i dont know if she says that but i cant breathe so i dont care

Guys help I’m emotional

So I wrote a thing- Its a Langst thing.

It isnt finished and its just in the ‘summarize’ stage but… I dont know if I should expand on it?

Read it under the cut if you wantttt

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Rivals (Part 1)

tA/n: @cecenybabe sorry for the wait! Here’s part 1, I’ll end it at the second part.

“Y/N, L/N” “Here”, you said as you did not even bother to look up.Once again, you had stayed up way past getting a good night’s rest. “Mark Tuan”, the teacher called, followed by a “here”. You rolled your eyes even at the mention of his voice. Mark Tuan, the “bad boy” of the school, well, him and his little friends. You hated people who acted stuck up, snobby, and like they just ruled the world, not really caring about anyone. Unfortunately, almost every girl fell for it. Not you, no, you were too smart to be one of his victims. You avoided him almost every chance possible because ever since that day, he was a pest that did not want to go away.

About a month ago, you, once again, failed to get a decent amount of sleep. You bumped into Tuan as you spaced out and, of course, apologized because it was the right thing to do.”Sorry”, you said with a half-smile and was about to walk away till he grabbed your wrist,”have I seen you around here?”, he said. You removed your hand and shook your head,”I dont think so”, and left as soon as possible. You thought that was the end of it until your class’s assigned seats changed and you were lucky to be sat next to him.

 “Oh, youre the clumsy girl”, he said as he sat down and pointed. What on earth did bumping into someone point to clumsiness?, it happened one time. “Yea I guess thats me”, you responded. He smirked and winked at you,”maybe we could have some fun sitting together.” Oh no, no, you knew were this was going and intended to put a stop to it. “No, we just sit next to each other, thats it”, you said to him and turned as the teacher started to talk. “youre gonna be a feisty one”, he whispered. You wanted to say something but afraid of the teacher calling you out so you ranted in your mind. 

Feisty one? what do I look like? some tool for his amusement? maybe if you werent such a dick id actually give you the time of day.

Ever since then, it would not stop. You figured he would become bored after a couple weeks but he stayed pestering you for months. Although you didn’t want to admit, some small part of you enjoyed his presence, though that feeling was buried very deep. Another day was ahead and you walked through the halls as Mark spotted you. Groaning as you turned around, Mark walked up behind attmepting to place his hand on your shoulders. You were too used to it and deflected it with perfect timing. “Im not in the mood today Tuan”, you said. “Isnt that everday though? your attitude is too moody, your boyfriend wouldnt like this”, he responded. “well, sure am lucky I dont have one then”, you retorted.

“You know I could-”, “yea, never happening Tuan.”, you said, for about the 100th time. “God, youre such a, such a”,”Bitch?”, you completed his sentence, you knew he wanted to say it. “Well, yea, a hard one to crack”, he said as he scoffed. “Then just leave me alone, my world would be a much better place.”, you said. “I know I may be somewhat of a douche”, “somewhat?” you interrupted. “ugh, youre boring, goodbye”, he said as he walked off. You breathed a sigh of relief as you walked towards your friend. “Tuan troubles?”, he asked. You looked at your friend, Jackson, and nodded. He smiled and ruffled your hair,”he totally has a thing for you.” “Thanks captain obvious”, you said as you opened your locker.

“No Y/N, like a real thing”, Jackson said. You sighed,”Jackson, I know you see the best in everyone but Mark”,you said as you turned the hallway and pointed at him. His back was on the locker as one of his girls had their hands on his chest,”Mark, he can’t be helped.” “Yea Y/N, but hes doing that little kid thing where he likes the girl but everyone thinks he hates her but he looooves bothering her”, Jackson cooed. You rolled your eyes,”listen wang, lets say he did, I would never ever date the literal scum of the earth.” The bell rang before you two could continue your conversation and it was time to head to class. Luckily, you had gym, which equaled the equivalent to doing nothing. Sadly, however, it was Mark Tuan. 

This time, in order to hide from the boy, you went inside the closet where they stored all the balls. There was a light and a place to hide from anyone who came, you were sure he could never find you.To your happiness, it worked for about thirty minutes until you heard the door open and a voice you recognized. “Man, Im so tired.” Mark Tuan. Shhh, you told yourself. He wouldnt know if you just kept your mouth shut. You heard him sit down and sigh,”aaaa, love coming here to relax, I wonder where Y/N is. she’s always hiding,  im tired of looking ugh.” You smirked and spoke in your mind,oh wouldnt you like to know Tuan, wouldnt you like to know.

“Ugh, she’s so stupid, why would she do this? she’ll pay for this.” Pay for what? What did I do? “I cant take this anymore. she needs to take responsibility for this.”, Mark said as he was getting up to go look for you. ME? WHAT DID I DO? You wanted to say something back but you also did not want to give up where you were. Eventually, he left. As the class came to an end, you walked out, the words Mark said stirring through you heard. He could have meant generally, just you being a bitch to him but for good reason, he was a complete ass. Somehow, even with that reassurance, his words still moved your stomach.

You were taking your stuff out of your locker when a hand banged against it, making you jump and turn around, now staring into the eyes of Mark Tuan. For some reason, at this moment, you felt weak as he gazed at you. “Tuan”, you said. “Y/N”, he said as his eyes looked you up and down. Y/N, get a hold of yourself. You gulped and stood your ground. “Back Away Tuan,” you said as one hand pushed on his chest. “Where were you in gym?”, he asked as he crossed his arms. You scoffed,”like thats any of your business” “It is, come with me afterschool.” You blinked out of disbelief,”you cant just order me around like that, no thank you.” Mark started to laugh,”Oh, youre funny, I know you would never say yes, thats why I have this.” 

Your eyes widened as his phone was dangling from his hands. You were about to open your mouth, Mark spoke,”Scream, it drops. Talk back to me, it drops.” You bit the inside of your cheek as your body started to build with rage. Mark smiled and took your silence as yes. “See you later babe”, he winked. As he walked off you shouted at him,”I hate you Tuan!” Mark turned around as he dangled your phone again,”What was that?” You clenched your teeth and walked off, stomping into you bumped into Jackson. Of course, you explained the situation and, of course, he got mad. You loved him for that but you wanted to handle this on your own. Once you got your phone back you were gonna go off. 

ASKS - Mini Stories/Headcanons/Ideas

Little ask-stories sent to my main blog, posted here!

violetsnowstorm555 said: Archaeology majors agree never to dig anywhere near campus for fear of what might come up.

Anon said: What about that one kid who thinks the fair folk are actually ALIENS

k4t3yk4t said: There was that one occasion with the Vegan™ freshman who discovered the black fur coat in her roommate’s closet. She was so appalled… She stole it, not to keep, but to confront her roommate later about. She never got the chance to. She wasn’t seen for months, but eventually came back. She was different, when she did, though.. And never went near the pool again.

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kiho!couple au

coughs happy birthday kihyun + @ my nct followers i still love you and i prOMISE I’LL WRITE SOME NCT STUFF LATER ON </3

also hugehugehugehugehugehugehugehughugehugehughuge thank you to @jeongmini bc dear lord i wouldnt even have finished this without her

-softest couple ever

-like fucking murder me with your softness please

-wonho does dumb things so he can see kihyun’s face squish up when he smiles 

-cotton candy hair duo (as of 20.11.16 ;))))))

-wonho’s contact name is probably hoe honestly kihyun has no time for his bullshit

-kihyun’s contact name is probably something cute like “baby boy” or “kihyunnie”

-wonho calls kihyun “baby” and “baby boy” to make him blush leave me alonE  

-they call each other babe a lot but whenever they’re tired they call each other “wonnie” and “kihyunnie”

-one time kihyun got fucking trashed 

-he was drunk out of his mind smh 

-i mean it was his birthday so iT WAS OK

-wonho had a feeling kihyun was gonna drink way more than he could handle so he decided to be sober that night 

-and when they got home, kihyun could barely stand without wonho’s help

-he was wobbling and shit oh my god this kid

-so wonho managed to get them to their room and he staRTED TO TUCK KIHYUN IN OH MY GOSH

-and the entire time kihyun was mumbling on about something wonho couldn’t quite hear

-and when wonho started to leave to get kihyun a glass of water and aspirin for the morning, kihyun grabbed onto his hand and mumbled something before covering his eyes with his free hand

-“what was that babe? i couldn’t hear you”

-kihyun turns even redder than before but wonho pretends not to notice 

-“i want… i want you to stay with me”

-wonho feels his lil heart burst because kihyun’s voice is so small and timid and aHH

-“i mean… i know i look gross and like im about to throw up any second but please?”

-wonho grins and he just walks over to kihyun to give him a kiss on the forehead before he tells him he’ll be right back 

-when he comes back with water and aspirin, kihyun’s like half asleep and he’s in the same position wonho left him in

-and wonho sits on the edge of the bed and kihyun immediately tries to sit up but wonho makes him lay down

-kihyun mumbles something along the lines of “lay down with me please” and wonho realizes he’s so whipped oh my god 

-wonho lays down with him and kihyun envelops him in a koala hug and he manages to drift off like that but right before he falls asleep wonho whispers “goodnight kihyunnie”


-so you know what this fucker replies with 

-“i love you”

-it’s so quiet and faint but wonho hears it anyway and his heart stops because it’s the first time kihyun’s told him he loves him and aHHH

-“tell me you love me in the morning, baby" 

-wonho says that in the softest voice he’s ever heard himself speak and gosh he realizes how in love he is with kihyun

-kihyun likes sneaking in kisses with wonho during the day

-it’ll be quick, subtle kisses on the cheek or something 

-kihyun never kisses wonho’s lips in public

-he’s learned his lesson smh

-the one time he presses a quick kiss to wonho’s lips, wonho pulled him closer and wouldn’t stop kissing him until kihyun ran out of breath and had to push wonho away

-wonho likes it when kihyun’s cheeks become a dusty pink when he’s embarrassed a lot

-which is one of the reasons he likes kissing kihyun until he can’t breathe :))))))) control him

-honestly kihyun probably sits on wonho’s lap when they makeout 

-wonho insists smh

-"it’s not a proper makeout session until you sit on my lap”

-“im going to bite your lip until it bleeds istg wonho”

-“kinky ;)))))))”

-their makeout sessions are wild y'all istg

-wonho always initiates it 

-kihyun could be sitting on the couch playing something on his phone and wonho’ll slowly drag him onto his lap

-and kihyun’ll be like “lol w/e”

-but then wonho’ll start to kiss the back of kihyun’s neck softly and subtly and make him squirm 

-“if you don’t stop doing that i’ll smack you”

-“make me”

-boom ezpz that’s how all their makeout sessions start 

-kihyun’s legs end up on either side of wonho’s body and wonho holds him still by gripping his waist half heartedly

-wonho’s hands never stay there anyway

-kihyun likes tangling his fingers in wonho’s hair and pulling on it occasionally

-wonho has a hair pulling kink confirmed

-honestly kihyun puts his hands in wonho’s hair because he doesn’t know where else to put them

-shy lil baby omg

-wonho always ends up grabbing kihyun’s thighs bc according to @jeongmini “kihyun’s thicc” sO

-whenever kihyun tries to pull away from the kiss wonho doesnt let him

-kihyun has to tug wonho’s head back by gripping his hair

-and wonho always groans which makes kihyun turn pinker than he already was

-after makeout sessions, kihyun’s cheeks are always dusted with a soft pink and he’s always gasping for air

-wonho finds that so cute goD

-wonho probably likes giving him hickies a lot

-just to make him squirm and whimper

-the amount of times the other boys have walked in on them eating each other’s faces is too mANY

-poor changkyun smh

-after that whenever they makeout on the couch, kihyun always mumbles something about the boys seeing them but wonho doesnt give a fuCK BYE

-kihyun in oversized sweaters makes wonho dIE

-thigh highs too probably bYE I WASNT HERE

-im literally like 13 im going to hell

-kihyun probably steals wonho’s clothes and wonho pretends to be mad

-wonho melts whenever kihyun sings

-honestly wonho is so cheesy kihyun wants to stab himself 24/7

-wonho could open his mouth and he’d have that stupid grin on his face every time he’s about to say something cheesy and kihyun would slap a hand over his mouth so quickly like wow ok sonic has competition

-”if you say some dumb pickup line again im going to lock you out of our room and youre gonna have to sleep on the couch”

-”i’ll just sleep with hyungwon”

-”ok you can fiGHT ME RIGHT NOW”

-their height difference isnt even that big but wonho could probably fling kihyun across the room by accident

-he did it like, once bUT IT WASNT ON PURPOSE


-no one knows how it happens

-kihyun has blocked it from his mind

-the only one who remembers it is wonho and if you ask him about it he gets triggered

-”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP HOE”

-”why do i still love you”

-”lol have u seen my abs kihyun”

-kihyun makes sure wonho eats enough

-like, every time they eat together, kihyun gives wonho a major side eye

-”kihyun why are you staring at me like that”

-”*heavy breathing* *sinks into his seat* *whispers* u need to eat more and stay healthy and im worried for your weight”

-”what was that?”

-”*mr krabs meme* i- i wANT YOUR FOOD”

-”oh here lmaO”

-”*pterodactyl screeches* NO DONT GIVE ME YOUR FOOD EAT IT”

-kihyun just wants wonho to be hEALTHY

-ok we’ve always seen that gif of kihyun sitting on wonho’s thighs while he does sit-ups and i 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% believe it’s just a normal thing that they do

-the first time they did it, wonho said that “it was for motivation”

-kihyun knew it was bullshit but he went with it anyway

-sometimes when wonho gets close enough to kihyun’s face, kihyun’ll kiss him kiLL ME

-”you call that a sit-up my deceased bunny from 5th grade could do a better sit-up than that”

-kihyun is a savage

-”babe dont be like this”

-”my bunny wouldnt use the babe tactic on me, you know why? BECAUSE SHE WASNT A BITCH”

-”ok but your bunny also cant talk”


-wonho ends up kissing kihyun to shut him up


-wonho likes it when kihyun sings for him

-he likes the way kihyun’s voice is airy and light in the morning

-and kihyun likes the way wonho’s voice is so rough and low in the morning

-wonho stares at kihyun way too often but he never realizes

-kihyun likes falling asleep on top of wonho

-he likes when their stomachs press together and how he can hear wonho’s heartbeat

-and he feels so safe with wonho’s arms around him

-wonho likes taking kihyun’s phone so he can spam his camera roll with selfies

-jokes on him kihyun saves them all for blackmail :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

-wonho nibbles on kihyun’s cheeks or bites him in random places

-cue kihyun’s screeching to “sTOoOoOooOoOoOoP”

-kihyun is ticklish and wonho takes advantage of that

-whenever wonho tries to go close to kihyun’s neck, kihyun kicks him and runs away

-”dOnT BreATHe oN MY NEcK”

-whenever kihyun falls asleep on wonho, wonho forgets how to breathe and stops moving bc “iM GONNA WAKE HIM UP IF I BREATHE!11!1!!!1!!1!”

-he ends up scooping kihyun up in his arms and tucking him in bed kill me :((((((((((((((

-kihyun takes care of the boys a lot so wonho likes taking care of him in return

-whenever it snows, kihyun acts like a little kiD AHHH



-”IT’S S N O W I N G”

-whenever the two of them go outside in the winter, kihyun’s cheeks always get red extremely easily

-and whenever it’s really cold, kihyun tends to breathe out from his mouth more often bc his nose is probably stuffy or something

-and it melts wonho’s heart seeing kihyun’s red cheeks and mouth slightly agape like a little kid


-wonho just really likes the feeling of kihyun’s fingers tangling with his own and gosh oh my gosh he loves him so much

-honestly kihyun probably fell in love with wonho during their no.mercy days

-but wonho had had his eye on kihyun for so much longer

-he was passing by the dance practice room and he heard someone singing from the inside

-and at first he was like “wtf why is someone singing in the dance practice room at this hour it’s almost midnight”

-but all he could think about was how fucking pretty the voice singing was

-so he contemplated whether or not he should stay and listen

-spoiler: he stayed and listened!!1!1!!

-he wanted to find out who the voice belonged to but gOD HE’S SO AWKWARD AND IT’S SO WEIRD

-”hey lol i heard u singing and i think im in love”


-he was too busy roasting himself in his head that he didnt notice that the person inside had opened the door

-”um… can i help you…?”


-wonho started mumbling and stuttering

-”no i… i just… nO” AND THEN HE R A N A W A Y

-kihyun didnt even know what the fuck to think so he shrugged it off

-but whenever they crossed paths during their trainee days, wonho would look at him a second longer and blush bye

-when they met during no.mercy kihyun remembered him immediately

-”hey youre that guy that stalked me in the dance practice room!!”


-”well youre lucky i like your face or i probably wouldve called the cops by now”

-wow ok smooth kihyun smh

-and at first they were just good friends but kihyun started noticing how sweet and gentle and precious wonho really was and fuCK HE WAS FALLING IN LOVE SHOVE HIM IN FRONT OF A BUS


-this is getting too long i need to end this but stan monsta x stan talent stan cute babies who dont know how to live properly i love them

anonymous asked:

who is pete wentz writing songs about?

mikey way. okay, here we go.

so, in the summer of 05 is when most people think it started because fob and mcr played warped together, but, they had also played the year before and thats when i think it started. as many know, pete single handedly wrote the entirety of from under the cork tree, which was released may 3rd of 2005, which means he had been writing some of it the previous summer. most of the album is quite cheery, depicting the emotions of someone who is battling some darker force within themselves, but is also experiencing a happiness from someone else they dont think they deserve or should have (short version: an emo is in love). also, theres the parallel between dance dance and favorite record- dance dance depicts a literal and emotional dance, and then in favorite record you have “i cant remember just how to forget the way we danced”. so, based on research and educated opinion, i believe that the petekey fling started in 04.

then, the next summer both bands were again picked for warped, which only intnsified the relationship. after weeks of spending excessive time with each other and attending each others shows, the media took notice. in an interview that summer, when asked about it he responded “me and pete wentz arent dating. we are both heterosexual males… sort of… maybe… umm… next!”. on may 16, 2005 mikey was spotted at a fueled by ramen show watching fob at house of blues wearing a white jacket that allegedly belonged to pete. a few days later, pete posted a list on live journal of things that get him hot and bothered. on taht list were a.having a crush on a person i speak to nearly every day and b.white denim jackets….

on tuesday, june 28, 2005, pete posted the following on livejournal: “Amazing New Mexico sunset. im hanging on a bridge with my friend mikey from my chem. its all orange and pink above us. we went to another water park again. i love high fives again. totally back in love.” on july fourth he posted an entry that ended with “hot and miserable but totally back in love”. on july 15 he posted “Though I am over hearing your thoughts on haircuts and pants. I’m over us trying to be perfect tens for your little eyes. We don’t care what you think of us. Listen to a song and time your heartbeat. Let it be okay to fall asleep slow tonight. Think about a good friend. Think about god. Think about death. Think about someone elses hand clumsily on your belt in the dark. Think it will be okay. No more rants. No more poetry. Not tonight. True love for the believers”. on july 17 he posted “wrote you a goodbye note (you just wrote me off) on your arm when you passed out. bestfriends, exfriends- better off as lovers not the other way around. racing through the city in the back of yellow checkered cars. the takeoffs are the worst but the skin from your shoulder to your ear makes it all worth it. and im sorry the way my moods flicker on and off like old light on your porch, but i know you wouldn’t have it any other way. sneaking in your window instead of out. the way you hold a cigarette cause you don’t know what to do with your hands when we are sitting this close. the way the waists of pants feel better at the ankles. the way you always were my best excuse for calling in sick on everyone else. i miss you”. which later became the song bang the doldrums, which was origionally titled summer of like (pete mentioned this in a rolling stones interview), which is now what fans call the relationship between pete and mikey in 05.

during that summer, fans claimed that mikey and pete didnt want to be photographed together, which is kind of suspicious…. but there are a few circulating the internet, and quite a few of mikey wearing clandestine (petes clothing line). at this time it was also common for fob and mcr to trade band members, mikey would play bass for fob so pete could take his mic into the crowd. pete also frequently watched mikey play with the stupidest smile on his face….

there are also fan reports of them being seen together. “ at my warped date i got there early in the morning and hung out by the fob bus because i wanted to get a pic with patrick and around 10 am the door opened and a very tired looking mikey stepped off with pete right behind him and they appeared to be holding hands until they saw the people around and they both refused to have their pictures taken together ”. and “during Fall Out Boy’s set (they were one of the closing bands that night) they dedicated one of the songs to Mikey, who was watching from the side of the stage. Pete said, “This song is about revenge. Right, Mikey? Revenge!” Mikey smiled and nodded, and during “Grand Theft Autumn/Where is Your Boy” he mouthed along to all the words.”

pete also posted at one point “i wish you were my bass, not just my friend”. on august 19 he posted “ Warped tour was fun. Since being home I remembered that showering and sleeping are fun too. My real feelings on the sunburst bass. I loved that thing. But then it started cheating on me with mikey way. I had to hit it. Its not my fault- spousal abuse is an ugly thing. I’m in therapy that includes playing lots of warcraft online. Writing messages on your arm for someone to see at a show is the new away message - stealing peoples real diary is the new livejournal”.

on september 4, pete posted “on the getaway car, the rush of blood to the head: it’s strange to find myself again back at the feelings of the blue cover after going through the red and the gold. its kind of always like that. i am sorry if i am not making any sense. but everybody likes to take chances and make bets. i always put my money on the longshots. and no matter where my head was in the world i always dreamed of waking up next to the biggest brown eyes i have ever seen/’meandyouunderneaththehoneymoon’. “go back to what it meant back then”: and you imagine yourself moving deep into the summer and disappearing, and for me it was always with you. and then things got crazy. you stopped calling me back. i stopped trying to call but not in my head. and then you got malicious but i’m guessing only because you learned from the best- take back your taste and all. i never thought it would be just me again. but that’s okay. we’re gonna hole up and wait it out. i feel like i can see for the first time, like i was born just in the last minute. wake me up. baby boy, you’re gonna be okay. hearts between our knees sticking to the summer sheets. are you catching my drift…. its gonna be alright. your love would be hell but its just not hot enough baby.” (Note… baby BOY)

after petes nudes were leaked, hey chris wrote him a public letter which contained the following: “you know the friends i have and you know how we feel about loyalty. you know who im talking about and you know they’re not happy either.” and shortly after chris posted pic of him and mikey saying he’d “found new love”

the summer of 06, peter once again had some interesting things to say. on july 7 he posted “im so sorry, but not really. (‘straighten up and die right’) i said i want to be rebuilt like a frank lloyd wright only without all of the water damage. or painted over like a monet only less blurry. she said “no, youre something different”. like what? “something better”. it gave me the rush of warm blood like you see in cartoon dogs right before their eyes pop out and all of the bells go off. my head is spinning like a car off of an icy guardrail. show me what you are made of. your eyes were always rolling but youd tilt your head so they were somehow always still stuck on me (have your cake and eat it too). i feel safe but not like a bet more like the way mothers feel when the lock the car doors in bad neighborhoods. i am blue waves across the red rootlike veins in the bodies drawn flat in medical books. i wonder at the way that someone can write thousands and thousands of pages about my insides. when i met you i gave you a name- not your own- but in my head so i wouldnt ever mix you up with anyone so ordinary- i cant tell you- but to me it meant salvation. you only wanted reaction. but i cant be bothered. not anymore. ill see you in the spring. first pew on the left. wear your white veil and dont forget the words. warped tour. sun drenched days. bestfriends. new roads. so long salvation. dont worry your pretty little heads. i am sleeping safe tonight.” then the next day, on the 8th, he posted “the fraternal order of the handsome boy. ive been watching you from afar. my breath on the inside window as you walk in from the carcandy caned lies in red and white against clashing patterns bending in and out of understanding. ”youre the stranger ive been dreaming of”, stranger than any ive ever known. love through a telescopic lens. when the air is clear i can see how perfect you are for me. late at night when the city sleeps i cast a spell on you to make you think of me the very same way i think of you. i only love how the words feel in my head when i write them. fireworks over the valley. how can i tell you i gut people for a living. that everything you say is likely to end up as evidence when i rewrite history. over and over again. how everything you do reminds me of something else, someone else. how i get paid to be humble and arrogant at the same time,to be chased and never caught. that i just want to stay up late and wake up early to talk to you. that i want to show you all of my jealousy and insecurity and have you not care. youre like a light switch and i just want to turn you on and watch them all shrink away. the words come out of my fingertips on impulse. it is instinct. my head cant keep up. i envy the comatose. i admire the bedridden. i am addicted to the way i feel when i think of you. ”im blowing smoke rings around the moon….” i wish i was the exact opposite of how the world knows me.”

then, there is infinity on high, which is basically completely about mikey (especially bang the doldrums, because it was born on live journal right after that summer of like…) and ab/ap, due to the constant reiteration of a past love, my favorite being fourth of july with “you are my favorite what if, you are my best i’ll never know”

also othe fact that neither of them can hold a true relationship with women without it ending badly. perhaps because there is someone out there that they are simply destined to be with…. 

so yeah. pete wentz writes a lot of his music about mikey way.

Thoughts Going Through My Head During Crooked Kingdom


1. Wylan you are a part of the crew, get your shit together!
2. Yo I forgot Wylan looked like Kuwei
3. Wylan coming to Jesper’s defense <3
6. Damn what is he gonna do to that girl? Oh at least he didn’t kill her.
8. Jesper and Nina flirting their way through town would be something I would pay for
10. Oh no Jesper’s dad! They’re gonna use him to hurt Jesper aren’t they?
11. INEJ! OH MY GOSH GUYS IM NOT READY!!! (I had to breathe before this chapter)
12. “She was Inej Ghafa and she would not quiver like a rabbit in a snare” YASS DAMN RIGHT GURL
13. “I may not have Kaz’s devious mind, but I am a dangerous girl.” QUEEN
15. That chapter was so intense…KAZ IS COMING INEJ DONT LOSE HOPE. VAN ECK


16. Jesper introducing wylan to his dad :D
17. OMG THIS FIGHT SCENE! “Do you want to shake hands again?” LOOL
18. Wylan coming to save the day
20. Nina and Matthias so cute. <3
21. Awwww everyone is protecting Jesper
22. I’m like super worried about Nina rn…
24. “Most of your friends wont survive this night” STAHP
25. Did she really doubt KAZ FUCKING BREKKER?
26. Lol at Jesper being so surprised every time wylan says something dark
28. Their bantering is BACK and I love it
29. Jesper asking about wylan to alys lol
30. Awww Matthias is actually such a cinnamon roll
31. Yo I can’t stand Nina and Matthias fighting.
32. Shit its all going to hell isn’t it?
33. KAZ’S POV FINALLY - I need to know his thoughts as he’s saving Inej
35. Jesper Fahey - killing me softly with every cute thing he says to Wylan/every time he calls him “merchling”
36. Nina is such a badass I love her


39. The Wyvil lol
41. “Do not lick Wyvil. Does someone want to write that down?”
42. Inej and Jesper noticing wylan having a scheming face. I love their friendship
44. OMG BE STILL MY HEART: “ I would come for you. And even if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you and no matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way out together-knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that’s what we do. We never stop fighting”
45. Nina and inej together again! Also WAFFLES
46. Nina and Matthias together <3
48. Why am I not surprised that Wylan’s dad tried to have him killed? He’s an asshole.
50. “Lets go steal all my dad’s money” YAASSS WYLAN YOU DESERVE THIS
53. “I think you’d flirt with a date palm if it would pay you any attention” NEW SHIP: NINA AND THE DATE PALM
54. *SQUEALS FOREVER* FINALLY!!!! BENN WAITING FOR THAT KISS FOREVER (imagine what would happen if there was a Wesper kiss or a Kaznej one OMG)
55. Lol Zoya is SO annoyed rn. Genya gets it tho.
56. TAMAR!
59. Jespers figuring it out.


60. “I’m going to eat twice as much cake” I love Nina
61. “Philosopher crook” I love that
62. “Strontium chloride, my favorite” I think we all know why ;)
63. Who is this bitch messing with Inej?!?!?!
64. OMG Nina can raise the DEAD! I love it! IS THIS WHY THE CARD HAS HER HOLDING A SKULL TOO?!??!
68. “Lets not say things we don’t mean” HE KNOWS THAT SHE WOULDNT PICK HIM OVER WAFFLES
69. Oh Shit EVERYONES after them


80. Wesper getting back together :)
81. Aye it’s Genya and Zoya.
86. “Only a fool would.” I SEE YOU THROWING SHADE NINA
87. Kaz knows about Nikolai and I love it
88. “Let’s go show them they picked the wrong damn fight.” YAAASSSS
89. What are they up to?
90. Is them bursting in the distraction?


91. Van Eck is going down!
93. Inej finally beat that bitch! Good cuz she was coming after my baby Inej and my baby Nikolai.
94. Jesper can control bullets. THATS SO COOL


100. Kaz forgiving Jesper is so awesome
102. Kaz got her a ship and named it The Wraith how perfect


Why me?

Summary- Having Daryl confess his feelings for you, was the only thing you ever wanted in this ruined world. But what happens when Negan shows up and everything changes.


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Characters - Father!RickxReader. DarylxReader. NeganxReader.

Note- it’s going to be a series.

Warnings- Smut in future parts, maybe? Violence. Abuse.

Number of words - 2044

Originally posted by mypapawinchester

I fucked up

I shouldnt have done this. I shouldnt have done this.

crap, crap, crap!!!!

I’m dead. they will kill me and kill everyone here because of me.

I’m so stupid! thats why dad never lets me do anything.

thats why daryl never noticed me

oh crap, Daryl!

I looked at him from the corner of my eyes.

his eyes were wide. everyone’s eyes was wide.

i had 200 guns pointed at me.

I’m going to get everyone killed.

I should have listened to Gabriel and stayed home.

“Let them go!” I said, trying to hold my grounds. trying to appear strong. keyword- trying!

“Wellll, Helloo there!” Negan said in a singsong voice

“Do you think you are cute? I will blow your brains out!” I said my voice raising. I pressed my gun harder into his head “Now!” I screeched and he raised his hands up in surrender.

“This, is sooo, not cool!” Negan said greeting his teeth.

“I said. LET. THEM. GO!” I said each word dangerously low.

“I say, how about you drop the gun, before someone gets hurt sweetheart?”

“If your men, take another step, from there place, I will seriously blow you all up!” I said, my voice fluttering in the end.

“You will regret this!” Negan said angrily.

“Y/n, drop the gun!” Carl said, his voice wavering with fear

“Y/n, get out of here” Michonne said

“Y/n, please.” Daryl said and thats when I half turned to take a good look at him. he was bleeding, oh god

“Y/N!” Dad’s voice yelled.

Before I could react, Negan had turned, and flipped the gun out of my grasp.

Everything happened fast.

The yelling, the kick I received in my abdomen, my hands being twisted behind my back and my hair getting yanked upwards and my face getting shoved in the ground.

Well, fuck!

“What do we have here!” Negan said as he squatted next to me looking at me.

Someone yanked my head up and now I came face to face with Negan

wow. if this wasn’t the time, i would totally tap that! but he was a maniac. who had my family on their knees and the only thing I’m going to tap, is my knife through his face.

“You are a kid!” Negan said amused

“Depends on your defenation of kid, asshole!” I spat

“Well, i give you A for the effort, sweetheart! but what you did here wasn’t cool, oh so not cool and I cant just stand for it. oh i certainly would not!”

“Just let us go, and we wont kill you!” i hissed at him, and the fucker holding my hair yanked it down and up again. i shut my mouth, trying to not hiss in pain

“Y/n, shut up!” Rick hissed and i rolled my eyes

“I dont think you realise who has the upper hand here, sweetheart.” Negan smirked

“Well how about you tell your minions to let me go and give me back my gun and we will see about that, asshole!” I snapped at him

“Y/n!” Daryl warned

Whats wrong with everyone, why is no one fighting. is this our end?

“I like your spirt!” Negan chuckled “Get her in line, with the rest!” Negan said and in a second i was yanked up and thrown in line next to Dayl

“What the hell were you thinking?” Daryl hissed at me, as he gave me a deadly glare

“You’re welcome!” i snapped back

“So what was I saying before I got interrupted?” Negan asked

“Picking who gets the honor.” A guy, with his hair combed back spoke

“Right!” Negan chuckled “I gotta say, this shit is hard!” he said as he started walking

Oh no. he was going to Carl, not Carl, dont you dare.

“You got one of our guns!” he told him as he kneeled in front of him “Lighten up, at least cry a little” he chuckled

“Leave him alone!” I said annoyed and some one hit my back with a gun

i fell on my face, fuck this was embarssing.

i looked up and it was the half burnt face dude, what was his name again? Elite? Blite? Dwight?


“Sweetheart, next time you cut me off, I’m going to do something you wont like!” Negan glared at me and i scoffed

“Next time you call me sweetheart, I’m going to do something you wont like. you know what, coming to think about it, I’m going to do something you dont like just to piss you off” I glared back at him and he smirked

what the hell?

why is this bastard smirking? I’m bloody serious!

he ignored me and went to Maggie

oh no, not Maggie

i turned to Glen, he was freaking out!

shit, shit shit

i showed have kept my mouth shut

if he hurts her because of me? oh god no

“You look like shit! let’s just keep you out of your misery right now!” he said as he raised his bat, swinging it. I closed my eyes shut, tight. I cant see this

“NO, GOD, NO!” Glen’s voice made me snap my eyes open

he has crossed to Maggie, lying in front of her. Dwight the fucking asshole was standing above him, with Daryl’s crossbow.

I’m going to get that crossbow back, and i will burn Dwight and Negan together at the stake, like they do to witches

Negan rubbed his jaw, his face turning serious “Nope, no! get him back in line!” he said annoyed, Dwight dragged Glen back, glen was whimpering.

“No, please no..” Glen sobbed

“Listen” Negan said “Dont anyyyy of ya, do that again!” he said as he swung the bat in front of everyone “I will shut that shit down! no exceptions! first ones free, its an emotional moment” he said “I get it!” he said cheerfully, flashing Glen, a hundred dollar smile.

what a fucking maniac!

Rick was sweating, his eyes tearing up. Maggie was swallowing her pain. Glen was sobbing. Eugene was terrified. Daryl was bleeding. Rosita didnt seem to register what was going on

And just now, it hit me. this might be our end.

i could be cocky and try to get his attention to keep him away from everyone else, as much as i wanted. but it wouldnt make a diffrence. we all were dead

he walked to Carl, oh no, please not again. kill me first before you touch anyone, please.

“He is your kid? right?” he said pointing at Carl. looking at Rick thoughtfully and then looking at Carl again, before turning to me “She is yours too!” he snickered. crap! “They are defiantly your kids!”

“So stop this!” Rick yelled

“Hey!” Negan yelled equally loud.


“Dont let me kill the little future serial killer, dont let it be easy on me!” Negan said pointing at Carl before turning to me and winking


what just happened

“I gotta pick somebody! everyone is waiting for me at the table waiting for me to order!” he said as he started walking and whistling

how is he even this calm

“I got an idea!” he jumped excited. like he lost something and suddenly found it.

I’m going to kill this son of a bitch.

“Enie, Menie, Minii, Mo” he sang



Everything happened so fast, Negan choosing his victim, my hands shaking, my body stiffening, i wanted it to be me. i tried to speak, tried to volunteer, but I couldn’t find my voice, just Daryl’s hand holding mine tightly

“Anyone moves, anyone says anything, cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father!” he smiled. he is sick. disguesting. I dispise him “And then we’ll start! you can breath, you can blink, you can cry. hell you all will be doing that!”

he said as he smashed the bat in Abraham’s head

I couldn’t turn, i couldn’t shut my eyes. I saw everything happen in front of me.

Abraham stood his grounds, not like he just got hit by a bat, through his brain.

Abraham is like my big brother, he thought me how to fix cars. he shared with me his secretes, his conflict emotions, his love for Sasha and the guilt he felt for leaving Rosita. Abraham is my big brother.

Everything started so fast, but Negan smashing Abraham’s skull went so slow, i saw it in slow motion, as if the universe was laughing at me, taunting me. I couldn’t breath. i tried to move but Daryl gripped my hand tight.

Michonne was the only person between me and Abraham, Michonne was the only barrier between us. Michonne do something. someone do somthing.

Sasha was whimpering, Rick was shivering. Rosita was crying.

Abraham was smiling softly.

he accepted this

i didnt accept this

“Oh look at that!” Negan’s voice echoed. Rick turned his face “Taking it like a champ!” he whistled. no…

“Suck… my… nuts!” Abraham’s chocked words came out

Negan swung again, and again, and again, and again.

“Did you hear that!” Negan laughed “He said suck my nuts!” he repeated as he started hitting a dead corpse.

Abraham was my big brother.

Rick tried to get up, but his legs seemed to fail him

Maggie was shivering.

Eugene was crying big fat tears.

“Guys! look at my dirty, gurl!” Negan smirked

He walked towards Rosita, and i felt Daryl stiffen next to me.

he pointed the bat towards Rosita “Look at this!! he smiled “Damn! were you two together? that sucks! but if you were, you should know there was a reason for all this, he just took six or seven for the team!” he yelled the last part and I could feel Daryl shift next to me, letting my hand go.

oh Daryl, I wont let you.

“Take a damn look!” he said “TAKE A DAMN LOOK!” he yelled making Rosita flinch.

Before Daryl could move, i shoved him back, and jumped on Negan, swinging my fist at his face.

if someone else was going to die today, it wont be you, Daryl. i wont let it ever be you.

I reached for my leg knife as i pulled it out as fast as i could, trying to stab Negan, but he pushed me off of him as easy as you shoved a book.

Two men shoved me to the ground, one of them stood on my hand, crushing it under his weight, making me let go of my knife. I’m ready to die, just leave Daryl alone.

“NO!” Negan yelled as he shoved the bat right in front of my face “Oh, no!” I could hear Daryl curse, I could see Rick’s tears fall, I could see Carl fall back scared, I smiled at him. its okay little brother. take care of Judith.

I sent my silent prayer to anyone who is listening

Negan walked away from me laughing

“Oh my! That!” he said smiling at me “That” he repeated as he squatted next to me, just like he did before as his men shoved my face in the dirt  "Is a no, no! The whole thing, not one bit of that shit flies here!“ one of his men moved away and Dwight approched me with Daryl’s crossbow, pointing it at me

"Do you want me to do it? right here?” he asked Negan.

“I’m going to kill you, and take that back!” I spat at him and he pointed it towards me head, Negan chuckled.

He took my hair in his rough big hands as he yanked it, not so hardly up. studying my face he looked back at Dwight

“No” he smiled, and i could see that this bastard has dimples

cause god went like, ‘Sure why not make a crazy phsyco manic, hot. wait lets give him dimples for extra measures, so that if his gun runs out of bullet he can kill with his bloody looks’ yeah thanks god!

“You dont kill that! not until you try a little” he said, what? he wont kill me? why?

His fucking men dragged me back in line, tossed me like i weight nothing.

i will have to eat more

“Anyway, thats not how it works, now i have already told you people first one is free! and when i said i will shut that shit down! no exception!” he said as he walked towards us, shooting me a gloating smile “Now i dont know what kind of lying assholes you have been dealing with but first impressions are important” he said as he stared at me for a couple of seconds before he turned his gaze away “I need you to know me” he smiled as he raised his bat in front of him, smiling evilly “So, back to it!” he said as he swung his bat.

he hit Glen

Maggie screamed

My eyes were open, wide

“Maggie….” Glen chocked

Negan made a remark but i didnt listen. I did this. i killed Glen

“I will find…. you” Glen chocked out

Guardian angel (d.l.)

▹Short imagine 

A/N: okay this is so freaking long!! but u should read, its not even done bc i have so many ideas for it!! so there will be a second part!! I hope you guys enjoy thank you love u -i


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“Why do you keep hurting me?” I asked, he was hurting me but not physical worse, mentally.  My eyes filled to the brim with liquid and I just cant help but let the tears fall.  I take a long gulp.

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For those ships not only Bughead but Cole/Lili as well.

What if Cole and Lili were together in real life?

Lili has known from the very beginning to not let the hate comments bother her. She knew that clearly when she signed up for this. Her life isnt exactly private anymore since it was announced that she was going to be in Riverdale. Even from the very beginning, her manager already informed her that there will be haters and different mixed opinions, she knew that but that doesnt mean that it still couldnt get to her.

“Oh god, this is getting way outta hand.” She murmured when she found twenty more hate comments that was she was tagged in.

Ewwww b*ghead sucks. @lilireinheart @colesprouse

THEY DONT HAVE CHEMISTRY! Please dont let them be endgame! @riverdale @lilireinheart

There were alot more hate comments much worse than what she has read, some were saying she wasnt pretty enough for Cole so thats why they aint got chemistry, some were just downright hateful towards their team up which made her feel very upset and confused.

Lili scrolled down, as much as it upsets her, it seems like she could not stop reading. She was so engrossed with what she has reading that she did not notice someone coming in her house.

She yelped when she felt someone wrap their arms around her waist but immediately relaxed when she turned to see who it was.

“Damn it Cole, you scared me.” She exhaled, placing a hand over her heart which was beating like crazy.

The raven haired actor smirked and gave her a small kiss on the nose, noting how cute she looked.

“What ya doin?” Cole asked when he noticed her holding her phone.

Lili realising that she still had her twitter opened, she locked her phone and threw it on a sofa nearby.

“Nothing.” Lili denied but did not sound convincing enough for Cole to believe her.

“ I could read you like a book Lil so quit lying and tell me whats going in that that pretty head of yours.”

Using his hands, he grabbed her waist and turned her towards him making their bodies pressed against each other and placed his hands on the small of her back.

She knew better than to lie to him so she took deep breaths before looking into his green eyes and placing her hands on his chest.

“I-I have been reading some comments in twitter and-” she silenced by Cole immediately knowing what it was all about.

“Baby, what did I tell you about reading those tweets?”

She looked down sheepishly, “To not.”

Lili heard him sigh and used his fingers to lift her chin up and look him in the eye.

“There are always going to be hate on the internet everywhere. We cant let it affect us.”

Lili wanted to argue, “But the fans, they dont want us to be together on screen. They’re sending us so much hate-”

“And most of them are also sending us love. Seriously have you checked your tumblr or instagram lately?” Cole chucked but continued.

“Don’t focus on the people who do nothing but hate and appreciate those who appreciates our work.”

Lili knew that Cole was right, “Yeah you’re right. I’m just a little overwhelmed but yes I’ll focus more on the positive feedbacks.”

Cole smiled and gave her a kiss which made Lili’s toes curl and felt him whisper against her lips, “I missed you.”

She smiled and pulled away from him, “Missed you more. How was the road trip with KJ?”

He laughed, “It was fun but I had to cut it early. Couldnt stand being away from you for too long.”

Lili blushed. Sometimes she wishes that they could announce their relationship in public so she could show the world how much she loved this man but she knew that it would seem unprofessional in their parts and it wouldnt sit well with most of the fans plus both wanted to keep things as private as possible though they got to be more careful since someone already saw them in the movies once. For now they would happily stay in their little bubble.

That night, Lili agreed for Cole to stay overnight since he was clearly exhausted from the road trip. She changed into her comfy Pjs and gave Cole a clean shirt of his and his boxer shorts which he made sure to leave some of his clothes just incase he was going to stay over.

Both her in the verge of falling asleep when Lili suddenly had a thought, “What if Jughead and Betty aren’t endgame?”

Cole, still feeling drowsy, answered his girlfriend, “We dont know *yawns* what will happen with their story. They’re good for each other and I hope that they are but-”

Cole paused and smiled, “In case they werent, at least you and I are.”

“What?” Lili smiled obviously knowing the answer but she still wanted to hear it from him.

She feels him tighten his arms around her, securing her safely while her head laid against his chest. He plants a soft kiss on her forehead.


I know im trash but I couldnt help it. Literally just wrote this in the train. Just humor me why dont you?

FF XV React: Dieing in their arms after protecting them

*If you complete Cidney’s entire sidequest line and obtain the headlights; she mentions that “If they had these headlights, they’d still be alive today.” “They” I assume are her parents as very early on ingame an npc mentions that after “he” (Cidney’s father I headcanon) died and Cid raised Cidney. Prompto even mentions after the first time you set up camp that Cid (again) raised Cidney on his own and she turned out well.


Noctis: No! No! No! *holding you tightly* DONT YOU DARE!!! DONT YOU DARE DIE FOR ME! NOT YOU!!! Please, please don’t…*breaks down into tears, and shakingly carresses your cheek in silence before he rests his forehead against yours*

Gladiolus: Dammit!!! I-I can take care of myself!!! My life is meant to protect anothers!!! Why did you- *takes in a sharp breathe as he realizes you’re no longer breathing* You….You didnt have to protect me…..It was my job to protect you…Take a rest, *takes a shakey breath* you’ve earned it…

Prompto: STAY WITH ME CMON!!! YOU’RE-YOU’RE GONNA BE OK!!! *holds you tighter* W-We can fix you right up!!! You’re not really dieing right? Right? *His tears start to make his vision cloudy, a sort of “blessing” as you’ve stopped breathing* C'mon, you’re ok…Please…

Ignis: You!!! I would have been fine!!! But-now look at you…*holding back tears* Look at you, trying to be a hero…My hero, *chuckles weakly and rocks you back and forth gently* I’m sorry, I’m so sorry….this is all, I can do..

Cor: *holds you gently* A pup saving me, and one so young…. *takes a deep breath* You can stop fretting now, you can forget anything and anyone that binds you…Just rest. *sighs* I-I admit, today is a terrible day for rain. *looks up to the cloudless sky, as tears fall from his eyes*

Regis: *wraps his cape around you* I-I’ve been told, that it is cold at times like these….*inhales and exhales deeply* I’m sorry…One such as you - war and death. None should live to see it…..ever….

Cid: *takes a deep breath* Why’d you go saving this old goat? I’ve done my time..Seen a whole hell of a lot, but if ya think I still got something to give, then *his voice cracks* I’ll give it my all.

Clarus: A shield being protected? What bitter irony….*closes your eyes* To think I can still be so careless. I will not allow your death to be in vain. May you rest in peace.

Iris: *Is shaking you back and forth, tears streaming down her face* NO, PLEASE! YOU CAN’T! YOU CAN’T JUST DIE LIKE THIS!! PLEASE I’M BEGGING YOU!!! PLEASE…Please stay with me…

Cidney: You promised…YOU PROMISED ME YOU’D NEVER LEAVE!!! WHY DID'YA GO DOING SOMETHING SO STUPID!? WHY!? Why did you die like *them? Why did you leave me all alone. * breaks down crying into your chest*

Lunafreya: *She gently rests your head on her lap and runs a hand through your hair. She is holding back her tears, trying to steady her voice.* Thank you so much for allowing me to know you…For allowing me to be your friend….May you bask in the Gods warmth for all eternity…

Gentiana: To have saved someone who has long since perished…Could things have been different if you were there then? No, I care not if it would have changed the worlds destiny. If it means losing you, the world can perish for all I care.

Aranea: YOU-YOU DAMNED IDIOT!!! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!? I’M NOTHING MORE THAN A GODDAMNED MERCANARY - DIEING IS PART OF THE JOB DESCRIPTION!!! *Punches the ground as she clenches her teeth, forcibly trying to hold back her angry tears.* You stupid bastard…My stupid bastard…

Ravus: *Is still in shock of you sscrificing yourself for him, until he remembers - * Just like my mother….Both of you saved me…*takes a shakey breath* I am indeed not fit to rule…I couldn’t save the one person I care about….

Ardyn: Oooh my dear, my dear sweet one…*He holds you close, carressing your face gently and his tears flowing freely onto yours.* I-I don’t deserve to live, not after so many years. It shouldn’t have been you…Not now that I have found something else besides revenge to live for…Please don’t leave me my dear…

Nyx: You…*tries to smile gently despite the tears* Didn’t anyone tell you? I’m the “hero” around here….*sniffles loudly* C'mon, just tell me this is just a really bad dream…You can’t die for me..I was supposed to die for you someday…

Libertus: Damnit -DAMN IT ALL!!! *clutches you close to him* YA CAN’T GO LIKE THIS!! NOT AFTER EVERYTHING YOU TOLD ME YOU WERE GOING TO DO!! WHAT ABOUT SHOWING ME YOUR HOME!? WHAT ABOUT NEVER QUITTING!? What about…Just, c'mon please…You can’t do this to me…

Crowe: *Nyx and Libertus are holding her back as she tries shake you “awake”* NO! WHY!? WHY!? WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE YOU!? WHY NOBODY ELSE!? *sobs* Why do I have to lose you too?

Luche: You, I…..Thank you…Thank you so much…What else can I say? What else can I do? I, I can’t bring you back…But I cant allow your death to be in vain…I’ll make you proud, I promise upon this life you saw worth saving.

Drautos: *He lays you down gently and is trying his best not to cry* This, never gets easier…I’ve lost so many Glaives…All good in their right…You ar - You WERE one of the best……I curse the Gods for taking you…They’ve taken so much from me already. Why did it have to be you?

anonymous asked:

This ones a little weird... but how would the rfa react to waking up, after a night of drinking, in bed with mc? (In a version of the game where mc stays friends with all of them and doesn't really pick a route,,,) thnx so much!!!

you guys r so cute lolol this isnt weird :3


  • the first thing Yoosung notices when he wakes up is a sharp headache 
  • the second thing is MC
  • when he woke up he was holding MC in his arms, spooning them
  • oh my god
  • is this seriously MC?
  • i mean obviously he knows what MC looks like but he just….has to be sure that this is really whats happening right now
  • as slowly and quietly as humanly possible, Yoosung gets out of bed
  • he goes around to the other side so he can see the face of the person he apparently spent the night with
  • MC confirmed
  • he honestly cant believe it
  • MC is here, in his bed, in his arms
  • all wrapped up in his stupid star sheets
  • (these in blue)
  • he just looks at them for a few seconds, taking it all in
  • he then does the worlds quietest, dorkiest victory dance
  • he spent the night with MC
  • HIM!!!
  • thats when MC shifts in their sleep and he quickly gets back in bed, snuggling up to MC like he never even moved
  • he decides this is something he can definitely get used to!!
  • :3


  • as soon as Zen wakes up he knows he got real Fucked Up™ last night
  • he sits up in bed and stretches and thats when he sees MC
  • “shit. shit shit shit shit shit shit”
  • i am the worst human being on the planet
  • how could i take advantage of them like that
  • God please forgive me
  • why did i do that
  • Jaehee is gonna kill me
  • he stumbles out of bed, waking MC
  • “oh..good morning, Zen”
  • oh my god their sleepy voice is so cute-
  • “i am so sorry, i’ll get you a ride home right away i’ll even treat you to breakfast i swear i did not mean to take advantage of you-”
  • MC is majorly hung over and doesnt have the energy to talk over Zen so they just shush him really loudly
  • “wh…why are you…”
  • “Zen, you didnt take advantage of me, alright? this was my decision as much as it was yours”
  • they flop back down, sprawling out across Zen’s bed
  • “now will you please come back to bed? i dont wanna get up yet”
  • Zen is SHOCKED
  • MC doesnt want to leave, they dont even want breakfast
  • they just want to be with him
  • and after about one (1) single second of contemplation Zen gets right back into bed and snuggles up to MC
  • he is honestly so happy and warm and butterflies in his stomach


  • its MC
  • its really MC
  • shitshitshitshitSHITSHITSHITSHIT
  • she has to take some DEEP breaths to calm herself down
  • MC is probably dehydrated and will be hungry when they wake up and needs a fresh set of clothes and something for the headache they will definitely wake up with
  • but Jaehee is already late for work 
  • she makes a breakfast that would normally be for herself, and leaves it by the bed for MC
  • she brews some coffee that she would normally take to work but leaves it in a thermos for MC instead
  • she also leaves a glass of water and some advil
  • and on a little piece of paper she writes a note
  • “i hope you feel alright when you wake up. please dont forget to eat breakfast and remember that i am only a phone call away”
  • and on her way out the door Jaehee couldnt help but notice how cute MC looks when theyre asleep


  • he has so many mixed emotions
  • i mean, he feels happy but…
  • this is not how this was supposed to happen
  • he was going to court MC and win their heart in the most romantic way
  • not wake up next to them, disheveled
  • no, no this is all wrong
  • but somehow to still feels so right 
  • MC is so warm and soft and gentle and…perfect
  • but he cant wake up with them like this!!! ITS TACKY AND NOT HOW HE PICTURED IT!!!
  • Jumin leaves for work without waking MC but gives them a little kiss on the head before leaving
  • he makes sure that his staff knows to take good care of MC and gets them anything they need
  • he makes someone go out and buy MC a brand new set of clothes
  • and like Jaehee he leaves a note!!!!!!
  • he spends like 20 minutes drafting the perfect note
  • he doesnt want to sound too stiff but he cant sound too clingy either and he’s trying so hard
  • “my deepest apologies for leaving you like this. i hope that you are well taken care of, please call me when you wake up. Driver Kim will make sure you are returned home safety. i hope you had as much fun as i did last night. -Jumin Han”
  • this isnt how Jumin pictured his and MC’s relationship starting but he definitely didnt hate it


  • a rough morning
  • Seven is actually woken up when MC wakes up and sees him
  • “oh my god this cant be happening, this cant be happening”
  • he wakes up and rubs his eyes and then LEAPS OUT OF BED
  • “wait, did we….”
  • MC buries her face in their palms
  • “………….nice”
  • Seven decides to say with a smirk on his face
  • immediately MC grabs every pillow in the vicinity and starts chucking them at Seven
  • he bats them out of the air
  • “hey, hey whats all this hostility?”
  • MC grabs the blanket and suddenly hides under it, mumbling “because youre an idiot”
  • Seven shrugs
  • “thats fair”
  • he starts to leave the room when MC pokes their head out of the covers
  • “where are you going?”
  • “to make us some breakfast”
  • “really…?”
  • “yea. no one should have to wake up next to an idiot like me and not even get some waffles out of it”
  • Seven makes breakfast and even brings MC some water and meds
  • its actually a really pleasant morning and he’s super chill
  • then as soon as MC leaves his house

if you read all that thank you so much and i hope you liked it :3

BLUSH -Part 5

Bucky barnes x reader

As the elevator doors opened at their floor, Y/N walked out slowly, and Bucky followed. The silence was killing him, and yet he was terrified to do anything. His mind was in a debate whether to actually talk to her or not.

Y/N pouted as she neared her room. Why the hell isnt he saying anything ?!, She thought.

Just as she reached her door, Bucky grabbed her hand, pulling her into his room.

“Bucky !” she breathed, shocked.

“Y/N, things have been so weird since that night” Bucky began, running his fingers through his thick brown hair. “I dont want you to run away from me ! Please !”

Y/N stood with her back pressed to the wall, giving him a wide eyed look.

“Dont look at me like that !” Bucky said. “Y/N, I like you ok ? I have for a while now ! I was just so afraid to tell you! I mean, you’re a Stark ! And Tony…but I cant hold it anymore. I cant-”

Y/N had tears in her eyes now, and she did her best not to let them spill.

“Y/N” Bucky stood close to her, bending a bit, just so that his face was inches away from hers.

His hands cupped her face, as he said “ I love you…I really do - ”

Y/N looked into his blue eyes, as he leaned in, and pressed his lips to hers.
His hands dropped down to her waist, pulling her closer, as her hands went around his neck.

Y/N pulled away, smiling and blushing.

“I love you, Bucky” She whispered.
Y/N flung her arms around Bucky’s neck again, kissing him. “It was just so difficult…you didnt say anything after Nat walked in on us, and I thought maybe you didnt like me, and I was just so embarrased-”

“Well, I thought you didnt” Bucky said with a laugh. “Glad thats sorted out”

He kissed her again, but she pulled away, giggling.

“What ?” Bucky asked, raising his eyebrows.

“You taste like strawberries” Nikki said, shaking her head.

“So do you” Bucky said, with a grin.

“Remind me never to eat those again, please”

“You are crazy, come here”

                             * * *

When the Y/N walked into the kitchen later that day, with Bucky’s arm drapped over her shoulders, Natasha shreiked.

Y/N jumped in fright, screaming and covering her mouth. Bucky looked around, frowning.

“What the bloody hell !?” He snapped at Nat, when he saw no threat.

Natasha dived towards them, and threw her arms around the couple.

“Thank you !” She said. “Im mean really, Im so happy for you both!”

“Is this woman crazy ?” Bucky asked his finger pointed at Natasha, who still had them in her grip.

Sam and Steve laughed, watching the show.

“Seriously you two ! ” Natasha said, stepping back. “Took you long enough!”

“Calm down, Nat !” Y/N said, touching her friend’s arm. “ Whats all this ?”

“Im really sorry for messing things up that day, Y/N. I-” Nat said, blushing.

“We’re not mad at you” Y/N said with a smile. “You dont have to apologise”

“Hey ! I am !” Bucky said.

“Who cares about you, Barnes” Natasha said smugly, looping hands with Y/N.

Bucky scoffed at her, before moving on to sit with his friends.

“Come on ” Natasha dragged her towards the elevator. “I need details !”

“What details ?”

The entire room froze as Tony Stark strolled in, his eyes glued to his cell phone.

Noticing the sudden silence, he looked up, narrowing his eyes.

“Whats going on ?” He asked, pushing the cellphone into his pocket and folding his arms against his chest.

Y/N bit her lip, her brain scanning for a quick lie.

Bucky stared at her, holding his breath.

“I was just telling Nat about the time we went to that Safari” Y/N said, trying her best to keep her voice from shaking. “We should take her, Tony. She’ll love it !”

“Really ?” Tony said, raising his eyebrows at Nat.

“Yep” Nat said with a smile. “I love them !”

“Oh” said Tony shrugging. “Maybe we can all go !”

“Sounds great” Sam said. “Lets call T'challa too. Do they have safaris in Wakanda ?”

“Hmm…” Tony nodded thoughtfully, and took out his cellphone again, typing into it furiously, before walking out of the room.

Bucky exhaled noisily.

“You have to find a way to tell him,
Y/N” Nat said, in a serious tone. “And fast”

Y/N nodded.

“How the hell am I supposed to do that ?!” She whined.

Bucky gave her a sad smile. He knew Tony would throw a fit when he came to know. Tony had started to forgive him, and they were making actual progress, but this would change everything.


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Part 16 - Nightmare

Caution/Note : this chapter is very disturbing and different from the previous chapters I wrote based on my own experience. 

You may choose not to read. You’ve been warned.

It happen 3 years ago. Kinda in the same timeline after Cyrus. I remember it was drizzling outside my house while I was desperately looking for fun. Well the blame was on me, I was way too young and naive.

Desperately wishing the water would come out clean faster than usual in the bathroom while waiting for replies on Grindr. And here comes the notification that leads me to a place where now I wish I wasn’t there.

As desperate for sex as I could. I replied him saying :

Me : Yes. Fun tonight 

He’s a Chinese in his early 30′s , Spiky hair, average height, chubby. We exchanged numbers and sent him my address. It was still drizzling outside as I gotten into his car. We talked in the car as he drives to a Motel quite far away from my place.

Waze : You’ve arrived at your destination.

Chill wind blowing at me when I got out from the car. As we walk into the motel checking in, I noticed there were quite a few stalls of Mamak (Food Store) across the street, I was looking outside the street while he was checking in, out of a sudden I had a mixed feeling, paying very little attention of what I felt at that point of time with my eyes busy observing the people by the street as he interrupted me with a pat on my shoulder : 

Jack : Lets go (pats on my shoulder)

Taking the lift up to the 3rd floor. The hallway was paint red with deemed lights gave me an eerie feeling. Telling myself : 

Me : (”This is nothing right, its just fun. Nothing weird”) (trying to calm myself)

As I step foot in the motel room, I was wide-awake as if someone just slap me at my face giving me a wake up call.

                                         “What am I doing here?” 

                                          “Where the hell am I ?”

            “No its just fun. You need to calm the fuck down”

Still amidst of denying what I felt. He was already kissing me before I knew what happen. That moment I stop overthinking and just go with it. Forcing myself to shut my eyes and just feel his lips on mine, his hands were touching my body all over, from the back to my nipples, slowly under my pants touching my hole. Leaning me towards the bed and took off my shirt, he was kissing me all over my body. Licking my neck , my nipples, as he took off my pants and undies revealing my cock which was not erected. He stroke it with hands and manage to get it semi-hard as he puts in into his mouth sucking it.

We switched position as I was sucking his dick. For the very first time I actually felt disgusted and didn’t enjoy sex at all. The feeling that I was trying to deny was getting stronger and stronger as I suck his dick with 0 passion driven.

                                           “I don’t want this”

but I have to finish this quick so I could just go home already. I initiated by putting the condom on his dick and lube myself, riding him as badly as I want him to cum fast and with my eyes closed because I can’t bare to see this anymore. Until I smelled something very distracting that make me opened my eyes. Seeing him holding a small glass bottle of liquid sucking up the smell with his nose while he was joy in a weird way, I was literally freaking out inside

                                      “What the fuck is that?” 

We switched to military position as he fucks me I felt awful and pain. Wishing he would just cum and end this already.  His sweat were dripping all over and panting saying : 

Jack : Ha…Ha…(panting) have you been fuck for more than 3-4 times a night?

Me : Ahh..(Fake moaning) No

Jack : Well I’m gonna fuck you the whole night tonight haha.

It gave me chills when he said that. As if he meant it. It was my fault for stepping in this room and I’m scared. As I continue fake moaning wishing he would just cum already, his hands reaches for that small glass of bottle with liquid and violently forcing me to smell it even tho my hands were pushing it away.

Jack : Just smell it , its nothing (forcing me to suck the smell of the liquid)

Me : I dont want to ! (pushing it away but failed, I was so helpless) 

The smell was terrible and it made me felt dizzy, there were a little dripping left on my face its in the form of oil but I swear it smell awful. Someone finally heard my prayers as he let out a moan and cummed in the condom.

He walked off to hit the shower and I was covered in cold sweat on the bed feeling so misery for the first time. I packed all my stuff into the bag and thinking hell lots of plans to leave this room. As I was packing my stuff, my curiousity hits me saying :

                 “Do I want to check what he has in his bag ?”

Unzipping his bag carefully I saw a few bottles of that liquid and some sex toys. Sound of the tap water running from the shower room, trying very hard to keep this shit together and not panic. I initiated a conversation while he’s in the bathroom.

Me : Hey. Wanna grab something to eat down stair later ? 

Jack : Sure I am hungry.

YES. All I could think of was dining in at a place and I can walk off saying I want to get something from the 7-11 or any convenient store. As he got out from the shower room, I try to avoid any eye contact and just cool my head with cold water flowing on me. Wipe myself dry with a towel and get dress up in a fast pace wishing just to leave. Just when i was about to opened the door 

Jack : Why do you wanna bring your bag along ? 

Me : Oh I don’t feel comfortable leaving my belongings here. (excuse)

I could feel my palm sweating, hoping that he didn’t sense anything fishy. As I step foot outside the motel. In a sigh of relieve, I could finally breathe in fresh air. On our way walking to Pappa Rich (a restaurant), I can’t believe it with my eyes. There ain’t a single convenient store that I saw. Fuck. And I cant think of any excuses to leave !

As we sat in. I only ordered a drink and still looking around thinking :

                                        “What now ?”

Jack : You not eating ?

Me : Er ya. Just feeling like drinking something cold.

As the waiter brought his food to the table, I quickly borrow this chance since he will be busy eating as a distraction.

Me : I need to go to the toilet.

Jack : Ok.

Slowly removing myself from the chair, my sweaty palms were reaching for my bag. Hoping he don’t see me taking it with me to the toilet. I don’t know if he did or didn’t saw it but I went to the toilet anyway. It stinks and I just hate myself so much right now in this position. In the cubicle I cautiously open the door because I don’t know if he would see me by the time I leave the toilet. But I cant see clearly because I was just in panic.

                                    “Screw it. Just run” 

And I did. Leaving the restaurant from another door. Slowly picking up my phase and I was running fast. Real fast. I didn’t know where I was I didn’t know where to go but I just want to stay as far as I could from him and the motel. It was still drizzling outside and I couldn’t care less. My legs did not stop even if I am dead tired. Terrified by what I felt I look at my watch, Fuck its almost 12 am where do I flag a taxi at this time ?!

Standing by the traffic praying to see a red or yellow taxi could pass by and even when the world is covered in darkness there is light. I saw a taxi driving towards the junction. My hopes was all up and wishing I could just take a ride home already ! 

                            “oh fuck. It was taken fuck !”

Still in panic, I took out my phone and called my bff wishing he would pick up his phone in this ungodly hour and expected he didn’t pick up !

As I saw another taxi driving towards I was praying real hard to whoever is up there please just let me go home !

                    “oh dear lord. the taxi driver is a women

I had a bad feeling about it by the time she drove near me. It was stilling raining and I was in fear and wet. the traffic lights turn red as she stops. and I was pointing at the empty backseats hoping she would let me hop on. 

                  She waved a ‘No’ gesture to me, declining. 

And for the first time my heart sank so deep that my tears could rush out any moment. My phone started ringing non-stop and god knows who is calling. I sincerely put my fingers together in a please gesture. She scroll down her car windows and said : 

Taxi Lady : Duduk kat mana ? (Where do you stay?)

Me : ‘Told her my address’ Dekat je kak (Its nearby only please)

As the lights turn green.

Taxi Lady : Masuk la (Just get in) 

Words couldn’t express how grateful I felt the moment I sat in the car. Sure it was cold and shivering, mentally damaged, terrified and my phone couldn’t stop ringing. But I told myself.

                “I’m going to be alright. I’m coming home”

While I was gonna blocked his number he sent horrifying messages to me.

“Where are you”

             “Dont runaway”                               “You cant hide from me”

I stopped myself from reading it and deleted all of it and blocked his number. And my phone rang again. How is it possible ? 

But turns out it was my bff. I picked up the call.

The moment I heard his vocie throught the phone. My tears was flowing down.

bff : Are you ok ?

Me : Fuck you…why didn’t you pick up just now (Crying already)

bff : I was at work bitch. Are you crying ? What happen. 

Me : Its 12 am and you’re still working ? (Erk kinda out of topic)

bff : Where are you now ?

Me : I had a terrible fun. I’m on my way home now. 

bff : See I told you to be careful. (still wanna nag me)

Me : call you when I’m home safe. 

As the car stopped in front of my house. The taxi meter was about RM12 I took out a RM20 note and hand to her saying my most sincere 

                             “Thank you, keep the change”

Carefully unlocking the doors so that I don’t wake my parents up at this hour. Took my towel, removed my clothes and turn on the heater. 

I’ve never hate myself so much. Like so so much. Scrubbing my skin where he touches and removing the smell from every inch of my body. 

As the shower tap was flowing water ; my eyes was too. 

Out of a sudden, I felt nauseated and immediately held on to the toilet bowl and vomit , gag so badly that it hurts inside. I was so pathetic.

Well my point of writing this story is just to share that not all my encounters are perfectly godly good sex or hot af sex. I had some pretty bad times too, I just chose not to write it. Thinking back of this incident really make me wanna yell at myself. 

Be safe everybody. xo

The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • Lord henry: wow basil who u paintin
  • basil: NOBODY [sweats]
  • lord henry: he's p. hot u should show this pic to everyone
  • basil: dude i cant theres ~too much of my self in it~
  • lord henry: LMAO BASIL you ugly fuck that guys the hottest dude ive ever seen and you.... well.... arent..... but dw im sure hes dumb as shit
  • basil: .........:(((...........but i love him
  • dorian: sup guys im here now what talkin about
  • basil: how hot you are
  • lord herny: yeah
  • dorian: hahah omfg
  • bail: let me finish my painting
  • lord henry: OKAY im going
  • dorian: HENRY NO DONT LEAVE ME HERE its v. boring
  • henry: k fine let me just poison your entire worldview and turn you into an asshole in like 1 page
  • lord henry: hey u know dorian that painting of u is p hot but you wont be hot forever one day you will be OLD and GROSS
  • Dorian: oh fuck
  • dorian: oh god really
  • dorian: if only through some ambiguous dark magic the painting could get old and gross instead of me :'(((
  • basil: dude chill
  • Basil: ~DORIAN NO~
  • Basil: I will destroy the painting
  • Dorin: basil no its pretty
  • Basil: fine
  • Hery: k bye everyone i got stuff to do
  • ~later~
  • basil: hey dorian hey
  • basil: here you can have this painting bc im madly in love with you
  • Dorian: SWEET ok bye
  • Dorian: [closes door]
  • dorian: [looks at painting]
  • dorian: [breathes heavily]
  • Dorian: fuck............ im so hot.........
  • ~1 month later~
  • dorian: hey everyone im engaged to this actress
  • everyone: cool lets go see her play
  • actress: [bad acting]
  • actress: b/c I love u :'(((
  • Dorian: u suk bye bitch
  • actress: kills self
  • dorian: [doesn't know]
  • painting: ~evil vibes~
  • dorian: ew omg no no no i must write an apologetic letter to the girl i hastily ceased loving
  • henry: lol she dead
  • dorian: Thats it there is no good left in my heart
  • henry: haha yeah also here have this book that will turn you into even more of a jerk
  • dorian: tnx henri
  • henry: bye
  • basil: DORIAN WHAT THE HELL OH GOD you are not the starry eyed little twink i knew 1 month ago what happen to you dorian no ilu
  • dorian: ((hmmmmm basil would probably turn me into a better person......... but no...... i am an evil man......evil.......to the core..))
  • dorian: Bye basil
  • ~5 years pass~
  • dorian: hahah im such a bad person but who gives a fuck
  • dorian: [various ke$ha songs and montage of him throwing money and jewels and music and rich tapestries and orgies everywhere]
  • dorion: k that was fun
  • painting: [hella gross]
  • dorian: lmao
  • ~another 5 years pass~
  • basil: dorin omfg hi is that u
  • dorian: yea
  • basil: i have heard bad things about u dorian everyone says youre a fucking asshole but i don't believe them bc you're too hot
  • dorian: hahahahaha actually speaking of do you want to see my ~soul~
  • basil: lol wut
  • dorian: .........wait.... why did i show you that.......
  • dorian: fuck...... i have to kill you srry
  • basil: [dead]
  • dorian: hm.
  • dorian: hello chemist man can u pls destroy that body with your chemistry magic
  • chemist man: k
  • ~later~
  • henry: sup kid
  • dorian: stuff
  • dorian: hey henry do u think basil got murderd
  • henry: dunno prolly dont care really
  • dorian: .......k
  • ~later~
  • dorian: haha wow
  • dorian: I'm a bad person
  • dorian: this sucks better go kill myself tbh
  • Dorian: [stabs painting n dies]
  • police: wtf this is gross
  • ~FIN~
Inside Out

Originally posted by geezerwench

Request: Jax Imagine based on ‘Inside Out’ by the Chainsmokers
Request: Imagine when you come home to find Jax on the floor mid panic attack cause he thinks he’s making a mistake.

NOTE: I wrote this where Tara had died, but it was the Chinese that killed her, and everything else never happened lol. I hope thats okayyyyy xo.


Wind blew your hair out behind you from beneath the helmet, and the streets blurred as the bike sped along.
Your arms wrapped around his waist and your cheek pressed against the leather, the strong scent filling your lungs.
The night was cool and the street lights shone down on you and the bike roared beneath you as it moved down the street.
It had been a long day, waiting for the boys to return and the lockdown to be lifted.
The second the boys had rode back into the lot you knew something was wrong.
Jax’s face was hard and your heart had filled with worry.
But the friends and family of SAMCRO had flowed out of the clubhouse and you had put on a brave face and walked towards the row of bikes.
Jax sat on his bike while his brothers got off, embracing their friends and family. You walked slowly towards him as he puffed on a cigarette.
“Hey.” You said quietly.
He had lifted his head and looked at you, his eyes filled with sadness and you frowned as you moved closer ad wrapped your hands around his neck.
He tilted his head up and you kissed him deeply, running your hands through his blonde hair.
You could taste the cigarette on his tongue and you breathed him in deeply, hoping that whatever was bothering you could both handle together.
Your lips had parted and you had stared into those blue eyes, deeper than any ocean and more distant than the sky. You had been dating him for a few months now, and you had learnt that no matter how close you got to the president of SAMCRO, he was too damaged, too broken, too distant to love you the way you deserved. He had seen too much, felt too much, but that didn’t stop you from falling in love with Jackson Teller.
And so you had swung your leg over the bike and he had handed you his helmet before he brought the bike to life. Your arms had wrapped around his waist and he had turned to look at you before he moved the bike out of the lot.
You had watched as you rode past the rest of the club, all of them taking notice in the sudden departure of their president but you had only squeezed him tighter, and pressed your cheek to his back.
And now here you were, speeding along the streets of Charming, the wind cool on your skin, and you couldn’t help but think Jax was taking the corners a little faster than normal, driving a little more dangerous, as if he didn’t care whether he lived or died.

The rest of the week he had been silent, barely speaking and you rarely saw him. He had left the house by the time you woke up and despite waiting up for him you fell asleep with an empty space next to you everynight.
You knew things with the club weren’t great, but you thought after lockdown being lifted things would be better. Yet Jax was more distant than ever before and you couldn’t help but wonder if you were losing the man you loved.
Gemma was worried too, and she was constantly asking you questions you couldn’t answer.
And so you did the only thing you could do, you carried on.
You looked after the boys and cleaned the house. You helped Gemma whenever she needed it and you made sure the cupboards were fully stocked.
It was midday when you sat at the table in the kitchen, twiddling your thumbs and chewing at your lip.
Gemma had taken the boys for the afternoon, figuring you needed a break from looking after them alone.
You weren’t sure what to do, but you knew you had to talk to him.
You sighed and stood, grabbing your keys off the bench and heading to your car.
The drive to TM was a blur, and you didn’t even remember pulling into the lot or getting out of the car.
You marched across the pavement and stormed into the clubhouse, determined to find him and get answers.
Chibs had seen you come in and you walked straight to him.
“Where is he?” You asked.
Chibs paused before pointing to the dorm and you stormed down the hallway.
Images flashed before your eyes, imagining what would be on the other side of that door.
You imagined him with another girl, with a crow eater, but nothing could have prepared you for the reality.
You swung the door open and stood frozen in your tracks, your eyes widening.
Jax sat on the floor, his back leant against the bed and tears streaming down his face.

Your heart sunk and you closed the door quietly behind you.
He had lifted his head to look at you, only to lower it again as sobs took over his body.
You moved silently across the room and sunk down next to him.
Your arms wrapped around him and he leant into you, letting you comfort him and run your hands through his hair.
His body shook and you fought back your own tears, determined to stay strong for him.
“Shhh, baby, its okay.” You cooed.
Your heart broke, seeing him so fragile, so broken. He had been born with tragedy in his bones and he had always done a good job of hiding his pain and putting on a brave face that you had almost forgotten all the pain he had seen in his life.
You rocked him gently, pressing soft kisses to his head as you stroked his back.
Slowly, his sobs began to fade and he lifted his head and looked at the ceiling, rubbing his hands over his face.
“Im sorry, (y/n).” He said quietly,his voice shaking.
You ran your hands through his hair soothingly.
“Dont apologise, Jackson.” You whispered.
He turned to look at you and your heart ached when you looked into his blue eyes, still sparkling with tears.
“I dont know what Im doing.” He told you.
You didn’t answer, you knew he needed to speak his mind.
“My father wrote a manuscript, he wanted the club to change. I wanted the club to change, to move away from guns.”
You stroked his hair and squeezed his hand with your free hand, rubbing your thumb across the cool metal of his rings.
“I dont know how to direct this club. All the choices Ive made, have been selfish. I have led the club the wrong way for my own revenge. Everything I do is leading us further and further into a hole that I don’t know how to get us out of.”
You squeezed his hand and he leant against your chest as he spoke.
“Every move i make, people get hurt. My brothers get hurt. Everything with Donna, Opie, everything with Clay and my father. Everything with Tara. All of it is just.. inside me. And I cant get away from it. I see them all. They don’t leave me.” His voice began to shake.
“I dont know where to go from here.” He said.
His body began to shake as he began to sob again and you clutched him to you, rocking him gently side to side.

“You wanna know what I think?” You said quietly.
Jax nodded and you wiped tears of his cheeks.
“Those guys love you, Jackson. They would follow you to hell if you led them there. Thats why you should tell them, tell them how your feeling.” You said slowly.
“You’ve been strong for long enough, Jax. Its time to let people in.”
Jax nodded slowly but you continued.
“The things you’ve seen, the things you’ve been through, its more than anyone should ever have to go through. And you are so strong, baby, but you need to let us help you.”
“Things are settled with the Chinese. Chibs can handle the rest. You cant do it all yourself, Jax.”
“But you’ve got to let go. The things that have happened to you don’t make you a bad person, its how you move on from them. You can let go, Jax, I know you can, you just have to let me help you.”
You finally stopped and looked at him.
His blue eyes were on you, studying you closely.
“Why do you want to help me, (y/n)?” He asked softly.
You smiled warmly at him.
“Because I love you, Jackson. I love every part of you, inside and out. And i love your dark side as well as the bright. The things that have happened to you don’t make you who you are, but it shows me how much you care, how much you love, for everyone around you. Your a good person Jax. Im gonna love you, no matter what.”
Jax watched you speak.
“You know I love you, (y/n).” He whispered.
“I know.” You said and kissed his lips softly.
You didn’t need him to say it, you already knew. He loved you, with all that was left of his shattered heart. But you would never be her, and after all the pain he had felt you both knew he could never love you the way you loved him.
But that was okay. It was enough.
“Plus, Im kinda stuck with you now.” You said lightly.
Jax looked at you questioningly and you took a deep breath before speaking.
“Im pregnant.”
Jax looked at you, his eyes wide.
“Are you sure?” He asked.
You nodded, beginning to wonder if maybe this was the wrong time to tell him.
But his face broke into a smile and he pressed his hands to your tummy, even though there was no bump yet.
“Im gonna love you. Im gonna love you so much.” He whispered and a tear escaped your eye.
And slowly, Jax’s heart began to heal, and he began to love you more than either of you thought possible.

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Are you still doing headcanons? Would you do one about isak and even having a fight (like they're both stressed about school or something) and even keeps throwing these digs at isak and being super patronising and acting as if isak is a child but he's actually lived out of home longer? And how they would resolve it?


oh, anon this is going to be a hard one but i’ll do this. i havent wrote anything this level but lets see what happens

  • so isak and even are both stressing over finals and they’re trying to do their own studying in separate parts of the room
  • they end up calling it quits around 7 so they can make dinner
  • even is busy making dinner while isak is cleaning up his notes and putting them away when the fire alarm goes off and isak runs into the kitchen to find even swearing and throwing a smoking pot into the sink that was meant to be their dinner
    • ‘even what happened?’ isak asks, moving closer to his boyfriend but jumps back when even angrily slaps his hand on the sink
    • ‘just dont worry about it, go back fix your notes, i’ll fix this’
    • ‘just let me help-’
    • ‘isak! i dont need your help! just leave me be for a minute, please?’ and evens voice is so harsh that isak feels taken aback and a bit angry
    • ‘i just want to fucking help, whats your problem?’
  • even lets out a huff and turns to face isak who has his arms crossed and his eyebrows are knitted together and even is just so out of it from the stress ‘your help would be useless, so just go back and leave me to take care of it! its just a burnt meal!’
    • ‘you dont have to fucking yell at me, you know!’
    • ‘i wouldnt yell at you if you wouldnt be such a child and poke into something that isnt your problem!’
  • isak doesnt say anything, his mouth just hangs open and he feels the pang of hurt in his stomach and chest ‘excuse me?’
    • ‘i really doubt you know how to help with a burnt meal! like, god, you lived with two and eventually three fucking roommates and they treated u like a 3 year old!’
  • isak cant control the anger burning a pit into his stomach so he just lies everything bare for even to hear
    • ‘do you fucking know how many times i’ve had to take care of burning meals while living with my mom because she just dropped everything and sat at the table and stared into nothing?’
    • ‘do you know how many times i’ve had to cook and attempt to feed my mom but it ended up burnt anyway bc i had no fucking clue how to cook?’
    • ‘you’re talking about me being treated like a baby? i fucking took care of my mom, my role reversed without me being fucking prepared at all!’
    • ‘at least both of your parents still live together and act like a big happy family with you in your lives!’
  • isak ends up turning around and leaving even in the smokey kitchen, the burning sensation from the smoke causing tears to prick his eyes but he knows that isnt the only reason and he just finds himself back sitting on their bed
  • he hides his face in his hands for a solid 2 minutes before the tears just come like a flood and hes crying so hard from the anger and sadness that his shoulders and whole body is shaking
  • even is still standing in the kitchen and he finds himself taking a deep breath, cleaning up the burnt messing and hurrying his way towards isak in their room
    • he finds isak still covering his face but he knows hes crying bc of the small whimpers that escape him every now and then and the hiccups have also took over him
  • even manages to just sit next to isak on their bed, and he feels so much guilt because he didnt mean to say anything of those things so he just wraps isak in a hug and despite isaks attempt to ignore him he just melts into his touch bc thats all he needs
    • ‘baby… im sorry. i didnt mean to say those things to you. i didnt mean it.’
    • isak just lets even hold him for a couple of minutes and eventually his tears stop but he has no idea as to how they did
  • isak gathers up the courage to finally just look at even and shake his head
    • ‘i know you didnt mean it. its just that… things are hard, right now.’
    • even smiles softly at him, ‘im sorry. im just stressing over so much over exams and burning that meal just made me snap. im really sorry.’
  • isak goes back to placing his forehead on evens shoulder and even just kind of rocks them both back and forth for a while and every now and then even just places small kisses on isaks head and humming to him
  • after another few minutes of holding each other even lets out a sigh and isak pulls away slightly, looking at even and waiting for him to say something
    • ‘how about we just go out for mcdonalds or something?’ even asks, grinning which also earns a smile from isak
    • ‘i would love to’
  • they dont fight very often and its usually about the small things but either way and no matter how its resolved one way or another
Party’s lead to sex, Sex Leads To...|| Nate ‘Skate’ Maloley

Almost a year ago i went to a party with my bestfriend nate maloley.  i was in town for a little while and he wanted to party before i went back home.At the pary i may have gotten a little too tipsy and i ended up hooking up with nate. about 2 days later i went back home to Omaha. me and nate would text every couple days but ever since the hookup we havent really been the same. i surely didnt feel the same. i was more emotional and more annoyed with everything. about a month or two after visiting nate in LA i went to the doctor for my yearly physical and i got news that changed my life forever. I found out i was pregnant. i didnt know what to do. how was i going to tell nate? well i never ended up telling nate and now im on my way to LA with my 2 month old daughter Arin. i was going out to LA to see my sister and hopefully finally get the courage up to tell nate about Arin. 


I arrived at my sisters apartment and she greeted me with a hug.

“baby sis!” she screams.

“shhh, Arin” i say hugging her. she looks down at the carrier.

“awe is this my beautiful niece Arin” she picks her up out of the carrier and holds her.

“yes it is” i say.

“she is so beautiful Y/N” she says.


“have you told nate your in town, im sure he would love to see Arin” she says. okay i may have lied to my sister and told her that i told nate about my pregnancy, but it was for the best.

“umm, not yet” i say.

“oh okay” she smiles.

“im gonna go get coffee, can you watch Arin?” i ask. she nods. 

“ill be back” i say. i leave her apartment and take the rental car to the local coffee shop, which is one of my favorites. i got into the coffee shop and waited in line. i pulled out my phone and opened the messages between me and nate. my fingers lingered over the keyboard. how was i suppost to tell him. 

“Y/N?” i hear my name. i turn around and see nate. 

“Nate?”i say. he walks up to me and hugs me.

“i didnt know you were in town” he says.

“yea, i just got in, visiting my sister, probably gonna look for an apartment too” i say. 

“thats good, do you wanna grab a seat and talk?” he asks. 

“sure” i say. i grab my coffee and me and nate grab a table.

“so hows your music going?” i ask him.

“really good actually, what about you anything new with you?” he asks. 

“umm” then my phone started buzzing. i looked at it and it was my sister.

“can you hold on a second” i say, he nods. i answer the phone.

“hey whats up?” i ask.

“its Arin, shes being all fussy” she says. i hear Arin in the back. 

“okay okay, im on my way back now, tell her ill be there soon” i say.

“sis she’s a baby she cant understand that” she says.

“Kassie, i know that, but it still soothes her, it stops her from crying” i say.

“okay fine, ill see you soon” she says. i hang up the phone. i set my phone on the table and my background is still light and its a picture of Arin. nates eyes scan the picture.

“look im sorry to cut this short, i have to go…help my sister” i say. 

“um yeah sure” nate says. i quickly rush out of the coffee shop and quickly go to the apartment. i get to the apartment and grab Arin from my sister.

“babygirl its okay mommys here” i say. about 20 minutes later theres a knock at the door. 

“sis can you get that?” i say. she doesnt answer.

“nevermind i got it” i say. i walk to the door holding Arin. i open the door and see nate. i freeze in my place. 

“nate! you came!” my sister says. fuck. she pulls nate inside and i pull her aside. 

“what?” she asks.

“okay i may have lied, i didnt tell him about Arin” i say. 

“What!” she says. Arin starts crying in my arms i sway back in forth.

“please dont yell” i say. she nods.

“well looks like you have to tell him now” she says. i roll my eyes. i walk into the living room and sit across from him holding Arin. he looks at her.

“Who’s this?” he asks. i take a deep breath.

“this is Arin…my daughter” i say. she grabs ahold of finger and sucks on it. 

“wow, whos the lucky guy?” he asks.

“you” my sister says. i smack her arm.

“what?” he asks. 

“nate…i havent been with anyone else since that night at the party the last time i was here visiting. Nate, Arin is yours” i say letting out a breath i didnt know i was holding in. 

“wait….shes…..mine?” he asks.

“look nate i was gonna tell you sooner but i kept freaking out and i couldnt, i thought i would tell you while im here, so i did.” i say.

“look you can hate me all you want but i dont need anything from you, ive got this, ive been good at taking care of her myself.” i say.

“dont you think i deserve to be in my childs life” he asks.

“nate, im not saying you dont want to be, im just saying…”

“thats my daughter too Y/N.” i feel tears build in my eyes. i take a deep breath.

“Y/N…thats our child…i deserve to be in her life, i want to be in her life, hell i wanted to be in yours but you went back home and i knew you would forget about what happened that night and it was no use.” he says.

“nate, i thought because of our hookup things werent ever gonna be the same, you barley texted” i say

“yea and i regret it everyday Y/N” he says.


“Y/N…..i love you, i want to be here for your and  our daughter” he says.

“i love you” i say. he walks over to me and bends down and kisses me. 


just a little imagine for y’all. sorry if it seems a little disorganized. anyway, i hope you enjoyed, dont forget that requests are open.

Love Ya- Kisses Bitches

iloveyou-myoceanblue  asked:

hi I absolutely love your blog! thank you for all your time and effort spent on this, aha :) anyways, if you have a little bit of time can you write up an angst-y and heartbreaking little story about MC and any MysMe character's (of your choice) first fight/breakup? This might not be what you usually write, but It would be absolutely amazing, thank you so much! ^^

Note: Thanks for your compliments!

It has been two months since Jumin went abroad for work. He told you that it would be just three weeks but always “somethings” become cancelled and you started to get angry since you are all alone in the huge house with Elizabeth 3rd. She is on depression since her owner is away for a long time more than usual.
You are glad that Jumin is coming next week so you try to cheer up and prepare the house. Like cleaning -the house is so huge that it cant be totally cleaned in one day- and tidying -since you ve messed everywhere because Jumin is away-.
While you are combing Elizabeth 3rd’s fur, Jumin calls.
“Hello.” he says with his usual tone.
“Oh hi Jumin.”
“How are you? How is Elizabeth 3rd?”
“We are fine, im combing her fur right now.”
“Oh kiss her for me.”
“I’m not coming till next month”
You stand up with all of a sudden so Elizabeth 3rd jumps and meows to you.
“Is everything okay there?” he asks.
“No. Totally not! How can you say im not coming till next month so easy?! You ve left me alone for two fuckin long months and you say it’s gonna be three months?! Is there something else but work too?!” you shout at him.
“Being suspicious only harms our relationship.”
“How the hell can you be this relaxed?! Haven’t you ever missed me?! You’ve never said I missed you or something since you’ve been away! Oh my gosh how cant I be suspicious?!”
“Stop swearing.”
“Fuck, Jumin. Okay? Why dont you ever try to make me happy? why the hell dont you tell me the reason?”
“Some meetings are cancelled.”
“Fuck your meetings, Jumin! What about me? We’ve never had a video chat too! You make those chats when you have to join a meeting but you are busy! Why dont you think of me too?”
“I think you felt alone. You are right. I’ll call Jaehee and order her to stay with you till I come. I’ll send money to you for shopping. Is everything okay now?”
You take your bags and go to your own house. You call Jaehee to look after Elizabeth 3rd. You tell her the situation but when she says she wants to come , you reject. You tell her that you want to be alone.
You close your phone for one week to clearly. You wake up, you cry, you eat chocolate, you cry, you chocolate, you cry, you eact chocolate, you cry, cry, cry and sleep like two hours and repeat all the things again.
After like one week, you decide to open your phone and as soon as you open the phone, you see all the messages and missed calls. Then suddenly, Jaehee calls you.
“Oh my god, you answered? You’re there?” she says with an excited voice.
“Yeah, what happened?”
“Look, I do understand your feelings but listen to me; Jumin is so bad since you’ve broken uo with him. The day you broke up with him, he came and wanted to visit you but I told him that you want to be alone. But now he doesnt let me come to his house too. It is so weird that he started to drink alcohol so much, whenever I call him he always talks about you. Please, even you dont want to, visit him for once.”
You say nothing but hang up. You change your clothes and go to Jumin’s house. You knock the door and you hear Jumin shouting “I’VE. TOLD YOU THAT. I WANT NOONE TO COME HERE. GET OFF.”
You call his name with a soft voice. “Jumin? It’s me.”
Then he suddenly opens the door and falls into your arms. His hair is messed as his clothes too. You see the untidy house and all those wines, beers and etc.
“Don’t… leave… me… please…” he says and falls asleep in your arms. You bring him to his bed and start cleaning the house.
When he wakes up, he comes to living room, where you are sitting and thinkin.
“I’m sorry.” he says with a cold but helpless voice.
“For what?” you ask without lookin at him.
“For everything.” he sits down next you, touch your chin and make you look at him. He looks at you for a long while and you look at him too. You missed him so much. “I’ve never thought I’d miss you that much that I can’t stop looking at your face” he says. You are so shocked. “I can leave the company. I can do anything. Just… you know… dont leave… me. I’m ready to sign all the contracts and give my position to someone else. My actual position is next you for all the time and even if my job blocks it, it deserves to be disappeared. But please… come back. I’ll never leave you this much I’ll never be rude to you.” he says.
These are the words that you can never ever hear from him. You start crying and hug him. “Don’t quit. That’s not what I want. I just want you beside me… Please dont leave me this much again. You are like my oxygen and without you I can’t breathe, Jumin. Please don’t leave me alone.”
“Never ever again.”

Note2: Hope you like it!~

This is the 2nd part to My love. :) :)

Young Sirius Black x Reader !!

Originally posted by totallybenbarnes

Remus bought us two butterbeers, and we sat at a corner table, at Three Broomsticks. Remus was really sweet, but my mind constantly drifted off to Sirius.

“(Y/N)” Remus said.“Please talk to me”
“Im so sorry !” I said. “I must be the worst date ever”
“No you’re not ”
“Why are you all being so nice to me ?” I asked, feeling weak.
“Because thats how you are !” Remus said. “You are one of the nicest girls I’ve known !”
“You are too kind to say that, Remus” I said. “I dont deserve it”
“Sure you do ! Look at me, (Y/N) !”
He held my hand in his tightly.
“The love that you have for Sirius” he said. “Its so true ! Sirius has never experienced that kind of love before, (Y/N). ”
“Of course he has” I said, my eyes filling up with tears. “You all love him…”
“Yes we do, but thats different” Remus said softly. “You have no clue how much he is missing, you, (Y/N)… Please dont think that Im justifying him ”
I shook my head.
“I know him, (Y/N)…underneath all this bad boy image, is just a lost kid…he is so vulnerable sometimes, he needs that one person who can pull him together when he is broken…he is constantly looking for that one person  , not realising that she is right in front of his eyes”
“I cant-” I was in full fledged sobs now. I lowered my face to Remus’ hands, as I cried. He stroked my hair gently.
“I love him, Remus. ” I said. “Too much…it kills me to see him with someone else…I held on for too long ”
“I know, sweetheart” Remus said, soothingly. “I know its unfair”
“I dont think he will ever see it” I cried.
“Please calm down” said Remus, now handing me some paper towels.
I wiped my face with them and sat up straight.
“Its alright.” I said. “I just want him to be happy. ”
“(Y/N).” Remus said. “Things will get better…Please, just come back to us…we need you !”
I nodded. I needed my friends too

                                 * * *

Once back in the common room, Remus hugged me.
“Thank you, Remus” I said, kissing him on the cheek. “Good night”

My dorm was empty when I stepped in. Alice must be with Frank and Lily with James. Well it felt good to be alone for a while. I changed into my pyjamas, and climbed into bed, and pulled the blanket upto my nose.
I was so tired, my muscles were all achy. I just needed a good long sleep. Just as I was beginning to drift into sleep, the door opened and closed softly.
I lay still on the bed. I didnt want a conversation at the moment. I heard soft sniffing and snuffling. Someone was crying.
“Lily ?” My voice was soft, and gorgy from sleep. Just as I sat up, the door opened and closed again.

                               * * *

When I woke up the morning, Lily was in front of the mirror, doing something to her hair.
“Lily ?”
“Yeah ?” Lily turned around to face me, with a warm smile.
“Is everything alright ?” I asked, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.
“Sure” Lily said, sitting next to me. “Why did you ask ?”
“I thought I heard crying last night” I said. “So it wasnt you ?”
Lily shook her head, and squeezed my hand.
“How was your date, (Y/N) ?” She asked.
“Remus was really sweet” I said. “Lily, I-”
“You just need to relax” She said, cutting me off.
I just fell back to bed.

                                 * * *

My eyes searched for only one person. And he wasnt at the common room or the Great Hall.
“Sirius ?” I asked Lily.
Lily shrugged, and then turned to James.
“Wheres he ?”
“Sleeping” James said, and the boys shared an uneasy look.
“Is he ok ?” I asked.
“He didnt sleep last night” Peter said, only to be swatted by James.
“Whats going on guys ?” I asked, exhaling loudly.
“Its nothing, (Y/N)” James said. “Hes in one of his moods. ”

I was angry. Why did everyone act like I was made of glass or something!
They were trying to help, but it obviously didnt.
“(Y/N)!” Lily was running to keep up with me.
“Just let me be, Lils!” I said, stalking away. “I just need to clear my head !”
“Please be ok, (Y/N)” Lily said, stopping.
“I love you, Lily” I said, going back to hug my friend. “I just need to be alone, ok?”
Lily nodded.

                           * * *
I was back on my bed, under my blanket. I just missed him so much, it made me weak, and tired. I was so lost in thought that I didnt hear the door open. But suddenly my heart skipped a beat.
I knew that smell. I knew it too well.
Sirius climbed into my blanket, and put his arms around me tightly. I could feel his heart beating really fast on my back, and his face pressed against my neck.
“Im so sorry” he said in between his tears. “Please come back (Y/N), please dont leave me !”
It broke my heart to hear him cry like that. I turned around to face him.
“Sirius,please stop ” I said, wiping his tears away. “Please”

I hugged him tightly, as he pressed his face to my chest, shivering, and tried to catch his breath.
When he was finally breathing normally, I loosened my grip on him, and pulled away, not knowing what to do.
We both lay on my bed, on our sides, looking at eachother.

“Please forgive me, (Y/N)…” he whispered. “I didnt know how important you were to me, when you were there”
I just listened quietly, as he spoke.
“But, you just left one day, and I didnt know what to do ! I didnt know that I loved you, till you left…all those girls, they were never you ! They just wanted to snog me, no one ever cared, but you…” he said,now wiping a tear that rolled down my cheek.
“I was so insanely jealous when Remus told me about your date ! I just couldnt…thats when I knew -”
He took a deep breath.
“I was so mad at him, and then he told me…” he continued.

I couldnt look at him anymore. I felt far too embarrassed. It was obvious that Remus had told him about my feelings for him.

“(Y/N), Please give me a chance” Sirius said. “Please…I swear I will be good ! I swear I will make it up to you! ”
He sat up, pulling me up with him.
“I swear I will never make you cry again, and love you for every minute our lives” he whispered. And paused for a moment, as if thinking what to say next.
“And to give you lots of beautiful babies !”
I laughed at that. This was Sirius Black.
“Lots ?” I asked, still laughing.
“Lots ! Many ! How many ever you want !” He said, now his face lighting up.
He cupped my cheeks with his hands and said, “You are so beautiful, (Y/N)”
I smiled slightly at that.
“I will keep you happy…Please just let me show you…I promise you wont regret it ” He said. “I love you, (Y/N)”
“I love you too, Sirius Black” I whispered, as he leaned forward to kiss me. It was a soft sweet kiss, and he pulled me into a hug.
“Im never letting you go” He whispered. “Never”