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The whole “Dave realizes his home life was abusive and works on dealing with it” thing is so important to me you have no idea and i want the Superfriends to have an Encounter
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and i want bro to have an encounter with a FIST HAIIIYAH


so, you know how most of the new chapter was all about this reiner/eren/falco “i can relate, dude” dynamic and shit?

and THEN when falco went on about how he didn’t want gabi to inherit the armoured titan, eren (aka mr. kruger) immediately asked if she was a girl and falco blushes violently (which, was extremely cute why aren’t we talking about this???) and i just got this low-key eremika vibe?????

ok see, i have a solid ongoing problem in which i overthink pretty much everything (specially when it’s about my otp), but JUST HEAR ME OUT ALL RIGHT

ok so putting the whole “grrrrr i’ll exterminate every single titan from the surface of this godforsaken planet grrrr” thing eren has going on, what is the next thing our boy has always wanted to do?

the way i see it, he’s really fucking protective torwards mikasa and armin. but, yeah, mostly mikasa since (as we all know) hes totally smitten by her…………..ok but i feel like i have to be impartial so jokes aside, his mother DID asked him to look after her and he always felt so frustrated that she was stronger than him and anyway he could barely take care of himself, you know?

he did say he would protect her - and have - multiple times, tho

WHAT I’M SAYING IS eren totally understood™ falco’s dilemma whereas he went through the same stuff with mikasa. you know, since this whole exchange really was about reiner identifying with eren’s struggle and then the same between eren and falco, it just makes sense for me that little part of their pep talk showed eren eventually felt the same “there’s this girl i really like that i want to protect with all my soul but i just cANT UGHH”

i don’t know if i made any sense tbh
i may or may not have made some mistakes with my english… oh well
that’s why i usually never post the stuff i’m thinking in this site ugh
maybe someone has already posted something like this and i haven’t seen it yet…
sorry about all that
i just needed to get out of my system

but man,
what a great chapter

Ok so i was thinking about this post by @newbads all day and specifically like. When and how did dennis start acting distant around Mac? but i kind of went off on a tangent not rly related to that post so heres on its own, like, sort of a timeline i guess, starting from mortgage crisis and ending with ddl

(i actually started this like a week ago and then got stuck halfway through and now school has started again so i wont probably have time to come back to it like i’d want, so i’m posting it as is and pls feel free to contribute later stuff if u want to :))))

Hypothesis: Dennis is super touchy and affectionate in season 5, freaks out after Break Up when he realises his feelings for mac, temporarily distances himself a little bit for a while (including marrying maureen), but mostly still pretty close. After Mac Day starts getting especially distant and it only gets worse over time, reaches a peak in s12 after Mac comes out in HoHC, and its evident by DDL that this is not sustainable and something drastic has to change.

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iridiscentao*tumblr*com/post/147235859797/sorry-but-if-you-dont-ship-kaistal-or-kaisoo-why I don't know what to say tbh, she doesn't know what she is talking about, she knows nothing about kaisoo yet arguing about how wrong we are!

She talks about how bad must Krys feel… but what if it’s actually Kyungsoo who has to live with the fact that the whole Korea thinks his boyfriend is dating someone else. I KNOW this sounds like some fanfiction but hell, they cannot tell me this what we see is not real. 

Their only argument is that SM, Shady Mofos, confirmed them to be dating and everything else doesn’t really make sense. Yes, they have photos of KxK leaving this restaurant but JI doesn’t even look happy? Restaurant which Jung sisters visit quite often? And those photos look so staged? Tho some sources that know KxK said how KxK love quiet places. Then why the hell would they just go there if there is a great possibility of somebody seeing them? JI isn’t stupid. He knows what happened with Baek_yeon. Also, didn’t Jess say that she told Krys to be careful?  Also, they took those photos a month before revealing KxK? They kept it a secret over a whole month? And that is the only thing. From then we see no photos, no proof (even rumours were confirmed to be fake) of them meeting again. And they can’t even say how busy JI and Krys are because they had this ‘photoshoot’ during time when they were extremely busy. And don’t let me start about that post from 2012… 

There are so many proofs they just don’t want to see. 

They don’t even consider the possibility of Kaisoo being real. For them, it’s a clear fantasy. For them, it’s impossible for idols to be gay. 

Even if they saw Kaisoo making out, they’d probably say they were practicing for JI’s sake so he would kiss Krys properly. 

Yeah sure, this is what friends do…

And this is how friends react…

EXO Reaction to you telling them you are scared they were going to leave you for someone better

Sorry for being so inactive guys its been crazy around here….to all of you who sent it scenarios that havent been posted yet dont fret! we will try to get it in as soon as possible! ya’ll havent been forgotten we promise :) In the mean time please enjoy this reaction!

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Kai: Baby don’t talk like that…….you know I’ll always be here

Chen: Gull i dont have time for lies

Lay: Why would you even think i would do such a thing?

D.O.: what has that little bitch Chen been telling you?

Baekhyun: WOA……girl you scared me just thinking about that

Sehun: *mimics you crying and being anxious*

You : *playfully slap him for making fun of you*

Luhan: *thinks to himself* What did I do to make her feel this insecure?

Chanyeol: Have I not been loving you enough baby girl?…….let me fix that

Suho: It is a sin to lie girl……but dont worry God forgives all and so do I

Xiumin: Babe…..look into my eyes…….would I ever leave you?

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Kris: Sugar plum you are just so cut when you doubt my love for you…..let me change your mind……

Tao: Kris……she found out

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I kinda want a character who is biromantic homo/heterosexual  or something along those lines. Someone who falls in love with someone of the same/opposite gender but isn’t sexual attracted to them and yet still has a healthy relationship. I think that it would help people understand the difference between ace/aro better because god knows they have a hard enough time accepting it on it’s own.