i dont know what im drawing anymore


concept: a self-indulgent outrageous 80s au where sidon is a hot lifeguard and link is a babe that likes jazzercise



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I won't draw anymore?-

Today… My mom saw me using the new tablet. We talked and she started questioning about what I do and what type social media I use…. Then she told me.. That soon, I won’t be drawing anymore. I asked why. She said I have to grow old of it sooner or later because I’m supposed think about my future, and who I’ll be when I grow up.

I said I wanted to be an artist. To grow up and keep drawing because that’s my passion. But then again.. She said I had to stop all of this… Because she thinks what I’m doing is a sin/not allowed..

For now I can draw. She allowed me to draw for now but soon she’ll take all of it away. And I don’t know how to respond to that. Because I never went against my mother and I don’t know what to do. She said Islam forbids drawing. Drawing a living being to be exact. And… That’s what I do here..

My father doesn’t care if I want to be an artist. As long as I can get a job. Or get money out of the things I do. I promised him one day I will be able to get money out of my drawings… I thought everything would be ok. But now my mother is against me. Not yet but will.. And I don’t know when..

But then I thought…. Why would then they support me in the first place..? Why would they buy me a tablet and give me hope and then telling me that drawing is not allowed in my religion. Why didn’t they just take all of my hope away and let me think only about studying.

It’s not that I don’t study… I just don’t want to be anyone else other than an artist… I just feel my heart being crushed suddenly. Knowing soon all of the things I did is for nothing…

And even if I do find a reason to convince my mom…. What will it be??…. And I don’t even know if one day I can even make money out of this. To keep the promise for my father. I’m still young.. I thought I had enough time.. But my family is struggling with some things rn.. And they’re trying to convince me to stop and focus on one thing. Getting a proper job. So when I grow I can only rely on myself. Like that, I won’t ever be in a problem like I and my family r in rn.

what can I do?



so on deviantart i found some kids novice ms paint edits of the kids as weird mermaid dragons so i like. unironically fell in love with them. because i love stuff like that. so i drew the first snotlout as fanart of their stuff to be nice…TURNS OUT THEY POSTED THOSE 7 YRS AGO WHOOPS, wasnt gonna send them it anymore lmao.

anyway i just kept drawing fanart of them after that because i dont know whats good for me :T

Leaving tumblr.

As all of you know, I’ve been inactive for a very long time, the reason is.. Tumblr is not as fun as it was the beginning of the year, it lost its value and its value is that I liked the game, I don’t even like the game anymore… drawing the same character over and over and over again is tiring, plus it’s a character from a game that I don’t even like! But the only thing holding me back from leaving is my amazing friends I met on here… and the amazing fans I earned, the jokes we made, the laughs we had. it’s not like that anymore, the blog fandom is not enjoyable for me anymore, I love you all and I’ll still be on discord and Smol will still be a character who is alive and well, but the blog for that character just won’t be active, I’m sorry, all I want is to be comfortable with my art and what I choose to do with my art, and I’m not comfortable with Tumblr, so that’s why I’m leaving, I hope to see you soon… love, tabimoon.

(Will still be active on discord)

talkativetiad  asked:

ive been working on an animation in toon boom, but im using toon boom studio 8.0 and it freaking sucks. i cant even figure out how to hide my layers (and im not even sure if im using layers? it says exposure sheet and ive been "adding drawings" to it) but i cant see what im trying to animate because i cant hide the other layers.... i got toon boom bc you use it, but i wasnt able to get the one you use right now. i dont know if im asking for help rn. ill watch your toonboom vids to seeif it helps

yeah, drawings are layers! idk if this’ll help since you have a different version (can’t be helped since Studio isn’t out anymore), but here’s what I do

so, I’ve got this toolbar above my exposure sheet

this guy is the button you’d want

and then u get this sidebar where you can check and uncheck what you wanna see!

best of luck @v@


a jasper redesign to go with my lapis one. i want to maybe add some pattern to her leggings but i dont know what. this is basically how i was drawing her anyway, like for her face. im not  100% happy with the clothes but the little thing on the end of her cape is probably jingly lol

@stevenuniverseredesigns @angstyamethyst @badstevenuniversescreencaps @sucritical idk if i should still tag people hh,,

the ship's goin' crazy

so its been two days since we’re fed af with kd moments i swear im doing this because its fcking too much. ksoo arranging/fixing idk whats he doing to jong’s mic killed me //bcs he kinda look like he gonna kiss him aw. And what is really gold to these recent moments (well everythings gold tho) is that jong’s choices in those questions link everything that they did or said before ㅠㅠ AND OMFG DONT EVER FORGET THEIR PENGUIN DRAWINGS ITS A FUCKING FAMILY PORTRAIT Y'ALL.

we all know that kaisoo has a new concept; being highkey. (Those subtle moments… d e a d) i love it when they do things together or having a moment together like they dont care anymore.

And im hoping for more kd moments for japan fanmeeting day-3. ㅠㅠ i love them so much

anonymous asked:

(1/3)Okayyyy so i mightve sent a few asks abt this before but this topic is really now bugging me cuz i have depression and im sensitive to like everything. Im starting to take this "not getting notes on my art" thing really personally and i know it sounds childish (and i laugh at myself for it) but i cant help but get upset when i spend so much time and effort and get like no feedback. And i know people say not to draw what u love and not for attention but honestly i dont even know what

and i dont even know if im drawing what i like sometimes. Yeah i love bts but i dont know if i like what im drawing or if im just doing it for notes???? And i have a lot of anxiety too and thats where i feel like im taking this too personally. Cuz im starting to think that my art doesnt get notes cuz its straight up not good which leads me to think i shouldnt even try to pursue a career in art anymore. But im not good at anything else so wtf am i gonna do if i dont succeed in art???? 
Like i said i laugh at myself for thinking like this and i probably sound like a fuckin child but i cant help it???? Like i think my art is decent???? But maybe its not???? Idk like this was really hitting me today cuz i feel like im wasting so much time and im probably gonna be one of those poor college students cuz i decided to focus on art more rather than taking a job cuz i thought i could make money off of my art but yknow clearly its not going so well and im scared for my future 
U dont have to give advice to all of that i just needed to let that all out 

Aw dude don’t worry I get what you mean, I actually experienced something similar when I first started posting my art to tumblr, and even recently when I first started posting bts fanart. It’s perfectly normal to want recognition (in this case in the form of notes) for something you worked so hard on!! I think one of the major issues with posting to such a big fandom such as bts though is that there’s so many people producing content at any given time, that it’s incredibly easy to get drowned out. Especially since tumblr changed how search and track tagging worked, it made it that much harder for people to get noticed for their content.

When I first switched to drawing for bts, I found it hard because I also focused a lot on my note count. For someone who was originally well established in a previous fandom, the move to bts was quite a jarring experience. I had built my following on tf2 art, and used to consistently get a couple hundred notes, but one of main reasons why I left was because of the dwindling of note counts. When I first left, overwatch had just come out and a lot of attention shifted towards that game away from tf2, and although I still love the game, the dramatic decrease in notes on my art for tf2 really made me sad and I ended up deciding to leave the fandom after 3 years of drawing tf2 art. I hopped around a bit, before eventually getting into bts. Even then, my first few pieces (they’re not on my #bts fanart tag so most people wouldn’t have ever seen them) either got no notes at all or only two or three. It was easier for me to establish myself in a fandom such as tf2 back in the day since it was such a small, tight knit community with limited content creators, but now with bts there are so many more people and it just seemed hopeless for a while and I lost motivation in my art. I stopped wanting to draw, since it felt like nobody cared. Art is the biggest hobby I have, so losing my confidence in my art was crushing.

Now you might be wondering how I got to where I am today. I’ll be completely honest with you. For me, I highly doubt I would be anywhere near where I am if it weren’t for networks. I had never joined a network before, but decided to join armiesnet and jimin network one day when I saw that applications were open. I got accepted, and I joined their respective group chats too. I met lots of great people on those chats, and made a lot of new friends which was nice after having moved fandoms and lost touch with many previous mutuals. I’m so glad I joined networks, because not only do you have the chance to make mutuals who will support you and your art, the network blog itself also reblogs all its members’ content which gives you exposure to members of the network through both the network tag and through the dashboard. It’s a perfect way to get started, rather than hoping that somebody with a decent following will happen to stumble across your work in the tags one day and reblog it.

That being said, unless you’re like some sort of godly human being I don’t think we can ever get over how note counts feel as an artist. We need something to gauge people’s response to our art, and that tends to default to note counts. I can assure you that the feeling of disappointment when your post doesn’t get as many notes as you want/expected it to is a thing pretty much all artists on this site shares. People always say “you should draw for yourself, not for other people” but that’s the equivalent of like say the mona lisa being painted and then left to rot in Da Vinci’s closet or something. The whole point of art is sharing your ideas/love for something through your drawings with other people, and so it’s perfectly normal to want the recognition you deserve for working so hard and putting so much love into your craft. When it feels like you’re all alone, you have to remember not to give up. Creating art in such a big fandom can be unforgiving, but just remember that your art is never the one at fault. It’s all about finding that little golden window of exposure, whether it be through one big blog or a couple smaller blogs reblogging your work. Those kind few people will be what helps you grow, and you have to keep posting for that to happen. If you water a plant but it doesn’t bloom the next day, abandoning it will get you nowhere. If you just keep going, keep watering it, results will come. Keep reminding yourself that you’re doing well, and you can compare older art to your current art to see the progress and keep you motivated. Don’t force yourself to draw if you aren’t feeling it – art is something that should make you happy. I used to draw because I felt the pressure to put out content, but that just resulted in me falling into a negative spiral of art block, limited motivation and general unhappiness with my art as a result. Remember that there’s no such thing as a deadline when it comes to posting art on tumblr – work at whatever pace suits you and if anybody tries to rush you, shut them down. You’re the artist, you get to choose what you do with your art, how you do it, and how long you spend on it.

If you truly have your sights set on becoming an artist full time, then by all means go for it! I can’t give much advice in that area since I only plan on keeping art as a hobby, but just remember that art school is always optional. In the end, working as an artist is all about the portfolio, not where you graduated from. It’s more important to work on your art than it is to get in to an amazing art school. Sure, art schools can be useful, but in the end they are simply tools, sort of like a tutorial rather than something that will magically turn you into an amazing artist with amazing job offers. At the end of the day, it’s all up to yourself to work hard and promote yourself. Since art is all about reaching different audiences with your work, promoting yourself is essential, even if it’s just casual fanart on tumblr. Feedback can’t come without exposure, and exposure can’t come without self-promotion.

Lastly, remind yourself that there’s no such thing as ‘bad art’. That might sound like a stupid statement, but in reality art is a constantly changing thing. There is no pinnacle of perfection, no model artwork that represents the most perfect drawing out there. Everyone has different styles, everyone has different approaches, and most importantly, everyone is still improving. I’m still learning and trying to improve my own art, and there’s no shame in that. It’s easy to perceive someone else’s art as better than yours which would lead to some self-critical thoughts, but you have to remember that the other artist is probably looking at their own art and picking it apart, thinking “aw man there are so many mistakes here.” It’s fine to make mistakes, after all, that’s how we learn. Just because we see mistakes in our own art doesn’t mean that everyone else will too – nobody looks at art and their first thought is to list all of the mistakes present. As long as you are aware of what you are less confident in and actively work to improve it, you can quickly surpass even the people you look up to.

So yeah, sorry that this is hella long lol, but in all honestly I can understand what you’re going through. It’s easier said than done, but even though it might feel hard - don’t give up. You might feel like you’re not getting anywhere at the moment but I assure you that if you just keep going, things will only get better. That’s the thing about tumblr, if you keep posting art your audience can only grow. For now, I would definitely recommend joining some networks, and making some friends. It’s not uncommon for people to promo their own work in the network chat occasionally, as long as you don’t spam haha

Anywho, I wish you the best of luck with your art journey. If you need me you know where to find me 💕💕💕

Hi um !!! I’ve recently hit 7200 followers on this blog (thank you sm guys!!!!!) and i’ve been feeling weirdly down about it… the same thing that happened with my old tumblr is happenin again: too many ghost followers. ….

I’ve gained a lot of followers after my art of Yuri on Ice, and im really thankful for that because i got to meet many awesole peeps, but im not doing any YOI content anymore, and so those 5000 followers i gained thanks to YOI feel like they re just floating above me, uninterested about what i post now…

I hate sounding so ungrateful. Its thanks to you guys, many who arent even active anymore, that i got to share my ocs around like this!!!! When i get asks about my ocs i always feel really happy inside, and i want to give you back by drawing things in exchange !!!

But i feel like an usine.. i dont wanna make you guys wait too long to reply to your ask, and i end up posting things im not happy with or feel like they re uncomplete !!! And it sucks!!! Because it usually shows and ends up not being very popular anyway!

So i dont really know what to do honestly because if i dont post regularly i’ll feel like you guys forgot about me&my art (its !!! Probably just me!!! Im not trying to guilt trip here i promise)

ARGH…. IM SORRY FOR THE RANT….i cznt even put a read more im on mobile ?!?!?! But anyway i hope u guys have a great day/night (its 3:24am here ahahahahaah does that explain things i think it do)

PS: this is rly freakig stupid i dont even know what the message of this post is !!!! Putain de merde i dont even know if what i wrote is understandable i dknt even know if understandable is a word thank you for reading im tired

a weird tomato gang doodle?? i just wanted an excuse to draw mask designs so im not really sure whats happening in this.

my best idea is that theyre like a team of secret spy agents and theyre sneaking into a masquerade party hosted by some evil villain