i dont know what color that is its like grey

so, @fifth-harmony tagged me in this thing. i’m bored so imma do it :) 

relationship status: im a loving, healthy, and open relationship with jesy nelson and @jenniferxjareau (aka single, unless zoey trynna do something [tongue emoji])
fave color: lavender and grey
lipstick or chapstick: chapstick
last movie: moana, i really dont watch movies that often. 
last song: nothing feels like you by little mix
top 3 shows: big brother (when its not trash, its literally been 5 seasons since there was a good cast that held my attention all season. rip. bring back the bb14 cast), boy meets world. (i know thats only two but i really dont know what else to put other than like bewitched or i dream of jeannie)
top 3 ships: jesy nelson x odell beckham jr. (can you believe they will literally NEVER meet each other? its tragic), jesy nelson x me x perrie edwards, taylor swift x joe jonas …. yeah i know all real people and what not, but theyre my ideal ones. bye

i tag @aflirtatioussmile, @jenniferxjareau, @jessicanelson, @jadeamethirlwall …. and whoever else wants to do this, i dont know. 

pumpkinspies  asked:

If you don't mind my asking, what watercolor palette do you use? The colors are so soft and I love them

it’s 36 pan White Nights St. Petersburg watercolours. i just mix for the colours i like, although there are good earth tones in this set. my chromium oxide got lost and there’s a replacement winsor & newton half pan now aswell as a green-grey that i dont know the name of. i think any higher quality watercolours could work :^o also sometimes there’s winsor & newton inks too that i use


you know life’s being a bitch when u cant decide on an eye color

green is my least favorite color, but i think its really cool as an eye color, i think its the rarest in real life?

i adore blue/light blue so much it gives that innocent look, and it goes really well with pale skin,

gold/yellow on the other hand, looks more aggressive like red/orange

idek anymore, what do u guys think?