i dont know what is wrong with tumblr and me today

We hit 10k!!

Ok story time.

I was having a bad day today, needless to say I felt like everything was going wrong and I got incredibly upset earlier on. But when I was on the bus, I opened up tumblr and noticed that this blog hit 10,000 followers.

Instantly, I turned to my boyfriend and said “MY BLOG HIT 10,000!!” and I legit felt tears in my eyes and he was really proud.

It felt like my day had turned around and instantly smiled for the first time since I woke up. That is how much you guys mean to me.

Literally ok, I can’t thank you enough for such an insane amount of people who consider me worthy enough to follow. I still don’t know HOW to thank you all.

You are all incredible, welcoming, warm people and it’s a genuine honour to be a part of such an amazing community, you’ve given me strength on my dark days, you have helped inspire me to create again, you have given me some of the hardest laughs i’ve ever had in my life and that is something I could never repay you.

Overall, TL/DR, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you all <3!!!