i dont know what im doing but

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What art piece took the longest to do?

Jin: What art piece took the longest to do? Well I remember I did draw this like a year or 2 ago and it took me about 2 weeks?? I think..

Jin: Yoongi gave me a photo of us at the park and it looked really pretty but now I dont really know where the original photo went.. maybe its with Yoongi..
OH! and I did this digitally so it took me quite a long time

:-) my mother just found me on facebook and sent me a friend request even tho i was certain i was unsearchable/private on FB and my name is Ronnie on there. I blocked her and im just going to try and pretend that its a nickname or just because i dont like my birth name i dont know, i don’t know what i’ll say she won’t accept or like any of those answers and see it as me going against her or hiding something from her

so now she knows i use a different name

and ive been cry panicking at the thought of her forcing me to out myself since 8pm and its now 10:30 and my only saving grace is that she is in another state but that won’t stop her ruining my life if she decides that im doing something she doesn’t approve of

love it. very coo l.

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Pilot can I just say that everytime i look at your art I'm blown away just by how youre pregreasing in leaps and bounds! Like I know as an artist you might not see it but I can see just how good youre getting and I'm sorry if this is a little weird but I feel really proud of you as a fellow artist. Dude just keep drawing cause I'm excited to see what you put out

thank you so much! i feel like i’ve been doing a lot better with painting and color picking, two things i felt were very weak before! now im doing better with backgrounds too! i still have weaknesses, i rely very heavily on references but i dont think thats a bad thing exactly and my character interaction is still weak as well as placing characters in environments, but im working on it and its getting better all the time! messages like this mean a lot to me, i get worried that im not progressing sometimes but i know that i am ^u^

honestly, shout out to @tides-miraculous, they always make time for my questions and i owe a lot of my progress to them i believe 

im not forcing anybody to buy this deck of cards, folks. if youre unhappy with how ive decided to do this thing, then im sorry! but i dont feel that i need to change what were doing now and force people to restart work theyve spent nearly a month on. i only intended this to be a fun collaborative project - i know multiple folks who do tarot readings and none of them have expressed concerns about how symbolic (or not) the cards might be. if its useful as a real tarot deck, great! if its not, then thats unfortunate, but itll still be a neat collection of art and something cool for jojo fans to have, which is all i had in mind when starting out.

so, yknow, please dont come to me telling me our hard work has been pointless and this project ive worked so hard to put together is ultimately going to be worthless and useless, just because it doesnt appeal to you personally. if its a problem i can be reasonably expected to fix, id love to hear peoples thoughts. but i honestly dont appreciate un-asked-for critiques of the hard work of the 80+ people ive put together to do this, lol (especially just… saying the wips folks have posted look bad or wrong?). its definitely a little bit rude and not very welcome.

i actually feel like most of the artists whose work i have seen thus far have done well with the prompts they were given, and have tried to make their pieces fit the general themes of the cards that i gave them to work with. just because it doesnt look like the ryder-waite deck doesnt mean it wont work. im pleased with everyones hard work and i hope the beauty of their art will stand on its own and speak for itself to the quality of this project.

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Im crying in my room right now i dont know what to do My friend were using my phone and a tumblr notification came up. She went to my tumblr and found so much pro-ana stuff and thinspo and i told her Im not doing anything but now She's acting weird and idk what to do i wanna die

Seek comfort in her! Chances are she’ll want to help you overcome it - letting somebody know about this disorder makes you feel so much better, trust me!!

Im currently struggling with what to do next with my hair.

this never used to be a problem. 

i think i’ll stick to my current instagram parting, LOL. but i dont know , my hair is so long now, that its longer than my extensions, and ive been drooling over super long 70′s cher lengths. 

what should i dooooo

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my friend realized theyre nonbinary and i was talking about it with them and they said that they didn't really know "what to do next" in regards to transitioning. im assuming that means they want to transition but dont know how to go about it. i know transitioning is really personal and different for everyone (im trans too) but is there anything i can do to help them figure out what they want to do next or how to help them get to that point? how else can i support them?

Kii says:

Honestly, I would just say you should give them some space. You can refer them to resources (like this blog) but only your friend is going to be able to figure out what they want.

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what exactly is dnd ? i know its a game but is it online or whhat

uhh its a tabletop rpg! hard to explain. like a high-fantasy video game but in real life, and it involves rolling dice and shit. you dont have to be physically next to each other but u do have to actually talk so we play over discord/skype?

honestly googling it makes it seem overly complicated the only reason im into it is cuz of taz so id recommend giving it a listen

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Sure, like a famous actor would want to work with an amateur director who keeps getting fired from her jobs and has created a couple of unheard of films starring her best friend. Sounds legit.

I really don’t know why y’all still fuck with me. At this point you believe what you want to believe, but I’ve repeatedly given you more than enough proof that I’m not who this post claims I am. You can look it up on my blog. It’s readily available. Truth of the matter is, your hate for me doesn’t change the fact that I’m quite good at what I do. 

As for the actor we just attached, you may think it’s untrue, but the creative core of the film who know who it is seem to be quite excited. 

These are the producers, co-writer, actors, and cinematographer already attached to the project. Are they all lying too? They’re all up on IMDB if you want to check them out. Reece is a pretty well know indie actor who has starred in some incredible films, most of which have premiered and/or won awards at Sundance. How is he attached to the movie if I’m so awful then? One wonders. 

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nickname: Ali

starsign: Aquarius

height: lmao 4′10″/147cm

time right now: 9:37PM

last thing googled: “jungkook” i caN EXPLain i needed a drawing reference for work okay alskdjgalk

favorite music artists: i’ve been listening to a lot of Catfish & Bottlemen lately but some other recent faves are Dean, Two Door Cinema Club, AKMU, DAY6, Gallant

song stuck in your head : Spring Day 

last movie watched: Castle in the Sky

last TV show watched: The People v. OJ Simpson

what are you wearing right now: a grey anorak i picked up at this recycled clothing store akdljglak it’s so cute i love it but im so broke lmao

when did you create your blog: april 2016 but ive been on this hellsite for almost 5 years lmao yikes

what kind of stuff do you post: mostly reblog kpop, sometimes i shitpost and as a finishing touch, i sprinkle in the occasional aesthetic reblogs

do you have any other blogs: yeaaa but i dont rlly use it (i also have an astro side blog if anyone’s interested it’s kinda lame lol)

do you get asks regularly: haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

why did you choose your URL: i rlly love jimin and the number 13 so i thought why not 

gender: female

hogwarts house: slytherin (but everyone including my sister thinks im a ravenclaw??? cant relate)

pokemon team: ummmmm i was either team instinct or team mystic i dont remember i deleted the app to make room for other stuff srry dudes

favourite colour: pastels!

average hours of sleep: idk like 4-5

lucky number: 13

favorite character(s): prince zuko (ily u angsty lil shit) and katara from a:tla, raven from teen titans, ron swanson from parks and rec

how many blankets do you sleep with: 3

dream job: i’ll settle for cafe owner or beekeeper. (s a v e  t h e  b e e s)

following: 448

a love letter

i feel so bad about replying to messages 43898 days late bc tumblr won’t let me see them :( just know i appreciate all the supportive feedback i’ve been getting on my “change of path” with this blog! it makes me so happy seeing people who enjoy my new direction ^^ don’t doubt on messaging me if u do too!

and to the ones who were here for olicity/arrow exclusively, i’m sorry :( i’ve felt very disappointed with arrow since the end of season 4 and i am not keeping up with it anymore. i wish someday i can go back to liking it, but the show hasn’t been the same for me and i just couldn’t bring myself to enjoy it anymore. but i totally get and respect people who still do ;) 

so, from now on, i have no idea what this blog is going to become. as you may have noticed i am really into kpop and kdramas now, and i also reblog about shows and movies and things i like in general!

i thought a lot about deleting cause i didn’t want to disappoint anyone, but i still have good friends from this fandom that i talk about mostly privately and on twitter, and i didn’t want to lose 2 years of great memories

SO if you don’t like what i blog about and you wish to unfollow but you still want to keep contact with me, i am on twitter as @ nuggetae ! if u tell me i will be sure to follow you back :)

and just know that you should never feel forced to watch show or be in a fandom u don’t enjoy anymore :) there are many out there for you! don’t be afraid to change paths!

love, nora :) xx

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Not here for a fic rec, but to tell you you always do an amazing job at recc'ing fics. I dont know how you do it tbh. Your masterpost is so organized, it's my first source when i wanna read something new. I know the drama sometimes gets over the top, but i hope you dont ever leave the fandom because the job you do is amazing. Hope your are doing great. lots of love

Omg anon you’re the best thing who could happen to me tonight!!! Seriously. Thank you so much.
I don’t know what’s going to happen in this hell of a fandom now, but one thing is sure: even if I unfollow my entire dash to try to pretend stunt or babygate are not happening (Im really thinking about it), I’ll stay for the fics. So for now, you’re still safe ;)
Thank you again, you’re the reason I haven’t give up yet 😘😘

Yuri on Ice fandom according to Tumblr

Ep1: Wow this is pretty gay
Ep2: Damn this cant possibly get anymore gay
Ep3: This cant possibly get anymore gay
Ep4: This cant possibly get anymore gay
Ep5: This cant possibly get anymore gay
Ep6: This really cant possibly get anymore gay
Ep7: I stand corrected
Ep8: Hah ok, but whens the wedding
Ep9: Oh shit wait

so, the kiss was huge and its being widely discussed

but like, the kiss happening or not happening is not even that conclusive to it being canon. like someone has said already, they have been canon for some weeks now, but this episode RLY cemented it, and it was beyond the kiss. like

man. thats canon.

(specially the last pic. their gazes, victors hand behind yuris head to protect it from the fall, yuris hand clutching the back of his coat, i wanna die)

and i have the BIGGEST soft spot for yuris mental monologue during his performance. he doesnt put victor on a pedestal anymore, he says victor is inexperienced and an idiot, and he wants to surprise him and go beyond his expectations, and its so endearing. victor lost his cool bc he was worried, and he shows how deeply he cares for yuri. every new episode, theyre growing and i DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. im so hyped this is bad.