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Armored Lady Monday

Sei from VA11-HALL-A 

Ive been playing VA11-HALL-A recently i only played it for like 3 hours but im loooooooooooooooving it man, its like a game made specifically for me aesthetically, neon colors, distopian future cyberpunk and i dont know how to describe the music but “hotline miami-esque” soundtrack, i guess 80′s techno? somebody help me man i would love to be able to actually look for that kind of music

POINT IS im in love man, and this lady has some kick ass armor man i had to draw it, i couldnt fine how the legs look anywhere so i just tried to make something coherent with the torso, hope you like it!

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Hi there! I don't know if you'll have anything to say aside from what you told that other person asking about building towns, but. I don't DM, but I have been interested in creating cities based off medieval history for D&D lately. However, I'm kinda at a roadblock when it comes to structuring that info. I tried to find a blank sheet or something but had no luck. How do you (or others) usually arrange information? Also, if I were to come up with something I liked, should I send it here?

Please feel free to send me ideas, your art, etc! I don’t post every idea I get, but I’ve gotten a lot of good ones I never would have thought of. 

I’m pretty unorganized tbh but this is what I do usually: [real vs example versions]


Large population, human with some dwarfs.

Strong guard presence.

Typical, but at night everyone hurries home. Everyone thinks their family is cursed to be werewolves, and others will kill them. No one knows everyone else is also a werewolf.

Not close to other towns, no allies. Enemies with the nearby Drow settlement.

Beer n Booty: typical. Run by Ava. Sells endlessly empty mugs.

Sleeping Ugly: Expensive. Run by Burt. Complimentary breakfast, but it’s all weird fancy stuff.

Mixer’s Elixirs: Potions shop run by Mixer. Yes, that is his name. No, you cannot buy anything deadly. He sells perfume but insists on calling it potions.

Luthur. 42. Very hairy. The townsfolk are worried about him, he seems to be acting strange. He’s salivating at the sight of meat, has fleas, and is growing hair on his legs at an alarming rate. He is the first werewolf, slowly transforming into a full wolf. The rest of the village is soon to follow.

[Town Name]

[General information about town that your players can figure out, or ask questions about]

[list of town shops, or noticeable places like a fountain]

[list of NPCs that you think are important]

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i found an artist recently who's not the most profession or best artist out there but i still really look forward to their art everyday. but recently i found one piece that was in a totally different style and at first i thought "whao they improved so much im happy for them" but then i saw a signature on the bottom of the piece that wasn't theirs. i tried searching on google images, but couldnt find anything. i dont want to accuse them for something they didnt do. what should i do, kkumri?

i think you should approach them privately to check with good intentions! like, whether the different URL was a handle they were planning on taking up?

worst case scenarios, they could’ve reposted the work or traced directly so do calmly let them know that it is unfair for the original artist and hopefully they’ll take your advice to heart!


Request:  Would it be alright to request something? Maybe an Eyeless Jack/Reader where they’re dating but because Jack isn’t the most affectionate/lovey dovey person (in front of others at least) nobody knows and another pasta (Toby or Ben?) tries to innocently ask the reader to date them and Jack gets jealous and possessive over them because they’re his? Or just, possessive/clingy Jack in general really

Requested by Anoymous

A/N: I hope its okay I used Jeff instead of Ben or Toby, it just fit better to me XD So sorry if you dont like it.

Your boyfriend loved you, you knew that. True it was hard to tell to outsiders from lack of affection, but you knew. He showed it in other ways, like making sure you ate after work or making you drink enough water, and things of such nature. He was kind and caring, he simply just didn’t touch you very often. Maybe a mindless hand on the knee during a movie, or a kiss good Morning, but that was it. Many people questioned it, whether he actually gave you what you needed, and you always stood to his defense, telling wondrous stories to prove his love. But all in all, you didn’t care what they thought, you loved EJ, and that’s all that mattered.  

You were currently at the Mansion, sitting in the living room on the couch watching BEN ply video games.

“Hey babe, I’m gonna run out with Hoodie for a bit. Okay?” EJ asks from behind you, you turn and smile, nodding. He smiles back and heads out, you turn your attention back to the TV, ignoring the staring from Jane. She was the worst about questioning you, pushing you about your relationship with EJ. She swore she knew better.  

“Don’t, Jane.” You say, keeping your eyes on the TV. She scoffs, but lets off.  

“MoTHER FUCKER” Ben shouts, throwing his controller down.  

“Hey, calm it kid.” Jeff’s rough voice barks as he walks into the living room.

“Hey sweet cheeks,” He says, walking behind you and touching your shoulders. Jeff was a player, so you never bitched him out for his harmless flirting. You knew it wasn’t personal.  

“Wanna go out with me sometime? I think you and I would make a bitching team.” He says confidently, leaning down to whisper in your ear.

“Just imagine the sex.”  

You scoff and pull off, standing from the couch. You stop immediately when you turn to him, seeing EJ standing right behind Jeff. Suddenly, EJ reaches out and grabs Jeff’s shoulders, pulling him back and shoving him to the floor.

“Listen here shithead.” He growls, standing over him. He presses his shoe into Jeff’s throat, making him sputter and choke.

“Y/n’s mine. MINE. Back off, or I’ll skin you alive, Woods.”  

The room is so quiet you could hear a pin drop, everyone’s holding their breath waiting to see what happens next. EJ sneers and removes his foot, leaving Jeff coughing on the floor. EJ stalks over to you angrily, wrapping his arm around you.  

“Mine.” He whispers, kissing the top of your head. You smile, loving this side of him, and wrap your arms around his waist.

“Forever and always.”

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(romanced) Companions being gone for a few days and coming home in the middle of the night to see sole sleeping with an item of the companions clothing? (because the smell comforts them or something i doNT KNOW IT SOUNDED CUTE WHEN I THOUGHT OF IT)

Cait: Cait doesn’t often leave Sanctuary without Sole, but when she does she tries not to think twice about it. She’s quick to leave, and her goodbye is fast before she rolls out of Sanctuary. Sole doesn’t let it get to them, and they take comfort in one of Cait’s older undershirts. Cait comes home at night to find Sole curled up in bed holding the tank top against themselves. She almost wakes them up and tells them to roll over, but she decides against it, smiling a little bit before she got into bed behind them. She reminds herself that Sole really does care.

Curie: Sole tries not to let Curie leave too often without them, and Curie isn’t particularly eager to either, but when business calls, business calls. When she leaves Sanctuary, she leaves Sole with a tattered old flannel. It’s full of holes and stray threads, but Sole thanks her before she shows herself out. She’s not gone for a long time, but it’s night when she returns. She finds Sole asleep in a chair with her shirt bundled up in their arms, and she smiles. She figures they must have fallen asleep waiting for her to return. She wakes them up with a kiss to their cheek, ushering them off to bed. After all, she can’t have them getting hurt for not sleeping right.

Danse: Danse doesn’t really think to leave anything behind for Sole when he runs out to take care of something. Instead, it’s Sole who makes the move to keep something when he leaves. They find one of his shirts tucked away in the old dresser in their room. Pulling a particularly innovative move, Sole takes the shirt, as particularly big as it is, and sticks it in one of their pillows to act as a pillowcase. When Danse gets back, he doesn’t think much of it until he steps out of his Power Armor to get into bed and he sees the sleeves on the pillow that Sole’s face is buried in. He can’t help but smile before he gets into bed with them, and Sole doesn’t waste a moment before they turn to him.

Hancock: He has to go back to Goodneighbor for some leftover mayor business. He warns Sole days in advance, and when he finally leaves, he doesn’t leave before draping the flag that’s looped around his waist over Sole like some sort of dumb blanket. Sole laughs at him, but they take it anyway. When Hancock returns, he finds Sole curled rather snuggly in their bed with the tattered American Flag half draped over themselves like some sort of tiny blanket. It’s Hancock’s turn to laugh, but he lays beside them all the same. 

MacCready: When MacCready goes back to the Capital Wastes to get Duncan, he insists that Sole stay back at Sanctuary to stay with Shaun. It’s a long trek, but Sole trusts him enough and agrees to let him go. Before he leaves, however, Mac unties his scarf and drapes it around their neck. He’s not sure what he expects by the time he gets back with Duncan, but he’s not expecting to find Sole slumped over on the couch with his scarf wrapped around their neck. He smiles before he sits down beside them and kisses their cheek. “I’m home,” he murmurs before he leans against them a bit, Duncan asleep in his lap. 

Piper: Visits back to Diamond City are relatively frequent for Piper. Sole doesn’t put up a fight when she says she’ll be back, but they do grab her hat. “You can have it when you come back,” they tease, and Piper laughs. That’s her Blue. She probably expected for the hat to be hung up, or placed on the bedside table, but when she gets home she finds Sole asleep on the couch with her hat tugged down over their forehead. Piper weasels underneath their arm, pressing a gentle little kiss to their cheek. “Still wearing that hat, huh Blue?” she teases, although she knows that they’re fast asleep.

Preston: He’s called back to The Castle for some Minutemen business. Sole’s reluctant to let him go alone- they’re The General, after all- but Preston insists all the same. Once they let him go, Preston gives them his hat and tells him to keep it safe for him, because he’ll be home soon. Sole laughs, but that doesn’t stop them from wearing it. When Preston gets home, it’s night, and The General- his General- is curled up in bed with his hat under their arm. He’s careful when he lays down beside them, unable to wipe the smile off of his face.

Neil handling the after game press a week after their relationship was outed in public

Interviewer: does being on the same team affect your relationship at all?

Neil: not really. i mean, he is a keeper




Camera man:



Interviewer: did you just-

Nicky: *shipping intensifies*

Dan: *proud of his son*

Allison: *wins a few hundred bucks from Matt for something idek*

Kevin: technically, he is a goal keeper i dont know what all this is about

Aaron: someone shoot me 

Andrew: *tries his hardest not to smack neil with his racquet* 

Renee: *tries her hardest to keep Andrew from hitting Neil with his racuet

Wymack: im not paid enough to handle this 

I’m trying to emotional prepare for my first appointment with a therapist

After 7+ years of panic attack, self-harm, suicide attempts, ruined friendships/relationship, violent outbursts, eating disorders, and severe depression I’m getting to talk to someone.

And yet, I’m still more scared of this than anything else.

  • best song ever: literally just promo song for this is us
  • story of my life: some girl is cold / they have feelings
  • diana: 2012 fanfic about sad girl. is 17. lives in london alone bc dad is abusive and mom is dead. niall saves her
  • midnight memories: is supossed to be about sex but is about 1d robbing a kebab man
  • you and i: literal trash. zayn is good doe
  • dont forget where you belong: niall masturbates to ireland
  • strong: ultimate larry song
  • happily: harry busts a nut
  • right now: goes hard as hell but underappreciated. starring angel louis
  • little black dress: the WORST trash i wanna fight louis and liam for writing this
  • through the dark: harry had sex with mumford and sons
  • something great: 1d tries to convince girl to have sex w/ them
  • little white lies: robin thicke wrote this
  • better than words: niall finally lost his virginity
  • why dont we go there: liam wants to try anal
  • does he know: might as well be a track on UAN
  • alive: what the fuck
  • half a heart: PROBABLY about sophia. zayn is jesus here

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Dont you think its kind of creepy to know so much about their life and living arrangement as a fan it seems a tad stalker-y

???? idk if u tryna troll me or something but this so phake deep lmao every single thing i know abt got7 was shared publically by either got7 themselves or their fam/friends and things i find out that were discovered by fans i keep to myself. Got7 literally had a show when they debut talmbout their dorm n giving a tour of it n all other shit i know abt their dorm theyve shared w us via interview or radio shows or live vids. The info i talk abt on my blog is literally public knowledge that any1 can find if they look/read abt it so u can miss me w this condescendin bs n worry abt ya self toodles