i dont know what im doing stop me please

  • me: yeah, im disabled. i have this really bad illness where-
  • someone: wait, youre disabled?
  • me: ....yeah, my illness can be really awful, to the point where i-
  • someone: im just surprised cause
  • me: oh no
  • someone: ya know
  • me: no no no come on man stop
  • someone: you dont
  • me: stop, turn back now dont say it dont fucking say it
  • someone: look
  • me: ...dont please
  • someone: like youre disabled.
  • me: .... oh fuck my guy you just had to say that dumb shit, do you even know what the fuck you just did?!

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no but like you do know that even though tony realized that bucky was innocent he still tried to murder him and would have if steve hadn't been there to stop him? the russos confirmed it. i just don't get it how someone can claim to love a character but still support the person who almost murdered said character in cold blood and still hasn't shown any indication that he's sorry for his actions.

Okay, I’m glad you asked this because it gives me a reason to explain my feelings about the Act 3 fight in Civil War. Heads up for anyone reading this that this is gonna be a pretty long post with a lot of visual evidence. 

There’s several major points to the final fight scene:

  1. Had the fight continued, would Tony have killed Bucky?
  2. Understanding Tony’s reaction both from the perspective of grief and also from the perspective of trauma.
  3. Is this fight really about Bucky?

To fully understand the final scene, I think we have to look at all three of these. First and foremost - would Tony have actually killed Bucky?

So, the first several minutes of the fight, Tony hits Steve, knocking to the floor, and restrains him. His attention is clearly focused on Bucky who he engages in a fight. The fight continues for several seconds/minutes, until this important moment:

Tony: Do you even remember them?
Bucky: I remember all of them.

Here, Tony has Bucky in a chokehold. Cap is incapacitated somewhere else. Tony could easily snap Bucky’s neck right here, yet he pauses and asks him about his parents. Tony then flies down, still holding Bucky and Cap intercepts them mid-air:

Several things to point out: if Tony was about to kill Bucky, why didn’t he do it just then? They all fall down, Bucky falling onto another platform, Tony and Steve falling to the floor, with Steve rolling forwards. This is an important moment - from here on now the action switches. Tony’s attention is now fixed on Steve solely, not Bucky. The two begin to fight.

Bucky joins in and we have the well known Bucky, Steve and Tony choreography. Then Tony shoots a repulsor beam at Steve, knocking him back, and Bucky attacks Tony, attempts to rip out the reactor at which point Tony’s reactor fires a repulsor beam and Bucky’s arm is ripped off from the blast.

Despite this, Tony doesn’t attempt to use his repulsor, despite having an arm free:

Instead he tries to pry Bucky’s arm away from the reactor. But Bucky is too strong. I’ve rewatched the scene several times and Tony doesn’t actually fire a repulsor with his arm. Instead the reactor begins to glow:

Before it shoots out a beam:

This is also important as it means the reactor has a failsafe in the case of someone trying to remove it. 

If Tony wanted to hurt Bucky why didn’t he fire a repulsor from his arm straight into Bucky’s face? Why did he attempt to simply pry Bucky’s hand away? I don’t think he intentionally tried to shoot Bucky’s arm off, instead the reactor has a failsafe and released a repulsor and since Bucky had his arm on the reactor it hit him straight in the arm, causing it to be ripped off from the force.

Once Bucky loses his arm, then Tony hits him with a repulsor in the back which yes, I admit wasn’t necessary and was awful. At this point Cap gets up and we get this iconic shot:

Steve and Tony begin to fight and Steve has the upper hand, Tony is cornered against the wall and has no way of fighting against Steve:

At this point Tony has FRIDAY analyse Cap’s fight pattern and use it against him. Which leads to this point of the fight:

Tony punches Steve several times while he kneels, Bucky’s body behind him. Then he grabs him, and tosses him away from Bucky:

Tony: Stay down. Final warning.

The camera pans to a wide shot, and this, this moment is visually INTEGRAL to this entire fight. Wide shots are intended to show the audience the entire scene, they focus on everything as a whole, revealing to the audience what is going on.

That’s why this shot is so important. Bucky is on the floor, incapable of protecting himself. Steve is several feet away from Bucky and Tony is in between the two. Tony could easily turn around and kill Bucky - so why doesn’t he? The camera pans to this, revealing to us that Bucky (and Steve) are completely vulnurable - note even the visual difference between Tony, standing up, and Bucky and Steve, both on the floor. Here, Tony is solely in control. Yet he issues Cap a warning, and completely ignores Bucky.

This also majorly answers the third point as it keys the audience in completely that at the core, this is not a fight about Bucky. It solidifies the idea that this is not a fight between Bucky and Tony, but a fight between Steve and Tony. 

Bucky attempts to intervene as Tony raises his reactor - presumably to hurt Cap - at which point Tony kicks him in the face. Steve lifts Tony and throws him to the floor where he begins to hit him over and over. He rips off Tony’s helmet and raises the shield. Close shots prevent us from seeing what is going on, until we see this:

Visually we expect Steve to kill Tony. He doesn’t. Again, this is very important to the narrative as it mirrors Tony’s attempt to kill Bucky. 

Tony attacks Bucky. 

Steve attacks Tony.

Tony looks like he might kill Bucky. We never find out if he really would as the fight shifts, but it seems he wouldn’t have actually gone through it.

Steve looks like he is about to kill Tony. He doesn’t.

The two practically mirror each other - the difference is we actually see Steve on the verge of killing Tony, only for him to choose not to. The audience knows then, that no matter how hurt or angry they are, no matter how broken, how furious, how much they fight each other, that ultimately at heart, they are not people who would kill each other - at least in my personal opinion. Steve’s attempt to kill Tony, only for him not to, parallels Tony’s attempt to kill Bucky, only to choose not to - in my personal opinion. 

I know that I’ve mainly focused on the first and third point. The second point is also important, in understanding Tony’s reaction. Firstly, someone seeing someone’s murder is highly unsettling to any human being. Tony seeing his parents murdered, hearing them being murdered, is very much the equivalent of someone being exposed to footage of a shooting - it is highly traumatic to witness that type of violence, no matter what it is, and many people actually have to get therapy for this. 

Tony’s reaction is also heightened though because what he is witnessing is not strangers, but his own parents being murdered - he is shown his father’s face being caved in, and his mother begging for her husband as she is strangled to death. So not only is Tony exposed to something extremely violent, upsetting and triggering, but it is also done on a personal level to him. Does that mean what he did was right? No. Attacking Bucky was completely wrong, of course. But is it understandable? Yes, in my personal opinion. 

Your parent’s death is not something you get over. Now I understand that the difference is that Bucky was brainwashed and made to do what he did. I understand that Bucky is as much a victim as Maria or Howard in this situation completely. But grief and trauma don’t work logically - Tony does not have the time to process what he just saw, he lashes out. 

And in the end, despite the fact that he has the chance to kill Bucky, he doesn’t. His focus shifts to Steve.

As to what the writers/directors say, I don’t particularly trust what the writers or the producers say - they are the same people who thought it was normal to have Steve kiss Sharon only 48 hours after Peggy died, so their opinion is not something I trust. Plus, that perspective clashes with the perspective of the stunt choreographer (I think) who says that Tony aims to incapacitate, not harm, throughout the movie.

I don’t in any way think that what Tony did was “right” - but I understand why he did it. If we can understand Steve for nearly trying to kill Tony, if we can understand T’Challa for several times attempting to kill Bucky (note that T’Challa specifically stated that he “will kill Bucky himself”, so there is no doubt as to his intentions), then we can understand Tony’s attempt too. If you decide to continue to dislike Tony for attempting to kill Bucky, then I hope you are prepared to dislike T’Challa too.

[Note: Please do not comment on this post as to how Tony and T’Challa’s cases differ. Canon facts are that T’Challa, like Tony, also attempts to kill Bucky and states his intentions himself: “I’ll kill him myself, Ms. Romanoff”. What he does is premeditated.]

||Haechan Bad Boy!Au! ||

AU! Where Haechan is a bad kid but Y/n changes him and they become friends and later start to Date. •••Please imagine Haechan during cherry bomb ;) 

  •He was known as the best looking and baddest one at school 

 •You only saw him like 3 times a week because he was always skipping or getting suspended 

 •Until he HAD to come to school because if he didn’t he would have to repeat grade hahahah dumbass jkily Haechan

 •So in Pre-Calculus The teacher paired you up



•He would just straight up bother you 

•Hey Y/n can I borrow a pencil?

  •Can I borrow a highlighter 

 •Can i get some paper 


•”no need to scream damn” 

•So you saw him outside in the school alley way 

•he was getting beat up •everyone soon left leaving him alone there unconscious  

•Not even his “Squad” members stayed to help him 

•So you ran to him 

•”Donghyuk are you okay?” 

•”Oh yes that’s why im laying here on the fucking ground bleeding”

•”No need to be sarcastic” 

•”nO nEeD tO bE sArcAStiC”

• You helped him up but he was limping 

 •”Here hold on to me i’ll take you to the nurse” 

•His hand was around your left shoulder 

 •You held his hand and the other one was on his side 

•He tensed up but he became to walk 

•”You know i think i can do this by myself”

• “Shut up and keep walking”

• “Oh Haechan youre here! and your girlfriend brought you here!”

• “Excuse me lady what did you just call me?”

• “Arent you his girlfriend?”

• “hAHAHaha, no”

• “he was fighting so i brought him here”

• “ yes i know, he always comes here”

• so the nurse fixed him up and he was ready to go

• of course YOU had to take him to his house because his leg wasnt feeling right

•he was greeted outside by a male not much older than him

•”haechan this is the 4th time this week! you need to stop”

•”yes i know. im sorry hyung”

•”is this your girlfriend?”

•”excuse me what?”

•”hahah i rather die than date her, shes juts a friend from school and we need to do our project so yeah please move”

•”alright!” said the male.

• Inside you were greeted by 7 other people the all look so young 

•to be parents

•”we are going to work on a project dont interrupt us”

•his room had 3 beds his side was on the side by the window

•” you want water?’

• “sure”

•so you guys worked hard

• “ wait, why do people call you haechan? Is that like, a nickname?”

• “yeh”

• you went to his house often

• then you had realized he was like  friend

• “Hey haechan remember when i had to bring you home because you got beat up? hahah good times

•”hey, y.n.. thank you”

• “huh”

• “thank you”

• “youre welcome?”

• you were lost af

• you and haechan became close and he had changed 

• he called you his bestfriend and you called him that too

• until he started to act weird

• he was distant towards you and he went back to how he was before

• you saw him in THAT alleyway again


• and there he was he was getting beat up

• so then of course you had to take him to the nurse

• “Oh haechan i havent seen you in a long time! your girlfriend brought you here again!”

•”haha yeah”

•”will he be okay?”

• “yeah”

• so he was okay, and you took him to his house, AGAIN

• “wait haechan are you okay? i thought you had changed…”

•”you changed me, and you also ruined me”

• “what do you mean?”

• “i like you and, i just didnt like it! thats why i stopped talking to you.”

i didnt realized he felt the same way

• “haechan, i like you too”

•”yes i realized”

• “what.., how”

• “back then when the nurse had said if you were my girlfriend you didnt deny it”

• “oh yeah..”

• “get ready, i’ll pick you up at 4″

• “excuse me what?”

• “well you ARE my girlfriend so…”

• “I never agreed!”

• “you didnt say no, remember?”

• “i hate you”

• “i love you too” 

"my heart beats for you" dallas X reader

man. it was only 5:00pm, and it was already freezing outside. i pulled my jacket tighter around my torso as i began to walk faster towards my small house. as i walked faster, i glanced over at the park i was passing and saw a familiar face. dallas winston, my steady boyfriend. i giggled and ran up to kiss him.
i stopped in my tracks as i saw a blond girl sitting next to him, so close she was almost on his lap.
“baby, that shirt looks hot on you,” i overheard him say.
this blond girl giggled.
“it would be hotter off-” but i cut her off.
tears started to burn in my eyes but i push them away. my name is y/n, i never cry.
dallas looking straight at me, and at that moment, i knew he was sorry. i knew he knew he screwed up. but i ran. i ran as fast as i could.
“y/n. y/n. y/n! look i didn’t mean it alright? look im sorry alright. HEY LISTEN TO ME.”
he was running too, but i had a clear start as i finally ran into my room and collapsed on my bed. dallas ran in right after me.
that’s when i had enough. i let it all out. i started bawling. i couldnt take it anymore. my mother doesn’t give a shit about me. she would rather have me dead, and the last time i saw my father i was 3 years old. the only person who cared about me, or so i thought was dallas. but i guess i was wrong. i mean, obviously, he’s a guy. he’d screw any girl he could get. which is why i had to be fucking careful. apparently this time i wasn’t careful enough. or maybe this has been going on all along behind my back. i sobbed some more.
“baby please. im so sorry. y/n im so sorry.”
“y/n i swear it was nothing! we were doing nothing okay! stop blowing this way-”
“no. no i didn’t.”
by now, dallas even had tears in his eyes, which shocked the hell out of me.
he continued, “y/n y/l/n, my heart beats for you. only you.”
and without warning, his cool, firm lips pressed fastly onto mine, locking me in a cool embrace. it was rough, and needy, and everything said before was forgotten by this one kiss. the whole world stopped with just me and dallas winston. the kiss got rougher until i broke it.
“baby i love you and only you.”

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Keith's fem s/o being close to pidge as she knew pidge when she was katie. Keith doesn't know pidge is a girl so he gets jealous. Reaction + how they handled things (headcanons oe scenarios is finee~) Is that okay??

A/N: Jealous Keith is cute Keith. I dont why why but Im in the mood for writing headcannons

Keith Reaction (in his mind when seeing them) : 

  • Okay, calm down Keith. She is fine. She’s with Pidge. Pidge is her best friend. Right? …Right. 
  • Hold the phone! Why is Pidge being close to her? Pidge, what are you doing. Pidge. Why. Are. You. Touching. Her. Hips. 
  • No, no, no, no, no, no, nO, NO. 
  • Pidge, no. Stay away from her. 
  • She is my girlfriend. Not yours. 
  • You know what, let me go to her and show Pidge that I own her. She’s not yours. She’s mine.

How his s/o handled his jealously : 

  • Its actually a plan to see if he can be jealous or not.
  • Pidge’s idea. Not her’s. 
  • In the corner of her eye, she could see that Keith is jealous. Without him knowing by himself. 
  • Continue with the plan. Went smooth like silk. 
  • Oh, hey Keith- 
  • Your lips got captured by his and Pidge gave you a thumbs up. 
  • Your face got red and hot when Keith told Pidge that you are his. Not her’s. 

Keith Reaction (if you asked him if he is jealous) :

  • Crossed his arms.
  • Pout.
  • Irritated look. Like, he is going to kill the entire Galra Empire.
  • Glare.
  • Not confessing that he is jealous.
  • Won’t admit it.
  • Okay, fine. He will admit it.
  • When the both of you are alone in his room.
  • Will shyly avert his eyes away from you and show a little blush when he fINALLY admits that he is jealous.

How his s/o handled his confession : 

  • Quietly screaming at how he look when he shyly averts his eyes and blush. 
  • Try to be calm, but your brain is screaming to attack your boyfriend with kisses. And… such… 
  • Keep your cool. Just stay calm… oh no, he’s pouting. oH NO, HE’S ADORABLE. DAMN IT. DAMN THE GALRA EMPIRE. LET ME KISS MY MAN.
  • Eventually, you will reply his confession by kissing his lips. 
  • And told him that Pidge is a girl and everything was Pidge’s idea.
  • Wait for him to make a reaction. 
  • Keith’s reaction was a happy and content smile. The smile that melts you. Even melts some space ice. 
  • He will be glad and let you be buddies with Pidge. Best Buddies. 
You know I'm sick of? People who make great art/fanfics of a gay ship and then go "Ooops I sinned"

I know you love the ships a lot, but I really wish people would stop calling it “sin”. And every time I see it, I feel even less welcome in the community.

You wouldn’t stand for someone in public calling it a “sin”, so why do you do it online?
Just please watch your words.

  • AT: Erbluhen. You should go rest.
  • EE: I am fine...
  • AT: You've been doing this for a long time. Please don't make me repeat myself. Go rest.
  • EE: But if I dont stay... who will heal you and Apostasia?
  • AT: I can manage without you.
  • EE: Haha... are you saying you don't need me anymore?
  • AT: You know that's not what I meant.
  • EE: I cant let you have all the fun by yourself.
  • AT: Erbluhen...
  • EE: No, I'm fine. Really. Please don't worry about me.
  • -EE collapses-
  • AT: ... Erbluhen! Damn it, Erbluhen, wake up!
  • EE: ... A...rme....
  • AT: I told you to rest!
  • EE: Im fine...
  • AT: This is fine to you? You've collapsed!
  • EE: Please, Arme... Stop overreacting... You dont look cool when you overreact like that...
  • AT: This is no time for joke.
  • EE: I just need...
  • AT: ...What? What do you need...?
  • EE: I need...
  • AT: Tell me.
  • EE: S...
  • AT: S...?
  • EE: Stamina pot......
  • AT: ....
  • -throws a stack of 100 stamina pots at EE's head-
  • EE: OW that hurt
  • AT: GET UP.
  • EE: But Im tired.
  • EE: I dun wanna-

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Hey, just wanted to jump on and say that I found someone on insta using two drawing of yours.

ahh theres smth i need to adress and im sorry hun ill be using this ask to adress it, please dont take this as me being angry at you or attacking u specifically!

i just want people to understand the following:

sending me these kinds of asks is literally just causing me unnecessary stress, i understand seeing smth that goes against what ive asked and thinking “i should warn seb” but not telling me the culprit or giving me any leads on it just makes me sit here like” welp my arts being stolen and i cant do anything about it, again” which i kind of rly dont need

ik a lot of artists say they dont care, but personally i cant say that because i DO care, having stuff stolen from you, especially when you know you put a lot of love into those pictures, is painful , its discouraging, most times it makes me extremely upset, especially if im in a situation where i cant remotely stop it, be it talk it out with the person or report it

so what i ask is please pleaseeee, if you dont wanna say who it is, please dont send me asks about it! ik it might sound” but seb dont you want to know?” and i do but if im being put in a situation with no method of fixing it id rather not be told about it at all, thats just my way of handling things

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dev: "you have no clue as to what its like to actually want to be dead". neither do you, alex. when he said that it actually really annoyed me. im diagnosed with actual depression, anxiety and adhd. i take medication so i dont have to know what its like to actually want to be dead. wanting to be dead isnt something to gloat about for a "hahha funny twitch edgy joke". dev, please stop making a joke out your 'suffering' when its clear youre a mentally healthy person in terms of 'wanting to die'.

i wouldnt deny that dev has some sort of issue regarding his mental health, but yeah that bit where he disregarded the viewer’s situation was shitty. he doesn’t know who he’s talking to or what they’ve been through.

the entire thing striked me as him trying to be “edgy” tho

Me: im aro
Rats coming out of the wood work: aw :( thats a shame, i feel like you would be happy if you just :) opened :) up :) to :) people :)
Me, who is an open book to like twenty different people and has no shame: ????????????

  • me: tell him its okay
  • brain: tell him you're broke and chattered, pour your heart out to him
  • me: but he doesn't give a shit
  • brain: buT WhAT IF he DoEs CarE??!
  • me: he doesn't. stop. you're messing with me
  • brain: no I'm NOT???? youR'E NOTHING BUT SHIT????!!!?????
  • me: please calm down
  • brain: WhY??? TeLL HIm. PLz?!!!!!!
  • me: fine, I'll just be sad by myself forever
  • brain: ok that's fine with me worthless cunt

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MC is sick/on her period (you choose) and the RFA has to help her feel better :')

hmmm…i choose a sick MC!


  • literally MC sneezes one time and he’s all
  • “how are you feeling?? let me feel your forehead. maybe you should stay in bed and rest today”
  • but when MC is actually sick, Yoosung is the best nurse doctor!!
  • he even cuts class to take care of them
  • “Yoosung, please go to school. i’m fine”
  • “no way im leaving you. i have to make sure you’re eating well”
  • he serves you all three meals in bed
  • he works so hard on MC’s meals even though they cant taste anything
  • and lots of ice cream!! ice cream whenever MC wants it!
  • he also makes MC call him doctor kim
  • every five minutes:
  • “Need anything, sweet heart?”
  • “not since you last asked, Yoosung”
  • “not even ice cream”
  • “…..maybe later”
  • sometimes when MC drifts off during the day, they wake up to find Yoosung in bed with them
  • “Yoosung….wake up”
  • “hmm?”
  • “you’ll get sick if you sleep in this bed with me”
  • “worth..it..”
  • MC tells him she needs a glass of water so he’ll get out of bed


  • every second Zen isn’t rehearsing is spent at MC’s side
  • he even takes MC’s spare key so they dont have to get out of bed to let him in
  • if when he gets there MC is sleeping, he just reads in the living room until they wake up
  • the TV might be too loud
  • when they wake up and come into the living room he greets them the same way every day
  • “hey baby. how are you feeling?”
  • “…crappy”
  • “oh no, im so sorry sweetheart”
  • Zen gets up and holds MC’s hands in his, kissing them
  • “how can i make you feel better, princess?”
  • MC feels like shit but Zen’s sweetness actually does improve their mood a bit
  • “sorry to ask this of you…but can you get some groceries? i dont want to go out like this”
  • “say no more, my princess! i’m on it”
  • Zen kisses MC’s forehead lightly
  • “I’ll be back in no time. dont worry about cooking, either. i’ll make dinner”
  • “thank you, Zenny..”
  • MC’s sick voice is highkey too much for Zen
  • how can someone be so freaking adorable while they’re sick?!
  • he not only stays with MC to take care of her but also
  • because he cant get over how adorable sleepy sniffy scratchy voice MC is
  • he wants to cuddle her forever and ever
  • but always remember to put their needs before his desires hehe


  • lots of hot tea
  • “drink this, it will make your throat feel better”
  • lots of warm blankets
  • she makes sure MC takes their cold medicine regularly
  • “make sure you drink lots of water”
  • “Jaehee, will you make me some more tea?”
  • “of course”
  • and when Jaehee comes back into the room
  • MC is asleep
  • MC looks kind of cute when they’re sleeping
  • Jaehee puts the tea in a thermos so it stays warm
  • she sits by MC’s bedside until they wake up again
  • “Jaehee..? you’re still here”
  • “mhm. i wanted to make sure you have a proper dinner. if you still want your tea, i kept it warm for you”
  • “thank you, Jaehee”
  • Jaehee actually quite enjoys taking care of MC
  • it makes her so happy that MC likes her tea
  • she loves the way MC smiles after sipping it
  • when MC is all better Jaehee is lowkey sad that she cant take care of them anymore


  • Jumin will never ever leave MC’s bedsides
  • when MC is sick he makes them stay at his house so he can be sure they’re properly taken care of
  • his chefs make the finest meals for MC
  • “is there anything you need at all? i can get you anything”
  • MC could request an ice sculpture of a dog and Jumin would have it there in 20 minutes
  • he holds MC’s hand while they sleep
  • he personally changes the sheets and pillowcases on their bed every night
  • “Jumin..?”
  • “Good morning, my love”
  • “aren’t you going to work”
  • “I’m not going to work as long as you’re in this condition. i want to watch over you, MC”
  • at night he wants to sleep next to MC but is afraid of making them uncomfortable
  • so he just sleeps in the chair by their bed
  • “Jumin, you should go sleep in a bed”
  • “what if you wake up and need something during the night?”
  • “Jumin-”
  • “MC, i won’t leave you, no matter what you say”
  • he really does make a bug fuss whenever MC gets a cold
  • but MC actually loves it 
  • “okay, Jumin. i need someting”
  • “anything.”
  • “lay down with me?”
  • he thought they’d never ask


  • even when MC is sick he has no boundaries
  • most of the time he actually catches the cold too
  • poor MC is just trying to get some rest
  • and 707 keeps doing that thing where he drags a shoelace across MC’s face and yells “wake up! theres a bug on your face!”
  • MC wakes up screaming every time
  • “you’re fun when you’re bed ridden”
  • “im glad my disease amuses you”
  • Seven also does this thing where he pretends MC is dying
  • “MC, please, hang in there! dont leave me!”
  • “Seven, im not gonna leave you. i cant even get out of bed”
  • “i dont know what ill do without you…my one true love…”
  • “Seven, can you bring me my meds please”
  • “even on your deathbed….all you can think about is drugs”
  • “Seven”
  • “I will kiss thee good night….forever..”
  • “Sev-”
  • MC tries to stop him but Seven kisses them anyway for like a long time actually
  • “Seven, you’re gonna get sick”
  • “If i get sick can i stay in bed with you all day?”
  • “umm i gue-”
  • “too late!”
  • Seven jumps into bed with MC
  • whenever he’s not getting food or meds for MC, he’s right next to them in bed


headcannon requests?

me sleeptalking: mani mani mani (ya)


This is the 2nd part to My love. :) :)

Young Sirius Black x Reader !!

Originally posted by totallybenbarnes

Remus bought us two butterbeers, and we sat at a corner table, at Three Broomsticks. Remus was really sweet, but my mind constantly drifted off to Sirius.

“(Y/N)” Remus said.“Please talk to me”
“Im so sorry !” I said. “I must be the worst date ever”
“No you’re not ”
“Why are you all being so nice to me ?” I asked, feeling weak.
“Because thats how you are !” Remus said. “You are one of the nicest girls I’ve known !”
“You are too kind to say that, Remus” I said. “I dont deserve it”
“Sure you do ! Look at me, (Y/N) !”
He held my hand in his tightly.
“The love that you have for Sirius” he said. “Its so true ! Sirius has never experienced that kind of love before, (Y/N). ”
“Of course he has” I said, my eyes filling up with tears. “You all love him…”
“Yes we do, but thats different” Remus said softly. “You have no clue how much he is missing, you, (Y/N)… Please dont think that Im justifying him ”
I shook my head.
“I know him, (Y/N)…underneath all this bad boy image, is just a lost kid…he is so vulnerable sometimes, he needs that one person who can pull him together when he is broken…he is constantly looking for that one person  , not realising that she is right in front of his eyes”
“I cant-” I was in full fledged sobs now. I lowered my face to Remus’ hands, as I cried. He stroked my hair gently.
“I love him, Remus. ” I said. “Too much…it kills me to see him with someone else…I held on for too long ”
“I know, sweetheart” Remus said, soothingly. “I know its unfair”
“I dont think he will ever see it” I cried.
“Please calm down” said Remus, now handing me some paper towels.
I wiped my face with them and sat up straight.
“Its alright.” I said. “I just want him to be happy. ”
“(Y/N).” Remus said. “Things will get better…Please, just come back to us…we need you !”
I nodded. I needed my friends too

                                 * * *

Once back in the common room, Remus hugged me.
“Thank you, Remus” I said, kissing him on the cheek. “Good night”

My dorm was empty when I stepped in. Alice must be with Frank and Lily with James. Well it felt good to be alone for a while. I changed into my pyjamas, and climbed into bed, and pulled the blanket upto my nose.
I was so tired, my muscles were all achy. I just needed a good long sleep. Just as I was beginning to drift into sleep, the door opened and closed softly.
I lay still on the bed. I didnt want a conversation at the moment. I heard soft sniffing and snuffling. Someone was crying.
“Lily ?” My voice was soft, and gorgy from sleep. Just as I sat up, the door opened and closed again.

                               * * *

When I woke up the morning, Lily was in front of the mirror, doing something to her hair.
“Lily ?”
“Yeah ?” Lily turned around to face me, with a warm smile.
“Is everything alright ?” I asked, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.
“Sure” Lily said, sitting next to me. “Why did you ask ?”
“I thought I heard crying last night” I said. “So it wasnt you ?”
Lily shook her head, and squeezed my hand.
“How was your date, (Y/N) ?” She asked.
“Remus was really sweet” I said. “Lily, I-”
“You just need to relax” She said, cutting me off.
I just fell back to bed.

                                 * * *

My eyes searched for only one person. And he wasnt at the common room or the Great Hall.
“Sirius ?” I asked Lily.
Lily shrugged, and then turned to James.
“Wheres he ?”
“Sleeping” James said, and the boys shared an uneasy look.
“Is he ok ?” I asked.
“He didnt sleep last night” Peter said, only to be swatted by James.
“Whats going on guys ?” I asked, exhaling loudly.
“Its nothing, (Y/N)” James said. “Hes in one of his moods. ”

I was angry. Why did everyone act like I was made of glass or something!
They were trying to help, but it obviously didnt.
“(Y/N)!” Lily was running to keep up with me.
“Just let me be, Lils!” I said, stalking away. “I just need to clear my head !”
“Please be ok, (Y/N)” Lily said, stopping.
“I love you, Lily” I said, going back to hug my friend. “I just need to be alone, ok?”
Lily nodded.

                           * * *
I was back on my bed, under my blanket. I just missed him so much, it made me weak, and tired. I was so lost in thought that I didnt hear the door open. But suddenly my heart skipped a beat.
I knew that smell. I knew it too well.
Sirius climbed into my blanket, and put his arms around me tightly. I could feel his heart beating really fast on my back, and his face pressed against my neck.
“Im so sorry” he said in between his tears. “Please come back (Y/N), please dont leave me !”
It broke my heart to hear him cry like that. I turned around to face him.
“Sirius,please stop ” I said, wiping his tears away. “Please”

I hugged him tightly, as he pressed his face to my chest, shivering, and tried to catch his breath.
When he was finally breathing normally, I loosened my grip on him, and pulled away, not knowing what to do.
We both lay on my bed, on our sides, looking at eachother.

“Please forgive me, (Y/N)…” he whispered. “I didnt know how important you were to me, when you were there”
I just listened quietly, as he spoke.
“But, you just left one day, and I didnt know what to do ! I didnt know that I loved you, till you left…all those girls, they were never you ! They just wanted to snog me, no one ever cared, but you…” he said,now wiping a tear that rolled down my cheek.
“I was so insanely jealous when Remus told me about your date ! I just couldnt…thats when I knew -”
He took a deep breath.
“I was so mad at him, and then he told me…” he continued.

I couldnt look at him anymore. I felt far too embarrassed. It was obvious that Remus had told him about my feelings for him.

“(Y/N), Please give me a chance” Sirius said. “Please…I swear I will be good ! I swear I will make it up to you! ”
He sat up, pulling me up with him.
“I swear I will never make you cry again, and love you for every minute our lives” he whispered. And paused for a moment, as if thinking what to say next.
“And to give you lots of beautiful babies !”
I laughed at that. This was Sirius Black.
“Lots ?” I asked, still laughing.
“Lots ! Many ! How many ever you want !” He said, now his face lighting up.
He cupped my cheeks with his hands and said, “You are so beautiful, (Y/N)”
I smiled slightly at that.
“I will keep you happy…Please just let me show you…I promise you wont regret it ” He said. “I love you, (Y/N)”
“I love you too, Sirius Black” I whispered, as he leaned forward to kiss me. It was a soft sweet kiss, and he pulled me into a hug.
“Im never letting you go” He whispered. “Never”

Girl Band on tour

Request : hi could I please request an imagine where you’re in a girl group of 4 and your group are on tour with the vamps and you and Brad slowly start to like eachother? and you guys try and get eachother to notice the other really stupidly?!thank you for making these amazing imagine btw ;)

A/N: this ones a bit short, but hope y’all like it!! 

You’ve been on tour with The Vamps for about a month or so at this point, and you’d be completely lying if you said you didn’t fancy Brad. You didnt really know how to go about it, but you started talking and hanging out with brad a lot more. You guys did a song together in the performance so you would make eye contact with him a lot when you sung and he did the same to you. You both were very flirtatious with one another, especially on stage.

You stepped off stage and into the dressing room while the vamps did their performance.

“Girl, when are you and brad going to just date already” one of your band mates said.

“What???” You said shocked.

“Its so obvious i see the way you look at each other, just go for it”

“You think so?”

“Yes for sure”

You were excited, because this meant other people saw it too and you weren’t just reading too far into it.

Then you saw him getting really close to one of the other girls, touching her hair and laughing. It seriously looked like he was into her. You felt  broken within a matter of seconds.

You ran into your room and a tear escaped from your eyes.

“Are you crying?” Brad said finally noticing you alone.

“No” you sniffled wiping your tears.

“You definitely were, what’s wrong?”

“Its a stupid thing.. I shouldnt even be sad about it”

“Aw dont say that, come on talk to me about it” he said wiping the tear stains on your face.

“I just, i dont know i kind of like you, like fancy you and i read something wrong because i saw you with alicia (other band member) and you obviously like her, and im just stupid” you said starting to cry again.

“Shh, stop no. fuck what did i do.” He said wiping your tears and brushing your hair out of your face.

“I really like you too, i thought if you saw me with alicia you’d get jealous and pay more attention to me, i know stupid but i didn’t think you’d cry please don’t cry” he said in a worrisome tone.

“Wait.. really?” You said recollecting yourself.

“Yes of course, look at you” he said holding your face.

You smiled in response.

“That’s what i love to see, your smile when your eyes light up” he said leaning in to kiss you.

“Thank fucking god, finally” tristan exclaimed, referring to you and brad causing you to cover your eyes and leaning into brad.

“Well, i guess since the feelings mutual its appropriate to ask; would you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes of course” you laughed a little before kissing him again.

The boys cheered, and you headed back to the dressing room where the 8 of you hung out while the crowd cleared. 

“would you grab a coffee with me?” brad said grabbing your hand.

“id love to” you said smiling, in pure happiness. 

anonymous asked:

Please could you possibly do a reaction to you having a panic attack and how they calm you down ? >.<

I hope you like it ^^ Thank you for your request!!

~ ADMIN Abbie

JIN : “Y/N!!! Look at me….Look at me okay? breathe, its ok.. im here for you..im right here…” He says as he holds you in a tight embrace and after a while he pulls you away and ask’s “Are you hurt anywhere?? do you need me to get some bandages or kiss it? what do you need”

JIMIN : “……STOP THAT! You are going to hurt yourself!” he says as he pulls you into a tight embrace. he holds you tightly and stokes your head softly. “Y/N…its ok….i promise….im here….i will be ok….i wont let anything happen to you! i will protect you from everything! even yourself.”

V : “Y/N…..Y/N listen to me…..Y/N…..please listen! it will be ok i promise! im sorry i let you get so upset! im sorry i let you feel alone! i will never let this happen again! im so sorry please forgive me! im right here and im not going anywhere! so please……calm down” he says while he holds you close.

SUGA : “..Im not sure what happened…but i dont want to see you hurting like this! i will be your punching bag! tell me everything thats on your heart and cry and rant and hit me if you have to! just please….please…..stop crying i promise you it will be ok” he says as he holds you in his arms and wraps a warm blanket around the two of you.

JUNGKOOK : “B-Babe….im not really good with stuff like this so im sorry i cant be of more help to you…but if there is anything i can do please let me know! i will do anything to make your heart feel better i dont care what it is! i just want to see your beautiful smiling face…so please…smile for me” he says as he kisses your forehead and pulls you into his arms.

JHOPE : He ran over and grabbed your arms and pulled you into a deep embrace and held you so tight you thought your bones were going to break. “Y/N…Please stop! i dont like seeing you hurt like this!!” Tears roll down his face and he holds you tighter.”Im here…..IM HERE SO!….So dont leave me…dont ever think your alone…dont ever cry by yourself…im here…and i know this will sound cheesy but i will be your hope….and i mean it”

RAP MONSTER : “Y/N what happened? talk to me ok? i bet you will feel better!  i will try to help to the best i can but i know how strong you are! i know that you will overcome this…because your my girl and my girl is the most beautiful and smartest and strongest girl in the world!” he says as he wipes away your tears and smiles at you cutely.

I HOPE YOU LIKED IT!!! Im going to be doing alot of requests or as much as i can tonight! :)