i dont know the girl lmao

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ive known too many haileys man

1. the classic middle school ho. nothing else there

2. also from middle school, she was best friends with the girl i was closest with and i was so happy when she moved away lmao im terrible

3. this girl ive known of for like 3 years now thats like……….very strange? i guess? idk she was friends with my sis and now my sis hates her but i dont know what happened…….she likes to joke about drug addictions idk i dont like her

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hair tutorial?! please :3

HELLO! I’m not too sure on how to make a hair tutorial since i kinda just go the hell out with it (its really inconsistent it hurts lol). But i’ll try my best!

Scalp points is really important. You would want it to look natural, and from there you can control where your front hair goes. There are 3 main points, one in the middle and the other two by your temples.

I usually divides my hair sections into 3: the front, sides, and back. YOU DONT REALLY HAVE TO FOLLOW EVERYTHING THOUGH, JUST DO YOUR THANG. I know, my hair structures doesnt make sense with the points and stuffs lmao. But yeah you got my point.

Examples with different hairstyles:

Note to self: do not attempt curly hair if you’ll just fuck things up

Side view examples:

Girls Hair example:

Girls hair doesnt make sense. Just go crazy and make them fabulous queens.

So yeah, thats all i manage to think of. There are great artists out there who make better tutorials than me lmao. Check out kelpls amazing tutorials, or just look at some fancy kpop artists’ hair for reference their hair are amazing



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i saw a ace positivity post that said stuff like "to all aces: ur loved, ur valid, i will always support u" etc but then it ended with "aphobia is real" like?? it says a lot that aphobia is actually something they put in their positivity posts, meant to comfort people you know?? like imagine if lesbian positivity posts were like that: "ur valid, loving girls is good and radical, u will get a gf one day who u'll totally be in love with, lesbophobia is real" we dont need to be reminded cuz we know

it’s bc they like to sneak discourse into their positivity posts lmao

Beronica  Fic Recs

I’m making this because recently Riverdale has been so hetero and bughead and all the other straight ships (excluding valarchie cause they’re adorable) are taking over and everything is terrible and betty and veronica are in love damnit. View my other fic rec pages here also, If anyone knows who wrote any of these please let me know so I can credit them.

Riverdale; Remade (read on tumblr) - I know this is rude but I wrote this and I’m stupidly proud of it, despite the title it isn’t really remade, it’s the first four eipsodes from Betty’s pov with beronica, idk I like it but on with the real stuff 

everything so soft and still (by @knives-and-lint) - this is soft and wonderful, Betty is incredibly in character, fucking amazing, this is just lovely, their relationship is exactly how it should be, one of my favourite fanfics of all time, I want to be buried with this so I can read it even when I’m dead

should have worshipped her sooner - a masterpiece, fucking beautiful, I feel like I’m inside of Veronica’s mind, every scene with her and Betty is so well done, Veronica and Kevin talking about their queerness is everything I wanted, just everything

to sleep, perchance - what a gentle sensation, this is so beautiful, it’s a slice of their relationship, this is completely sums up why I love them, I feel this in my soul

Straight Girls Get Married on Facebook All the Time - unapologetically gay and adorable, the fucking bomb, pining to the extreme, kevin is fantastic, beautiful and hilarious

Thaw - I personally think Veronica is bi and I generelly like fics where she is but this is just too fucking good, all of the angst, the characterisation is so good, this hit me right in the heart


social media au for @flintwoods bingo challenge

“next time, marcus, when the kids are old enough…let’s go win it together.”

click for captions & hd!

The gems playing sims
  • Steven: Makes sims versions of his family except his household has the maximum number of pets allowed.
  • Pearl: Everyone has a job and everyone goes to bed on time. She names all of the babies "Steven". May or may not have made her and Rose.
  • Amethyst: Sets her sims on fire then gets bored.
  • Garnet: Makes sim versions of Ruby and Sapphire, plays their lives out and when they die she makes new versions and starts again.
  • Peridot: Makes really detailed houses but can't get through a single day playing with people.
  • Lapis: Uses cheats and deletes NPCs who annoy her.

it’s been awhile since i added any dragons to my dragon fam but this is viran!! altho he really only goes by angel, and he’s a mage bc yknow screw being a dragon 


HIATUS MEME [1] Album: Made in the A.M ⇢ part 1

Made in the A.M. is 1D’s Let It Be – the kind of record the world’s biggest pop group makes when it’s time to say thanks for the memories. The cover has Beatles-worthy coded body language: four boys on a cheap dorm couch, Liam Payne and Niall Horan smiling in opposite directions, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles staring defiantly into your eyes. Lots of sensitive breakup songs here – hey, girl, before you go, let’s toast the minibars and expensive cars, the good champagne and private planes.

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i'm a jikook shipper for a while now. their chemistry is no joke! but after Jimin's play-list i got this strong feeling that both of them, especially jimin who many believe otherwise, are straight. i realized they're boys like any other boys and they're not as pure as we think they are at all -_- i'm a bit disappointed to be honest :(

why do you feel their straight after jimins playlist??? bc the songs used female pronouns??? yeah thats bc theres about 10 artists that are lgbt and use male pronouns in their songs…. like idk where u got the conclusion just from jimins playlist lol. like i sing songs about girls all the time, in fact 75% of my favorite songs sing about girls but that doesnt mean im lesbian or bi or pan??? and like… everyone knows about sex…. songs dont represent who you are. of course they’re not these pure, innocent, small babies… like nobody is 100% pure lmao.

idk i dont mean to be rude but ur jumping to a lot of conclusions from a playlist. like personally? just because you like a song doesnt mean you relate to it? idk i think ur over reacting tbh sorry.

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hey red, a post came across my dash that completely ripped taz a new one, saying that lup as a trans woman being written as "hyper competent and ass kicking" was super transmisogynistic and that anyone who continued to consume the show was a "pathetic liberal" and tbh i dont know what to do anymore lmao :((( im a trans feminine person and god i just want to have a happy story of a super tough trans girl why is that so wrong

I’m 99% sure that’s a troll

the day before their high school graduation, lucas and maya are laying in the bed of lucas’ pick-up truck. they’ve driven miles out of the city to find a hilltop where they can see everything in the sky. farkle and smackle had already left for early admissions to princeton, riley was closing at topanga’s that night, and zay was busy packing for his last summer in texas. maya was supposed to be finishing her portfolio so she could send it to the royal academy of arts for finalization. lucas was supposed to be at one of his last baseball practices so he could polish up his stats before he played in ball on a scholarship in college.

everyone was doing exactly as wanted, but everything felt broken. so, when lucas called maya and asked her to skip town for the night with him, she couldn’t resist. they had unfinished business, anyway. as they lay under the dark night sky, lucas was looking at maya more than he was the sky. “if i could paint like you could, i’d paint a picture of us in this exact moment. i’d freeze everything and stay here until i could perfect it. so i would never forget it.”

maya lifted her head to look at him, but she didn’t drop her head back down. she kept her eyes on the boy. “do you know my favorite thing about you? the absolute best thing about you?” she didn’t wait for him to respond, but she sat up completely. she shifted her weight, shuffling with one leg under her so she was sitting on her own calf. “you’ve never been able to hurt me. we’re sitting here and it’s our last night together for a really long time. i mean, we’ll have the summer, but we’ll never have anything like high school again. but, even though you know i’m leaving you in a few months, you’re still sitting here telling me how good i am at things. i can never replace you. no one in europe is going to put up with me like you do, or keep me as close as you do.”

lucas pulled his long legs close to his chest, wrapping his legs around his knees. “if i could go back in time, i would’ve stopped you from saying who my choice was when you were all covered in paint. because you didn’t know. i finally knew, but i still didn’t get a choice. i’ve wanted to be with you since freshmen year, maya. you’re leaving, but my feelings for you aren’t going with you. we have approximately 84 days until you leave, but my feelings are gonna stay right here in new york.”

maya suddenly felt like she couldn’t breathe. she everything came crashing down at once and it all hurt. “can you take me home? we have to be up early to rehearse for graduation anyway.”

lucas scrunched his face up, a bad taste in his mouth. “maya, wh–” but she cut him off before he could get another thought out by jumping out of the bed of the truck and getting into the passenger seat. they sat in silence the whole way home.


graduation went on as planned, then the whole group hung out all summer long. maya made sure she was never alone with lucas and lucas picked up on it quickly. 

lucas was moving into his dorm before maya left for europe, but when the group was helping him move into his room, she was nowhere to be found. after he was moved in and everyone had gone home, lucas decided to lay down for a while. he was stalking all of maya’s social media, but he knew she wouldn’t post anything. she was never on her phone. she always said it wasn’t as good as the real connection you could make. just as he’d locked his phone screen, he heard a knock at his door. when he opened it, maya appeared with her hair in space buns and with a canvas behind her back.

she stepped in before he could stop her–not that he would have. he was just surprised to see her at all. “hi, i’m maya. you’re really cute. we should’ve hung out more. you make me happy.” she paused, swallowing hard. “i didn’t pay enough attention to you. it’s me, not you.” she grasped his hand, rubbing her thumb over his palm. “we can still be friends.” stepping forward, she stood on her tip toes, leaning towards his face. “not really.” maya kissed lucas gently on the lips, dropping his hand to grasp at the back of his neck. once she backed down, she finally stopped talking so fast and let him get a word out.

“i thought you weren’t coming, to be honest.” he muttered, licking his lips. he looked behind the girl for a moment, seeing the empty side of his room where zay hadn’t moved in yet. 

“i was up all night. i got inspired to create something. i fell asleep around eight in the morning and i overslept since my phone was on silent. but i think i can make up for it.” maya scrunched her face up a little, her nose crinkling for a moment. she flipped the painting she had in her hands around, handing it off to lucas. what he saw was a painting of the night sky with lucas’s truck down on the bottom right corner. in the bed of the truck, lucas and maya were laying next to each other and maya was pointing towards the sky above exactly as she was doing before everything went to shit the night he said how he felt. in the constellations, there was an outline of maya grasping at lucas’s shirt like she’d done years before. each time, lucas had hoped maya would just break the tension and kiss him, but she never did. “i remember that night you said you would paint a picture of that exact moment if you could, then i realized that i could. i want you to keep that photo and remember me with it. i have an exact duplicate of it and i’m going to keep it in my dorm room. whenever you see that painting, you can think of me. and whenever you see the moon, know i’m five hours ahead thinking about the next time i get to see my muse again.” 

lucas’s face broke into a smile and he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist. “i’m going to miss you constantly, cluckerbucket. you’re always going to be the one i chose. even if you didn’t let me choose you until now. we can make this work. i’m all in.”

maya nodded her head as he put her back down. her face felt hot, but she didn’t want to run away anymore. “i’m all in, lucas. i’ll still be all in when i’m 3,000 miles from you.”