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  « It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons »  - J.R.R. Tolkien

Kisses With Halo

A/N: Guess who fell in love with a new group while being gone?


  • Lots of quick pecks
  • Kisses are very delicate
  • Smiles into them if he’s flustered
  • Likes leaving small kisses on your nose as well
  • Very eager about the more sensual kisses
  • Might get a bit messy
  • So you need to slow down and catch your breath
  • A ton of fun though

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  • Slow, always
  • Sometimes kinda lazy - borderline sloppy but still enjoyable as hell
  • Kisses the top of your head then leans his chin on it because tall
  • Hands on your hips or even butt when kissing you
  • Loves to kiss you when you lean against a wall
  • Or if you lie down so he can hover over you
  • Thinks it’s fun if you initiate sometimes though

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  • The most playful in any setting, also when kissing you
  • “Hey, Y/N, look!”
  • Steals a kiss when you turn towards him
  • Can literally start tickling you in the middle of a makeout session just for the fun of it
  • Type to leave pecks all over your face just to convince you of doing something
  • Gets really serious if he feels like it
  • Say you’re making out as a part of foreplay, then he’ll definitely just immerse himself in the moment completely

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  • Definition of boyfriend material on these kinds of things
  • His kisses are also very slow and careful, he wants every kiss to feel great
  • Lots of loving forehead kisses where he grabs the back of your head and pull you to him
  • Will also kiss your hand if he’s holding it
  • His sensual kisses are like the regular ones, the intensity is just on a completely different level
  • Might get a bit lost in his actions and literally forget where he is 
  • Suddenly forgets how to breathe so he’ll have to pull away and lean his forehead against yours while his chest is moving up and down collecting oxygen
  • (got a bit carried away there okay let’s move on)

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  • Kissing is a very intimate and serious activity to him
  • Always puts a lot of feelings into it
  • Holds your chin gently and pulls you in
  • Never kisses you only one time
  • There has to be several kisses in a row
  • Takes his time with it too
  • It has to be done properly

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  • Super sweet and youthful
  • The type to giggle and be flustered from kissing you
  • Especially the first time
  • Mostly just super giddy because he loves your kisses
  • The more you kiss him, the more he wants to kiss you
  • His sweet maknae side kinda disappears when he gets excited if you know what I mean
  • Loves it if you hold onto his hair while kissing him
  • Actually loves it everytime you touch him in any way

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hi im z and im, well, psychic ! i suppose its difficult to believe people on the internet but thats okay. 

im offering my services for free. just shoot me an ask (or submit if its a long one) and i can give advice, depending on what type of reading you ask for !

i can do:
-cartomancy (playing card fortune telling)
-cleromancy (dice fortune telling)
-mediumship (communicating with the dead)
-pendulums (using a pendulum for Y/N questions)
-general advice ! im really friendly and have a knack for knowing whats best. 

i must warn you although i have a skill i am not a professional and have no like, real authority to do any of this, so dont get me in trouble if something bad happens as a result of any of my readings :P im (almost) certain they wont though!

im more than happy to help with kin as well. 

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QUESTION TO THE AUTHOR what else do you ship besides drarry???? What inspired you to write??? Do your friends know about this blog or are you the type to like "NO DONT LOOK AT MY SHAME"??? IM SO CURIOUS YOURE LITERALLY MY FAVOURITE WRITER EVER (soz for the creepiness


Besides Drarry, I guess I like Wolfstar? I haven’t read more than a handful of Wolfstar fics though. And I guess Scorbus is cute, but I haven’t read any of that lol.

What inspired me to write in general? I’ve been writing since before I was 10 years old (I mean, not smut, obviously, wtf?) I’ve always been a bookworm (even though my life now revolves around reading gay porn and I haven’t picked up a real book since 1839) and that in turn always inspired me to write. And IDK I’ve been told I have a flair for it but apparently my confidence only extends this far.

What inspired me to write Drarry, specifically? I stumbled upon it purely by accident actually; before that I used to ship– (Draco’s going to kill me) –Dramione! Then I started reading Drarry and well, it’s like quicksand, once you’re in, there’s no getting out. And so after a while of only reading it I figured, in for a penny in for a pound, cause I’ve always loved to write and this particular ship is nothing if not inspiring and after months of working on it I finished Playing the Hero

And nobody outside my little Tumblr/Ao3/ff.net world knows I write Drarry, and not ‘cause of any ‘shame’ but ‘cause nobody would get why we’re all so obsessed with it. This ship is definitely more than just about all the lovely smut. It’s about something that, if you think about, could’ve been canon. 

Or so I keep telling myself, lulz.

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how would you describe your artistic ability at 18 years old compared to now?

18 yrs old: 1 face shape and 1 body type even tho i thought i was doing different body types and faces like i was under the impression i was drawing people of different shapes and i was trying very hard but they all looked the same because i had no idea how flesh worked and i didnt know what peoples faces looked like

22 yrs old: at least 2 faces and body types i think, reasonable necks, ive probably seen flesh. can do a complete painting if i feel like it now like im not GREAT at painting but i don’t think i couldve done anything even comparable to what i can do now bc at 18 it was just too much of a mystery to me

at 18 i also didnt know anything about illustration and i wasnt really interested in illustration i dont think like looked at any art outside of my own

I also think I draw with more intent now like i wasn’t particularly improving at that time because i didnt have a goal in mind, like i knew i needed to get better but i didn’t know with what or why. I look at more things now tho I still don’t feel like i consume anywhere near as much media as i probably think i should? 

30 day witchy j. c.

Day Twenty-Two: What are your ‘essentials’ for casting?

I hate typing…But I hate tags more than typing.


I can cast in any circumstance with or without anything.

I can be in the middle of nowhere and I’d just close my eyes and mouth some random made up poem and bam, cast a spell.

I can be in a classroom full of people I’d just grab a pen and paper and write down what I want and rip it up. Cast a spell.

I can be walking down the most crowded street, tracing a random sigil on my arm and saying a single word in my head over and over, there, spell. I’ve cast it.

And much more.

BUT if we’re talking about things one cannot hold with their hands than I cannot do any kind of casting without some sort of emotion (anger, hate, jealousy, pain..etc) or just a strong sense of helplessness.

Fear is very powerful weapon if one knows how to use it.

Most of my spells are made due to a situation occurring right before I write them down.

For example, there’s a test coming up, but I only found out a few hours before and I do not have that much time to study, then I will write a quick chant and I direct all my anxiety and fear at it before I begin to revise.

Another example, Someone close has greatly upset me by spreading rumours or something else, doesn’t matter. I am upset. I am scared of what could come out of it. I really hate the person for it. That is pain, fear and hate combined. And there is also that fact that I have been betrayed. Now, sit down. Imagine their face/name. Just imagine. Let the feelings mold into one and just give it to them. Imagine simply giving them a box, a gift and they accept it. You’re left feeling fine and they’re not.