i dont know sorry


          you told me that you loved me and everything got confused.
and then i kissed you and you kissed me and then i got even more confused.
            and then i heard alan’s speech. i’m not confused anymore.
                                               josh, it’s you.

this is a redo-type thing of a drawing i did like 200 years ago that i cant even find

also i love the song friendleader

also why is dave in the background? i have no idea

and ive fucking lost my friends because im a fucking trans kid, my 3 fucking best friends are gone. they’re fucking gone i dont have anybody anymore, i dont have the person i fucking loved anymore,, hes gone, completely out of my life, only to randomly pop back once in a while and he’ll hug me, really tightly, and it fucks me up again, and then im right baack at the start, wishing that i coukd be rid of him. and my other best friend is going to college soon, and i’ll never be able to see him, im going to be fucking completely alone. i cant stop shaking i feel so fucking sick,,,,,, why hasnt ,my mom fucking gotten me a therapist yet, she said she was going to over a month ago, and she still hasnt. im getting bad again i dont know what to fucking do.

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sorry i dont know japanese so what does that ishida sui's text post says ;w;?

“when the year changes, the number of people with depression increases”

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im really sorry i know you dont like hair questions but i bleached my hair and its burnt some of my hair off and now i have a weird bald stubble patch on the side of my head and its really obvious because its at the front and im so sad idk what to do has this ever happened to you?

:( i do hate hair questions but for you i’ll make an exception because i know exactly what you’re going through and it is a horrible feeling! i don’t think i’ve ever gotten to the point of burnt hair but i’ve come pretty come to it; the worst i’ve experienced is fried/crispy hair. is there no way for you to somehow sweep or comb hair over the stubble patch? i think your best option at this point is to just cut off all of the burnt/fried areas and hope it recuperates. no more processing your hair! if you don’t want to cut it off (and keep in mind healthy hair grows faster) you can try the two hair serums i’ve used that work REALLY well for hair completely damaged from over processing. anything from the It’s a 10 line with keratin is amazing and works wonders, also aphogee makes a great leave-in conditioner. those are everyday products you should use on clean washed hair or relatively clean hair, you can use it everyday but it’s more reasonable to just use it only after showers. you can also elect to buy deep conditioning treatments that you can do every week/2 weeks. it gets expensive even tho they are cheap individually. i suggest investing in an it’s a 10 or aphogee product and using it regularly. as for deep conditioning you can sleep with olive oil or coconut oil in your hair as well. DO NOT use shampoo anymore you don’t need it you don’t need the natural oils stripped out of your hair and with hair that damaged you barely make any oil/whatever you do produce will be good for your hair. make sure you have a good cleansing conditioner to use as an alternative to shampoo and normal conditioner. try to find a product without sulfates. try to wash hair as little as possible!! i hope you can get to a place where you’re ok with your hair, hopefully these methods work. i completely understand the feeling of bleaching my hair and realizing that i went too far afterwards and feeling fried and ugly. wishing you luck!! 

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that seems like a neat idea, but would that be legal? i dont live in america so i don know anything about your legal system, but distributing medical stuff(?? i dont know the correct term, sorry) without a license is probably a bad idea in the us too i'd guess :/

The law is designed to destroy the lives of the most socially vulnerable so yeah it probably would be illegal or at the very least laws would be exploited to try to prevent it if it wasn’t directly illegal.

That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen, just that it should happen carefully

sorry i just dont know anymore. a while ago someone i counted as a good friend betrayed me and since then its been getting worse and fuckin worse

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purple, turquoise, bloo

PURPLE: We near never speak, but I do enjoy your presence on my dashboard.
TURQUOISE: You’re hot.
BLUE: You are my Tumblr crush.


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I just dont know what to do anymore and I'm sorry for bothering you since you dont normally respond to these types of asks. My Sagittarius dad just doesn't get it and I never seem to meet his standards Im just done Im so done

you do not have to please your parents baby. they are meant to love and accept you, but that doesn’t always happen. your worth doesn’t depend on how they treat you. one day you will be successful and happy. ily. -Alex

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so im gayi i have had a boyfriend for over 9 month now, i finally told my father that i was gay, he didnt take it to well he said it was ether him or me, i dont know what to do i love them both so much ::( sorry to be a bother

You can’t choose and you shouldn’t have too, I really don’t know how to help, I’m sorry. Just try explain it to your dad I guess. Good luck x