i dont know if any of u are american

talked about the Death note liveaction they doing with a friend and she says
“they’re making the series american looking so it will attract more public” followed by a “if they used asians, my sister, for example would not even look at the trailer, because 70% of their shows are stupid” 
that…kinda…you know…sounded racist
but hey, that’s just my opinion 

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1. Name: sarah

2. Nickname: im so lame lmao i dont have one

3. Zodiac: leo

4. Height: 5′3

5. Orientation: bi 💗💜💙

6. Nationality: american

7. Favourite fruit: wow i love so many… but i gotta say peaches 

8. Favourite season: summer ☀️

9. Favourite book: uhhHhhhhh 

10. Favourite flower: roses, begonias, sunflowers, etc

11. Favourite scent: coconuts, fresh baked cookies, rain, flowers, etc

12. Favourite colour: gold, coral, purple, pinks, reds,….do i really have to pick only one lmao

13. Favourite animal: i cant have a favorite !!! i love all animals tbh but i really love dolphins, tigers, sloths, sea turtles, i can go on and on…

14. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea

15. Average hours of sleep: uhhhh lol either i dont sleep at all or i get abt 8-10hrs

16. Cat or dog: i love both

17. Favourite fictional characters: lilo (and stitch too), jake peralta, alex parrish

18. Number of blankets you sleep with: 1, but during winter 2

19. Dream trip: i wanna travel the world !!! idc where, i wanna go everywhere…i’ve  already been around europe twice and i just cant get enough (lmao my venus & mars in the 9th house is really showing)

20. Blog created: about 4 years ago

21. Number of followers: 2,343 lol

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✖️ Relationship Status: single 
✖️ Lipstick or Chapstick: (liquid) lipstick
✖️ Last song you listened to: ugly boy - die antwoord
✖️ Last movie I watched: the ouija experiment
✖️ Top 3 tv shows: american horror story, family guy, forensic files??
✖️ Top 3 characters: mark hoffman, dandy mott, dallas winton
✖️ Top three ships: i dont rly have any ships sorry :-/
✖️ Books I like reading: honestly any se hinton book, harry potter, true crime
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yepyupyip  asked:

Hey! :) I'm interested in perhaps studying to becoming a psychiatrist one day. Math and me don't have a good relationship, I'm currently getting everyday tutoring but I wanted to know, how is math applied to becoming a doctor? - Greetings from the Midwest of the U.S! :>

Hello! Many people ask me such questions, I noticed. 🤔 I think that maths is really a secondary subject in medicine. It might be required by recruitment or exams at some universities? (I have no idea about the american system) But medical subjects mostly dont demand maths at any advanced level. There are calculations in chemistry and maybe biophysics. But chemistry is a whole another world/subject and biophysics isn’t really the biggest one, too. I don’t think that doing worse in one subject at school should drag anybody away from pursuing a career in medicine. It’s all more about abilities of logical thinking, creating connections between given informations and memorizing, memorizing, memorizing. 😊 Hope I could help you! 👍🏻✨

(Now that american hustle life is out i can post this ) MEETING BTS WAS LIKE A DREAM . i never thought the day would come but it did and i am so blessed that it happened! I CANT BELIEVE THERE REAL! OH MY GOD IM SCREAMING . THEY WERE SO BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING IN PERSON . THEY WERE SO NICE TO US OMFG. Bangtan is my bias group , so being able to meet them and tell them how much i love them was like a dream like no other. I will always cherish the moments is spent with them on the set of their MV . Their are such sweet and talented boys and deserve everything they have , IM SO HAPPY FOR THEM . Bangtan means so much to me :’) and also being able to attend there concert and seeing them sing and dance live was UNREAL. i dont even know what to say! im so happy! :’) after this happened i came home and sobBED MY EYEBALLS OUT i cant believe i got to touch them :) i will always love and support BTS till they day i die :) (also you can use this picture if you want to just make sure you always credit me! :) Also if you have ANY questions about what it was like meeting bts u can always hit up my askbox! i will always be friendly when answering :)