i dont know what is this photoset

if i had more drawing skills i’d draw and dedicate an entire photoset to that “which country has the most birds” photoset like

darkstripe: hey guys u know what country has the most birds. portugeese.

darkstripe: wait.

snowtuft: that’s a language?

tigerstar: portugull.

brokenstar: nice recovery.

sparrowfeather: dont u mean nice redovery

mapleshade: turkey. how the hell did we miss turkey.


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Create a photoset of yourself, surrounded by characters you heavily relate to!  (in case ur wondering, from top to bottom, left to right it’s bilbo baggins, hernando fuentes, steve rogers, danny williams, will graham, obi wan kenobi, charles xavier, and charlie bradbury!)

i tag: @lmwechirrut@imwhe, @karlmordo@sassy-smolder, @chrisfine@lumberjacklogan, and @oscariasac (if you wanna!!)


“If you’re watching this, then I’m already dead. Wow, just joking Dr. Stock. This is my face. This is my other face. This is my name. And this is my therapy video. Abracadabra! Wow. I like… boys on swings. And girls on skateboards. I like babies in high chairs. I like pharmaceutical medicine wrappers. I like people in hats with big eyebrows– I like people in hats with big eyebrows and big moustaches. I like water caught in spiders’ webs. I like wearing all my clothes at once. I like people who don’t smile. Ever. And I like people who smile. I like hair that goes on and on. I love food. Today, Ainsley, I’ve brought some things for the cook to cook. Oh. In some ways I love… everything. It’s less of a thing than like. Less distinct. Less particular. I like things that I like, but I love everything. There’s more choice in like. Because even the worst things have things to love in them. I love things so much, I feel like I can float away. That’s wrong. My mum understands how to float every day. I dont understand that so much. I don’t know what you mean about things I hate. I hate shoes. I hate people who change their voices when they say something important. I hate my thighs. I hate war. I hate swimming costumes that cling. I hate dripping taps. But… I also sort of love dripping taps. I hate invitations. I hate radiators. I hate this. Wow, sorry, Dr. Stock.”

Cassie’s Therapy Video

i’m not doing so great and i need money

this is the part where i give you my big old sob story. i am a severely mentally ill kid living in an abusive home situation. i can’t work because of my mental illnesses. my parents are threatening to take me off of their insurance, and if they do that i will have no way to get the meds and therapy that i absolutely need. i’m also trans and was planning on starting T soon. if every one of my followers donated 1$ to my paypal i’d be so much better off. please help if you can. my paypal is torrievuxope@gmail.com

if you donate i can offer things like tiny sketchbook doodles ( i dont have any way to digital art) or one shot fics (ill write literally anything) depending on your donation amount just please help if you can i’ll even do special cosplay photosets if you donate like $10 and want one just let me know i’m willing to do what i can to earn money


Happy 25th Birthday to the most amazing, adorable, insufferably cute, humble, down to earth, talented, big ball of sunshine, Kim Minseok. I ran out of adjectives to describe how wonderful you truly are. The truth is i have never been good with words. I can’t speak what’s in my heart. So i leave this simple photoset here hoping it will express my overwhelming adoration for you.

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#Someone redraw this with Asami as the noodles and like fucking Wu as the fruit#really anyone but Mako as the fruit because that’s not fair to him#Tahno maybe?

lol I seriously didn’t know what to right after i did the illustration…so it’s kind of lame.


“As the great wealth of the dwarves grew, their store of good will ran thin.  No one knows exactly what began the rift.  The elves say the dwarves stole their treasure. The dwarves tell another tale.  They say the Elven king refused to give them their rightful pay.  It is sad, Frodo, how old alliances can be broken, how friendships between peoples can be lost.  And for what?”