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discourse that I would like your opinion on: Kinning out of your gender is bad

when we’re talking about like, cis & binary genders? thats dumb as hell. fictional men are written with more thought than fictional women so of course women are going to identify with them; men being willing to heavily identify with women is Uhhhhhhh, a good thing. i also dont think having any/a lot of kins that are your designated gender invalidates one’s transness either.

i do think when it comes to something like, canon trans characters outside your experience, or ‘your canon’ being a type of trans outside your experience, it makes sense to have concern? but it depends heavily on how someone goes about it. again, you have zero way of knowing at a glance what someone means by ‘kin’ or in what way theyre relating. i have a couple of kins who are transfem in ‘my canon’ but im not ever claiming to experience transmisogyny myself, it’s more of a weird halfway point between an odd unconscious feeling (potentially ‘objective’, in a sense, like for example im far from the only person who views tim as some degree of gnc/transfem despite there not necessarily being much canon ‘evidence’ for it, so like, why does it still come to mind?) and my own conscious processing of personal gender feelings through that character. 

so like seeing someone who is like ‘LITERALLY ME DONT FOLLOW UR FAKE’ about something like that is definitely uncomfortable and weird.. but i dont know if there can be a steadfast rule that no one should ever kin out of their gender/experience at all. since like the point of representation is for people to learn to identify with other types of people.. and learn about their experiences… ive directly learned a lot about stuff i’m not by having kin feelings about characters who are, which is a good thing. so like idk i think it comes down to just… dont like… lie about what you are… dont talk out your ass about stuff you dont know… take the opportunity to learn as much as possible… thats all

actual tips on creating a fat character

i am no expert but considering i’m fat myself as well as have a fat oc, i think i know what i do and don’t want to see when i watch or interact with another fat character. so, here i go:

1. there really isn’t a whole lot. body image shouldn’t define ALL OF your character and tbh it’s a shallow character if it does. but since we’re lacking a variety of body types in the rp comm:

2. please dont follow the stupid tropes you see on tv of the fat person being the “silly, ugly girl” of the group. and if you do make them silly, PLEASE make sure their jokes are more than “see it’s funny cause im fat!”. Absolutely stupid, pointless jokes. basically Kevin James in any role he plays in.

3. make them something other than their body image. I cannot stress this enough!!! Yes, someone is fat, but y’know what? They can be great, they can be evil. Funny, or serious, and even the hero of a story. actual fat people in real life don’t constantly address their size, and more importantly don’t let it define them. DO NOT constantly say “well they’re fat but they’re still badass/sexual/epic”. That’s like saying being fat means they can’t be any of the above and that’s just- not????? TRUE???

4. say no to constantly criticizing their shape/size. if part of your character’s personality/development comes from them having troubles with their size, that’s OKAY!!! Eating disorders and depression is common in both skinny and overweight individuals.but because someone is fat, that doesn’t become the only source of their problems. like i said, it’s okay to have it factor in, but- chill a bit?

that’s about all i can think of now, if you’d like to add feel free to educate the world in fat characters!