i dont know shes mad at her dad

would they do cheesy karaoke: dragon age edition
  • the iron bull: doesn't even try to pretend its beneath him, does a killer "addicted to love," complete with lascivious one-eyed winks
  • cassandra: wont budge until u pour five or six drinks into her, then reveals she knows "total eclipse of the heart" and everything by meatloaf by heart
  • zevran: if nicki's got a verse on the song, you want zev with you. ver enthusiastic about disco, thinks there's nothing wrong with it. also david bowie.
  • cullen: he only listens to like, the smiths and belle and sebastian, so he's kind of a karaoke drag
  • isabela: hair-eography beast. does "patricia the stripper" every time, especially if you ask her not to.
  • morrigan: dont even say the word "karaoke" in her presence
  • alistair: will only go up for the group numbers, possibly for an ill-advised bout of def leppard late in the night. its endearing in a gross kind of way.
  • josephine: she's been working on her TLC, and she's got dance moves and everything. makes a lot of blushing eye contact with isabela, promises herself she won't go home with her then does anyway
  • leliana: does a killer "black velvet," but you've got to convince her.
  • sera: only does awful warped tour pop punk numbers, very shouty, will throw her shot glasses at hecklers
  • varric: usually chooses sinatra or something, somehow makes everyone enjoy it
  • dorian: tries very hard to pretend he's above it all, gets dragged onstage with josie and leliana for a destiny's child number
  • merrill: chooses "if i had a million dollars," sings all four million years of it, wonders why everyone is so mad
  • fenris: no
  • hawke: it's impossible to keep her off the damn stage. she knows everything. EVERYTHING.
  • oghren: only sings marshall tucker band shit, other terrible dad rock. throw him out. dont let him get near blackwall, they'll do jimmy buffett.
  • vivienne: you're kidding, right