i dont know what else you want me to do

Me: Oh, it’d be so nice if my OTP held hands or hugged!

YOI Creators: Done. What else?

Me: Oh well, it’d be super nice if they lived together somehow. Domestic stuff. Parenting -

YOIC: Done. What else?

Me: Oh! Well I don’t know, ahah, kisses and confessing their love would be super cute and nice but that’ll never happ–

YOIC: Done. What ELSE?

Me: Well …. I’ve never gotten this far so …. ml hahaha wouldn’t it be crazy if they got engaged? Gosh that’s so–


Me: *stuttering* I - I I don’t know what else to want? I’ve never - this is uncharted -

YOIC: *Shaking me by the collar* WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT. NEXT.

Me: *breaking down crying* Please … i dont know … i dont even care about the grand prix just … don’t hurt the dogs anymore…. oh gosh …this is so new I … let me live. … *choked sobs*

Give Me Polyamorous Power Couple Hamliza Or Give Me Death

~Eliza growing up having constant crushes on both men and women and trying to articulate what she wanted to Angelica but never being able to explain it the way she wanted

~When she’s in a relationship: “I want her” “But you’re dating Peter” “I want him too” “But you have to choose” “Why do I have to choose?” When she’s not in a relationship: “Ooh, Liza’s got a crush! Spill it!” “Well, there’s Arthur and his girlfriend, and Sally and her girlfriend, and Jason, and Mary…” “Whoa whoa whoa, slow down, how many crushes can you have?” “Shush, I’m not done”

~When she meets Alexander and quickly falls into her most serious relationship ever she expects the multiple crush thing to stop (Spoiler alert: it doesn’t)

~Eliza feels like a horrible girlfriend because she’s so happy with Alex but then Susan from work will start up a conversation with her in the break room and she’s instantly all heart eyes

~Tearfully she admits it to Alex one night and he’s thrilled because “no there’s nothing wrong with you I promise!!!! You’re just polyamorous!!!!”

~They spend the rest of the night talking about it

~Eliza needs some time to adjust since she’s spent so much time trying to push it aside that she doesn’t really know what else to do but Alex is very helpful

~The first time she tells him about Susan he’s instantly chanting ask her out over and over until she’s laughing and blushing at his antics

~Half a year later and Eliza is subtly sending Alex updates from her dates while he sends her multiple thumbs up emojis and does the same with his own

~She also sets up him and Angelica and when Angelica gets confused about it she’s like you need to stop sacrificing yourself, let yourself be happy

~They share embarrassing stories about him with each other

~He meets John and them after Eliza in this one and it’s all separately

~Hercules comes first because Eliza’s father invited them to a fancy dinner party and Alex needs a suit and since he’s not well educated on these things yet she comes along to help

~Hercules is instantly smitten with Alex and Alex is instantly 😍 because “Eliza look at him!!! He looks like a damn quarterback but he’s so sweet and gentle!!!!” “Either you ask him out or I will”

~Hercules not-so-subtly likes guiding Alex around even though he thinks he’s being smooth

~“Alex there was really no point for him to put his hands on your waist like that, he could’ve told you to just move to the side one step” “… Yeah but did you see how well they fit there he could probably lift me up so easily” “Wow you’re so easy” “Do I need to bring up that cute barista the other day” “pLEASE DO WE HAVE A DATE THIS WEEKEND”

~By the end of the time there Alex is going out to lunch with a pleased but confused Hercules and Eliza is eagerly awaiting every cute picture and text

~From then on he has to deal with both Eliza and Alex stealing his clothes but he can’t really fight since they both look so cute in his sweaters

~The rest come really quickly after that

~Lafayette meets Hercules before the others because they come in requesting a special dress to be made and Hercules is Gone

~“You… You want a dress with a full skirt… But when you pick at a stitch on it the dress falls down into a ball gown?” “Yes, exactly!” “Can I ask why?” “Why? Well, chéri, it’s because I must ensure that I always am prepared for any eventuality and at the top of that list is a need to always look beautiful but entirely unattainable. Oh, that reminds me! It needs to be floor length with my being in eight-inch heels, I have a pair with me so you can measure accurately” “Oh holy shit”

~It takes them exactly one weekend to be brought into the relationship (Alex sees them and instantly is stunned into silence, Eliza flirts and within two minutes they’re already co-conspirators)

~John is next and he struggles with his sexuality and anything that comes from it so he’s very much in the closet when they meet

~John and Alex immediately are best friends and Alex tries asking him out but John very quickly refuses him and Alex takes a step back

~The combined power of the four of them helps to bring John out of his shell even though he’s very shy about it all so they’re respectful and let him suggest everything and move their relationship forward in his own time

~The first time he asks to spend the night with all of them there’s a little fight over who gets to sleep next to him

~Eliza and Hercules win, Lafayette and Alex pout

~Aaron and Theodosia Burr AKA Theo, Eliza, and Lafayette kill and the rest of them are literally powerless against them

~Dates are really fun with them because now there’s enough people to go on group dates and everyone can have a supposed other instead of it being just the mess of them (They still do it as the whole of them, its just more fun to have the people think they’re all separate couples then watch as they get more affectionate as the night goes on)

~Don’t think I’ve forgotten about the Washingtons

~George favors Alex and Laf, Martha favors Eliza, Angelica, and Theo, George is platonic with John, Hercules, Aaron, and the girls, Martha is platonic with everyone but her girls and sometimes Alex and Lafayette (She likes showing off that she’s perfectly capable of stealing them away from him but is graciously letting them stay with him. George jokes back and tries to rally Laf and Alex to joke too but they need time to come back to that plane of existence)


~Eliza and Alex get so many kisses and cuddles since they’re the heart of it all

~Alex dragging everyone outside to look at the stars

~Lots of hot chocolate when Alex drags them outside

~Lots of spiked hot chocolate when they think Martha isn’t looking

~She totally knows since John keeps giggling but she let’s them have fun


~Eliza starts flirting with him to bug Alex

~Eventually she starts flirting with him for Alex no matter what he says

~“Look at the tension good god” “Betsey I swear…”

~Eliza has a near constant stream of frustrated texts from George

~“Eliza I’m suffering” “What is it this time, dear?” “They’re arguing again and they look two seconds away from making out” “I’m working on it. Have patience” “I can’t have patience anymore I can’t have meetings because this happens in every one”

~All the hate sex

~All the Jeffmads+Alex hate sex (I would include Aaron but the frustrations are over Washington but Aaron knows why Alex is favored by him and has worked out his own balance with George so he’s not jealous)

~Alex pulls them into the dynamic and they finally understand

~George doesn’t mind them finding out, he’s just glad the tension is gone (Though he has cut more than a few work days short because he walked in on them fucking on his desk because Alex wanted to tease him and he can’t handle that so he just walks out)

~There’s multiple incidents where they try to tease Angelica but she is Not Having It and takes great joy in showing them why

~Angelica Schuyler is my queen she wouldn’t handle any bullshit from them


~Elizabeth “If you touch one hair on my girl’s head I will personally kick your ass from here to California don’t test me” Schuyler

~Obviously she moves in with them immediately and spends every night sleeping between Alex and Eliza

~When things become too much in the city Eliza and her take a trip down to Mount Vernon for a girls-only retreat

~Maria and John never start a romantic relationship but they hit it off very quickly since they’re both abuse survivors (Her with James, him with his father) and John is more healed than she is but there’s wounds he’s still licking and sometimes its nice to just spend the day in silence with someone who understands that company is more important than conversation

~Eliza and Alex creating a crazy huge family for themselves which has confusing interconnecting romantic and platonic relationships but they love it so much they can’t describe it

~Whenever anyone asks about it Alex shows them the graph he’s made for them all

~Everyone has a specific color and one poor soul asks why he chose those colors and spends the next 45 minutes listening to him talking about why each of his signifs was given that very color choice

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Hi! I want to ask advice.I'm learning fine art at a university, and try to do my best, but every day I feel like the fandom groups/facebook etc. slowly but surely kill my passion for 3 years. Ignorance, humiliation, disregard. I'm at my wit's end. I dont know what should I do, I want to keep drawing, but I feel like its pointless, and no matter how hard I try my artwork is useless. I feel like I'm making a mistake by believing, I can work as an artist, and I should search for something else.

This message kind of makes me very sad. 

There’s one thing I can advice. Quit the groups and fandom circles that make you burn out so much. There is no way every single fan in a fandom you love is ignorant, or humiliating, or disregarding. Find YOUR people who will support you and re-charge your passion. 

I feel like it’s in a way how I feel about tumblr recently. I see so many posts on my dashboard that either make me super bitter or annoyed…I kind of feel like a sea of salt after I spent too much on tumblr, but whenever I’m out of it I’m back to the ray of sunshine. I guess there are blogs and posts I feel no longer connected to. And it’s normal.

SO. Try finding someone you connect to. Having a one loyal friend in a fandom you can always talk to is much better than seeing the art (even if it’s great art) from a person you don’t understand. 

There is absolutely no way that your artwork is USELESS. I generally feel that the main point of art should be bringing YOU joy. If you draw there should be something you love about it. I guess it shouldn’t really rely on recognition only. 

Also, I might sound like Katara, but hey, faith pays off. If you truly believe in something it’s going to get you there eventually. 

hi. it’s la'shaunae
im in a very toxic and verbally abusive environment and im scared that ill hurt myself soon if i dont leave.
i cant find work (so pls dont send mean anons telling me not to “beg” online)
ive been trying very hard to sell my clothes but im still not really making money from that
and i do not know what else to do but i trust all of my online friends
ive been stressed and crying almost 80% of the day EVERY night and i just want to be more happier for once
ive been trying to get noticed online by modeling companies but i have been unsuccessful with that.
just donating a lil will add up eventually
i gave my family all that i had and now im left with nothing and not getting help
my bank account was closed bc of my hospital bills putting me in debt
im gnna save up in my paypal (bc my bank account closed) to move out
i dont know where the fuck ill go but ill have somewhere to go thats not here.


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i never thought tae///kook is real because they slept next to each other in bon voyage, i mean i slept next to my best friend and sister so many times, jk said ''i want you'' for jimin for three times, i dont know what else they want

personally, tae/kook has always been 100% bros being bros, strictly-platonic-maybe-they-crushed-on-each-other-for-five-minutes type of relationship to me. I’ve been best friends with the same girl for almost 9 years, and we act like Tae/kook. We used to have a handshake (like tae/kook do), we slept in the same bed before (like tae/kook have), we address each other as best friends as ‘loser’ and ‘stupid’ (like jungkook said him and tae are ‘dumb and dumber’ friends). There has never been a tae/kook moment that made me think they were romantically involved or crushing on each other. It seems like a bro-filled platonic love. So, the only tae/kook moment that i could think of at the time was the bon voyage behind the scenes sleeping photos.
But as I said…. the evidence that Jikook shippers have….. just makes Jikook seem so realistic and pure and full of romantic love. There’s so many instances where I see a Jikook moment and have to take a step back because they were just too REAL. Like this hotel room thing, or the pat on the head in the recent vlive (where jimin had leaned forward as if too kiss jungkooks head), or Jimin’s twitter video on JK’s grad day, or Jungkook physically retracting his hand and curling it into a fist when he accidentally caressed Jimin’s back, or the most recent backhug where Jungkook just seemed… at home with his head resting in Jimin’s neck. It just seems too real to me, so much that it scares me.

Disobey ( kim taehyung smut)

(Mommy kink )

“Taehyung what did mommy say? ” you try to keep a stern voice as he rubs your ass. “She said wait until she’s finished cooking right? ” he nods but continues what he’s doing . “But i don’t wanna wait mommy ” he says in a teasing tone. “Why should i have to wait for what is mine?” He lifts up your dress and pushes his clothed erection against you. You turn to face him. “ go and sit down or else” you say your voice much softer than what you wanted . “Mommy i dont want to i want you i know you want me too that’s why your so wet~” . You walk into the bedroom he follows close behind. “Just get on the bed tae” he hops on the bed and pulls down his pants enough to let his erection spring free it’s a bit red and throbbing he’s really needy. “Mommy please ” you climb over him and move so his erection is in your face and your heat is in his . Before you get a chance to speak he’s eagerly lapping at your folds and lightly wiggling his hips. You wrap your hand around his erection and pump slowly. You bite your lip as you feel him start to slowly tounge fuck you. “Taehyung” you breathe out . You put your mouth on him finally and suck ,he wraps his arms around your thighs to secure you in place and lightly bucks his hips you moan around him already feeling that knot in your stomach, you suck and pump him and soon his bittersweat cum fills your mouth and you swallow because you know he likes that. Soon you release and ride your orgasm out on his face but he hasn’t let go of your thighs and soon he’s licking you into overstimulation you feel your second orgasm already approaching you close your eyes knowing you’ll be at this all night but you dont really mind tho.

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And maybe I was never in love with you. I just craved the feeling. I wanted to be in love so badly. And more importantly I wanted someone who is in love with me too. I wanted someone who will be there for me when everybody else left. Someone who will make me always laugh and when he makes me cry once he will stay after our fight. He will stay. He will be there. For me.
I wanted someone like that.
But now I realized that I don’t need you for that. I have friends. I have people who care about me even when we don’t have a relationship. I don’t need you. I don’t need to be in love.
—  I just wanted to feel that feeling
  • naruto: idk i think i dont really wanna be hokage anymore
  • sasuke: huh?
  • naruto: i mean like. it was kind of a kiddy dream, right? i don't really think i want the job, i don't think i'd be very good at it. i just wanted the acknowledgement, really, but i've got that! and i've got friends, and family... i think i'm good.
  • sasuke: that's good, then.
  • naruto: but idk what else to do with my life if i don't do that, you know? that was the whole plan.
  • sasuke: are you asking me for advice?
  • naruto: i mean, i guess?
  • sasuke: dude i didn't plan to live past like, max 17. i'm wingin' absolutely everything here.
  • naruto: dude
  • sasuke: why do you think all my decisions are so poorly thought out?
  • naruto: because you're stupid?
  • sasuke: shut the fuck up

If you guys run a Throne of Glass and/or ACOTAR blog or reblog it often can you like or reblog this post? I finally caught up with both series and I’m dying for some fan art. 

(Also if someone wants to COMFORT ME after that CATASTROPHE that was the end of ACOMAF please do because I honest to god almost threw up and I need someone to tell me I wasn’t overreacting)

you know .. i did love you . i loved you so much i couldnt breathe . you consumed my entire being and i guess thats why i let you treat me the way you did . i honestly don’t know what you got out of destroying me time after time but i do hope that you don’t put anyone else through that . i waited . i waited and waited for you . i gave you chance after chance and i left you with every last thing i had and you took it all without a single care in the world . i tried to hang on because i really thought you were worth it . but today i just stopped waiting . i dont want to hear “i miss you” anymore although i hope you do miss me . and you know , once upon a time i would have given my last breath for you to say that . but now i hope you see me so happy that i look like im about to explode and i hope it kills you . i hope you drop to the floor and feel like the breath is being sucked out of you and you realize what you gave up . because i gave you the world and i kept fighting long after i should have stopped and you didnt deserve that
—  daily tumblr quotes (via hannahxhardin)
Dear trans MLM

Please dont “settle” for anyone who treats you bad. I know from personal experience and I regret it everyday, so I am writing this post as someone who doesn’t want other trans MLM to go through the same.

On a few occasions, I had felt pressured to like someone or be with them simply bc they liked me. my thinking was basically “who knows when someone would ever like me again?” “so they treat me like shit, its not like a person like me could ever do better” “he’s straight and constantly misgenders me but i like him and he says he likes me too and thats all that matters” we need to stop believing that crap. you can do better.

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Anon's right you really don't take your own advice, though I wouldn't call it empty, and as you're just a college student on a blog I wouldn't expect you to be some guru

im not sure what you mean by “advice” because i dont really post that aside from when people directly ask me for it (and i ignore a lot of messages because i simply dont know what to say)?? most ideas i post are just things i want to write down as a reminder to myself…its not for anyone else (no offense) unless they happen to relate to it. so idek why strangers are telling me whether or not i “follow my own advice”…not to mention you wouldnt even be able to see whether i do that or not because this is literally a website on a screen… im over it tho i guess its inevitable for strangers to always be overstepping since this is the internet so they feel they can say whatever they want to people they dont know in the slightest

im like tt (taggy thingy)


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GENDER: female
HEIGHT: 156cm (5′1″)
LAST THING GOOGLED: polar bear paws
FAVORITE BANDS: the list could go on forever tbh but… bts, got7, nct, infinite, sf9, seventeen, monsta x, astro, exo, block b, b2st, bigbang, bap, 24k, etc.
FAVORITE SOLO ARTISTS: jay park, dean, zico, taemin, etc.
SONG STUCK IN YOUR HEAD:  not today - bts
LAST MOVIE WATCHED: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
WHAT KIND OF STUFF DO YOU POST: im like 200% kpop
WHEN DID YOUR BLOG REACH ITS PEAK: havent gotten there yet LOL
DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS: yeah! i have an anime, personal, and venting one
WHY YOU CHOSE YOUR URL: i wanted a cute and short url that was semi-kpop related heh
POSTS: 546
HOGWARTS HOUSE: gryffindor (but i was literally like 1% away from slytherin..)
FAVOURITE COLOURS: blue, black, white, gray
LUCKY NUMBERS: 1, 3, 7, 8
FAVOURITE CHARACTERS: i have too many to list..
WHAT ARE YOU WEARING RIGHT NOW: gray t-shirt with plaid pajama pants!!
DREAM JOB: somewhere in the medical field so maybe doctor, pharmacist, pediatrician??
DREAM TRIP: south korea!! (no surprise there tbh..)

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my english is bad...but let's go!! Do you remember that video? youtube / watch?v=qJ8ukShu0Pk When Namjoon starts talking to Jimin... I feel something so different. :/ It's like he knows how hard it was BUT now things have changed and Jimin can be who he wants to be. It looks so much like a "I'm on your side" no matter what. Jimin has changed a lot. Namjoon should be talking about his insecurity but I see something else. I can see that... is just me?

Your english is fine, its not my first language either so dont worry!
It got more serious when it was Namjoon’s turn and I love it, how this guy is so encouraging and supportive of his members.
We all know Jimin used to be very hard on himself, he’s a perfectionist and he sets the bar high for himself (he still does). That’s how he reached this level as a performer. I guess “his natural coolness” they all talk about was mainly the fruit of his work and now Namjoon basically told him that he finally reached it and that he didnt need to overwork himself anymore. This whole thing just proves how harworking he is and how great of a leader Namjoon is.

U know what i really dont understand. When ppl know that someone else is racist and theyre like “yeah ppl like that, i just avoid talking about politics w them n i avoid confronting them bc that would just not be worth it!” Like???? You are literally prioritizing staying peaceful friends with ur racist person rather than trying to bring an important issue to the table. Like i literally DO NOT want to be associated with anyone who has any slight trait that Trump might have. Or like at work??? When i have racist costumers (and trust me i do) my boss tells me to suck it up and stay polite no matter what happens. But to me, if i were to do that, that sounds like i prioritize money and keeping my job over standing up for myself and confronting that person with their racist attidude. Now i know that everyones situation is different and for some people it’s v vital for them to keep their jobs due to financial situations, so i get it that some ppl migt suck it up!! But let’s consider the situation where my job isnt essential to keep and where these so called racist friends (are definitely) not essential to keep, why is it that some white ppl are still willing to suck it up and avoid confrontation in order to prioritize money and keeping friendships?


and so because of this imma probably be more productive with my writing since i have nothing else to do!! so!!! please!!! please let me know if theres anything at all i can write for you!!!!!! im being so serious like please dont be afraid i just want to make you all happy thnk uuuuuuu also im on like super lethal amounts of benadry l so i might be a little loopy tongitht!!!! i cant tyoe since im in the dark my b my b

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(boyfriend anon) pt1 so we were sitting on his bed and i was like "babe your'e birthday is in two weeks what do you want" and he said " ehhhh idk i dont really care" and i was like "well okay just think about it and let me know" ten mins pass and he goes " hey babe how about a free pass for my birthday" i was like " wtf is a free pass" and he says " i can sleep with someone else and you can to but we are still together"

(boyfriend anon) pt2 and iwas like “ EXCUSE ME ” and he was like “yeah thats what i want” i was like “ if THATS what you want break the fuck up with me.” he said" no i love you i wouldnt do that" i said “ but you would sleep with someone else. if thats truly what you want break up with me” and said something like its not like im cheating im asking permission and i was crying looked at him got up walked out closed his door and went home i now have 20 missed calls, 25 texts from him

ahhh i am so sos sorry my love :( i would wait like a dayish so that things cool down again, and then talk about the different things you guys want and decide where to go from there!!! i am in the same boat as you personally, but everyone is different!!! i hope for the best my love xx

everyday i get looks i get judged based on my appearance i get asked if im slinging crystal i get told that ive been banned from whole foods becAuse i am being mistaken as something i am not. A convict drug slinging hobo my guess and how do i feel? as a girl ive always wanted to embody lightness and beauty but everytime i try i fall out of it because its not me you know? doesnt feel natural and i dont think i can train my body, i dont think i want to live like this so much alienation like i dont feel threatening or felonious and i smile at strangers so what else… i dont want to be here