i dont know thats what i hear when i see this

gerard's story of uncle tt
  • gerard's story of uncle tt
  • this was on the radio tbh

“ok listen to this story like seriously.. i have a friend named dennis, right? ok.. mikey, this lollipop you threw at my head broke. it shattered. thats how hard you threw it at my head! ok! seriously!! shh! shh! no, there’s a story! oh my god.. anyway.. there’s a guy, named jack… my friend.. my friend dennis.. my friend.. you guys gotta shut up! my friend dennis, i went to highschool, i was in middle school, i was in elementary school with the kid. anyway. he had an uncle. his name was tt, right? he was all into voodoo and stuff, right? so, i forgot about this. when i was a kid, right? he was like… i was like.. ‘tt, what am i gonna be when i grow up, right?’ cause he was like, used to see into the future and stuff. so.. no! let me tell you the story! so he’s like ‘you’re going to be on the stage’ ‘i see you on the stage with lots of lights’ and i was like ‘no, i want to be an artist i’m going to be a comic book artist, right?’ he’s like ‘nonono, you’re not gonna do that  you’re gonna be on the stage right?’ so i talked to dennis, like, i forgot all about this, right?’ i talked to dennis about this on the phone and i.. i was like, he was like, i was like ‘yeah, i never thought i’d be doing this, i was going to be a comic book artist or something’ he said ‘no dude, remember what tt said, cause tt said, he said ‘gerard, you’re gonna be on the stage’’ and i was like ‘oh hows tt doing?’ and he’s like ‘he’s dead’ and i was like..i was like.. ‘wow..’ thats not funny at all, dude! no.. he’s. tt was a sweet dude.. and dennis, dennis.. if you’re out there bro.. i feel you on that. tt! the next song we play goes out to tt!”

basically several minutes of gerard talking shit (i wrote it all up incase anybody has trouble hearing! :-))

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PM and GA -I just cant see them as a couple? All I saw was a lack of real affection and interaction in every pic. And thats not what I see when I see DD and GA together.. Am I missing something? Is this for promotion? Is GA going to play in the queen? Do she love him and this is how she display love? I just dont get it?

Eh, I didn’t see any pictures and I don’t care to.  I never loved DD/GA because it was real, you know?  If they’re not together, they’re not together.  It will always be a beautiful thought.  

I do know that I’ve had my relationships with people misinterpreted before.  Every relationship is different and every manifestation of affection can be different.  GA contains multitudes and dates really puzzling dudes and she always has.  

i keep posting about you but it never comes close to what i actually feel . but maybe thats because you make me feel something i cant even explain . its like my whole day gets better when i see your smile and my heart beats faster when i hear the sound of your voice . my whole body shakes when youre close to me . every time i look into your eyes , i get lost in the darkness of them . i dont even know if i love you but youre still all that i want . how am i suppossed to explain that
—  daily tumblr quotes (via hannahxhardin)
Duct Tape

IM BACK U LIL BITCHES!!!! but like i was gone for a while idk i just worked real hard on my last fic and it got a lot less notes than usual and it kind of made me blue but alas im back!! i had two prompts to do and they were kind of similar and ive already done one edging fic so i though i’d combine these two. hope y’all enjoy :)

Dan had decided on earning extra brownie points this morning; he’d woken up early to run out to buy more milk so Phil would have enough for his cereal when he woke up. But when he got home, to his surprise, Phil was already up. He could hear him in the lounge. As Dan came up the stairs to the hallway leading to lounge he heard Phil breathing heavily and a shuffling kind of sound. Dan came through the door to see a shirtless Phil sat on the sofa, legs spread in a boyish way, with one hand shoved in his boxers. Dan watched him for a moment. Taking in the sight of his boyfriend stroking himself; teasing himself. Watching Phil’s tongue peak out ever so slightly from the side of his mouth; watching his chest rise and fall and stutter with uneasy breaths. All this made Dan a little flustered. He shoved his hand in his own trousers and began stroking his own length. With his hand still around himself, he coughed to get Phil’s attention.

Phil whipped his head round at Dan like a deer in headlights and pulled his hand out from his trackies. Even in the low light of the morning, Dan could see Phil’s hand glisten with wetness. Dan then glanced across to the coffee table where there was a small bottle of his favourite lube. It wasn’t a mainstream brand so it was rare they found it in shops but alas it was the best lube they’d ever used.

“Phil! We only use that special occasions not for your morning wank!” Dan scolded,

“We ran out of the other stuff I wasn’t exactly gonna use spit was I?” Phil retorted. Dan strode over, he pulled his hand out of his boxers and straddled Phil.He roughly pushed his lips onto Phil’s.“We’ll have to make this a special occasion then.” Dan mummered. He pulled away from the kiss and reached over to the side table in the lounge where there was some left over duct tape from a gaming video they made a while back. He roughly taped Phils hands together. Phil winced as the tape tugged on his arm hairs.“Right,” Dan sat back on Phils lap and resumed touching himself so he was as hard as Phil. He then began grinding down on Phil. Moving his hips in a slow rhythm to tease the boy beneath him. Phil was desperate for more as he was more far gone than Dan. Phil began bucking up at Dan trying to force him to grind faster. Phils brows furrowed and he bit his lip and looked up at Dan. He looked so gorgeous. With his hands tied behind his back, his arm muscles were emphasized and it looked so good.

“’M close” phil mumbled through a moan. At that Dan lifted himself up so phil could no longer grind himself.

“Dan?!” Phil growled, futilely bucking into the air.

“Babe I’m not done with you yet.” Dan purred. Dan pulled off his trousers and resumed stroking his own cock slowly, teasing himself. He lightly bit and then licked his own lip because he knew it drove Phil crazy. He was moaning in a low tone from the back of his throat while keeping complete eye contact with Phil. This was agonizing for phil as he couldn’t touch himself. Phil let out a low whine.

“Please Dan.” Phil groaned. Dan began grinding back down onto Phil roughly. Dan began stoking phils length.

“Do you want me to fuck myself on to you? Hot, wet and fast on you?” Phil was moaning at Dan’s words, he nodded and bit his lip. Dan reached over to their favourite lube and began rubbing Phil’s cock up, lightly slipping his thumb over phils slit whenever he could. Phil groaned loudly. Dan used his spare hand to stretch himself out, wincing a little as he was doing it hurriedly. Dan brushed phils sweaty fringe out of his eyes and smiled lightly at his desperate expression. Dan, only just ready, began to position himself above Phil.

“Ready?” Dan purred,

“Yes! Yes!” Phil breathed, closing his eyes and leaning his head back.Dan positioned himself so he was hovering above phils hard cock. He then lowered himself down. Phil felt Dan enveloping him in his warmth, phil had to clench his stomach to keep himself from bucking up at Dan. Dan the began rolling his hips and lightly fucking himself onto phil. Dan let out a low groan as he felt phil inside of him. It burned slightly but still was causing his stomach to pool. Phil was cursing under his breath with the painfully slow rhythm. He wanted to grab Dan, flip him over and take control. But his hands were still tightly secured behind his back.“Please Dan, faster” Phil groaned. Dan began to pick up the pace angling himself in different ways trying to find the right spot.“fuck!” Dan moaned loudly and began fucking himself faster and harder. There it was.He had on hand on phils shoulder for support and the other slowly rubbing his own leaking cock. They were both huffing and moaning, the room filled with the sweet noises of their bodies colliding.“Ah ah I’m close,” Phil cried more as a plea to make sure Dan wouldn’t tease him anymore. At this point Dan needed it as well. He picked up the pace an bit down onto phils shoulder. Dans high pitched moaned were now muffled by phils skin. Both boys were crumbling beneath each other. Dan was now pumping himself even harder rubbing his own slit, making himself shiver. Phil was biting his lip to keep from screaming.“I’m coming!” Phil cried as he released in side of Dan. Feeling the slow hot spurts inside of him made Dan too came undone. He rubbed himself through the orgasm. It was long and it made him shiver with every flush of pleasure.  Dan mumbled into phils shoulder.

“I love you”

“I love you too bear,” Phil smiled.

stop lying to yourself baby, you tell your family and your friends you’re moving on when really you love him now more than ever. suddenly everything reminds you of him. now, dont get me wrong, i did the same thing. i stood in the mirror and smiled after i told myself i was done trying and i thought i was happier, but then i could see him behind me. the way he used to slide his hand down my side and kiss the back of my head, it’s like i could feel it. and if that wasn’t enough, i could almost hear him whisper how beautiful he thought i was. he adored my smile because nothing made him feel better than seeing me happy. but thats what really sucks, you tie your happiness in with that boy and suddenly smiling and laughing makes you sad because all of your best memories were with him. i know it hurts, and i know every morning you wake up and pour a little extra creamer in your coffee so it doesn’t remind you of his deep brown eyes that always took your breath away. but listen, if he still loves you, he’ll come back. and if he doesn’t, he just wasn’t for you.
—  //excerpt from a book ill never write #3

OK. lemme get one thing straight. I have been seeing TOO MANY kh fans say how shitty the renders are for the new kh3 and how they look unfinished and stuff like that (just from the looking at the tags for awhile) 

FIRST OFF. ITS IN DEVELOPMENT. They can spend 1930843098 hours polishing the shit out of the visuals WHEN THEY HAVE A RELEASE DATE. rn theirs so much pressure for them to pull shit out that they dont have time to make it darn diddly perf. AND THATS OK. 

SECOND. what makes people iffy about the physical renders is that they look overall flat, or washed out 

idk i personally think they look fine as is, but i guess what people are used to is depth, i dont even know their reasoning myself.


what were used to seeing in kh games  are ambient occlusion maps compiled with the normal renders. (if you dont know what ambient occlusion is go ahead and google it) but basically its this kind of texture map (and forgive me but i tried my best to manipulate the image so it best suites the render, cuz I DONT HAVE THE FILE) 

SO when you compile them together using After Effects or another program similar, you get this soft shaded effect on your renders like this 

it adds the extra UMPH to what people think the renders are missing. 


i honesty think 5sos are a bunch of badasses. you wanna know why? they constantly, everyday get hate about them being a boy band and that they aren’t alternative or pop punk enough. but their response is simply “we love music. we would love for you to come out to a show, hear some tunes and see what we’re about. if you dont like that, its cool” and thats why when people go “uhh that stupid 5 seconds of winter or whatever band sucks they arent even like all time low” i laugh because i love them, i love their music, i love their attitude and i will believe in them until they are old fucks playing reunion shows.