i dont know it's hilarious to me


Glen gives Gil a piggyback ride; Pandora Hearts by Jun Mochizuki

Favorite manga moment as requested by anonymous~

Has anyone seen Our Family Wedding

Well, if you haven’t, it’s a super fun film that tackles the social issue of accepting interracial relationships. The movie is hilarious, sweet, and just plain awesome so I highly recommend it! 

Aaaaaand yes, I have to annoy you guys with another AU. XD 


i was playing animal crossing with @horrifichymns and this happened

,,except it was an axe

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Although community is a bit problematic its so fun and I love it a lot it always makes me feel like home also I like a show mire when I have a character I can relate to also I also have some shows as a SI like Abed and I love it. I especially love the fantasy like episodes like with dungeons and dragons and the pillowfort thing and also the meow meow beans I dont know if you watched that much sorry for rambling but Im really excited

yeah i agree!! some episodes and characters i struggle to tolerate but i find so much comfort in abed alone that it kind of balances it out for me a bit

i love the fantasy episodes too!! the pillow fort episodes are hilarious and 10/10 (i’ve watched it all many times through its okay!!) troy and abed are life

Omfg xD I just realized that my blog is a Sagittarius! Haha it’s not surprising that I want to use my blog to learn and have a better understanding of things lmao and its a Taurus moon and I have a Taurus midheaven xD It’s hilarious but I don’t know the exact time I created my blog, I just know it was most likely in the afternoon I’m pretty sure, or at night, i really dont remember. I wonder if there is a way to check that?

Here's a memory for ELFs to laugh at...

Remember that one time when Donghae got almost half of the members of Super Junior pissed at each other, punished for no reason in one way or another, and indirectly caused Kyuhyun and Leeteuk to cry, and indirectly caused Shindong and Yesung to almost fight, but still somehow managed to get away with it and was the only one unharmed even though HE STARTED THE ENTIRE FREAKING THING?

Because I do.

I decided to give a re-read to the court/banquets scenes to solve some doubts and I totally forgot how hilarious is Jon being Bitter McBitterness over a 8 years old fancing Robb

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Shaladin's constantly say 'You don't know what pedophilia is you silly anti' then pull this fuck shit. They legitimately worry me now. People that close minded and dare I say stupid actually exist...


“you antis always throw the word pedophilia around!!!!!! learn the definition!!!!”

“so if keith/lance turned 18 before the other it would be pedophilia and all antis are hypocrites”

dont tell me tht being proud to have a uterus and being able to joke about it and be happy about it is a personal attack on anybody. do u even KNOW how long its taken women like me to come to terms with the fact tht we were born like this, to not be disgusted with our female bodies, to stop dissociating mind from body… to recognise tht there is nothing wrong with the body i have? i wasnt born into ‘the wrong body’, my body is as much a part of me as my mind and it cant be wrong. dont tell me that for a woman to love herself is an act of hatred

what she says: im fine

what she means: phil lester is honestly so underappreciated as a youtuber and as a person i mean sure dan is hot but phil is also smoking hot in his own ways and its not even about the looks its about the personalities. like dont get me wrong i fucking love dan but phil is so sweet and hilarious and i dont know where i’d be without him and too many people are thinking with their dicks and saying “dan’s better” like thats an oKAY THING TO SAY. phil lester is the human embodiment of sunshine and every time he laughs a fairy gets its wings and dan howell has an orgasm. people need to stop saying shit like dan is better or rudely comparing him to dan cause he’s not dan, he’s his own person. we need to appreciate him more and let him know that he’s loved just as much as dan because goddamnit this angel bean cinnamon bun deserves it,

Its 2 am and i was watching a video on Yanderes...
  • And so i thought... what about a BillDip AU where Dipper is this huge Yandere, even worse than Bill. Like, you look at Bill wrong and your dead. And Bill is just torn between "OMG Pine Tree is HOT killing and covered in blood" and "OMG how is this kid worse than me, the LITERAL DEMON?! Nope not OK" and like Mabel finds out and is just like "Bro bro, no. This is not healthy or OK. This is not how relationships work. I expected this from Bill, not you. You have Bill, the literal demon, torn and confused on how to act. How NOT OKAY can you get?!"
  • And just... i dont know... its currently 2: 15 am, im tired, and thought this was hilarious and interesting. I told my mom and she thought i was weird, and kinda laughing...
signs from libra perspective
  • aries: you scare me a little bit but you're okay just calm tf down pls
  • taurus: you are SO cool and chill and funny and i will make you cookies anytime
  • cancer: you protect me from the bad things about the world ily so much please dont stop being the mom we need you
  • leo: where do i even start you are actually the bomb dot com and why are you all so hot how is this fair
  • virgo: youre super funny but i can never tell how you feel and it freaks me out
  • libra: omg hiiiiiii you are so great dont let anyone ever tell you that you're boring
  • scorpio: i'm lowkey scared of you but you have kind heartrd motives most of the time
  • sagittarius: frienD CRUSH pls be my friend youre so cool
  • capricorn: so underrated like you guys are so intelligent its not even funny
  • pisces: please stop crying i dont know what to do to help youre too sensitive and its annoying just punch your enemies in the throat and move along with your life

i actually really love dio

not bc i agree with him or think he deserves better or anything, but bc its just so funny to me how much he can fuck shit up

i dont even know why its so hilarious but it is

like, you’d think he would eventually get at least one redeeming character trait, but nope, he’s 100% a total dick, and its just so blunt 

idk, but something abt it is rly funny to me, its just so absurd somehow

Confession: My boyfriend was, still is, my best friend for years before we started dating. Before us, he was dating a white girl during college, which I met. I found it funny after she met me she started to follow and friend me on social media. While also telling my best friend, that she needs to “watch” me because she know the type of girl I am. Bitch, wtf does that mean? You dont even know me. since she would never hold a conversation with me. She would try to bash me on social media and such. I just found it hilarious that she found me the next day after meeting. And suspicious. Its not my fault your insecure around a beautiful black woman, who was nice and supportive at the beginning. At the same time she was all about social justice and supporting black people. Because she started to be more “supportive” about things bp care about. Last time I checked I am black. She failed to realize she was making herself look foolish to my best friend on numerous occasions. He was too, offended by the way she was treating me without me saying anything to him. Funny thing is, he ended up dumping her on his birthday…. Let’s just say that was best decision he has ever made and what a present for himself. Moral of the story, if you feel like you’re insecure around your man’s black women friends, you’re not secure or strong enough to date a strong black man in the first place, white girl. I guess it’s a slap to her face, that we are dating now… *Kanye shrugs*