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do people really think it’s normal that we know they’re together nearly every single time l*uelle have been out publicly?? like you can say “oh there might have been some times where we don’t” which alright that’s true there could be (although….they’re not dating……you know where i’m going with this) but consider we live in a world where they are, we get a simply abnormal amount of pap pics and stalker pics for an actual couple like you’re telling me if they were dating they don’t mind being papped every time they go on a date or having stalkers called nearly every single time they’re out (especially cause louis hates that the paps follow him so much right?)

like as much as i think louis is the most interesting person on the planet….them as a couple?? not interesting at all?? it’s literally just the same pictures of them holding hands and awkwardly displaying affection over and over again. same with stalker pics/stories it’s the same exact thing every single time


SERIOUSLY, THANK YOU..i basically just rebog what i find funny or cute and sometimes i add little bit of my own work that i call edit or some jimin updates..so for real thanks for following me and i hope that you will spread that love for jimin 

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Please, tell us, new artists, tips that you may judge important!


i’m so flattered ;; i’m still a pretty amateur artist too, but i’d be happy to share some things with you that have been helping me with my art! i’ll put it under a read more for you– i hope this is helpful !

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Mun, you haven't been posting as often, so I just wanted to know if you are alright?

I realized I’m in a small hiatus khfkjds i dont know when will that end, sorry//

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ngl you look more like a butch lesbian than a guy idk what that anon was talking abt im sorry :(


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Hey, you okay? I know you've posted stuff like this before so I wasn't sure if maybe you were just having a tough time of you were serious? I'm really starting to worry. Please be okay xx

im sorry everyone, i think im better now i dont know it was a really, really bad day. It was unfair of me to post the things i did and then just disappear from here but i just got so overwhelmed and upset that i just shut down and passed out until about 10 minutes ago. Im awake and im here now and i dont feel nearly as extremely as I did hours ago but im sorry regardless

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I really want to get my septum pierced but my friends are saying how its cultural appropriation (which one of those bitches shouldn't talk because she has her nose pierced) and i dont know like ive wanted it for years im 18 now and you have yours pierced so i dont know (also is it still bad even tho im from Central America? Sounds dumb but i dont know sorry)

lmao one of them bitches got their nose pierced ily that was funni. but if ur from Central America u shouldn’t be trippin at all, just get it lol. BUT it’s important to know that basically most forms of body modifications are cultural appropriation…tbh. for example scarifications and other “extreme” body mods have been a part of many cultures world wide for centuries and when white Europeans looked upon those cultures, they saw them as barbaric but white ppl walking around left n right now with all sorts of body modifications that imitate those of many cultures that aren’t theirs u kno. the thing is a lot of it has been essentially normalized¿?¿ like stretched ears are not that wild to see anymore. the septum piercing is super commonplace now as well. it’s one thing to just have a regular ass septum piercing and one thing to have an ornate jewelry piece in your nose that is named “Aztec” something u feel me? I’ve seen a few jewelry companies doing shit like that. like there’s certain things I’m like yeah that’s def not okay and other things have also become normalized to me.
this is a big topic and covers a lot of things including the punk subcultures and assimilation. it runs deep but a lot of ppl don’t see it that way or legit think “it’s not that deep” but I guess it’s up to an individual to decide how they feel about it. I’m still deciding how I feel about a lot of it tbh!!!

sorry but how havent we discussed memes at beacon

  • doing something cool and calling it a pyrrha nikos. “yo guys did you see me do a pyrrha nikos right there”
  • *points to a random object* is that a gun
  • “coco adel wears crocs pass it on”
  • everyone sending blurry pictures to each other of oobleck running really fast with the caption “he is coming”
  • Detention with Team JNPR
  • people giving out jaune’s actual number whenever someone says they need something
  • shitty weapon designs (“this is my Ultimate Gun it’s a gun strapped to 72 other guns”)
  • Weiss Schnee™
  • “Professor Port didn’t die for this”
  • people photoshopping the pictures of SSSN those 4 people held up during their fight
  • dicks out for sun wukong