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(part 1) ur gonna roast me for this but im legit curious why mafia AUs are so bad? im asking in a non confrontational way, i get it romanticizing mafia is wrong, but i also believe that 1)most mafia AUs are a really toned down type of mafia;2)they do make for some interesting kinds of dynamics with fanart and with fics; 3)in a fic specifically u can create your own world and call something mafia and still make it so they don't kill innocent people but only idk members of other gangs or sth

(part 2) plus theyre a way to put ur charas in a completely diff context and see what theyll do. i mean i dont believe that writing ships in a certain context (like mafia) equals romanticizing that context. mafia AUs arent even my fav things to read (in fact i almost never do), im sure many ppl romanticize it and i obvs dont agree with that but im just trying to udnerstand bc i believe fandoms are a way to explore things that we normally wouldnt.

I’m not gonna roast you don’t worry xD okay wait let me check if I replied to this already if yes I’m gonna c/p because it’s half past midnight otherwise I’ll just go at it again wait *checks tags* fff obviously I don’t have a general post but anyway pls read this after you’ve done with my post and then this which is also choke-full of links. plus for a (not nice) laugh: here. AH WAIT I FOUND THE POST.

okay, so, let’s have it out of the way: I have nothing against mob aus or crime aus. I have a problem against calling them mafia AUs because in the US mafia = organized crime at large, in Italy mafia = ACTUAL EXISTING ORGANIZATIONS THAT ARE ACTIVELY HARMFUL. now that I introduced the topic I’ll c/p you the reply I gave to another anon who while discussing the issue pointed out that most writers don’t even know Italian mafia is a thing, which is pretty much on the same discourse so…

*The thing is - in the US it might not be enough of a deal anymore and I honestly do get why people make the mafia = regular mobsters, since the mafia was the first foreign organized crime being exported to the US via italian immigrants (sorry if this sounds horrible in English but I just woke up and I still didn’t have coffee) so I understand that mafia became the umbrella term.But the thing is that - as you said, these people don’t even know that there’s a mafia in Italy anymore or where the word comes from.

 I’m going to link to italiansreclaimingitaly’s tag about the mafia and its perception outside Italy because they posted about this extensively and it’s an excellent resource, but meanwhile I’m gonna do a very short bullet point list and about the topic:

  • Mafia might not be a big deal in the US, but it still is here. We have the beauty of four different mafias (Cosa Nostra - the Sicilian one, camorra which is the one in Campania but has tendrils spread everywhere, the ‘ndrangheta which is in Calabria and the Sacra Corona Unita in Puglia) which are all active [especially camorra and 'ndrangheta] and whose actions have direct impact (negative) on our economy and on our society. Actually mafias are one of the main reasons we’re currently economically fucked up, and if I start talking about how mafia culture keeps some areas literally backwards I could talk about it for three months.
  • There are still people who are killed for standing up against them. These days the most prominent personality is Roberto Saviano who is a writer who dared to put together a book documenting minutely the way camorra works and he’s been living under protection for years by this point. Like, they want him dead because he wrote a book. And I’m sorta sure that he was talking about leaving Italy and going to the US after years of sticking with it here because he can’t take it anymore but I don’t know if it was a taken decision or if it’s still debating it.
  • It wasn’t even thirty years ago that we had the stragi di mafia - in english it’d be something like the mafia slaughters, basically around the beginning of the nineties there were a number of bombs planted by the mafia targeting people who were trying to oppose it including judges Falcone and Borsellino, actually the anniversary of Falcone’s death is like… tomorrow. And they’ve killed people for way longer than that. Here is a list of only Cosa Nostra victims including the ones from the eighties/nineties. And people are still dying because of it. The slaughters I’m referring to are just the ones in the nineties which are enough of a number.
  • They also perpetuate a culture where if you testify against your mafia-employed relatives you’ll be shunned forever. There are women who testified against their families and couldn’t see their children anymore never mind that they weren’t automatically considered a relative anymore the moment they sided against the mafia. Some people have committed suicide after becoming witnesses also because our police force/justice system can be terribly non-supportive in this kind of situation so they got left on their own. Never mind that back in the day - it was the beginning of the nineties? - I recall at least a particular story of - I think, correct me if I remember wrong but I can’t remember the names for the life of me - where this guy testified against the local mafia when he either used to work for them or was forced to pay them the pizzo and in retaliation his six-year old (or five? Anyway he had a son younger than ten for sure) got kidnapped, killed and thrown into acid to dispose of the body. That happened in what, 1993? 1994? It’s pretty much yesterday. And now the camorra is doing the same - there’s a list here of camorra victims among which accidental passerbys that got killed because they were in the way which I can tell just by glancing is not complete. And I’m not even going into the 'ndrangheta. That is to say, here mafia still kills people and cripples our country.

Now, I get that it’s a word, but the point was: let’s say that instead of the Italians the Japanese came to the US first and the umbrella word for organized crime was yakuza rather than mafia and let’s say yakuza was still what it was originally in Japan while in the US it stopped being a big deal and people write yakuza!AU instead of mafia AU. Let’s say someone Japanese gets angry at that and goes like 'listen the yakuza is a real deal it does this this this and that and it’s a plague in our country so can you please at least look it up before writing your fanfic’, which is what had happened way back then when this whole mafia and fanfic thing blew up. A bunch of people told us to get over it because it’s just a word and if it’s a problem in Italy it’s not in the US so why should they care? Now, if we had been Japanese (or Chinese or Russian or Mexican) would they have said the same thing? Considering the general tumblr attitude I’m pretty sure they would have received either an apology or 'this is an important deal let’s keep that in mind’ with signal boost reblogs and stuff. 

It’s the fact that we should get over people not knowing that it’s still a real problem for us and that they can’t take five seconds to google it that is the problem imo. Especially when instead of mafia au you can just say mobsters au or tag it as organized crime and everyone is a lot happier, mostly because as the tag above explains romanticising the mafia is a good thing for them because it means they can act outside Italy with less stigma because everyone thinks that the mafia is dead or not relevant anymore, if I’m explaining myself. (And it’s active outside Italy - like, there was a mafia kill in Germany in 2007 where six people died (sorry the link is in Italian but there isn’t an English wiki page, if you look the city up you’ll find something probably) and it was because of the 'ndrangheta.

I’d really like to not get worked over it because it meant it was a thing of the past y'know, but the problem is that it isn’t and I’d rather spread some awareness in hope some of these writers look it up (because it’s a good thing that people know what mafia is since as stated they have tendrils everywhere - if you read Saviano’s book the entire first chapter is about how camorra regularly deals with Chinese import/export in Italy for one) than shrug and figure that since they’ll think everything is good for fanfic then it’s not even worth my time.*

Now, ^^^ that was the c/p-ed reply that should answer most of your doubts. What I didn’t address was:

im sure many ppl romanticize it and i obvs dont agree with that but im just trying to udnerstand bc i believe fandoms are a way to explore things that we normally wouldnt.

aaaand as we say here in Italy, this is where the donkey falls (sorry we have weird sayings), because in theory there’s nothing wrong with that… except that in 99% of the mafia aus I’ve seen around the thing is that they’re supposed to be cute.

like, I see a lot of shit with TINY MAFIA BOSS STEVE ROGERS with RUSSIAN ENFORCER BUCKY (????? bucky isn’t even russian???) and the yoi thing I saw before had the japanese character being the leader of a russian mafia gang which is… like… guys it doesn’t happen it really doesn’t, and a lot of them re-use wrongly terminology taken from the godfather without context or knowing what the hell it means, and it’s always from the criminals’ pov and they’re somehow seen as criminals doing justice where the police can’t (???) and like… no. mafia bosses/enforcers/employees are bad people period, and at least here if you try to leave or repent they kill your family in retribution. like, not even ten years ago there’s been a woman who used to belong to a mafia family (or one colluded with the mafia) who testified and her entire town/family shunned her and she couldn’t take it anymore and… killed herself drinking acid if I don’t recall wrong. it’s not even special cases. this shit is not funny, it’s not cute, it’s not adorable and it’s not good fodder for your imagine your otp scenario (srsly I saw one like.. let me find it,

LIKE. just look at this shit. in a regular context, the enforcer goes to the show owner to force them to pay a monthly sum to their boss lest they destroy their shop and their lives and their family’s life never mind that mafia culture is deeply homophobic so the mafia enforcer flirting with the shopkeeper is like completely fucking out of the question. I mean, people here like to shit on the sopranos but that show was actually excellent representation of Horrid Criminals Who Were Never Supposed To Be Good People and the small arc that happened when one of tony’s friends turned out to be gay (closeted) was REALLY well done. btw, it ended that when they found out he was gay most of the crowd rejected him and thought badly of him until I think they killed him also for other reasons, but that spiraled from finding out he liked dick. and that’s american mafia that they actually based on well-done research of the culture in Italy it came from, I assure you that here it doesn’t work that differently. like. the shit above is so inaccurate and frankly offensive, it’s like… I get people romanticizing problematic stuff but the thing is that when you tell them that it’s actually offensive you get brushed off as ‘ah well you’re being too sensitive it’s just a word u__u’. now, I’m all for exploring shit we wouldn’t be into, but not like THAT, because that’s like mafia romantic comedy and that’s not how it works. now, you wanna do a fic where the mafia characters are deeply flawed and bad people and the police tries to catch them? fine, great, go ahead. you wanna do a fic where the enforcer above deals with dunno an entire life of internalized homophobia when he finds the shopkeeper attractive and feels conflicted over having to con money out of him and doing horrible shit for a living and maybe understanding that crime isn’t worth it and then he actually collaborates with the police and gets shit from about everyone he knows and loves for that? okay, awesome, go ahead. nothing bad in that.

but the shit above is not exploring things we wouldn’t/writing darkfic, it’s THINKING THAT A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION WHICH IS STILL A THING IN OUR PART OF THE WORLD IS CUTE AND ADORABLE. and that only plays in their favor because it takes the bad aura out of the word and we really should not let that happen. like. that is what is bad about mafia aus and mafia discourse, that people don’t realize the mafia is alive and well and thriving and not a thing that doesn’t exist or a generic word for organized crime.

you wanna write the shit above? okay, CALL IT CRIME AU or mob au, not mafia au.

btw, add-on: idk if I mentioned it in the above post or not, but in case I didn’t, I said that people would balk at the idea of a mexican cartel au. sadly since then I’ve found out a fandom where not only there is one but it’s also extra cutesy and people apparently love it and it has a bunch of kudos/comments and idek I’m not even touching that with a ten foot pole but like… I’ve avoided it and everything that author wrote because to me it’s just… nope. like, nope. if you do mafia aus don’t make them fucking cute. (also: in the same fandom I had to mute a v. famous fanartist whose art I actually liked but did cutesy mafia aus and.. like… haahahhaahahahahaha nah sorry. can’t go there. nope.)

Swept Off My Feet (Part 7)

Misha x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k 

Warnings: language, angst, mention of drugs and DUI, description of injury, threatening gestures.

A/N: I had no idea what photo to put for this, so here is a random picture of this beautiful man. Enjoy. <3

Swept Off My Feet Master List

The front corridors of the hospital rang with the sounds of the wailing ill and their sobbing families. The stench of cleaning solution and stale air flooded your senses as you desperately tried to locate the right room. The nurse at the front desk was not helpful, simply pointing down the hall you currently stood in.

ICU, Emergency, Family Waiting Area

You followed the arrows toward the ICU, where Jensen had told you he and the others were waiting. Shit. The whole fucking place was a maze. You turned another corner and peered up at the sign.

ICU and Family Waiting Area

Bingo. As you rushed down the hall, you spotted Jensen talking with a police officer. “Y/N!” he called out to you. As you approached the duo, the officer turned towards you.

“You must be Ms. Y/L/N. I just have a few questions for—“

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Antis in voltron fandom is wild

I’m not in the fandom but everyone that hasn’t seen voltron know the fandom is toxic like steven universe fandom 2.0 maybe even worse.  I never seen anything good from the fandom main thing I see has the biggest controversy is the charcaters ages.  So far the charcater don’t have a confirmed age rather just a gauging of it 16/17-20. Even creators and  writers dont seem to have actual canon ages for them i dont think. But the creators are find with how people ship or headcanon them. I’m pretty sure the creators support most if not all ships in voltron. But of course antis start throwing buzzwords at them and just being annyoing screaming at them HOW OLD ARE THEY SAY IT AGAIN. Like calm your ass down its a cartoon in space where 5 people form a giant robot. 

But here’s how wild they are and stupid ( most are young so may they can grow out of it) You got antis telling people to kill theirselves cause they think shiro and keith could be a cute couple. Other antis glossing over the fact someone just said this person needs to die but nah comment on how the ship is bad -_-. It not shocking knowing antis think bullying, suicide baiting, send gore, irl chid porn is okay but nah a ship of of 2 people with an age gap is worse thing.  Antis dont care about surviors they care about theirselves and fictional charcaters to the point they are more important than a human life. I mean they sent child porn this is coming from a group that hates pedophilles and wants to PROTECT THE CHILDREN uwu. Or Shiro is 25 and keith is 17 he’s keith father???. Antis say they care for survivors but they mean survivors that agree with them not the ones telling them to stop cause antis remind other survivors of their abusers. Cope in private, find another way to cope, what part of nobody is the same you dont understand. Antis have such a black and white mindset its scary and if your part of FICTION IS REALITY get help! Antis honest to god think these characters belong to them and should be written this way or else. Also antis stop getting mad at what strangers do with fiction, they didnt hurt you, YOUR ABUSER did. 

Im sorry at all the shippers and fans that just want to have fun and gasp* do what fandoms are suppose to be fun making content of the charcaters you love. But sadly its hard to do that without an anti stalking the tags and blogs. Sorry  show i heard that is pretty good its get tanked by toxic people 

before i begin this rant, i’d just like to say that i encourage you to kindly add your own two cents to this post. this isn’t just for me or the trans community, but for cis allies who are part of the skam fandom, too. as well, this doesn’t go entirely for the skam fandom itself, but for literally any side of tumblr with a predominant cis female ratio. now, this isn’t to put down cis females themselves; whatsoever, honestly. i’m not targeting anyone, nor am i pointing fingers. this is just something that’s been weighing down on my mind a lot lot lot lately. now, you may conclude this as just me whining, and that’s totally okay! like i said, your own two cents, friends. 

as an active skam blog, as well as an individual of the trans community (nonbinary folk, to be specific) i see a lot of, well, everything. there is absolutely no trans representation in skam yet, and that’s completely fine. as much as i would love to see a trans character, even if minor, i know that it’s a bit of a hard thing to pull off! i have faith in julie’s judgement, though, and welcome anything she brings. 

honestly, i’d like to talk about the tumblr side of the fandom as opposed to any other social media platform, seeing as it’s so big, and constantly growing. with that comes the topic of selfies, groupchats, and overall the making of friends. and that’s great! as a individual who has made tons of mutuals no thanks to the amazingly inspirational norwegian drama, i get it; i do. however, what i don’t necessarily get is the backlash that a lot of trans bloggers receive; for example, misgendering is a common theme. now, that’s quite unavoidable, rather unfortunately, but we can do so much with that. be kind, as well as courteous to your fellow trans friends, because misgendering, to put it blandly, makes us feel like utter shit. it’s okay if you slip up; to be honest, i do it all the time, even as someone so rooted into the using of they/them pronouns. it’s okay; don’t feel bad! however, please refrain from getting mad at them; you are, after all, the one who did it. remember that before you blatantly disregard their feelings.

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what are your fave narumitsu fics? top 5 pls i'm looking for stuff to read :D

!!! I’m not sure how new you are to p/e fic BUT I’ve already got a post of some of my all time faves + a general fic rec tag, though I can make another rec for newer fic rn?? especially since the ones in that first link are some of the most popular/well-known already in the fandom 

SO OK more recent fic rec under the cut !!

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Roommate Agreement (Final)

Summary: Based off of this: a superhero story where the villain and the superhero are roommates and they keep making excuses to each other about why they are out all the time and they stitch each other up after battles but neither has any idea that the other is their nemesis and they keep on having to lie to each other why they are covered in scratches and bruises. (Modern-Day Alternate Universe Drabble Series)

Author’s Note: And I’m done. Kinda half-assed it, so sorry if it sucks. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 453

Previous Part: Part Fifteen

Originally posted by thefirstgingerdoctor

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Hi sorry if you've answered this already, but what's going on with Jimin and white people??? I'm seeing people defend him or bash him but no one is explaining what happened :/

~~i don’t know how to answer this without writing everything i feel about it, so i’m sorry if this post is long. pls remember in me answering this that i’m white, and that will directly impact my experience w this + that there are poc in this fandom who have made posts about it and those should be centered + are most likely more informative as they come from individuals directly affected by racism. if you’re another white stan who is upset by what i have to say, please direct comments to my instant messaging rather than ask box as i’d rather have legitimate discussions over messaging rather than flooding my followers with more discourse over a nonissue that’s been going on for days at this point i think a lot of people are bored + tired of it, please read the whole thing thank you!~~

oh dont worry anon nothing happened to jimin!! he’s totally fine and safe, it’s just a fandom joke within poc circles that white people are getting upset over.

this is the context in which i know the “jimin hates white people” joke and how it’s become relevant again recently, why it isnt racist, and why white people need to just leave it alone and not fight about it because it isnt hurting anybody: 

  • there were always a few jimin hates white people jokes that would surface here and there over the years ever since that one white 14 year old boy was bossy to jimin on ahl like theyd just pop up sometimes lol
  • so during bbma voting when bts started getting attention, some big name accounts and internet people started giving bts attention which in some cases was a good thing! but in other cases not so much. 
  • For example i dont remember his name but one of the guys from epicmealtime declared himself the jimin fanclub president and was obviously coming into the fandom just to start discourse for no reason + make fun of bts and also armys and use us for attention. he was both causing fights within the fandom and trying to make armys look bad claiming armys were being “””racist””” against him, which obviously cannot happen as he is white and theres no such thing as racism against white people. I was also pretty heated when he started derailing conversations about race by posting pictures of starving jews during the holocaust implying that jews being exterminated was an example of how you can in fact be racist against white people. I dont know what happened with him after that as i blocked him for using pictures of my people being tortured, from an event that wiped out nearly my entire family, as nothing but empty conversation ammunition for a fake and offensive cause
  • ANYWAY thats where i personally started seeing the old jimin hates white people jokes come back, people shutting this guy + other obnoxious whites down 
  • like for example some other youtube guy i didnt know who has a track record of using blackface for jokes/being transphobic. Also on his snapchat he took a picture of some random east asian guy on the street and just wrote “jimin” above him, like obviously that type of person is racist and awful
  • also pewdiepie who has a history of being racist and just a plain awful person
  • so really most of the “jimin hates white people” jokes as i saw them (being active on twitter) were poc shutting down racist whites + making jokes at the expense of white people which is completely fine to do, as those type of jokes serve as an outlet for some and are extremely harmless as they do not really effect white people in the real world
  • i also saw them in regards to jimin looking upset at the bbmas which once again is just a harmless joke at the expense of white people, and does not effect jimin, bts, or white people.
  • really if poc make white people jokes and you don’t like it, scroll past and ignore it. as white ppl we’re able to do that. when white people make jokes regarding people who arent white, those jokes do not exist in a vacuum and contribute to greater forms oppression that legitimately exist and effect the lives of poc on a regular basis, but since those same systems are not im place to oppress white people, white people are not effected by jokes about our race in such ways as poc are (if you do not understand what i mean by jokes contributing to systems of oppression message me because I’m not going into it, that could be it’s own post)
  • that is why you cannot compare jokes about white people to jokes about poc and consider them the same. theres an entire historical and societal context that plays into one circumstance and DOES NOT with the other. you need to take that into account in understanding why one side effects larger things happening in the world and systemically keeps people of certain races down, while the other is just a couple words that might make a few people on the internet feel a bit sensitive
  • I really like the following graphic so i’m gonna use it to help explain what i mean:

  • basically, as this shows, jokes about white people really don’t mater in the grand scheme of things and are not racist because racism is more than creating hurt feelings. part of racism is words contributing to larger systems of oppression. jimin hates white people jokes do not do this, and therefore are not racist and hurt nobody. 
  • i see people saying it makes jimin look bad? does it really? is this legitimately having people think jimin hates white people? not really… if someone doesnt know the context of people saying it, they can just ask another bts stan and they’ll tell you “oh its just a joke thats been going around”. jimin obviously doesnt hate white people and i don’t think anyones starting to believe that because of this. 
  • also, there are jokes that legitimately do damage jimin much more than these jokes do, that these same white people claiming “this damages jimin” are not upset about! why? if you really cared about people making jokes that damage jimin, worry more about jokes that are racist and fetishizing towards jimin that happen regularly rather than these jokes. 
  • jokes about jimin hating white people can be easily brushed off as jimin does not actually hate white people, while jokes about his accent/english or fetishizing him for being asian DO contribute to gross larger concepts that actually harm jimin. if you care about jimin please focus more on these jokes rather than the jimin hates white people jokes, as jimin hates white people jokes are easy to dispel and are not rooted in anything related to real life
  • (although if jimin did hate white people that would be fine + understandable lol but thats a different story for a different day)
  • so basically: whether people are using these jokes to shut racist whites down, or are just using them for fun, both situations are extremely harmless and can easily be ignored by white people, and do no harm other than making some white people feel a bit uncomfortable. Honestly if the worst a joke at the expense of your race does is make you feel a bit uncomfortable and does not contribute to larger ways in which you are oppressed, you definitely dont have as much to worry about as poc who do have to worry about such things so just ignore the jokes and go on with your day.

-victor, kevin and void used in the “special style” example are @illogicalvoid‘s characters. also void had helped me with the pose of chase’s pose-


I’ve got some more commissions up~!!!

Explanation why I’m doing Commissions again:
you dont HAVE to read through this part. 
you may skip it if you don’t feel the want to read

So as some of you know I am going on a trip to go to Anime Expo this year which is soon. plus I’m going to be able to meet and spend a lot of time with @illogicalvoid Which is SOOOO EXCITING!! 

Though I have already gotten my anime expo pass. which thankfully my birthday is gonna be during it so my sister paid for the pass so it was an early birthday gift~! BUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!! I need to make the rest of the money to be able to not only travel down to LA but also pay for my part of the hotel. And maybe some extra money for buying things. So I have been working on filling surveys (which is failing terribly because apparently since im worthless to most surveys) and i’ve also been trying to get a job (I sadly have been failing to sign applications…so anxiety is kicking in over it)

so COMMISSIONS!! Which i understand that i wont get many people asking for commissions, but it doesn’t hurt to try ouo I honestly wish i had more variety of choices cause it would be fun to make more stuff. 

Now for the commission Info!!


Thank to tumblr, we now can do IM’s (instant messages) so things will be a little easier with communication. If you would like to commission me you can go right ahead and send me a message through that and we can chat there which will make things quite easy. 


I’ve always had it to where you pay first and i’ll get to working on the commission as soon as i can. it takes me quite some time to work on commissions so try not to rush me alright? As for how you pay? well i have this thing called paypal.me and it’s pretty easy too. 


There isn’t too much for rules. But as of now, I dont really plan on doing nsfw commissions only because it’s kinda difficult to get to drawing nsfw. Since i’m not only still learning, but dicks are hard to draw (pun intended)

Though if you would like to you can commission:

OC’s of yours (as long as you have a ref)
Characters from shows that you like (any fandom you can think of!! i need the series name though and character name)
Any Shipping/Crack Shippings/Cannon Shippings 

So ask away~!

As for the prices..

*My Usual Style:
Sketch - $10
Sketch with color - $15
Line Art - $20
Flat-Color- $25
Full-Color- $30

*Chibi Style:
Sketch - $5
Line Art - $15
Flat-Color - $25
Full Color - $35

*Special Style:
Chibi or Normal - $50
(eyes not included XD though do tell me if you want chibi or the normal body)

Additional Characters:
*this applies to any of these styles. though do tell me the relationship of the characters or how you would like it portrayed

If you are unable to pay for a commission but wish to help out, it would be greatly appreciated if you reblogged this and shared it around!! that will help this get spread and possibly seen more.

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Why is h//ang the foo/ l trash?

okay, so, i want to be clear here: im a fanfic writer myself. i havent posted much for this fandom, but i DO write, and i know how hard it can be. so take me seriously when i say that i really dont like shitting on other authors, but this mess really is inexcusable. im gonna explain, but THIS link right here will also help a lot for anyone reading this. if you want to start from the beginning you can add a /chrono to the end of the link. also this is going to be stupid long because ive held this in for awhile so. readmore.

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*cracks neck*

alright its time to deconstruct the entire Welcome to Tumblr video because clearly it flew over peoples heads

“are you a white straight middle classed male with a penis and comfortable with a penis? GET OUT”

This is pointing out the various attack posts on cis het dudes that go around on tumblr, and whenever someone calls them on it the response is “TUMBLR IS A VOICE FOR THE OPPRESSED. OH WAH THE OPPRESSORS FEEL BAD WELL GET THE FUCK OUT THEN”

“every other website is terrible”

So many attack posts on facebook, havent seen many for deviant art or 9gag, but im sure they exist

“make a cosplay blog”

its a pretty cheap way of getting tumblr fame, you just look up cosplay and put it on your blog, or have people submit. 

“art blog”

I’m not familar with the art community so I cant really comment on this. 

“penguins are extinct”

People on tumblr are stupid as shit. There was this post going around about how adventure time was getting canceled because of Marceleine and PB. A simple google search which took five seconds to do revealed that it wasnt true at all. Later on it was proved fake but not before the original post got like 30k notes. 

“this girl went missing in 1987”

no idea what this is making fun of since ive never seen this post. I sincerely doubt its making fun of missing kids. 


a jab on social justice how theres politcially correct terms and which terms are offensive or not and how theres now a goddamn dictionary to the entire LGBT community when there used to be just 4, now theres like 32

“straight, well off, shoe polish, mental disorders" 

a jab on how white cis people cant ever have problems in their lives because they arent oppressed by the majority of the population.

"if you dont reblog these problems you are a heartless monster”

a jab at how theres posts with people with cancer and the comments have some guilt trip inducing comments like “if you dont reblog this im judging you” or some other shit like that. 

“superwholock and fandoms”

A jab on how fandoms can be fucking insane and overbearing and just overall unpleasant. also, Madoka magooka. 

“onceler and shipping”

How dumb shipping is. 

“Wrist Cutting/baby ur bootiful’

A jab on how a lot of people on tumblr romanticize cutting/self harm. another jab on those stupid fucking "reblog if you think this person is beautiful” posts. 

“searching tags”

PORN. This speaks for itself, there is a shit ton of porn on tumblr, a lot of it is kind of disturbing. 

“ask blog/oc’s”

a jab at bad oc's 

“being sad/everyone is beautiful/send messages telling people this”

because we’re not allowed to be sad right? we must be HAPPY ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

“content stealing”

eh….not much to comment on this, it happens. 

“night blogging”

Im one of the people who think night blogging is one of the stupidest fucking things ever. So this part speaks for itself. 

“tumblr is a safe place for boys and girls/everyone/every human”

the whole pronoun debacle and how retarded it is. 


Ok this is talking about the people who dont know what triggers are. 

A trigger is something that causes a violent flashback and hyperventallating and basically you freak the fuck out. Wreack it Ralph has a great example of this. 

A trigger is NOT something that just makes you angry/irritated, the way tumblr uses it. 

Kankri Vantas was a great parody and satire of what triggers are NOT, and surprise surprise, HE flew over everyone’s heads too, and im quite sure is responsible for the continued misconception of what triggers actually fucking mean. 

So yeah, this is what I got from it. For all the “deepness” tumblr is said to posses and the analytic approach it takes to things, I mean look at fucking Frozen. It can be really fucking dense.

as promised: the fetishism callout post!

let me just begin by saying there's nothing wrong with finding any of the cast members attractive. this is an EXTREMELY attractive cast. everyone is so FINE I bet even the folks backstage who we don't see are gorgeous. Its okay to be sexually attracted to them too! We've all made posts professing our love to the cast, which is perfectly fine!! Right now you're looking at Leslie Odom Jr's fiancé! we good!!

but ya see there's a big difference between "anthony ramos is my sweet freckled child <333" and "I want anthony to shove his #thicc cock inside of me and ten other cast members at the same time but also freckles uwu"

You see the difference right?? Right??????

I don't have anything against writing smut about the characters (who, yes, are technically real people but they've been dead for literal centuries ok. Let it go) but it just gets weird REEAAAAL fast when u say the same thing about musical!John Laurens and the real live human being Anthony Ramos. It gets even weirder when u talk about the cast members in this way in relations to each other??? Shipping real people in a serious, unironic way is just a lil :/// to me (I say "serious, unironic way" bc I do write rpf with my friend but its a Huge Joke™ and nonsexual and come on I don't actually ship sandra bullock and steve harvey together ok). I mean Anthony is quite frankly dating Jasmine Cephas Jones.....it's a legitimate fact. There are pictures. It's on Wikipedia. They're in LOVE and its PRECIOUS and they're gonna get MARRIED eventually so why tf r yall writing about him bottoming for Lin????????

And Lin!!! He has a beautiful WIFE AND SON. You can speculate about his sexuality, NOT PUBLICLY BC HE SEES THINGS, but that's fine if u honestly must??? (although he tweeted that he was straight once during his "grease live" livetweeting so......like......). U can talk about how cute he and jonathan groff are! But y'all don't stop there do u? Bc one second ur talkin about them being cute and then a sentence later it's all "and then he SUCKED his BIG FAT DICK clean off!!!!!! He was dickless!!!! While wearing their costumes!!!!!!!!!! He choked on the full decapitated dick!!!!!"

That shit ain't cute.

So, now that u finally realize that (hopefully), we can get to the real nitty mcfreaking gritty. this part is primarily for white fans but it technically applies to anyone who is not specifically latinx and/or black jsyk:

So even before the whole "baby girl" thing started, I saw quite a few of y'all calling Anthony and Lin "papi" which like.....why should I even have to tell you why this is wrong. If you're not latinx, DON'T USE THE WORD "PAPI", especially since most of y'all are using it in a sexual context. You went ahead and took an innocent word, and turned it into a way to sexualize your faves who just so happen to be latinx. It just ain't right, and its also?? weird??? Let me put it this way, I'm black but not jewish so thatd be like me calling daveed "bubbe". Or something. Either way see how that'd be gross and offensive? You're taking a part of them, a huge part of them, their culture, and turning it into something exotic and sexual. That, my friends, is fetishism.

Another good example of this is the whole "baby girl/boy" n "papa" thing. Y'all rly went ahead and took an cute nickname and rolled RIGHT with it lmao. @alexandralexander explained it beautifully in this post, but basically "papa" (and "mama") is a cute lil way of older folks to regard ppl who are younger than them. It's a caribbean thing, aka something yall just won't get. Idk what the whiter equivalent would be, idk like ur grandad calling u "big guy" or something??? Who knows. Just kno that its NOT SEXUAL IN ANYWAY LIKE WTF WHY DID Y'ALL MAKE THAT A DADDY KINK THING. WHY CAN NOTHING BE SACRED WITH YOU GUYS. Best believe when my grandparents call my brother "papa" they mean it in an endearing way. And that's how Lin meant it? I don't see how it could have been construed any other way??

As for the baby girl/boy thing, in all the times I've been called/heard someone else call someone baby girl, it was NOT sexual. It can be used that way, but it was n o t in this context. Again, its a cultural thing i guess. And with "baby boy", yall do remember that anthony plays lin's son in this show right. okay, just checking.

But forreal. what is wrong wit u guys. I told myself I wasn't gonna kinkshame nobody but its Time, it rly and truly is Time.

One last point I want to make (as if this isn't long enough already) is the language with which u talk about the cast too. This was said rly well in several posts especially this one that uses that tags ppl tend to use, but i’m gonna elaborate on it a little. I just want to know right now why Anthony (or our lighter skinned and SURE AS HELL THE WHITE cast members) is "sweet precious sunflower child cinnamon biscuit roll wheatgrass turkish delight with sprinkles or some other corny shit <333" while daveed is AUTOMATICALLY "raw me zaddy" THE FUCK??? Why we gotta go STRAAIGGHTT to zaddy-basis with daveed??? Why do I see y'all talking about his dick size???? Y'all dont do that from the get-go for the lighter skinned members (which is sad bc daveed is already a certified Lightskint™ so that's rly saying something)?? Why can't black actors (and characters) ever be seen as "sweet turnip bumblebees (???)" instead of either being put on an inhuman pedestal where it's "STEP ON ME BAD BITCH QUEEN" or sexualized with some "CHOKE ME YOU COCKSLUT" ???? Ask yourselves why y'all do that. I'll wait. 
And y'all don't even TALK about oak (as a quick sidenote okieriete is not that hard of a name to pronounce y'all just don't care to try. It sounds exactly like its spelled) but tbh I don't rly want u to bc you'd just sexualize him as well. Plus that means more for me cause I'm engaged to him too :) remember to save the date!!
This was all over the place and idk if I even said what I was trying to say but whatever. I guess what I'm trying to say is (and this is to white fans) you're stanning a thing full of people of color. im assuming that this is probably the first thing that youve been rly into that has included exclusively people of color. Please just be mindful of the way you talk about them. There's a history of you exotifying and sexualizing poc to the point that historically, people have been killed for??? There's a history behind y'all calling latinx folks "papi" and automatically assuming black folks got a big dick ok lmao. At the end of the day, the way you talk about them shows that you don't rly respect them as much as you claim to do??? Idk I wish I had made notes about this bc it sounded waaaaaaayyy better in my head but! Whatever it's still lit. s/o to @aaronsburrr for assistance! 
Pumpkin Pie

Charters -  Dean x Reader

Summary - You make Dean a pie.

Word Count - 914

Warnings - fluff

A/N - written for @supernatural-jackles  Colors of Fall Writing Challenge. Thanks to my beta @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell 


Originally posted by tributeofasgard

You were in the kitchen making your great-grandmother’s pumpkin chiffon pie. Led Zeppelin was playing softly in the background as you hummed and bopped around to the sounds of Stairway to Heaven.  You didn’t even notice that you weren’t alone until you felt strong arms wrap around you and soft lips kiss your temple.

“Whatcha doin’?” a deep gravelly voice said softly in your ear.

You lean back into him and absorb his warmth. “Well now that it’s pumpkin season, I needed to make some pumpkin chiffon pie.”

You can almost hear his brows crinkle. “What the hell is a chiffon?”

“Well, chiffon is a very soft, sheer silk fabric.” You explain.

He squeezes you tighter, “You’re putting fabric in my pie?!”

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 I originally posted this on my twitter @/septicrelp so here’s a copy paste here but im adding more from my recent rant. Also I was inspired to make this from someone else i forgot but they probably know who they are already.

Rant under the cut

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Roommate Agreement (Part 14)

Summary: Based off of this: a superhero story where the villain and the superhero are roommates and they keep making excuses to each other about why they are out all the time and they stitch each other up after battles but neither has any idea that the other is their nemesis and they keep on having to lie to each other why they are covered in scratches and bruises. (Modern-Day Alternate Universe Drabble Series)

Author’s Note: I don’t know how to feel about this part. 😅

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 529

Previous Part: Part Thirteen

Originally posted by xmas-wonderland

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hello everyone it’s mm~ it’s a new year so i figured it is time for another one of these. im actually supposed to post this on the 1st but i kept procrastinating whats new and it took me forever to get the links right because it keeps messing up. so here i am posting this on the 3rd of jan :( but anyways im almost at 5k now and that’s such an amazing number of people like how when did that happen? thank you so much everyone who thinks im worthy enough for a follow. i might not follow back but i really do appreciate every single one of you guys. sometimes i think i dont deserve all you wonderful people i’m so grateful ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )

2015 really has been such an amazing year with bangtan. because of these 7 beautiful boys, i’ve met so many wonderful people here (and irl) and i made so many precious irreplaceable memories. and for that i am eternally grateful. thank you to the talented creative gifmakers and editors for sharing their amazing works with us on here. thank you to the amazing authors for making me love bangtan even more. thank you for making me laugh with your tags and your posts and thank you for laughing and crying mostly crying along with me. and most of all thank you for always supporting and loving bangtan. i’ve never even met most of you guys on here but personally i think we are a family because of the love we share for these boys. tho we have our own drama and problems at times i always feel so blessed to be a part of this army fandom and to be able to know bangtan and ily all so much (╯3╰) ♥ i’ve said this before but i’m gonna say it again, walking this journey with bangtan and you guys really is my very own hyyh ^^ that sounds so corny eww 

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Okay, Lets Make Peace? Stop with TMNT 2003 vs TMNT 2012  We are a fandom Family!

Alright, this wont be rant because, i just dont feel angry or upset, alright maybe a smidge of upset.

Look, this is my first fandom ever, so I know im being stupid, or thinking that things can change, or what not, but we need to make peace.

We need to stop this constant this vs this…

I get that you dont like some characters, I do, but please dont do the whole this vs that as your reasoning. Thats just stupid. THE REASON. NOT. YOU.

and about this whole hate deal, to haters that only see negativity, dont tag your stuff, please, because im sure the fandom or some what of the fandom is getting fed up.

((Theres a difference between critiquing and hating))

People have came to me and said they’re sick of this tmnt 2003 vs. tmnt 2012 war we are apparently going through.

Frankly im getting sick of it to. Its the same thing all the time, nothing changes.

Either 2003 has done this when 2012 hasnt.


2012 character is better then the 2003 character.



this fandom is taring each other a part  and over what? something silly.

We all love the turtles. last time i checked both 2003 and 2012 both had turtles master splinter, casey and April.

Its okay for 2012 Splinter to act the way he does, he cares for his family just as much as the 2003 one does.

He isnt perfect, he doesnt go along on their missions as much as the 2003 splinter did, and that okay, its okay.

Like the 2003 splinter isnt perfect, he had flaws to, and thats okay.

Characters are meant to have flaws, thats what makes them more relate to us, thats what makes them closer to us, they are human just like you and me.

Same goes for the other characters.

Guys, its okay to disagree, its okay have opinions. Whats not okay is comparing the characters from each incarnation, and hating on one character, or hating on those fans who love that character wheather itd be 2012 or 2003.

and this whole “2012 fans being a bunch of babies?”


We just dont wanna hear the constant negativity, and thats not us being babies thats us getting fed up with the constant hate. Thats us being human.

We are one fandom. One whole. One family.

Lets stop dividing ourselves and the incarnations and just start loving each other and agree to disagree.

my motto: Lets fight together instead of each other.

Seriously guys lets strive to get better, learn from our turtles, they fight, yell at one another, but yet they can some out fight together, lets take that in, and go with it. Lets enjoy this fandom instead of enjoying putting each other down.

Lets learn how to be a family, fighting is doing nothing to us, but hurting us.

We are just doing more harm, and getting nothing resolved. Lets try to work better on communications and discussion without being immature and horrible to one another, or to the incarnations we like..

Because for the people the love all the incarnations are getting sick of the constant back and forth.

Just saying.

Alright I think I done my damage.

As always you can question me or hate me here

now if you do send hate, be respectful, and intelligent, i dont waste time dealing with trolls. 

Seriously guys, I love this fandom, and it kills me to see us fighting like we do.

I already know im gonna get hate, im tagging this post in every tmnt tag i can think of, why? Because the fandom needs peace, and I know I cant stop it all, but im hoping i can tame it at least…or something. make some kinda difference.

I know, im being stupid, but I dont care. If I have to I will be the peacemaker of this fandom, because dang it, we are a fandom family.

Okay… Now Im done. Love you guys!

Hello Pokemon fandom! Do you like Pokemon? Do you like Ash? Well of course you do! So why not take part in this little project I cooked up? Seeing as it is the 20th Anniversary of the wonderful franchise, I thought it would be nice to pay some form of tribute to one of it’s most famous and well known characters, the Pokemon Master to be, Ash Ketchum!

I wanted this to be simple but fun, so figured why not have people draw a cute Ash face? I figured it would be cool seeing our 10 year old hero drawn and interpreted in many different art styles by the many fellow artists (professional or otherwise) in the community! The plan is to put all the Ash faces into one big piece to show everyone how talented everyone is!

This cute place holder here is just an example, you can use any era of Ash, any facial expression, any kind of color, and if you’re feeling bold, you can even add in a cute Pokemon face to accompany him as well (be it Pikachu, Goodra, Sceptile, etc), it’s all up to you! And dont worry about drawing ability, it’s not the point of this project, it’s to bring the Pokeani/Pokemon fans together in a cool, fun thing that everyone can do without to much hassle!

If your Ash head is drawn digitally, it would be nice to submit it as a transparent picture, but if you’re unable to and can only draw him traditionally, that’s fine as well, simply scan it (and if you can’t do that, just take as good of a quality picture as you can) and send it in. Make sure to have your signature somewhere on it so everyone know which head belongs to you (and for extra insurance ill be sure to number and tag every head to each owner in the description!

Oh yeah where do you send it in? Well I think the most hassle free way is to send it through my submit box! If you have an image site account already where you post your art (be it photobucket, imageshack, imgur, etc) then just use that for when you want to send it in. If not, then just save your art as a draft and use that link to send it to me, like so

(copy image address is what you want to use when sending the link in submissions).

Or you can just post it on your own blog if you dont want to go through all that bullshit, your choice (though if you do please tag it ((either tag my url or put it in the ‘Ash Face Tribute’ tag) so I can find it and add it to the collection)!

So when is this all due? At the end of the month, Feb 28th! Right after Pokemon day! So if you’re interested in participating, please dont hesitate! Ash ceartainly wouldn’t! 

“I don’t deserve to receive it yet,
Because I have so much more sweetness to give to you…” 
(๑˘ ᵕ ˘๑)

hello hello (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。its aqsa returning with another follow forever!! there’s not much time till the clock strikes 12 (tbh i’ll probably be done with this by like 1 am watch), and it seemed appropriate to share a bit of love for the start of valentine’s day, so here i am~ though it’s only been around a month and a half since i made the last one on new years (and around 9 months since i’ve joined kpop wow can you believe that thats a whole pregnancy), i cannot tell you how much i’ve gained in such a short amount of time. i’ve also hit that lucky 777 follower count, so it’s the perfect time for a ff, no? i have met the most wonderful people, laughed and cried at the success of our boys, and overall had a way happier experience on tumblr than i’ve ever had before. this is 50% bc of the blogs that i follow that always seem to make my dash so lovely and pretty and nice to look at and 50% bc of my followers who are always there, supporting this messy af blog in all its entirety. i want to take this time to say how much i appreciate your blogs and how absolutely wonderful you all seem to be; you make me proud to be an ARMY & carat have they announced the name yet lol tick tock boys and i know i would not have enjoyed my experiences in this fandom as much as i do with you all here to make my day better with your beautiful edits, helpful info, and hilarious tags ♡ all of you deserve to meet your biases and be serenaded in their sweet voices or boss ass raps (or both if you’re a kookie, coups, woozi, or hobie stan, in which case you’ve lucked out); and that goes out to all my followers as well, i hope you know how much i love all of you; you make me smile everyday, and we should totally talk!! my ask box is always open, fyi (人 •͈ᴗ•͈) any who, since this is getting super long, i just want to once again say ty to my followers, my mutuals, and those i follow for letting me have such a nice kpop experience ^^ so, without further ado, here is the long awaited list!! 

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i always see you guys in my activity and i want to say thank you :-) most of you have been with me since the beginning and i really really appreciate you guys  ♡✧( ु•⌄• ) there are lots more, dont think i’ve forgotten about you guys!!!

and there we go! i was right, it’s over 12…its 5 minutes to 2 he lp. anyways, i hope i got everybody i needed to, and i hope you all have a wonderful valentine’s day! if i’ve forgotten a mutual or forgotten to tag someone please do tell me! this was made in an extreme rush ahaha you dont know how long i’ve been listening to “i like it” by bts on loop (special ty to the anon that gave me the song cause jhope’s part is lit af) 

anyways, have a wonderful night!! we’re getting our name soon, so stay tuned, svt stans! and ARMY, keep watching over our idiotic children ♡ thank you!

Happy Clone Club Appreciation day!!!

my allergies have been killing me today so just go with me on this :D

This post goes out to everybody whos in the clone club whether your blog is dedicated to the show or you’re just really obsessed. Joining this fandom has been the best thing I ever done.The last time I kept up with a show was when Degrassi: The Next Generation was a thing(I know wow) .I have met some really nice people and became friends with them because of this show and thats what made this a really great experience. I’m not going to tag people because this post is for all the people I follow, for the people who follow me and for the people Im yet to follow plus I dont feel good enough to tag a load(by load i mean everybody in clone club) of wonderful people. 


  • This is to the writers who comes up with beautiful fanfic. That keeps us on the edge of our seat or makes us get the extreme feels. Plus for bringing a idea to life because I try to write it never works out.
  • This is for all the edit/gif makers who spend their time finding the right frame to gif or the right images to make an edit from. I know how hard to find a good video to gif.
  • This is for the video makers who spread their time making some hella great videos. The crack videos are the best damn things ever. 
  • This is for the people who come up with really clever text post that I wish I can come up with lol
  • This is for the people who do some amazing clone club crafts because wow we are some talented ass people :D
  • This is for the people who come up with great theories or to those who help explain the science part of Orphan Black
  • This is for the people who think they have to write fanfic, draw good, make gifs, edits, or videos to be apart of the clone club. that is not the case YOU ARE APART OF CLONE CLUB THAT ALONE MAKES YOU IMPORTANT.

I was never good with expressing my feeling on anything but I love every single person thats in the clone club. Every one of you, Yes im talking to you :D