i dont know what is this photoset


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your haunted by those words?? jesus I’m haunted by this drawing well d one

LMAO THANKS!!!! to be fair the drawing is way fuckier than i conceptualized it though, he looks kinda like some half dead joker-y motherfucker and thats Not Quite what i was going for but sometimes ur 3 hours into a drawing and you dont know how to back out so you gotta go balls to the wall and just fuck it up more

these things happen yknow

sincerelysoft replied to your photoset “i did it..”

tbh I dont know what any astrology things mean… I just try to look at how sites talk about it. its interesting how havign different things are supposed to affect you/interact with each other differently

yeah… i’ve always been really :/ about it and kind of didn’t want to learn bc i don’t like the idea of my personality or how i interact process things…how my emotions manifest being some predetermined thing????? i just.. don’t like that :(
also everyone hates scorpios… :( and astrology blogs are scary!!!!!!! they feel hostile fjkdlsfjsld i don’t want someone to analyze me unless i ask!!!
but you’re right!! i think it can be interesting :DD and fun to try to learn more about yourself 

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#Someone redraw this with Asami as the noodles and like fucking Wu as the fruit#really anyone but Mako as the fruit because that’s not fair to him#Tahno maybe?

lol I seriously didn’t know what to right after i did the illustration…so it’s kind of lame.

i’m not doing so great and i need money

this is the part where i give you my big old sob story. i am a severely mentally ill kid living in an abusive home situation. i can’t work because of my mental illnesses. my parents are threatening to take me off of their insurance, and if they do that i will have no way to get the meds and therapy that i absolutely need. i’m also trans and was planning on starting T soon. if every one of my followers donated 1$ to my paypal i’d be so much better off. please help if you can. my paypal is torrievuxope@gmail.com

if you donate i can offer things like tiny sketchbook doodles ( i dont have any way to digital art) or one shot fics (ill write literally anything) depending on your donation amount just please help if you can i’ll even do special cosplay photosets if you donate like $10 and want one just let me know i’m willing to do what i can to earn money

all the other kids with the pumped up kicks…

lovelylor, when i saw this photoset of u, i was compelled to draw fanart of it— i guess i can call it that? w/e— point is u literally look like a badass 90s cool kid whose ready to wreck someones shit in a sidescrolling beat ‘em up arcade game u_u and thats rad. so i hope u dont mind that i drew this!

for those of u who dont know, when lor isnt looking like a total badass, she is similar to what would happen if u personified sprinkles— very sweet and also cute u_u go follow her if ur into that!!! <3