i dont know if i want to confuse people or not today

Heigth-Difference Au's based on Real life situations

1. ‘My cereal is always on the top shelf but today they changed the layout so I can’t reach it AND I WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR HELP YOU GIANT’ AU

2. ‘You just rang the bell for my house and asked to see my parents even thought I live alone and this is my apartment and I really dont want to embarrase you but I’m pissed’ AU

3. ‘ You are so stupidly tall and you sit in front of me on class and I can’t see anything so I despise you with all my soul’ AU

4.’ We are dating but people on the street keep A) Confusing me for your younger sibling and B) Thinking you are a pedophile and calling the police’ AU

5. ‘You are just so tall and I am just so short so I have to hate you on principle but I cant’ AU

6. ‘I dont know you and I’m sorry to bother you but you are so short and I am so tall that I feel that a child of both of us will have a better chance at being normal’ AU

7. ’ You are fiery and outspoken but you are so short that nobody pays you any mind  and I am so tall and have a huge crush on you so I just sort of follow you around making people listen to you’ AU

8. 'I really hate your guts and I really hate your patronizing and I generally  just hate you but I REALLY need you to reach for me that thingy on the top shelf’ AU

9. ’ Your mom thought I was your younger sister friend and when she found out about our relationship she warned me that 'Size does matters and it sure as hell hurts down there if it’s too big’ ’ AU

10.’ You are the head of the student council and I am the vicepresident but in every picture you block me from the photo and I’m really starting to hate you but I really want to kiss your stupid face’ AU

11. ’ My neck hurts when I kiss you so I try not, but you think I don’t like you anymore’ AU

12. 'I’m part of a protest and I need to be handing out fliers but people don’t see me because I’m too short so you stand there with me helping hand out the fliers even thought you dont have to’ AU

13.’ You stepped on me the first day of class and never apologized so I started hating you but then it turns out that you never noticed and you have a crush on me’ AU