i dont know what is wrong with tumblr and me today

Happy Chanbaek Day!

since today is chanbaek day i decided to share some of my favorite chanbaek moments..


skinship… chanbaek is known for not having much skinship… but once they have it.. it renders us all speechless …

see what i’m talking about?

another thing that i love about chanbaek is how they share their love on instagram.. baek’s update for yeol’s b-day and yeol’s updates for baek’s b-day say it all…

A kiss! Yes byun baekhyun is so fucking obvious that  he posted a pic of his lips kissing!

Chanyeol, however, tried to be less obvious taking a photo with a thirdwheel and saying that he wants bbh to celebrate his bday with him as well 

But.. that was after posting a vid of him wishing bbh’s standee -that he took from that nature republic event or whatever- a happy b-day.. if this ain’t love idk what is

Something else i love about chanyeol is how he seems to be baek’s knight in a shining armor.. always taking care of him 

Here you can see that he stopped clapping just to make sure baekhyun lands safely even tho kai -im not sure if he was kai plz correct me if i was wrong- was clapping ..

And since i love caring!yeol so much here is another one

So it was chanyeol’s off-day and and instead of resting or having fun he drove baek to his schedule place like the perfect bf he is .. this is really cute T^T

Enough talking about chanyeol now..lets talk about baekhyu…and how he wants to be with his cute bf all the time

Chanyeol was in the show roommate and i guess baekhyun missed him a lot thst he went to see him.. they look so awkward i feel like cy wanted to do more than hold bbh hand but then he realized that they are not alone and people will be seeing this so..

also cy being the caring bf he is asked baek how did he come and baek said by bus and tgfklgjfgf

And since we are talking about baek.. dont you find it a little bit  weird how he goes and bites someone’s ass.. unzips someone’s pants.. being touchy touchy with all members and all… but when it comes to cy he becomes so awkward and flushes and stuff?

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And the list goes on..~~

Another caring!yeol cuz why not

Massaging baek’s leg so tenderly i can’t really T.T

And i must say that i love jealous!baek just as much as i love caring!yeol

Soo cute T.T

You know whats cute too? Cb in v app

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But the cutest  thing ever is cb datttees

chanbaek feeding each other is cute too

and finally,, chanbaek just being chanbaek,

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soooo that’s basically it.. totally unorganized and stuff -cuz i’ve been using tumblr for 2 years and i still can’t figure out how does it really work- and yeah… happy cb day…

non of the pics/gifs are mine cuz i’m a stupid ass of shit that can’t make gifs

anonymous asked:

What's the difference between hoodoo, voodoo, and rootwork? I'm kind of a beginner witch and am researching all I can about the different kinds of witchcraft, even the ones I don't practice. But all three get lumped together in everything I read. Are they interchangeable? What even is the correct spelling of "voodoo"? And can you recommend some good places to start researching. The last thing I want is to disrespect anybody!

From an answered ask:

They’re related, but not the same thing. Hoodoo is just an umbrella term for a bunch of other practices that originated in the Western part of Africa. It’s considered just folk magic, not a religion. Southerns of the US practice this, especially Christians.

Voodoo has 2 branches: Louisiana Voodoo, and Haitian Voodoo [Should have been spelled Vodou. You’ll see why later]. It is considered a religion. The only difference really between the 2 is the ritual order (Louisiana Voodoo doesn’t have much of it.) Voodoo is a combination of religion and folk magic (and if you know anything about the history of Voodoo and where is came from, you should know why that is).

Rootwork is just that. Working with roots and flora. Of course, in the past, you used the local plants in your area and today, its much easier to get roots from other places in the world.  

Rootwork and hoodoo are actually interchangeable. Of course, with these definitions they don’t look like it. But if you were to use both words interchangeably to a hoodoo practitioner they most likely wouldn’t bat an eye. And to be a little bit more specific, you use rootwork in hoodoo as it is one of the practices used in hoodoo.

You can also use rootwork in voodoo, but rootwork does not equal voodoo. And hoodoo does not equal voodoo. So~

  • Hoodoo = Rootwork
  • Hoodoo  ≠ Voodoo
  • Rootwork  ≠ Voodoo

Spelling is actually important to know. I think it doesn’t get talk about a lot in the community except for a random tumblr post or blog post floating about saying how that person hates it when people always spell it one way and dont know the other ways. And why theyre used.

(Correct me if I’m wrong anyone) ‘Voodoo’ is not only the mainstream version of the spelling but usually refers to Southern Voodoo or Louisiana Voodoo. ‘Voodoo’ is actually seen as derogatory and wrong to some in Haiti which brings me to the other way spelling it. ‘Vodou’ (or ‘Vodoun’, ‘Vodun’, ‘Vodu’ and sometimes ‘Vudu’) usually refers to Haitian Vodou. You’re going to see the different spellings used all the time. But know that when Someone is saying ‘Vodou’ they are mostly talking about Haitian Vodou and when people say ‘voodoo’ theyre either lumping all voodoo together or theyre talking about American Voodoo. And, all Voodoo came from Coastal West Africa (From Nigera to Ghana).

Also, when it comes to researching, you’re not going to get much when it comes to Voodoo since information is passed by word of mouth. Hoodoo on the other hand is everywhere on the internet. A quick google search and a quick YT search will get you so much. 

Quick note though, If you see anything related to LuckyMojo, take it with a grain of salt. The owner of the website is a bully, and pretty much infiltrated and made money from a community that was never hers.

loving girls doesnt feel wrong
it feels as natural as the breeze that carries her laughter
i see her eyes light up from across the room
i dont know why they did that, but i want to

i hear her talk about her art,
i wonder what inspires her
does she know that she inspires me?

she has a little bit of a lisp
i think its really cute
i hope noone has ever made her feel like its not

what does she think of me?
how could i talk to her, when i have so much riding on this
when i would only have one shot
when i dont know how to begin

i wonder what she thinks about
or if she stays up late at night, wondering if anybody out there thinks of her
i wonder what she would do if she knew i was

—  she leaves wednesday
Bullying is not tolerated.

So if you know me, you know I hate callout posts but unfortunately I’m forced to make one today because there is someone who has a history of abuse and manipulation without remorse for it in the Reylo community. She uses group chats and this community to find people to manipulate and I don’t want anyone else to have to deal with this. This all happened over skype and while it feels bad to put out private messages like this she has acted on this actions before and bullied people.

@jigglypuffnipples​, Nipples, or Kara made an anti-reylo-bs chat which was a way for some of us to vent out frustrations about antis but it turned sour fast and for many people was very uncomfortable. She knows full well that I’m going to call her out on this.

Now she is continuing to lie and manipulate a friend, and other people close to her. (I’m sorry this is long but its A LOT of shit awful shit and I appecate anyone that reads over it). TW: for manipulation, suicide baiting, violence, bullying, ableism

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goodbyes & hellos

on ao3

im so so so late but hey this is for first day of prompt week for @thinkoutsidethelovesquare​!!!! day one: wrong number

this was a lot of fun tbh and ive been dying to write this ship. alyas texts are italicized, adriens are underlined on ao3, just bold here bc tumblrs a butt. shoutout to @reyxa​ for the title <3


Alya narrows her eyes at the new message that lights up her phone. It’s an unknown number that she doesn’t recognize — not that she’s given her number to anyone recently — and it’s also seven in the morning . Anyone how knows her at all should know that she doesn’t wake up before at least nine on the weekends. (And that has nothing to do with the fact that she doesn’t sleep during the week and tends to go to bed after two in the morning.)

She groans as another message shows up on the screen. She squints and lets the messages flow in, figuring she can tell the person they’ve got the wrong number after they’ve finished whatever they have to say. Or she can decide that it’s unimportant and ignore it and go back to sleep.

She likes her second plan the best.

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Pax West : Crankgameplays X Reader

Request : nope just started writing
Fandom : youtube / Crankgameplays X Reader
Gender : i wrote it at female but i can redo it as male or no gender if needed
Warnings : nope! not eve swearing! but a protective eth in part! and failed attempt at fluff

A/N : I decided to write a Ethan X Reader where they are at pax west because i have no requests so i came up with this, its not my best job ever. if you have any thing yo want me to write, tell me it in a ask so im busy over the weekends and when im up late. and sorry if anything is spelt wrong im writing this on a tablet so i will correct my spelling when i am able to get to my computer, i am currently camping so im away from my computer.

Summery : Ethan, the reader and the gang are at paw west, the reader does 2 panels and has a meet and greet to do


Me and and my boyfriend Ethan and our friends, mark, Tyler and jack, we all are going to pax west today! I cant wait! I have two panels im doing, Ethan and mine, and then the group one of Jack, Ethan, Mark, Tyler, Bob, Wade and me. somehow they have room for us all on one panel! we also are doing meet and greets, i have a booth with Ethan, Mark, Tyler and Jack are next to us, then on the other side of me and Ethan was Bob and Wade. My panel with just ethan is before the group panel then we have our meet and greets to do.

on my first panel someone asked “ what is your guys favorite game to play together?” “just me and (Y/N) probally whos your daddy or portal 2” Ethan told the adiunce, i agreed with a head nod. then someone asked “how did you guys meet and when did you start dating?” ethan looked at me so I could answer, “i have been friends with tyler and mark for a very long time, so I meet ethan when mark did, its not that interesting of a story, and we started dating a while before ethan moved to LA" I answered “ya i was the first to say i liked her, she said i like you too, so we started dating not to intresting” ethan added.

On the second panel mark was in the middle then jack then wade then bob on his right, then ethan then me then tyler on his left. we did a lot of improve games, it was so much fun! i also have loved doing panels, i loved seeing everyone, thats why i adore meet and greets. when it was question time we took turns asking te questions off the screens on the sides. “sleepover time again who do you cuddle?” tyler asked reading it off the screen. “im going with jack again” bob answered. “ya jack” wade answered next. “im going with either mark or (Y/N), both of their hair is fluffy again like a pillow” jack said, that earned a dirty look from ethan. “ya jack or (Y/N) is my answer” mark said looking at ethan, ethan gave them both dirty looks then turned to me and but his arm around my shoulder. “im obvisly pick (Y/N), shes my girlfriend!” ethan said looking back at the other boys. “this is hard i cant pick” i said, ethan turned his head towards me with his mouth hung open. “how is it hard?!” he asked surprised. “well because i like cudding with you” i replied jesturing at ethan, “but jack has that cute accent and mark has amazing hair” “i have amazing hair too!” “ok fine i pick eth” i was just joking the whole time, of course i would pick my eth! “im going with mark or (Y/N) on this one, i know them both best” tyler then said, he knew mark and i the best out of all of us, since he knew us both since school. bobs turn to ask the question. “who has the best fashion sense?” he read from the screen. everyone said me, i said jack, his outfits were always the best.

after our panel we went to our meet and greet tables, and sat down. so many people came! some poeple asked some questions we were happy to answer. we gave out autographs and took pictures with everyone. we meet some smaller youtubers so we put them in our vlog with their permission. it was so much fun! me and ethan had so much fun meeting everyone.

when a boy would look at me the whole Ethan would imedeantly put his arm around my waist to show i was his, the only boys he didnt care about looking at me is mark, tyler, bob, wade, and jack. Ethan is very protective of me, he always had a eye on me just incase something happened , and because he loved looking at me, he has said that everytime i cought him staring or looking at me. when he had the chance he would kiss me on my forehead, cheeks, or lips, sometimes i even got it on film, he would blush when he noticed i had my camrea rolling.

throught out the whole day i vlogged so it could go on my daily vlogging channel, i am known for my gaming/challenge channel, but i also did a daily vlog channel. ethan would get flustured when i would just pull out my camrea and start filmimg, some how he is not use to it yet, even tho we have been living together since december (A/N : i think thats when he moved out to LA). jack got excited when i vlogged, not sure why but he just did. wade and bob just looked at me weird. and tyler and mark would act normal. thats what i love about my friends, they always act like themselfs even when a camrea is on them, they dont act any diffrent.

today was amazing! i love going to conventions!


A/N : Sorry didnt know how to end this, i tried to add some fluff but failed :( plz dont forget to send requests i will be on tumblr till Monday non stop, so i have time to write. im trying to write more so i need ideas! if you liked this dont forget to like and follow so you can read more things i write! love you all bye!

last update.... :(

hey so, i think im going to delete.

i know what youre thinking, “inactive for basically year and NOW he delete? what a lazy, selfish douche”

i have many reasons, but here is crux of it: im fucking tired guys. im really, really tired.

im just way too depressed and sick to continue making posts, content, or even tags. i can barely waking up in morning. i don’t even checking news on Syria anymore, im going mid july to find my MIA uncle and aunt anyways, so yeah i bet that’s going to turn out well.

also, im tired of negativity. i join “fandom side” of video games- more specifically, RVB- because i think it would being fun and supportive community where memes and creative ideas to thrive and to grow. that was 2012 tumblr, i was stuck in wrong year. now everyone is zealous vigilantee and harassing people and claiming that if anyone interpreting something different than them, they’re fucking criminals. discourse, stalking, callout, whatever fucking “doxxing” mean.

it reflect society today. people are so radicalized, they cannot standing to hear different view point than them- religion, politics, and apparently fandom now too? wtf, my only escape from that horseshit WAS fandom!! and now extremist assholes are everywhere. my home country, my “friends”, and my fucking stress relief?!?! its pathetic!!!

but in the end… what can you do? just roll with punches and move on, i guess

thank you so much to those who have supported me. it was great run. i had wonderful conversations with many lovely people, and i still wonder who those nice anons were. i remember every comment and tag, good and bad. my art and writing improving so much thank to positive reinforcement. i use to feel ok with sharing my ideas, even though my predictions or interpretations were deadass wrong most of in time. but they develop and improve like i did as human. i outgrow them… just like i now outgrow this…

believe me, THATS something i don’t saying lightly

basically, im not going to use my time and energy tainting my name with toxic community. im just not. im above that. i dont wanting to invest in something that i will now being burned for. im not even mad, just severely dissapointed. consider this blog permenately discontinued, same with others. i mighg start all over again or something, have to wait and see.

im going to tag people who were either kind to me, great people in general, wonderful artists, people i admire, people with great ideas/contributions, mutuals, chill blogs i follow, or people who have been following/interacting with my blog for so long it would be insulting to not give them regonition they deserve! most are combination of these. this is mostly as promo, even if they aren’t still active in fandom. they deserve better than this toxic bullshit too. i recommend them greatly, and if any of you are reading this, YOU MAKE THIS WORLD BETTER, OR AT LEAST FUCKING BEARABLE!! many others do as well, but here are people who directly making this blog’s time and experience worthwhile.

in no particular order…. (seriously, don’t reading too much into it :P)

@drag0n-qu33n @angrymintleaf @cockbiteproductions @dangern00dle @anon-ai @meleetrash @cloudsaysthings @greyofsunshine @mercmonster @mercuryblacksleg @sugar-p0p @ghostofawolf300 @freelancerkiwi @itsnotpinkitsbloodorange @wolffepack @spaguette @rhysies-puffs @theguywiththeyellowaccents @daftprodigy @the-agent-washingtub @charles-kun @selselsky @gunmetalblxck @cecexm @mad-king-jean @rottendentist @capicada @momfrienddonut @megneato @locus-desperatus @texelations @scribbleboxfoxart @volltron @randomdraggon @gaybeedle-archive @gh0st-fl0wer @neo-trickster @rose-raspberry @astronautachance @bloodmulch @happyanon-spreadlovenothate @jacy-pennys @wolfwarrior142 @hakanakiki @freshzombiewriter @so-try-left-rvb @redvioletdelights @abageal @mrjacobi @washingtoninasnowfort @agenttexsflippedshit @bigburnsides @crownedchosen @supercasey @agent-maine @local-cryptid @locusmclocusy @tealdragon @shinytoymercs @felixmcsucc @sophisticatedbrownie @the-greatest-merc @foxtrot-12 @gavinsdumbshittynosethtnonelikes @directium @cerealmonster15 @agender-washingtons @peteykins @timorous-amorous @the-meta @stellarreqs-roulette @multifandomfuck @cili-ai @wolfebain @puffballpatriot @themad-lizardking @agent0hio @agent-fried-chicken @spuddingtonbear @sinningpaladin @agentmainemeta @officialagentwashington @madmud2730 @redgraveconspiracy @powerfulpomegranate @ahsatan785 @iamilex @flawlix @captainmurdoc @companionwolf @nonegenderwithleftbeef @vlasdygoth @vollltron @forfucksakefelix

REST IN PEACE: luccicute diidatic cannibal-felix

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, @vividroute just for being my 69th follower (no i did not forget you, idk if youre even following me anymore but hey bonus points in my book)

thank you so much, i will missing you guys, but i cant doing this anymore. im sorry i couldnt having patience you do.

so why do i write this? why dont i just shut up and leave? why tag and drag these people to this post? good questions. i want you to know and understand from this experience: Karma exist. your contribution, work, kindness, EXISTENCE, ect. help me and even if you dont remembering, it impact me. i hope this doing same for you. im not going to force you believe Karma or any of that jazz. i just think that for what each of you have done, least i can doing is giving my thanks and/or explanations instead of being ingrate and abandoning everyone as i almost had, with poor rushed words. i am grateful for your presence on Earth, and i know im not only one who thinking so! ^^

now time to lay my weary ass blog to rest with one last rvb reference…


Emile out~

Spotlight Shining

Nonnie prompted famous Klaine, where Blaine’s a singer/songwriter and Kurt’s a fashion designer. Their fans always freak out when they’re seen together.
Note: I tweaked it a little. Their relationship is kept as a secret first because speculating fans are the most fun to write. Song used is All About Us by He is We. AO3
Warning: Fangirls swear here, much like we do on tumblr, but just a tiny bit.

Kurt stood in front of the mirror in his room, putting on the finishing touches on his outfit. Being the owner and fashion designer of Hummel’s Designs meant that everywhere he went, paparazzi would be snapping pictures of him and he had a reputation to uphold. He checked himself over, gave himself a spin and nodded to himself, unlocking his phone to see a text from Blaine.

Hey there, sweetie. Headed to hair and makeup now and as usual I reserved a seat for you in the front row. Can’t wait to see you! xoxo, B

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proper poise

on ao3

i was stressed last night and started thinking about phichit (because honestly….what a guy) and realized he is the most theatery theater nerd to ever theater nerd. and i think we should embrace that. so i slammed it into a fic with some victuuri cuddles and called it a night around 2 am

the title is a pretty random line from popular from wicked because….it sounds nice? alliteration is cool.

this is my first yoi fic and i dont trust anything i write after midnight so it might not be my best, but i hope you enjoy nonetheless~


Yuuri groans as the familiar ringtone wakes him from a dream that was probably really nice, but is already slipping away. Goddammit, Phichit. Today is supposed to be a rest day, which is supposed to mean sleeping in.

“Wha’s that?” Victor mumbles into his pillow as Yuuri fumbles with the phone charger.

I know about popular!

“Phichit,” Yuuri grumbles. Not that he doesn’t love waking up to Kristin Chenoweth’s voice, but he really needs to find a new ringtone. Or just make Phichit’s the default one again. He answers before the song can go on for any longer. “Mhmm?”

Hey, Yuuri! ” Phichit practically sings. “ How are you?

Yuuri sighs and sits up, running his hand over his bedhead. “I’m tired. Is something wrong?”

Am I not allowed to want to hear my best friend’s voice for no reason? ” Yuuri can practically hear the pout in Phichit’s voice.

“No. No you’re not. Not when I’m sleeping.”

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houseofwessex  asked:

i just found your blog and i am seriously inspired! i was motivated by studyspo last term and aced my finals (high school finals?) but now second semester has begun and im always drained, unmotivated, exam week is next week and i dont even know what we do in class, ive forgotten everything we did last semester and i. am. panicking! how do i get refocused? thank you! :)

First try this exercise:

  • Identify the most important thing you need to do today
  • Vow to do 1 minute of this task. Just one minute.
  • Get rid of any distractions. Unplug and go to a quiet place. Make it so that it is just you and your task.
  • Now focus on starting the task. Not even finishing the whole task, just starting it. Visualize it. Actually see yourself doing it.
  • Be mindful of any urges you have to do something else, whether it be scrolling tumblr or hanging out with your friends. Just notice them.
  • Now let them pass. You will attempt to rationalize why you need to do these other things. Let those thoughts pass, too.
  • Whatever task it is you’re setting to accomplish, just do the absolutely simplest task to start. Pick up your pen. Start Microsoft Word. Get out your notes. Open your textbook. 
  • Just get started. The rest will fall into place.

Keep this in mind when you set yourself up to do your work. Practice this each and every time so getting things done becomes a habit. You may be wondering why I’m giving you procrastination tips when you didn’t ask for them. Well, it’s very likely that you don’t remember what you did last semester because you practiced mast study. That is, instead of studying gradually every day you likely studied just when test days would come around. (Send me another ask if I’m wrong, though.) If this is the case, you need to at least recognize that this is the problem. That’s the first step to fixing anything, realizing what you’re doing wrong.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, I have some suggestions on how to get back on track, as well as what to do in the future to prevent this from happening again.

First, get out your planner. Note on a piece of paper when you typically have free time each week, as well as free time allotted on weekends and breaks for the rest of the semester. Realistically speaking, you know you’re not going to be studying during literally every hour of the time you have free, so figure out roughly how much time you will use to fix this.

Now that you know when you’re free to work on this, it’s time to figure out the “what”. Go through your textbook chapters. Skim them. Then do a few practice problems from each. Figure out what chapters you know you really need to work on the most and least—rank them all. If you have extra time later, you can go back over the ones you know a bit better. At this point, I would dedicate one day a weekend (not necessarily the entire day) to work on reviewing and understanding those ranked chapters. You don’t have to spend only one day or weekend on a specific chapter and you can do this during breaks, as well.

Of course, you will still be learning new material simultaneously, so make sure you’re dedicating plenty of time to that, too. Perhaps work gradually on the current stuff during the week, then on the weekends spend a day or so working on review, then do some summarizing of the current stuff. Just to keep on track.

As to the “how” exactly you will review this material, it depends on the class and how much time you have. But I would recommend taking notes on chapters to start. If you have time, do practice problems and use the “blank sheet method”. Make study sheets from your notes focused on specific concepts. I really think those will be of most help to you. You can show them to your professor either to get more clarification or ask if any corrections need to be made. Heck, ask your professor if s/he has any advice on what you should do in this situation.

Good luck.

P.S.: Be sure to keep yourself healthy, as well. That will help you immensely in terms of feeling more energized and motivated.

Guys lets think about how hard Ashton’s hardships could possibly be, cmon he has to travel the world when many low income families/people dont have the privilege/luxury to do so, gets paid to sing around the world and not work in an office for 12 hours to make ends meet, have fans who love and support them financially and morally to buy thier albums that pays them to do what they love. Yeah we don’t know the boys personally but we know how they present themselves. Ashton needs to stop being problematic and appreciate what he has instead of acting like some jerk because he “had a bad day” which I might add doesn’t make it justified for him to act that way. Many people have bad days, the possibility that someone couldve gotten laid off today who has a family to support needs to tell his or her wife/husband that they lost thier job and he complains that he does enough for his fans? That he “sings and travels for them?” So Ashton feels like he is doing us all a favor by singing in front of people and take fucking pictures for fans who they feel ashton is thier idol & look up to him and especially pay him for what he does? THATS HIS JOB… THATS WHAT HE IS SUPPOSE TO DO. Like Ashton didn’t have to be a douche and say that we don’t know him, (even though its true) many fans feel like they do and dedicate their life to supporting him and he just acts like an ass and gets defensive over it? This is the 2nd time he has pissed me off. The other time was when he said (I could be wrong) “that girls (maybe he said an age around 14??) don’t like him for his drumming and just like him for his looks.” Dont be accusing girls of what they specifically like about you. Many fans love Ashton for his drumming. (As I myself can account for that) and he just stereotypes these young girls. Like dont put words or actions into these girls who may actually like you for your drumming.. because you are in a band???? Plus (idk if it was just ashton or all the boys) when they said they want to capture guys attention to like thier music and not be seen as a boy band. Sorry to break the news but you are a boy band… you justify that you arent because you sing pop punk but you were boys at the time you created the band, so it makes you a boy band. The word Boy band isnt justified by what TYPE of music you play. Actual definition of Boy Band by the oxford dictionary: “A pop group composed of attractive young men whose music and image are designed to appeal primarily to a young teenage audience.” And besides why is it bad that you have a girl fan base? Why don’t you want to be considered a boy band? 90% of your fan base is made up of girls & women. Girls help you succeed in the charts, help you sell out arenas, buy your merch, and so much more and yet you still want to focus on wanting to have a wider range of a male audience? Just so you won’t look like a certain way to society? Shouldn’t your girl fan base be enough? So yeah this is my rant and i just needed to get it off my chest. I love 5sos and all that they are but these few instances have bothered me for a while. (picture credit: to whoever posted their opinion on tumblr)

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anonymous asked:

JaxBlade you are a very active person and seem to live a healthy and happily. I really need your help. I'm trying so hard to get in shape and get happy and healthy but I always get stuck on the Damn Computer. I think I'm hyped to workout but then I get stuck on Youtube for 5 hours, then I get stuck on Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter and I just veg out. Not moving. I hate this, I feel like I am becoming just a lump of meat. Help me Jax. I want to overcome my laziness. Please help me.

Take my hand Anon

I’ll shall help you. For starters this has also happened to me and it sucks doesnt it. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are all fun social media sites but they can become very addictive and then so many days are wasted vegging out on them. What helped me personally, when I realized this started happening to me, was I went out a got a mini notebook and made it into a Log Book.  

A Log Book is very useful for having a productive day and getting all the goals you want done. For me this is my own one, I have about 3 of them and how I like to do it is I monitor 4 things, My Mood, My Meals, My Goals for the Day, and My Workout. I monitor my mood because it helps me see if I’m actually pleased with how I’m doing today and I have 5 levels,

5: Means I’m feeling like GOD, like everything is perfect and I want it to stay this way. I hit 5 when I set a new record in my training or if I get to do some “fun cardio” with a lovely babe ;)

4: Means I’m feeling good, nothings wrong, I’m just in a good mood, thats how I am the majority of the day.

3: Means I’m Okay, I could be better but right now I just feel meh.

2: Means I’m either sad or pissed off or just feel down.

1: Means I’m either so enraged I want to murder someone or I’m so sad I feel like contemplating suicide. I’m rarely if ever at this state. Anyways track your mood it helps.

Then I focus on meals, and watching what you eat actually does effect how you perform through the day. If I wakeup on an empty stomach and the first thing I eat is Pizza and burgers with Soda then the rest of the day I’m just going to be sluggish and tired. But If I wake up and eat some oatmeal, eggs, and some oranges with some green tea I’m gonna feel great through out the day and Now I know I can make it through. So Tracking meals is important, you can write them down or use http://www.myfitnesspal.com/

Now the main thing of a Log Book is your goals for the day. These should be done preferably back to back cause you realize “hey i am actually being productive I dont wanna waste time on those sites just yet”. My examples would be I have to 

  • Workout
  • Floss teeth, cause I dont floss enough like I brush
  • Do yoga
  • Meditate
  • Eat Healthy
  • Maybe read for 30 minutes
  • and then whatever goal you want to accomplish, I set something that is going to help me build up to that goal.

So Get a Goal, Get a Plan, and GET UP OFF YOUR ASS! 

The Last thing I do is monitor my workout just to see if I’m improving physically. I know a lot people go “well thats too much work to be doing all that” well hey man I’m makin GAIINNZZ

It is hard to stay dedicated but that sets you above the rest. If it was easy everyone would do it but if you can make it through, It shows you have heart and dedication and those build character. But in the end I know you’ll be the one standing and ya know what ya gotta do. So Do it.

TLDR: Get a Log Book, Get a Goal, Get off Your Ass and the best of Luck ^_^

Also I want you to say this to yourself everyday. “Its Possible I can make it, Its possible I can do this, Its possible Im not goin to allow this to get the best of me 

I wish ya the best of Luck Anon ^_^

Not Today StevexReader

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Request (perf3ctporc3lin​): I just found your blog and your stories and omg your blogs perfect and you’re perfect! I was wondering if you could write a Stevexreader where the reader and Steve go on a mission and they both go different ways and they keep the reader hostage but as Steve goes the save her they shoot her but she lives in the end?

Words: 2387

Warnings: Lots of language and violence (like a looooot)

A/N: THANK YOU FOR THE REQUEST! I hope you enjoy it, it was super fun to write! Reader’s power is that she can manipulate the time density of people around her to make their time move slower or faster while she remains at her own time in a protective bubble - i thought it was kinda cool!

“Are you nervous?” Steve asked you, concern etched in his face as he flew the Quinjet.

You tried to play it cool, your fingers tapping against your thigh. “No way, I’m totally excited…”

You knew that Steve was looking at you worriedly and you let your eyes travel along the skyline, admiring the way the clouds mixed together with golden sunlight. When it came to the physical battle you’d be fine, it was just the thought of killing people that made you nauseous.

He raised an eyebrow curiously, “Seriously Y/N, are you ok? You look really pale…”

“My powers are just acting up a little today. I tried to shower this morning and the water kept slowing down and it was really frustrating.” You babbled, biting your lip. “I’m normally fine with missions, I honestly don’t know what’s going on with me…”

Steve grabbed your hand, rubbing soothing circles against your skin. The two of you were close and he always knew just what to do to make you feel better - but today something felt off. Regardless of his supportive gesture, you still felt like something was wrong.

“Everything’s going to be fine.” He told you firmly, “We’re going to go in, do the job and get out. You just need to focus on staying at my side while doing your thing and then we get home in time for dinner.”

“You know what?” You grinned suggestively, “It’s taco Tuesday.”

“Exactly, no one wants to miss taco Tuesday. So let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.”

“Deal.” You laughed.

Though you were nervous, you pushed the feelings away as far as possible. If you and Steve were together then everything would turn out just fine. Hopefully.

You sat together, Steve piloting and his spare hand tightly gripping yours. Steve, being the adorable boy he is, tried to distract you by pointing out figures in the clouds that he thought were funny. But even Steve grew silent as you guys got closer and closer to the enemy building.

“We can go back.” He told you, turning to glance at you quickly.

“No.” You replied firmly, “No that’d be a waste. Everything’s going to be fine, just like you said - get in, kick ass and get home in time for tacos.”

He smiled, flipping controls and preparing to land the jet. The two of you geared up in silence; Steve doing his weird pre-battle prayer thing, while you were trying to bring your powers back into full focus. 

It would be awkward if you couldn’t include Steve in your time bubble - mostly because that would ruin the entire plan and get the both of you killed. Gripping your gun tightly, you focused on your little bubble and walked out of the jet, Steve following closely behind you. 

So far it was working.

You and Steve walked normally through the compound, the enemy guards moving so slowly it was like they were moving through honey. No one took any notice to the Avengers walking through their compound because in their eyes you were simply moving too fast.

“This never ceases to freak me out.” Steve mumbled from behind you, looking around at the people your spell effected. “I don’t understand how you do it.”

You shot him a look over your shoulder, then turned back around, dodging someone with a gun. “This freaks you out, but Pietro doesn’t?”

“His is a personal thing, it only effects him! How you can do this to other people is weird…” He chuckled, looking around as we walked directly inside without anyone asking questions. “Wanda can get a little weird, sometimes I can actually feel her sifting through my brain and it feels uncomfortable.”

“You have to shield it,” You replied understandingly, “She can’t get into your mind if you don’t - “

You stopped both talking and walking abruptly. The people near you were picking up speed, and your eyes widened. “Fuck! They must have a magnetic field, it’s throwing me off! I won’t be able to hold it…”

You turned to Steve, not knowing what to do. 

His eyes hardened, “Head back to the jet! I’ll split off, find Dr. Wu and get the file.”

You narrowed your eyes and huffed indignantly. “That’s even assuming that the hostage and the file are in the same place! No! I know how to fight Rogers…”

He hesitated, eyeing a woman with a clipboard who was actually starting to move significantly. “Son of a bitch…I don’t like this…Ok, we have to split up then. Find whatever you can and meet back at the quinjet in 20 minutes.”

You nodded and as you turned to walk away Steve’s hand around your wrist pulled you back. With one arm around your waist and the other against your cheek, he pressed his lips against yours. You kissed him back just as lustfully, kneading your fingers through his hair and praying to every God out there that you would get the chance to kiss him again.

As he pulled away he placed his forehead against yours, “Please be careful.”

“I promise. Now go, before they speed up!” You urged, turning around and running in the opposite direction that you’d come in.

Your gun was still grasped tightly in your hand, finger on the trigger. You really didn’t want to kill anyone - not on taco Tuesday. 

You carefully broke into any door along the hallway that looked significant, checking everywhere for HYRDA symbols or Dr. Henry himself - the Korean bio-chemist who’d been kidnapped while he was at a convention in Paris.

“Dr. Wu?” You whispered inside a room that looked a lot like a library, feeling slightly stupid that you were talking to no one. When it was apparent that there was no one there you pressed forward.

“Hello Barbie.” A scratchy voice replied, a tall man with a gun stepping out of the shadows. 

You didn’t hesitate, your gun raised and you shot him in the head. Without a moment to even compose yourself, you keep going.

You found a small staircase towards the end of the hall and hesitated before making your way down the crumbling stone steps. The bottom was another poorly lit hallway, a couple large metal doors scattered down the way. After pushing through the first few it felt like it was time to give up.

You’d promised Steve that you wouldn’t take any longer than 20 minutes, and that time was about to run out. You decided to turn around and head back up the stairs when someone appeared at the top of the steps, kicking you backwards. As you flew down the steps your head smashed against the ground and the pain was so intense you were seeing stars.

You noted that the person was dressed in all black as they marched down the steps towards you. It was a man; a sick, deranged, smiling man who leaned down and wrapped his fingers around your neck. You clawed at his hand until it felt like your nails were being ripped off, trying to make him let go.

Steve was the last thing that flashed through your mind as your oxygen deprived brain lost consciousness.


Your skull felt like it was splitting in two and your wrist was throbbing, probably broken. A small whine escaped your lips as you opened your eyes, the dim light not hurting your head too much. “Ow.”

“You’re awake!” A man boomed, making you look up. It was the man in black, the one who took the time to push you down the stairs and then suffocate you. It was clear to you as you looked down, that you were sitting up on a chair, your hands and feet bound together.

It seemed like you were in a security room, footage of hallways and offices appearing on screens all around you. You watched Steve take on several people at once in one screen, kicking the soldier’s asses before moving on.

The man walked over and stood in front of you.

“Urgh,” You groaned spitting out the blood in your mouth in the direction of the man’s feet. “Listen pal, I don’t know if anyone ever told you how to treat a woman, but that is not how you sweep her off her feet…”

“So snappy for the one who’s all tied up.” He smirked, circling your chair. When you scoffed, he walked forward and grabbed your wrist. The scream that escaped your mouth sounded almost inhuman - yeah your wrist was definitely broken.

“Fuck!” You gasped, giving the man your worst possible glare. “That really hurt you asshat! Fuck you.”

He seemed happy with your reaction, “Sweetheart this is just the beginning. I’m going to make you beg for mercy until you’re pleading for death. And then I’ll keep you alive just long enough for the Star Spangled Man to witness your downfall. I imagine it’ll be hard to watch his girlfriend die right before his eyes.”

“We’re just friends.” You deadpanned, locking eyes with the man. 

He laughed and produced a remote control, pressing a button and turning his attention to one of the screens. On loop was the footage of you kissing Steve over and over again.

You refused to go down without a fight. “Are you only keeping me here because you have a weird fetish for watching other couples? Because you might want to reconsider - “

A shot rang through the room and a bullet ripped through the skin of your bicep. You screamed again, biting down on your lip as hard as you possibly could, more blood pouring into your mouth.

“Literally fuck you.” You gasped.

He laughed, stepping forward to caress your face in his hands. “You have no idea how much I want to kill you right now, you stupid little bitch. But I know the look on his face will be priceless; knowing that you were suffering right under the ground he was standing on, watching you die the second he walks through the door - I’m genuinely excited.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, your head injury and the loss of blood starting to effect you. The man wasn’t paying any attention to the monitors anymore since he was leaned over to talk to you. You spotted Steve getting closer and closer to the stairwell and you knew you only needed to stall for a little while longer.

“You’re one sick fuck, I’ll give you that.”

“Thank you, princess.”

“Ew.” You mumbled, trying to pull your face away him his grimy hands. “That’s perverted. Do you often call 20 year old women disgusting pet names?”

That one made him angry.

He pulled a small knife out of a sheath on his belt and stabbed it into your abdomen, making you scream out louder than before. He just left the rusty knife in the wound, not bothering to take it back. Even though the plan was to lead Steve towards you as quickly as possible - you had been hoping it would’ve been less painful than that.

You were gasping through the pain now, trying to focus on the one man in front of you, instead of the several outlines of him that your mind was trying to convince you were there too. 

“Go to hell.” You spat, “Fucking creep.”

He pulled back, smirking. “ We’ll see - ”

The sound of the door being kicked off it’s hinges cut him off. Steve and his shield beelined for your captor, a look of indescribable anger on his face.

Before he could reach the man in black, a shot rang out in the room.

Steve stumbled and you both looked down at your chest to see blood gushing down your ribcage and pooling in your lap. You looked up and met Steve’s eyes, watching the man you’d come to love completely lose his mind. Your consciousness was fleeting but you had to fight to stay awake.

Steve grabbed the man in black by the face, twisting his neck until he heard the satisfying crack under his fingers. The last thing you remember was Steve throwing the man’s dead body across the room before you lost consciousness completely for the second time in one day.


Beep. Beep. Beep.

“That’s really fucking annoying.” You whispered, wishing more than anything that the beeping would shut the fuck up. “Turn it off…”

There was laughter and - you were pretty sure - the sound of crying around you. You peaked open your eyes slowly, blinking rapidly past the white lights. 


You turned your head, a dull throbbing spreading through your skull. A blond with beautiful cheekbones was staring down at you with a hopeful smile and teary eyes. 

“Steve?” You grinned lopsidedly, the drugs making your brain fuzzy. “Steve look at you, you’re still gorgeous!”

The room erupted in a chorus of laughter and you giggled too, not really knowing why. You recognized the people around you - your team.

Wanda stepped forwards, her eyes brimmed red. “Y/N…I thought… Your mind - You stopped…” She sniffed and Vision stepped forwards to grab her hand supportively. “I couldn’t read your mind and then you died and I didn’t know…”

You sloppily rolled your eyes, letting out a very over exaggerated sigh. “You should stop looking in peoples brain-minds Sokovia. It makes Steve feel all icky and - “ You sat up abruptly, looking around the room in awe as Steve tried to gently push you back down on the bed.“ - You know what is so cool?” You answered yourself quickly before anyone else could, “Ducks!” You looked up at Steve, “Can we get a pet duck?”

“Uh…” His face was a mix of concerned and confused, “Why are you asking me?”

You sighed, laying back in bed and crossing your arms against your chest. “Fine, I see how it is Star Spangled jerk! First you kiss me and then I get tortured for you and now you won’t let me get a duck? You really know how to woo - “

He silenced you with a kiss, the room watching in surprise. He pulled away and smiled, pecking your cheek.

“That was a really nice way of telling me we can’t get a duck.” You giggled, laying back down, letting Steve intertwine your fingers as he sat beside you. 

“How about you get better,” Steve proposed sweetly, his eyes gazing into  yours. “Then we can talk about getting you a duck.”

Let’s play, “how many times did Jaiden use the word fuck”!

I probably haven’t loved something I’ve written from a literary perspective this much in a very, very long time. It feels nice to really like something I’ve written, wow!!

My requests are open so message me anytime babes!

Im so sick and tired of tumblr’s toxic environment. It literally tries promote equality and respect but when someone who literally just doesnt know why something they did is offensive you all jump on their asses or maybe someone used a slur without really knowing and apparently that warrants for fucking death threats or when someone with a differing opinion shows up you call them disgusting and actual piece of shit.

What bothers me most is that everyone jumps on the bandwagon of hate so quickly without educating THEMSELVES first. Fucking stop it. If you find that your facts are wrong, correct yourself and stop spreading false info.

Prime example is todays Cup of China. Y’all are fucking bashing on Orser for letting him skate but you forget that Yuzu gets the last word, under current rules Orser does not have the authority to pull him out and here I see people saying that him and anyone involved should be banned for an entire year whereas an injured skater should be banned for the season. A skater’s career is short enough, you do not know shit you are not yuzuru hanyu or han yan, you are not the staff involved. You have absolutely zero right to be making declarations such as these.

Oh and by the way, nobody sees their decision as a good decision, but some have accepted their decision so now they want to congratulate them for their resolve and sticking through it and not giving up and making it an inspiring performance. You do not have the right to call these people names. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY THAT THESE PEOPLE “SHOULD GET THEIR HEADS CHECKED”

dasy444  asked:

I agree the killing of these black men were wrong. But why condone someone saying white people are savages? All black people are not bad all white people are not savages. We are who we are as individuals. The labeling needs to stop, it's the exact reason why a cop chose to judge an innocent black man and assume he was causing trouble. One re blogging can change many minds.

Ahhhhhh okay wow, this message is truly ignorant and terrible, but I am going to attempt to answer you the best I can in the hope that you might learn something and understand why your original message was incredibly misguided and offensive.

Before we begin, let’s all acknowledge that I am white & that the voices you should be seeking out right now are PoC voices. I would urge you to go and search Twitter and Tumblr for some black voices on this matter after you’ve read what I have to say.

  • Historically, white people are fucking terrible. We take what is not ours, we conquer, we enslave and we murder, we commit genocide simply because we believe that we can; this is abhorrent and the only way forward is to own up to the atrocious things that we’ve done. This also includes recognising, admitting to and vocalising the fact that white treatment of PoC has not improved, we’re not in a new ~modern era of equality and tolerance~, institutionalised racism and oppression has simply become sneakier. 
  • We are still lynching PoC in the streets. Eric Garner was lynched in the street - he was knowingly murdered by white men using an illegal choke hold to strangle him in public. He was lynched.
  • PoC have every fucking right to be angry. I do think that white people are savages, I think that our privilege and entitlement are shameful and embarrassing and I truly believe that anyone who does not use their white privilege to attempt to raise awareness of how truly revolting we (white people) continue to be, perpetuates the problem and directly contributes to the racist world we live in today. 
  • If PoC wanna say that white people are savages, I’ll take that on the chin because they’re right, we are. Don’t wanna be referred to as savages? Let’s strive to be better. Let’s unlearn the racism the world has taught us throughout our lives, let’s take an active stance against racism whilst recognising that ultimately, PoC activism is vital and our place is merely as allies. Our place is to listen, our place is to try to be better, to support PoC but not to occupy their spaces or appropriate their struggle. 

You cannot put the murders of hundreds of thousands of people of colour at the hands of white people down to ‘labelling’, that’s incredibly erasive and ignorant of the actual issues at play here. This is NOT due to 'labels’ or your childish idea of stereotypes, this is about institutionalised power play, centuries of systematic racism, oppression and the continued white agenda of PoC fucking genocide. 

“White people are savages” wasn’t the main point of the post that I reblogged, it was a flippant, angry comment from a Tumblr user who was rightly angry at, and assumedly justifiably terrified of white people in positions of power within our world. When people are murdered and no-one is punished, when no-one is brought to fucking trial, when a man is lynched in the streets after stating, “I can’t breathe” eleven times, when two witnesses to Mike Brown’s murder have now been found dead, “white people are savages” is a fucking legitimate response, but it wasn’t the point of the reblog and the fact that you have chosen to focus solely on one sentence as opposed to the thousands of informative posts saturating the internet right now, shows me that you do not care about racism at all, in fact I doubt you know what racism even means, you’re only interested in the fact that your feelings are hurt.

“White people are savages” doesn’t get our children shot dead in the street.

“White people are savages” doesn’t mean that our murderers become millionaires, that the men who kill our sons get to be interviewed on the television saying that they regret nothing.

“White people are savages” ain’t gonna cause you, me, or any other Wonderbread WhiteKid to fear for our lives every time we leave our houses, for our children to look at us and say, “It’ll be okay as long as we don’t leave the house”.

“White people are savages” might hurt your feelings, but it won’t leave you lying face down dead in the street for four hours until someone decides your body is worth moving.

Please, I urge you, look further into this. Look at the First Nations peoples of Canada who are being kidnapped and murdered at terrifying rates. Look at how no police officer has ever been punished for the wrongful death of an Indigenous Australian whilst in custody. Heck, if you hate social issues and you’re only into celebrity culture, look at Piggy Azalea calling herself a 'slave master’ and cracking a whip in her video clips, look at the PoC response to her appropriative bullshit. Go on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and type in #handsupdontshoot, #ferguson #michaelbrown #ericgarner #icantbreathe - go to Instagram and find the page 'iowaconservative’ if you want to see the other side of it, if you want to see the kind of people who protest against PoC right to say “White people are savages”, look at the kind of people you’re currently likening yourself to and see if you wanna be associated.

Please educate yourself. I did a lot of shitty things before I truly understood racism too, everybody starts somewhere and it’s never too late to realise you were wrong and start trying to be better, start trying to make a difference.

chardude  asked:

as a 300lb dude who wants to be a Z-Fghter too, what would you say is a good way to get started?

I’ll tell you what I tell everyone and thats the importance of keeping a log book,You literally track your progress and Gainz, and you EXPONENTIALLY INCREASE Your progress in Anything you want to succeed in.

Heres one of mine from last year.

A Log Book is very useful for having a productive day and getting all the goals you want done. For me this is my own one, I have about 3 of them and how I like to do it is I monitor 4 things, My Mood, My Meals, My Goals for the Day, and My Workout of the day.

I monitor my mood because it helps me see if I’m actually pleased with how I’m doing today and I have 5 levels,

5: Means I’m feeling like GOD, like everything is perfect and I want it to stay this way. I hit 5 when I set a new record in my training or if I get to do some “fun cardio” with a lovely babe ;)

4: Means I’m feeling good, nothings wrong, I’m just in a good mood, thats how I am the majority of the day.

3: Means I’m Okay, I could be better but right now I just feel meh.

2: Means I’m either sad or pissed off or just feel down.

1: Means I’m either so enraged I want to murder someone or I’m so sad I feel like contemplating suicide. I’m rarely if ever at this state. Anyways track your mood it helps.

Then I focus on meals, and watching what you eat actually does effect how you perform through the day. If I wak eup on an empty stomach and the first thing I eat is Pizza and burgers with Soda

then the rest of the day I’m just going to be sluggish and tired

. But If I wake up and eat some oatmeal, eggs, and some oranges with some green tea or whatever healthy breakfast i cook that day

I’m gonna feel great through out the day and Now I know I can make it through whatever the day gives me

So Tracking meals is important, you can write them down or usehttp://www.myfitnesspal.com/

Now the main thing of a Log Book is your goals for the day. These should be done preferably back to back cause you realize “hey i am actually being productive I dont wanna waste time on Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook etc etc just yet”. My examples would be I have to

  • Workout
  • Floss teeth, cause I dont floss enough like I brush
  • Do yoga
  • Meditate
  • Eat Healthy
  • Maybe read for 30 minutes
  • and then whatever goal you want to accomplish, I set something that is going to help me build up to that goal.

So Get a Goal,

Get a Plan,


The Last thing I do is monitor my workout just to see if I’m improving physically.Am I getting stronger?
Is my conditioning going up?
Can I do something that I couldn’t do 2 weeks ago?

I know a lot people go “well thats too much work to be doing all that” and thats why they remain the same and don’t improve. If you really want something you’ll do it or you’ll make an excuse

Everyday I become a better person. Not for anyone, but myself.

*squints* Okay I need to make this a Lance fic somehow. *rubs chin*

This got way out of hand. I spent 800 words just setting up the scene I
don’t even oh just take it. Aaaand it ended up at nearly 2500 words. I

Bonus Round: “…Is there any specific reason there’s a sock in the microwave?” 

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You guys are probably the most important people in this post. Thank you for supporting me throughout my time on tumblr as sehbutts; you guys give me strength. I’m sorry if I forget anyone, please please PLEASE tell me if you’re not on here and I’ll add you in, and please please PLEASE tell me if the username I wrote for you is wrong. Every one of you is important to me, and it matters to me that every single one of you is on this post. Thank you so much. I would never have gotten this far without you guys, and I never thought I would have so many of you following this crap blog. I don’t know how else to express this but thank you. (if you unfollowed me and you’re on this, i have to say thank you for following me before, and you can ignore this XD)

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Thank you for providing me with quality posts/reblogs. Thank you for being someone I can secretly stalk as a follower. Following you guys meant that I could reblog the best posts for myself and for my followers. Without you, my blog would be empty.

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Thank you for being mutuals with me. Whether I talked to you before or not, seeing you guys on my dash always lights up my tumblr dashboard LOL. You guys are cool (and mentioned in all three sections of this post).

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