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I feel that yes, they give us more of love triangle, but Yousef being with Noora and still looking for Sana and provoking her like today would make me angry, more than the kiss. this made me sad, for Sana, but I know that there is an explanation and that, In last instance, neither Noora nor Yousef were hurting Sana with intention.

yeah the kiss is one thing, but continuing to lead her on WHILE he’s with noora would be……next level fuckboy. thats the kind of shit that the worst kind of fuckboys would be all like…’dude..not cool’ i think even p-chris would disapprove

but anyways, i dont think it’ll happen unless julie wants us all to hate yousef and kill yousana :) (so it wont happen)

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Nickname: Joon, I guess that’s it
Gender: Male/Agender
Star Sign: Taurus
Height: 5′3 / 160cm
Time right now: 18:01 when I type this
Last Thing I Googled: “the xx I see you download”
Favorite Bands: Green Day, Of Mice & Men, top, panic!, a lot more
Favorite Solo Artist: Ed Sheeran
Song Stuck In Your Head: Hearts Dont Break Around Here - Ed Sheeran
Last Movie I Watched: Rock Dog (2016)
Last TV Show I Watched: Uh idk
When Did You Create Your Blog: Jan 2014
What Kind of Stuff Do You Post: humour
When did your blog Reach its peak? Idk
Why Did You Chose Your URL: It’s a line in my fav song from Starset, Telescope
Other blogs? @breadhowell
@autisticjasongrace @jonasisdepressed
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Pokémon team: Instinct
Favorite Colors: Purple/black
Hours of Sleep: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Lucky numbers: 2 and 7
Favorite Character: Sirius Black, Piper McLean
What are you wearing right now: black shorts, pink socks and a tshirt with a pocket that has a lil pattern
How many blankets do you sleep with: 1 or 2
Dream job: Chemist or musician
Dream Trip: Canada

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i dont talk about bismuth enough but i dont understand how ANYONE could see her as cruel or mean or evil? like, lets take what we know about gems being bubbled; we know that their exact last memory is what caused them to be bubbled, so theyre still in the moment when they get UN-bubbled, right? peridots unbubbling proves this much, at least:

based on her finishing the sentence she had been shouting while she poofed, and her continued movement into attacking/defending herself, we can assume as much?

so we know that bismuth, upon being unbubbled, was probably having the memory of rose, one of her most trusted friends and allies, attacking and injuring her severely. but what does she do the moment shes unbubbled, and finds herself in a strange and unfamiliar location (lions mane)?

shes SCARED at first, almost terrified once she comes out, but then she sees steven! and her first response to this strange human is to be so gentle and soft and KIND with him…

it breaks my heart that both fans of the show and the show itself demonizes her. there are heaps and heaps of discussion about how shes evil but i just cant understand how anyone could see her like that and she deserves better. thanks for your time thats all

When after a long time searching you finally find a long, well written and interesting fanfic

random college tips

i. get to your classroom early if you don’t have a class beforehand

not only are you guaranteed the best seat in the house, but there’s something about being in a classroom or lecture hall that makes you feel productive and focused. bring a book or writing assignment for a different class with you and just Do It

ii. pack your bag the night before

especially if you have early morning classes and are not a morning person. this will help you have a less stressful morning and will help you make sure you have everything you need for the day prior to leaving your dorm

iii. don’t overannotate

annotations are designed to help you identify the most important parts of the book/novel, meaning important themes, character development, big events, the implications of said events, etc. by over highlighting and over annotating i can guarantee you you aren’t doing yourself a favor !!! i’m gonna make a post later about how i annotate so be on the lookout

iv. stay on top of your readings

seriously. it is a pain in the ass trying to catch up on a week’s worth of reading in five different classes. it is stressful, it’s time consuming, and it’s exhausting. even if you’ve had a long day and you’re not in the mood to read an entire 20 page chapter in your american government textbook, just do it !!! your brain and your mental health will thank you the next day

v. try your hardest not to miss class

i’m mentally ill and prone to sickness, so i understand that sometimes it’s hard. it also feels worse when you miss class and have no idea what’s happening, so if you think you can get out of bed, lets get to class so we don’t fall behind and get extra stress thrown on top of us!

vi. fridays are homework days

think of it this way: if fridays are homework days, saturday and sunday are free days !!!!

vii. proofread your papers before you turn them in

guys i literally never do this (i know i’m a bad egg) and im always suffering for it. if your college/university has a writing center/something similar please go there, especially your freshman year !!! they will help you learn how to accurately and succinctly convey your thoughts on a college level and you will be so grateful later on i hate myself

viii. ask if the professor prefers a certain citation style

if you dont get a chance to ask during the class/lecture, send them an email. i once got my grade halved because i didnt use APA when the professor didnt specify on the syllabus/assignment sheet. so do urself and ur gpa a favor and ask

ix. always bring extra pens/pencils to class with you

somebody will forget theirs and they will sit next to you and if ur in a class with 30+ ppl that has group projects or presentations coming up you’re going to want friends

x. college kids love gum

if u bring gum you got all the friends in the world my guy i dont know why this is a thing but it is. one girl cried during exam week last year because i gave her a piece of my gum and that was literally the highlight of her week

ok thats my random ass list of stuff regarding college !! i’ll probably make more masterposts like this b/c this was fun as heck. if u have any questions/need advice, just hmu !! you can check out my other masterposts here.


you haven’t changed one bit since the last time i saw you crawling from the ruins of la Bastille


HideKane redraw time!! Because there will be one month full of Jeanmarco next, I want to concentrate on all the other wonderful characters I love for this month ;) there are 6 Month between those two (and yeah, it is the same like the last time xD Ken looks so cute, Hide looks like… ha, I dont know -.- I don´t like him there, but it´s okay, I don´t like anything right now). And yeah, it was my interest to draw them with different hairstyles ;) ~

SM Entertainment voice: Oh yeah we love our SMRookies Kun, Jungwoo, Lucas, *looks at smudged writing on hand* Hansen and *squints at hand* …the gilrs?

#he said clarke so softly #like he was taking a big breath #like she killed him with her words #and stole his breath #look at how determined he gets #like he can’t hold his feelings inside anymore #he thought clarke was dead for a moment #she told him he thought of him as something other than a murderer #as someone special #and now he has all these thoughts about this being the last time he sees her #bellamy motherfucking blake #WAS ABOUT TO CARVE HIS HEART OUT AND GIVE IT TO HER #he was about to say i love you #not expecting her to say it back #just needed to say it #one time #cause he’s afraid he would never get the change #and he wants her to know #cause this boy is so full of love #it’s gonna explode if he keeps it inside for another moment #clarke if i dont see you again (x)


Giuseppe You Big-Headed Fool I Asked For Appels In My Pie And You Make Me Beef Pie…

Oh Giuseppe Oh Giuseppe Today Is Not A “BEEF DAY”!

Giuseppe! Last Chance Before You–

Dont Give Me That Look.

You Know What You Did.

Tapir Dont Feel Sympathy Or Forgiveness Giuseppe You Know That…

Well… It Seems There Is Only One Ponishment Fitting For Your Evils…