i dont know if someone has posted this yet

i’ve been thinking of the “rose is the villain” theory ALL DAY b/c i LOVE it and at sdcc i remember thinking “why the shit does rose look so evil” in the extended trailer.
i know that the rose = lion theory has been brought up a LOT (even tho i have yet to see it but it seems like it should) but the sinisterness of lion when steven FIRST meets lion seems reminiscent of lapis?

in “ocean gem” amethyst and pearl tell steven that the monsters they fight were previously gems, and they have to “subdue them and contain them” before they…” and she trails off, looking at the ocean pillar, probably about to say “corrupted”.
lion holds all of roses stuff, pearl is deeply disturbed by lion for an unknown reason, and pearl screams “get that thing away from me!” in roses scabbard.

at SDCC, i remember someone asking rebecca sugar if the story behind lion would be revealed and if lion was a gem, and she smiled pretty largely and said “well that would be a spoiler.” 

i’m thinking pretty heavily that lion is roses corrupted gem, and maybe left the crystal gems and steven for their safety? maybe lion forgets? idk if i’m wording this properly but if anyone has anything to add please do

I kinda want a character who is biromantic homo/heterosexual  or something along those lines. Someone who falls in love with someone of the same/opposite gender but isn’t sexual attracted to them and yet still has a healthy relationship. I think that it would help people understand the difference between ace/aro better because god knows they have a hard enough time accepting it on it’s own.