i dont know if any of u are american

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hey wolfy my dad just got a don't tread on me flag and i need to let him know its super shitty without letting him know im a gay communist who isnt dormant racist and he'll call me a triggered leftie. hes hanging it outside our house in place of the american flag we have andd i hate it lmao. if u have any resources thatd be cool bc google is full of centrists but its totally ok if you dont!

in place of the american flag? #secretcomrade

but in all honesty if he calls people triggered lefties then he won’t be upset with who makes use of the don’t tread on me flag. not much you can do. at least that’s my opinion, you may be braver than me.

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lmao i love how you trash chris' acting yet katie can't do an american accent to save her life. can't tell if lena is supposed to be american or irish. fucking embarrassing

yes and katie’s half assed barely there accent is better than any acting he’s ever done i literally said this today??? like u dont know if shes irish or american but i know shes a fan favorite and coming back for season 3… while chris wood and mon el cannot relate to that sort of success…. i mean chris cant even land a @ from his girlfriend on instagram thats sad :/

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Wtf are u talking abt?? 99% of americans are anticommunism and you're saying that the democrats are gonna lose because they're "not communist enough"??? Lmao what a joke. According to republicans, the democrats are far-left enough actually

i dont know what post youre talking about but are you paying any attention to current politics at all? the democrats have been losing popularity, hillary was so unpopular she lost to fucking trump- because the dems are a bunch of neoliberal capitalist idiots who refuse to move any further to the left and keep moving more towards the center despite that no one wants another boring centrist party. theyve alienated every minority because the democratic leadership has been racist and homophobic and opportunist and now when they suddenly come out in support for BLM or gay rights everyone knows its just a ploy to get minority votes. they dont give a shit about working class people and despite the fact that tons of people wanted bernie (who by the way isnt really that far left to begin with) to be the democratic candidate they chose a left center neoliberal war monger. theyve also refused to consider supporting 15 $/hr minimum wage and single payer healthcare despite mass support for both of those things. and these arent really that far left at all lmao. do you not get that people dont want a shitty neoliberal centrist party that doesnt care about class issues and would rather get money from their corporate sponsors? seriously do you not see that the dems are running on this idiotic “at least were not trump” campaign and already losing? like are you paying attention to anything at all or do you actually think the democrats are a left wing party and not just the center left section of the ruling class that nobody wants anymore

possible chapter cover for phase shift! (i’ll probably edit the text, it was an afterthought) if u haven’t been following me long or just aren’t really following what i’m up to, phase shift is my in-progress comic that should be launching this fall! it’s a 1950s-era (mainly!) horror/adventure story about two ghost hunters in the american mid- and southwest learning the hard way that the universe really doesn’t make any sense, and our ties to reality are a lot looser than we think.

characters pictured include jack quezada, owner of the moonflower diner, which shows up anywhere in the country if you need to find it, and a fuckin huge saguaro cactus that jack spends a good percent of their time yelling at. both of them are probably more than they seem

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what are your thoughts on American Dad?

ive been asked this before, but im not gonna answer yet cuz i havent watched the series. only answerin this one so u guys know im not ignoring u, i just dont have enough information to accurately give any sort of opinion

same goes for bojack horseman, which im actually just startin to watch an ep of (approachin this one first cuz it’s not seth macfarlane and theres only so much of that art style i can marathon in one day)

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Name: only three people on this hellsite knows it but im not saying it!!!!! its Bad

Nicknames: thea, tangy lilac, maine seed, a bunch more tbh

Zodiac sign: pieces

Height: 5 foot something

Orientation: bi(tter)

Nationality: american

Favorite Fruit: blackberries!!!!

Favorite Season: fall

Favorite Book: hit and run or cheerleaders by rl stine!!! (ive only read the first three of cheerleaders rip) (also these arent my Faves i just dont rly have any and loved these books)

Favorite Flower: bat flowers!

Favorite Scent: oil and fresh cut grass (separately tho lmao)

Favorite color: black, dark green, purple, brown

Favorite Animal: chupacabra or opossum

Coffee/Tea/Hot chocolate: none but hot chocolate i guess

Average Sleep: 3 hours or 16 hours no in between

Cats or dogs: cats (but i do love some dogs to death)

Favorite fictional character: uhhhhhhhhh andrew minyard

Number of Blankets: one,,,,,,,,,,, who sleeps with more then one

Dream Trip: salem (i may be going there in the next couple of years tho!!! still have to convince my parents even tho its a state or two away) or st. andrews, scotland (for the cemetery)

Blog Created: march 19th!!

Number of Followers: 2,765 :’) (its so close to. 3k im crying asgdhkjhfjk)

Random Fact: i once binged watched dateline on id for two days straight with no sleep

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Omg you read American Gods? I love that book! Just cause I'm curious who was your favourite god?

you know i’d watched the first series of the tv show before i read the book so i was expecting way more background on a lot of the gods (bilquis, the ifrit, etc.) that i had thought would become favorites of mine but then weren’t very prominent in the story. i liked czernobog and thoth a lot but im a simple gal and im ngl, odin was my favorite. 

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Name: diana
Nicknames: on rare occasions im called dan but i dont rlly have any nicknames but i would love some
star sign: taurus
height: 5'2 or 5'3 i think idk
sexuality: uhhh
nationality: american nd im half russian
favorite fruit: peach
favorite season: either fall or summer
favorite flower: dasies or some kind of desert flower
favorite scent: clean clothes
favorite color: idk i rlly like a lot of colors but probably grey or pink
favorite animal: albino burmese pythons if u wanna be specific
coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: coffee
average hours of sleep: idk my sleep schedule is fucked
favorite fictional character: um idk honestly
number of blankets i sleep with: one
dream trip: probably going to japan or some sort of road trip with friends
when did i create my blog: i think i made this one a lil over a year ago but i deleted the stuff i posted from last year

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Name: Parker

Nickname: i dont really..have…any?? my dad calls me Bear but thats about it EDIT: the beautiful Oracle aka Bits calls me Ace!!!!

Height: 5′5″ lmao im Short

Orientation: gay ace

Nationality + ethnicity: white American

Favorite fruit: cherries!!

Favorite Season: summer 100%

Favorite book: Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett (same as Bri ayyyeee)

Favorite flower: Ghost Flowers theyre Weird and Pretty:

Favorite scent: Thunderstorms, the wind and petrichor and electricity…it smells like pure Power

Favorite Color: light green or lavender

Favorite animal: all??? of them??? im particularly fond of bats and big cats

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: none ew but if i had to choose, hot chocolate

Average hours of sleep: upwards of 10 in summer, less than 4 during school month

Cats or dogs: Dogs

Number of blankets you sleep with: 2-3 thick ones

Dream trip: either going to Italy for photography and to meet my ext. family or to the Galapagos to study the wildelife

Blog created: this particular blog? sometime in 2014 i think

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u kno thanks fr making sans and pap part puerto rican !!! we dont really get a lot of love

i know, it’s frustrating how the caribbean islands’ people [and central american people] hardly get any attention at all. they’re mixed cuban and puerto rico from skelemom’s side, and brazilian from gaster’s sode [and also some venezuelan from gaster’s family too]

(Now that american hustle life is out i can post this ) MEETING BTS WAS LIKE A DREAM . i never thought the day would come but it did and i am so blessed that it happened! I CANT BELIEVE THERE REAL! OH MY GOD IM SCREAMING . THEY WERE SO BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING IN PERSON . THEY WERE SO NICE TO US OMFG. Bangtan is my bias group , so being able to meet them and tell them how much i love them was like a dream like no other. I will always cherish the moments is spent with them on the set of their MV . Their are such sweet and talented boys and deserve everything they have , IM SO HAPPY FOR THEM . Bangtan means so much to me :’) and also being able to attend there concert and seeing them sing and dance live was UNREAL. i dont even know what to say! im so happy! :’) after this happened i came home and sobBED MY EYEBALLS OUT i cant believe i got to touch them :) i will always love and support BTS till they day i die :) (also you can use this picture if you want to just make sure you always credit me! :) Also if you have ANY questions about what it was like meeting bts u can always hit up my askbox! i will always be friendly when answering :)