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if you feel like getting into it, i was wondering whether among people who follow this line of thinking (that identitarian politics is useless to dismantle power structures n creates /perpetuates them?) if like, oh i dont know, how *do* you approach stuff then ? sorry this is vague haha, i mean like, that sounds interesting and true but at the same time it's pretty much my entire framework for things so the whole time im like "yeah thats so true" im also like ... so ... what now

this blog functions to provide an alternative to the identitarian political framework, honestly! if U want a good idea of what this looks like in action, have a look at my /tagged/masculinity for recent examples, and my /tagged/community, and /tagged/(e)utopia for more examples and general talk

briefly, and probably poorly:

my politics are centred around 3 things: empathy, [social, historical, material, political] context, and a (e)utopian communal vision

I first take into account that all individuals, regardless of social positioning, are self-determining and capable of change, vulnerable and want to be safe/happy;

secondly, I take into account that the individual, their self-identity, their social location and their circumstances are being multiply-constituted by myriad factors that must all be taken to account in relation to each other and cannot be understood individually or in isolation from each other (e.g., a black woman is not a woman who is black; her blackness is constituted by her womanhood, her womanhood is constituted by her blackness, and they cannot be extricated from each other) and are necessarily socially-constructed (e.g., a black woman isn’t a black woman, but a person understood as a black woman given a particular social context);

thirdly, I envision transformation for all people, and am concerned with how to make that possible as well as how to make possible a future where we can all live well together with each other (my preferred methodology for transformation is a radically-transformed, radically-informed and communal therapeutic psychology)

I move through the world and politics with these things in my heart; I think I’ll need more time to think about what this looks like as a formalised (?) framework – just know that everything in this place has been produced with these things in mind

To the J who wrote to a D: http://dearmyblank.tumblr.com/post/150175923682/d-i-love-you-a-lot-im-sorry-i-dont-deserve


I don’t know how to start this, but hey.

You don’t have to apologise for your feelings, okay?

Your feelings are valid, too, and no matter what you feel, it’s valid and you don’t need to apologise.

It’s okay.

Is it also okay if I tell you about people complimenting you?

Hey, listen.

I know that feeling- It sucks and I know. It’s okay if you’re going through that- But please, please try to think about the person who complimented you or just said something nice to you.

Do you think, shoving the denial aside for a bit, that everyone who compliments you would do that?

I mean.. I have no idea who they are, really- But if for example, they’re friends, I’m hella sure they’ll be meant. Especially if you know they’re good friends [for example, if D complimented you.. They sound like a good person from what I’ve read].

And, hey, it’s okay if you’ll say the following is a lie- But it’s a lie to you.

Whatever I’m saying isn’t a lie to me.

Because I’ve been in the same boat, and to give a comforting lie now would be a real case of hypocricy, now wouldn’t it be?

Now, J, I hope you’re okay. And I hope you’re able to figure things out with D, okay?

It’s okay to love D.
Your feelings are valid, remember that, please. You count too.

With love,

- Neevee.

ok look

im deity4 hello

regarding the “stealing ids” thing, the whole kaworu and shinji thing wasnt me, an alter of mine is a kaworu fictive, so thats what that was. about the komaeda thing, that user wasnt a “good friend” of mine, we’d spoken maybe twice. three times at the most. it still wasn’t okay, and i’m very sorry for it. really.

about the age gap with people ive dated, i know. i really know it was fucked up. im absolutely aware and im so sorry. i know its complete garbage but im really really sorry. i dont know what else i can say on that.

with the “going by names outside my race”, my name is kit. kit is a greek/white name. and my fathers family is from monaco, which is a mediterranean country. there is controversy about whether or not mediterraneans are considered white, but the point is my name is not outside my race by any means.

to all the people ive hurt, the “mods” (they know what im talking about) i’m very sorry. im engaged to one of them now, im very very good friends with another, and im willing to apologise to the others who ive hurt if they would like to come and talk to me. no pressure though, you can if you want but im not making you.

im so sorry for everything. ive already apologised to individuals who want to hear it, and im working very very hard to change myself and better myself. i really think ive changed, but it absolutely doesnt excuse what ive done.

you can totally go ahead and unfollow or block me, thats fine. thanks for reading.

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wow I'm sorry but "sooty" made me laugh SO hard which isn't the greatest thing cause everyone in my house is sleeping so,, thanks for that and let's hope that no one wakes up to investigate

listen man i dont know what you’re talking about im sorry


dancing lessons

dedicated to my favorite person, rena, for making me love these two