i dont know the name of the ship

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consider: valhansole (what even is a ship name lmfao) with guy

valensolecock? solevalencock? solecockentine? i dont know.

but im not sure what i imagine for guys future relationships. i dont think id go as far as to ship him with anyone at this point, but heres a situation where theyd all be together <3

he wouldve almost shot hancock too if he didnt roll into a spiel about how he runs goodneighbor right after

ok i maybe dont really ship bughead but i love juggy so much that if he is happy then i am happy hes still figuring out his sexuality and i am there for it i would love to see an asexual jughead be portrayed at some point because there is such a lack of asexual representation in media today, but aces can still fall in love and harbour romantic and platonic feelings and you know what i just really love jughead ok


i don’t think they’re trying to take us


so i started reading the Ron Chernow book and i just


he’s already naturally rosy cheeked, imagine if he gets flustered and laughs hard enough that he blushes im cryI N G

i really respect the star wars franchise for not compromising or stopping to take time to explain what the hell everything is or whats happening like outside of the intro scroll its just in the world 100% like bam! heres a planet with these things! u dont know what they are? well fuck it cuz theyre here! also! this guy! we’ll say his name one time and then thats it! he’ll just be here for the rest of the movie! here u go! some terms were throwing in that may be bullshit but this is star wars so screw it! bam! space! bam ! flying ships and shit! u dont get it? well sucks for u cuz were still moving along assholes! pew pew laser fighting montage with characters whose names we may not have brought up but ull grow to care for them anywayyyyy!