i dont know if im sorry

ok so i checked out what was going on and tbh i dont rly want to get into drama and i dont rly follow any, but i can see why ppl are upset

thank you for explaining everything to me!

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Do you have any headcanons about certain fun and fluffy scenarios where Zelda and link begin to become close friends? Like they suddenly realize that oh my god they're sharing more thoughts and feelings around each other and its all fluffy and cute idk

u dont know what it means that someone sent me a headcanon ask. and it’s RIGHT UP MY TRASHY ZELINK ALLEY. these are long im sorry i have lots of Feelings

☀ zelda hasn’t had that many close friends, she’s had lots of friends out of obligation like royal families and things but they’re mostly far away, and if there are some nobility peeps her age in the castle, they’re not really her type - she likes to get her hands dirty and go out exploring etc. so when Link is all for this type of thing and just casually asks her how she’s doing, if she’s feeling better, brings her herbs for tea when she’s sick, and shares stupid stories about weird adventures or stuff he’s been through in the past she’s like OH THIS IS WHAT FRIENDSHIP IS. 

☀ link had lots of friends pre-knighthood, used to always play with other kids in the mud and get down and dirty, but he’d often be scolded by his mother and father who wanted him to be a professional knight one day. his grandma in particular would scrub his face red with a hot towel when he got dirty and it really hurt and he hated it! so when he’s an adult and trying to be clean and zelda is like “look at this bug” and wipes dirt off on her clothes like it’s nothing, it means more to him than he can say and he just kinda stares like “bless hylia for sending me this perfect person” (its a joke because hylia like?? har har)

☀ link refers to zelda as his favourite friend off-hand and she gets really quiet and he can’t figure out what’s wrong and then she asks him if they can be “best friends” because she never really had one and they’re both really blushy and do a pinky-promise because she always wanted to do one of those… even tho she’s sixteen now

☀ zelda kinda thinks that her feelings for link are just how friends feel for each other even tho there’s a voice telling her it’s something else but she’s trying to ignore it so she can be as normal as possible in front of Link. but he knows his feelings for her are more than just friendship, and starts to get more serious and tells her more often how much he cares and how far he’ll go to protect her… and she wants to say it all back to him but she can’t really because she doesn’t know how she’d protect him if anything ever did happen, and it really bugs her but Link is constantly reassuring her that she can do it! and “it’s all going to be okay in the end because if it’s not okay, it’s not the end”

☀ zelda goes to the fortune teller asking her how to tell if you have a crush on someone and the fortune teller is like “girl… please” and zelda is all shocked and flustered because of it. like if there was a Google in the Hyrule world, Zelda would be typing in shit constantly like “how to tell if ur friend likes u” or “what does a crush feel like” cause she just doesn’t Know Things

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Hai ^~^ Ik this is weird and all that but I need to vent and you probably won't answer so might as well just send it, I'm going through a really tough time rn and uhm my anxiety has gotten really bad these past few weeks and my depression has also got worse, idk what to do because I have no one to talk to and I don't have any friends, my grades at school have also been going down(I can't focus anymore and I overthink all my schoolwork)I just really need someone right now and all I want is a hug

hello darling!! ahhh im sorry, i know im really bad at this kind of thing but ill offer you that hug if you need it 💕

i cant imagine what you’re going through right now and i wish i could be there with you so it can be a little bit easier. i dont know if its going to be of any help but i dug up a few useful masterposts-

of course if it helps to just talk youre more than welcome to send me another ask, on or off anon in case you want me to answer privately. i dont know what to say for times like these but i can offer a listening ear and 30874 virtual hugs


hi your local hoe who looks like ugly stepsister from shrek here w 3 4 biases (marks eye is in here and we all know im soft for mark) comin at you with a bias selfie tag shit thing idk but i was tagged by like 3 people p sure it was @/jungwoosnatchedmyweave @/secretlymadeoutofcups and @/iloveyu-ta aka the 3 prettiest bitches i know! ! ! 

idk who to tag so im picking random mutuals; have fun guise lol

@freakydeakytaeyonq (ily jes and long 2 see your face once more) @bbhsthighs (hi nicole :^)) @psilovepcy (mom?) @nctreacting (bc im p sure u did one before and like u were really good looking? i need more in my life flo) and bc im tired and dont like a lot of people if you see this and want to do it go ahead and tag me so i can see your gorgeous face and feel horrible about my visuals™

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Im really sorry to bother you, but the chart is very hard to read because a lot of the reds are similar(i dont mean make another chart i just wanted to say in case other people were confused)

yeah i know but i’m a lazy fuck i don’t wanna redo it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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A: @androgynoustyles // @aqua-harry // @actingharold // @angelharrie // @actorharry2k17

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btw im sorry if i dont mention someone from the h category.. i follow so many and these are the ones that i know off the top of my head,. i love u guys too!!

send me a letter and i tell you my 5 favorite blogs starting with that letter!!

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we don't hate the au because it is violent- and it's not totally fiction, it is based off the fact that Angelica Hamilton had a mental breakdown after her brother died. It shows ppl with psychosis and schizophrenia as very violent ppl and not all are.

Yeah i know that, i DONT support the Au for some reason //im from a religous fam wtf// And people with mental illness and stuff yeah,, not my deal,, //im sorry flr them tho tbh// Yeah i know the orig. Story is taken by a REAL person but have i seen angelica Hamilton being a phsyco //HECK NO//

someone tagged me???

@a-dott-ham u tagged me, what?? thank u fren. 

A:  Age: 13 (i am a small child)

B:  Birthplace: Michigan (somewhere, im not gonna say, sorry) 

C:  Current time: 9:49pm

D:  Drink you last had: milk, i live off milk (im not kidding just ask anyone who knows me irl)

E:  Easiest person to talk to: @poptarts-and-salt (luv u)

F:  Favorite song: dont u dare make me choose. but currently i think it would be I Don’t Care by fall out boy

G:  Grossest memory: honestly i cant think of anything right now, sorry

H:  Horror yes or horror no: i assume you mean like horror books/movies/shows so yes im all for it but it scares me a lot

I:  In love: yes….hello @poptarts-and-salt how was your day 

J: Jealous of people: yea sometimes like if they have something i want or like really cool hair or something. or of people who are always genuinely happy, like how do you do that man?

K:  Killed someone: i sure hope not

L:  Love at first sight or attraction at first sight: attraction. i dont think you can love someone until you get to know them a bit.

M:  Middle name: lee

N:  number of siblings: i have a twin brother 

O:  one wish: i wish people would just get along with each other and not be assholes.

P:  person you called last: as in like a phone call? i never call people so i dont remember, but the last person who called ME was my dad.

Q:  Question you’re always asked: um…i dont really know??? im sorry guys XD

R:  Reason to smile: if your ships not cannon, there’s always fanfic (its my motto)

S:  Song you last sang: Boondocks by Little Big Town. we were practicing for our school play/musical

U:  Underwear color: blue (why does anyone care??)

V:  vacation: the last vacation i went on was to my friends cabin, does that count?

W:  worst habit: i cant sit still so i always play with my rings and end up dropping or loosing them :( (i always end up finding them tho, its weird, but good)

X:  X-Rays: i had to get an x-ray once when i was little and i fell of my bike and hurt my thumb. (they were checking to see if it was broken)

Y:  Your favorite food: pasta and anything chocolate

Z:  zodiac sign: scorpio 

I’m gonna tag @cheshireonfire, @nerdy—emo, @poptarts-and-salt (yes hello again), @becausenoonelikesme and @a-wannabe-canadian. or anyone who feels like doing this. 

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I know that you're pissed of the PVZ requests but if you're ending the PVZ thing post the Solar Flare Double penetration,I KNOW that you will say "IM NOT POSTING THAT,FORGET ABOUT IT DUDE",But tell us it's gonna be the LAST post of PVZ in this blog to make sure that everyone understands it(and ME of course)so please.post it and everyone will get it...AND ME.(sorry i resend this to you in case you didnt see the other i send)

i dont rly know what youre talking abt..?

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Barson smut, not at Liv's place though, she's got Noah.

Ahhh im so sorry anon, I dont write barson! Not cause I dont love them but I in no way would be able to do Olivia justice! Does anyone know of any smutty barson writers???


some self indulgent yooran for my deprived self