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I was wondering if any [past or present] Jonerys, Pro-Daenerys fans like myself feel this way.....?

Firstly Id say please be nice i just enjoy analyzing the shit out of fandoms I like, (im a history/polysci major ((with an emphasis on Peace Justice and & Conflict Studies)) all i do is analyze and try to be diplomatic lmao) but considering all they petty drama between both ships as well as pro/anti Daenerys stans ON BOTH SIDES I’m going to be “That Person” and at least ask for people to be respectful/civil, I want to hear from everyone and their metas/what they think which is why i tagged like, all the tags, no matter if you love her/the ship or cant stand it, as long as everyone can keep civil

So firstly I’ve loved Dany both books and show from the beginning. She’s gorgeous, wants to be the best person she can be, and her hair/fashion style game is always ON POINT.  That being said, somewhere around season 5 i think i’ve found my opinion on her cooling a little bit, ep after ep, till now. Like I still like her bc she was my first character love on the show but I’ve def soured in my opinion on her. Maybe it’s because I love learning about the subject that im more baised (im hoping thats the case) but she just seemed to have no interest in actual governance, just the reputation (esp of being the ‘rebel queen’)/the awe/the power/the thrill of the adoration that went along with it to the point where I feel like though she still wants to be a ‘good queen’ or at least wants to be seen that way, she doesnt want to do much work for the title. Like yeah she freed all the slaves and that was a def progressive and awesome move on her part (major props! slavery is sin and im glad someone recognized that who had the power to do something about it) but she didnt handle that aftermath or ensuing problems well at all nor really mulled heavily on the subject to find the best solution. She just got fustrated with pretty basic/common (albeit complex in themselves) issues of standard governance and kind of went agh! fuck this! (obv not actual quotes but that was the vibe I got). And then ESPECIALLY after season 7 her character has kind of nagged at me in the back of brain which i hate but its inherent like its just a feeling i cant help it?? I just dont know why to be honest that Im feeling so negative towards this character i used to love.  The whole ‘ bEnD thE knEe ‘ thing w/ Jon and yet pinning it on Jon’s pride not equally on his and her own was more than a little hypocritical, when hon they can discuss it later like at that point they have two common enemies the WW and Cersei they both want to do away with, and then again with the Bend the Knee or Die bit w/ the Lannister soldiers. In fact the whole sequence before that point felt kind of villinous I dearsay, I mean  deliberately burning the harvest that most of westeros needs for the winter or even strategically not willing to try, and well, nOOt intentionally burn the food considering its winter, the harvest is over (so likely not much is gonna grow in the time being) when she has a G I A N T ass army of her own to think of feeding???? Like i get it is war shit happens soldiers die but the F O O D ? Was that an impuslive in the moment mistake or did she just not give a fuck? And back to the aftermath scene/Bend the Knee 2.0, her speech was again quite hypocritical…and burning dickon?????? not willing to keep prisoners???? either bend or die??? I actually am glad she did away with Papa Tarly bc he was an awful human, but dickon????? a young idealistic man about to loose his father??? the heir to a major ally/house???? And honestly that bend or die strategy is soooooo dumb bc now she cant trust any of them like theyre only bending the knee out of self preservation homie, no one wants to die. they bend  the knee to survive and now they all of the sudden think youre their queen? Nah fam, prisoners were better, all you got are spies in your camps or people willing to backstab you at the smallest promise of coin. And i dont want that for my girl

IDK the whole “im gonna BREAK THE WHEEL,,,,,,,,yet im stating my claim mainly on my housename (aka the predominant force of said wheel for a literal dynasty) and the fact that i can scare people who otherwise are unconvinced bc lets be real westeros has had a bad run of rulers a lot of which were Targs in the past couple decades, into submission bc ill burn you otherwise???” doesnt sit well with me nor does it feel like the character ive been rooting for the past five-ish seasons. She just doesnt seem to put into effort on understanding Westeros, why things go wrong, being self-critical or sharing the blame,thinking on what a “good” ruler would do…. anyone else feeling this way and if so do you think this is just shitty writing? D&D butchering her character? or a new arc for her? perhaps the way shes always been? She just seems like a tantruming child bratty and entitled idk (a beautiful child but still) 

As for jonerys…… im not gonna go into it much but how are other shippers happy????????? I honestly dont understand. I was SO looking forward to this season/this ship. like so much! But it felt so forced? And i know a lot of people claim its cause its rushed but tbh we’ve had a lot of romances in a similar time frame that felt like A C T U A L romances…..even Talisa/Robb who the Northerners will prob compare any of this too were so much better. THIS WAS MY EPIC SHIP DUDE. I feel the dany side of things (took a while but theres def heart eyes) and yet Jon???? He felt hollow. Still does even after sex. Im so disapointed but more than that I cant see the romance or the chemistry. He looks constipated. Hes never smiled like with his teeth around her the way hes done w others he cares deepily about (ygritte, toramund, sansa, even fkin gendry in the first scene they had together). He never reveals anything about himself. And between the “my queen” ep (and remember he was look warm when discussing her to toramund throughout it) and the previous the only thing that changed was that he saw the actual difference dragons made against WW. You could argue she saved them all too but that doesnt make you fall in love w someone out of the blue and also people have saved his ass before and??? Sansa w the vale anyone??? (Not an argument for jonsa js its happened) (though ill admit ive transitioned to loathing jonerys and loving jonsa more as a potential couple in the space of seven eps where if you asked me I wouldve been like PSH u cray. I never thought it would happen in a mill years but D&D ruined my ship and here i am! Shipping aside tho since its best too look at these things as neutral as possible).  Anyways the sigh of his after she left and when he pretended to be asleep…. idk. The only scene that felt genuine and where Jon smiled and it didnt look like a full on grimace and they actually kinda joked around was really nice and at the pit at the finale and if they do a LOT more of basic romance stuff like that I could ship it again but. It was followed by boatsex and boy. 

I was hoping boatsex might rekindle my like for the two together. I could see the chemistry the passion. I was hoping the passion would overwhelm me and make up for the rest. But instead……like there was no foreplay, it lasted 2 seconds, and it was overplayed by brans voice and a reminder of future conflict or at the very least major angst b/w the two. i didnt see the parallel between regear and lyanna playing alongside their scene as anything romantic or that it should be taken as such. and the look they shared…. I was hoping jon would bring it bc Dany’s look in her eyes is like soooo smitten and adorable and say what you will I still have a space in my heart for her and still dont want her to suffer, but again Jon looks like oh shit/constipated. And not in a good oh shit way either. 

There is a bunch more too but Imma stop there bc Im just tired at this point. 

So many things were just….off this season. And it cant all be blamed on the “rushed” time frame. I’ve read the undercover lover theory and hon it makes the most sense (not perfect sense but still, more than what we’ve been poorly spoon fed) but im not willing to believe it just yet. Still, maybe D&D are just butchering a lot of things like making the romance believable and stuff for the sake of time that could be true i guess. But they like to go AHA GOT U so 

Idk I dont find a lot of meta in the jonerys tag bc honestly (((((i think its bc the tag and ship are more popular and theirs more people both good and bad)))) it doesnt seem like snowballing theories is something all fans take really well in the tag at all. But whatever. I really want to know, is there any meta or theories im missing to either validate the icky feeling Im haveing about D or her “romance” or on the flipside anything that might make me change my mind about it? Theories, meta people!

I just want to reiderate im not trying to hate on anyone or any point of view and I will flag any comment anti one ship or person or another if its plain hateful or rude. I just want to understand it and see what Im missing, esp because of how much I was looking forward to her arc and jonerys’ dynamic and how much the words “falling short” dont seem to cover it. And to see if im not the only one to either have critique on the ship or her character [or even actually change ships]

Also i apologize for how much ive said “IDK” i just….. I DONT KNOW 

anonymous asked:

(part 1) ur gonna roast me for this but im legit curious why mafia AUs are so bad? im asking in a non confrontational way, i get it romanticizing mafia is wrong, but i also believe that 1)most mafia AUs are a really toned down type of mafia;2)they do make for some interesting kinds of dynamics with fanart and with fics; 3)in a fic specifically u can create your own world and call something mafia and still make it so they don't kill innocent people but only idk members of other gangs or sth

(part 2) plus theyre a way to put ur charas in a completely diff context and see what theyll do. i mean i dont believe that writing ships in a certain context (like mafia) equals romanticizing that context. mafia AUs arent even my fav things to read (in fact i almost never do), im sure many ppl romanticize it and i obvs dont agree with that but im just trying to udnerstand bc i believe fandoms are a way to explore things that we normally wouldnt.

I’m not gonna roast you don’t worry xD okay wait let me check if I replied to this already if yes I’m gonna c/p because it’s half past midnight otherwise I’ll just go at it again wait *checks tags* fff obviously I don’t have a general post but anyway pls read this after you’ve done with my post and then this which is also choke-full of links. plus for a (not nice) laugh: here. AH WAIT I FOUND THE POST.

okay, so, let’s have it out of the way: I have nothing against mob aus or crime aus. I have a problem against calling them mafia AUs because in the US mafia = organized crime at large, in Italy mafia = ACTUAL EXISTING ORGANIZATIONS THAT ARE ACTIVELY HARMFUL. now that I introduced the topic I’ll c/p you the reply I gave to another anon who while discussing the issue pointed out that most writers don’t even know Italian mafia is a thing, which is pretty much on the same discourse so…

*The thing is - in the US it might not be enough of a deal anymore and I honestly do get why people make the mafia = regular mobsters, since the mafia was the first foreign organized crime being exported to the US via italian immigrants (sorry if this sounds horrible in English but I just woke up and I still didn’t have coffee) so I understand that mafia became the umbrella term.But the thing is that - as you said, these people don’t even know that there’s a mafia in Italy anymore or where the word comes from.

 I’m going to link to italiansreclaimingitaly’s tag about the mafia and its perception outside Italy because they posted about this extensively and it’s an excellent resource, but meanwhile I’m gonna do a very short bullet point list and about the topic:

  • Mafia might not be a big deal in the US, but it still is here. We have the beauty of four different mafias (Cosa Nostra - the Sicilian one, camorra which is the one in Campania but has tendrils spread everywhere, the ‘ndrangheta which is in Calabria and the Sacra Corona Unita in Puglia) which are all active [especially camorra and 'ndrangheta] and whose actions have direct impact (negative) on our economy and on our society. Actually mafias are one of the main reasons we’re currently economically fucked up, and if I start talking about how mafia culture keeps some areas literally backwards I could talk about it for three months.
  • There are still people who are killed for standing up against them. These days the most prominent personality is Roberto Saviano who is a writer who dared to put together a book documenting minutely the way camorra works and he’s been living under protection for years by this point. Like, they want him dead because he wrote a book. And I’m sorta sure that he was talking about leaving Italy and going to the US after years of sticking with it here because he can’t take it anymore but I don’t know if it was a taken decision or if it’s still debating it.
  • It wasn’t even thirty years ago that we had the stragi di mafia - in english it’d be something like the mafia slaughters, basically around the beginning of the nineties there were a number of bombs planted by the mafia targeting people who were trying to oppose it including judges Falcone and Borsellino, actually the anniversary of Falcone’s death is like… tomorrow. And they’ve killed people for way longer than that. Here is a list of only Cosa Nostra victims including the ones from the eighties/nineties. And people are still dying because of it. The slaughters I’m referring to are just the ones in the nineties which are enough of a number.
  • They also perpetuate a culture where if you testify against your mafia-employed relatives you’ll be shunned forever. There are women who testified against their families and couldn’t see their children anymore never mind that they weren’t automatically considered a relative anymore the moment they sided against the mafia. Some people have committed suicide after becoming witnesses also because our police force/justice system can be terribly non-supportive in this kind of situation so they got left on their own. Never mind that back in the day - it was the beginning of the nineties? - I recall at least a particular story of - I think, correct me if I remember wrong but I can’t remember the names for the life of me - where this guy testified against the local mafia when he either used to work for them or was forced to pay them the pizzo and in retaliation his six-year old (or five? Anyway he had a son younger than ten for sure) got kidnapped, killed and thrown into acid to dispose of the body. That happened in what, 1993? 1994? It’s pretty much yesterday. And now the camorra is doing the same - there’s a list here of camorra victims among which accidental passerbys that got killed because they were in the way which I can tell just by glancing is not complete. And I’m not even going into the 'ndrangheta. That is to say, here mafia still kills people and cripples our country.

Now, I get that it’s a word, but the point was: let’s say that instead of the Italians the Japanese came to the US first and the umbrella word for organized crime was yakuza rather than mafia and let’s say yakuza was still what it was originally in Japan while in the US it stopped being a big deal and people write yakuza!AU instead of mafia AU. Let’s say someone Japanese gets angry at that and goes like 'listen the yakuza is a real deal it does this this this and that and it’s a plague in our country so can you please at least look it up before writing your fanfic’, which is what had happened way back then when this whole mafia and fanfic thing blew up. A bunch of people told us to get over it because it’s just a word and if it’s a problem in Italy it’s not in the US so why should they care? Now, if we had been Japanese (or Chinese or Russian or Mexican) would they have said the same thing? Considering the general tumblr attitude I’m pretty sure they would have received either an apology or 'this is an important deal let’s keep that in mind’ with signal boost reblogs and stuff. 

It’s the fact that we should get over people not knowing that it’s still a real problem for us and that they can’t take five seconds to google it that is the problem imo. Especially when instead of mafia au you can just say mobsters au or tag it as organized crime and everyone is a lot happier, mostly because as the tag above explains romanticising the mafia is a good thing for them because it means they can act outside Italy with less stigma because everyone thinks that the mafia is dead or not relevant anymore, if I’m explaining myself. (And it’s active outside Italy - like, there was a mafia kill in Germany in 2007 where six people died (sorry the link is in Italian but there isn’t an English wiki page, if you look the city up you’ll find something probably) and it was because of the 'ndrangheta.

I’d really like to not get worked over it because it meant it was a thing of the past y'know, but the problem is that it isn’t and I’d rather spread some awareness in hope some of these writers look it up (because it’s a good thing that people know what mafia is since as stated they have tendrils everywhere - if you read Saviano’s book the entire first chapter is about how camorra regularly deals with Chinese import/export in Italy for one) than shrug and figure that since they’ll think everything is good for fanfic then it’s not even worth my time.*

Now, ^^^ that was the c/p-ed reply that should answer most of your doubts. What I didn’t address was:

im sure many ppl romanticize it and i obvs dont agree with that but im just trying to udnerstand bc i believe fandoms are a way to explore things that we normally wouldnt.

aaaand as we say here in Italy, this is where the donkey falls (sorry we have weird sayings), because in theory there’s nothing wrong with that… except that in 99% of the mafia aus I’ve seen around the thing is that they’re supposed to be cute.

like, I see a lot of shit with TINY MAFIA BOSS STEVE ROGERS with RUSSIAN ENFORCER BUCKY (????? bucky isn’t even russian???) and the yoi thing I saw before had the japanese character being the leader of a russian mafia gang which is… like… guys it doesn’t happen it really doesn’t, and a lot of them re-use wrongly terminology taken from the godfather without context or knowing what the hell it means, and it’s always from the criminals’ pov and they’re somehow seen as criminals doing justice where the police can’t (???) and like… no. mafia bosses/enforcers/employees are bad people period, and at least here if you try to leave or repent they kill your family in retribution. like, not even ten years ago there’s been a woman who used to belong to a mafia family (or one colluded with the mafia) who testified and her entire town/family shunned her and she couldn’t take it anymore and… killed herself drinking acid if I don’t recall wrong. it’s not even special cases. this shit is not funny, it’s not cute, it’s not adorable and it’s not good fodder for your imagine your otp scenario (srsly I saw one like.. let me find it,

LIKE. just look at this shit. in a regular context, the enforcer goes to the show owner to force them to pay a monthly sum to their boss lest they destroy their shop and their lives and their family’s life never mind that mafia culture is deeply homophobic so the mafia enforcer flirting with the shopkeeper is like completely fucking out of the question. I mean, people here like to shit on the sopranos but that show was actually excellent representation of Horrid Criminals Who Were Never Supposed To Be Good People and the small arc that happened when one of tony’s friends turned out to be gay (closeted) was REALLY well done. btw, it ended that when they found out he was gay most of the crowd rejected him and thought badly of him until I think they killed him also for other reasons, but that spiraled from finding out he liked dick. and that’s american mafia that they actually based on well-done research of the culture in Italy it came from, I assure you that here it doesn’t work that differently. like. the shit above is so inaccurate and frankly offensive, it’s like… I get people romanticizing problematic stuff but the thing is that when you tell them that it’s actually offensive you get brushed off as ‘ah well you’re being too sensitive it’s just a word u__u’. now, I’m all for exploring shit we wouldn’t be into, but not like THAT, because that’s like mafia romantic comedy and that’s not how it works. now, you wanna do a fic where the mafia characters are deeply flawed and bad people and the police tries to catch them? fine, great, go ahead. you wanna do a fic where the enforcer above deals with dunno an entire life of internalized homophobia when he finds the shopkeeper attractive and feels conflicted over having to con money out of him and doing horrible shit for a living and maybe understanding that crime isn’t worth it and then he actually collaborates with the police and gets shit from about everyone he knows and loves for that? okay, awesome, go ahead. nothing bad in that.

but the shit above is not exploring things we wouldn’t/writing darkfic, it’s THINKING THAT A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION WHICH IS STILL A THING IN OUR PART OF THE WORLD IS CUTE AND ADORABLE. and that only plays in their favor because it takes the bad aura out of the word and we really should not let that happen. like. that is what is bad about mafia aus and mafia discourse, that people don’t realize the mafia is alive and well and thriving and not a thing that doesn’t exist or a generic word for organized crime.

you wanna write the shit above? okay, CALL IT CRIME AU or mob au, not mafia au.

btw, add-on: idk if I mentioned it in the above post or not, but in case I didn’t, I said that people would balk at the idea of a mexican cartel au. sadly since then I’ve found out a fandom where not only there is one but it’s also extra cutesy and people apparently love it and it has a bunch of kudos/comments and idek I’m not even touching that with a ten foot pole but like… I’ve avoided it and everything that author wrote because to me it’s just… nope. like, nope. if you do mafia aus don’t make them fucking cute. (also: in the same fandom I had to mute a v. famous fanartist whose art I actually liked but did cutesy mafia aus and.. like… haahahhaahahahahaha nah sorry. can’t go there. nope.)

Love Your Writer Day!

Day 5! Give it up for day five of the SnK no hate awareness week by @snkartists! Once again, I’m making a list for all the beautiful writers I know in this fandom, whether they make fics, drabbles, headcanons or meta, we all write and today is the day we are celebrated! THIS IS A LONG POST, PLEASE BARE WITH ME LMAO. Here I go:

@shulkie( @perksofbeingawaifu): Okay, I’ve always loved your fics and we just recently started talking but like you’re so great??? I love you??? You’re extremely nice and really funny, and your fics are Grade A+++, “Halocline” may be ending but your talent isn’t and honestly??? Honestly??? Shulkie you’re a blessing to us all, thank you for existing and putting up with me on discord pfft.

@erensjaegerbombs: Heidiiiiii, you’re so great??? I sob?????? You not only write, “The bartender is A+ by the way, but you beta, do awesome edits, make meta and headcanons and… you are so nice?? One of the best bloggers in our fandom, we truly don’t deserve her help me

@perfectfearsomebeauty: Okay… Amy.. Amy… Amy, my love I?? You’re wonderful and your headcanons are amazing. You’re nsfw headcanons always have me gasping for air but your sad headcanons fuck with me in the best way? Amazing person right here

@corporalmizuki: STELLA, girl. Okay, her fics are?? Beautiful, like.. she has the best characterizations and ideas, like.. beautiful beautiful ideas??? Help me I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

@ereri( @aurieackerman): I’m crying, she’s a blessing to us all?????? She always has the best metas and answers all her asks with class and kindness. Like, she just walked into the fandom, threw some magic and rose petals around and had me fucking swoon, like??? A literal sweetheart and she just joined discord and is someone I would really like to talk to, beautiful person right here I sob, what did we do to deserve????? Nothing, that’s it, I cry thank you for existing.

@eren–gayger: I’m crying, BERRY, my beautiful strawberry, beautiful person, you’re so sweet and all you’re fics are????? That mechanic Levi I wanted to cry was so so good like… yes. You’re precious thank you

@erenbaegerr: Nada, Noddie, hun, you bless me like??? Beautiful person you are like how. Great fics, great fic ideas, beautiful contributions like??? What did we do to deserve this angel, A+ Bagel right here, thank you for being among us.

@synstruck: I sob?? Syn is really cool, he was on my list yesterday too! Because his art is amazing that’s why. He writes, under the same url on ao3, also I recently found out he wrote one of my fave ereri fics, called “ten kisses” and like?????? Omg?? Amazing, he’s amazing, his talents are amazing, he does amazing and I think I just broke, what are words.

@spacebumblebees( @morebeesthanyoucouldimagine): Kayuuu, you’re so great, they are so great tbh?? They write and draw as well, another extremely talented bean. Sweet like honey and they are just wonderful, as well as their fics I sob. Go check them out please, just please, go, shoo, they are so great I cry.

@icecat45: WHAT ARE WORDS????? They go by the same url on ao3, they wrote this fic called “To trust an alpha”, it’s an a/b/o fic BUT LIKE????? It’s amazing??? Is2g it breaks all usual tropes that you see in abo and the fic is 100% cute, fluffy and best part all consensual, and they have the best fic ideas and when we talk I just feel so blessed like? They like talking to me? Me? Oh hunny, blessed.

@sciencefictioness: I???? They go by the same url on ao3, they write “Lunacy” and rip me to pieces it’s so good???? Like what.. how.. they also wrote “Red Heat” and like ever? Best person ever tbh, they are extremely talented and tbh we don’t deserve them, ahhh

@agent-2-6: CHEZZA, my guaco.. my chezire.. amazing???? She writes so many good fics and she also cosplays because she’s talented like that. When I see her on the chat, I always smile because?? So cute and sweet?? Yet also full of smut I can’t with her, she’s the best. She’s A26 on ao3 go check her out, also she started “ The Great EreRi Melon Discourse of 2k17” lmao, Chezza 🍈 it’s a honeydew

@dont–you–heichou–me: Chris, Christian, boy, he’s great tbh??? He has also the best headcanons and he’s really fun to talk to, like omg help, his ao3 is Christian_Rose_99384 and he makes the best ideas??? He’s amazing please check him out

@pinkheichou: LIN, SWEETHEART, ?????? Best person ever??? YOU RARE PAIR FIEND, I’m kidding more like friend, you’re so lovely???? Best fic ideas tbh, got a rare pair? P sure they ship it, like… the best, just best, you’re the best Lin

@gray-x-natsus-matching-hip-scars: I cry they write so good???? Best writing?? I weep, they have amazing headcanons and the ereris.. the soft, tender, beautiful ereris, I cry thank you for writing such beauty

@raindrop-rouge: addwjcdhdeiedbddwksn what are words??? I don’t know her?? Is it a food?? I’m kidding but BOY, beautiful writer over here blessing the fandom more and more each day??? I don’t know how they do it but they do??? Like exsqueeze me?? Same url on ao3 and I’m sorry I CAN’T pick a fav all the fics are so lovely??? Thank you for existing, wtf are words, thank you ahhhh

@sugarplum-senpai: best canon verse fics ever I weep??? I love canonverse and they fill all my needs for Canon fics??? Beautiful canon ereris???? It’s so great?? I wanna cry, also they are a sweetheart like.. best person tbh???? We need more people like them in the fandom ahhhh

@raefill: RAE, Rae is so great, great person, great writing, great to talk to, the epitome of greatness like slay my life already will you? I don’t deserve such goodness

@milleandra-nebula: I’m cryinf, okay, best fics.. I’ve followed them for so long I forgot what made me follow but I’m constantly blessed??? Best decision ever, their fics are soo good. Whenever I see something written by them on my dash I wanna keyboard smash in the tags, I’m a mess and all those beautiful people keep enabling me to be so ah

@im-eren-jaeger-sexual: I saw a fic by them on my dash and????? Omg?????? Yes, I had to follow, and so should you. CUTE PERSON ALERT, this is not a drill, cute person plus great fics equal one hell of a time!?? Thank you for existing ah

@mongoose-bite: crunchy is… he’s a blessing??? I’ve followed him for so long and he’s so chill, his works are amazing??? Seriously he when he writes

@monsoondownpour: Three words. Beautiful. Amazing. Ethereal???? Her ao3 is just monsoon and she??? Wrote “street brat” I die??? That fic watered my crops and fed my five children??? It saved my marriage and brought my country out of a drought???? Bless her I cry, I cry so hard, where are my tissues

@bfketh: How long have we been blessed with them???? The world may never know, they are beautiful, with beautiful fics and ideas. Like.. how?? Yeah idk either but I’m crying lord help

@fuzzyporcupine: I’m dead, I’m ghost typing this, but I’m blessed, they are thespazzbot on ao3 and wrote “what’s eating you” and “be good for me” two beautiful fics??? Great writer I just don’t understand, great person too, help

@cinnamonskull: DILF EREN, good shit????? Beautiful writer, things just.. flow??? Like I don’t know how to form my thanks but they seem amazing, with amazing fics and prose, beautiful just beautiful

@wishingsebastianstanwasmyman: BEAUTIFUL, JUST BEAUTIFUL, their fics are????? Amazing?????????? Can I just keep adding question marks??? Because I don’t know how they do it??? Omg their ao3 is the same and all their fics are amazing???? I’m dying go read them all, do a binge read, put them on read later, bookmark all the fics I don’t care just read their fics plz

@dallyingdivergent: Gaby is so amazing like?? I recently read one of her fics and I had to read it again, I felt so blessed, help me, plus she’s a total sweetheart I just.. I cry, that’s what I do, I cry, ty Gaby

@kahleniel: Kahl is great like?,??? Same url on ao3, her fics will end you, and you will cry and be happy they did. They are so sweet tbh like it’s not fair just.. such a well rounded person with amazing writes, I cry

@glassesgirl0401: Frau! Ahhh, I cry, her ao3 is Arlene0401 and you need of go look at it right now, no excuses, it’s all great, she great too, what more could you want ahhh

@captain-cleanliness: guy… GUY, he is???? Himself??? I can say that much, he is guy and guy is unique. All he does is write smut pfft, now I’m just kidding but he’s so great???? His headcanons are amazing like omg, he’s the best ahh

@mastia: cutest ereri fics I weep, like why and how and what???? I can’t form phrases like a person, but this person is beautiful I weep

@mikannnie: Cas is great, beautiful headcanons and loves yumikuri and the Warriors alike. Like.. really good headcanons, go check out their blog, beautiful I tell you!!

@foreverautumnblog: CAN I CRY???? IS IT ALLOWED? I love her fics sooo????? Much????? I cry, she’s Foreverautumn on ao3 and she’s written the EreRi fic “half light”??? Amazing, I loved that fic but, /but/ she wrote “words are trivial” and??????? Do you know how much that fic blessed me??????? Do any of you??? No???? Well it blessed the living fuck outta me like dear sweet baby Jesus, I???? It’s amazing beautiful fic??? I’m cryinf help me, also she’s so sweet and funny and we don’t deserve her, thank you for existing as well, you are a blessing to all your fandoms

@julystorms: what are words. Great meta!!! Like is2g all their meta has me weak, like… they interpret everything so beautifully, I agree with them so much???? Great person, awesome meta, you can’t go wrong, I screm

@dirtylevi: Beauuuutifffffulllll person. Like Grade A plus plus meta and answers, their blog reminds me of target, I go ifor one thing and come out blessed af. Like bless them, just donit, and go follow, I cry

@l-e-v-i-ackerman: HE IS GREAT. He is loveatfirstsight one ao3 and he wrote “3am” like?????? That fic was the shit??? He’s grest,funny and really grey, amazing headcanons, treasured blogger, what did we do to deserve

@crying-abt-fictional-people: WORDS, writer, this person?????? Great tbh?? Hey are elliewritesthings on ao3 and ???? Omg they wrote “show me how much you love me” and i?? I have no words?? Plz go read it it’s A+ ereri goodness I weep, an Angel I tell you

@baegerbombtastic: Best BEST, like??? They are driedupwishes on ao3 and like???? They have the best fics, omg they wrote “summertime and butterflies all belong to your creation” and… it’s so cute??? Like I read I once and I had to go to the dentist because it gave me a shit ton of cavities??? Like what.. what.. thank you for existing I’m deceased

@appleapplepeach: I cry, OKAY okay… they are appleapple on ao3 and they make the best fics???? Like I love. They wrote the EreRi fic “Grounded” I loveeee that fic???? It’s so amazing like shit, shit shit, some good shit, it’s beau, please check out their works, I’m crying as I type, beautiful

@assistent-official: BLESS YOU?????? I’m constantly graced with long thought out headcanons on my dash and I love them all??? Bless don’t ever stop being amazing with your amazing headcanons

@nutella-and-ereri: Best blogger right here, like all her headcanons bless me?? Like how can you agree with someone so much.. just omg, plus a really see the person, we are unworthy. You are great yo

@margri3t: They are a cute, a living cute, same url on ao3 and they have cute fics?? Please go check them out, I’m swooning

End of my long ass list and like… all those people are just *shakes fist* so lovely??? Our writers are just so talented, we don’t deserve them I cry so hard, thank you for being you and this blogger love yall and hopes you get all the respect you deserve!!!! 💕❤😇

Sing Me Sweet

Characters: CastielXReader

Word Count: 1155

A/N: Drabble written for @waywardmoeyy’s Moeyy’s 1K Fluff Fest Challenge with the prompt – “It’s been such an ugly day. I need to hear something beautiful.” The reader and Castiel have a super special fluffy tradition. Established CastielXReader. Warning for a description of nausea (in relation to physical shock). Reunion. Hurt/Comfort. Fluff.

You practically tore the motel door off its rusted bolts in your blind haste to unlock it. Amazingly, the stubborn hinges held fast against a second brutal assault when, having succeeded in gaining entry, you then proceeded to slam it shut. The entire façade of the dingy and probably termite-infested motel shook with the venting force of your frustration. The glass and wood framed faded print of a random field of sunny flowers meant to add an uplifting spot of color to the otherwise grey and peeling walls shimmied free of its flimsy hanger and shattered in a cascade of glitter on the threadbare stained carpet within. A garbled man’s voice a few doors down shouted scornfully through the thin walls at the impolite midnight ruckus. You didn’t have the energy to yell any choice words in return.

Castiel! you prayed, sinking on the edge of the creaky protesting bed. The adrenaline might coursing your veins from the violent altercation with the shifter that had held bodily shock at bay for the last half hour was rapidly diminishing. The room spun violently and your stomach churned, biliously threatening to empty its contents onto your shoes. Staring at the stains on the carpet between your feet, you realized you would not be the first person in this particular room to succumb to this unhappy circumstance.

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Ups & Downs (Part 2)

a/n: i was gonna finish this tomorrow but i said fuck it and wrote it all tonight! there will be a next part so u dont have to worry ;) also if u wanna be tagged just tell me

tags: @bethbat @professionalfangirl3000 @imreallyfredweasley @onelastfic @coramoon025 @daddysprettypagan@im-fandom-trash @hello-fanfiction-goodbye-grades @desperatepenguin722@justcallmecinammon

word count: 3,502 words (jfc)


Your life has been great ever since you got fired. Which was an odd sentence to say but still very true.

After you got fired that day, you immediately vented your feelings out by writing them all down. This is what you went to college for after all, you were a major literature and writing. And writing always made you feel better.

After a couple hours later and a lot of typing, you got an email. You saved your document and leaned back to stretch. As you went to open the email, you recognized the address as Mr. Hamilton’s.

Dear (Y/N),

I know this may seem unprofessional but with the current circumstances of your job I do believe this is appropriate and necessary. I am truly sorry about what happened in the office and Miss Maria Reynolds told me the reasons why Laf and Jefferson had let you go, which is quite preposterous.

You raised your eyebrows. You didn’t know Mr. Hamilton and Maria were close.

I am very good friends with Lafayette and it seems very unlike him to fire someone without any good reason. And although Jefferson and I do not get along, even he isn’t that big of an asshole to do something like this, excuse my language.

You giggled at this.

The reason why I emailed you was because you are truly an amazing person, not just as a secretary, and I am checking to see if you are alright. I enjoyed the talks we had in my office and I will deeply miss them. I hope to receive a reply soon!


Alexander Hamilton

You smiled sadly as this. Sometimes you would get in trouble because you and Mr. Hamilton would stay in his office and just talk about the most random things. Although most of the time, it was just one of you ranting about something to the other, but you are still going to miss that and him.

You were about to simply type back a “Thank you, I am fine” but instead you opened up your document you were working on and copied and pasted it to send it to him. You added a little note at the bottom thanking him for his concern and saying that you also will miss him.

With that you shut your laptop, the events of the day finally catching up to you leaving you drained of energy. You looked at the clock to see it read 12:48 AM and you laughed.

Only Mr. Hamilton would send an email at this hour, you thought sleepily as you yawned.

With that you dragged yourself to bed and fell into a dreamless sleep.


You didn’t know that sending Mr. Hamilton (you now call him Alex) your paper about how you felt about That Day would change your life. After reading it, Alex sent it to his sister-in-law who was the CEO at a big newspaper company. She absolutely loved and asked you to become a writer at her company.

Seven months later you climbed to the top and became a head writer in The Schuyler Times. You couldn’t be more proud of yourself and you wouldn’t trade your job for the world.

You became very good friends with Angelica Schuyler, the woman who hired you, and you became a well known writer across the east coast.

You never missed your old job, but you would miss a couple of the friends you made while working their. Every once in a while you would meet up with Maria and Alex to see how they were doing, but they were the only ones you kept in touch from your old work.

One day, you were writing an article about a local robbery that happened last night when you got a text from Alex.

mr. nonstop: (2:03 PM)

omg u would not believe what i found out

mr. nonstop: (2:03 PM)

(Y/N) answer it’s so important there’s so much drama

mr. nonstop: (2:03 PM)

it’s such juicy gossip

mr. nonstop: (2:03 PM)

PLS answer i must tell you

you: (2:04 PM)

what alex im working i get off at 3

mr. nonstop: (2:04 PM)

OH PERFECT can you meet me at the coffee shop by my building at 330? i believe this will be better if i told you in person :D

Your eyebrows raised at this. It didn’t sound bad, but you knew it had something to do with you, and you can’t resist talking about drama. You texted back “sure” and went back to work.

Time flew by and you hauled a cab to meet Alex at the normal coffee shop you both went to talk shit about people.

You checked your watch and saw it was 5 til 3:30, but you already spotted Alex gulping down his coffee at your normal table while shaking his leg vigorously as his eyes roamed around the café.

The gossip must be very good today, you thought.

His eyes widened when he saw you and grinned mischievously as he waved you over.

“Ok, here’s your frappuccino!” He handed you your drink as you sat down. “Now let’s get to the good stuff.”

You took a sip of your drink and waited for him to start.

“So obviously a couple months ago you got ‘let go’,” He said as he put sarcastic quotations around “let go”.

You rolled your eyes and nodded.

“So since you got fired, Lafayette and Jefferson needed a new secretary, right?” He said with a smirk.

You put down your drink at this, you totally didn’t think about how your old bosses would need a new vict-assistant to hire.

“They hired this one guy but fired him the next week, then they hired this girl who was there for a month then quit, after they they hired a girl who they, no joke, fired the next day,” Alex went on.

Your eyes widened as Alex kept talking about how many secretaries Mr. Lafayette and Mr. Jefferson have gone through.

“…So in total for the past seven months they have gone through twelve secretaries, (Y/N). Twelve!” Alex laughed as he slammed his coffee down. “I feel so bad for the one working right now, I swear they cry whenever Laf barely talks to them sternly.”

You chuckled with Alex but you still couldn’t believe it. 

Twelve assistants? Nobody is that picky about assistants.

“But that’s not the juicy part!” Alex suddenly stopped laughing.

“It’s not? Because that sounds pret-ty good to me.” You said as you stirred your whipped cream with your straw.

Alex scooted closer to you, “I found the real reason why you got fired.”

You snapped your eyes up to his, “The what?

Alex chuckled sinisterly and leaned back against his chair, “They didn’t fire you because you were distracted,”

He leaned closer and whispered into your ear, “They fired you because you were distracting.”

You moved your head away from his and looked at him to see if he was really saying what he you think he was saying.

Alex nodded his head and took a sip of coffee, “Oh yes, (Y/N), they were distracted by you.”

You jaw dropped as he confirmed what you thought he was saying.

“There’s no way!” You gasped. “Who told you this?”

Alex then told you how he eavesdropped-

“Overheard!” Alex would object.

How he eavesdropped on a conversation between Jefferson and Lafayette.

“Apparently they couldn’t handle wanting to jump your bones every time they called you into their office, so they had to fire you. Lafayette kept saying you were ”*une belle fleur” and Jefferson said you were “a sight for sore eyes.”

You laughed hard as he did (very bad) impressions of the two of them and he started cackling with you. Afterwards, you wiped the tears from your eyes, but then you remembered what Alex said.

“So, is that all you came to tell me?” You asked Alex.

He shook his head, “I think you should stop by the office and say hi to a couple friends. I’m sure a couple people missed you, some more than others.” He winked and with that he was off, waving goodbye and yelling he hopes to see you soon. That night he texted you to come “stop by” the office next Tuesday.

You left him on read.


The next week came soon enough and you texted Angelica that you’re taking the day off.

you: (7:17 AM)

hey angie im not gonna be at work today i have some…stuff to take care of

angie: (7: 21 AM)

make sure you make them regret firing you ;)

You froze and re-read the text again.

Of course Alex would tell her, you thought. He can’t keep his big mouth shut.

You dressed nice today, not because you wanted to impress people. Oh no, you’re a well-known writer! You can dress whenever you want because you can!

You were walking into your former building when you heard someone behind you call your name.

“Hey (Y/N), dressed to impress a certain pair a people, huh?” Alex asked teasingly as he fell into step with you.

You blushed and grumbled, “Shut it, Hamilton. I can dress nice if I want to dress nice.”

Alex held his hands up in defense and went to press the both button 10 and 11 of the elevators.

Nice to see they’re still working, you thought sarcastically.

As the elevator neared the 11th floor, you quickly became nervous. You started fidgeting with your hands and straightening your shirt more times than you could count.

You felt Alex put a hand on your shoulder, “Hey, you don’t have to do this you don’t want to. I’m sorry if you felt pressured to do this.”

You shook your head a took a deep breath, “No it’s fine, Alex. I think it’s best if I do this. Plus, I really wanna see that new secretary they have.”

Both of you laughed and the elevator dinged that you finally arrived at the Alex’s floor.

Alex walked out while you held the door to keep it from closing. You looked around to see that nothing had changed which made you smile.

You looked at Alex, “Is Jefferson or Lafayette in today?”

“That’s why I wanted you to come in specifically today,” He smiled. “Both of them are here.”

Your eyes widened while Alex smirked.

He’s really enjoying this, isn’t he?

“Alright I’ve gotta go, (Y/N). I have a meeting with Washington.” He said with a wave.

You waved goodbye to Alex and told him you would meet up with him soon.

It only took a few seconds to get to the next floor. The elevator dinged again and you took a deep breath and stepped out. You walked around, trying to find someone you recognized when you saw Maria.


Her head snapped up from the paperwork she was working up and a bright grin appeared on her face.

You both met each other halfway with a big hug.

“Oh my gosh, (Y/N)! Look at you dressed all fancy and competing in the big leagues!” She said as she stepped back from you hug. “God I missed you!”

You both caught up with each other and she led you around the room until you reached your old cubicle. You saw a woman typing frantically on the computer while talking on the phone to someone and being surrounded by enormous piles of paper. You grimaced as you were reminded of your days being stuck in the same position as her.

“Yeah that’s their new secretary,” Maria whispered into your ear. “Have you heard she’s their-”

“Twelfth one? Yeah I’ve heard.” You interrupted.

You both walked away and passed by both Mr. Jefferson’s and Mr. Lafayette’s office and saw both were empty. Maria noticed your confused expression and quickly explained they were having a meeting with Washington downstairs. The same meeting Alex is in. The same floor Alex is on.

“Y'know Maria? I’m gonna go say hi to Al- Mr. Hamilton and I’ll be on my way. It was so nice seeing you again.” You smiled as you gave her another hug.

You decided to take the stairs down to see Alex since he was only a floor away. On your way down the stairs you texted him asking if he was done with the meeting since you didn’t want to wait for him.

you: (9:01 AM)

are u done with ur meeting?

mr. nonstop: (9:01 AM)

yeah just finished! im in my office come stop by

mr. nonstop: (9:02 AM)

u might hear me talking to people in my office but just come on in it’s fine ;)

You didn’t know why he added the winky face, but you shrugged it off. As you neared his office, you couldn’t help but feel something was off, but you kept moving forward. You opened the door to see Alex and Jefferson yelling at each other while Lafayette tried to calm them down. Alex was the only one to notice you walk in as the other two men’s back were facing the door.

“(Y/N)!” Alex exclaimed as he jumped from behind his desk to give you a hug. “I didn’t know you were stopping by today! What a nice surprise!”

As he hugged you he whispered to play along and you huffed and rolled your eyes.

You pulled out of the hug, “Hey Alex! I was just passing by and I couldn’t miss a chance to see you.”

Alex gave you a wink to signal that you’re doing great.

“Oh Lafayette! Jefferson!” He turned to the two men who were gaping at the two of you. “You remember (Y/N), right?”

Your two former bosses gulped and nodded, still unable to form any words.

“How have you guys been?” You asked sweetly with a big smile.

The two just stared until Jefferson nudged Lafayette.

“U-um…we’ve been f-fine, (Y/N). How about you? Do you have a new job?”

You were about to answer when Alex beat you to it.

“Well actually they work for my sister-in-law! They are one of the head writers at The Schuyler Times and one of the biggest names on the east coast!” He said proudly.

Both men looked even more shocked than before.

“W-wow (Y/N), that’s great!” Jefferson finally spoke.

You smiled, “Well I better be on my way! I’m a very busy person and I just wanted to stop by and say hi to Alex!”

Alex went up and hugged you again, but this time he kissed your cheek.

“Make sure to text me when you get home!” He said as you walked out.

You nodded and walked out of his office, finally relaxing your shoulders. You were about to get in the elevator when a pair of hands grabbed you and shoved you into an empty room. You squealed and saw that Mr. Jefferson had been the one to grab you.

“How long have you and Hamilton been dating?” Jefferson asked you.

Your eyes widened at his bluntness. You peeked over his shoulder and saw Mr. Lafayette staring at you with crossed arms.

“I-well we aren’t…uh…dating.” You stammered.

Mr. Jefferson took a step back from you.

“Then what was with all the hugging?” He asked.

“And him kissing your cheek and to text him when you got home?” You heard Mr. Lafayette spit out as he walked over to the both of you.

You blushed, “I have no idea,” You started backing into a corner. “Alex and I are friends, but he usually is never affectionate like that…”

Mr. Jefferson put his hands on either side of your head against the wall, trapping you.

“Oh so you call him Alex now?” He growled his name.

You furrowed your eyebrows and look straight into his eyes, “Whoever I’m friends with and I date is none of your concern! Of either one of your concerns!” You yell as you look over to Mr. Lafayette and push Mr. Jefferson away. “From what I remember you were the ones that fired me! So I shouldn’t even have to be speaking with the two of you!”

You started walking towards the door but you felt a gentle hand grabs yours.

“Oui, we’re sorry (Y/N). We just…” You heard Lafayette say.

You turned around and motioned for him to continued.

He looked over at Mr. Jefferson for some kind of reassurance and looked back at you, “We let you go because we…like you too much, ma chérie.”

You gasped. You know that Alex told you the same thing, but actually hearing it from them makes it completely different.

“We couldn’t take the way how flawless you looked everyday. With your gorgeous eyes and hair. We couldn’t take how intelligent you are and-”

Lafayette was interrupted when you gasped again, but this time it was because you felt Mr. Jefferson wrap his arms from behind you.

“We couldn’t take the way your hips would move when you walk or how your eyes sparkled. We especially couldn’t take it whenever the word ‘Sir’ came out of your pretty little mouth.”

You whimpered at this, you didn’t know how much more you could take.

“Ma chérie,” Lafayette asked. “Would you be willing for us to make it up to you? You can come over to our house tonight and have dinner.”

“W-well uh Mr. Lafa-” You started to stammer.

“Mon amour, just call me Laf.”

You blushed at the new nickname. You were used to “ma chérie”, but this was new.

You felt Mr. Jefferson kiss down your neck, “And you can call me Thomas, darling.”

You shuddered at his administrations and nodded.

“How ‘bout this, darling? You doll yourself up and come over to our place around 8. Then we can treat you to dinner,” Mr. Je-Thomas said. “And then at the end of the night we can make everything up to you.” He whispered.

This time you shuddered and whimpered, already ready for what may come.

Laf pulled you out of Thomas’s grasp to pull you into his.

“Here’s our address, ma chréie,” Laf gave you both his and Thomas’s number along with the address. “We’ll be waiting, mon amour.”

The three of you then walked out of the room, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible. But Alex caught your eye when the elevator doors were closing and winked at you.

This was quite a turn of events for you.


When you got home, it took a while for you to comprehend that you’re going on a date. With two men. Who were your former bosses.

When 5 o'clock rolled around, you changed into your favorite “night out” outfit, which made you look sexy but still very classy.

You had to control your breathing as your GPS told you that you were nearing their house.

It’s ok (Y/N), you told yourself. You look hot and you’ll do fine. They’ve seen you at your worst, you’ll be fine.

As you pulled up to park, your mouth dropped. Their house was huge!

It’s not even a house! More like a mansion! You said to yourself.

You shakily made your way up the stair and rung the doorbell. You nervously fiddled with your outfit until the door opened and your jaw dropped.

You know how usually when you see men in suits it usually makes them hotter? It wasn’t true for you since you see men in suits all the time. But behind the door you saw Thomas and Laf in completely normal and comfortable clothing which somehow made then ten times hotter.

“(Y/N)! You look amazing as always, darling.” Thomas said as he and Lafayette led you in.

You looked around at the grand room and couldn’t help but gawk at it.  You were stopped when you smelt something amazing coming from what you assumed to be the kitchen!

“I made pasta for us, ma chérie.” Lafayette told you. “It’s simple but I think you will like it.”

You grinned and nodded at him, unable to contain your excitement for the night.

After dinner all three of you decided to watch a movie. The three of you might have had a bit too much wine since you all ended up cuddling on the couch. You were enjoying the movie until you felt a hand wrap around your thigh. You looked and saw that Thomas was watching the movie as if he had done nothing different, so you shrugged and focused your attention back on the screen. A couple minutes later, however, another hand wrapped your other thigh.

You blushed and knew this was no mistake, but you weren’t going to say no to them. This is was you signed up for.

During the movie, both hands started creeping up your thighs until they reached just under your core.

You were already very needy from before, but this was driving you insane. You needed one of them to do something.

“Ma chérie, shall we continue this in the bedroom.” Laf whispered in your ear.

* une belle fleur = a beautiful flower

Swept Off My Feet (Part 8)

Misha x Reader

Word Count: 1.5k

Warnings: the slightest bit of angst, fluff, mention of opioids/pain medication, mild suggestive language.

A/N: Sorry this took so freakin’ long. Here it is. Enjoy. <3

Swept Off My Feet Master List

You stared at the beeping monitors as you stood in the doorway of Misha’s room. His deep brown hair lay in a messy swirl atop his head, crowning his alabaster face. A deep bruise covered a large portion of his right cheek, and his torso was wrapped in white gauze. Specks of red blood seeped through the large bandage.

“Oh, Misha…” You gripped the doorframe as you struggled to hold yourself up. There was the man you truly cared for, the man who you loved. There, you admitted it… to yourself. You loved Misha. And now, he was lying unconscious, bruised and battered, in a hospital bed.

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allthepens  asked:

Can you recommend any good klance fics ??

Well @allthepens a few people asked me on amino before and… here are my messages:


Hey so. Someone asked me for klance recommendations before, and I got carried away. A lot. But here are the messages I sent them, because I do think a lot of these are pretty good (some better than others but shhhhh). ALL ON AO3 (archives of our own just in case you don’t know).

Please try to enjoy. This is also mostly for my benifit in case I forget which fanfics I’ve already read. And the messages start… now:


Okay, let me just go through my entire klance library. You probably already read like most of these. But I just wanted to share. I’m fairly certain all of these are generally safe? Also they’re probably all oneshots too. The ones with a hashtag are I believe my favorites.

I chose ones that I at least vaguely remember what they were about since there were so many some I don’t really know just by the title if I really liked hem or not. But here are the alternate reality fics, meaning they’re technically in the same universe just… different:

-# electromagnetic *classic pining RIGHT HERE*

-# lament with the sea *Garrison au, really just GOOD*

-the electric synthesized pop ballad of why keith can’t have nice things*this has soft a/b/o, thank god it’s not too bad. also the name is A+*

-# never saw you coming *honestly Keith’s characterization in this is wonderful*

-# Objects in Motion (when unbalanced) *btw i like this entire series, but this is the first work*

-# a fish and a bird *accidentally in a relationship*

-the meaning of donuts *why do I even need to add in to that it’s donuts*

These are from alternate universes, so. Crazy stuff:

-It grows stronger *school*

-he who fights monsters *dragons also eeeh they make out and stuff in the end, so… just skip that part if you dont enjoy that stuff, like me, theres like multiple chaps in this one*

-would you like fries with that? *food*

-take me away *food*

-# element of surprise *avatar au*

-legendary station *radio host show*

- costumed identities *cosplays are amazing to read about, especially the process of making them*

-thread our way through the stars *astronomy yeeeaa*

-Camp Lake Altea *itsa summer camp* EDIT: warning! incomplete!!

Theres so… SO MUCH more in my library but I got lazy and this is too long you probably read like all of these already bye!“


After this I went insane.


i lied theres more

all my reasons why” canon verse

ascension” again, cuz i read it so many godamn times

tropical drink in your hand” beach au

i bet you look good on the dancefloor” i swear if you havent read this already did you even try searching its like fourth most popular.

blaming space” sad short, pre-relationship, canonverse

where the lions roam” literally just lance insecurity but really hes awesome and everyone thinks so too

dont wanna be free” keith is a dork, and he cant WORDS. canonverse

so very lucky” ANOTHER CAMP FIC definitely complete i promise

and here comes the blushing groom” ACCIDENTALLY MARRIED AU WHAT MORE YA NEED. canonverse

bright ideas” stuck together on an ice planet. Slowe burne canonverse


And here, as I look back…

I have more to add:


nothing’s quite as sweet” coffee shop cat shop au, honestly just adorable. The lions are cats to be adopted. Red is a sass.

you’re so sweet; will you be mine?” rivalry bakery au, obviously sweet as heck.

Stick with me” canonverse, literally stuck together by alien adhesive. The usual.

Make Me Your Home” canonverse, a lot of Galra Keith, pining (thats pretty much my go-to tag) has some making out in later chapter.

Nightmares” canonverse, when you can’t sleep until you’re wrapped around someone else who can’t sleep.

try if you can” college au, Keith pines REALLY hard.

Stormchasing” Keith and Lance makes mistakes. Also they get handcuffed together that too.

Smile for the Stars” canonverse. Heart. Broken. Major major MAJOR character death warning at the very end. Why you do this.


Honestly, theres way more in my library. But like I said, I chose ones I can tell by the title what they were about, either because it was memorable or it was one of my favorites. I also tried choosing ones I think people wouldn’t have read before (DIRTY LAUNDRY) because of how well known they are. Except for the dancing one. That one should be read already.

Just saying.


Again, since some are more well known, you might’ve read them already, but I just chose the ones in my library that I could easily remember what they were about. If you want more, just ask and I’ll go back to my library. I just kinda scanned my downloaded stories and randomly picked out the ones I liked more.

Anyway. Tell me which ones you liked if you read them! Also, if the messages are hard to read, tell me and I’ll organize (and maybe add more commentary) to them. This post may be updated in the future, who knows. More fanfics to recommend, more to read, more to chase down from the darkness of fandom.



and those were my amino klance recs

theres more but im tired and have school so

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how do i know im "fetishizing" lgbtq+ characters? idk if i identify as lgbtq+ bc im gray-a.... and most of my otps are mlm (altho i have a few wlw otps too). i dont think im fetishizing them i just think i enjoy their stories? like noah & brian from "I'll give u the sun" and ari& dante, and also andreil... and wesper and etc. i have so many mlm otps that i feel like maybe theres something wrong with me

it’s kind of a hard line to find tbqh. like, the fact is that a) while media is slowly creating more gay couples, it’s most often mlm and not wlw, so finding canon lgbt+ couples you like means you’re much more likely to find mlm couples; and b) there’s so few of them!! it’s so much easier to just like all gay lit because it’s new and something you can relate to. so the fact that you just like loads of gay ships on its own isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

there is a difference between enjoying them and fetishising relationships, though. for instance if you’re only into mlm ships then it can be a bit ehh, like you think gay boys are super cute but not lesbians because ???? whatever reason you can come up with is bad. this post kind of summarises for me what a big issue often is: the stereotyping. in a lot of media, they’ll include gay characters that are every inch the “gay best friend” stereotype (cough gl*e, riverd*le) and it’s quite frankly dehumanising. it leads to people doing this in the real world. the very idea of going up to someone and saying “you’re my new gay best friend!” is just so strange and like… the fact that someone is same gender attracted doesn’t determine any other part of their character, you know? that’s a big part of it in fandoms. so for men, it’s often making them out to be effeminate.

for women, it’s different. quite often it leads to hypersexualisation. (i know this isn’t really what you asked but i figured i’d briefly include it anyway, just for a more complete answer i guess) again, it’s reducing same gender attraction to a character trait, and often something to turn a guy on. which is. not cool. (examples here)

but to answer the question - i think if you enjoy the stories for what they are and don’t enjoy them in a different way you enjoy other ships, then it’s generally alright. it’s stuff like the people who still only focus on ev*k in sk*m and say that the actors must have practised kissing because it looks so real, for example, that’s where you’re crossing a line.

i don’t agree with all of this post necessarily, but there’s a paragraph i wanna pull out:

if a straight boy was constantly seeing “lesbians” everywhere, or talking about how those girls would look so good together, or making up headcanon about you and one of your platonic girlfriends, you would think he was creepy as fuck, sexist, and probably a pervert. Because he isn’t seeing you or other girls as people with real agency, he’s seeing you as an object to project onto. He’s invalidating your personhood and your sexuality and making your actual queer friends feel like their sexuality isn’t a real identity. That is what you’re doing to these boys; straight or gay, real or fictional, you are projecting onto them and invalidating them.

i hope this helps!!

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what are your fave narumitsu fics? top 5 pls i'm looking for stuff to read :D

!!! I’m not sure how new you are to p/e fic BUT I’ve already got a post of some of my all time faves + a general fic rec tag, though I can make another rec for newer fic rn?? especially since the ones in that first link are some of the most popular/well-known already in the fandom 

SO OK more recent fic rec under the cut !!

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I have a fluffy drabble request if you are still accepting. Snuggling under a blanket when reader gets cold? Thanks!

Woolen beanie. Knit scarf long enough to give the fourth Doctor a run for his money. Long-sleeved T and two layers of thick flannel shirts raided from Dean’s closet. Thermal leggings and a rolled up pair of Sam’s sweatpants. Two pairs of ultra-fluffy socks. And if he was around, you probably would have stolen the trench coat off Castiel’s back if you weren’t convinced it was somehow an integrally attached piece of his vessel.

No, you were not attempting to blend into the testosterone saturated multi-layered team free will fraternity. Rather, the bunker was unbearably cold and Dean strangely refused, despite your best, most pathetic, and entirely sincere pleas for relief, to turn the heat up any higher citing the fact that it was very clearly hotter than Hell in the bunker, and he would know because he’d been there, twice. You knew better than to suggest that Dean remove one or more of his own layers of clothing lest he think you were hitting on him. So, defeated, you fled the library to your room, threatening as you departed to light a fire in the trash bin for heat using the Men of Letter’s irreplaceable and never-ending stockpile of casefiles for fuel. Sam wasn’t sure if you were joking or not.

Shivering beneath the thickest blanket you could find in the sundries storage room, you heard a light knocking on your door. “Come in,” you muttered numbly, hoping it was Sam or Dean come to take pity on your frigid soul and tell you they turned up the thermostat. Peeking over the fringed edge of the woolen coverlet, you saw the backlit outline of Castiel observing you from the doorway. “Hey Cas.” You could have sworn your breath misted in the cold air.

Seeing movement beneath the lumpy pile of fabric, he entered the room, huskily murmuring, “Hello Y/N. Dean suggested I check in to see how you’re feeling.”

“Cold, still cold,” your teeth clattered in answer.

Cas crossed the small space to stand at the side of the bed, peering down at you with concern clouding his blue gaze, “He thinks you may be getting ill.” He reached out a palm to press your forehead, “You do seem very cold, but not feverish. What can I do to help?”

Maybe it was the cold numbing your inhibitions, maybe it was the open-ended nature of his question, but the words rolled off your tongue of their own volition, “You could crawl under this blanket with me to snuggle for warmth.” Feeling a heated rush of blood redden your cheeks, you congratulated yourself for not making a far more explicit request of the angel.

If the suggestion came as a surprise, he gave no outward indication as he stared calmly back at you. He shrugged the trench coat off his broad shoulders. The garment, as it turned out to your delight, was not actually a permanently adhered accessory. His suit coat followed. Then the blue-striped silken tie, loosened and tugged free from his collar with a sharp snapping sound. You heard the soles of his shoes kick off beneath the bed. Lifting the blanket, he settled awkwardly and inflexibly beside you. Angling his neck to regard you, he asked, tone wavering uncertainly, “Is this alright?”

You wanted to answer that it was more than alright – it was downright amazing, but the fact remained that the only part of you considerably warmer with the decorous distance between your bodies were your hotly burning cheeks. “Well, uh, snuggling usually involves a little more direct contact,” you blushed, tentatively shifting and rolling against his body, snaking a hand across his torso. “Like this.”

Relaxing, he coiled an arm around your shoulders to nestle you to his chest. “Like this?” he echoed your words, eyes seeking yours for approval.

“Exactly like this,” you sighed into his shirt, basking contentedly in his radiant heat. Warmed to the heart, you drifted into easeful slumber in the embrace of the softly smiling seraph.

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hey y'all!!!
im doing art trades as a way to help build the confidence of young, new, or insecure artists in the community! read more on that here

here are some quick rules/guidelines

1. you do NOT have to be following me! this is not a way for me to gain followers or anything. i would greatly appreciate if you reblog this post as well as my post explaining why i want to do this so that it can reach more artists and prompt them to join in (although it isnt required that you do reblog to participate!)

2. i will NOT be sending or receiving NSFW pieces (nothing blatantly sexual or incredibly gory) (some exceptions may apply if i deem them appropriate for this account)

3. i WILL post your ocs or any fanart you draw of whatever fandom you’re in regardless of whether i know about it or not! (however, if anyone sees something problematic/harmful in something someone sends me, PLEASE let me know b/c i may not be aware of it)

4. you dont have to draw something incredibly intricate, and it doesnt have to be digital. if you want to send me a photo you took on your phone of a sketch you did recently, i WILL post it. what matters is your art and self expression, not how “good” or “professional” it is.

5. if you send me anything that is incredibly personal, i will use cautionary tags on it. similarly if you send something that is very triggering, i will tag it in a way that warns users of its (sub)context.

6. you MUST message me ahead of time, because i plan on posting our art together, so i will need to know when to have something prepared for you as well. i will not ask you to draw anything; i want your creativity to flow natural and for your art to be organically you, and not something i put into your head. i will, however, take requests if thats something you want me to do! (sidenote: if you ask me to draw something from a fandom i dont know anything about, i might ask you to change your request if its too complicated, or i may mess up and depict something wrong. if im unsure about something, i will ask you, and i hope you do the same!)

thats all for now!! thank you SO MUCH to those who choose to be a part of this!

and to those of you who are still insecure about your art, don’t worry. you will grow. your style and medium and subject matter and inspiration will change, and thats okay. its scary sometimes, and sometimes you just want to quit, but dont. art is beautiful, and the things you create are so uniquely you. dont feel the need to change for anyone, or settle for office jobs and paper work. make the world you live in a place you want to be. keep growing. im proud of you.

Swept Off My Feet (Part 7)

Misha x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k 

Warnings: language, angst, mention of drugs and DUI, description of injury, threatening gestures.

A/N: I had no idea what photo to put for this, so here is a random picture of this beautiful man. Enjoy. <3

Swept Off My Feet Master List

The front corridors of the hospital rang with the sounds of the wailing ill and their sobbing families. The stench of cleaning solution and stale air flooded your senses as you desperately tried to locate the right room. The nurse at the front desk was not helpful, simply pointing down the hall you currently stood in.

ICU, Emergency, Family Waiting Area

You followed the arrows toward the ICU, where Jensen had told you he and the others were waiting. Shit. The whole fucking place was a maze. You turned another corner and peered up at the sign.

ICU and Family Waiting Area

Bingo. As you rushed down the hall, you spotted Jensen talking with a police officer. “Y/N!” he called out to you. As you approached the duo, the officer turned towards you.

“You must be Ms. Y/L/N. I just have a few questions for—“

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They’re Better Than You Are P.3- Final Part (Rob Benedict x Reader)


Summary: You and Rob are married, but you’re going through a really rough patch. You play Metatron on Supernatural, (female Metatron), and the time has come for the two of you to film “Don’t Call Me Shurley”.

Pairing: Rob x Reader

Word Count: 731

Warning: Angst, Fighting, Emotional Hurt, Fluff, Language 

I walked towards my trailer door, wanting to take a few minutes to just lie down. I’d just spent the last 15 minutes walking around set, trying to calm down.

Why was being with Rob so hard? What happened to us?

I unlocked my trailer, walking in, not expecting to see the man sitting on the couch in front of me.

“How’d you get in?” I asked Rob quietly, not really trusting my voice at the moment. Hey, neither would you if you had just spent the last 15 minutes crying.

“Still your husband, just asked Dan for the spare key.” said Rob, referring to the stage manager in charge of the trailers.


I looked at Rob in front of me, his head deep into his hands as he sat. He looked up, wiping tears from his face.

“That was a great job out there today, Y/N.” said Rob, not really looking at me either.


The two of us stayed still in the silence, not moving, not saying a word. I didn’t know how to proceed, and it was quite obvious that he didn’t know how to move forward with this either. I sighed, shutting the door before sitting down across from him on a chair. It was 9:15 and we didn’t need to be back on set until 9:45.

I sighed again, setting my head in my hands, emulating the exact thing Rob was doing.

“Say something, Y/N? Please?”

I whipped my head up, immediately frustrated.

“What do you expect me to say, Rob? Huh? How about you say something? How about you tell me why you’ve shut me out for the past half of the year? How about you tell me why you purposely started all of these fights for no reason, pulling them on until it was me who apologized? It was me who always said sorry, it was me who always tried to fix it because I love you so god damn much. I just wanted my husband back. I just wanted my best friend back.”

I didn’t notice myself stand up; I didn’t notice the tears flying down my face again. I especially didn’t notice my hands digging into my arms until Rob was right in front of me prying my arms away, wrapping his own arms around me until I was crying into his chest.

“I just wanted you back.”

“I’m sorry Y/N, I’m so so sorry.” He rubbed my back with my arm, trying to get me to, at this point, stop shaking.

I pushed myself off of him, turning around. I just couldn’t give in to him, not after how long this had been going on.

“I can’t expect you to just forgive me, Y/N, I know that. But I do know that I love you, I know that I love you more than anything on this entire planet. I do know that I will work my fucking ass off to make you be able to trust me again.” I turned back around to face him.

“I have no excuses. I know now how much I’ve been hurting you, and I truly am sorry that it’s taken me this long to see it.”

“If you told me to get out of here right now, I would. If you told me that you don’t want to speak to me ever again, that you want me to pack my stuff out of the apartment the second we got to LA you know I would. I know I don’t deserve a second chance, but please, let me try.”

I sat back down in the chair, unsure of what to say or do. But I knew one thing for sure. I got back up, walking towards him, kissing him for what felt like the first time in months. Now that I think about it, it was the first time in months.

Rob responded back instantly, wrapping his free arm around my back to just hold me close again.

Rob deserved a second chance, and I was willing to work for us if he was too.

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If you don't mind me asking, what's your favorite mckirk fan fiction?

absolutely i do not mind you asking I KEEP MEANING TO DO A REC LIST but im a lazy bum and i tend to like to reread fics before adding them to a rec list bc there’s that whole vacuum period where i read and soak up every single fic i can and im so in love with the ship that i basically ignore bad things that would otherwise ruin a fic for me… and i dont want to do a disservice to anyone who might be using my rec list as a way to get into the fandom (definitely don’t want to scare them off you know)

anyway one thing i can tell you for sure is that my absolute #1 favorite mckirk is 1000% 

the violence of comets by viverella

Jim has never once, in his life, believed in love. He wears his bare skin with only his own tattoo circling his ankle as a badge of honor.

He meets a man named Leonard McCoy on a shuttle in Riverside, Iowa who believes exactly the opposite.

i was stunned be how visceral my reaction to this fic was. just.. incredibly stunned. i love aus but when i think of my favorite fics in any fandom, they’re usually the straightforward canon-compliant fics, you know?

i mean, don’t get me wrong, this fic is canon-compliant but it’s got a minor twist that is just so beautifully done. i think the tag about soulmates on it is a tiny bit misleading (though i understand it’s usage) because it’s not really soulmates. it’s an incredibly unique play on the trope where, instead, you end up getting a tattoo every time you fall in love… which is not to say you only fall in love with one person or that people only ever have ONE soulmate, you know?

firstly i think that’s one of the coolest things about the fic.

secondly, holyyyy shit it is so well written?? and the story is just.

i can distinctly remember the way my chest felt reading parts of it. and it’s so hard to explain because on it’s face, nothing terrible really happens to anyone (which is another thing i love about it) but the problem the characters face is so real and so beautifully done that i spent probably the entire third chapter with my heart in my throat and my stomach at my feet because of how invested i was in jim and bones and how much i had become attached to the way viverella wrote them

this fic is gorgeous, it is absolutely gorgeous, and i cannot recommend it highly enough. so please please please go read it (and ofc i would love to talk about it with anyone who feels the need to scream about it!!)

Tarnished Gold: Part 4

Notes: Smutty, Kinda short. Last part! ….for now. ;)

Tags (PLEASE BEAR WITH ME, there was alot! hopefully I got everyone!) :

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Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Characters: CastielXReader

Word Count: 970

A/N: A short drabble where the reader has trouble sleeping. Mild angst with mentions of sleeplessness and anxiety/nightmares. Also, serious fluff courtesy of the sweetest seraph ever.

The unseasonably cool evening air kissed the still sunlight warmed asphalt, raising a gauzy mist to swirl about your feet as you strolled the deserted roadside. So cold was the night, even the song of the crickets, toads, owls, and other melodic denizens of the wee hours were numbed to silence. Only your deep rhythmic breath, billowing out before you in swiftly dissipating grey clouds, and the soft cadence of your footfalls disturbed the hush – all the world seemed asleep save yourself. Nights like these, when the dread of anxious disquiet dreams and nightmares seized you before you could so much as close your eyes to begin the search for rest, you found a semblance of peace in this waking walking solitude.

The familiar welcome ruffle of celestial wings tickled your ears mere milliseconds before you felt the buckled sleeve of a trench coat lightly brush the back of your hand. You subtly shivered, but not from the cold or the unexpectedness of his arrival.

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Antis in voltron fandom is wild

I’m not in the fandom but everyone that hasn’t seen voltron know the fandom is toxic like steven universe fandom 2.0 maybe even worse.  I never seen anything good from the fandom main thing I see has the biggest controversy is the charcaters ages.  So far the charcater don’t have a confirmed age rather just a gauging of it 16/17-20. Even creators and  writers dont seem to have actual canon ages for them i dont think. But the creators are find with how people ship or headcanon them. I’m pretty sure the creators support most if not all ships in voltron. But of course antis start throwing buzzwords at them and just being annyoing screaming at them HOW OLD ARE THEY SAY IT AGAIN. Like calm your ass down its a cartoon in space where 5 people form a giant robot. 

But here’s how wild they are and stupid ( most are young so may they can grow out of it) You got antis telling people to kill theirselves cause they think shiro and keith could be a cute couple. Other antis glossing over the fact someone just said this person needs to die but nah comment on how the ship is bad -_-. It not shocking knowing antis think bullying, suicide baiting, send gore, irl chid porn is okay but nah a ship of of 2 people with an age gap is worse thing.  Antis dont care about surviors they care about theirselves and fictional charcaters to the point they are more important than a human life. I mean they sent child porn this is coming from a group that hates pedophilles and wants to PROTECT THE CHILDREN uwu. Or Shiro is 25 and keith is 17 he’s keith father???. Antis say they care for survivors but they mean survivors that agree with them not the ones telling them to stop cause antis remind other survivors of their abusers. Cope in private, find another way to cope, what part of nobody is the same you dont understand. Antis have such a black and white mindset its scary and if your part of FICTION IS REALITY get help! Antis honest to god think these characters belong to them and should be written this way or else. Also antis stop getting mad at what strangers do with fiction, they didnt hurt you, YOUR ABUSER did. 

Im sorry at all the shippers and fans that just want to have fun and gasp* do what fandoms are suppose to be fun making content of the charcaters you love. But sadly its hard to do that without an anti stalking the tags and blogs. Sorry  show i heard that is pretty good its get tanked by toxic people 

Swept Off My Feet (Part 10, Finale)

Swept Off My Feet (Part 10, Finale)

Misha x Reader

Word Count: 895

Warnings: just fluff.

A/N: Sorry for the abrupt ending, but I lost motivation for this somewhere along the way. But, being me, I can’t stop something when it’s not finished. So, here is the finale. Enjoy, y’all.

Swept Off My Feet Master List

You smiled as you placed a hand on one of the white wooden cribs that Misha had slaved over for the past four weeks. Building furniture was no joke, but he had a talent for piecing things together, no matter how many thousands of pieces it took. But it made your heart flutter knowing he wanted to build the cribs for his two sons by hand.

You furrowed your brow as you noticed the one closest to you was sitting slightly crooked. “Misha!” you called out for him. He was downstairs, probably making lunch. You had moved in with him, into his home in Vancouver, after he begged you at least a dozen times. It wasn’t hard to find a local animal hospital that needed a front office manager. It was a change of scenery from the shelter, but you loved it all the same.

After a few minutes, you sighed. He probably had his headphones in and couldn’t hear you. So, you’d just have to move the heavy object yourself. You gripped the corner of the crib and pushed, quickly becoming winded. The fucking thing didn’t even budge. Shit.

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Roommate Agreement (Final)

Summary: Based off of this: a superhero story where the villain and the superhero are roommates and they keep making excuses to each other about why they are out all the time and they stitch each other up after battles but neither has any idea that the other is their nemesis and they keep on having to lie to each other why they are covered in scratches and bruises. (Modern-Day Alternate Universe Drabble Series)

Author’s Note: And I’m done. Kinda half-assed it, so sorry if it sucks. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 453

Previous Part: Part Fifteen

Originally posted by thefirstgingerdoctor

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I’ll just be honest with you here…. I don’t care :’D I’m sorry but I’m going to use you as an example here of something that’s been bothering me for a while. And I know I’m definitely not the only one who feels this way.

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