i dont know what im doing half the time

I love this photo of Tom Holland because he looks like a kid that’s been listening to his racist relatives argue over Christmas dinner for the last half hour:

okay so draco visits harry’s compartment like at least once every train ride right

i like to imagine he just sits around checking his watch like ‘no….its too soon’

'hmm like half an hour maybe’

'like i want him to know i care but i dont want him to think im over eager’

'goyle keep an eye on the time i don’t want to leave it too late he’ll think ive forgotten about him’

'crabbe what do you think has it been long enough to go visit potter yet’

asks about training at jyp compiled so I don't spam your dashboards

if you don’t mind me asking, when you said you decided to leave jyp because it was too stressful, what was the most stressful part about it? also you said that trainees were split into groups of 12-16, are those the people you’re likely to debut with or it’s just random groups of 12-16 where genders are mixed

the stress came from trying to keep up with the other trainees who were much better than i was, being alone in a foreign country, and knowing that i was missing a lot of school. the boys and girls are separated, and you’re grouped according to your skill level in dance.

did you get to meet any idols??

i was in the same lift as jae and dowoon from day6 for like 4 seconds; i just greeted them and they greeted me back and that was it

how much sleep did you get as a trainee?

it varied day-to-day, but I would say 3-5 hours ish

do trainees train together in jyp? like do they separate males and females, or do you have small groups or it’s all individual?

they’re separated. we’re split into groups of 12-16 based on how good we are.

I hope you don’t mind but I have so many questions about your trainee experience! Like, how old were you when you auditioned? Where/how did you audition? Do you speak Korean? You seem v casual about it so I assume you live in Korea? Sorry for all the questions. I auditioned for SM when I was in high school but was too scared to go to my callback, and now I’m kind of regretting it. I think I’m too old to get involved again now but I’m still curious lol

I was 14, I auditioned through email, I don’t speak korean, and I don’t live in korea. go for it, since you’ve already got a call back once, so there’s no harm in trying again :)

You had…. Fanservice lessons when you were a temporary trainee???

I did ^^ I’m pretty sure every trainee and idol has to practise fanservice

I hope you don’t mind me asking but how long did you train at jyp? and what did you mainly do? you don’t need to answer if you don’t want to, just curious - @doshigatai

it’s okay :) I trained there for about a month. we had loads of dance classes and they’d dump us in a practice room for the whole day and teach us choreo to random songs. I also had korean lessons, fanservice lessons, media training and vocal lessons.

if you don’t mind me asking, when did you audition for jyp? do you recommend other people to try to audition like even just for fun ?

I auditioned in december last year. if you want to, do it! I mainly did it out of curiosity. if you wanted to do it actually try and become an idol then obviously think about it a bit more.

idk if this is weird but did jyp put a lot of stress on how skinny you should be?

they didn’t constantly tell all of us to lose weight, but when I joined they gave me a target weight to hit. I heard from the other trainees who’d been there longer that if you don’t meet your target weight they’ll put you on a special diet or just kick you out.

What did you learn in fan service?? How to make hearts? Linking hands? Wearing flower crowns? Pouting when the staff takes away your drink? Annoying the members beside you? PRACTICING YOUR SIGNATURE SO YOU CAN DO 50 FANS IN 5 SECONDS????

pretty much LMAO but really we were just taught what to do with the gifts we got, how to pose for fansites, and how to interact with the fans and other members

Woah!! I didn’t know you were a trainee! That’s so cool! I read your answered questions already so that was helpful. But, I was wondering, what position did you audition for and could you maybe explain the process? I just graduated from high school and through out high school, I danced a lot and was also in a dance company for a couple years. I don’t know if I want to audition, b/c if I were to make it, could I still be in school abroad? I’m just really iffy about it, but I do have interest!!

I’m afraid I’m not going to be much help here :( I auditioned as a singer and I technically put school on hold to train full time. My friends sent me the notes and homework from school every day; I would stay up late to study on my own. My teachers (and jyp) allowed me to not to school in Korea under the condition that I would self-study, so I don’t know anything about the logistics of remaining in an overseas school.

Hey! I just learned about your experience with JYP? I was wondering.. so you lived in Korean for the month you trained ? Like you were not required to have an adult or someone like that ? How did you convive your parents ? My sister sings and she is really interested in trying out but she is not Asian.. do they kind of have less interest in non- Asian applicants ? Thank you !

i lived in the jyp dorms so i didn’t need an adult with me, like all trainees. my parents already kind of knew i wasn’t going to stay on and i’d pretty much made that decision before i even got there, so they were willing to let me go. and yes, they usually will not consider non-asian applicants unless you have an insane amount of talent or they’re planning on using your race as a marketing tactic.

if you don’t mind me asking, do you look korean/asian race wise? I don’t think its very likely they’d train someone who didn’t sadly, but i don’t know, so i’m curious. lol, thank you!

i’m fully asian (half korean, half chinese) so i hope that answers your question :)

hey i have a question about your trainee days!!! so SM is doing auditions in my country for like the first time ever and im so excited bc my dream has always been to be a singer, BUT im really old for whatever SM wants, like rn im 18 but when they come i will be 19 T__T, did you see old trainees during tour time at JYP?? or they only accept children?? lol. i dont what to delude myself but its going to be like my only chance ever so… its ok if you dont want to answer i understand!!!!

there were quite a few older trainees, but a lot of them have been training for a long time. i think the general rule for most companies is that they’ll usually take people up to 17ish, but if you have serious talent they’ll probably make an exception. i know sm follows this too (or that’s what i was told) but their uppermost limit is 25. don’t worry, you’ve got time :”)

I have questions about your trainee times, the Jyp entertainment take care about your hair like Dye and cut? (I’m worry because i don’t have a straight hair, i don’t know the word in English but i have to straight my hair 3 in 3 month’s) You earned some money to live, like eat and buy some things? They pay your ticket flight? Sorry about my english and all this questions ^ - ^ -@inoe-san

i have naturally straight hair so i’m not sure about the straightening thing, sorry :// they paid for my plane ticket and gave me a weekly allowance to buy food and stuff. your english is fine, don’t worry about it~

How difficult was it to get into JYP? I’m 16 (17 next Tuesday), and I recently received a small flyer to audition for PLEDIS… I don’t know if I should try to audition or not because I’m white and I know next to nothing in Korean, but I have been training as a singer since I was 6. I know that PLEDIS and JYP are two totally different companies with COMPLETELY different standards, but I just wanted to hear someone’s perspective on the auditioning process before I just up and sent in a tape…

it really depends on the company, to be honest. i sent in my first audition tape, and then a second when jyp asked for me to sing more songs, and i had one last “audition” when i got to south korea. the last one was technically just symbolic because they’d offered me a spot already, though. i don’t know if i’m just an over thinker but based on what i’ve heard i feel like certain companies intentionally make the process harder to check whether you’re actually committed to becoming a trainee. for me, i didn’t find it all that hard, but it changes from person to person. (just a word of advice though: learn korean in advance. seriously.)

i have a question about being a trainee. Would a company take in a non-korean english girl? i want to audition but i’m not sure they’d take an english girl soooo

this is just my opinion and i’ve said this above ^ but i highly doubt a company would take in a non-east asian person unless you’re either exceptionally talented or they want to use your race as a marketing tactic. it doesn’t hurt to try, though. (also, just keep in mind that foreigners struggle a lot in south korea. i’m a korean halfer and even i found it tough.)

Excerpt from The Story of the Seven: Reconstructed, an archival initiative seeking to recreate Madame Lucretia’s original notes with as much accuracy as possible. The following has been compiled by comparing post-Story accounts from dozens of dedicated chroniclers, with oversight from Madame Lucretia and the available members of the Starblaster’s crew. 

Excerpt begins 

Cycle 36, day 6

     We’ve finally found a sign of civilization, as well as plausible evidence that we are all blind idiots. As we flew over yet more icy foothills, Merle (Of all of us!) noticed that one of the mounds appeared to be smoking. Under more careful examination we realized that these ‘foothills’ were actually snowed-covered buildings, meaning it is quite likely the other foothills we’ve seen the past few days were also actually buildings. 

     We, the best and brightest of our deceased world, saviors of multiple realities, the last and only line of defense against the relentless malevolence of the Hunger, wasted nearly a week looking for signs of life when there were entire cities directly under our hull. At the risk of sounding pessimistic, I think this world may be fucked. 

Keep reading

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Any advice on color pallete challenges? Your at is breathtaking!

uhhh i can probably think of a few !!

1. going in bear in mind that it is a challenge and u may… not exactly like the colors ure given (god knows how it pained me to use that puke yellow in the ‘overboard’ palette) but dont let it overpower u!! theres always a way to make it look at least Pretty Okay, so dw itll be fine

2. color ur drawing two or even three different ways before fully going in! sometimes the variation you go with first isnt the best one and its not always clear to see, so try a few different combos and see what works best!!

3. this is just a personal preference but i usually go with the darkest color for the outlines in case i run myself into a corner without a way to seperate two colors so the drawing reads well but… idk if u go lineless this ones pretty useless fhjdjh

4. try to !! put some variation in neighbouring colors. like lets say u have a palette of 5 colors and u put two next to each other– throw that third or fourth one in!! switch it up keep it interesting and hope for the best

5. if ure worried ur drawing looks too bland put some scribblies in different places– lines, dots, random splotches of color, idk!! have fun with it!!! tell that challenge its got nothing on u and make it a fun experience for urself

honestly i dont know what im doing half the time but heres…..those

i honestly love how half the time i dont even know what the fuck im talking about when i suddenly tag a ruby headcanon on an irrelevant post because i usually do it just before logging off to go back to work and then i come back on after work and im like ………….. o

Please pray for me, I have so many things going on. For my first year of uni, I was in a program that I did not like much and I didn’t do very well - my mother pressured me into it because of ya know .. expectations. Anyway, halfway thru the first semester, she and I had a heart to heart and she understood that i was unhappy in that program and after a lot of prayers, she found a program for me that I love soo much but unfortunately, I might not get in because my grades are so low… :( I dont know what I’m going to do if I dont get in, i’ve already taken so many L’s this year and its only june.. Another thing im struggling with is my weight, i feel like its spiralling out of control. A year and a half, I pushed myself to start weight training at the gym and I calorie restricted to try and lose weight. It worked for a while, I looked better than I ever had in that time but then family drama, love drama and friend drama led me to start binge eating again and i gained all the weight back and more.. and then things happened to my body that I don’t know how to fix. Basically, I feel trapped in my own body, like people can’t see ME because of all this excess weight and health problems. I know that I shouldn’t self pity because im been blessed with an amazing mother who cares so much about me and an ok brother and a roof over my head, all of that which i dont take for granted but these problems weigh so heavy on my shoulders.. I just want to look .. normal and be able to wear things I like, and feel academic security and all of that. Im so sorry for rambling, thank for reading if you did

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A few days ago you talked about a persephone/hades au, but I raise you with this post I saw: reverse the story. Persephone (Ryan) has a crush on Hades (Shane), and draws him to a beautiful garden where he keeps him until Hades likes the guy so much he eats some pomegranate seeds to stay for half the year. In that half of the year, no one dies, and the gods get angry at Persephone wanting to keep his love longer

and the gods are like time for Punishment as you know greek gods do but Shane is all you will NOT touch him

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My part 2 is probably lost to cyberspace, but basically I just said we get Delicate, which is her realizing she is in the verge if something real. So she purges the last of those angry feelings with LWYMMD. SIG is the deep breath after letting all that go. And the last half of the album is her writing of experiences both past and present but feeling relieved, loved, supported, happy. Even TIWWCHNT has a playfulness to it not found in tracks 1-7.

the first half is like AHSDFHAHSDHFHSADHFH what is my life !!! $*#$@^#!!@#$^% there is all this stuff!! going!! on!! in all areas of it!! and i have a lot of feelings about that !!! and i need to process them and figure out WTF im gonna do!! Sometimes i wanna scream and yell sometimes i wanna lie in bed with my lover til the end of time i am jfosaijfoisjfiosjfsiojf 

and then so it goes is like deep breath taylor deep breath dont fight what you know is happening it’s a good thing just accept it accept all of it you’ve made the changes you need to make you’re gonna be fine honey this is good, real good

 and the second half is like AHHHHHHHHHHH everything is fine lolz dont worry i am all good i just had a lotta feelings before but im good now so like here i am here’s this sweet story of how i met this amazing dude and we fell in love and along the way i sorta did a revamp of my life and im very happy now with the changes i made lemme tell u all about it also have a nice day everyone

ninjago doctor who au

-lloyd is a time lord called the green ninja, but so many of his companions insisted he get a human name that he caved and goes by lloyd too

-lloyd runs headfirst into danger, always. usually by chasing after a cute person or shiny thing

-kai is his companion in this au, and every time lloyd calls him a child he smarts, because he’s twenty three, and lloyd’s like what sixteen?

-lloyd is a thousand years old

-lloyd: see? you’re a child. just twenty three?
kai: well to humans I’m an adult. a young one, but still
lloyd: oh, right. humans… you burn out so quickly, don’t you?

-lloyd insisting that the safest place in the universe is by his side. (kai disagrees with this statement)

-morro, lloyd’s cousin, and other last of the time lords, occasionally makes an ass of himself

-micah is here too because i can do what i want

-lloyd: kai, what do you see when you look at that boy?
kai: uh, i dont know? a guy?
lloyd: we have been to three universes, a satellite, and ten different human eras in seven locations. and i have seen that boy every time.
kai: what does that mean?
lloyd: it means im going to go over there and ask for his number

-half of this is lloyd and kai shenanigans and i l o v e i t

-lloyd: *hitting his sonic screwdriver* it doesn’t do wood! why does it still not do wood!
kai: *just kicks the door in*

-lloyd: oh, that’s wonderful!
lloyd: thats part of its charm!

-kai: why do you dress in ratty old sweaters?
lloyd: well when you’ve seen the universe for what it is in all its terrible and wonderful awe, it feels less like a red carpet event and more like going to a friend’s house

-lloyd is so happy go lucky and bright and cheerful about everything sometimes its easy to forget that his entire planet was destroyed

-lloyd just… casually forgetting about time lines, especially the one kai lives in

-lloyd: have you read that really cool webstory thingy, ah, 17776?
lloyd: wait, no, it hasn’t been released yet. in a couple of months

-lloyd: why dont you just go over and see shakespeare? im sure he’d love a visit from a fan
lloyd: no wait he’s been dead for hundreds of years

-lloyd: what did you think of the series finale of gameblood?
lloyd: wait, it hasn’t been aired yet
lloyd: and that show doesn’t exist yet
lloyd: … and the writers haven’t been born yet

-lloyd: im what humans might call… *puts on shades* autistic
kai: and?
lloyd: … time lords called it the same thing im autistic

-lloyd: humans! the best thing since sliced bread. I should know, i invented sliced bread
kai: no way

-lloyd: pick a place on the map!
kai: uh, how about… here.
lloyd: BOR-ING. lets go here instead!

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How do you make your scars for your rps?

cautions and warnings:

- gelatin hurts like a bitch when you pull it off your face, and might wax some of your face hair

- please dear god don’t burn yourself

- back to the face ones, trying to eat with these on is a strange experience bcus the gelatin pulls at your face a little.

- i don’t know what i’m doing

- i am not qualified at all

greAT. lets get started!


- gelatine (if you have liquid latex use that, i’m just cheap as hell and can’t afford it oops.)

- some ‘q-tips’ as you americans call them - one of which is cut in half bear with me

- a stirring utensil of some sort. use a popsicle, a fork, a spoon - it doesn’t really matter.

- boiling water (dont burn yourself)

- eye shadow (bruise-y and scar-y colours like reds, blues, whites, browns, greens etc.)

- maybe like some foundation or concealer or something idk

- stuff to apply the eye shadow and concealer/foundation (brushes, a makeup sponge, etc. etc.)

- a lil container of some sort


prepare your gelatin! (it is also good to note that now is a good time to put a base layer of a colour down where you want your scar to be but… im an idiot so i haven’t done that)

boil up some trusty water and pour a teensy bit into the container. pour some gelatin in and fiddle around with it until it looks about right and has a reasonable consistency. keep guessing until it looks about right.

you could alternatively measure out two teaspoons of gelatin and a couple teaspoons of water but im an idiot so…. guessing is the way to go!


wait for the damn thing to cool you animal - you dont want to give ur friend or yourself a burn - continuing to stir it so that it wont set

if its at a temperature that wont end in injury ((im watching u)) use one of the q-tips or a popsicle stick to apply the gelatin to wherever you’re putting the scar.

i chose to put it on my arm. once you spread it wherever it needs to be, in whatever shape you want, you can do the following to your new scar:

- put some more of the cooling gelatin on the gelatin on your arm to build it up and add clumps of skin gross

- take the q-tip you cut in half (or just one cotton ball end works too) and drag a line through the center of your scar. this makes it look like the gelatin is skin flapping up around the wound double gross

- i haven’t done it here but if you make some thicker gelatin you can put food colouring in it and make it look like a blood clot (the same person who taught me this did a third degree burn on my friend and she used it for blood clots and pus and honestly it was the most fascinating/disgusting thing ive ever seen)


use a makeup/regular sponge (or a brush but a sponge works best) and sponge on your first base colour until it looks like this:

and you might be thinking - kiera, that doesn’t look like a scar, that looks like a disease! to which i say - im trying okay, bear with me.


grab your eyeshadows etc and go crazy. generally just fiddle with what youve got until it looks right but i think i used foundation when i got too ham with the bruising and for the center of the scar to give it a flesh-y look.

The center is where your scar/wound is so i tend to make that more red/white, sometimes using some white eyeliner (or some highlight if you wanna go there) to make it look lighter. 

you can add some greenier colours around where the gelatin begins around the center is you want it to look a little more infected. on the gelatin bits you want kind of reddish, brownish tones so it looks like disturbed flesh ew and around the edges and outside you want the bruise-y tones of blue, purple, green, red etc or browns if you want it to look a little older.

You can also put yellows and foundation/concealer anywhere you want to look like it has puss in it so there’s that. mine ended up looking like this:

each time you do it it ends up a little different and you learn new things. in the photo above the gelatin could be a little thinner. However when the gelatin started peeling up a little it works to its advantage as it make its look as if chunks of my skin are coming off which is nice.

its really a matter of experimenting with it and at some point they might end up looking half alright like these ones did:


as said previously i dont know what im doing and am 100% not an expert. the only reason i know this is because last day of term in a whirlwind of being braindead an english teacher took pity on us and taught us the basics of making wounds.

apparently she used to teach special effects in a proper school for it??? it was pretty cool so i hope you enjoyed my horrific rendition or teaching you something that she taught me.


royalpeko  asked:

So i need some help, i just came out about being non-binary to my boyfriend and i think i just ruined our relationship. I told him about half an hour ago and he read it but hasnt replied. Im really scared that i ruined everything and i dont know what to do, help?

Take a moment to breathe, lovely. Be kind to yourself, you’ve just done a super brave thing <3 ~ Your partner may need time to process this, but after that you should try and approach having a conversation about what it means to you to be a NB person and also what it means for the relationship. Remind your partner that you’re the same person you were before you came out. If your partner responds negatively, then make sure that you’re physically and emotionally safe and then try and remember that if someone is that attached to binary gender roles then maybe you’re better without them.

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Ive been dating a girl for almost half a year without kissing her, we only held hands and such. And I want to, so much - dear lord-, but shes ace and i wanna fully respect how she wants things to progress, but now I just feel like I should make the first step, cause we like each other, but its my first relationship since I came out and it feels so much more than what Im used to, I freeze every time when I could do it, I just Dont. Know. What. To. Do. What do I do Asy? And Im in my mid 20s..gj me


Ask her. Ask her if it’s okay and she feels comfortable with kissing you/being kissed and touching. Have a conversation about it. she might not know what she feels comfortable with and may need to experiment with you. 

When in doubt in a relationship: talk about it! <3 always!

Okay I’ve had alot of CU dreams tbh but this one was the wildest okay??? Okay I have to share it because it was so unnecessarily intense that I’m shocked I didn’t wake up laughing but here it goes.

Mr. Krupp made everybody fucking go to school on CHRISTMAS and I was So Pissed that I magically materialized as George’s mom and went in there to give the principal a piece of my mind and THE BITCH IS IGNORING ME. So I grab one of his pencils and snap it in half right fucking infront of him and he Does Not Like That.

So I do it again


And then the THIRD TIME he snatches the pencil out of my hand and we fucking get into a full on brawl and he’s super fucking heavy but I shoved his ass anyway and I ran off and snatched up George and Harold and jumped in the car and I GET INTO A FUCKING CAR CHASE WITH MR. KRUPP DKFJDKDJDKFHSJS

oh my fuckigb goodness im cryin see ya later