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The signs, as things I want them to hear

Aries: Your flame is so bright. it hurts me sometimes but I need you to know, its so important that you never let it burn out. I fear the day I miss it.

Taurus: You change every day. accept that. move with it and do what is best to make you the most happy you can be.

Gemini: Youre valid, and youre always going to be your biggest critic. think before you make that next move.

Virgo: Take time for yourself and get out of your own head. Choose your influences and keep you as top priority.

Cancer: You may think you know you best. youre wrong. be open to others, they are the ones who play a role in your life and share the stage with you.

Leo: Its always going to be an uphill battle. Youve made it this far, dont stop now.

Libra: Youre going to fall. its how you get up that will matter. dont forget to learn some stuff about yourself on the way.

Scorpio: Stop hiding. You have so much drive. let it show. you remind me of our memories, and its surreal to see you as you are today.

Sagittarius: Forget them. you are who you are because of you. dont leave today because of fear for tomorrow.

Capricorn: Your storm is teaching you so much. dont forget the past, but dont look too far ahead. your time is, and will always be now.

Aquarius: I learn a lot about you every day. Sometimes through stories, other times through your eyes. Thank you.

Pisces: Your waters are deep and clear. I fear of them getting muddy from the people around you. dont fall too deep down. its tough to swim back up.

Happy Chanbaek Day!

since today is chanbaek day i decided to share some of my favorite chanbaek moments..


skinship… chanbaek is known for not having much skinship… but once they have it.. it renders us all speechless …

see what i’m talking about?

another thing that i love about chanbaek is how they share their love on instagram.. baek’s update for yeol’s b-day and yeol’s updates for baek’s b-day say it all…

A kiss! Yes byun baekhyun is so fucking obvious that  he posted a pic of his lips kissing!

Chanyeol, however, tried to be less obvious taking a photo with a thirdwheel and saying that he wants bbh to celebrate his bday with him as well 

But.. that was after posting a vid of him wishing bbh’s standee -that he took from that nature republic event or whatever- a happy b-day.. if this ain’t love idk what is

Something else i love about chanyeol is how he seems to be baek’s knight in a shining armor.. always taking care of him 

Here you can see that he stopped clapping just to make sure baekhyun lands safely even tho kai -im not sure if he was kai plz correct me if i was wrong- was clapping ..

And since i love caring!yeol so much here is another one

So it was chanyeol’s off-day and and instead of resting or having fun he drove baek to his schedule place like the perfect bf he is .. this is really cute T^T

Enough talking about chanyeol now..lets talk about baekhyu…and how he wants to be with his cute bf all the time

Chanyeol was in the show roommate and i guess baekhyun missed him a lot thst he went to see him.. they look so awkward i feel like cy wanted to do more than hold bbh hand but then he realized that they are not alone and people will be seeing this so..

also cy being the caring bf he is asked baek how did he come and baek said by bus and tgfklgjfgf

And since we are talking about baek.. dont you find it a little bit  weird how he goes and bites someone’s ass.. unzips someone’s pants.. being touchy touchy with all members and all… but when it comes to cy he becomes so awkward and flushes and stuff?

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And the list goes on..~~

Another caring!yeol cuz why not

Massaging baek’s leg so tenderly i can’t really T.T

And i must say that i love jealous!baek just as much as i love caring!yeol

Soo cute T.T

You know whats cute too? Cb in v app

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But the cutest  thing ever is cb datttees

chanbaek feeding each other is cute too

and finally,, chanbaek just being chanbaek,

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soooo that’s basically it.. totally unorganized and stuff -cuz i’ve been using tumblr for 2 years and i still can’t figure out how does it really work- and yeah… happy cb day…

non of the pics/gifs are mine cuz i’m a stupid ass of shit that can’t make gifs

anonymous asked:

What's the difference between hoodoo, voodoo, and rootwork? I'm kind of a beginner witch and am researching all I can about the different kinds of witchcraft, even the ones I don't practice. But all three get lumped together in everything I read. Are they interchangeable? What even is the correct spelling of "voodoo"? And can you recommend some good places to start researching. The last thing I want is to disrespect anybody!

From an answered ask:

They’re related, but not the same thing. Hoodoo is just an umbrella term for a bunch of other practices that originated in the Western part of Africa. It’s considered just folk magic, not a religion. Southerns of the US practice this, especially Christians.

Voodoo has 2 branches: Louisiana Voodoo, and Haitian Voodoo [Should have been spelled Vodou. You’ll see why later]. It is considered a religion. The only difference really between the 2 is the ritual order (Louisiana Voodoo doesn’t have much of it.) Voodoo is a combination of religion and folk magic (and if you know anything about the history of Voodoo and where is came from, you should know why that is).

Rootwork is just that. Working with roots and flora. Of course, in the past, you used the local plants in your area and today, its much easier to get roots from other places in the world.  

Rootwork and hoodoo are actually interchangeable. Of course, with these definitions they don’t look like it. But if you were to use both words interchangeably to a hoodoo practitioner they most likely wouldn’t bat an eye. And to be a little bit more specific, you use rootwork in hoodoo as it is one of the practices used in hoodoo.

You can also use rootwork in voodoo, but rootwork does not equal voodoo. And hoodoo does not equal voodoo. So~

  • Hoodoo = Rootwork
  • Hoodoo  ≠ Voodoo
  • Rootwork  ≠ Voodoo

Spelling is actually important to know. I think it doesn’t get talk about a lot in the community except for a random tumblr post or blog post floating about saying how that person hates it when people always spell it one way and dont know the other ways. And why theyre used.

(Correct me if I’m wrong anyone) ‘Voodoo’ is not only the mainstream version of the spelling but usually refers to Southern Voodoo or Louisiana Voodoo. ‘Voodoo’ is actually seen as derogatory and wrong to some in Haiti which brings me to the other way spelling it. ‘Vodou’ (or ‘Vodoun’, ‘Vodun’, ‘Vodu’ and sometimes ‘Vudu’) usually refers to Haitian Vodou. You’re going to see the different spellings used all the time. But know that when Someone is saying ‘Vodou’ they are mostly talking about Haitian Vodou and when people say ‘voodoo’ theyre either lumping all voodoo together or theyre talking about American Voodoo. And, all Voodoo came from Coastal West Africa (From Nigera to Ghana).

Also, when it comes to researching, you’re not going to get much when it comes to Voodoo since information is passed by word of mouth. Hoodoo on the other hand is everywhere on the internet. A quick google search and a quick YT search will get you so much. 

Quick note though, If you see anything related to LuckyMojo, take it with a grain of salt. The owner of the website is a bully, and pretty much infiltrated and made money from a community that was never hers.

BTS Reaction: You having a side blog dedicated to another member (requested)


You took a break from your laptop and went to the kitchen to scavenge for a late night snack. You found one of Jin’s last stashed away cookies and scarfed it down before he could get out of the shower and catch you. You quietly returned only to find Jin sprawled across the bed. He had one arm hanging off the bed, the other covered his face as he whimpered all while balancing your laptop on his chest.

“Jagi, how could you?!?” he “cried”

“Hey! why are you looking at my computer?” you rushed up to him to take your computer away.

“I thought i was your one and only!” he “sobbed” as he rolled away from you from, keeping you from getting your laptop back. “How could you have a blog dedicated to the maknae?!?”

You couldn’t help but laugh. “I had that blog before i even met you guys!”

“But i thought you deleted it!”

“What ever gave you that idea?”

“Um I don’t know maybe because you are dating Mr. Worldwide handsome now!” 

You crawled up next to him. “Well, if it makes you feel better…” you snatched the laptop away and began clicking away until you found the page. you turned the screen to him “This is the blog i have dedicated to you!”

He scrolled through the page a bit before he pulled you close and gave you a kiss. “You are forgiven…partially … Just make sure to delete that Jungkook blog.

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You and your boyfriend sat on the couch enjoying a bit of TV after a long day. Well, he was watching tv, you were busy finally updating your side blog. You could feel someone looking over your shoulder and found Suga with a sour expression on his face.

“Ew, why are you posting pictures of Jimin?” he asked in disgust.

“For my blog” you mumbled going back to adding to your tags.

“Ew” he repeated as he went back to watching tv.

Once finished, you nestled next to him, but he was as still as a statue. It was weird because he always accepted cuddles. You nestled deeper, but still nothing.

“Ya! Cuddle me!”



“Why dont you go cuddle Jimin?” he pouted.

“Aww is someone jealous?” You teased 

“Pft! Me? Jealous? You’re ridiculous! Pft! I am not jealous. Why would I be jealous of my girlfirend having a blog about another member from my group? I am not jealous!” 

“Uh-huh sure, not jealous at all.”

“I said i’m not!”

“If i make a blog about you, will you forgive me?”

He stayed quiet at your offer.

“C’mon, I’ll let you pick the color scheme!”

Although expressionless, you could tel he was tossing the idea around in his head.

“We can come up with a URL together!” 

“No need! I thought of the perfect one already! Plus, i know just the selfies to use for the header and profile pictures!” he said as he stratched out and grabbed the laptop from the other side of the couch. 

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Rap monster:

You were in the middle of getting dressed when you heard a loud bang come from the kitchen.

“Babe?!? Is everything okay?!? What was that?!?” you shouted from your bedside too much in a rush to get ready for work to actually walk to the kitchen. 

“Um- Nothing! Just… Just a pan!” he shouted. “You keep getting dressed! I will get your coffee ready!”

You walked out of the bedroom ready to go only to be greeted by a grumpy face Namjoon. Your cup of coffee was waiting for you thankfully, but Rap monster stood behind the counter with his arms crossed, one hand clutching your tablet. 

You waked straight up to him. “What’s wrong baby? Why that face?”

“I found someone’s tumblr and it turns out their blog is a virtual shrine to my band-mate Kim Taehyung.” he grumbled. 

You giggled at him, because he look so cute when he was jealous. you rested your chin on his chest and looked p at him with the best puppy dog eyes that you could give. “Joonie, it is just a tiny little side blog” you explained

“So having 5k followers is a “tiny llittle side blog” to you?”

“Aw c’mon Joonbug, don’t be so jealous. I have a blog for each of you… Do you want to know how many followers I have on my blog about you?”

His expression softened and the tension in his shoulders faded. “…Is it more the 5000?” he asked softly.

Your smile grew “Let me show you!” you slid the tablet out of his hand, but froze when you saw what was on the screen. “…Namjoon!”

“Wow! look at the time! I have to meet Yoongi at the studio!”

This whole time his fit of jealousy was all a diversion to the fact that there was a huge crack on your tablet screen. “So this is what you dropped earlier?!? Nam-”

He stopped the rest of your words with a quick kiss. “ Bye babe! Love you!” he shouted as he ran out the door.

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You and Jhope walked along the park path hand in hand and enjoying your ice creams. You heard a ding from your phone and smiled when you found out you got another follower on your sideblog, finally reaching your milestone. “Hobi! My jin blog finally has 1000 followers!” you squealed

He looked back at you with his signature triangle frown.

“why are you frowning? Aren’t you happy for me?”

“It’s a blog about Jin.” His voice was tiny.

“Yes, i just said that.” you laughed

Still his frown stayed

“Why is my sunshine so sad? You have ice ream in your hand it is physically impossible to be sad while eating ice cream!”

He emphasized his pout. Boy, the feelings he was able to convey with that frown.

“Hobi, don’t be jealous. You know i only made that side blog because a deal with jin and he said it was a way to commemorate our one year best-friendship.” 

“So where is the blog about me commemorating our relationship?”

A smirk grew on your face as you went up closer to him. “Well i dont have blog about you but-” you brought your mouth up to his ear. “I know a whole list of things we do to to commemorate  our relationship. Alot of which we did last night.” you whispered.

Jhope cleared his throat. You pulled back to his his frown finally gone an his eyes now alert. 

“…So uh… You make a good point.” his face blushed over the memories he was having in such a public place.

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You and V cuddled on the couch in the midst of your movie date night. However you were too indulged into updating your Suga blog on your laptop instead of paying attention to the movie.

“Babe, can you close that? The light is bothering me.” V mumbled.

“Wait i am almost done.”

Despite your protests, his large hand flew through the air and he shut you laptop screen.

“Tae, the fuck?”

“Let’s watch the movie!”

“Wait. just a few more minutes” you said opening the laptop again.

However, you weren’t able to get much done because V snaked his way through your arms. He rested most of his body on your lap, completely blocking your screen. 

“Tae, what are you doing?” you did your best to hide your annoyance.

“I noticed you were constantly reblogging my arch nemesis so i thought i would relieve your eyes.” he explained as he pulled he pried the computer from your  hands and place it on the floor. 

“Arch nemesis?!? Yoongi is your enemy?!?”

He dropped all his body weights on you and let out a deep sigh.

“Youre heavy babe” you laughed as you ran your fingers through his hair.

“So today, Yoongi rejected my idea to be a part of the next cypher again and then now i see you have a whole blog about him! Now I am losing you to him!” he pouted

“Aw baby, Dont be upset. All of army and I think you deserve to be a part of the next cypher! One of these days Yoongi will break i know it! And baby, about hte blog, it is just a small side blog. Don’t be jealous.”‘

“If it is justa small side blog why bothter to out-” His arms reached for the laptop and he placed it down on his chest. “this comment “OMG Looks at him! I am dying for Yoongi to have this hair back”.

“babe, it is just a commment. You should see the paragraphs when i spam you on my other blog.”

Even in the dark, you could see V’s eyes light up. “You have a blog about me?”

“Of course i do! It is my main blog”

A smile grew on his face at your words.

“Are you still upset? Do you forgive me?”

“…I will only if you do 3 things.”

“And those are?”

“!) stay for an all night movie marathon 2) Give me real cuddles… don’t hold back on any kisses and 3) Delete the Yoongi blog.”

“Aish, you drive a hard bargain.” You laughed. You leaned forward and gave him a kiss. “Deal”

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You cooked Jimin his late dinner as he sat at the end of the table. He was so tired he was having trouble keeping his eyes open.

You cellphone was right next to him, so when it dinged its annoying jingle it startled him awake.

“Chim, can you see what that was?” you asked

“It is an email…you got a new follower… for your rap monster blog.” you didn’t even have to turn around to know he was  upset, his tone gave it away.

When you turned around to take a peek at him, you were right. Yup, not happy” you thought.

“Why do you have a blog about Namjoon?”

“I have had that blog for the longest time. Namjoon was my bias remember?”

“Yeah, but why haven’t you deleted it?” you could practically hear his cute eyebrow furrowing. 

You turned around, again seeing that you correctly predicted his actions. You place the plate in front of him. “Because I have 7000 followers now. Do you know how long it took me to get that many?”

His face softened at your innocent reasoning. “well, if that is the case, i wont beg you to deleted it… Just as long as you slip in a few pictures of me from time to time.” he said with a tired smile

You gave him a kiss on the forehead. “Dont worry baby, I already do!”

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The whole day Jungkook had been following you around your apartment. You began to notice a smirk grow on his face when you even got near your laptop. 

“Ya! What is with you today?”

“Nothing Jagi.” he said with a giggle every time

It wasn’t until it was around time to go to bed that you decided that you would browse tumblr before you fell asleep.

You went to your desk and turned your screen on surprised to find that it was already on the tumblr page. “Weird “ you thought

“From the corer of your eye you could see Jungkook poking his head into the room with a mischievous smile on his face. 

“Babe, serisouly what is going on with you?”

“Nothing” he giggled for the 500th time.

you ignored him and logged on, quickly going to check on your jhope side blog first. to you horror, you blog was not how you last left it. The header was now an image of Jhope distorted face photo-shopped on a horse and the profile picture was replace with one of Jungkook. All the Jhope content was replaced with pictures and video of Jungkook, even some Jungkook scenarios here and there. “What did you do?!?”

“Nothing!” Jungkook laughed as he ran out of the room

“Jungkook! I will kill you!” You practically shouted as you chased after him.

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 -Admin Boat

an open letter @osavior

firstly, i want to make it very clear that my intention in this post is not to attack daisy, also known as the popular mercy blog osavior (previously valkiriya, and serenidae before that), but rather to spread the truth. the intention of this post isn’t to hurt her, but to increase the awareness of people who have no idea what she’s done and decide for themselves what to do from there. all urls, names, discord tags, and aliases shown here are done so with permission - those that requested anonymity were blocked out. colors remain consistent with people throughout all screencaps, so as not to confuse anyone. in this post ill be discussing how daisy has directly catfished mun photos, lied about being a med student, lied about having bpd, potentially lied about her age, potentially lied about having cancer, manipulated several people and tried to turn multiple unaffiliated people against each other.

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loving girls doesnt feel wrong
it feels as natural as the breeze that carries her laughter
i see her eyes light up from across the room
i dont know why they did that, but i want to

i hear her talk about her art,
i wonder what inspires her
does she know that she inspires me?

she has a little bit of a lisp
i think its really cute
i hope noone has ever made her feel like its not

what does she think of me?
how could i talk to her, when i have so much riding on this
when i would only have one shot
when i dont know how to begin

i wonder what she thinks about
or if she stays up late at night, wondering if anybody out there thinks of her
i wonder what she would do if she knew i was

—  she leaves wednesday
You are Loved

Warnings: Suicide. Self-hatred

Words: 1.9k

Note: Hey this one is a really dark and deep one shot and mentions suicide and self hatred, 

Summary: I dont really how to explain this one, but read the warnings.

Also tell me what you thnk of the imagines. I want to know what people think of the imagines so far, since im still new to tumblr. If anyone see this anyway

I walked down the hallway of Midtown High School with my arms covered in long sleeves to hide the lined cuts on both of my wrists. I was wearing jeans, a long sleeve shirt and a light oversized hoodie, and converse shoes. I kept my head down as I tried to dodge people by looking at their shoes instead of looking straight up.

I didn’t need to pass the burden onto other people when they would see my ugly face. I walked to the library which had become my second home and looked up for the first time today to admire the display of books.

The Midtown library had desk for the librarian and tables and chairs in the center than around it, long isles surrounded in books.

I walked to the left and went all the way to the wall and walked to the corner, which was the farthest away from everybody else who had currently been sitting in the middle.

When I got to the isolated place I picked out the book I had been read for two days now, and sat on the floor to start reading it.

“No Ned, for the last time I can’t summon thousands of spiders to do my bidding.” I heard someone whisper/yell. As I heard the steps get closer i went farther into the corner putting my hoodie on ad keeping my head down focusing on the book instead of the two figures coming my way.

“Ok but you should have that power if you are spiderman.” I instantly raised my head at the mention of the blue and red latex suit hero.

I heard the footsteps stop as they were a couple feet away from me. “You see the girl with the hood in the corner too right?” I heard one of the voices whisper as I immediately recognized him as Peter Parker, my crush for a year now. If  that was Peter then clearly he was with Ned, his best friend.

I heard the movement of a jacket and a pair of shoes step closer to me, making it clear Peter had been shoved closer to me. I felt my cheeks flush with embarrassment, but being glad because it wouldn’t be visible with my darker skin tone.

I looked up to see Peter bent down about to talk to me when his mouth dropped open. “I-uh. H-h-hi, I’m Peter Parker, and that’s my friend Ned. Please don’t kill us, we haven’t done anything wrong I promise.” He looked at me in fear.

I couldn’t help but question how stupid the smartest boy in my chemistry class was. I quickly put my head back down hoping he wouldn’t pry further and just walk away, but unfortunately he didn’t.

“Watch, she’ll start following you around now since you started talking to her.” Ned said, fear traced in his voice.

I couldn’t help but chuckle as the two idiots kept going on about how i’d curse them and that i’m a demon ghost. “See look she’s laughing now!” Ned whispered. “I’m telling you she’s a demon!”

I stopped laughing and looked up slightly to still see Peter’s knees as he contemplated on what to do next. “She’s not a ghost Ned, it’s the girl from Chemistry that sits next to me.” He looked at me again and fro what I could tell her was studying my features, which led to me putting my head further down to cover my ugly face. “Hey, I’m sorry for assuming you were a ghost. Do you need help up?” He asked me with a gentle voice.

I shook my head no and forced myself to no look in the eyes of my crush. “You sure? There’s tables in the middle of the library if you preferred that better.”

And have everyone see me and my ugly body? No thanks. I thought to myself. “I kind of like reading here. Keeps all the idiotic thoughts from everybody else to rub off on me.” I piped, trying to make a joke, something I hadn’t done in a long time.

I heard Ned laugh and Peter chuckle. “Trust me, after being friends with this idiot for a while, I know that’s true.” Peter said. Ned then started to argue saying that Peter was the dumb one in their friendship while Peter argued the opposite.

I grabbed the sleeves of my hoodie and tucked my hands into them so that they weren’t visible and had to control myself from letting out a fit of giggles. I looked up as Peter’s eyes met mine, I saw the amusement in his eyes fade away and quickly looked back down. “You have a really pretty smile.” He said as if all the oxygen in the world had been taken away and he had one last breath.

“Thanks.” I quietly said.

Your smile may be nice but you weight isn’t

He’s lying to you to make you feel better

He’s just trying to be nice, since you ARE all alone

I walked into the cozy apartment on the 7th floor and stood there trying to steady my breathing again after walking all those flights of stairs.

I looked at the note on the countertop of the kitchen and I could already tell it was from my distant mother saying she was away on a business trip, when really she was probably with another rich boyfriend on a cruise halfway to hawaii or something like that.

I flicked the note across the table onto the floor and walked into the bathroom. I rummaged through one of the drawers of the sink until i found what I was looking for. The small compartment was a secret, something you couldn’t really see unless you sprained your eyes and felt everything closely. But for me it was easy to find since I went through it almost every week for the past couple months. I grabbed the box inside the compartment and pulled it out.

The small box was red and had a lock on where you would open it. I put in the pin and took out the razor blade. I sadly smiled and I felt a tear run down my cheek on to the blade. I took the blade and pressed it against my wrist waiting for the pain to be taken away for at least a minute.”

You’re worthless

You fuck up everything you touch

Your a waste of air

Your fat, ugly, stupid

You deserve this pain

It was the same thing everyday, I’d enter school with my head down, read in the library, Peter and Ned would meet me by the corner and we’d talk, I’d go to class, Then I’d leave school at the end of the day.

But this time it would be, this time it would be my last time doing it all. And for the first time in months I looked up and recognized all the faces I really hadn’t paid attention enough to look at. I had worn a T-shirt for the first time in a year and it was a pretty pale yellow with black and white stripes.

I looked up for the first time while walking through the hallways and my hoodie wasn’t on. I read in the center of the library this time, except I didn’t sit in a chair instead I sat on the table farthest back and to Peter and Ned’s surprise it was the first time I really ever made myself known.

“I see someone is in a good mood today.” I looked up at Peter’s smiling face and noticed his best friend wasn’t by his side. “Ned was sick.” He explained.

For the last time ever I studied Peter’s features, taking in his swooped hair, bright smile, big brown eyes, and the warmth in his voice. “Is there something on my face? I thought I wiped off all the crumbs from my croissant!” He turned away and started furiously swiping away at his mouth.

I giggled and stood up to turn his body back to me. “You don’t have anything on your face, it’s just…….” I couldn’t help but tear up. “I’m going to miss you.” I smiled, something I could only do when Peter was around. “That’s all.”

He gave me a weird look and chuckled. “I’ll see you in Chem. weirdo.” I watched as Peter walked out of the library to his first class as the bell rang.


I walked out of Midtown School of Science and took a breath in as peter walked by my side. After that run in, in the library me and Peter had become friends, or what I had labeled a friendship. And since his house wasn’t that far from mine we’d both take the train and he’d walk me to my house.

As we took that last step and walked to my apartment door I gave Peter a hug, something I had never done. He stiffened then relaxed a bit hugging me back. After a couple second I stepped back and walked into my apartment looking at Peter and noticed his eyes move towards my wrist and his eyes harden. “Y/N…” He said.


I quickly covered my wrist and looked at Peter straight in the eyes. “I have to go Peter. Bye.” I gave him tight smile and walked into my apartment and closed the door. A couple seconds later I heard pounding and Peter yelling my name.

I waited until sunset to stand on my fire escape, ready to let myself fall to my death. I stared at the sky once more taking in the colors and noises of New York then stood at the ladder and fell forward ready for it all to end.

But it didn’t come. Instead you felt yourself being swung from the left side and go higher as if you were flying. You opened your eyes to see Spiderman holding onto your waist as he looked for an empty place to settle both of you.

As you felt your feet land on the ground you felt a force and then your body being pushed to the wall hearing ‘thwip’ and other sounds. You opened your eyes and look down to see yourself webbed to a wall on an apartment.

You sobbed to yourself as you stared at the ground below your feet. The second you jumped you regretted it, there were other ways to fixing your problems, and suicide wasn’t one of them

You watched as the masked hero paced around muttering things to himself. He then stopped and looked at you. “Why?” He asked, his voice cracking slightly. “How could you do this to me? How could you do it to your family, to everyone in your life who cares so much about you?”

You couldn’t help but let he puzzled expression on your face show, what did he mean by you choice affecting him? You then realized everything.

The voice.

The body language.

The body shape.

How he was always running off somewhere.

Or when he came to school with a bruise.

“Peter?” You looked at him, feeling your insides break at the thought of hurting someone else. You thought if you weren’t alive maybe you’d be doing good for the world. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” You started to sob again as he came rushing over taking the webs off and hugging you as you fell to the ground.

He held you shoulder length apart and looked at you straight in the eyes. “You ARE loved.”

im just going to make this post right now and try to not say any more about this whole subject (we’ll see how that goes though yikes,,,)

just to clEAR THINGS UP: im not hating on riley. she apologised, cleared up the misunderstanding within her post, and explained herself. but i want to use this situation right now to highlight what i think our fandoms fault is, and this rEALLY REMINDS M E OF IT

we want everyone to think the same way, and some people (hi not gonna name names but im sure u could guess a couple) are practically force-feeding ideas to (especially new) aroha. if i were to put it into my own words: its brainwashing. we’re telling people that what they think is wrong. we’re telling people that “if you dont think this way (aka dont sexualise astro) then get out”. i completely understand that we want to keep this image of a fandom as being pure, unproblematic, but we’re having the opposite effect. anyone who has these thoughts is practically being forced to keep them to themselves because if they do say anything that they genuinely think and doesnt align with what some of the “”bigger blogs”” say, then they’ll be practically, in a sense, kicked out of the fandom. abandoned by people.

from my actual personal experience: i was spoon-fed this idea that NOTHING sexual abt astro AT ALL was to ever be said, and if u did say anything u werent a real aroha and u didnt love them :( it wasnt until this year that i realised this mentality is !!!! stupid !!!!! before becoming an aroha, i had absolutely no opinion on the matter. i didnt care about sexualising, i didnt care about shipping, i didnt care abt smut or anything of the like. if people wanted to enjoy that, that was their decision and not mine. when i did join aroha, i was practically told that “our fandom is so good because we dont sexualise members !! sexualising members is bad bad and shouldnt ever be done so we dont do it!”, but what i failed to recognise at the time is that there are people out there who dont believe in this at all. there were people out there who couldnt share their own thoughts and ideas, because they feared receiving hate.

rather than becoming a fandom who accepts anyone and everyone and what they believe in, we’ve become a fandom that supports a one-track mind, everyone believe in the same cause and having no different opinions from eachother. we’ve shunned people for having some kind of humanly trait, we’ve shunned people for being attracted (sexually !!) to someone, despite it being human !!!!!! we’re failing to realise the flaws in our thought process, we’re failing to recognise the aroha who can’t speak out, we’re failing to accept what comes with being on the internet.

this isnt something that has come to mind solely because of riley’s original post. this has been a long-standing issue within our community that many people have noticed (wow guys its not just me), and to be honest, i think its about time we opened up our minds.

im not saying this means u gotta go read up on some smut aaND GET  DO WN N DIR TY. in fact this change doesnt have to affect you at all, and it never had to affect anyone in the first place. you had the choice to block whatever made you uncomfortable (um note: you isnt directed at anyone in particular im just trying to be impactful on you, the reader), you had the choice to ignore what made you uncomfortable. in some circumstances, it almost seems as though this “quest to protect astro because theyre all babies and need protecting from lots of girls most of whom are younger than them !!!!” has been some kind of gross competition to be the best aroha, to be the morally correct and protector™ aroha. its become less and less about genuinely caring about astro, and more “what can i do today to prove that im an ok person”.

i think that as a community, we are smart and respectful enough towards astro to know where to draw the line. personally, anything on tumblr (unless its about a minor) is fine for me. the artists dont see it, and therefore dont know and dont care about it. where i personally draw the line though is places where they may often check - twitter (specifically in the astro tag and replies to their own tweets), youtube comments, fancafe, etc. tumblr just isnt a place where idols are going to see it. i’ll hold this view until any member of astro specifically states that such comments, jokes, and statements make them uncomfortable. just as we can’t assume what aroha are comfortable with, we cannot assume what astro are comfortable with, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT. it is not your duty as a fan to “protect” them. your duty is to support them and love them. gentle reminder that theyre NOT FIVE. if something bothers them, they are in fact old enough to speak out for themselves

please, aroha, i know we can be respectful for one another, even if our opinions and views differ. i would absolutely hate for such a trivial matter to split aroha into 2 groups, because in the end we’re all here to support and love astro.

thank u and good night

(ps yes i expect to get some backlash for this lol and im here to take other opinions and views into account though. i understand that different things will  make different things uncomfortable. thats fine. ur human. how u react to it is important tho)

so i knew that when teen wolf actual ended i would be an emotional mess so i decided to write this in advance and schedule it (which was the day of the last comic con panel) so i can actually say everything i wanted to say. i really just wanted to tell you guys my full story about what this show did for me and how it literally saved my life. 

(also i’m super nervous about posting this because i’m pretty sure people i know in real life are gonna end up seeing it and i’m honestly kinda embarrassed but i really need to say it so here we gooOoo)

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Thank you, each and every one.

Guys, today on this day. A day i thought would be trully the end of me, happened something so beautifull. So magical, that i simply had too make an answer. Too each and every one of you, that have came up and spoke out, sended an ask, drawing, a little word of support. I thank you all.

But i think i cant cut it just here with a simple thank you. So too make you understand what happened.

My mom went through a painfull operation of her knee today. She was unable too walk, and as such i am on a permanent 24/7 carry/bring/help/clean duty + taking care of the house and all of our problems with living (but is cool, its just a small apartment ! xD). This situation would be okay, if there werent a few highlights of this day that made me nearly loose my mind.

My mother fell unconscious three times today, and while doing that, she hurt her knee really badly, which spiked the pain too a high level. Carrying her two stocks isnt that much of a problem, but making sure not too hurt her even more and keeping her conscious was a challenge.

When finally i managed too take care of this little problem, we found out that the painkiller drops that my mom got from the doctor got lost. Three hours was i running around the city (not many doctors or pharmacies work here on saturday) too get her the medications she se desperately needed, for the current medications were straining her body and a wrong type of meds would only hurt her even more. It went so far, i had too literally charge my way through too the parts of the hospital that were signed as urgent. There i found a kind doctor who heard me out and trusted me enough too prescribe some medications that would work.

Not minding the madness on the road and nearly having a crash two times (only nearly, puberty and cars dont mix - sadly peeps dont understan it oftenly), and getting the meds, i returned back too take care of my mother. Icing, carrying too the toilet, keeping check of her meds and temperature…it was a interesting day.

Two times i got into a really bad nervous strike, but whenever i had a moment i came too tumblr, too check on everything and just…i just saw something that made all the stress go away.

I saw you guys. I read each ask. I read what you wrote too me messages. I saw your drawings.

Now i know i cant possibly message each and everyone one of you. But i can say something else.

Guys, each one of you, is a hero of itself. For me you guys are. Milei, my love, the person of my heart, Keru, the awesome bro that always looks out for me, Thane, Azy, Neofox (i missed you so much monna mi !), all of you guys.

All of you. You are my heroes. And you were my heroes when i needed it the most. Thank you all. Today, on this day, each of you made an action that made one guy, who was depressed, sad and tired, happy enough too give it his all.

And i adore what you were able too do for me. Thank you all. But also dont forget too thank yourselves, for without you, this would have been a much darker day. Thank you guys, for creating my sun.

Bullying is not tolerated.

So if you know me, you know I hate callout posts but unfortunately I’m forced to make one today because there is someone who has a history of abuse and manipulation without remorse for it in the Reylo community. She uses group chats and this community to find people to manipulate and I don’t want anyone else to have to deal with this. This all happened over skype and while it feels bad to put out private messages like this she has acted on this actions before and bullied people.

@jigglypuffnipples​, Nipples, or Kara made an anti-reylo-bs chat which was a way for some of us to vent out frustrations about antis but it turned sour fast and for many people was very uncomfortable. She knows full well that I’m going to call her out on this.

Now she is continuing to lie and manipulate a friend, and other people close to her. (I’m sorry this is long but its A LOT of shit awful shit and I appecate anyone that reads over it). TW: for manipulation, suicide baiting, violence, bullying, ableism

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anonymous asked:

I can see you have a type...

If the type is The Most Knowledgeable And Smart In Their Group But Still A Complete Idiot then yes, definitely, I have a type lmao - seriously tho I dunno if this is specifically about DGM (Lavi and Wisely are pretty similar) or if it’s a general thing, but as far as Wisely goes you might not believe this but over half of the reason why he’s my fave is that he suffers from chronic migraines and I Hard Relate


Thank you!!! Super happy you liked them!!! <3<3

Anon said: You know, apparently in the raws of Chapter 144, Kirishima’s friend calls him “Ei-chan”, not just Ei

!!!!! thanks for the info! I was actually wondering which between the -kun and -chan they had used!!! 

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goodbyes & hellos

on ao3

im so so so late but hey this is for first day of prompt week for @thinkoutsidethelovesquare​!!!! day one: wrong number

this was a lot of fun tbh and ive been dying to write this ship. alyas texts are italicized, adriens are underlined on ao3, just bold here bc tumblrs a butt. shoutout to @reyxa​ for the title <3


Alya narrows her eyes at the new message that lights up her phone. It’s an unknown number that she doesn’t recognize — not that she’s given her number to anyone recently — and it’s also seven in the morning . Anyone how knows her at all should know that she doesn’t wake up before at least nine on the weekends. (And that has nothing to do with the fact that she doesn’t sleep during the week and tends to go to bed after two in the morning.)

She groans as another message shows up on the screen. She squints and lets the messages flow in, figuring she can tell the person they’ve got the wrong number after they’ve finished whatever they have to say. Or she can decide that it’s unimportant and ignore it and go back to sleep.

She likes her second plan the best.

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Pax West : Crankgameplays X Reader

Request : nope just started writing
Fandom : youtube / Crankgameplays X Reader
Gender : i wrote it at female but i can redo it as male or no gender if needed
Warnings : nope! not eve swearing! but a protective eth in part! and failed attempt at fluff

A/N : I decided to write a Ethan X Reader where they are at pax west because i have no requests so i came up with this, its not my best job ever. if you have any thing yo want me to write, tell me it in a ask so im busy over the weekends and when im up late. and sorry if anything is spelt wrong im writing this on a tablet so i will correct my spelling when i am able to get to my computer, i am currently camping so im away from my computer.

Summery : Ethan, the reader and the gang are at paw west, the reader does 2 panels and has a meet and greet to do


Me and and my boyfriend Ethan and our friends, mark, Tyler and jack, we all are going to pax west today! I cant wait! I have two panels im doing, Ethan and mine, and then the group one of Jack, Ethan, Mark, Tyler, Bob, Wade and me. somehow they have room for us all on one panel! we also are doing meet and greets, i have a booth with Ethan, Mark, Tyler and Jack are next to us, then on the other side of me and Ethan was Bob and Wade. My panel with just ethan is before the group panel then we have our meet and greets to do.

on my first panel someone asked “ what is your guys favorite game to play together?” “just me and (Y/N) probally whos your daddy or portal 2” Ethan told the adiunce, i agreed with a head nod. then someone asked “how did you guys meet and when did you start dating?” ethan looked at me so I could answer, “i have been friends with tyler and mark for a very long time, so I meet ethan when mark did, its not that interesting of a story, and we started dating a while before ethan moved to LA" I answered “ya i was the first to say i liked her, she said i like you too, so we started dating not to intresting” ethan added.

On the second panel mark was in the middle then jack then wade then bob on his right, then ethan then me then tyler on his left. we did a lot of improve games, it was so much fun! i also have loved doing panels, i loved seeing everyone, thats why i adore meet and greets. when it was question time we took turns asking te questions off the screens on the sides. “sleepover time again who do you cuddle?” tyler asked reading it off the screen. “im going with jack again” bob answered. “ya jack” wade answered next. “im going with either mark or (Y/N), both of their hair is fluffy again like a pillow” jack said, that earned a dirty look from ethan. “ya jack or (Y/N) is my answer” mark said looking at ethan, ethan gave them both dirty looks then turned to me and but his arm around my shoulder. “im obvisly pick (Y/N), shes my girlfriend!” ethan said looking back at the other boys. “this is hard i cant pick” i said, ethan turned his head towards me with his mouth hung open. “how is it hard?!” he asked surprised. “well because i like cudding with you” i replied jesturing at ethan, “but jack has that cute accent and mark has amazing hair” “i have amazing hair too!” “ok fine i pick eth” i was just joking the whole time, of course i would pick my eth! “im going with mark or (Y/N) on this one, i know them both best” tyler then said, he knew mark and i the best out of all of us, since he knew us both since school. bobs turn to ask the question. “who has the best fashion sense?” he read from the screen. everyone said me, i said jack, his outfits were always the best.

after our panel we went to our meet and greet tables, and sat down. so many people came! some poeple asked some questions we were happy to answer. we gave out autographs and took pictures with everyone. we meet some smaller youtubers so we put them in our vlog with their permission. it was so much fun! me and ethan had so much fun meeting everyone.

when a boy would look at me the whole Ethan would imedeantly put his arm around my waist to show i was his, the only boys he didnt care about looking at me is mark, tyler, bob, wade, and jack. Ethan is very protective of me, he always had a eye on me just incase something happened , and because he loved looking at me, he has said that everytime i cought him staring or looking at me. when he had the chance he would kiss me on my forehead, cheeks, or lips, sometimes i even got it on film, he would blush when he noticed i had my camrea rolling.

throught out the whole day i vlogged so it could go on my daily vlogging channel, i am known for my gaming/challenge channel, but i also did a daily vlog channel. ethan would get flustured when i would just pull out my camrea and start filmimg, some how he is not use to it yet, even tho we have been living together since december (A/N : i think thats when he moved out to LA). jack got excited when i vlogged, not sure why but he just did. wade and bob just looked at me weird. and tyler and mark would act normal. thats what i love about my friends, they always act like themselfs even when a camrea is on them, they dont act any diffrent.

today was amazing! i love going to conventions!


A/N : Sorry didnt know how to end this, i tried to add some fluff but failed :( plz dont forget to send requests i will be on tumblr till Monday non stop, so i have time to write. im trying to write more so i need ideas! if you liked this dont forget to like and follow so you can read more things i write! love you all bye!

what im weak for this week

remember when i used to apologize for being two weeks behind?

neither do i because it’s literally been months. as such, even tho there were TONS of amazing fics from august until now, i’m only going to be doing the ones since last week (Nov. 13 onwards), because otherwise i wouldn’t be able to cover everything ;A; i’ll try to keep this updated, though!!!

ps it long.

ps is there a myungjin drought wtf is going on my friends

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last update.... :(

hey so, i think im going to delete.

i know what youre thinking, “inactive for basically year and NOW he delete? what a lazy, selfish douche”

i have many reasons, but here is crux of it: im fucking tired guys. im really, really tired.

im just way too depressed and sick to continue making posts, content, or even tags. i can barely waking up in morning. i don’t even checking news on Syria anymore, im going mid july to find my MIA uncle and aunt anyways, so yeah i bet that’s going to turn out well.

also, im tired of negativity. i join “fandom side” of video games- more specifically, RVB- because i think it would being fun and supportive community where memes and creative ideas to thrive and to grow. that was 2012 tumblr, i was stuck in wrong year. now everyone is zealous vigilantee and harassing people and claiming that if anyone interpreting something different than them, they’re fucking criminals. discourse, stalking, callout, whatever fucking “doxxing” mean.

it reflect society today. people are so radicalized, they cannot standing to hear different view point than them- religion, politics, and apparently fandom now too? wtf, my only escape from that horseshit WAS fandom!! and now extremist assholes are everywhere. my home country, my “friends”, and my fucking stress relief?!?! its pathetic!!!

but in the end… what can you do? just roll with punches and move on, i guess

thank you so much to those who have supported me. it was great run. i had wonderful conversations with many lovely people, and i still wonder who those nice anons were. i remember every comment and tag, good and bad. my art and writing improving so much thank to positive reinforcement. i use to feel ok with sharing my ideas, even though my predictions or interpretations were deadass wrong most of in time. but they develop and improve like i did as human. i outgrow them… just like i now outgrow this…

believe me, THATS something i don’t saying lightly

basically, im not going to use my time and energy tainting my name with toxic community. im just not. im above that. i dont wanting to invest in something that i will now being burned for. im not even mad, just severely dissapointed. consider this blog permenately discontinued, same with others. i mighg start all over again or something, have to wait and see.

im going to tag people who were either kind to me, great people in general, wonderful artists, people i admire, people with great ideas/contributions, mutuals, chill blogs i follow, or people who have been following/interacting with my blog for so long it would be insulting to not give them regonition they deserve! most are combination of these. this is mostly as promo, even if they aren’t still active in fandom. they deserve better than this toxic bullshit too. i recommend them greatly, and if any of you are reading this, YOU MAKE THIS WORLD BETTER, OR AT LEAST FUCKING BEARABLE!! many others do as well, but here are people who directly making this blog’s time and experience worthwhile.

in no particular order…. (seriously, don’t reading too much into it :P)

@drag0n-qu33n @angrymintleaf @cockbiteproductions @dangern00dle @anon-ai @meleetrash @cloudsaysthings @greyofsunshine @mercmonster @mercuryblacksleg @sugar-p0p @ghostofawolf300 @freelancerkiwi @itsnotpinkitsbloodorange @wolffepack @spaguette @rhysies-puffs @theguywiththeyellowaccents @daftprodigy @the-agent-washingtub @charles-kun @selselsky @gunmetalblxck @cecexm @mad-king-jean @rottendentist @capicada @momfrienddonut @megneato @locus-desperatus @texelations @scribbleboxfoxart @volltron @randomdraggon @gaybeedle-archive @gh0st-fl0wer @neo-trickster @rose-raspberry @astronautachance @bloodmulch @happyanon-spreadlovenothate @jacy-pennys @wolfwarrior142 @hakanakiki @freshzombiewriter @so-try-left-rvb @redvioletdelights @abageal @mrjacobi @washingtoninasnowfort @agenttexsflippedshit @bigburnsides @crownedchosen @supercasey @agent-maine @local-cryptid @locusmclocusy @tealdragon @shinytoymercs @felixmcsucc @sophisticatedbrownie @the-greatest-merc @foxtrot-12 @gavinsdumbshittynosethtnonelikes @directium @cerealmonster15 @agender-washingtons @peteykins @timorous-amorous @the-meta @stellarreqs-roulette @multifandomfuck @cili-ai @wolfebain @puffballpatriot @themad-lizardking @agent0hio @agent-fried-chicken @spuddingtonbear @sinningpaladin @agentmainemeta @officialagentwashington @madmud2730 @redgraveconspiracy @powerfulpomegranate @ahsatan785 @iamilex @flawlix @captainmurdoc @companionwolf @nonegenderwithleftbeef @vlasdygoth @vollltron @forfucksakefelix

REST IN PEACE: luccicute diidatic cannibal-felix

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, @vividroute just for being my 69th follower (no i did not forget you, idk if youre even following me anymore but hey bonus points in my book)

thank you so much, i will missing you guys, but i cant doing this anymore. im sorry i couldnt having patience you do.

so why do i write this? why dont i just shut up and leave? why tag and drag these people to this post? good questions. i want you to know and understand from this experience: Karma exist. your contribution, work, kindness, EXISTENCE, ect. help me and even if you dont remembering, it impact me. i hope this doing same for you. im not going to force you believe Karma or any of that jazz. i just think that for what each of you have done, least i can doing is giving my thanks and/or explanations instead of being ingrate and abandoning everyone as i almost had, with poor rushed words. i am grateful for your presence on Earth, and i know im not only one who thinking so! ^^

now time to lay my weary ass blog to rest with one last rvb reference…


Emile out~

anonymous asked:

Bran is not "hands down the most hated character alive". You'd be surprised by the number of people who champion him even now. I don't think even the majority of the fandom hate Bran either. Just that those who do are very vocal about. The same ilk who care about cheap spectacle over substantive storytelling and think that the best "acting" involves a character emoting all over the place. Despite what Benioff and Weiss have done, Bran's haters are attacking him for the wrong reasons. (cont).

(cont 2). Bran’s haters or detractors are the same people who go off on him because Isaac Hempstead Wright had the temerity to go through puberty. I’ve actually read from people saying that they considered Isaac’s performance being weak because - wait for it - he no longer looks like a ten year old. This sort of rationale behind their dislike should tell you need to know about their mentality. Bran could be taking control of both Winterfell and the dragons, and his haters would still hate him!

i dont mean to be debbie downer here but i think youre underestimating how mad people are at bran for being a big meanie to poor little sansa, and those who dont care about sansa are mad that it was bran and not arya, and those who dont care about either just think bran is creepy and a loser. It seems overwhelmingly that most people hate bran now. I’ve seen very few people championing bran beyond confusedly trying to make sense out of why the show just took a rusty blade and brutally assassinated his character worse than anything I’ve personally ever seen on a tv show before. and of course the first thing i stumbled upon when opening tumblr for the first time today was a lovely spoiler about bran making meera cry before she leaves, so you know, just twist that knife even more and make sure everyone knows bran is the biggest piece of worthless shit ever. Thank you d&d, for the millionth time, we fucking get it, you hate bran. 

(and maybe even isaac? thats a different rant but they totally threw him under the bus and left him to take 100% of the blame for doing EXACTLY WHAT THEY ASKED and then couldnt even deign to spare a second in the After the Episode explaining what they fuck they just did.)

Granted i’ve stopped checking as much, but the reason i dont think anyone that wasnt championing bran before isnt championing him now either is because, what is there left to champion in the first place? He’s literally not even a character anymore. There is NOTHING left to root for. a lot of people just want for their favorite characters to simply be HAPPY by the end of the story, but if your favorite character is/was bran well..  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ink’s Fic Suggestions

Hi! I’ve been meaning to compile fics that I really like, and so I decided to make a post so everyone can see more good fics! I’m gonna also note if they are completed or not, what ship (im p sure theyre all usuk but like ill also say if they’re 2p or not), and I will give their summary. But first, I’m gonna list authors who you should just check out all of their stuff bc they write so many that I love and reread constantly.

I will update the list if i think of more/find new fics or authors. also, if i got any of the links wrong (or they dont work), or i mixed up the author of a fic, please tell me!!

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anonymous asked:

Wait do you think you need dysphoria to be trans?

Being trans is wanting to actively change your gender. It’s not “ oh I kinda feel like a boy today lol”. ITS PEOPLE WHO FUCKING HATE THEIR BODIES OR ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THE GENDER THEY WERE BORN WITH AND ARE SUFFERING EVERYDAY TO DEAL WITH.



I know I’m getting overly emotional in this post. Because fuck it. It pisses me off. These god damn people want to feel quirky and the worst part is some of them don’t even know they are doing it. They have a deluded sense that they really are trans when in reality they aren’t. But because tumblr keeps telling them it’s okay they rely on that. Those people are probably suffering from something. Maybe they are lonely and tumblr is their only escape, maybe they have a real mental illness and don’t fully comprehend what it means to be trans. But there are people who are just doing it to be different. It’s disrespectful to real trans people who are suffering. It’s disrespectful to trans people who have died for being trans. And it’s disrespectful to everyone who has fought for the rights of trans people.

I don’t want trans people to be any more devalued. People who claim to be trans without dysphoria are only putting trans people back.

Because if you don’t have dysphoria what is trans really to you?

It’s been a long time, w/o u my quotes

+i am not your friend
+i am not a furry

‘‘My Mac Daddy Skills are Super Limp’’

‘‘i was just listening to the spice girls and i have to come back to this’’

+i can’t find my titty holder
-Why do i use my time for this

-Guess what
+youre gay?
-yes but
-*whispers in your ear * hexaflexagons

-10/10 date ideas
+If when we met u don’t drag me to a date like that I’ll asume u don’t love me
-*crosses the border into spain * come on babe its time to count down those calories and burn that thigh fat
-ok but when you think about the name ‘‘burn your fat with me’’ could mean 2 totally different things like this could be some innocent workout where youre just getting fit or whatever the fuck but this could just as easily be a ‘lets slice off your leg fat and burn it in a sacrifice to satan bc with the power of love anything is possible. and they say romance is dead’ type thing

+i need all the attention
-bitch accept my love
+i,, eve?
+are you okay
+you just said i love you
-b i t c h accept it

‘‘i have multiple friends i refer to as mom in my contacts and then my actual mom and before i was smart and changed the names i nearlt sent a joke to my actual mom about how i wanted to eat her pussy’’

-Shit they saw the window sex aBORT
-Ripperoni them two
+Dicks? In my window??
-Its more likely than you think

‘‘he gay
the french ones are always gay’’

‘‘I just spammed my mom with middle fingers hi’’

-I’m gonna crawl under a rock and die
-See y’all in hell I guess
+No don’t die
-Too late
-I’m dead inside

-Keiths hard
+hel p i think i saw a blood slurper?
~Keith’s hard
-you ass
+mosquito ::::::::((((

-‘‘Aritmetic love series’’ the only sadism here is the math
+I knew the hexaflexagons had something to do with all of this
-Math is art
~Math is pain
+Life is pain
-Art is pain
~Art is math
#My hair is a mess
~Life is a mess

‘‘Grandma: ‘‘do you want to die, huh?’’
Me internally: yes absolutely I creve death’’

-Tf did I come back to
~we just yelled out the sexual tension
-This is underage I’m gonna go
~i called novi a syrup licking cunt
~and he said he would ‘‘tuck my ass in’’ and then we screamed about how we tought the other was pretty

‘‘I am ready to fight a god.’’

‘‘Texas time I’m coming over to hug you
Don’t question how
Just believe in the yeehaw powers’’

-what rhymes with angel
-wait no
-my name is langel
-it rhymes with
-i like to lick
-what am i doing with my life


-Kiku stop being so fucking edgy jfc
+I’m so edgy I can cut myself on me
-Oh my god

‘‘*gets fucked real hard up the ass * how much sp did you get just then’’

-Rub salt into my wounds like youre up in the Alaskan wilderness, harvesting meat so you can survive the unforgiving winters and manage not to starve. Pound me and grind me untill Im all fine and then wrap me up in plastic before shoving me in a shed for 4 months and slowly eating my remains until Im non existent
+God damnit, you’re turning me on

-Why is your German boyfriend unaware of the existence of trees
+I don’t know
+maybe it’s a German thing?? Maybe they don’t have trees there,,,

-Young love
-I remember when I was young
+I’m a year older than u
-did i fucking stutter

-I’ll just summon a demon on another day uwu
+Eve you are a demon
~Eve is a good demon
-I need to summon an army, baba
-I’ll become the dictator of a country of demons

‘‘Why must you yeehaw’’

‘‘yeehaws from europe’’

-yeehaws from south europe
+yeehaws from north-central europe
~stop yeehaws they’re not even a thing here
-Yeehaws are an European thing now guys
+yeehaws in polish
~No they’re not
+yeehaws in eUrOpeaN
+yes they are

‘‘Also mother asked me if I’m looking for my dream priencess on the beach and yes mom thank you I am gay’’

-I need to go to Walmart today
+Get some wasabi peas 4 me
~Ger some edgy candles for me
+Oo ye

-ya like jazz?
+i ducking love jazz
-That’s rude to ducks
+youre rude to ducks
-Duck you
+id duck you so hard, eve
~God my legs hu- What did i come back to
+oh hi novi why are you awake?
+: )

-if i stay up 2 days with no sleep and then write something 
-how bad can i get
-im already fucking terrible with 1 day of no sleep
-could be interesting
+Ryan you’re gonna stunt your growth
-ive already accepted the fact that im never gonna grow to be a redwood tree

‘‘Been here for 2 seconds and I’ve already destroyed a relationship’’

-Why is post apocalypse Mr. Krabs into bdsm
+why wouldn’t he
~The world is burning,,,,,,,,,,, lets masturbate
-Novi what the actual fuvc
+and they say romance is dead
-It is and you two killed it
+wym we are the most romantic of the romantics sweet and innocent angels
+who did nothing wrong
+get over here you spanish bitch
~I’m already here you American asshole
+we’re proving how romantic we are now shove it up your asshole
~Right after u

+Are you okay
-sorry i turned on a hannah montana playlist and nobodys perfect came on
-this was my shIT

-now baba is really gonna go to jail
-good job novi you idiothole
+shut up Ryan u stupid ass
-you like my stupid ass though
-i just dont like your idiothole
+which one of them
-idk novi why dont you pick you seem to have many holes on your body
+Honestly why are we like this 
-have you decided which hole is your idiothole yet or are you still trying to count them all to make a decent decision
+Ryan is2g
~lowkey laughing because wtf the fuck guys
+Same tbh
-im just sAYING
-novi your name is literally ryan fucker
+I’m not cheating on u w/ another ryan
-theres a spanish ryan i fucking know it
-gonna kill that bitch
+Nah but my psicologist is called Randall
-what an english you did there
+Fuck me up y
-which hole is your y
-im crying o love annoying you
+Well fucc u then
-which hole
+I’m leaving
~I don’t know whether to cry or laugh at your interactions

-yo evvu
+eve my meme bro
-If eve is ur meme bro
-Then what am I
-my bro bro
-meme pardner
~pard n er
-Idk how to feel about this

‘‘idk about you but one of my favorite games when i was 7 was “throw rocks from my driveway at passing cars bc i was raised to be an asshole from birth"’’

‘‘Guys I have resting murder face
I was just chilling looking at my phone and my sister was like ‘‘why do you look like you want to stab someone’’ but ITS JUST MY FACE’’

‘‘Ryan, raised to be a quotable asshole’’

-i am a pure and innocent angel that did nothing wrong
-i was not browsing furries while talking to novi shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
-you have no evidence of this
-: )
-i was curious so i searched for snep on tumblr and of course furries came up?
-so i had to look for scientific reasons only
-it was a check for quality
-nothing else
~Why am I not even surprised

-Why must you do this every time I leave
+,,,,,,, memes

‘‘ok hey the space ponies werent my fault’’

‘‘Everyday I descend more into insanity’’


‘‘i mean ive brought it from ‘i love you’ to ‘hey so like do you ever just wanna scream dick at the top of your lungs in public’’’

-I’m gay
+Hi gay
+I’m Baba
~I’m cant

‘‘,,,,,,i licked it is it enough’’

‘‘mother just asked me if i like jazz and i died’’

‘‘quote me up (quote me up inside)’’

Bonus: I asked for last words and they gave me this

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