i dont know if this is cute or handsome

ghost emoji review

this is important to me

i dont.. i dont know about this one. the eyes are so lopsided and weird…why are their arms like that??? this is an unhealthy ghost and they look like theyre made of plastic 1/5 i dont trust them

this is a ghoul i can get behind!! they are a nice shade too you dont see a ghost this colour too often, very spooky too they are really doing me a scare! 5/5 good job!

hmmmmmmm.. this ghost is very friendly and kind and i like their haircut but what is that in their mouth?? is it a tongue or have they found a piece of meat??? do they want me to have it??? 4/5 no thank you…

a very nice and small ghost, i would pet them.. why do they look so tired?? wait a goddamn second that’s no ghost. they are an impostor!!! they arent a real!!!!!! 0/5 i am not a fool!!!!!!!

this is a nice happy ghost!! look at them.. they are just here to float around and say hi.. why is their head dirty though?? it is like.. kind of brown?? where has this ghost been??? did they fall into the mud or something what happened.. 4/5  i think they need to have a bath

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. this ghost is VERY geometric and a bit too happy, certainly the least spooky of them all.. they are very stylized and it doesnt work, unless they are supposed to look like a logo.. 3/5 are they real or made of paper…

what did this ghost do?????????? they look like they did something!!!!!!!!!! i want them to stop smiling at me like that!!!! they are too cute it is unsettling this ghost is scaring me!!! -3/5 go!! begone!!

oh nooooo!!! why do they look so sad and scared!! who is this!! they are so pure and nice what did you do to them…. did they give you permission to take their photo!! why are you so mean to this ghost!! 7/5 dont do this to them leave them alone!!!

STOP STOP STOP!!! this ghost looks like they are melting or doing some kind of dance to make me nauseous!!!! this is the scariest one they are like one of those weird popsicles you get from ice cream trucks but worse!!! -5/5 stop stop aaaah

this is a very small and innocent ghost, they have the weird eyes but it works better than the other ones… i dont know just a really good ghost, spooky as heck too 4/5 i like them they are good

wow this one is colourful!! very glowy and green, extra good at spooking, kind of wonky, their hands look like they are trying to grab me but i feel like if i let them grab me i will catch their cold.. 3/5 stay home ghost get better eat soup

OH MY GOODNESS!!! LOOK AT THIS ONE!!! this is the kind of ghost i would like to see in my emoji wow!!! this is an extremely spooky phantom and so cute and handsome!!! i love and support this ghoul very very much!!!! 10/5 look at them!!!!!


✨Couple selfies with babe? 💕😚

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My sisters reaction to Dragon Age characters

My sister never played any Dragon Age and I introduced her to some characters.

My sis: He looks like a girl.
Me: She is a girl
My sis: Oh… She looks like a boy

My sis: Its a stone…

My sis:
*Silence* …. a woman.

My sis:
He looks like Dj Bobo

My sis:
He looks like a bogle

My sis:
Is his face made of car parts?

My sis:
Hes cute

*Long silence*
Me: Shes a lesbian
My sis: Yeah thats pretty obvious

My sis:
is that a gypsy?

Iron Bull:
Me: Hes one of my favs
My sis: Is that a tree on his head?
Me: ….Its horns
My sis: And a slug on his eye?

My sis:
Hes just as ugly as boris becker

My sis:
Eww wth, I wouldnt want to run into him at night

My sis:
Okay hes handsome thats mine, can I have him?

My sis:
Oh look, Voldemort found his nose

My sis:
Theres a candle

My sis:
I dont like her tattoos

And this is my husband
My sis: He looks like he ripped out his bones and smeared them onto his skin.
Me: …..These markings are painful to him you know?
My sis: Hes cute tho.

My sis:
He looks like Johnny Depp with a weird beard.

My sis:
Hes cross eyed, I bet his aiming is horrible.
Me: Oh, you wanna say that to his face?
My sis: You think he could even see me with those eyes?

AoOni review: Hiroshi

also known as squishiroshi

Game (Ver 1):

the original boy! dont know too much about him sadly, but i still believe he is good! v trustworthy 8/10

Game (Ver 3-5):

a handsome boy! now with the wonderful scarf and glasses! 10/10

Game (Ver 6):

V soft and round! not as much style has ver 3-5, but still very good! 8.5/10


a wonderful angel! the perfect mix between his v3 and v6 look!! 10/10!

2014 Movie:

a blessed boy!!!!!look at him!!!!!!11/10!!!!

Ver 2.0 Movie:

i dont actually have many words to describe 2.0 roshi but hear me out- hes good. 10/10


i dont know him much but hes still a cute roshi™ so 8/10


a SUPER blessed boy!! 10.5/10

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Hello , btw your imvu avatars is just so cute๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ i wanted to know is that male brown/blackish hair you have as your border profile/pic in your sims pic up for grabs?๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚

Looool hey love! 

Thank you for that, he is a handsome dark Chocolate candy, believe that 😂😁. Unfortunately I lost him. 

But to answer ur question. U can’t dl stuff in imvu, u need to buy it lol. And I really dont remember the creator so I can’t help u im sorry. But they have so many things there that look alike loll…so maybe u will find something that looks like the fade in the border pic 😘

Wait a minute??

Or do u mean the pic that i have on my sims 4 blog, vallysdesignsims4?? I am confused LMAO.

If that is what u mean, the curls are by @xelennsimblr U can get them [HERE]

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Besides Robbie, who else do you think is cute or handsome?

Buckle up, it’s a wild ride we’re about to go on.

Dylan O’Brien

Tyler Posey

Jared Gilmore

Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Grant Gustin

Cody Christian

Mateus Ward (we’re actually friends kind of)

Connor McDonough

Skyler Gisondo

Nick Robinson

But we all know Robbie is the cutest.

Aaaand an Atem to go with Yugi, as always. 

The other species often wonder how an anemone so short can be so handsome. He’s Yugi’s #1 fan and support in battle. 


Slugette’s Birthday Sketchathon

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spill it Adillo what's attractive about them give us them deets... :3c

Ask prompt: My muse has just taken a Truth Potion, send “Spill it” plus a question and they will answer. My muse cannot give half truths, partial truths or bend the truth. They will have to spit out everything then and there!

> You truly hate this

(+] ….. i dunno…. taskur is uhm… very pretty. i guess. like cute and stuff. and funny, he makes me laugh a lot… [+)

(+] jehari is uhm… more on the like, handsome side, i guess. hes… chill to hang with and… its nice…. [+)

(+] … i dont fucking know…. leave me alone.. fuck [+)

*stays up till 2am drawing* oh lol might as well stay up till 3am then *opens ms paint*

ritsu’s hair is longer in the anime, I like it though

D&E 2nd Tour - Osaka Day 2

Introduction ment: donghae made a mistake saying ‘menna meccha sukiyanen’ (should be minna) and then he laughed and said that he was cute And hyuk was like 'yeah yeah you were cute’ AND PINCHED HIS CHEEK SAYING 'CUTE’

hae: good morning everyone
hyuk: what are you saying, it’s night already!
hae: i’ve been wanting to meet everyone since morning~

hyukjae did his usually greeting and donghae added '동꾸 동꾸 니’ and went to grab hyukjae’s jacket to wear LOL

hyuk took off his jacket and threw it on the floor, then donghae ran to the back and took off his jacket too, then he came back and put on hyuk’s jacket

hyukjae keep trying to touch Donghae’s right hand but donghae doesn’t let him and suddenly they are fighting LOL

Hyuk: This is my very important clothes, change it back quick. Hae: You are someone very important to me, so you just keep MC-ing

Hae was doing Aegyo and Hyuk threw the piece of tissue he used to wipe his sweat to Hae’s head

Hyuk laughed like an idiot, Hehehe, hehehe, am I sweet? Hae despised him and didn’t say anything

HJ: do u think im pretty?
DH: you’re crazy~

Hyuk said he wanted to tell us secrets about Hae, Hae didn’t let him, they started fighting with each other using both hands n legs

During intro, hyuk said 'it rained all day today didn’t it? Did u all bring umbrellas?’ Then donghae said if we didn’t, he could shelter… with his shirt and then he lifted his shirt up exposing his abs showing how we could go under it. Hyuk knelt and stared at his abs DEAD

When Hae discovered the big screen was focusing on his exposed belly, he pulled the shirt back down immediately

Symphony Hae on the moving cart shaked hands with every fan who sat at the first row

When hae was on the little car going around ELF he could touch ELF’s hand and he was so close. When he came toward us, he kept touching and even kissing all the hands on the frot row TT and smiling like crazy !! TT so sweet !!

Hae on the little cars touching ELF hands again awww
He also saw a little girl and made a cute face ~~^^

Hyuk said elf were cute and asked if we tought they were cool ! Hae did handsome faces to the cam and a kissssss

middle lcd had technical issues during mother. so during Kimi Ga Naitara eunhae rode the carts and performed at the stage at the back

Also hyuk made a sign to “eat” our love… i dont know what hyuk drank before LOL

Eunhae went to the cam, kneeled down and while hyuk was talking hae put the Whole mic INTO his mouth.. YOU KNOW THE ROUND PART ALL IN HIS MOUTH. And did it again, hyuk did it too but opened wide and didnt put as much as hae…. WTF GUYS OMG

hae said he’s hungry lmao and ate his mic again xD
then hyuk learn from him

When fans watching VCR, they sat tgr and analyzed the mics, when VCR finished, Hyuk wanted to get up, but Hae pulled him to sit down, Hae wanted to say sthg, but the pronounciation was wrong even Hyuk taught him many times, Hyuk laid on the floor looked helpless

Then they both found the camera and sat down right in front of the camera for the ment. IT WAS SO CUTE ARGH. donghae said he wanted water, and passed the water bottle to hyuk. Hyuk showed us that their water bottles are labelled with ’D’ and 'E’ (ehhh) Then donghae put down his water bottle AND TRIED TO SUCK WATER FROM HIS MICROPHONE Then he prob sat there laughing with the whole stadium for like five mins And hyuk took up the water bottle and microphone and was like 'this is water. This is microphone. Ok? This, you drink. This, you speak into.’ Donghae was like ok and started drinking from his bottle and hyuk pointed to the Mic again and said 'this is microphone’ HE WAS LIKE TALKING TO A BABY

they were about to choose which video of super show to show on screen, both eunhae were sitting down then donghae threw the draw papers on stage. hyukjae didnt look satisfied so he grabbed more papers and threw them on stage ㅋㅋ in they end, they /picked/ instead of randomly drew a paper from the box xD the song chosen was superman from ss4 tokyo haha they are really fond of it.

EUNHAE dancing to superman, Hahah hyuk made us sing superman and hae sang a little :) they were doing the superman strong poses ^__^

At the beginning of wine when they arrive in the big bottle hae was alone waving… Then a few sec after hyuk popped out XD he was hiding XD

eunhae were sitting at the small stage behind and fans in front all turn towards the back. eunhae asked those in front to face the front, so fans faced the main stage and sat with their necks turned to the back to look at eunhae.
hae: you all look so scary!! your necks turned to the back like this after that eunhae imitated them

during kiss kiss dynamite Hyukjae made a kissy face towards donghae but donghae pushed him away

Kiss Kiss Dynamite Hae tried to pull up hyuk’s shirt, didnt succeed the first time and he did it again

Hyuk Why can’t you even speak korean well? Hae Bos…l speak Japanese better.. Hyuk: But you don’t look that way. Hae: then you do it to show how to be fluent!

HJ: let’s go hotel~
HJ: its finish oh my god…

IWD, Hyuk chased after Hae wanted to blow air to Hae, but Hae pushed him away

During teenage queen hae on the little car took two flower that an ELF gave him and put him under his ear~
On oppa oppa eunhae didnt do the rock paper game and instead told us to do it together :)
During oppa oppa encore hae dis a big move and hit hyuk who was laughing !
At the end they came back on the main stage and started bowing and trolling us saying “goodbye” “its over”…
They were breathing so loudly and so sweaty hahaha
Hae damn hips move in front are sosjslsbskslsksms *dying*

Hae gave a signed ball directly to a little girl hands awww

after hello, both eunhae were frozen on spot. camera focused on hyuk who was standing still but doing cute expressions ㅋㅋ then suddenly
donghae shouted to the mic loudly, and hyukjae was surprised hahaha he patted his chest few times saying donghae surprised him ㅋㅋ

Hyuk is talking abt the meaning of present. Its also the present time :) they were thinking abt the 2 meaning when making the album :)
Hae said really really thank you for coming

Saturday Night, Hyuk said it was not Sat and wanted to sing Friday Night, but he couldn’t pronounce it, Hae did it for him, then Hyuk said it was not Friday Night, should be Saturday Night!

hae was talking while holding his mic slanted (like how heechul held during sry2), hyuk followed too and imitated heechul in sorry sorry then fans continued singing up till “baby”.
donghae: because it’s “baby” so fans are able to continue
then hyuk sang bonamana  everyone was singing well up till “will you look or not look” and it became softer then they started laughing

after that, they sang Saturday Night, fans sang softly until the “oh oh oh oh” part then suddenly sang very loudly and eunhae laughed super hard. then they imitated fans singing softly in front and super loud at “oh oh oh oh” part xD

They are making fun of us because when we sang saturday night we did the “oh oh oh” very strong but not the lyrics XDDD
We did the “huh huh” and hae was laughing at us because we were making it like boys XD He then asked us to make it with a very low voice

Hyuk said we are so perv and sang “you are like a sexual alien” and stopped the move his hand on his crotch and said “perv” lol

hyuk said 'you are all perverts. I know everything that you guys like.’ Then he pointed at us and said again 'I know everything’

Hae said thay he was strong and hyuk weak then actually hit him and hyuk complained that he was hurting

hae: it’s ok if you can’t remember the lyrics, but when there’s a joint concert, you must sing out loud~
hyuk: uh, so we’ll only sing motorcycle and teenage queen, the songs you all are good at
hyuk: i finally know the reason behind our popular songs, it’s all 2 syllabus, easier for fans to chant

They danced choki wa several times though they were tired and at the end hyuk flopped and said 'it would be better if we didn’t have it in the album’

During intro, donghae said his heart was doki doki (beating hard) and hyuk started to sing the doki doki part from kiss kiss dynamite

When they aired the new year video, we were looking at EunHae on the back stage instead of at the screen. So they kept gesturing to us to look at the screen haha

During intro donghae was trying to do aegyo but he failed soooo badly loool baby it’s okay

Before encore, they kept saying 'this is the last song’ but hae was dallying and finally hyuk yelled 'hurry up we need to prep for encore!’
When choki wa started, donghae was startled and made the cutest surprised face ever

donghae solo for choki wa
hae did choki wa but fell on the floor XD he hit his head stayed a but on the floor but stood up and smiled loool that baby

hyukjae solo for choki wa
when hyuk did his hip trust, he didn’t face fans, he kept facing lee donghae XDDDD i see…………… ;)))

Hae was caught yawning on the big screen and fans starting screaming. only then, hae knew he got caught and turned to the big screen. hyuk didn’t know what happened so he turned to the big screen too but the screen only showed their backs. so hyuk turned back doing the choki wa move … and choki wa started playing and they started dancing again hahaha. they did

They asked us what song from the Japan album we wanted to be tested on. Ppl were shouting and EunHae tried to understand but couldn’t, Then they were like 'all we can hear is shouting’ and started imitating us shouting away HAHA

when eunhae introduced the dancers, we were shown a hidden cam of the dancers being scolded by masao-san, the director. the clip ended with the dancers all dancing choki wa ㅋㅋ donghae said that this video can become choki wa’s PV (promotional video) haha

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Boyfriend YUTA

•So you were visiting your mom

•and you were lost

•you always lived in America

•You lived there for four year lmaoo

•Anyways you were walking around trying to find your moms house

•and you saw street performers

•You took a closer look

•and a boy was there dancing

•he caught your attention

•because his dancing was so on point

•and he was cute

•when he stopped dancing you

•were the only one clapping

•He looked up as he smiled and bow

•"Wow that was awesome"

•Lost af

•Then you try to say it in korean


•He thinks youre cute

•"Are you from America?“

•You nodded


•"Do you know where __________ is?”

•"Yeah, i would take you there but i am busy at the moment, and my manager wont let me"

•You nodded

•I understand

•You bowed as you held up your fist


•so then you found the place

•Your mom suggested to go to the night market

•You loved everything about South Korea

•Sooo you asked your mom if you could come


•and she agreed

•Soo you went with you mom

•you were ordering fish cakes

•"Can i get one too? I’ll pay"

•You turned around to find the guy from earlier

•"You dont-“

•"Yuta! It’s so nice to see you again.”

•"Mom you know him?“

•"Of course I taught him Korean”

•"I’m Japanese"


•"Yuta if it’s not too much of a burden, could you please show my daughter Around Seoul tomorrow? I have to help Winwin tomorrow"



•"Y/n you dont Mind right?”

•You shook your head as Yuta smiled

•Yuta had a healing smile

•it was just so beautiful

•"Well Y/n i’ll pick you up tomorrow, we are going to explore seoul!“

•Okay so you couldnt sleep

•like you were so nervous

•because this cute

•Handsome guy

•was your touring Guide

•So many questions

•anyways you met up with him at this Agency

•And you waited outside for 30 minutes

•"ah he ditched me-”


•You looked at the black car as the window rolled down

•Get it.

•"Yuta why are we in a ca-“

•"It’s because of Dispatch and Fangirls?”

•"Dispatch and fangir-“

“I’m and idol”

•You were shook af

• so the tour went great

•you and yuta had fun

•but then something happened

•Dispatched somehow got pictures of the

•two of you

•and here come the scandals

•opening your Computer all you see is

•You and yuta eating in the car


•And your house phone started to ring

•"Y/n! Did you see the news”


•You dropped the phone as the bell rang

•Yuta came in questioning you

•"why- i - what is going on?”

•so he explains

•It was awkward

•but then you got comfortable with

•each other

•He introduced you with his friends

•and ofc the idiots had to be saying stuff like

•"Oh you hit the Jackpot” or “Damnnn son”


•Because the idi- boys always steal your


•Like one time The Dream team wanted to get

•Ice cream with you

•and Yuta got jealous liek “NO ITS JUST THE


•And Winwin tagged along

•which made everyone come along

•And Ten always wanted you to help him

•With Dancing.

•Nct took all the chances they had to flirt with you

•and YUTA didn’t have it

•so one day he dragged you out

•and slammed you on the wall

•"You think this is a game?“

•you had never seen this side of Yuta before

•"Im tired of seeing you with them”

•"but they are my frien-“

•"and i’m your boyfriend”


•He kissed you

•you didn’t pull away

•and this ended up into a make out session

•So you both started to date

•And everyone got out of Yuta’s way because

•he is scary

•specially to Jaehyun



•Yuta loves skin ship

•Specially around his Hyungs

•because he knows he has you

•and he brags about it

•Yuta is a Ninja

•He can tell when a boy talked to you

•bitch tf

•Yuta only does aegyo to you

•and his smile

•he calls it “When i see Y/n smile”

•Which makes everyone cringe

•Yuta is a Yandere





•Yuta calm tf down.

•Yuta is calm at times

•like he is innocent and pure

•BUt thEN


•Yuta loves to spoil you and protect you

•You call him Prince

•Because thats what he looks like

•and he calls you his Everything


•Y/n one day i will travel around the world

•and then he walks around you


•"You are my world”


•Yuta is the boyfriend we see in Dramas

•Someone we wish we could have

•And thats what you have


Epilogue in Manila

you guys, i met BTS for real. They were all beautiful.

Taehyung looks like a porcelain doll. He’s unreal. We had a one second eye contact (i died, it was more than enough for me) I literally thought i wouldnt get to see him upclose because he kept going to the other side of the stage. HIS VISUAL WAS UNREAL. my world stopped when he approached our side. Everything was on slow motion.

Jeongguk looked like a baby with a really muscly body. He is the cutest smol squishy sexy baby faced. His voice is like honey, i was on cloud nine. His english was so cute.

Jimin ohmyg don’t let me get started on PARK FRIGGIN jimin. I’m a taehyung biased okay. Tae is my boo bae but jeesuz holy i cannot stop looking at park jimin. He was glowing!!!! even if the spotlight wasnt at him (he doesnt need it, he has his own built in spotlight) I swear to god his stage presence and stare is everything. U BIAS wrecker you!!! (i still love u tae)

Yoongi was cheeky and was so good at live rapping. HE WAS MADE TO DO THIS. you see i was seated at the top most part. I saw him approach our side and his presence was so magnetic i literally ran down as fast as lighting so that i can see him upclose. I have never run as fast as i did that day. YOONGi U DA MAN. MY MAN.

Hoseok was literally the life of the party, what he was on the videos he is 10x more. We did a word formation project and he was the first one who saw it and figured it out. He is hands down the best dancer like wow!!!

Namjoon went to our side one time and did his dimply smile and his wiggly eyebrows and literally everyone on our section went “aww” this man is gorgeous. He was sick tho, but to see him try hard is more than enough. I love you joon-ah.

Seokjin, okay first and foremost JIN knows how handsome he is. You can literally feel from his oh so confident aura that he knows, and god he did this point thingy with his fingers and raised his eyebrows (charmingly) and we all giggled. JEESUz yes i dont even know, it was so funny and cute and rude and ughh.


Jung Min on MTV Taiwan’s “I Love Idol”

English Translation by Yuk Yuen

JM: This is Park Jung Min, you are now watching “I love Idol”. yeah ~~

SS501 member Park Jung Min commenced his solo activities since 2010, besides releasing his solo albums and music, he had also gone to Taiwan long stay, filming a Taiwanese drama “Fondant Garden”.

This long stay allows him to improve his ability in Chinese tremendously. Last couple of years, he has been going to different countries to hold his solo concerts. Besides South America; he had gone to perform in France, Germany and Russia. This year, he participated in his first movie. 

He loves Taiwan a lot, and of course, he will visit Taiwan again to meet his fans who have been waiting for him for a long time. “I love Idol” is taking this chance to interview Park Jung Min.

We haven’t seen him for a long time, and he has a lot to say to us. Lets all welcome Park Jung Min. 

Ken: to day, “I love idol” welcomes Park Jung Min
JM: hello everybody, long time no see, this is Park Jung Min
Ken: right, this Park Jung Min even though has not come to Taiwan for a long time, his Chinese is still good. Just now, before the formal recording, he was reading from my script, and quite fluently. The 1st question, you read the 1st question now
JM: welcome to our long time no see Park Jung Min, firstly, say (…………) to everybody? ……(hu sou..) (**** JM read it wrong, should be jiao hu)
Ken: please say hello to everybody; Park Jung Min comes again~~~
JM: I am here
Ken: yeah, its been a long time you haven’t been here, right?
JM: long time no see, how long has it been?
Ken: Taiwan to Park Jung Min is a very familiar place, in here, #1, he has been here many times; #2, due to his filming, he had lived here for a long time; so, is there anything you love to do here?
JM: This time, a lot of staff members have not been here before, so, I really want to introduce Taiwan to them.
Ken: so, this time, the main purpose is to meet your fans again; and, you would also be a (little) tour guide for your staff members, and show them a round; so, next time, if I want to go to Russia, I have to go with you?
JM: correct, I previously did a European tour, and I was the first Korean artist to hold a concert in Russia. For me to be setting such a record means a lot to me - Russia
Ken: In Russia, you have to say annyeonghaseyo to fans
JM: Russia - hello - I forgot how to say it
*** both laughing off *****
JM: But I have to say thank you. I know how to say it
Ken: yes, you can say in English
JM: spasibo - (спасибо)
Ken: spasibo
Ken: so, that time, you were the first Korean artist to perform in Russia, how did you feel?
JM: I thought it would be very cold there; but it wasn’t, in fact, it was very warm; and of course, the fans are very enthusiastic. Before I went, I was told its really cold, and I was very worried. But when I got there, it was really warm. We were shocked.
Ken: we cant imagine, the problem is not whether its more cold or not. Yes. Good. Its because; you, who had gone to Russia, and held a fan meeting; and you had also done your European tour; and this time, you came to Taiwan again, to meet fans that you haven’t met for a long time; right, we all miss you a lot; 
JM: really? Show me your enthusiasm; show me your love~~
Ken: right, yes!
JM; Your love, I want to see ~~
Ken: after he said this, even the interpreter said “yes!” - so amazing!
Ken: this time, how did you feel towards your Taiwan fans?……(reading question#2 with Jung Min). What is most impressive?
JM: they made me feel very secured. I miss them most. My Taiwan fans, no matter where, is a group of supporters for me. When I see the fans who are at all times waiting for me wherever I go, I feel very secured. Its like seeing old friends, I am full of heart-felt warmth. 
Ken: when you fully support a certain artist, every time when you see him, and when he sees you, he feels very secured; all of you are very important, so, no matter whether its greeting at the airport, or during events, please try your best to attend. 
JM: This time, its my first time to perform the 2 sides of me
Ken: how do you feel about Park Jung Min?
JM: I hope he is a very passionate person
(** translator - Park Jung Min wants to be a passion………) (**** interpreter has not finished sentence)
Ken: what if its not Park Jung Min?
JM: No, no, if its not the real Park Jung Min, what kind of person would that be? Dark, dark…
Ken: dark, dark
JM: dark, dark; sexy sexy
Ken: sexy; sexy …. ah~~~
Ken: that is the other side of you that nobody knows
JM: that I dont know, its still unleashed …..
Ken: haha, unleashed?
JM: since have to go on stage, will be unleashed
Ken: ah…understand, understand. That is, (privately) you are still unable to do that. But on stage, you can be dark dark, and sexy sexy. This is because he told us he is unable to do that privately. But during your activities, you speak very good Chinese already. Do you want to learn some Taiwanese native dialect?
JM: Taiwanese native dialect? Taiwanese native dialect? I…… a little
Ken: Taiwanese native dialect? 
JM: I know a little. Its true
Ken: what do you know?
JM: “bor lo yong” (useless)
Ken: oh, bor lo yong - means useless
JM: more…more… “da bu man”
(Interpreter - ah - bad word, dirty word)
JM: bad word; dirty word..
Ken: this one, how come I dont understand?
(*** Ken and JM whispering and laughing)
Ken: oh, you sounded so accurate!
JM: haha
Ken: dont say it just like that, you will be beaten!
JM: really?
(commentator: so, looks like when everyone learns a foreign language, all start with bad words…..dear fans, dont try to guess what bad words Jung Min said, lets concentrate on teaching him some Taiwanese native dialects")
Ken: This is our usual native rap - Taiwan, like your “gong jang jang ….” (korean rap)
Shiu Zhai Shiu Zhai kia mei long long lai…..
Di Mei din bua lo lai bua ji lay jin lai hai
Tsui ki Ti-an go-a-hai ma-ju-ti-an gu-ma-mai
Mua Dua Ti-an go duo zhai hey! Jin li hai
(** Jung Min repeats after Ken)

Ken: Shiu Zhai, in modern terms, means a doctor (scholar)
Kai mei long long lai
JM: kia mei? 
(** JM points to the word “mei”)
Ken: mei, mei, do you know what that means?
JM: (**points to himself ) (** its mal)
Ken: oh yeah, yes, ah, congratulations, this is year of the mal
JM: right, its me, my year!
Ken: wish you all the best year of the mal 
JM: thanks thanks
Ken: this is your year, right
JM: its mine, its true
Ken: kia mei long long lai
JM: kia mei kia mei kia mei
Ken: yes, right, kia mei long long lai
(*** Jung Min repeats, then said the whole thing once)
Ken: wow, so impressive
Ken: Tsui ki Ti-an means tooth ache
Ken: ma-ju-ti-an means eyes ache
Ken: gu-ma-mai means put ointment here
Ken: Mua Dua Ti-an means…eh?
(JM touches his belly)
Ken: eh, you understand?
JM: yes
Ken: he recognises that word~~
Ken: go duo zhai - do you know what “duo zhai means”?
(Ken pointing to belly, JM also points to belly)
Ken: duo zhai means belly, right?
JM: belly
Ken: duo zhai Jin li hai (really impressive!)
JM: hey, jin li hai 
Ken: hey, jin li hai
JM: (raps) Hey!
(** Ken raps the whole thing using JM’s “Hey” tone)
JM: haha
Ken: hip-hop
JM: haha
Ken: Taiwan hip hop
JM: really?
Ken: you want to try? the ending here, if you know how, you can definitely stay in Taiwan, everybody will love you, adults and kids
Ken: (** raps, JM follows)
Ken: you can do it! you are awesome!
(commentator: Dai hao ren (Ken wu) - you are so talented! you can turn this rap into a hip-hop version, and Park Jung Min is really so good at languages; pretty good after learning it once only; and, perhaps, he’s even better than the average teenagers in Taiwan. Wonder if he wants to take part in a native Taiwan drama !)
Ken: Having such a busy schedule, and everybody really wants to find out , in your personal life, are you keeping contact with other members constantly?
JM: sometimes I do. Earlier, I went to Hyung Jun’s Fan Meeting, ah, its concert. I also went to record a drama OST in Korea
Ken: who do you contact most?
JM: Mostly contact person, should be Hyung Jun and Kyu Jong. 
Ken: so you are in contact with Hyung Jun.
Ken; good, in fact, there are a lot of supporters for SS501, and your Wan Dao princess (green peas); and of course, there are supporters for solo members, do you have anything in particular to say to them?
JM: thanks to all supporters of SS501, from now on, no matter whether its our solo activities, or one day, when we can all perform again on stage, please wait a little longer, please wait for our performance, I will deligently transform into a forever hardworking Park Jung Min; the other members would also work very hard, please support the other members as well. 
Ken: So. I know Park Jung Min loves to draw. Today, do you have anybody in mind that you want to draw?
(** JM nods his head)
Ken: do you want me to be your model?
JM: (nods) hmm
Ken: do you want me to? (trying to take off jacket)
JM: take off jacket?
Ken: oh, no need
Ken: I am sorry, can it be this way?
JM: (starting to draw) hmm, normally, Jeom Raeh, our little doggy at home
(** interpreter: their doggy at home is called “Jeom Raeh”, he is drawing his doggy Jeom Raeh)
Ken: so, I am your first model, first human model for you?
JM: correct
JM; finished
Ken: this is drawn by Park Jung Min, this is Ken Wu, drawn by Park Jung Min
JM; (clap hands) yeah
Ken: do I look like this?
Ken: unreal?
JM: unreal?
Ken: (referring to drawing) this looks a little better?
(commentator: Park Jung Min really knows how to draw, even though its first time drawing a human being, he’s drawn a much more handsome Da Ho Ren. Let Da Ho Ren keep that drawing. Hi fans, dont be impatient, we have asked Park Jung Min to draw another one for you! This one, he is drawing his doggy Jeom Raeh, isn’t that very cute. Whoever wants this, please log onto “I love idol” s FaceBook page, you may have a chance of taking this picture home. Today, we are really happy that we can meet with Park Jung Min, and we hope he can come to Taiwan for his future development.