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I dont know if you do that, but would you do a comperance of tony starks beards in rhe different marvel movies?


iron man 1, we have the pretentious, I-Rly-Fucked-Up-And-I-Need-To-Fix-Things™ Grief Playboy Goatee™

IRON MAN2: we have the slightly unkempt Human Disaster I’m Gonna Die Soon Grief Goatee™

AVENGERS: Grief Goatee™ has transformed into Slightly More Trimmed Grief Goatee (Because-I-Have-Cool-Superfriends-and-I’m-Trying-To-Impress-Them)

IRON MAN 3, peak Grief Goatee™, human disaster, u can feel the sadness in the individual facial hair follicles

AGE OF ULTRON, slightly Trimmed and Upkept I’m-Recovering-But-I-Accidentally-Created-a-Murder-Robot Grief Goatee™ . not recommended to wear unless if u want to fuk up rly bad

CIVIL WAR. not too unkempt, but this is the Grief-Goatee-of-Ultimate-Betrayal™ . notice the extra hair length on the sides for Ultimate Best Friend Loss™

ALAS, SPIDERMAN GRIEF DAD GOATEE™. Less Human Disaster, but more PETER PARKER PLZ DO NOT FUCK UP LIKE ME GOATEE™. (ten bucks this convo is him begging him not to grow a goatee. it ruins lives)

MORAL OF THE STORY: do not grow a goatee. misery and grief will consume ur whole life

i have literally no sense of time beyond a couple days, either forwards or backwards

something happened a week ago? sure, but it feels the same to me as if it was three weeks ago, or three days. something else happened? ok, but i cant tell you if it came before the other thing, or after, or even on the same day

& if something is more than a week in the future, it just doesnt exist. i cant plan for it. i cant remember any plans people tell me about it. i cant prepare for anything beyond the horizon

its never had too much of an impact on me, but im scared of whatll happen if im a suspect for a crime

‘what were you doing 8pm last friday?’ something, im sure. maybe nothing. honestly i feel like ive only existed this second. ‘you told us this sequence of events before, but now youve changed the order. are you lying?’ i mean im not trying to deceive you but theres a 90% chance that anything i tell you is a false memory. isnt there someone else you can ask? if i try to give you the story again, itll be different again

Even though I’m comfortable here I know if I stay here I can’t grow. The best thing for me to do is break out of my comfort zone to become who I’m meant to be.
—  Affirmation of the day.

  a look in somebody’s eyes
  to light up the skies
  to open the world and send it reeling

@danisnotonfire​ i hope if you take piano lessons again your teacher is a really nice person.

i’m trying something different from my squishy cartoons, hope you guys like it!!!! 。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。

Please don’t repost thanks!

Alright i’m gonna write an essay cause i’ve seen one too many people giving dan ‘constructive criticism’ about his new video and im a little over it. firstly, dan does not need phil at the house watching back his videos before they go live and helping him film sketches for them to be ‘good’. Dan is a perfectly capable and intelligent 26 year old man. Secondly, i’m finding it funny that people are saying ‘it seemed like he just needed upload a video so he’s recycling old ideas’. he literally said on twitter that this has been in his ideas notebook for 2 YEARS, not to mention who cares if he felt like he had to upload a video…you realize that’s because of the pressure fans put on him right? and this was not recycling an old idea at all….like he named it similar because it was a funny continuation not because he was just repeating himself. 

It’s so great too how we encouraged dan to rebrand but as soon as he tries out a dinof style sketch video (which he has always enjoyed the style of) with a toned down more himself personality, y’all out here getting pissy about it? let the man live. the video was good. it was one of the best dinof style videos in a while and it was one of the most comfortable waffly videos i’ve ever seen out of dan. we should be encouraging him exploring this new meshing of content styles, not telling him we hate it and want the old dinof back. if you want the old dinof back, be my guest to get in a time machine and visit 2012, but i for one don’t want to go back to that hell and im excited to see dan thriving in 2017.

im not saying you can’t not like the video, or that it is the best video he’s ever made, but you dont know dan, you dont know how much mental or physical effort went into making this for you, and how much guts it took for him to try something a little different. give him a break, i think after 8 years of giving us exactly what we want, he gets to make whatever the hell he wants without us bitching and moaning about it. if you wanna bitch and moan about dan making a video that isn’t up to your preconceived dinof standards, go ahead and leave the phandom cause it’s gonna get old quick. 


After “Sucker for Pain” got reported and forced to remove from Tapastic, and some questions related the first picture, I think I should share my point of view about Saeran. 

From the prologue and many bad endings where Saeran as Unknown in it, I think we can all agree that he doesnt see MC as a woman, more like a tool so he can get his revenge on RFA, or on Saeyoung to be precise. He can sound very convincing and charming, but it doesn’t hide the fact that his behavior is very close to that of a maniac. Surely, when you’re being brain-washed and tortured almost everyday with drug, you cant be sane anymore. There’s a root to why he acted like that, as a rapist and torturer (you can see it in 707 1st bad ending) but it’s still inexcusable. That’s what I can see about his character as Unknown, and I don’t intend to write him differently. I always try to write it that MC enjoyed every moment of it as being fucked by him, but I know to some it can be disturbing. I would advise you to blacklist the tag “mystic messenger unknown” or “Unknown” on my blog if you feel that it’s too much, because no I won’t change my mind. 

As the after ending show, Saeran got a little stable and his shyness side came back. But honestly I dont think something has been imprinted in one’s mind for so long can just being cleaned spotless overnight, so in No hope No fear I potray him as an emo-teen because I saw it is the closet personality he can develop after being stable enough. Honestly I found it quite strange that Saeyoung alone can handle Saeran by just dragging him home like it was nothing, without some medical help. I want to put something like Saeran went to many therapists until he found the right one in No hope no fear, because people was trained in psychological field for a reason, so that they can help patient with psychological problem. So that Saeran can be stable with great manners and understanding, like was shown in The choi family 2. But nah, I don’t think he’s that SHY.

I still like Saeran both as unknown and as after ending Saeran, just some thoughts I think I should share though. Thanks for reading.

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chap 4 screamin, cheating??, wagner twins!, mmy insta, hen hc, pokemon, gender au, mitch is ugly, my day job, aaaaand “long exposure” title!

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Seriously? NARUTO’s wedding, NARUTO anime and whatever and the episode is 70% Iruka. Not that I dont like Iruka but?????? I know Naruto’s request was important, but still… 

Also they almost didn’t show the wedding.. I understand that they had to show InoSai and ShikaTema, but they could’ve done that differently.. If they showed the ceremony or something more than a couple of people drinking at the backyard it would have been so much more beautiful and meaningful…

And just dont get me started on that RIDICULOUS SasuSaku moment. That’s SP for you. Trying to show some kind of SasuSaku bond by having Sasuke not attending the fucking wedding and sending a one word note (that says congratulations btw) to Sakura that is meant for Naruto. WHY? Why not send it to Naruto instead?? Or write to Sakura something like “on my way” or i dont even kno… And Sakura getting all blushy and happy after that note… I’d be seriously confused on her place. It almost sounds like Sasuke thinks Naruto is marrying Sakura lol. Being late might be fashionable, but not attending your best friend’s wedding is wow :D I know that he’s probably not able to be there, but I still find it kinda shitty.. 15 years and Sasuke gets 2 seconds screen time and Sakura gets to say one word…  Honestly the whole episode doesnt make any sense. 

SP you fucked up.

Overall, I’m ultra disappointed, because that was not an honorable ending to such long and amazing anime that has been a part of so many people’s childhood. It was weak and somehow feels unfinished. There isn’t even a reasonable amount of Naruto in the ending of NARUTO.  Hope Boruto isn’t the same way… ugh

This whole thing probably sounds super messy, but I’m just so mad..

So yeah, this happened. Thanks to @xxmileikaivanaxx unwavering support and patience i was able to try out clip studio today and even thanks to this precious cinnamon roll i was able to attain a copy for myself ! So my way up to digital drawing is coming closer !

This came up…i dont even know how i was totally working on something different and just made a sans scratch somewhere else…and through doodling and just…drawing this came to bloom.

So….hey… @superyoumna i heard you like fanart ? I hope you dont mind me doing a bit of a more creepier side of your character. If you do not like it i will take it down immediaetly. Please enjoy.

Youmna’s response : haha you are doing great with digital dude I love it! also I want more =)~~

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how do you deal w disappointment and rejection

i think rejection comes in a lot of different forms and obviously because ive plastered my face and body over my corner of the internet hate from strangers rolls off my back. But thats easy because i dont know them and I never asked them for anything. Im trying to get better at real rejection as in a scenario with trust that I had reached out and then gotten denied, which always sucks especially if its someone you care about. I think you just have to tell yourself that theres not something fundamentally wrong with you because someone said no to you

Deaf Awareness Week

Hi there! May is for many different things. EDS awareness, fibro, celiac, CF, a bunch of other stuff. 

This week is Deaf awareness week.

Here’s something you didnt know about me: I have moderate conductive hearing loss due to EDS (which is progressive). I wear hearing aids and use assistive technology to get by. 

I am oral and I dont know ASL or lip reading, but im trying to learn. 

I need captions to watch TV or Youtube videos. 

I like to use CART (real time captioning) in group conversations. 

When talking to me please face me and speak clearly. 

There are 25 million people in the united states with some level of hearing loss

most insurance doesn’t cover hearing aids but will cover cochlear implants

Deaf culture is a thing and being hearing isn’t inherently better than being Deaf. 

Everyone (especially people with chronic illness) should get a hearing test every year, just like you get an eye test. 

today is 6 months since i completely changed my lifestyle. april 9th was my first day at the gym. all together ive lost about 50 pounds. i started at 167 pounds and as of this morning im at 117 pounds. right now im just maintaining. i still run on the treadmill and do weight exercises 4 times a week. i eat wayyyyy better than i did before. i am honestly so proud of myself and a completely different person. im happier, more confident, and def healthier. i never thought i would follow through but i did! 

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Sorry for ask this but what is the story of Executure!Sans i dont really know 😢

I have never explain it before to be honest. I kept changing it up because I couldn’t come up with something that i like enough to try and do something with it. I have drawn some of the characters.

Papyrus, “The Hero”

Brave, prideful, kind soul. Not much different then the original of course. Just as strong and well train as a warrior and protector. His purpose is pure just like the original Papyrus, to save.

and be support to a lazy skeleton with a heavy burden giving to him since birth. They have a brotherly relationship supporting each other since they where created. Two dorky brothers. 

Toriel(inspire on Moana)

 is who gives life to the land of there world. She is kind, passionate, motherly like. Asgore is by her side as her protector.

The Executioner, Sans or like he nickname himself Anomaly. 

He is the one who is send to do the dirty work, no world is perfect and if something goes wrong like an anomaly he is the one send to eliminate it. Anything that might threatened the stability of there world. He has to execute. He is unable to disobey an order even if he order is to hurt some one he loves.

“This is what you are made for.”


he pretty much is an assassin, a very powerful one. He is a good guy tho.. even if sometimes he doesn’t look like it.. >u>;

All designs and art @me 

undertale @tobyfox 

  • stiles: Look , I know when I grabbed your junk before that that was wrong.
  • derek: ...
  • stiles: Afterwards, I kept thinking to myself, what would it feel like to be in this guy's shoes, you know, and have some super handsome guy grab my penis?
  • derek: ...
  • stiles: Well, I would have loved it, but that's me, and we're all different.

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hey uhh.. do you have any tips for people who dont feel like they can do art aka people like me cos. youre a really great artist i thought maybe you could help idk sorry

ooo okay, note i know i’m not a professional but here’s a few little tips i have  that i’ve learnt over a couple of years :0!!

this is going to sound incredibly typical but - practice means a lot, even if its just the simplest of doodles a day, you’re still creating something!! practice with little things if you’re trying to adapt a style - ie: practice different styles of eyes, face/body shapes, etc - don’t limit yourself, just do what feels right ig 

also you wont learn everything in a day, so its a lengthy process!! i’ve spent SO many years doing art, and its only taken until the past month for me to decide “i’m going to finally learn & practice proper anatomy.” after all these years i’m still learning things!! so be open to learning new things every day with art :’) bookmark tons of art tutorials for different things and work with them!! they definitely help, but don’t rely too much on them to get your art career going! after all, your art is YOUR creation, so make it your own yk

also try not to compare yourself to others!! this is one of the most popular setbacks when it comes to art and honestly its just not a good time :/ when you get over that barrier of “i will never be as good as ______” and switch it to “_____ is a huge inspiration to me and i aspire to be as good as them one day!” it honestly helps a lot - it took me a little while to scrap this mindset and since then i’ve felt a lot better about my art (if that makes sense) 

lastly, at the end of the year do art summaries!! they’re incredible to put together imo and its inspiring to look back on and see the improvement over the months :’) i compared my 2014 summary to my 2016 summary and it was very surprising with all the improvement i’ve done!!

btw everyone is capable of doing art i’m sure you’re incredibly talented ♡♡

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I started my semester on working detail drawing..i honestly hate it. I feel like im just not that good at it and others are better at it. I feel extremely demotivated and i dont know what to do.

You better find something that motivates you unless you plan a career in urban planning. Think of those projects you love. They are not only a great idea but they are built in such a way that makes them excel, details make the difference between a good project and a great project!

Think about a beautifully built detail next time you are trying to drawing one!



I started watching markiplier only a few weeks ago, and am trying to figure it all out.

I’ve heard about the community, but dont know where it is(is it on a different platform or something?),or how to join.

I only started watching after the make a wish vlog,and have seen nothing older than that. Does anyone have any suggestions for some older videos to watch?

If anyone could give me a hand, i’d really appreciate it!