you become an idiot as soon as you’re tied down there - fuck that.” (Do You)
  • “every night inside me I quietly fight with myself - my heart pounds, my colleagues stab me in the back - while saying that I became a moron after joining a company- yeah fuck you I’m an idol, yeah yeah I’m an idol - at one time I hated it but now I love to get that title” (Awakening)
  • “I thought I could catch the mirage known as happiness - but the me in front of my desk wasn’t happy even for a moment - without my mom knowing, I put a sheet of white paper between the pages of my workbook - my identity that I wrote down matched to the drum and bass - a different, relaxed feeling compared to when I got my report card” (Voice)
  • “do you know the reality that there’s no shadow in the fire? - then will I become the fire or will I become the light, that’s my question - so if I become the light then in the daylight, then the darkness - closes his eyes when it’s bright and when others sleep, opens his eyes again - even though I felt suffering I thank you” (God Rap)
  • “life is more beautiful knowing that we’ve taken a loan on death - even light is treasured more when there’s darkness - the sunshine appears after we’ve passed through the storm” (Life)
  • “but the thing that we all learned at some point was how - to step on someone, to catch them, to erase them, to hate them - fuck all the peace and love, I know that that’s the natural enemy of success - that’s too obvious” (Life)
  • “everything can coexist, positive and negativity - the thing that guides me and this world is ultimately those two’s synergy - all wanderings related to existence, sometimes until they’re chaotic - even those moments now seem lovable - if you’re confused about what is right and what is wrong - what makes me want to live again, think about it” (I Believe)
  • OK SO LIKE THESE ARE DISS LYRICS BUT YALL BETTER KNOW THIS IS SOME OF THE MOST SAVAGE SHIT IVE EVER HEARD: “Even if you don’t like me, you know me - I like hate comments more than no comments - I DON’T KNOW YOU - BUT YOU KNOW MY NAME” (Cypher 4
  • credit to btstrans for lyrics

3) delivery…  every rapper has their own style and namjoon for sure has great fucking delivery omg (that voice tho). in terms of pure flow i have three fav songs…

Awakening: the song that made me a Rap Monster fan (way before I knew what kpop was). The intensity and emotion in his voice still gives me chills.

Joke: his vocal control, his phrase stylization, his ability to spit so flawlessly with like no air… Joke is ALL about flow

P.D.D.: so chill… but the way he raps still draws in the listener; this is partially due to the natural depth and beauty of his voice, but a lot of it is in the energy his delivery has, even when it’s relaxed as fuck. namjoon raps like he’s telling a story, and the rise and fall of his voice is perfectly responsive and sensitive to his lyrics.

4) live stages! his lives are great. i won’t say they’re perfect, but they are still awesome and he always gets hype as FUCK and gets the audience into it

What Am I To You: i literally get so fucking emotional. dont debate this with me, this is honestly his best live stage ever. fucking flawless.

Do You: you see me bopping to this shit in my home? im getting fucking hyped yall as i write this

OKAY BOO BOO HOPE YOU LIKED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! comment/reblog with what you think makes Namjoon an amazing rapper!!

as always, if you think im wrong, pls message me ;)

College!AU Vernon
  • major: instrumental performance (violin) 
  • minor: psychology 
  • sports: wanted to do basketball, but ended up not having the time for it
  • clubs: orchestra, (secretly) poetry club 
  • vernon ended up getting into college on a scholarship for his violin, even though he still isn’t really sure that’s what he wants to do with his life
  • like he likes playing classical music, but much to the surprise of most people in his major, he’s much more fond of hiphop and pop music which is why everyone’s so shocked when he comes into orchestra with like the weekend blasting from his headphones and not Bach’s Violin Concerto in A minor
  • but no matter what his personal preferences are, it’s obvious he’s the most talented violinist in the orchestra and even in the whole school
  • and for that, the conductor and his instructors are all really tough on him because they want to make him a classical music prodigy
  • and vernon just,,,,,,,, like he just doesn’t think he’s suited for that
  • like he’d much rather change his major to psychology because he’s always has an interest in peoples personalities and observing others and it’s a field that he really does want to learn more about
  • but the pressure from everyone, even his friends, is that he should just do music since he’s so talented at it
  • which is funny considering he’s put a ban on any of his friends attending any of the orchestra recitals because last time hoshi fell asleep, woke up halfway through the piece and got up to clap because he thought it was over, effectively making everyone turn to look at him and the orchestra messing up and long story short
  • hoshi was escorted out and vernon had to beg the conductor to forgive his friend for being……like that
  • vernon doesn’t have many close friends in the orchestra because all the other violinist are pretty jealous of his talents. the other sections are made up of mostly his seniors who are also pissed that someone younger than them is doing so well
  • so vernon spends a lot of his time practicing alone and keep quiet during group rehearsals
  • but when he’s not practicing, he hangs out with joshua and minghao and jeonghan and the other seventeen members tease them because they call them the ‘brain squad’ because they all get good grades and study
  • but when they hangout it’s like video games and eating LOL 
  • vernon had let his sister decorate hi violin case with stickers before he left to live on campus and although he does admit some of the my little pony ones and sparkly puppies are ……..a bit……much…..he misses his sister a lot so he never tries to take them off
  • hoshi doesn’t let him live it down though he’s always like “i never knew you were a fan of fluttershy, how cute vernon” and vernon’s like if you weren’t my hyung………………my violin bow would be shoved…….
  • lots of people outside of the music program like vernon actually, and not because he’s friendly and approachable like seokmin, but because they find him really elegant and chic when he walks around campus in the suit holding his case before a performance 
  • basically people are like “he’s a real life prince, handsome AND plays the violin” 
  • every white day the music room becomes overflowed with presents addressed to him and confessions of love
  • and he’s just like…….clueless to why he’s so popular and the other musicians all get grumpy and salty because no one sends them chocolates whatS so good about vernon
  • the answer is simple: face of an angel but anyway
  • also like he’s studying classical music but…his sense of dressing and personal preference of music is nothing close to that and he’s actually known for keeping up with trends. he got instagram famous for his fashion and vernon didn’t even know until hoshi was like “you passed 10k followers on insta” and vernon was like “you have followers on insta?”
  • but anyway you actually meet vernon under some weird circumstances
  • see the orchestra always picks someone to have a solo in the winter show before finals end and everyone leaves campus for the holidays
  • and last year it was a senior pianist so everyone’s like this year it has to be another section and like everyone really rEALLY wants the solo because if you get it it means a) you’re probably getting a good grade b) the spotlight is on you for the winter recital 
  • ofc the only one pretty unphased by it is vernon and so when his name is announced for the solo he’s like WHAT and everyone turns to stare at him
  • and the instructors like “we’ll begin meeting on thursdays to talk about a piece to choose and practice!!”
  • and vernon wants to protest because….well….because he doesn’t want the solo
  • but the see of eyes that are glued to him, majority of them angry, he decides to not say anything out loud
  • but after orchestra is over he heads over to the instructor and slinging his violin bag over his shoulder he’s like “i don’t want…the solo. i can’t do it.”
  • and the instructor is like what????? why????? and vernon’s like “stage fright. im fine playing with a big orchestra, but being up by myself-”
  • but the instructor just waves it off and is like “stage fright? you’ve gotta be joking me, if every classical musician dreams of a solo concert. just calm down and show up on thursday ready.”
  • vernon knows that there isn’t any point in arguing, the teacher has always been strict and if anything he doesn’t want to get yelled at
  • and on thursday he shows up to the orchestra hall and the teachers there and basically in the beginning it’s fine, they’re talking about pieces that vernon can play and it’s normal but the second the teacher asks him to play something infront of him. vernon…………vernon can’t
  • even though it’s only the teacher and other student off in other corners,,,,,vernon can’t bring himself to even lift the bow
  • the teacher basically gets mad and leaves him there telling him to fix his problem the next time there’s practice and that’s when you come in
  • you’re not in orchestra, you’re actually there to help set up chairs because a friend asked you to and you witness the whole thing go down with vernon and his teacher
  • and tbh it gets you really mad
  • because how can a teacher just treat their student like that???? and before you know it you’re going over to where vernon is sitting with his head in his hands and you tap his shoulder and you’re like 
  • “your teacher was being really horrible, im sorry you have to deal with that.”
  • and vernon, who like ….you don’t know and he doesn’t know you is just like……looking up at you quizzically until his face goes pink and he’s like “oh god…….you saw what happened.”
  • and you’re like nO DONT BE embarrassed!!!! i just wanted to let you know that your teacher was being a douche!!! i wasnt trying to make fun of you oh my ogd….
  • and you’re babbling very quickly trying to clean up this mess you’ve started and in your head you’re like THIS is why people tell you to stop striking up conversations with strangers and sticking your nose into peoples business
  • but vernon suddenly just stands up and he’s like ,,,, “i have to go.” and before you can even gather your words again he’s gone and you’re like FRICK I MESSED UP UGH
  • and you like scold yourself but it’s like what can you do you won’t see him again right?
  • but you DO see you end up in the orchestra room next thursday again because your friend wanted to meet up there after her practice to go out for dinner
  • and so you’re sitting in one of the rows of chairs and you see vernon (you know his name because you had heard the teacher yelling at him before) and he looks so depressed to be there
  • and when the teacher comes you watch as vernon tries to focus himself and bring the bow up to play but again, he just clenches his jaw and can’t move his hand
  • and the teacher looks like he might start yelling again and you decide you need to save the poor kid
  • so you get up and rush over and stand in front of the teacher and you’re like “i can help him!!!!!”
  • both vernon and the instructor stare wide-eyed at you and you’re like in your head like cmon think think …..and then you smile up at the instructor and you’re like “i used to have anxiety before performing too, i know how to stop it so!!!! just give us time before the concert - ill help him!!”
  • and vernon leans over to whisper like “what are you do-” in your ear but the teacher is like “are you a friend of vernons?” and you’re like YEP WE KNOW EACH OTHER WELL SO DONT WORRY!! LEAVE HIM IN MY HANDS!!
  • and the teacher looks suspicious but at the same time you’re pressing the fact that this solo is REA L L Y important and finally he just gives in and points menacingly at vernon whose still standing behind you, quite frankly flabbergasted by your appearance
  • and he’s like “if she doesn’t fix you before the concert. …..we will have a problem and any recommendations i had planned on writing for you are in the garbage, got it?”
  • and vernon is still shocked but you bow as the teacher leaves and you pull vernon down so he does too
  • and when finally the guys gone you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding and you turn to look at vernon and you’re like “SO i guess i should at least tell you my name and explain what the was all about”
  • and vernon, who has never been very…..good with new people….., is just like watching you blabber and not saying anything and you’re like oh god he’s gonna run off again
  • and you’re like “lISTen….i really want to help, maybe just because i don’t want your teacher to yell at you again for something you can’t control but also like you want to do well right? i mean this is your major?”
  • and you point to the violin and vernon pauses but slow nods and you’re like
  • “ok!!! well i…….i think i  can help so, how about you at least let me try? can’t hurt, right?” and you smile at him and vernon,,,,,well vernon can’t believe that his first thought as you do is ‘wow they have a really cute grin’ and the second is like ‘what is happening’
  • but somehow ,,,,he decides that he might as well take a helping hand 
  • and so you tell vernon you’ll see him tomorrow in her, right in time to see your friend come in
  • and as you leave vernon is standing there….trying to process what happened and the most he can come up with is that you must just be a really kind person to want to help
  • actually it troubles him to figure out why you’re doing this that he even ends up asking jeonghan about it when he gets back to the dorm and jeonghan is like “well - what’s the problem this person wants to help you with?” and vernon’s like oh right no one knows about my fear and so vernon’s like nvm nvm
  • but jeonghan is like………….*magnifying glass emoji* 
  • anyway the next day you meet vernon where you planned and you’re like “first things first: stage fright - does the rest of the orchestra know?” and vernon’s like “if i told them,,,,they’d all eat me alive for being childish and not grateful for this solo” and you scrunch up your nose like what kind of friends are those and vernon’s like Well…..they’re not really my friends
  • you nod and you’re like ok, do your real friend know? and again vernon’s like no,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and you’re like ok i promise i wont tell a soul and you like stick your pinkie out and vernon’s like,,,,,that’s childish but you’re like c’mon we gotta and he’s like…..ok…fine
  • and after hooking pinkies you like start to ask vernon questions about why he gets so scared and some strategies about pretending the audience is there/ imagining dogs instead of people/ etc
  • and vernon…..who is used to being always in competition with the people around him can’t help but watch you trying your hardest for him….a complete stranger…..and so he ends up actually telling you things that even the closest people can’t get out of him
  • and two weeks goes by, you see vernon almost every afternoon after his orchestra practice and finally you ask him to try and play something in front of you
  • and so you sit and vernon stands on the stage and you’re like
  • giving him a thumbs up and he rolls his eyes, but hides himself behind his violin to chuckle 
  • (he’s actually been smiling a lot more since he started doing this with you - everyone’s noticed but no one says anything) 
  • and he brings up his bow and you keep quiet and watch him intently and vernon concentrates………he thinks like you told him, of no audience but of things that are serene like nature or animals……he even thinks of how proud his sister would be to see him if he could just play a single piece
  • but then,,,,he looks to you
  • and unlike the cold, demanding eyes of his teacher and orchestra mates….he sees someone who has genuinely shown him care and 
  • he plays
  • he plays his whole piece perfectly
  • and at the end you’re scrambling up to the stage, clapping with joy
  • and vernon puts down his bow and looks at you and smiles, actually smiles
  • and you feel your heart in your chest skip a beat and when vernon says “i ,,,,, i can do it!!” you almost want to cry
  • but all you do is nod a million times and jump up and down like “yes!!! yes you can!!!!”  
  • and before you can think, you lunge over to hug him
  • and vernon freezes because,,,,such sudden skinship makes him embarrassed, but at the same time he feels like even two weeks of knowing you has proved that you’re the kind of person who shows this kind of affection easily
  • but the second he thinks to wrap his arms back around you
  • the door to the room opens and some students stare at the both of you and vernon gets redder than a tomato and gently nudges you off and you’re like !!!!!!! CARRY ON to the students and they’re just giggling as they walk past you and vernon 
  • vernon just gathers his bag and is like “um ill go,,,” and you’re like lgfkdjlfdwg
  • that night vernon frets over texting you because like,,,,,,do you guys still need to meet now that he’s successfully played in front of you/??? and he’s like laying on his bed with his phone on his face like having a crush is so h a r d why cant i stop
  • but then his phone lights up because you text him like ‘see you tomorrow, we gotta keep practicing till d-day!’
  • and vernon just grins so much and he’s like,,,,,,,,nvm i hope this crush never goes away
  • BECAUSE WOW DO YOU MAKE HIM FEEL WARM not that he’d ever admit that LOL
  • so you keep meeting and then finally it’s the day before the winter showcase and vernon can now even play when there’s other people in the room and it’s all going well
  • and then the teacher shows up and it’s the final test and before vernon goes up to play you take his hand in yours and you’re like “it’s going to be fine, if anything ill stand behind him and make funny faces to cheer you up!!” and vernon laughs like don’t do that we’ll both get in trouble but thank you
  • and you give him another thumbs up and he’s like god you’re so corny and you’re like DO GREAT
  • and vernon gets up there and for a second it’s all good, but then the sickening feeling comes again….the one that tells him that he’s  sure to mess up…he’s sure to look like a fool
  • and he clutches his eyes and he’s like think of something positive - what’s the one thing you wouldn’t mind seeing forever
  • and in his head,,,,,,all he can visualize is you
  • you with your big smile, your unapologetic laugh 
  • you……….supporting him…………
  • and all of a sudden he’s playing, like magic. he doesn’t even feel any strain - the piece comes out perfectly
  • and by the end the teacher raises an eyebrow when he looks at you but then looking back at vernon he gives a nod and says he’ll see vernon tomorrow night
  • you and vernon go out to celebrate by eating some ramen at the convenience store on campus and you’re just like “i knew you could do it. that teacher’s just a jerk who can’t learn how to properly take care of his students.” and vernon laughs because you’re right, but also because you look so cute getting all pouty over it….like it isn’t even your problem but you’re so riled up and it’s adorable
  • but then you lift some of your noodles, blow on them and offer them out to vernon with your chopsticks and you’re like “here let me feed you, the flavor i got is  so good!!!”
  • and vernon is looking at the chopsticks like a deer caught in headlights and he’s like “i….im an adult, let me feed myself” and he reaches out but you swat his hand away and you’re like “c’mon aaaaaaa-” and vernon goes pink again but complies
  • and when he’s done you grin and you’re like “good, right?” and vernon,,,,,,vernon finally realized that god this crush is something way more than a crush because he feels like just your smile makes his heartrate hit the roof
  • but he doesn’t say it, instead he walks you back to your dorm and is like “…..will i see you tomorrow? at the show?”
  • and you’re like “are you inviting me~~~” and he’s like don’t tease god but yes yes i am and you grin like ofc ill go i have to see all our hardwork pay off in that solo!!!
  • and vernon agrees, but for a second he catches himself staring at you for a bit longer than usual until awkwardly bowing and telling you he has to go
  • you watch him run off and touch your lips, a little sad that he only stared
  • finally it’s the night of the show and you’re looking for vernon behind the orchestra and once you find him you’re like!!!!!!!! how you feeling
  • and he turns around, except this time he’s in a suit with his hair slicked back and you’re like Oh ……. and you too, you’re wearing something fancy for the occasion and vernon can’t help but let his jaw hang a little
  • and the shocking silence gets a little too much so you playfully reach out to ruffle his hair and you’re like ‘do amazing, ok? or else you’ll get a scolding from me ok?’ and vernon’s like ‘pfft uhuh’ and you’re like ‘looK AT you getting sassy with me’ and you both laugh
  • but soon you go and take your seat and the lights dim and the orchestra begins its first piece
  • and you sit through everything until finally it’s vernon’s solo and you’re so excited you can’t keep still and when he gets on stage he looks just BREATHTAKING and you clutch your hands together with worry
  • but he brings the violin up and takes in a breath and……begins to play
  • and the sound is so beautiful, you can see how it captivates everyone in the audience and you do tear up because he looks so at ease, not the same scared student you saw trying to play in front of his teacher when you first met him
  • and when the whole thing is over vernon doesn’t even stay for the congratulations from the faculty or anyone who came to see, he runs straight to try and find you
  • and when he does, you turn and right then and there he sweeps you up into his arms and presses his lips to yours and you’re like!!!!!!!!????????
  • and when he pulls back you’re like oh ,,,, oh my god 
  • and he’s like ‘oh my god i did that…..’ and you’re like ‘oh my god you did………’ and you’re both shocked but then you just grin and pull him down by the collar to kiss him again
  • and it’s cute for the first time vernon is forward with how he’s begun to feel about you and you’re more then head over heels for him too, you realized this when you saw him play in front of only you and his determination just….just made him look so cool to you
  • but that’s not important, what’s important is you two walk out of the building hand in hand and vernon’s like “id like to take you on an official date” and you’re like ‘ooooo so mannered~~~” and vernon is like plEASe for one second don’t make everything teasing but you just giggle and kiss his nose
  • and the restaurant you go to is way more upscale than you expected and you’re like ??!!?!??! vernon can you afford this and he’s like “yeah, i tutor violin on the side so i have the money” and you’re like what. how did i not know and he shrugs shyly like,,,there’s a lot you don’t know
  • and over dinner you learn that although vernon loves music, he’s been considering changing majors and………that maybe that is also part of his stage fright and you even tell vernon of your own insecurities which is hard but you know you can trust him
  • you also learn vernon is in poetry club and you’re like “our second date is you letting me read your poetry” and vernon is like “you will never know where i hide my book so-” and you’re like “if you don’t tell me i will do aegyo for an hour straight” and vernon is like gbdklzfd NO FINE
  • fancy restaurants aren’t your biggest thing so after a while you’re like vernon let’s go get dollar ice-cream and walk by the han river 
  • and it’s cute you guys are way more suited to this casual kind of thing and when you try to sit up on the railing vernon has to pull you down because he’s scared you’d tip over into the water 
  • and like the whole time he’s going crazy thinking about kissing you again and it’s so obvious that when he drops you off after, you’re like “you have permission” and vernon’s like ???? and you tap your lips and he goes pink but it’s cute
  • his kiss is so shy ,,,,just like him
  • as you officially start to date, vernon gets so nervous about telling his friends because he’s like “they’ll never stop teasing us. like ever. you need to know that.” and you’re like “babe, it’s fine. we can deal with it.”
  • but the second you and vernon show up holding hands all of seventeen mc’freaking loses it 
  • s.coups is like we’RE THROWIng a PArty. jeonghan is like “I KNEW IT I CALLED IT”. seungkwan is asking you if vernon didn’t just pay you to act like it. and minghao is taking photo proof of your hands together for future reference and it is a certified Mess and vernon is like
  • like too embarrassed to speak and you’re just like “oh god vernon you were right we should have stayed quiet”
  • but then you learn about how useful the meme squad that is his friends are. like wonwoo informs you of how scared vernon is of horror movies so you pick on on your next date JUST to have vernon curl up against your arm and press his face into your neck out of fear
  • after you’re like ‘that’s the most skinship we’ve EVER had’ and he’s like adigfhbkglr plEASE don’t ever mention it or do this to me again…..
  • you buy a cute sticker and beg vernon to put it on his violin case and he’s like “sure, but i should ask my sister first since she originally decorated it-”
  • and that’s how you end up on skype with vernon’s lil sis who absolutely ADORES YOU
  • you two are being cute together and she’s like !!!!!!! my brother is lucky, don’t mess this up vernon and you’re like ill protect vernon and she’s like pls do and vernon is like oh m y G o d
  • vernon writes you a poem for your birthday, accompanied with a piece he composes for the violin and he plays it to you like five times over because he insists it HAS to be perfect because it’s your gift
  • but by the fifth time you just calmly ask him to put the violin down so you can smother him in kisses 
  • and he’s like nonoooonononononoooooo but kisses back and even puts his hand on your neck and you’re like “someone’s getting bolder” and he’s just blushing again
  • you keep vernon in a never ending loop of soft embarrassment,,,,it’s cute
  • when you meet him after practice you always make sure to distract him if you hear any of the seniors mumbling something about him because you want to keep him safe from negativity so you’ll like cover his ears randomly or start talking loud
  • and vernon actually knows why you do it, but he plays along because he can see you’re trying for his sake
  • but also if anyone says something too harsh you’re not afraid to approach them and give them a lecture and how AMAZING and PERFECT your boyfriend is to a point where vernon needs to drag you away because you’re getting emotional
  • and he’s like “don’t get riled up on my behalf like a little kid, we can just ignore them.” and you’re just fuming like verNON let me fight them and he’s like no. NO
  • he makes his phone background a photo his mom took of you two when you visited and  that his sister covered in like sparkly filters and it’s c*rny he’ll admit it but he loves it
  • when he’s playing basketball with like seungcheol and mingyu or something he wears a headband to keep his bangs up and you think it’s the cutest thing ever
  • you like specifically ask him to send you selfies wearing the headband and the basketball shorts and he’s like ‘what is with you’ and you’re like ‘vernon. you don’t understand you look CUTE’
  • you sometimes watch their mini games for fun and then run over to hand vernon water and mingyu’ll be like “wehere’s mine?”
  • and before you can even answer vernon is like “you don’t have hands? go get your own.” and seungcheol is like WOW DISSED TO The FACE and you’re like ‘i never knew you had this side’ and vernon shrugs like ,,,,,,,mingyu’s dumb anyway i love you 
  • and he opens his arms up so you can hug him because he never wants to SAY hug me but you just grin and kiss him instead and he’s like !! and you’re like ^^

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anonymous asked:

i have a request! i dont have a preference of rfa members tbh but seven, jumin and yoosung are my favorites so you can do them if youd like or whoever! mc just joined the rfa (probs day 2 or 3) and dont know what each other look like (tho i guess seven would? they just dont say it?). mc goes shopping and runs into the rfa member. they dont recognize each other or their names but start hanging out (and dating?), but on the day of the party, they meet each other as members. their reactions?

Hey! Well…Today I don´t feel like shit and now I can get out of my bed…I´m sorry if I haven´t been active for some time but now I´m feeling pretty  good.So let´s stop my depressing story and let the Hc begin.


  • Seven needs a refill of HBC.
  • Seven sneaks out of his house because Vanderwood and he goes to his favorite convenient store.
  • He can buy his HBC online but he likes the experience of going to that specific store.Why?
  1. Because in that store the chips are a lot more cheaper .
  2. The chips are in the perfect temperature and there are not broken (but he is the broken one.Ok no…)
  3. THE DRAMA some times he just sit in the chairs of the store and he waits for the drama,I don´t want to enter into details but lets just say the the Boy that works in the store has a very interesting life like a tenelovela/ soap opera(HINT:It involves a dog,2 girls,his grandpa,bubblegum,a lot of calls.Just do the math )
  4. Vanderwood never will find him here.
  5. He likes the music that is in the store.
  • In day 3 he goes to the store and he goes directlly to the the aisle were the HBC are.And when he grabs one bag of chips he notice someone´s hand is grabbing to the same bag that him.
  • Sorry for such cheesy and cliche moment

-“Oh sorry” seven and you say at the same time and see each other.

-”Wow!”seven say with a sparkle in his eyes.”I love you´re hair.” He scratches his head and with a smile says “Sorry if it sound weird but…” he clears his throat “It reminds me of HBC”

-You give him a big smile and with a spark in your eyes too and you say “You notice?! You are the first one that sees” “because I actually dyed my hair inspired on The HBC” you put your head down “My friends say that is a stupid reason but I love HBC so much”

-”It is not stupid! I think it looks very good on you”

-”Really? Thank you,I have not posted a picture online of my new style because it seams like no one likes it”

(That´s why he didn´t recognized you,plus You had big ass glasses)

-”Do you want to sit and eat HBC.I invite.” said seven

-”Ok but I put the the Dr.pepper soda”

-”I love you”


-”ahh…I said that I love my HBC with Dr.Pepper”

  • From that moment on you to saw each other every night,eating HBC and Dr.pepper,trying new candy that was in the store,seeing the boy of the store with his drama,you told him about some kittens that lived right around the corner and you two played with them.
  • You two never told each other´s name because there was so much other things more interesting to talk and you all ways forgot.
  • First it was like:

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

But then it was like:

Originally posted by enews

  • How? he didn´t notice ?
  • Well it doesn´t matter now you to are together.

Lets say that the whole saeran in your apartment didn´t happened and seven didn´t had security cameras in you apartment…there is so many wholes in this HC but n djn ckesnskdinewkjm just use YOUR IMAGINATION.(I´m sorry)
nothing is PERFECT ok? :(


  • You were on your work.In Walmart.
  • And 2 costumers come with cleaning supplies,clothes and Healthy food.

-“Yoosung! Come here!” the woman says

-”Mom,I don´t need new cloths…”a young man with a cap and sunglasses

-”But you look so cute in them”

-”Mom,I´m a man now I don´t need to be cute”

-”well you look handsome,What you think?” the women says and looks at you.


-”I´m sorry…you don´t…”

“Yes, You look handsome in that clothes”

“would you date him?”  said the mother

“ahhh…Of course” You see that people are waiting in the line “so are you going to buy it?”

“only if you give your number to my son”

“OMG Mom?!?!!?” He is so red in this moment

“ahhh” people are getting angry because the line doesn´t move and your manager is seeing you.”ok” you write your number and give it to yoosung and as fast as you can,you are registering all the things “it will be 209.50″ 

“son pay, I will wait in the car”

The mom lefts 

-”I´m sorry You did´t had to”

-”don´t worry” you say and at the same time you give him the change

-”take” yoosung gives you the paper with your number

-”you will not called me?”

-”What? You want me to call you?” he is red and confused

-”Yes, that´s why I give you my number.” ”well…Thank you Sir. for your purchase”


  • Eventually he called you and the first date was a little bit awkward but fun.
  •  the second was calm and funny
  • the third he planed to inviting you to the RFA party but than you told him that you were organizing the party 

Originally posted by georgetakei

In the party he  just was bragging of who he already knew you before every one else (I am talking about Knowing in person) but he stopped when you mention who you to meet.


CAT protect + mc architect and cat lover + cat store + Elly = Happy jumin.

 so yeah…

For Jumin is much of the same.

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Matchups: Here /Masterlist: Here

hacker!jihoon au

-uni student by day hacker by night

-and like listen

-he didnt start hacking bc he had bad intentions

-he just does bad things when he’s bored

-im not saying jihoon goes on the deep web but im saying he goes on the deep web :))))))))))))))

-he’s fucking infamous there

-nobody fucks with him

-he’s only known as woozi and nobody knows his real name

-he’s tiny and T E R R I F Y I N G

-do you know how many times he’s hacked into big corporations and leaked information just because someone would pay him for it

-y’all dont fuck with jihoon

-he sounds like an awful person but pLS LET ME EXPLAIN

-turns into the mr krabs meme any time someone mentions anonymous or hacking in general

-he mostly just hacks for the money honestly

-he doesnt even spend any of that money on himself

-he just spoils the fuck out of his friends and pays for his uni stuff

-he is such a sweet precious baby in real life but he’s so cold hearted online what a loser i love him

-the reason he joined the team was bc of seungcheol

-seungcheol went to uni with him and they were close friends!! seungcheol knew everything about him except that jihoon was a hacker


-how else does he manage this team of actual children smh

-so tl;dr he manages to convince jihoon to join the gang and now hacking for the gang is his full time job :’)))))))))

-he doesnt go with the boys on missions but he stays back and watches them from security cameras and talks to them through mics

-probably does homework while doing so tbh

-”ok jihoon what do i do next?”

-”hm? wait i don’t know what’s happening my glasses are fogging up”




-before he even joined, the entire team knew about him and not just from seungcheol

-tbh they were all terrified of him at first bUT THEY REALIZED HOW SMOL AND FLUFFY HE WAS AND HE BECAME THE GROUP’S NEW BABY

-cringes xtra hard when he sees the boys doing something in a way he wouldnt personally do

-like, he understands there are different ways of doing things but being a hacker and doing things the same way over and over again, using the same techniques to solve everything stuck with him and it makes him feel icky and anxious when he sees the boys do something that he wouldnt

-cares about his dumb spy children so much ;-;-;

-hansol is such a terrified lil baby and jihoon has to always comfort him

-”jihoon im gonna have a panic attack”

-”no youre not, it’s ok”

-”you cant even see my face how do you know iT’S OK”

-”i can see your face in the corner of the camera and wow u look ugly”


-hansol proceeds to run off and steps on a trap

-jihoon cringes and slams his head on the table

-save him from these idiots

-honestly he’s the true mastermind

-seungcheol is like half a mastermind and the other half is an edgelord™️

-cue jihoon’s eyeroll

-”hoshi if you touch my hair one more time im gonna send a swat team to your house”

-”are u still salty i didnt let u sit on my lap :((((((((“

-”i diDnT WaNNa sIT oN uR LaP”

-one time hoshi broke his arm so he wasnt allowed on missions so during the entire time he was forced to stay home, he’d go over to jihoon’s and he’d make jihoon sit on his lap while he hacked

-”woah numbers”

-”woah hoshi shut up and let me hack”

-”ur feisty ;))))”

-”im going to abandon this team, move to alaska and change my name to whore-rito do you want that”

-”i luv me some whore-rito”

-the member that’s most likely to be kidnapped

-so tiny and smol cant fight for his life

-reason #232847 of why he has bodyguards!meanie

-talks shit isnt ready to get hit

-falls asleep hunched over his desk all the time because he works to the point where he passes out :)))))

-seungcheol forces him to take breaks and if he doesnt convince him, jeonghan has to come in to pull a mom

-”honey, youre working yourself too hard, you should-”


-ok now it’s the point of the au where i talk about where youre dating jihoon if that doesnt float your boat you can skiP IT

-you two met when he joined the team

-”hey jihoon meet y/n, they’re apart of the team now.”

-jihoon fell for you so hard what a dweEB

-youre in charge of most of the missions and jihoon worries over you a lot

-”hey jihoon maybe you shouldnt fuck around with the deep web anymore-”

-”maybe you shouldnt fuck around with your life anymore on those missions but you dont see me saying anything”

-he’s sososososo subtly caring towards you and it warms your lil heart aw

-he’s not much of a violent person but he’ll do anything to protect you dbsfvjdsfbdnfs

-being a hacker taught him something about keeping those who were close to you and throwing everyone else away

-and fuck you are so important to him

-god he would throw his life away for you in a heartbeat it’s so scary but you feel the same way and sdfildfjdf

-can you imagine if this lil bean gets kidnapped because someone didnt like what you were doing



-”jihoon when’d you learn how to fight”

-”*cue jihoon’s internal screaming bc he only fought so hard for you*”

-whenever you get hurt he wont let you leave his room until he makes sure youre ok again

-”jihoon i literally just got a bruise on my leg i-”

-”stOoOoooOP rEsIStINg yOurE ON ThE VerGe oF DeAtH”

-you like watching him hack but you dont get to often since youre off on missions all the time

-but on the rare times when you dont need to go, you like hanging back with jihoon and watching him do his thing

-he always looks so concentrated and determined and his soft features turn so tensed

-he clenches his jaw and it’s a bad habit but you find it so cute and dsfkbshdkfd

-the way he sounds so stern when talking to the boys just goSH IM MELTING

-i mean

-youre melting


-hardwork with the occasional “babe can you get me some ramen”

-”jihoon if you dont fuckin help the boys istg”

-”i aM”


-jihoon’s the type to eat cereal while watching the boys suffer

[ badboy!au]

pairing; got7 youngjae x reader

genre; bulletpointed, badboy!youngjae, tattoos, vulgarities yada yada HAHA

✎a/n; this request has been sitting in my inbox for quite a while now,, and i’m really sorry to the anon for the long wait !! i opened requests for seventeen right after this was requested so i was kinda focusing on developing svt scenarios first. now that it’s pretty stabilized, here’s a got7 youngjae au! it’s been a while since i’ve written on ma boiss i miss them so much huhu // this is gonna be damn long bc it’s bulletpoints but heh it’ll be fun. i lowkey have no idea how to end badboy aus but hopefully this is fine? enjoy :-)

  • soooo
  • we all know youngjae is the fluffiest otter on earth
  • //coughs coughs username reference
  • but we always forget about his tattoos bc he covers them up
  • like let’s be honest
  • his tattoo
  • so as a badboy in schoooll,,
  • the two of you would probably be those kind of really really distant schoolmates
  • you two don’t even know of each other’s existence tbh
  • until one day everyone’s like heyhey youngjae’s got a new tattoo oh ma gosh ma hart
  • and you’d be so confused and kind of unbothered by it like
  • “youngjae who?” while eating your food in the cafeteria
  • your friends legit would wanna punch you across of the face
  • and you’d blink like ???
  • your friend sighs. “the really hot guy”
  • but your memory failed you real bad bc according to your whole three years in the high school, you never came across anyone ‘hot’
  • well, at least none hot enough to get your attention
  • the furthest it got was “that guy’s cute”, but you forget him a minute later so
  • when your friend nudges you really excitedly,, you follow her line of gaze whichhh lands on this random school guy?
  • whom seemed familiar?
  • but not at the same time?
  • you fix your eyes on him as you cock you head to a side, trying to recall where you’d seen him
  • and then it just hits you like AHA
  • detention !!
  • you were never one to get detention, actually
  • you’re the most obedient kid ever in class and the teachers literally thank you for not pushing their lives deeper into the fiery pits of class hell
  • but one day you thought it’d be cool to try something yourself in chem class
  • and woOSH you nearly murdered everyone with your black magic
  • so according to ‘school protocol’, you had to leArN a leSsOn,
  • aka sitting in detention.
  • and youngjae was there, at a front corner of the detention room,, minding his own business, his facial expression cold asf
  • so you minded yours and sat directly opposite of where he was, aka the back corner of the class
  • you guys had no sort of interaction or whatever in the room for that 2.5 hours
  • until you saw him stick chewed gum under the table, and from the back you could see his cheekbones rise in a grin or something
  • you widened your eyes like oh my furk
  • grOSS
  • and you didnt know his name at that time so you spoke like “hey, you” 
  • he hesitates, then turns around
  • “me?”
  • you roll your eyes. “is there anyone else in this room?”
  • and he freaking scoffs at you like how tf dare you talk to me like that,, you obviously had no idea of his labelled position in the school
  • bc if u knew, u should’ve ran far far away to shrek’s home lol
  • when he doesnt respond to you, you just try to politely tell him to get the gum off the table
  • he stands up and you try to not flinch bc you notice how well-built he actually is
  • he isn’t those kind of people with freaking rocks of muscles but he was, for sure, stronger than the average man
  • he leans on the table, now facing you
  • “why should i?”
  • “bc that’s disgusting”
  • “then dont look at it”
  • “that’s just unhygienic”
  • “you aren’t using the table.”
  • “but there’s a dustbin right outside the room”
  • “you really wanna argue with me?”
  • u shut up then,, realising you’ve bitten off more than you can chew
  • but shutting up like this just seemed paTHETIC ASF
  • so while trying to keep your ego you kind of shouted at him to just get the gum off
  • bc you were pissed at how he kept smirking bC he knew you werent good enough to beat him in this argument
  • when you raise you voice at him, his gaze grew five million times sharper
  • and he steps closer to you while you backstep
  • you gulp and started holding your breath as he comes closer
  • anddd you spot his tattoo on his upper arm
  • “you’d better watch yourself,” he snarls @ u before leaving the room
  • your inhaled sharply and let out a breath of your life bc you nearly died there
  • andd that’s how you came to know this guy existed in your school
  • now you know his name — youngjae.
  • so when you see him again you were about to sprint to save yo ass
  • but luckilyyy, he doesn’t spot you and just sits at an empty table, leaned back onto his seat, his arm draped over the empty chair beside him
  • his gang sits with him
  • and youNGJAE LEGIT
  • just grabs a guy who was hurrying past and yanks him towards him and says something inaudible
  • the obviously intimidated and frightened guy nodded a few times before rushing off, buying some sort of drink from a stall and running back to give it to youngjae
  • youngjae grins, giving him a pat on his back before letting him go
  • your blood boiled 
  • who tf did he think he is to order others around like that
  • but based on past experience,, you decided it was best to not go and spout your string of profanities at him
  • so you just stand up, casually walk past him, giving the leg of his chair a good hard kick before walking off
  • from the corner of your eye, you saw him jerk from the sudden impact, and his gang shouts a few indecent words at you
  • but no one comes after you so u just head to class
  • you felt so satisfied tbh HAHAHA
  • so for the next few days this goes back and forth
  • the two of you somehow always have something to argue about
  • yeah he got to know your name ;; u had no idea how.
  • and in the middle of classes which u two share, he just grabs ur pen and freaking flings it to the bin
  • and you look at him like ???? BRO??? I NEED MY PEN????
  • but he just smirks like idc
  • your pencil case literally went empty bc of him
  • and you clench your fists like u literally felt smoke escaping from your ears
  • so aft class u pushed his table when he was still sitting down, and the table flies two meters or so, knocking some of the other tables
  • he looks up at you like 
  • you gon’ fucking die lol
  • you gave no shit and walked out,, you hated him so much you just
  • and the two of you have this kind of relationship for the rest of the month
  • but there was this one incident which wavered your impression of youngjae
  • he was on the phone, at one quiet corner of the locker hallway
  • his eyes were tearing up, his voice was shaking
  • you frowned, slowly walking past with your books in your hand
  • youngjae quickly hangs up the moment he noticed your prescence, and turned to walk away
  • you grabbed his arm though.
  • “you alright?” 
  • he glares at you through his red eyes, and walks away without saying anything
  • you bit in your lips, trying to pretend nothing happened
  • and everything legit changed one day
  • in the morning when the hallways were still empty
  • someone suddenly grabs you and a hand is placed over your mouth & nose as you were pulled/dragged to a much darker and unused corridor
  • you were kicking and everything, and when they let you go you stumbled forward, collapsing onto a wall as u gasped for air
  • you turn around and saw this group of five (?) guys whom you didn’t recognise
  • until a guy emerges from them and u recognise him
  • almighty jake.
  • well-known for harrassing girls
  • sexually or not.
  • sometimes he just finds joy in beating others. guys too.
  • and his gang joins him 
  • so you start shaking like a leaf the second you identified him
  • jake steps closer and you flattened your back onto the wall
  • u had nowhere to run bc his guys were beside you
  • jake extends his arm, reaching out to your cheek 
  • but you kicked him in the stomach with whatever u had
  • he stumbles backwards and you were about to run when his guys grab you, pinning u back onto the wall
  • ….fuck.
  • jake got mad asf and he grabs ur shoulders
  • u squeeze ur eyes shut ,, u didnt want to feel this
  • but the pressure on ur arms suddenly disappear
  • you open ur eyes and see youngjae 
  • like no
  • wait 
  • hold up
  • hooooooLD UP
  • youngjae ????
  • you squint bc it was dark ;;; you saw wrong right?
  • nope. youngjae’s tall demeanour — that was him.
  • he literally had just delivered a punch to jake’s face, and the rest naturally backed away, knowing who was of higher position between jake and youngjae
  • youngjae glares hard at jake first, before the rest of them. 
  • “not her.” 
  • you had no time or energy to comprehend what the hell he said,, bc your knees buckled and you slumped to the floor
  • this first ‘’‘encounter’’’ scared u good
  • jake was seemingly unhappy, but left. 
  • youngjae turns to you and goes over, standing there, looking at you trembling, bc he didn’t know what to do
  • but when you started crying he gave up on holding himself back
  • he kneels down in front of you, his arms slowly wrapping around your curled up self
  • u didn’t even see him as how u saw him usually at that point
  • he wasn’t your enemy then
  • he was just someone who was comforting you
  • and for once
  • you actually felt thankful for his existence
  • youngjae starts stroking ur hair really slowly, mumbling soft words which you couldn’t really hear,, except for one phrase.
  • “i’m sorry.” 
  • he waits for you to calm down before helping you up
  • he doesn’t say anything after that but he was worried for u
  • he didnt notice it himself, but he was getting interested in you
  • you were the only one who didn’t try to get all over him
  • and he felt that he actually didn’t have to worry if you saw his not-so-strong side bc he actually wasn’t really this strong
  • you mumble a ‘thanks’ to him, and for the first time, you saw him smile.
  • “be careful, will you?” 
  • you looked up, and in the dim light, you could trace his defined features with your eyes
  • like ok wtf were u doing
  • he helps you out of the corridor, and ya’ll ended up skipping school for the whole day
  • …it was fun
  • bc your feelings developed from there.

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Dont Give Up

Don’t Give Up

AN: none really tbh kinda talks about blood
y/s/n = your sons name
y/d/n= your daughters name

Prompt: Can you an imagine where reader and happy are best friends sine they were little. Reader follows Happy wherever he goes knowing the club means a lot to him. Everyone knew they would be together and they were right the pair has 7 kids until reader has complications from giving birth to their 7th child"
Requested by: @lovedreaminspire

I’ve known my old man, Happy for what seems like forever. We grew up together and we moved to Charming together. He is my best friend in the whole world. But I have always been in love with the killer. His life didn’t scare me away or make me think less of him. He loves the club and I love him.
Happy never failed to make everyone know I was his old lady. We’ve officially been a couple for 10 years now. And I couldn’t be happier. Everyone knew since we were kids, we’d end up together.
I came out of my day dream when I heard the timer go off. Time for the truth. I walked to the sink, and the tiny little plus sign was there. I was pregnant.
“Well? I heard the timer baby girl” Happy said, I can hear his boots, he was as nervous as I was.
I opened the bathroom door, with tears in my eyes.
“Happy lowman! You are going to be a daddy!” I yelled, Happy picking me up, kissing me everywhere.
“Oh baby girl I love you!”
It’s been nine years, this year will be our 20th anniversary. We have our twins, 3 boys and one daughter. With one more on the way. We couldn’t be more excited but this pregnancy has taken a toll on me. I’m 2 weeks away from my due date and I can’t leave bed. Happy has been so worried he has Gemma moved in for a while.
Our babies are so independent and so head strong, just like their father. They think they can do everything themselves and make sure mommy is okay.
“How you doing mama bear?” Gemma asked, bringing me some water, kissing my forehead.
“This shit sucks. Happy is getting snipped after this” I said with a laugh, it hurting me.
“You sure you’re alright baby?”
“Yeah, I’m fine Gem” I said gasping at a sharp pain. Gemma getting worried.
“We need to go to the hospital the bed just got wet honey. I’m gonna call Wendy to come watch the kids.” Gemma said so fast before Wendy answered the phone
“Oh fuck gem, call hap” I gasped through the pain. Gemma shutting the door so the kids can see. I finally felt something warm, I looked down and saw blood. Gemma was already on the phone with Hap.
“We need to go NOW. Meet me there in five Hap!” Gemma yelled and we heard the door bell. Gemma walked me down the stairs, the children still in bed. Gemma gets me in the car and the pain gets worse.
I was rushed straight into a c section. I was quickly losing blood and the baby was losing oxygen. Happy met me there and came into the delivery room. The doctors started working as fast as possible.
“Mrs Lowman, you are going to feel a lot of pressure, okay? Just breathe.”
“Please don’t let my baby die” I managed to slip out before a wave of pain hits you.
The next few moments were a blur, the doctor said they were losing me and Hap had to leave. He couldn’t leave…
“We’re losing her doc!” I heard someone yell before I passed out.
A few hours later, you opened your eyes. Happy was crying in the chair next to your bed.
“Y/n? Baby girl oh my god.” Happy said sounding so relieved.
“W-where’s the baby?”
“She’s in the Nursery mama. Doing just fine.” Happy said, telling the nurse to get the baby.
“I thought I was going to leave me baby girl. I love you so much. We were all worried…”
“I love you happy lowman” I told him, kissing him. Finally the rest of my babies running in and hugging me.
“Mommy!!! I love you!!! Sister is so pretty!!!” y/s/n yelled while kissing you so hard.
The nurse shortly came in with your daughter, Gemma. Your family is complete now.
“Were complete mama bear. I love you.”

markhyuck fluff headcanons
idek if some of these count as headcanons
  • sometimes mark and hyuck will have lil duets where hyuck sings and mark plays the guitar for him
  • mark makes them cover high school musical songs
  • mark teaches hyuck how to play guitar but honestly hyuck would rather watch mark play the guitar because he just loves seeing mark so concentrated
  • it makes hyuck’s heart stop beating and his lungs just fill with mark and his brain short circuits awH
  • hyuck genuinely does wanna learn how to play the guitar but he cant ever concentrate when he’s around mark
  • whenever hyuck’s fingers get sore from pressing on the guitar strings, mark’ll kiss the pad of hyuck’s fingers sabfhgavsdbhd
  • hyuck pretends to hate it but they both know he loves it honestly
  • ok so mark doesnt really sing often because he’s not that confident in his voice :(((
  • bUuuUuuUT when he does it’s usually always with hyuck or because of hyuck
  • mark just feels really comfortable with hyuck ya know?
  • he feels like he can do anything if hyuck is by his side
  • i mean they’ve trained together and debuted together and experienced so many things together and mark just knows he’ll be able to do anything and everything with hyuck
  • mark likes writing songs and he always lets hyuck listen to them because even tho hyuck is mean to him he’ll always be honest (even if he has to sugarcoat it)
  • hyuck knows how hard it is for mark to show him his songs and he knows when to be mean and when not to be
  • also hyuck is mark’s muse but hyuck will never know that
  • hyuck hangs around in the studio with mark because he doesn’t wanna leave mark alone
  • he knows how frustrating song writing is for mark sometimes so he always wants to be there to calm him down
  • mark always gets inspiration late at night and sometimes hyuck will fall asleep on the floor in the studio
  • but mark always knows when hyuck’s about to fall asleep so right before he does, mark’ll drag hyuck onto his lap so he can fall asleep there
  • what a baby im screaming
  • hyuck resting his head on mark’s shoulder when he’s writing lyrics or producing something
  • when they walk home on snowy days, hyuck’s cheeks get really red and mark will pull them somewhere where he knows nobody will see them and kisses hyuck’s cheek
  • on cold days, mark will hold hyuck’s hand and put their intertwined hands in his pocket
  • hyuck looks like a big marshmallow on winter days
  • his face will be covered by a scarf and mark will always be a sneaky shit and pull the scarf down so he can peck hyuck’s lips
  • late night talks are also a frequent thing
  • sometimes mark will start quietly singing a song to himself when he’s bored and hyuck will join in afgdfgajdkfn
  • hyuck hates stormy nights bc thunder freaks him out so he always sneaks into mark’s bed and mark wouldnt even complain because hyuck makes him feel all warm and happy inside
  • mark only talks in his sleep when hyuck sleeps with him because mark only sleep talks when he’s really comfortable and relaxed
  • on the rare times hyuck sleeps in his own bed, mark will find a way to drag him back
  • ”hyuck look at this meme !!! this pupper !!!! A BIG DOGGO !!!!!!!!”
  • hyuck ends up getting annoyed from moving back and forth so much, he ends up just laying beside mark
  • i bet hyuck buries his face in the crook of mark’s neck in the early mornings when he realizes he’s woken up too early
  • hyuck makes sure mark eats enough and sleeps enough because if mark ever gets hurt from pushing himself too hard hyuck will SCREAM
  • if hyuck ever gets hurt, mark will cry
  • like, flat out cry
  • hyuck calls him dumb and tells him that he shouldnt waste his tears on him but mark gets so worried and he just never wants to lose hyuck asvadshfsdf\
  • theyre honestly fucking soulmates, whether it’s platonic or romantic, they just connect in a way that nobody else can understand
  • tbh still into you by paramore is their couple song and always will be
  • encouraging boyfriends that will always cheer each other on
  • their classmates dont question how they ever got together because there’s just something different in the way they look at each other, ya know?
  • there’s a different glint in hyuck’s eyes when he looks at mark and something in him just tugs on his heart strings
  • and everything inside mark softens into a big mush and his heart tightens up and all the oxygen in his body just leaves him bc lol bye who needs air when i have lee donghyuck
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forehead kisses when the two of them are tired out of their mind
  • if one of them cant figure out a dance move, the other will always help them out
  • hyuck’s seems really mean to mark but he’s sosososo encouraging when he needs to be
  • they’re each other’s first love dsbagfvsfh
  • no matter what happens they both know theyll always have a piece of each other’s hearts
  • because that’s just what first loves do, right?
  • when mark found out he was in love with hyuck he freaked the absolute fuck out
  • he’s had a crush on hyuck for the longest while but he wasn’t in love with him or anything
  • but then the two of climbed onto sm’s roof (wow how cliche anna) to look at the stars together and mark looked over at hyuck for a split second and couldnt take his eyes off him
  • he couldnt register how the moonlight shone down on hyuck in an almost ethereal way and he couldnt figure out how he ended up falling in love with his best friend
  • but then hyuck looked over too and they locked eyes
  • and he just knew hyuck felt the same way
  • they’re both awkward lil beans that dont know how to express their feelings which is why they work together so well
  • they kinda had a love at first sight kind of thing but it was more of a ‘i know im gonna spend the rest of my life with you whether we stay friends or become more’
  • hyuck seems like he doesn’t care much but he cares way too much
  • he notices all the little things with mark and manages to fall in love with him over and over again
  • jaehyun said they fight every night but tbh i bet you my left sock that it’s petty ass fights
  • ”hyuck close the lights”
  • ”no you close the lights!”
  • ”youre closer!”
  • when hyuck wakes mark up in the mornings, he always does it in the meanest ways bUT THEY WORK
  • hyuck screams in mark’s ear and makes mark fall out of his bed
  • mark curses hyuck out in english and korean
  • ”listen mark i may not know english but i know what bitch means and iM FIGHTING YOU SQUARE THE FUCK UP YO”
  • mark wakes hyuck up by cuddling him and peppering kisses over his face until hyuck tries pushing him off
  • hyuck falling asleep on the couch is a common thing bc whenever he watches videos on his phone, he’ll get sleepy and just pass out there
  • and one time, mark found him asleep on the couch so he carried him back to their room and put him on his bed
  • and then he went to leave but hyuck groggily grabbed his arm and asks him to stay sleepily aKHSDFBSHDKNFML
  • mark has the urge to protect hyuck 24/7
[ roommate!au ]

pairing; seventeen seungkwan x reader

genre; bulletpointed, roommate!seungkwan, humor (loads of this), fluff (loads of this too)

✎a/n; i’m eggcited for this wewew hope ya’ll enjoy thiss !! psps. i’m probably gonna do this on a lot of other members so do leave a msg in my inbox to let me know who you’d like to see a roommate!au on ;))

  • ok so so sO!
  • seungkwan
  • boo seungkwan
  • as a roommate
  • you seriously won’t know whether to thank all the gods up there for sending you such an angelic patootie 
  • or to curse the devils for sending you one of their kind
  • bc not gon lie but seungkwan is a real mix
  • the story of how the two of you ended up in the same dorm room is really simple tbh
  • according to school protocols ;; male dorms and female dorms should be far apart
  • like really far apart
  • bc no one wants ehEM EHEM to happen right?
  • wrong lol 
  • the university gives no shit about that man
  • they just mix whatever they want
  • but most girls and guys willingly stick to sharing a room with the same gender since it’ll be less awkward
  • but you transferred to the school around midterms 
  • and the girls’ dorms were full
  • or at least that’s what they told you
  • so they decide to put you in the guys’ dorms
  • “you don’t mind, right?” 
  • “of course not. everything’s alright.” 
  • “great. here’s your key. eleventh floor, room five.” 
  • ok you minded
  • a lot.
  • like you pretty much have to live with this guy now?? and if he’s messy and disgusting and—
  • oh my god you didn’t even want to think about it
  • you kinda resigned to your fate and went straight to the dorms, to your room, bc you had a shitload of luggage to park.
  • when you got in, you were pleasantly surprised
  • the place was really really really clean??
  • like there were no random trousers hanging everywhere and the floor felt really dust-less
  • and you felt that ray of hope that this plan wouldn’t be so bad after all
  • and like juST before you were about to unpack
  • the door opens
  • //grand music plays
  • seungkwan enters
  • but at that time you didn’t know him yet so you just awkwardly scramble to your feet
  • and bow slightly since you were aware that your roommate was a year older
  • and do your formal introduction of ‘hi i’m y/n please take care of mi’
  • you look up and notice he’s cute
  • like cute as in
  • the baby kind of cute screeeeches
  • and he looked nice and quiet
  • ok so he introduces himself as seungkwan 
  • and the start was really awkward tbh 
  • the both of you were just literally walking circles around the room and staying on opposite ends bc awKWARD !1!!
  • you weren’t one to start a convo so yeah this time was no exception
  • but seungkwan actually initiated one and you were so relieved bc you were literally suffocating from this awkward air
  • he was like “so, um, you’re a year younger?” 
  • “yeah”
  • “do you need help, er, unpacking?”
  • you turn to your heavy ass luggage and overflowing clothes and laughed
  • “yeah, i guess?”
  • seungkwan looked excited bc he internally wanted to do sth so ya’ll can get over this ice cold thing
  • so ice ice baby ok i’m sorry let’s continue
  • and he literally bounces on two feet and like goes over to you and hE LOOKED LIKE AN ADORABLE PENGUIN ASDFGHJK
  • he helps you get your clothes out and like a lot of them got unfolded so he kindly folds them back and stacks them neatly
  • then he like opens the empty side of the closet which he wasn’t using and helps you load your clothes in there
  • and he hangs up your coats before coming back to you 
  • who was struggling with the cables you had put in your bag bc they tangled up real bad
  • seungkwan decides to unzip a ‘hidden compartment’ of your luggage 
  • and vOILA
  • he bursts into laughter and you had no idea what was going on
  • then you notice the unzipped compartment and you just
  • “SEUNGKWAN !!!?!??!?!?” 
  • and he was literally a laughing mess on the floor like his ears were red and he was rolling about trying to catch his breath but it wasn’t working
  • bc,,,, you kept your bra and undies in there
  • and seungkwan saw it
  • zE eMBArrASSmENT 
  • seungkwan manages to choke out an ‘iM soRRY’ before he continues dying in his own laughter
  • and you can’t help but laugh too bc his laughter was contagious asf
  • and bc of this incident ,,, ya’ll became really really close
  • it’s like a ‘he already saw my undergarments on our first meeting what worse can happen’
  • so yall became very open with each other
  • like after four months or so ya’ll bFF MAN
  • he even knew where you kept your pads
  • bc there were those days where it just comes unexpectedly and you don’t know until you strip in the toilet for a bath
  • so you just scream for seungkwan to pass you one like
  • “seUNGKWANN”
  • “YA”
  • “YA SURE” 
  • that was great to you tbh like it made life so convenient
  • but the downsides of having seungkwan as a roommate 
  • lolol 
  • so many many
  • seungkwan’s in the school choir (which surprisingly accepts both boys & girls)
  • so he claims he needs his personal vocal practice
  • every.
  • single.
  • day.
  • and the room turns into a freaking opera theatre istg
  • like you literally hear him go do re mi fa SO LAR TEE DOHHHHH
  • while you’re there just trying to get your shit tgt
  • and you sometimes suspect he’s just trying to annoy you on purpose
  • bc he goes wAAY out of tune just to hit the extra extra high notes
  • and he even screeches sometimes and oh god your goosebumps just ploop
  •  “ seungkwan. ”
  • “ SOLLLL “
  • “ boo “
  • “ LAAAAAAA “
  • “ seung “
  • and you dont even bother to say the last syllable of his name and you just glare at him and he just shuts up and laughs really loud like his eyes squints together and he just drops onto the bed
  • adorable
  • he’s also really childish at heart so
  • he likes messing with you when you’re in the shower
  • he would turn off the heater and/or the lights
  • and the first time he turned off the lights you freaked out really badly bc you were afraid of the dark and you genuinely thought there was a blackout
  • and you shouted for him but he didn’t know you were scared so he just silently snickered outside
  • but when he heard you sob on the other side of the door
  • he quickly turns the lights back on and like when you come out he was so damn apologetic like
  • “i’m so sorry i didn’t know omg”
  • “ i h8 YOU “
  • but no you didn’t lol you loved this squish
  • and he made up for it by literally being by your side for the next few days
  • i mean
  • ya’ll were roommates
  • cuddling is the most normal thing to happen
  • so aft that ‘blackout’ incident ,,, that night ,,,
  • you couldn’t sleep lol
  • you guys had a really wide bunk bed if that made sense??
  • it was almost like a second story on the upper deck
  • seungkwan had been taking the bottom deck so when you moved in you just took the one at the top
  • and thAT NIGHT
  • you just kept tossing and turning and like the bed would shake a little every time you move
  • so seungkwan can’t sleep either since the bed just keeps wobbling
  • “you can’t sleep?” he says,, just staring up
  • “…yeah.”
  • and then there’s this short silence.
  • “you up for cuddles?”
  • and another silence.
  • bc ngl you lived for cuddles
  • but you would get really insecure about everything bc like your cuddle partner would be sososo close ?? ya’know??
  • but before you can reply,,
  • seungkwan literally just comes up and pokes his head to your deck and grins and you just laugh
  • aandddd he just scurries to your side and plonks down 
  • “ you’re not against this, right? ”
  • he just doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable or anything uk
  • “ n-no, i’m not. ”
  • seungkwan would like laugh at your nervousness,, but he just wraps his arm around you and just stroke your hair and stuff like that 
  • and it calmed you down a loooot.
  • he was so warm and comfy you honestly just wanted to stay in his arms forever lolol
  • so this cuddle thing became a very natural thing since it happened often aft that
  • and when the two of you actually fall asleep
  • it’s a totally different thing in the middle of the night 
  • you would accidentally jab him in the eyeballs since you move q alot when you sleep
  • and he just jerks awake like whO IS YOU WHO AWOKE ME FROM MAI BEAUTY SLEEP
  • then he sees you with your arms sprawled everywhere and he’d just laugh quietly before tucking you back under the covers
  • and the next morning he’d complain all about it
  • “ Y/N ”
  • “ ?? whAT ”
  • ya he exaggerates a lot
  • and you’d just laugh bc you are aware of the fact that you are kinda violent when you’re in dreamland
  • but seungkwan honestly doesn’t mind lol bc other than that,, you were a good cuddle buddy
  • can you imagine when ya’ll have to order food
  • HAHAHA it’s like tug of war
  • like you like fried chicken
  • but he likes seasoned chicken
  • and you guys can’t buy both bc you guys were supposed to sneak it into the dorms
  • and two packs of chicken would be like bringing a freaking mountain into the dorm
  • so you two just start throwing random stuff at each other
  • “ you broke my pen ytd?? ”
  • “you dropped my compact powder and it got everywhere.”
  • “ya but u made me clean the entire room bc of that.”
  • “but we got seasoned chicken in the cafeteria”
  • “horrible ones.”
  • “no, okay, but —”
  • seungkwan just gives up and 
  • //internal evil laughter
  • “love you seungkwannn”
  • //finger guns
  • seungkwan just shakes his head and places the order and turns away from you to let out his smile
  • ok ya so all in all
  • seungkwan would just be a really soft and annoying roommate 
  • and the two of you would be like the bickering best friends
  • heartheart

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power rangers movie thoughts *spoilers*

-i feel so fulfilled after seeing the movie holy fuck
-i was smiling the whole time beside lile the emotional parts. Felt good to hear their names and angel grove again
-so nostalgic and at the same time such a modern amazing take on it
-why is everyone hot like gotdamn dacre montgomery is daddy couldnt stop thinking about how fucking sexy he is
-they all hot tho and wow ugh billy was on the spectrum!! wow that respresentation! They did that!
-tbh when billy was telling jason he was on the spectrum i thought he meant he was gay or something lmao but then i realized he was talking about the other spectrum
-trini being gay!?! What! Like bitch that’s dope
-lowkey thought it was kinda cute when zack kept calling her crazy girl like his lil nickname for bae
-ludi lin was also fine too! damn hot rangers fuck me up
-hes a wild child i loved zack i loved all of them
-my heart when sexy ass jason stood up for billy and bitch slapped that bully at the beginning LMFAO man “weird right!?”
-ugh and his american accent holy fuck im in love w him and when he was shirtless that sealed the deal. big heart beautiful face and body lawd yes red ranger bless me
-ugh the comedic elements were so great
-i loved the cursing like yeah it was little things like hell shit bullshit but like that still makes me a little giddy bc its the fuckin power rangers man! childs play but still a step up from the campy series
-i would hardly call it dark i guess it’s a little grittier but its just more REAL with their stories and how they go about everything. LOVED IT
-billy is the heart of this movie tbh what a sweet angel I also own one of the same shirts
-tons of cgi but like its power rangers what do u expect? At least it was pretty well done IMO
-man rita repulsa was actually kinda fucking scary lmao like straight out of a horror movie deadass but then she got her gold and was like rejuvenated and she looked bomb
-so funny how the fucking zeo crystal was at a fucking krispy kreme everytime they mentioned protecting it i geeked
-ugh i just love how it was just so fucking age appropriate and not campy and it was as realistic as it could be for power rangers
-the masturbation joke ahah when zordon asked if theyve ever morphed before and zack said “only in the shower” lmao shook this is not the campy shit we grew up with!!! I LOVE IT
-the diversity, the sexuality, the language, zacks mom being sick, kimberlys sexting fiasco, billys autism and bullies, jasons all star career down the drain, trini and her family/ sexuality etc.
-all these kids were so fuckin ready to die breaks my heart but also so realistic
-some real breakfast club shit but i loved it wow dont really remember the show being like that but maybe im wrong
-yea just checked lmao and ugh i love how they didnt start off as friends like in the show bc we really got to see their bonds develop from the start
-we didnt just jump right into everything like the show
-killing Billy I was SHOOK i cried a little and then they were all like id trade my life for you guys etc i was really feeling the love and unity and man I fucking love them!!!
-and fitz and the tantrums during the training montage. GREAT FUCKING SOUNDTRACK BBS
-wow zordon the real mvp for saving him i knew he wasnt like frfr dead but wow hell yea
-their relationships just worked on so many levels
-even if i wasnt a long time power ranger fan i wouldve loved this movie
-this movie has helped me come full circle ive waited for this for so fucking long u have no idea i grew up with the og!!! And most of the cheesy spinoffs
-it did the series and franchise justice. for me it was exactly the movie i had hoped would get made someday and it finally did and i didnt even have to wait that long i mean yea its been forever but im only 23!!! SUCH A BLESSING
-legit have always wanted to be a power ranger and after the movie i was so hype i felt like i could fight everyone rn like i had the power within me
-billy telling jason he didnt get humor like “normal people” do at the beginning and then at the end when jason made the same “weird, right?!” joke after bitch slapping rita into oblivion BILLY UNDERSTOOD IT AND IT WAS SO CUTE!!! GREAT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT OK
-great beautiful diverse characters, excellent backstory. Enough to get a feel of who they were and why they were that way
-was confused when kim and jason didnt kiss but also wasnt a big deal the romance was hardly even being developed so that trailer was bait but whatever I was gonna see it regardless
-their suits and zords!!! Fuck ya and billy calling it a megazord yes baby
-bitch slapping rita was fucking hilarious. SHE THOUGHTTT
-zordon and alpha were played well too thank the lord
-i just idk what im missing or if i covered anything all i know is that i need to see it again
-that credits scene searching for tommy oliver!!! Omfg who is gonna play him
-this movie really made me feel some type of way
-the fucking cast!!!! So phenomenal like i want to be their fucking best friends IN THE MOVIE AND IRL they mesh so well together im shook i love them so much i didnt know i could love them this much
-also i hope bulk and skull are in the sequel with tommy
-ill get back if i think of more i guess im back to my i wanna be a ranger phase bye

I received a message from someone asking why I enjoy Cloti, but they wished to remain “anon”. 

I always feel like this question chokes me up because I’m not talented in expressing myself nor my emotions to others, but I figured I’d give it a try… 

For me, Cloud and Tifa is realistic to what couples go through where as other FF couples are, well, fantasy like. They’re easy, they’re in the “honeymoon phase” and they really don’t go through realistic to where it’s relate-able. Which don’t get me, it’s totally fine and isn’t that the point of shipping; to enjoy something you can’t really have in reality? 

Cloud’s story is such a normal one. I mean really c’mon? Young boy wants to impress the popular girl who he just so happens to have a crush on, but she’s always surrounded by boys who are more confident than he is? Then one day,he musters up some balls to call her out at night only to make an unexpected promise to help her if she’s in need? Totally relate able for a lot of guys in their early years. 

Tifa, like any girl would, reads the paper everyday to see if Cloud is in SOLDIER, and waits for his return. When word gets out there are people from SOLDIER coming to town, Tifa gets giddy to see Cloud, but only to be disappointed when he doesn’t show- or so she thinks. 

He hides his face in shame of not keeping his word and avoids her because of it. Little does Cloud know, at this point, all Tifa wants is to see Cloud. Things take turn for the worst, and a man Cloud looks up to destroys his town, kills his mother, hurts his best friend, and gravely injures the girl he likes.  All the anger Cloud felt in his childhood come rushing over him like a wave, and he himself is able to manage to take on this “great hero”, but pays a high price… he gets taken by Hojo to be a lab rat along with Zack. 

Five years later, Zack and him bust out of the Shinra Mansion basement only to lose Zack in the process, fighting the hang over of his mako poisoning he some how makes it to a train station in Midgar only to be found by Tifa. At this point, they’re both shocked they’ve crossed paths AGAIN. Talk about ironic or as some would say it was “fate”.  When Cloud is finally coherent, he asks Tifa for a job to make a living and tells her of stories that don’t quite make sense. Finally, when they reach Tifa’s bar Cloud realizes once again Tifa surrounded by men who clearly are fond of Tifa. 

For me personally, I feel like this is why Cloud is so “moody” in the beginning of the game. Once again, he has to fight for Tifa’s attention and that he doesn’t fit in with the new group she has. It’s almost like he’s resentful, which I find interesting tbh, anybody would. I’m sure we’ve all been there. We want undivided attention from our crush; anything to search for clues they just may like us back… 

Anyways,  one mission goes extremely south  and I find the dialogue between Cloud and Tifa interesting before he falls into Aerith’s church.  There’s a part of the dialogue that isn’t optional right before he falls (from my memory, been awhile since I played)

It’s gonna blow! Let’s go, Tifa!

Barret! Can’t you do something?

Not a damn thing.

Cloud! Please don’t die! You can’t die! There’s still so much I want to tell you!

******I know, Tifa……*******

That right there signals to me there was something brewing between them that they both recognized. Cloud, not distracted by personal resentment of the past, was himself in that moment.  And like always, they’re interrupted.  Once again, something always getting in the way of them finally confessing their feelings.

When Cloud falls on Aerith’s flowerbed, there’s something I find interesting. He remembers his fall from Mt. Nibel. You know where the part he follows Tifa and the bridge snaps as a child?  That fall brings him back to that time. I mean it’s nothing to telling but it’s something I’ve made note of. 

Once Cloud and Aerith get of her church and he brings her back home safely, he is desperate to get back to Tifa’s bar. I think it’s cute you can call Tifa your “girl…friend”, I don’t think anyone else in the game has that option, so there’s like this build up between Cloud and Tifa that makes you want to know more. 

When Cloud does finally get to meet back up with Tifa, he went through a slew of embarrassing events to dress up like a woman just to make sure she was alright. Cloud is somewhat macho, so for him to slap a dress on, makeup, and a wig with some girly panties is truly telling to how much he cares for Tifa and would do anything to make sure she is alright.  

After several events of them leaving Midgar, the end of Cloud’s story is interesting. Tifa asks Cloud how badly she was hurt, and Cloud replies with he thought Tifa was a goner, but unprovoked he mentions how he was sadden by that thought. 

Now, let me fast forward to after Aerith death and their at the Northern Crater. Cloud mentions to Tifa that he hopes she gets to meet the “real” Cloud. It’s like Nojima wanted to insinuate that this Cloud we’re seeing a fake; not real. We end up getting separated from Cloud, but we find him Mideel where Cloud’s mental state is completely broken, and Tifa decides she’s going to watch over him thus leaving the group… 

When we finally get to the lifestream, that’s where we learn Cloud did what he did for Tifa. He likes Tifa and just wanted her to notice him. Cloud then find outs Tifa read the newspaper everyday searching for his name in it. Some people may think that’s “shallow” of Tifa but I don’t think so. She was just a girl, and at that age we get caught up in things like that.   

Cloud and Tifa finally realize Cloud was there and he saved Tifa, Cloud is able to regain his trueself thanks to Tifa.  Now what is interesting is Cloud, in the true memory, says to Seph  “ Mom… Tifa…… my town… give it back…” he never said that in his flash back at Kalm.  Nojima’s writing for the script references back the “hope you get to meet the real cloud” quote and ofc when he says this is goodbye, until meet again line, “ Yeah…… Tifa…… We finally…… meet again……” This lets us know, the Cloud we knew before, wasn’t 100% Cloud which is so, idk, it’s so realistic bc people in real life will take parts of other people’s personality and morph them into one to great “their” personality. 

 Alrighty, so with the highwind scene, I find it super classic how Square did a romantic setting with Cloud and Tifa before the final battle. You know how you hear about soldiers making love to their wives before their deployed or in movies the hero makes love to his girl before he fights the villain? I feel like thats what Square did. People will fight about how this HW scene is canon, but I don’t think it matters. The Highwind scene is the Highwind scene, Cloud and Tifa spend the night together. Period. They share a kiss/have sex/ play a card game w/e you want to imagine, they spent a romantic night under the stars before the went to fight Seph. To be honest, it was the perfect night for them to come clean. What would they have to lose? They thought they were gonna die anyways.  

They beat seph, yay game over, woot now we have COT and ACC, which really gives the realness. 

I really can see how cloti struggled with their relationship because the events they went through was awful. They’re still mourning over their fallen comrade: Aerith. Cloud is feeling guilty for their deaths. In what reality would this make for the most perfect relationship? It doesn’t, but I feel given the hints and body language cloti is forming a romantic relationship, which is hard for them. You have two people who have pent up emotions from the OG events. 

They seem to be going through their pain together but dont if that makes sense? Best way I can describe it is Tifa takes Denzel coming to the bar as Aerith showing her to  move on, but Cloud takes it as Aerith showing Cloud by raising Denzel, he can make up for his mistakes. Eventually after COT, Cloud and Tifa DO end up happy together with the children. 

However, Cloud gets geostigma and he thinks this is the planet’s way of “punishing him” so he runs off, abandoning everyone at this point, and lives in hiding.   Eventually, Tifa does find where Cloud is staying at and finally getting Cloud to realize it’s time he lets go of the past. Some people will say, “Oh Tifa’s a “bitch” for doing that, but you know what? No, she’s not. You don’t coddle your partner for forever. In relationships, there’s times you have to give your partner a reality check. It’s called tough love. There’s a time where you tell your partner it’s time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and move on. You also don’t let your partner cut off everyone because he/she is too scared to ask for help or see they have people who dearly love him.  

A lot of people who have never had a serious relationship do not realize that there’s times you hate your partner, you don’t know if you’re truly in love with this person anymore, you don’t open up to them, and you just think you’re better off without them. And that’s cloti in acc. They’re figuring it out. They’re pissy, they’re hurt, they’re tired, but you know what…they worked through it. They didn’t just bail and say “see ya later.”, Tifa waited for Cloud to forgive himself, and when he did look where he went? Back to tifa and the children. 

I honestly think that’s why people struggle with shipping cloti is they think or maybe don’t understand when you love someone, they annoy you, make you mad, make you cry, and sometimes don’t understand you, but it’s loving you through those bad times that make you stronger. And maybe that’s why it’s easier to ship other couples is because reality is uncomfortable and we are raised to think everything is rainbow and butterflies x.x 

Phew, this was long >.<  So yeah, TL;DR I love cloti bc they’re real and not your typical FF couple, like Cecil x Rosa or Squall x Rinoa where you don’t see the “Realness”. I feel like Cloti is that couple that isn’t on social media showing pictures of how “happy” they are when in reality they’re miserable, but the couple who keeps their relationship to themselves bc they don’t need to showcase it >.<

gdesertsand  asked:

• Lovino and Antonio only know each other as fanfiction writers and not in real life. They were friends as writers but strangers in reality. So how things will go if one day Antonio catch a glimpse of what his favorite customer (he is a waiter in a café) writing about and it turns out it is the new chapter of his friend’s ongoing story? (Thank you again!)

This is essentially a text-fic! I didn’t know they could be so hard to write, but they are, man. With all that formatting. *Shudder*. But it was still fun and I’ve been meaning to write a text fic for AGES. 

tomato-turtles: Antonio
lovirage: Lovino
actual-prussian-badass: Gilbert
fancy-fucking-francis: Francis
actualsunshine: Feliciano

EDIT: I forgot to add, for the sake of this fic, let’s assume the two are writers in the Harry Potter fandom, mostly because Harry Potter is a well-known universe and it won’t confuse anyone. Also, let’s assume that they’re both Remus/Sirius shippers, because that pairing is cool. 

Antonio always dropped in his customary ‘good morning’ in the Tumblr chat. Lovi used to get super annoyed initially, but now he just played along. Antonio suspected Lovi looked forward to his good mornings. 

tomato-turtles: hi lovi!! how are ya

lovirage: hey tt. 

He always called Antonio ‘tt’, short for Tomato Turtles: his name on AO3, fanfiction.net, and of course, Tumblr. 

tomato-turtles: i reread your new chapter after you told me you were worried about it
tomato-turtles: and it’s so cute!! really youre such a good writer <3 

lovirage: thanks. 

tomato-turtles: why were you so worried about it anyway

lovirage: i got a fucking flame comment saying i needed to get hit by a bus and stop writing 

tomato-turtles: WHAT NO 
tomato-turtles: WHO IS THIS 

lovirage: relax tt. i don’t really care, i deleted the review
but it still made me worried that maybe the new update for my fic sucked

tomato-turtles: IT DOES NOT. IT’S SO CUTE

lovirage: good to know
lovirage: hows your morning going

tomato-turtles: mmh the same really. getting ready for work
tomato-turtles: im putting in a couple of extra hours this week because i want to go on a roadtrip with gil and francis over the weekend

lovirage: these friends of yours, they seem crazy. theyre the same ones that got drunk and spray painted moustaches onto every fashion hoarding they could reach?                                                                                                           

tomato-turtles: they never got caught for that lol
tomato-turtles: what are you gonna be doing today? 

lovirage: idk it’s a saturday so i’ll probably just sleep some more
lovirage: maybe write the new update

tomato-turtles: A NEW UPDATE ALREADY? YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!

lovirage: calm down tt 
lovirage: i’m just keen to add a plot twist

tomato-turtles: oh god no

lovirage: what?

tomato-turtles: your “plot twists” always involve someone dying 

lovirage: that is not true


 lovirage: BUT I CURED HIM


lovirage: *sends gif with evil laugh*
lovirage: …and my cute fic is going to become…dark

tomato-turtles: ughhhhh i hate you

lovirage: really now? 

tomato-turtles: ok no i love you tbh but like
tomato-turtles: can you let my children live in peace

lovirage: HELLO EXCUSE ME, but YOU wrote that fic “SPEAKING OF SUNFLOWERS” and you fucking tortured remus with crucio until he lost his mind and I was screaming and crying 

tomato-turtles: we write such dark fics
tomato-turtles: we should collab on something funny!! fluffy!! 

lovirage: good idea. maybe soon

tomato-turtles: anyway i gotta go to work! bye lovi have a nice day :D <3

lovirage: bye tt 

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anonymous asked:

Honestly, Sirius deserved to go to Azkaban, albeit not on the charge of killing the Potters. He should be there for attempted murder or at least attempting to turn someone into a werewolf (considering how werewolves are treated in the Wizarding world). If Sirius can turn into an Animagus and create a map of Hogwarts as a student, then he's smart enough to know what would happen by sending someone to Remus. (cont.)

His excuse for it being a prank does not make his actions less horrible. It shows that he has no remorse. That’s dangerous, and he should of had consequences. Attempted murder gives someone a jail time of around ten or so years, and turning someone probably is a felony as well considering that it spreads a dangerous affiliation that endangers the public. Snape had no reason trust anything Sirius, Remus (the “murder weapon”), or a bunch of kids said.

fifteen year olds are stupid, but there’s no way sirius is THAT stupid. and honestly the fact that he and james seem to have so little regard for snape’s life makes me think that he knew exactly what would happen to snape if snape went down to the shack. and tbh… even if he didn’t, that doesn’t erase the fact that he tried to murder someone or turn them into a werewolf using one of his best friends as a weapon to do so? honestly i’m more surprised REMUS forgave him for that tbh like if one of my friends did that to me i’d stop speaking to them entirely. 

since he was underage, it probably wouldn’t have given him time in azkaban regardless (tho tbf we don’t know much about the criminal justice system in the wizarding world so maybe it would have). but honestly, he should’ve been expelled. HAGRID was and he wasn’t even guilty of what he was accused of? just because it turned out all right doesn’t mean that it wasn’t an extraordinarily mean-spirited and downright dangerous thing to do.

and how the fuck is snape supposed to feel safe AT ALL in school after that? dumbledore just let his near murder go w/o punishment, lets his attacker stay in school… that’s got to be fucking terrifying tbh bc sirius could attack him AGAIN and who’s to say dumbledore wouldn’t let it go again? snape must have lived in fear for his life every day after that stunt - bc we clearly see that the marauders dont actually leave him alone after it. they continue to harass him and at any moment it could escalate again and snape KNOWS now (which he might not have before) that there isn’t anyone who will actually intervene in his behalf. 

i’m getting really worked up talking about it, but the fact of the matter is that snape isn’t “stupid” for not listening to remus or sirius. why should he? they treated him like shit and lied about it, he has every evidence that sirius has the potential to be a murderer. i feel like people forget that snape KNOWS these guys and sirius, at least, has changed very little from their school days. additionally, i do think that snape would take into consideration the fact that dumbledore allowed sirius to go to azkaban - why would dumbledore do that unless he believes in sirius’ guilt? so that would cement it further.

listen i know we all read these books as impressionable teenagers and preteens but the fact of the matter is that sirius’ story is super unbelievable and it’s not snape not believing it that’s stupid - it’s that harry decides to take him on a leap of faith. and harry has no reason to DISBELIEVE sirius bc he doesn’t have the same very complicated history with sirius that snape does, and that’s why he’s able to make that leap of faith. it’s not about stupidity vs smarts, it’s about faith in sirius black - and snape has had many examples of why he shouldn’t have any. 


“Could you do a Jungkook scenario where he transforms into a demon and then you too meet and you understand he’s different? You’re like best friends and then he turns you too and says that he loves you Thank you 💖” -anon

a/n: also slightly basing this off blue exorcist heh, and happy halloween!!

Originally posted by rudesuga

  • this isn’t really an au bc jungkook is a demon
  • ok ok ok so the thing about kook is that his mother was a demon and his father was human
  • the two met and you know they did their thing and jungkook wasn’t supposed to happen, it was pretty rare for human babies to survive in the womb of a demon and vice versa, but jungkook was a special case
  • immediately when he was born four months later (demon babies grow fast lmao), his parents knew there was something special about him
  • half demon babies that live genuinely have a 50/50 chance of coming out either human or demon
  • unfortunately, it was hard to tell in youth which one you had ended up with
  • it was imperative to keep an eye on him and since his father didn’t know jungkook’s full extent of capabilities yet, anything could set him off
  • his mother had decided to leave jungkook to his father to grow up human and ditched town never to be heard from again
  • it was tough on papa jeon
  • strangely though, for the first thirteen years, jungkook is pretty human
  • he’s got humanly brown eyes, humanly black hair, and a humanly lanky teenage body
  • kook’s dad was kind of in a place like “yeah he’s good he’s fine he’s human. he’s human.”
  • then the blue flames incident happened
  • blue flames are exclusive to half demons
  • they’re a tell of the danger and the power contained in a mortal being, and are considered as rare a sighting as the species they belong to
  • jungkook goes to a school but he’s not very good at making friends
  • most kids think he’s too quiet, too awkward, too strange
  • jungkook keeps to himself and yeah, its lonely, but he manages
  • everyday at lunch, jungkook goes to the library and reads
  • reading has always calmed him and helped immerse his overactive mind into something tangible and not dangerous
  • however some kids decide to corner jungkook before he gets there
  • they start saying some shit about how he never talks, that he’s some banished freak, that people crossed the street when they saw him and then one of them, a pastor’s kid, pulls out a flask
  • it’s fast, too fast for even jungkook, but the kid thrusts the flask jungkook’s way and a gulp of clear liquid hits his skin
  • it burns on contact, and jungkook hisses bc like that shit hurts and today has already been stressful and the only thing that he can do is read to calm himself but they’re blocking his way
  • the kids look on in awe, screaming “i knew it!! he is a demon baby!” and other stuff, still throwing holy water at him
  • jungkook is already losing what little patience he has left and they’ve cornered him in a dark, abandoned part of the school so he feels even more trapped
  • suddenly, his anger overtakes him and he just yells a resounding “stop!”
  • the kids around him start screaming in terror and when he opens his eyes, he’s enveloped in blue flames licking at his skin
  • it doesn’t hurt him
  • in fact… it feels comforting
  • the kids are freaking out though, and they run off leaving the flask of holy water behind in a puddle on the floor as jungkook takes in deep, scratchy breaths
  • he doesn’t even notice that someone else is in the hallway until his flames die down and he locks eyes with you
  • he’s seen you around, your nose stuck in a book before and after classes, the pretty girl with the comforting smile and warm laugh, the only kid in his whole grade that jungkook is sure wouldn’t ever judge him, or at least he hoped
  • you’re standing wide-eyed, clutching on to the skirt of your uniform as you stare from the holy water to jungkook a few times, eyebrows furrowed cutely
  • jungkook wholeheartedly expects you to run before he can explain himself, even though he knows he can’t, when you walk toward him carefully, kicking the flask of holy water out of the way and stopping a few feet in front of him
  • “…you… were you just covered in blue fire?” you ask him, not sure if you believe your own eyes yet
  • jungkook can’t lie so he stays silent, offering you a timid nod
  • you raise your hand and he subconsciously flinches away, but then you’re digging into your backpack and pulling out- hey, is that his favorite book??
  • you smile gently at him, bravely grabbing a hold of his hand before pushing the book into his palm “that’s pretty cool. i saw a disney movie about a guy with blue flames for hair, but he wasn’t as nice as you”
  • and then you just. skip away.
  • jungkook’s heart tightens with something unfamiliar but all he knows is he’s holding his favorite book, a book that you, the kindest girl in his grade, knew was his favorite book (he wasn’t sure how you knew either, he only ever read it in the comfort of the library by himself) and you had just seen him burst into blue flames only to brush it off like nothing
  • after that day, you start hanging out with jungkook and the bullies back off
  • you two begin to learn everything about each other, and you explain that you explore the library around lunch time too, and that you had seen jungkook cuddled up in a big chair once reading the very book he deemed his favorite and had become intrigued about him ever since
  • when he asked how you felt about the rumors and the “incident” you just shrugged it off like “its not that weird”
  • tbh he thinks you’re kind of weird for thinking its not weird but he’s happy you’re weird
  • you promise to never judge him and to help keep his secret, and when the bullies go blabbing to the principal saying that jungkook was a demon… well, would the principal take their word or yours, the straight a student with a flawless record?
  • yeah lol you used your status at school to keep jungkook safe
  • this didn’t stop for the next couple of years
  • as you two grew older and jungkook learned more and more about his power (both through meeting up with local demons and you aka the internet god) you two started to grow,,, close
  • faint brushes of lips against cheek
  • hands grabbing for each other unconsciously in school hallways
  • staring at each other when you think the other doesn’t know
  • also, to jungkook’s surprise, you were really interested about demons
  • like not just for his sake
  • you learned everything you could about them and relayed the information back to him with this excited gleam in your eyes and expressive hand gestures and jungkook honestly wanted to kiss you you were so cute
  • well he wanted to kiss you all the time but ANYWAY
  • one night you two are studying for an upcoming exam
  • he’s laid out across your bed with a book hovering over his head, using his power to keep it afloat and to flip the pages for him while you tap away at your computer for a english assignment
  • halfway through your studying session, you turn to jungkook apprehensively, twiddling your thumbs
  • “hey… kook… i found something new out about demons”
  • jungkook is so shocked by the sudden attention that he loses focus and his book hits him square in the face, drawing blood instantly
  • you squeak and begin to fuss over cleaning him up as jungkook swears he’s fine, just wanting you to go on
  • you’ve got a billion tissues pressed to his nose before you tell him “so, i read on this website that apparently demons can turn people into demons like vampires do”
  • and jungkook is half listening, still focusing on keeping his nose from bleeding more “oh really?”
  • “yeah, either demons can use their fangs to bite them or they can cut their wrist and feed the human subject their blood. pretty neat huh? they’d be considered half demon as well”
  • “wouldn’t that be like ¼ demon” he jokes, and you smack his arm as he tries to laugh, groaning when it strains his nose more
  • “im serious kook. imagine if all the half demons in the world got together and created more willing half demons!! you guys could become a whole new race”
  • “we’d be a whole new species” jungkook clarifies, finally pulling the tissues from his nose “and why would anyone wanna be half demon? you can’t enter a church without someone cursing the very ground you walk on, holy water is just water but it burns like acid, you can barely say go- ah, his name without feeling like you just bit into a hot pepper-” “turn me into a demon, jungkook”
  • the room falls silent
  • jungkook is frozen in the middle of balling up his tissues and staring at the red on his hands while you stare at his eyes, willing them to look up and at you
  • it stays silent for an uncomfortable couple of minutes, with jungkook attempting to fathom a reasonable reply and you squirming in your seat on the bed, part of you wishing you could just eat your words
  • what” is what he comes up with
  • “I’ve thought long and hard about it, and… being a half demon isn’t so bad you know? I’ve learned a lot of coping methods from you, and wouldn’t it be better if you had another fellow half demon hanging around you?” you try to reason, but jungkook is having like… none of it
  • “are you out of your go- fuck, out of your damn mind? why would I ever ruin your life like that???”
  • you furrow your eyebrows like you always do “its not… you wouldn’t be ruining my life”
  • “do you know how hard it is to look normal to people? to have to grow up with a dad who was left in the dark and all alone, having to raise a freak like me? i had nothing but you and good luck… i’m surprised i’m not dead at this point. and every moment… i’m trying to make sure that the power… that my blue flames… they dont take over and hurt someone i love. someone i care about” 
  • it seems jungkook had been hiding more from you than you had expected, because as close as you were, you had never known how he had felt about himself
  • you knew that he didn’t like his powers at first, sure, but you had assumed…
  • “kook… you aren’t a freak. you did not ask to be born this way, but look where you are now. you’re stronger than ever and you’re only getting better. and your dad loves you so, so much. i see it in his eyes every time he looks at you. he wants what’s best for you and just tries to do what he can to keep you safe. and i’m here, ill always be here to help you… i’m asking this of you not out of ignorance. i know the risks, i know the setbacks… but i know what i want. don’t ask me why, don’t call me crazy…all i’m asking for is you to give it a chance”
  • jungkook is silent again, but not for as long “what else does it say about it… what happens after you get changed?”
  • “i’ll be a newborn, and since you’d be the one changing me, i’d be attached to you for the rest of my life. i dont know much about newborns but!! i trust you can help me, and so can the other demons we know”
  • jungkook is seriously thinking it over, his thoughts flitting to your family and friends, to the future you’d be inevitably throwing away to become one of his kind
  • half demons weren’t bad, and in fact, did a lot to help maintain peace in the world, doing the dirty work everyone else didn’t see like keeping other supernatural creatures in check, so it was an honor to be one for sure
  • once you were trained, it was a piece of cake
  • that life… if you really wanted it…
  • “would you rather I bite you or feed you my blood?”
  • you jump a little in the air and quickly grin, smiling so hard that your cheeks begin to hurt “bite! bite is fine”
  • he seems somewhat reluctant as he gets up to kneel on the bed, and looks you over once before looking you in the eyes, and you’re frozen under his stare like always
  • the older that he’s gotten and the stronger he’s advanced in his demon abilities, the more his eyes have changed from the gentle brown you had seen that day back in junior high
  • they were lighter, almost verging on honey yellow, and they moved rapidly, taking in everything with a speed you could only imagine
  • they were breathtaking, and with him hovering over you like this, you couldn’t help hanging on to his every word “are you sure you want this? there’s no reversing this”
  • you nod your head once and fix yourself so that your neck is exposed
  • you wait with your eyes shut as silence carries, the tension so thick it closes around your throat like a hand
  • only when you’re being shoved back into the mattress do you realize that a hand really was around your neck
  • it isn’t choking you, rather keeping you in place as jungkook straddles your hips
  • he tilts your head this way and that before settling on a position, gingerly holding you still as he runs his fingers through your hair, “i’ll be gentle, alright?” he says, sounding much softer, like the timid jungkook you know and love
  • you nod, and he bites
  • it doesn’t hurt too much, though you do hiss through your teeth. as soon as jungkook hears he stops all movement, but you urge him to continue, hoping to get it over with as soon as possible
  • when he pulls back, there are two holes in the side of your neck, red and clean as the veins underneath pulse bright blue before fading
  • “hows it look? do you think i can get a tattoo right under it that says ‘a demon bit me’?”
  • your eyes are still shut until jungkook sighs against your neck, biting back a laugh, “i can’t believe i’m in love with a maniac”
  • you turn your head at the sound of “love”, though you seemed to have moved too fast when you hit jungkook in the nose with your forehead, making you both cry out in pain
  • jungkook sighs through a pained laugh, watching as you close your grip your forehead “did you… did you just say you were in love with me?” 
  • “i dont see any other crazy girls asking to get turned into demons like bella swan around here, do you?” “hey smart ass, at least i’m more practical that bella. i can handle myself” “your ultimate weapon is an internet browser” “without my wifi connection you would be helpless!” “you make it seem like its so hard to type on a computer-”
  • You stop jungkook mid sentence with a small, tentative peck on the lips, shocking him into silence as he looks at you
  • “i only kissed you to shut you up, now get off, you’re heavy” you lie, pushing at his shoulders, but the large boy doesn’t budge from his spot, caging you in with his arms as he sighs into your neck again, sending a shiver down your spine as his breath brushes the bite
  • “you never told me if you loved me back, you know” he whispers softly, his hand finding yours to play with your fingers
  • your hands are sweaty, and you hope he passes it off as the nervousness from being turned and not because of his close proximity, but was there any reason to hide it any more?
  • “i guess i maybe kind of tolerate you sort of” “hey!” you let out a soft, embarrassed giggle and look over at jungkook who’s smiling at you lazily, “fine. you win. i’m in love with you too” 
  • he grins in triumph and hugs you closer, resting his chin on top of your head instead of in the crook of your neck, his breath rustling the hairs on your head as he speaks, “ah, of course you are. im hot” “the flames of hell don’t count”

part two

20 Questions with Dr Ferox #8

My gosh, there’s just so much stuff you vetlings want to know, isn’t there? Well, knowledge is good, so here we go with yet another info dump as I try to answer a big slew of your questions in one hit.

Anonymous said: I sometimes get your patreon emails or an update on your blog while I’m studying/struggling in the wee-hours of the morning (vetmed). I’m in WA, so where-ever you are it’s also late/early. What are you doing up in the witching hours?

First of all, I am an AdultTM and as such I am permitted to set by own Bed Time. There are many reasons why you might receive notifications from me so ‘early’.

  • I have a blog post on queue every morning between 5am and 6am my time (so probably 3am and 4am your time). It goes up automatically, so I can see initial responses before I go to work.
  • I think Patreon sends its emails at the same time each day, regardless of when I post. I certainly don’t type there early in the morning.
  • Sometimes I’m on nightshift and can get kinda bored at 3am sometimes.
  • Sometimes I just can’t sleep, especially with the changing day/night cycles.

Most of the blog runs on queue, honestly. At least three posts a day do.

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Keeping It Together

A/N: For @not-just-any-fangirl because of our talk of “desperately trying to cheer up the guild Natsu”

And I’m not sure how but??? It turned into gratsulu?? (maybe cause it’s 3am??)

Well anyways here is a short drabble for you my fellow Canuck!

In which Natsu is fed up with dealing with his guild mates.

Natsu was done.

In all honestly he wasn’t really sure how it got to this point, but somehow it did and Natsu was just exhausted.

Generally speaking, Natsu liked to consider himself a cheerful guy. Sure, he had his days where he was a little bit, shall he say, moody, but overall. Cheerful.

And he tried to pass on that cheerfulness to his guild, his family. And, to be quite frank, Natsu couldn’t help but be slightly pissed that people thought he was a dense moron for being so cheerful and wanting to be happy all the time.

But he ignored that, for the most part, and went about his life, picking fights with Gray, making fun of Lucy, just being a fun loving guy.

So why the hell, couldn’t they do the same?

There was always something; a job gone bad, an inter-team fight, not enough rent money.

And this time, this time it was Erza.

“I told you not to touch my package, and what do you do?” she glowered at the small blue exceed, a menacing aura radiating from her. Natsu swore her eyes flashed red. “You touched my package,” seething, she went to grab the poor feline by the neck, and that was when Natsu figured he should step in.

“Hey Erza! Pretty cool armour ya got there, is that new?”

Natsu knew it wasn’t, but he panicked and that was the first thing that came to mind.

Step 1 in lightening the mood: distraction.

Erza blinked, a look of surprise appearing on her face, most likely not sure how to answer his obvious question.

Which was fine, because Natsu could see his little partner flying away from the scene at lightning speed.

“Natsu, I wear this armour everyday. How could you possibly think it is new?” Thankfully the menacing aura was gone, and she seemed to have forgotten whatever it was Happy had done.

“Ah well it looks different! Shinier or somethin’.” He plastered his biggest grin on his face, hopeful to cheer her up so she wouldn’t attack anyone else for the rest of the day.
She stared at him, a  quizzical look gracing her features and Natsu feared for his life for a brief moment before it was gone, replaced by a smile. “Well thank you Natsu, I did give it a polishing last night.”

Natsu let out a breath when she turned and went to go ask Mira for a strawberry cake.

“You can’t be serious!”

Natsu felt the same way as he turned his head to see Gray and Lucy, both with their arms crossed as they stared at each other.

“It’s my turn!” Lucy whined, mouth turned down into a frown, marring her pretty features. Natsu let out a long exhale, making his way over to the duo.

“It’s always your turn Lucy!” Gray ran a hand through his messy hair, unbuttoning and tossing off his shirt while he was at it. Normally at that point Natsu would either yell at him for being a stripper or haul him out of the guild hall to, well, keep taking his clothes off, but Natsu wasn’t in the mood for either of those today.

“Yo,” he greeted, waving a hand with a smile, one he typically saved for them.

“Natsu!” Lucy grabbed his arm, giving him her best sad face, “tell Gray it’s my turn to be in the middle tonight.”

Natsu wanted to groan, to just stomp out of the guild with a well deserved break.

He didn’t think he’d ever understand how the guild always ran into so much trouble. He had to admit though, after the war everyone had been happier a lot more often once everything settled down.

He supposed keeping them happy every now and then wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Especially not with the way Lucy and Gray were looking at him.

Maybe he was in the mood after all.