i dont know what is this photoset

if i had more drawing skills i’d draw and dedicate an entire photoset to that “which country has the most birds” photoset like

darkstripe: hey guys u know what country has the most birds. portugeese.

darkstripe: wait.

snowtuft: that’s a language?

tigerstar: portugull.

brokenstar: nice recovery.

sparrowfeather: dont u mean nice redovery

mapleshade: turkey. how the hell did we miss turkey.

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“Peony: I know we’re taking some distance right now, but Violet’s here-…”

wait what I just read this like two days ago and dont remember

It’s okay! Peony and Asher have taken some time a part. He’s currently in Gram Cracker Falls renting a cabin. (the story has been a bit all over the place, so it’s fair to be confused a bit!- I’m hoping to stabilize soon.)

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“Gram Cracker Falls ”

ah yes camping now I remember

:D :D :D


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Create a photoset of yourself, surrounded by characters you heavily relate to!  (in case ur wondering, from top to bottom, left to right it’s bilbo baggins, hernando fuentes, steve rogers, danny williams, will graham, obi wan kenobi, charles xavier, and charlie bradbury!)

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dont imagine haechan excitedly going onto twt to look at the fans’ response to the cherry bomb teasers only to feel dejected bc his photo set has the least rts

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I'm sorry if this is a "dumb American" thing to ask but what is that Strojírny Veselí place in your latest photoset? It looked really neat and like it has some history behind it?

Oh no its not dumb to ask about things that seem interesting and i dont explain them at all :D.

The thing is I dont know that much about it to begin with. 

the photos are from one of many halls located in the complex of Železárny Veselí of Veselí nad Moravou.. Which belongs to metallurgical and ironworking company… Most of the complex is functional except for that one hall (also behind that metal fence with doors is a guarded warehouse)… 

aand since i am lazy here have this i found on their page

1960-beginning of construction of factory for the production of drawn steel
1966-launch of production of drawn steel
-launch of production of welded tubes, closed, thin-walled profiles, drawn tubes and profiles
1972-launch of galvanizing
-launch of production of small-dimension precise welded tubes (cold calibrated)
1976-independent Železárny Veselí nad Moravou established
1991-transformation of state enterprise into joint-stock company
1993-building of quality system based on ISO 9001
1994-1995-ČMOVS a.s. and then Ferromet a.s. take over sales of products
-incorporation into Z - group | Steel holding


i will propbably ost even more photos later on