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anonymous asked:

okay im sorry to ask you this but i dont feel comfortable asking anyone else cuz of cisnormative language. i was hanging with my friends yesterday and got kicked in the junk. (afab) i woke up and i can barely walk cuz of dull pains when i move i think its a bruise but i dont know what to do help? (could you tag this hen so i could find it later?)

Kii says:

I would suggest putting ice on the area (preferably put a towel or clothes between the ice pack and your skin, because it’ll be on sensitive bits.) I don’t know who kicked you or why, but even if it was done as a joke, ask for it not to be done again, because, as I mentioned before, those are sensitive bits. Check the area for any bruising or swelling, and if you find any, keep an eye on it and see a doctor if it or the pain doesn’t go away.