i dont know i paused here

Vader: [text] u fool 
Vader: SERIOUSLY????
Obi-Wan: Ah. The package arrived then, I take it. 
Vader: yes
Vader: this was a stupid move, old man. im SURE ill find a way to trace it back to wherever it is ur hiding. ill have my revenge soon. 
Obi-Wan: I’m not losing sleep over it given what I know about your detective skills, but if you say so. 
Obi-Wan: So do you like it?
Vader: no its awful 
Obi-Wan: Ah, I suppose the Emperor gives you very lavish birthday gifts. It must seem a pathetic offering compared to what the great Lord Vader is used to by now. 
Vader: if he did itd be way better stuff than a stupid blanket
Obi-Wan: Well, my apologies then, for wasting your time. I am going to retire for the evening now. 
Vader: why would u possibly do this. i knew you were hopeless but not this hopeless. 
Vader: like did u think after all these years id be like ‘ooooh obiwan remembered my birthday and sent me a really soft blanket in my favorite color OMG MAYBE I WAS WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING AND I MISS HIM SO MUCH’ and that like all i really want is to find you because im so lonely????? thats honestly SO laughable kenobi omg
Vader: we dont even celebrate my birthday here btw
Vader: which is fine bc i dont even CARE about birthdays anymore. or anything. or anyone. 
Obi-Wan: I believe the parcel should have arrived with a return slip if you wish to send it back and get store credit. 
Vader: pfft i wouldnt waste my time so i guess ill probably just keep it 
Obi-Wan: All right.
Obi-Wan: Good night, Anakin. 
Vader: gn obiwan

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i know you dont watch live action stuff but the climax of the first pokemon movie is literally exactly moment to moment like the climax of the gotg movie replacing mew with star lord and mewtwo with ronan where mew is like "dance off!" and mewtwo pauses the attempt at world destruction to go "what,,,what are you doing,,,,"

what do you mean that’s now how the movie goes

Park 2 // Colby Brock

Requesttttt :::))) It’s a part 2 to park!!!!!!1 :))

Warnings: swearing, fluff

Word Counter: 1,134

On the car ride back it was very silent. Everyone was still really freaked out. I wish I never agreed to go.



Y/N was laying across me Sam and Corey with her head in my lap. I’m surprised she wasn’t asleep. She has had a long night and I would think she’d be exhausted by now.

When we got home everyone went directly to their rooms Besides Y/N. She plopped on the couch and grabbed the remote.

“What are you doing?” I asked and she looked over at me then back at the TV. “Are you okay?”

She nodded and moved over so I could sit. “I dont wanna be alone in the room so I am just gonna watch TV down here.”

“Come sleep in my room. I’ll sleep on the floor.” I said and she looked over at me. “Or we can build a wall of pillows between us.”

She grinned and nodded. We both walked up the stairs and grabbed all of her pillows from her room and made a wall in the middle of the bed.

We both laid down and pulled the cover over our cold bodies. “Goodnight Colby.” She said softly and I said the same to her.

I hope one day we sleep in the same bed without a barrier. That’ll be a good night.


“Mom!” Y/N shreaked and I flew up from my sleep. She was screaming in her sleep.

“Y/N. Y/N wake up.” I whole her softly and ripped the pillows from between us so I could wake her up better.

“Mom!” She screamed again and flew up from her sleep.

“Y/N its okay sh.” I said and she fell into my arms and held onto me for dear life. She was sobbing and her whole body was shaking violently. “Its okay.” I hugged her, rubbing her back and running my hand through her now knotty hair.

After about 5 minutes she finally calmed down. “I’m sorry.” she apologized and went to get up.

“its okay, Y/N.” I pulled her back into my arms and since she was getting up she ended up straddling my waist with her arms around my stomach and mine around her neck, holding her as close as possible.

“I didnt mean to wake you.” She said but it was muffled into my chest.

“Its okay. Why is this the first time?” I asked and she nodded her head.

“Yeah because I never sleep and if I so its by medicine or only for a few minutes.” She pulled away but didnt get off of me.

“Do you want some medicine?” I asked. I didn’t want to see her in pain like this or anything.

“No I’m okay. I dont think I’ll wake up again…” She trailed off.

“Okay.” I said and she went back to her previous spot. “Goodnight. Gwendolyn.”

She didnt respond she just turned and moved herself closer so he was pressed against my chest. I smiled and put my arm on her waist and pulled her closer. “Goodnight, Colby”



“Hey Col-” I began to ask but once I saw him and Y/N my eyes widened and I smirked. I ran and got my camera, turning it on a pointing it at them.

“So I just found Colby and Y/N asleep and don’t they just look do adorable?” I smiled and zoomed in on Colby, who’s mouth was opened slightly and drool was falling onto his pillow.

I laughed and stopped the recording before shaking Colby and waking him up. “What?” he groaned with his eyes shut and pulled Y/N closer to him as if someone were about to rip her from his arms.

“I was wondering if you wanted to come get food.” I said and he shook his head ‘no’. “okay.”

I walked out of the room and closed the door softly so I wouldn’t wake Y/N. I knew she didnt sleep much st all so I wanted to keep her asleep. This was the first time I’ve seen her fully asleep since she moved here.


I fluttered my eyes open to see no one beside me. I stood up and stretched before walking downstairs to see Colby on the couch playing video games. “Can I join?” I asked which made him jump.

“Don’t scare me like that.” He said holding his chest. “Sorry.” I laughed and grabbed a controller. I sat next to him and crossed my legs underneath me. “Mario Cart?” He asked. “I don’t care.” I said.

He put in the game and the yelling began. Me and Colby screamed at each other the whole time about how I was cheating or he was or that he was being a dumb fuck and making noises to distract me.

“You can’t fucking do that!” He yelled at me a for no reason. “I am not doing anything so fuck off!” I yelled and glued my eyes to the screen. “You’re fucking killing me.” He yelled. “I am supposed to fucking kill you! You’re not on my damn team.” I yelled back.

“So but youre supposed to keep me alive because you love me!” He yelled. “If I keep you alive you will kill me!” I screamed and killed him again. “Y/N!” He yelled. “Stop being a baby!” I said. “Its my house I will be a baby if I want to!” He replied. “Its my house too now!” I corrected him.

“You just moved here!” He said. “But it is still my house!” I said. “Fuck.” He said. “Elton and Sam are getting home soon soon.” He said looking down at his phone. “Okay.” I said. I put the games away and sat next to him and waited for the guys.


Sam and Elton walked in holding food and drinks. Me and Colby ran and took the food and ran the bags to the table and searched through my food. “Elty what did you get me?” I asked looking at my him.

“Chicken sandwich, a medium fry and a large sweet tea.” He said. “You know me so Well Uncle Elty” I laughed. “Yes I do.” He smiled and grabbed his food. I went to the cabinets and grabbed napkins.

I turned around to see Colby and Sam starring at me. “What?” I asked taking a drink of my tea. “We have a dare for you.” Sam smirked evily. “What is it?” I asked smirking.

“You should go and slap Corey in the face with whip cream.” Colby said.

“Why would I do that?” I asked as I ate a few fries.

“Because he did it to all of us that one time remember?”

I finished eating and Colby called Corey down for his food that was probably now cold since we waited. “Yes I’m so hungry!” Corey walked into the kitchen and I slapped him extra hard.

He flew back and held onto his cheek. “Ow Y/N, what the fuck?”

“I’m sorry Corey they dared me.” I said and hugged his side. “Its okay.” He said and hugged me back.


“Y/N?” Colby opened my door and I took out my ear buds, pausing the video. “Yeah?” I asked and he walked in.

“Can I talk to you?” He fiddled with his long fingers. “Yeah.” I nodded, getting worried by the expression on his face. I patted the seat in front of me and he sat as I faced him with my legs crossed.

“Okay here it goes.” He looked down at his lap. “Okay I really like you and I dont want to keep it to myself anymore because I like you so much and I know you probably don’t feel the same but yeah.” He said quickly.

I just stared at him trying to think straight. “Shit I’m sorry..” He got up and left the room. “Wait Colby!” I called to him and grabbed his arm turning him around.

I didnt know what to say so instead I just put my small hands on his red cheeks and pressed my lips softly onto his. He was shocked at first but soon his arms went around my small waist and pulled me closer.

It was perfect.

An emotional convo between trini and zack
  • Trini: soooooo...whats up?
  • Zack: uh nothin much just in love with billy. is there something on your mind?
  • Trini: i dont even know kim has been acting weird lately i think she doesnt like me anymore
  • Zack: why r u so stupid have u seen kim, shes in love with you
  • Trini: i just dont know she used to be a popular girl and i dont know if shes really serious about me
  • Zack: oh trini come here *gestures for a hug*
  • Trini: *hugs zack* *sniffles
  • Zack: kim has talked to me so many times droning on and on about how much she likes you dont let your insecurities blind you from whats right in front of you
  • Trini: *wipes eyes* really?
  • Zack: really.
  • Trini: *wipes last of her tears and smiles* thank you zack you're a really good bro
  • Zack: No problem
  • Long pause
  • Zack: maybe really can be our always
  • Trini: wow
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  • Emotional Convo #1

*Got this finished far quicker than I thought I would.
Requested - Rocket finds reader leaving and asks them to stay for him. When the reader refuses he confesses his feelings in the hope that it will change their mind.*

“You can’t!” He shouts from the middle of the room. You glance over your shoulder at him and continue hurrying around your room grabbing your most important belongings.
When you finally leave your suitcase unattended Rocket scurries over to the bed it is placed on and starts throwing the things you had packed across the room. He was going to do anything to slow you down. He grabs the final belonging at the bottom of your case and freezes. He feels the sharp pricking of tears in his eyes. His small fingers wrap around the photo frame containing a photograph of you holding baby Groot while Rocket hugged around your neck, a massive smile plastered across his face.
“Rocket, please don’t make this any harder than it has to be.”
“You can’t just leave!”
“Rocket…” Your tone was a mix of frustration and sadness. You look over at him and see him hugging the photo frame to his chest. His ears droop and you see the tears start to fall.
“You can’t leave! Here, just, please look at this! Please (f/n)!”
He runs to you and forces the photo frame into your hands. With a sigh you look down at the image.

It had been one of the best day of your life. You and Rocket had scored big on a bounty and as a treat you went to the small shop on Xander that sold stuff from different planets. To your suprise you found a battered Polaroid camera from Earth that was still functional. Your eyes lit up as you ran your fingers over it. You heard the scampering of Rocket’s paws on the tiled flooring of the shop.
“What is it?” You heard him ask from your side.
“It’s a camera, from my home planet. I used to have one when I was a kid. It’s even still got the paper look.” You pointed
“How many units?”
“A lot of units…” You replied with a sigh.
“Here.” He holds out his hand and you pass him the Polaroid camera. “I’ll buy it for you.”
“No Rocket, I can’t ask you to do that.” You take the camera from him and place it back on the shelf.
“I said I’m going to buy it for you - don’t make me climb up there and get it myself.” He crossed his arms and tapped his foot while he waited for you to give him the camera. A small smile tugged at his lips as he looked up at you.
With a sigh you grabbed the camera back off the shelf and gave it to him shaking your head. He never took no for an answer.
He scampered off to pay and you followed hot on his heels.
Just as he was about to hand over his units you gave over half the amount the camera cost.
“(F/n), I said-”
“Rocket it’s half or not at all. Now pay the man unless you want me to put it back.” You smiled at him ruffling the fur on top of his head.
He smirked and handed over his half of the money.
When you got back to the Milano that night you had dragged him into your room and forced him to take a tone of silly photographs. Baby Groot had joined the two of you and wanted to be in some too. For that night all of Rocket’s worries and pain seemed to drift away. Sure, it cost him best half of his units, but it was worth every single one. To see you happy made him happy. The way you were with Groot, the way you were with him… He was starting to feel feelings he hadn’t felt for a long time.

You don’t realise you’re crying until a single tear lands on the glass of the frame. You kiss the photograph and walk back over to your case, placing it in.
“I’m sorry Rocket; I really am…”
“No…” He was crying heavily at this point. “You can’t leave us… you can’t leave me.”
You pause from picking up some clothing Rocket had thrown.
“Rocket… You dont need me, you have Groot. I don’t belong here, I can’t keep running all my life.”
“… I do need you. I’ve never needed anyone more in my life.” He slowly walked to you and wipes away some of his fallen tears. He was glad Peter wasn’t here to see him cry - he’d never let it go.
“You don’t Rocket - all I do is get in the way. I can’t fight, I’m terrible with tech. I’m useless to this group and you know it. I’m sorry but I have to go.” You offer him a sad smile and continue packing. “You’ll forget about me Rocket. You will and you’ll be fine.”
Rocket eyes widen. He could never forget about you.
“Are you honestly that stupid?!” You look at him suprised by his outburst. “I love you, you stupid humie. I could never forget about you. Never!” He takes a second to calm himself.
“So I’m begging you, please don’t do this. Please stay for me.” He looked broken and it killed you to see him like that.
“Oh Rocket…” You walk to him and lower yourself to his level. Your hands pull him close. You feel his small paws bunch up the fabric of your jumpsuit.
“Please…” He whispers into the crook of your neck.
You sigh and stroke the fur on the back of his neck. In that moment you realised you could never bring yourself to leave him. “…Okay. I’ll stay Rocket. I’m so sorry I just -”
Rocket cuts you off by pressing a kiss to your lips. He was gentle but firm and kept clinging to your jumpsuit as if you would leave if he dared to let go. You allow your eyes to flutter closed as you lean into the kiss.
When you finally pull away from him he looks scared; terrified by what your reaction will be. You just smile and pull him back into a hug.
“I love you too Rocket. Now,” You say letting go of him and looking around your room. “You going to help me tidy this lot up?”
He laughs as he wipes away the last remaining tears clinging to his fur. “Sure, If you kiss me again.” He winks and leans in for another kiss.

The last thing to be put back away was the photograph. You sit it in its rightful place on the bedside table and Rocket wraps his small arm around your waist from his place stood on your bed.
“We’ll have to get some more of that camera paper stuff.” Rocket mumbles still looking at the photograph. “Need more photographs incase you try to leave me again.”
You laugh and look down at him. His teeth show as he smiles up at you, a loving glint in his eyes.
“A trip to earth? I’m up for that - it’s been a while since I’ve been there.”
“You can introduce me to the parents.” Rocket laughs knowing how ridiculous the idea was.
“I’m sure they’d love you Rocket… Just not as much as I do.”
Rocket’s ears twitch as he looks away and you know that underneath his fur he’s blushing. His arm leaves your waist and his hand finds your’s. He grasps it tightly and begins to drag you towards the door.
“Come on (f/n), let’s get something to eat before the others come back.”
With one final glance towards the picture you follow him with a smile.

me at starbucks

me: hey do you guys still have any pumpkin spice syrup left? 
cute, unusually peppy barista: yeah! it’s funny actually, like its always in demand but we never run out
me: oh wow. that syrup so brave…
me and the barista, at the same time: … and so fucking orange!
barista: oh my god!!!
me: holy shit!!!!
barista: i love that post!!!
me: really? *pauses* you know… i’m mutuals with nadine, on tumblr
barista, visibly impressed: what?? no way!! 

ok i dont know how to finish this joke if someone else wants to take over from here feel free

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8 with platonic lars and steven!

“Because I care about you!!”

Steven stood rigid in his doorway as Lars glared down at him in frustration with his fists clenched. Lars had been trying to get his attention for weeks, and Steven had done a pretty good job of shutting him out up until now, when the teen was more insistent on getting a response.

‘Why do you keep doing this Lars. We got home. That’s it.’

“You…stupid stupid kid! You can’t just…be like this after all that crap we went through and say you’re ok! You don’t even come out to town anymore, and I can’t send Sadie out for you anymore either!”

“You were sending Sadie to spy on me?”

“Wh- NO! I didn’t know what the hell was going on with you, and she can get to you better than I ever could!”

Even after all they went through together, Lars doubted he had much of a connection to Steven. And still he worried about this stupid kid.

“Lars! Just drop it! We’re home ok? That’s all that matters! Just…go home. I don’t want to see you.”

Lars stood his ground, “Why?”

Steven gripped his hair in his hand, “Because every time I look at you, I have to remember you almost died!

Standing stiff again, Lars thumbed at his pants pocket, biting his lip as he let out a deep sigh.


Another pause.

“Well…I’m not dead. And I don’t want you to treat me like it.”

Steven screwed his eyes shut as the dam inside himself burst, and his face crumpled into tears.

Lars had him in a hug faster than he could expected of himself.

“God damn it Steven. You know I’m not the optimist here.“

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i work in a camping store, mostly the clothing department & the register, but sometimes i get questions from other departments & i do my best to answer questions. also a big problem is male customers dont take the women who work here seriously if there's a man in a 10 ft radius they'll straight up ignore us. the other day a guy asked me if we had hammock tents, i paused to think where they'd be & he said "you know the thing that hangs between two trees" my coworker asked me how i didnt punch him

Dude I would have idgaf

Bring Me To Life

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PART THREE to Admit it you’re in love with me and Nightcall. It’s the final part. Thank you for waiting patiently on it.



I need you to listen to me and listen really carefully

       Jason moaned in approval. He was willing to hear you. God he had missed you so much and-
“Jay, I’m in so much trouble” you helplessly cried out to him, causing him to stand up from his place on the floor.
     “Baby? What wrong?” He sounded so hurt, so worried and it only made you cry more as you knew he’d blame himself if he couldn’t save you.
     “ It’s that witch Enchantress Jay. She’s keeping me and so many other girls here. Please come.” You cried out more. Your screams of pain filled Jason’s ear and he swore they were worse than any horror movie ones. This one was real, full of distress, pain and despair.
  “Baby tell me where you are! Please.”
He heard a pause only some grunts and as he supposed you must have been looking at the surroundings.
    “ I don’t know Jay. I dont know where I am” you cried as the words fell silently off your tongue. “My feet are broken and many girls are dying out from fear and infections . Jay…”
   He couldn’t bear to listen to you, they way you called his name like that.
   “The phone you have. I’ll track it down ok? I’ll find you.”
   “Quickly Jay. If she finds me with that phone she’ll chose me to be her host. I don’t want to suffer.” It came out as a powerful scream, accompanied with begs.
  He could make out words after the statement that she’d rip your heart out if she chose you.
   Jason hang up as you cried out for help, as your cries echoed in his brain.
  Part of him was burnt by your screams, by the way you cried, helplessly. Feeling death surrounding your being as waves of pain hit your body.  On the other… he felt so happy he could hold you in his arms again. This time never letting you go.

  The twenty minute drive to the manor took him four exact ones.
  He knew, that if he didn’t get the chance to save you in time, he’d have to kill himself.
   In a word, he told Bruce everything that had happened, but he wouldn’t believe him.
He only had one alternative, though he was sure, Roy, would kill him if he managed to bother him at the time. Nevertheless, Jason picked up his phone and called Roy; You needed to ba saved.

He was at Roy’s now, nervously waiting as the redhead tried to locate the phone you had used. It seemed like hours, days, months, until the computer screen lit up with what Jason wanted to know.
  “I found her!” Roy snapped and his actions made Jason jump from his spot on the bed. He checked the date, the current hour. Apparently he had been to Roy’s for a little more than one day. But what mattered now were Roy’s words. He had located you.
    “Tell me!”
    “The phone is located in a village in Malaysia.”
     “Where?” Jason felt sweat falling down his forehead as he begged for Roy’s second confirmation.
    When Roy spoke Jason felt his insides part. It’d take him days to get to you, but as the redhead man said, it would better. They’d make a plan, do a small research on Enchantress, see how they could kill her and lastly, collect as many equipment as they could. They didn’t know what they were actually against with.
    “We’re gonna get to her” Roy assured Jason by placing his palm over the ravenette’s shoulder. Jason nodded, with his head hung low.
   It took Jason some moments to form words. He was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by happiness and sadness at the same time. Overwhelmed by nostalgia, because you were his home, overwhelmed by worry, because he feared you’d die.
   “ I just love her so much” he muttered as cold, already shed, tears threatened to fall from his eyes once again.
“I know man!” Roy patted his shoulder and pulled him in a hug, to provide him with the support he needed.

Three days later, the rode on a ship, given to Roy by the League, who followed their lead. It had became a matter if national security now; Enchantress would be put down once and forever after this mission.
   Jason barely glared at anything else but a photo he had with him. It was a beautiful one, taken in utterly happy times. Your arms were wrapped around his neck and your cheek collided with his, happy smiles decorating both of your faces. It was taken outside the manor, in a moody day. Your happy face came in contrast with the dark grey sky; you were the sun that shone so bright on his life.

“We’re here.” Roy shook his out of his thoughts softly. Jason looked up, fear evident in his throat and he cleared his throat before he spoke.
   “Yes. I’m up!” He mechanically said and got up, putting his helmet on. He slipped the photo in the inside pocket of his camel brown leather jacket so it could be close to his heart.

    The sight wasn’t good. To be honest it was awful. Parts of bodies were everywhere, the skin missing, the heavy smell made mention members of the League flinch. But not Jason. He wasn’t part of the League to begin with, and he was familiar with that smell. He could remember himself smelling like death way before he died.
     The members split, taking paths to find any girl that was still alive.
   Enchantress was nowhere to be found until now. Yes, until now, because Wonder Woman was the first to see her. The Amazon jumped with fury on the witch followed by the whole League.
   The fight was restless, the witch in green struggled to survive. Jason watched the fight from afar, as he searched for you everywhere. He and Roy were assigned to help survivors into the ships, hidden as well as they could from Enchantress.
   In what seemed like ages he found you. His world stopped, he had finally, finally got the chance to lay his eyes on your beautiful form. You were laid on top of three other dead bodies, with blood dripping from your lip.
   He ran to you; placing his fingers to your neck was the first thing he did and as he felt faintest of pulse, he lifted your torso and collided it with his as he cried.
  Your eyes weren’t open, but he didn’t care, he had missed you so fucking much that-

   He suffocated.
  “Stay away from her!” the dark voice spoke “and you wake up finally!”.
    The witch spoke to your restless body and your eyes snapped immediately.
  She turned her gaze to Jason, who you could see now, and your eyes watered too.
   “it was you… you killed her.” she spoke lies to Jason’s ears. His eyes dilated as he drifted off to the imaginary reality Enchantress pulled him in.
Where was the league? They could be selfish bastards right after that fight! You couldn’t move to save him, to shake him out and you knew he’d die sooner or later if he lived up to that.

You were slammed against the wall with force as his eyes looked at you with anger.
    His palms tightly wrapped around your throat as you gasped for air. He was killing you and he loved it. He loved to see you dying by him. Because he was a murderer. Sooner or later he’s kill everyone, he’d kill himself, but for now, the blood rushing form your nose and the red color of your skin made him happy with his job.
“J-Jay.. it’s… not.. real” a voice cried out in his head.
“Don’t kill me” you gasped. “I-l-love y-you!”
“What a pity baby girl. I have to kill you.”

“It’s not real.”

When you shook jason away from the imaginary reality, the league had already jumped on the witch again.

“Yes!?” You cried out to him.
“Oh my god! Baby girl!!!” Jason cried as he took you securely in his arms, all the frustration all the sadness cane out of him, only to be replaced with fulfillment. Your heart throbbed as he held you. You had missed each other more than the sun missed the moon everyday.
   Roy was the one to beg you to continue your rekindling in the ship because there was a huge need to go.
“Tay? Did you find her?” You struggled to speak but Roy nodded in response.
“Let’s go to the ship guys! ”
   Jason stood up, swaying you in his arms and planting a small kiss on your bloody lips.

Wonder Woman insisted on you healing in a hospital along with many other girls.
  Doctors said you hadn’t broken your legs; you just couldn’t move due to the lack of water. The fact that blood was the only thing you were forced to drink had saved you and many other victims of the witch by dehydration. They stitched you up, gave you all the medical care you needed and finally let you go after three agonizing weeks.
Jason took you to your shared apartment, that he had tidied up with the help of Roy, and did not hold himself back from kissing every bruise and every scar you had.
Despite being beaten up, hurt to the point that you weren’t recognizable anymore, you were home. And it was you and Jason once again. He had freed you off your clothes, to kiss away any other scars and black and blue spots in your tender body, and you couldn’t help but feel love filling your heart. It was the first moment after all this time that you felt you were back. Secure in his arms as his lips worshipped you.
“ I love you baby girl!” He admitted with a throbbing heart, pulling you as close as he could. So close that he could breath in from your breath and take life from your pulse.
He was a happy man once again.
“Ah Jay” you moaned and run your hands through his jet black hair. You enjoyed being so close to him, even if his height was too much and even if your head was buried constantly in his chest when you’d hug, you loved it.

Jason kissed your lips softly, trying hi beast not to get too carried away and try to lay you down on every furniture of the room.
Right now all he wanted to do was wash all the dirt and sadness away from you. To make you feel sure you were safe again, inside the steaming water. He wanted to clear your soul from the evil witch’s face and the pain she had brought you. Then lay down on your bed with you, the love of his life, and watch you while you slept and comb your hair.
“ I love you so much Jaybird!” You sighed.
“I’m gonna help you have a bath okay? I’ve missed washing you. i missed everything we did.”

You laid on your bed, naked as Jason wanted; he never actually slept with clothes on, but he loved raw nature of you following his example. He felt as if clothes were a burrier between your souls.
“Tell me what was it like, baby girl. And I’ll stop talking about it once you’ve confessed it to me.”
You took a deep breath as Jason fixed his position on the bed. Memories flew in you, but you were stronger than them. For Jason. You couldn’t bare him seing you again hallow as you were the first nights in the hospital.
“She had hordes of girls there. From every race. She would kill of two everyday. She claimed the ones killed were not strong enough to become her hosts. She would feed us from the girls she’d kill. Blood was our water and their skin was our food.”
Jason daren’t say a single word as he listened to you speak of the traumatic experience.
“She had reached a point, where Tay was next, so I obviously yelled at her to stop. I don’t know how I kept my life. But instead of killing Tay, she had her nails in Tay’s chest at the moment, she slaughtered a girl. She left us to starve for a week. It was so corrupting baby, seing her and fearing that I would come back. I wouldn’t come back to you!”
Hot tears welled up in your eyes as you spoke and Jason pulled you in his chest once again. You turned to look at him and he dicided to kiss the tears away from your eyelids. He madly loved you. Have I mentioned that?
“She’s not gonna hurt you anymore baby (y/n). I’m here now. This time I’m not letting you go.”
You eased in his arms as the moment reminded you if your first night with him.
Even if you were naked, even if your breasts barely fit a B-cups bra, even if your hair was the most perfect one. Even if bruises decorated your body and even if your blood was boiling from sadness, he loved you and you loved him.
You fell asleep after many occasional kisses, but he stayed awake, looking at you.

Just like your first night.

sns as songs by the front bottoms

one day i said to my gf “i wonder how many songs by the front bottoms can be applied to sasunaru?”

the answer is 14

note: this is in order of the discography so better ones might be later in the list

@franruto here u go!!

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im-crow  asked:

A small dapper cat approaches the shop seeming a bit excited. "Ooh I didn't know there were shops this far out in the desert!" The cat pulls out a few gold pieces from his hat. "Do you have any accessories or trinkets with benefits that might go well with my attire? I would pay a hefty price if you did!"

“A-a-ah…For you?” She paused, having never had such an .. accompanying customer before. “Oh! How about this?” Sandra leaned over and attached a pair of Go-Goggles to the Litten’s top hat. 

“I heard top hats can wear goggles pretty well! And hey, they’re almost a necessity here. You’re lucky, i dont have many pairs left!” She grinned, trying her best to pocket the gold pieces before her. 

48. Belonging together.

Summary{Requested} - You’re mates but you’re stubborn.

Characters - Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam x reader

Warnings - none

Scott: The moment his red eyes met with yours, he was running after you. He’s been searching for months for you, even since you ran away from him that night.

“(Y/N)!” He yelled, directly behind you, he was so close. You tried and tried your best to get away, but you’ve grown so weak due to being alone for so long. Being an alone Alpha, with no pack seemed to kill your body. You’ve grown weak and sad since the last time you saw Scott.

“Stop!” His voice growled, something inside you made you do just that stopping dead in your tracks, and without him noticing he continued running but ended tumbling on top of you. The moment his eyes met with yours you felt it, the heat, the warmth of being next to him. You felt safe with him, he made you secure but it was so strange it scared you, and that is exactly why you ran away from him that night. You were scared.

Scott let out a loud sigh, “I spent three months looking for you.” His fingers rubbed your cheek softly, tracing along the cheek bone. “I finally know why.” He paused once again, looking at you admiringly, “We are mates, the feeling we get with each other, our hearts beating one hundred miles an hour, it explains it all. Why your scent is stronger then anyone else, why I have the feeling to be next to you twenty four seven.”

Tears grew in your eyes as he was right, and you accepted it. “We’re made for each other.” His nice words rang into your ears. “Please don’t run away again.”

You couldn’t if you tried, due to the pull you had towards him. He was right it did explain it all, you two were made for each other, made to lead his pack together, you were made to be his Luna.

Stiles: Stiles was human, a mer human but the connection was still there. You felt it as much as he did, but you couldn’t accept that you’re mate was a human. He was human, not a werewolf built to kill. How was he suppose to help you through this.

No matter how hard you tried, his intoxicating smell filled your nose, it held a strength greater then any other. Stiles felt it was well, any time you were near it seemed as if he would know, or sense you close.

“Stiles.” You mumble catching his attention, as he once again confirmed his clutch to be correct, as he knew you were close to him. You sigh looking up at the handsome male in front of you, “I can’t stay away from you.”

Only three days ago, you told him to stay away and that you two would never work out due to him being a human. Stiles couldn’t help but smile since he told you, you wouldn’t be able too. The mate pull was too strong, as he felt it as well. Three days away from each other seemed like hell, no matter how hard you try, the minds of yous longed for each other.

“Whether you like it or not, we’re meant to be together.” Stiles says, making you nod in agreement. “I made for you and you’re made for me, the world wants us the be together, and I can’t take this pain anymore.”

The pain of the mate pull, the pain of feeling like he’s already lost you. His foot steps echoed into your ears, as you slowly backed up against the wall, unsure what to do. His soft hands against your own, sent tingles through out your body, he was the one, no wonder why it felt like this. His soft lips met with yours by surprise, with you of course kissing back.

Theo: “Why can’t you just accept that you are mine?!” Pure anger coarsed through out the Chimera’s veins leaving him blazing. He couldn’t help but feel angry due to all him wanting to do it too love you, due to the the mate pull it was his first instincts too, but you wouldn’t allow him, you somehow denied his love.

“You’re close as stone. You’re evil I can’t be with someone like you.” Unlike Theo you cared about people, you cared about the deaths around you, and most importantly you care for you friend’s safety, that Theo seemed to be threatening a lot.

“You can’t resist it.” Theo’s voice booms, “Just admit it, you’re begging for my touch right now, and when you’re alone, you beg to be in my presence.” He was right of course, you two were mates, destined to be together by faith, but it was so hard to be with someone like Theo. He never thought of people, he didn’t value the lives of innocent people, he crushed them, he killed them.

But Theo was right, your body begged from him to hug you, to kiss you, to just hold you, but you wouldn’t allow it, it wasn’t right. “Theo I have to go.” You say, as badly you didn’t want to admit, you didn’t want to leave his presence, it was because of this stupid mate pull.

Theo’s hand caught your forearm, pulling you into his chest. “Please don’t go.” He says, the sadness laced in his throat sent chills down your skin, creating small bumps against it. “I will stop, I will do anything to have you mine.” His words caught you by surprise. Theo Raeken will stop being bad for you? Without a word or a warning his lips met slowly with yours, and this time you couldn’t find yourself to stop him.

Liam: No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t stay away from you. Your scent was too strong, it was too intoxicating to the young beta. No matter how hard he tried to stay away, his mind always found itself thinking about you, his body craving you. You knew as him being your mate but he was only a beta for the other pack, and you stood as a proud Alpha for your own.

Scott has told Liam multiple times that he was feeling the mate pull. The mate pull is what connected you two mentally, the feelings you felt the other one did as well, the pain from physical or mental pain you also felt. Liam didn’t think so though, the way you acted like you couldn’t even feel anything, or never even looked at him, there was no way he was your mate.

Little did Liam know you were begging for his touch, you wanted Liam, you wanted to be with him, but it was forbidden due to the seaperate packs. “I know you’re here.” You say, as Liam mentally cursed himself out from behind the tree he was behind. “Why are you following me?” The sight of Liam made your heart rate increase, and your palms grow sweaty due to how perfect his man was.

“Honestly I dont know.” He paused, his hand laying on the back of his neck, one of his nervous habits. “Something in me is telling me to see you.” You felt the same as you finally couldn’t hold it back, walking closer to the handsome teenager, he instantly tensed, as your hand rest against his chest.

“I feel the same.” The moment you said that, he knew Scott was telling the truth, you were his mate. His lips parted as he was stunned by your words. “We’re mates Liam, I can feel your emotions, I can feel how bad you want to kiss me.” His throat grew dry because you were right, he did want to kiss you, but him being the shy guy he was coward, but was happy to feel you press your soft lips against his own.


The speed-paint counterpart to @raccoonsinqueen ‘s birthday picture.

 That sketch in the background is the sketch I had completed on my desktop before it crashed. Four times :).

 I get this bittersweet feeling when I look at the recording because nothing wanted me to finish this. 

There are a few jumps here and there because I had to pause the recording to responding to a never silent group chat. Now that I’ve explained all the unnecessary parts, this candy is gonna shut it.

the warmth that draws me to you.

rated k.

it is his third week back in konoha, and he sees her on the market streets, one day. she is carrying more grocery bags than any civilian could likely manage on their own, but she is smiling, despite, and the sight strangely compels him to approach her without knowing why.

she doesn’t notice him before he reaches out and carefully grabs a few bags from her, acknowledging, “sakura.”

she stills, and blinks, before the smile grows brighter. he suspects it isn’t because she is grateful for his help, but rather because his unexpected thoughtfulness awes her.

“thanks, sasuke-kun.” as she readjusts the bags in her arms, she cocks her head and says, eyes twinkling, “what are you doing at the market at this time? i never see you around here this late.”

“just passing through.”

her smile stays bright. “well in that case, since you have my bags, would you mind walking me to my apartment?”

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New Year's Eve

-HAPPy nEW YeaR??!!?!


-Are you drunk?


-Maybe you should slow down the alcohol consumption.’


-‘* yOU dont tell ME whatta whatta uuhhDO im gonna keep drinking and ur gonna keep your pie hole shut


-‘I do not have a “pie hole” Dean. If you are referring to my mouth, I do not intend to keep it shut, as you are obviously overly intoxicated.


-Ehh maybe your jus under intoxeeccaattteddd And now i drink


-Okay Dean. Continue making poor decisions.


-Where are you anyway?


-Damn right i will and what’s with this 20 questions? how the hell im supposed to know where I’m at


-Dean, this is serious. Where are you?


-Your incessant intoxication has been getting you into trouble as of late, and I am getting concerned.


-Ah ya know……arrrrrooouuunnddd HANGING OUT drinking a lil bit what’s the big problem ‘ere


-Are you with a woman?


Why?… are you…jealous.



-No, I , I am merely concerned by your whereabouts and- making sure you are not getting yourself into trouble.


-You did not answer my question Dean, are you in the presence of a female?


-Oh yeah Cas partying it up over 'ere its a friggin’ playboy party


-NO cas i am drinking alone in the middle ah know where

Heh care to join in all the fun?


-I not nor read well into sarcasm Dean, but I will take the ladder text as the serious one. You know I do not drink alcohol. However, being with you would not be displeasing.


-Again, I ask where you are?



-South on fout 55

-In my baby outside some depressing ass bar. Try not to get losss buddy


-Well, I shall certainly try not to. I’ll be there shortly.


- ill be waiting


-Okay Dean, but try not to become too intoxicated before my arrival. I need to out a few things away.


-Yea yeah sure fine


-Dean I have arrived at the establishment.

-It is dark however, and I am having difficulty locating your vehicle.


-Can ya see it now?


-I see you, get back in before you hurt yourself.

Cas walked over to Dean’s Car. He isn’t entirely sure why he went there tonight. Usually he just lets Dean do his own thing when he goes out drinking. This time however, Cas is concerned.


“Join me man pick up a beer and jam out to a few of em songs.”

“Dean, I already told you I do not consume alcohol. As an Angel they can cause very adverse effe-“

“Ah pah-lease cas live alil'” *hic*

“You jus hang and let me have the fun.”

As Dean spoak, he had a hard time focusing on Cas and he slurred his words together.

“Okay, thank you.  But would you open the door. I have been standing here for quite some time, and you have not returned to the vehicle as I previously requested. “

“Suuuurree for you cas anything”

“Thank you.”

“SSsssoOOoo ya came here to what? Take care ah me i mean clearly you didn’t come for the booze,” Dean shook his bottle in Cas’s direction as he spoke, spilling its contents onto the floor.

“I came to ensure you stayed out of trouble. I presume you were not with a woman tonight by the looks of it.”

Dean snorted before saying, “Nope only girl i need right here,” He said, patting the dashboard.

“An by the looks of it, idsay ur still jealous.”

“I do not understand how humans give inanimate objects genders. And what would cause me to be jealous,” Cas snapped.

“Ah I dunno guess I must have been wrong then.”

“Yes- yes you were, I see no logical reason for me to be jealous of a female holding your attention.”

Cas turned up the volume for the radio before saying, “Uh-huh cas if thats how ya feel. Ah man this song!”


“I realize you have an affinity foe Led Zepplin, but could you turn it down?”



            Dean turned up the volume even more.

“Why did I even come here?”

“Beats me.”

“The lyrics are quite pleasing, I must admit…”

“…Maybe you jus cant stay away from this face,” Dean said, not paying attention to Cas’s previous comment.

Cas shifted uncomfortably saying,  “If you are asking if I find your face aesthetically pleasing, we have had this conversation before. The symmetry of your features is impressive, in addition to your jawline, lips, and your eyes, the color of which I find ver-“

“Alright, alright Cas I get it, you think I’m hot.”

“I- I did not say 'that’…”

Finishing off another bottle Cas said, “ Uhuhh sure Cas that’s not whtchya said but its what ya meant. C'mon you know what i mean”

“It would not be appropriate for me to think, much less say those kinds of things about you Dean.”

“And haven’t you had enough to drink tonight?”

“DOnt touch my drinks unless ur gona join.”

“And maybe your horizons just need to be widened,” Dean said, gesturing with his arms.

“Ok, fine, I will take one”

“Thank you. But Dean, ‘my horizons?’ I can see the horizon line just fine thank you.”

“Well ya know when you said you cant think things like people being hot I mean come on appropriate? who cares man ,” Dean said nudging Cas’s shoulder, “Drop that heavenly crap and jus let your thoughts go man.”

“I- I can’t,” Cas said, before he took a sip of his beer and turned to look away.

“Ah cas c’mon what is *hic* it… some'n clearly on ur mind .”

Dean scooted closer and pointed his empty beer bottle at Cas saying, “Out with it.”

Taking a few more drinks Cas said, “I-well, it’s complicated. I mean- Dean I can’t just-“

“Uuuggh damnit stop looking away,” Dean said as he reached over, grabbed Dean’s face moving it to face him, “there now if you don wanna talk fine bu it seems ta me you got something big on your mind so spit it out or shut it and spend the res of the night in alcohol and rock.”

Cas finished his beer and grabbed another before saying, :Dean, I don’t think you understand, I can’t just tell you-“

He paused for a moment taking another sip saying, “I- it’s not that simple, it’s not good. I- I’m not good… I- I can’t ruin e-everything.”


“Aright fine, this is why booze is here, drink an forget your troubles… whatever cryptic shit your talkin about.”

“God Dean, could you jus stop, seriously, I- I can’t just- shit!”

Cas left the car quickly and obviously upset about something. He left Dean in the Car confused about what had just happened.

“Ahhh crap,” Dean said as he got out of the Car.

Stumbling towards Cas Dean said, “C-cas hey what the hell is goin on man- hey! will you juss stop walking away or at leas slow down a bit…i…may have had too much ta drink over 'ere”

At this point, the effects of the beer were taking their toll on Cas, “Dean just stop ok, please- just- get ou- away. You don want something  you’ll regret to happen, I’m- jus goin'gg to ruin.”

“Ruin what?”

“N-nothing, I saaid go away,” Cas pushed Dean feebly before giving up on pushing him away.

Before Cas could pull back his arm, Dean grabbed it saying,  “NO now stop messing around and damnit Cas…jus- jus tell me…is…is there something wrong or are ya mad at someone or wha-“

“I, jus- no I’m not mad I just- I just- you, it’s you. I can’t- could you please just go,” Cas said, clearly distraught and sad.

“Whaddya mean me? and no you wanna go then you gotta tell me.”

“Please jus let me go,” Cas said as tears began running down his face.


I cannt do dis now. Just stopp.“

“I real-you don understand- you wont feel the same I know you don- you cant, don make tis harder for m-me than ii already is!”

“Aright arit calm down i can barely understand you come on youdon even know where ya goin jus stay here with me in the car. K,” Dean asked, leading Cas back to the car.

“I wish I nevr came tonigh’t.”

Cas looked at Dean moving closer, “An why dont YOU star talking, *pokes chest* YOU keep making ME talk, I don know people too well but earlier,” Cas poked Dean in the chest saying, “YOU were acting kinda strange like when you arr with come girl you wan to hook up with and all. An why do YOU,” He said poking him again, “Care so much about how I’ feel, an apparently I think your ‘hot’ well-how do YOUUU feel”

“Well hell now your talkin at least…,” Dean sighed before continuing, :Cas, alright, ya know you’re right and I’m just gonna say some stuff an see where it goes but… i-i… well ok you… mean a lot ta me an i fine that i like being aroun ya an stuff and- wow, that sounds pretty  lame, ok, sorry, is just YOU and well i… and i know you probly don even understand bu-z”

“I, Dean- I don’t think I understand what you are tryin'g to say, I- I feel like you. I mean with you I- just feel different, b-ut I, don’t know why.” Cas paused for a moment before saying, “Just- never mind, I didn’t say anything Dean, I’m sorr'y. Just-“

“NO please no, don jus look, what I’m tryin say is tha i care bout you so much and i feel different aroun you too and i never know how to describe it and- and- i’ve'ad way too muchta drink an you probly don know what I’m saying-“

“See an nowe-re both drunk- an you probably don even know what your ssayin here. I know you dont really feel like that cus- wev been friends so I know you- an you- no. Juss stop.”

“I think I should leave now before I say something that’ll screw us up.”

“No! …i mean please don leave…i…i do mean what I’m saying and-and  you-if im understanding right… you might feel the same.”

“Well den justell me wat your thinking then! I cant deal withis- is jus beating around the tree.”


            “I like you Cas. I mean uh…” Dean said before looking the other way.

            Suddenly Dean felt hands wrap around his face and full him over towards the other side, suddenly we lips were on his. He looked at Cas’s whose eyes were closed, and began kissing him back. Dean was in a drunken have and began toying at Cas’s lips with his tongue. Cas let him as their kiss deepened.

            Cas pulled away taking a few deep breaths, “Cas- I… Um,” Dean tried to say, feeling his face flush, “are you su-ure abbou-” he felt Cas’s lips go back over his and he felt fingers run through his hair. Cas once again pulled away, hands still laced through Dean’s hair. Cas looked down and said, “I lo-ave you D-ean.”

            This time, it was Dean who kissed Cas. Dean was overwhelmed with emotion and passion, and he may have been way drunk to top it off.

            Dean slid his tongue past Cas’s lips trying to explore his mouth. Cas let out a moan at the touch as he felt Dean’s tongue on his. Moving his hands onto Dean’s jacket, Cas gripped hard pulling him in closer. After a few minutes Cas made his way onto Dean’s lap and continued kissing him.

            Dean gasped as Cas let his fingers slide through his hair. After a bit, Dean pulled away before continuing his kisses along Cas’s jaw and onto his neck. Sucking on Cas’s neck Dean heard Cas let out a moan as he ground his hips down.

            Dean jerked a bit at the contact and realizing Cas was hard against him. Pulling away he pushed his hips back up to Cas and watched Cas squirm and blush above him.

            “You like that,” Dean asked smirking.

            “Nhgg,” Cas replied as Dean continued grinding his hips up.

Smiling, Dean pulled Cas back in and began kissing him again. This time he nipped at Cas’s lip and sucked on it a few times, causing Cas to whimper in response. Eventually, Cas felt Dean’s hands tugging at the hem of his shirt, lifting it free from his waistline. He felt Dean continuing and unbuttoning his shirt. Once Dean pulled off the shirt, tie, and jacket, he let his hands run lightly up and down Cas’s torso.

            Cas’s back arched at the touch as he pushed his chest closer to Dean. His skin felt on fire under Dean’s touch. Cas gasped as he felt Dean’s fingers glide over his nipples. Taking notice, Dean began kissing down Cas’s chest and slowly licked one of his nipples and began rubbing the other with his hand.

            Dean continued by sucking on Cas nipple causing the other man to rock his hips onto Dean’s.

            “Dean,” Cas breathed out.

            Removing his mouth Dean asked, “What, you ok?”

He slowly rubbed Cas’s nipped before Cas continued, “I need-“

            Cas stopped talking suddenly and groaned before kissing Dean hard. After a few moments, Cas pulled back and Dean asked, “What do you need?”

            “I need –ou to touch me.”

            Dean immediately had his hands back on Cas’s torso exploring his body. He continued working on Cas’s nipples with his mouth as he rubbed a hand up and down Cas’s spine. Above him, Cas was rocking into him as he let out soft moans and grunts.

            After a few minutes, Dean slid a hand down Cas’s stomach and he palmed Cas’s erection.

            “D-ean,” Cas moaned out, as he bucked his hips forward grinding against Dean’s hand.

            “I think, ‘ere gonna need to find some’ere else to do this,” Dean breathed, noticing how hard his erection was beginning to strain against his pants.

            Before he could let out another word, Cas had moved them, back to their motel room and had pushed him over on the bed.

            Cas began kissing Dean hard as he began pulling Dean’s shirt off. Sitting up after removing his shirt, Dean grabbed onto Cas’s back letting his fingers trace over his muscles as he kissed Cas’s chest.

            Cas stood up quickly pulling Dean up with him. “I bel’eve we need to remove the ‘est of our clothing,” Cas slurred.

            Cas felt Dean’s hands quickly begin undoing his belt before pulling his pants and underwear off. After Cas stepped out of his clothes and removed his socks he watched as Dean looked him up and down.

            Dean smiled as he began removing the rest of his clothes. Once he was fully naked, he led Cas back to the bed climbing on top of the Angel.

            Dean began kissing Cas’s chest as his hands ran down his sides. Dean began licking one of Cas’s nipples and playing with the other. Cas began gasping as he felt Dean’s lips playing with him. He felt Dean suck and kiss his nipple causing him to unwind beneath him.

            After a few minutes Dean began kissing Cas lover and lover before he kissed the hear od Cas’s dick causing Cas to moan. Dean looked up at Cas for permission before he took him in his mouth and began slowly sucking. He let his tongue lick the underside of Cas’s cock as he moved back and forth, in and out. Dean felt Cas’s hand in his hair rather quickly and felt Cas squirming beneath him.

            “D-ean,” Cas breathed, “Just hurry up- if you d-on’t s-stop I’m gonna-“

            Dean quickly pulled up letting Cas regain composure.

            After a bit Dean said, “Are you ready to keep going?”

            Cass nodded and Dean continued, “Im going to put a finger in you, ok?”

            After Cas nodded again, Dean placed his finger at Cas’s entrance and moved it around a bit, getting used to it being there. He slowly began pushing his finger, causing Cas to let out a gasp.

            “You ok?”

            “Yea, just keep going.”

            Dean worked his finger all the way, letting it rest there for a bit. He then began moving it in and out. He looked up and saw cas trying to control himself as he let out small ghasps.

            “I’m putting in another finger.”

            Dean slid in a second finger causing Cas to gasp out in pain.

            “I’m sorry, should I-“

            “No, just keep going, please.”

            Dean began working both fingers in and out, twisting his fingers as he went. Soon, Cas was getting used to his fingers and Dean began scissoring them. He began pushing his fingers faster and harder and quickly he found Cas’s prostate. He heard Cas let out a loud moan. Dean smiled and began focusing on that spot.

            “D-ean,” Cas groaned, “If you sont s-top-“

            Dean removed his fingers and grabbed Cas’s hips, pulling the Angel closer to him.

            “Are you sure you want this?”

            “Dean, I’ve wanted this for years, yes.”

            Dean slowly pushed in, pausing to allow Cas to adjust. Then Dean pulled back before quickly pushing back in. He continued rolling his hips in and out as he felt his body becoming closer and closer. Underneath him Cas was gasping every time Dean moved.

            Dean loved watching Cas’s face as he fucked him.He bent over and began kissing Cas, sucking on his jaw as they moved together.

            Eventually Dean found Cas’s prostate once again as Cas loudly gasped. Dean degan moving faster and harder at that angle. He felt himself coming closer and closer and he could tell the same thing was happening to Cas.

            “Dean- I’m gonna-“

            Cas moaned as Dean hit his prostate again Causing Cas’s body to tense up as he came across their chests. Dean kept moving and he felt Cas’s body tightening around his dick. Pushing in once more, Dean felt himself release as he shot his hear back moaning.

            After a few minutes settling down, Dean pulled out and rolled over next to Cas. He kissed Cas lightly on his lips before pushing back some of the hair on Cas’s forehead.

            “You know I love you Cas,” Dean said out of breath.

            Cas smiled before kissing Dean back passionately.

            “I love you too, I always had.”

            Dean smiled, intertwine Cas’s hand with his before he quickly kissed him once again. Wrapping his arm over Cas’s chest he closed his eyes. He knew tomorrow he was going to have one hell of a hangover, but it would be the best hangover he would ever had. And it was definitely worth it.            

It all started from a simple diary... (Part 3)

One week,One whole week had spend and Fred had forbid to speak to you. He doesn’t even lock eyes with you for longer than a second, and people had started to get curious to find out what happened to your relationship. You had tried to talk to him,had ask for a chance to explain yourself but he had just ignored it. He had started to treat you as a person not visible to him. And you hated it. Hated it all.

Encounter between you and George also had gotten weird and awkward, seemingly Fred had blamed everything on him about the diary and all , that’s why from the few past days they both were not getting along.

Whenever you and George happen to meet each other, he only give you this dissappointed look or shake his head while passing you like he didnt have expected such from you.

All this pain had made you so broken,your friends were worried that you will soon give up on everything. You felt like you were responsible for doing this to Fred and George. Like you had tear their friendship apart. It all felt so wrong.

Today after your portions class you didnt feel like eating anything so instead of going for lunch you thought it would be better to take some rest in your dorm. Entering the Gryffindor common room, you thought it was empty at first but then you found a gingerhead sitting near the fire place on the couch.

He turned his towards you as he saw you enter. It was George,all alone looking rough and sad. You thought he would ignore you first but he kept looking at you and then after a while,he smiled.

You first look back to find if he was smiling at you and then smiled back.
“Will you come here and sit with me , (Y/n)? I-er just wanna talk to you ‘bout something.” He said waving his over the other couch.

You took in a deep breath and went to sit near him, the place had gotten heated so much you didnt knew why.

“Yeah er what is it?” You tried your best not to sound rude, and he waa trying his.
“Now you dont want to make it awkward,do you? You know what it is im talking about.”,you’ve never heard George having this much serious tone before,sitting across him on the couch ypu didnt said anything. It was all too awkward,you stared at the floor and just nodded.

“Listen (Y/n),like i know its weird to talk about what happen.. but the thing is that i know. I know that you were in love with Fred,Ive seen it in your eyes. And we both know that there is nothing between us,nothing except true friendship,right?

You look at him for a second,ofcourse it was true that you loved Fred, but it was also true that you once had a crush on George. You dont think that Fred told him everything about the diary that what was written on it,thats why George was saying such thing.

“George…Yes its true that i loved your brother and ofcourse there is like nothing between us….but the thing which Fred must be bragging about is that diary..” you paused and he raised his eyebrows still unaware of what you were saying. “Listen, don’t make it awkward but there is a diary that belongs to me and it was old like very old and yeah. Er it had something written on it..”

“What? What was written in it? Look (Y/n), you know we dont have much time cause others would be back in some time and ofcourse they would not like us sitting and chatting here….So straight to the point"

“You know as i told you that it was very old..Right. so it said that..i mean i had written that i had onceacrush on you.” I tried my best to skip that sentence fast but he still caught it. As soon as his eyes got wide and he swallowed your words in you continued “But it was something that happened before…i honestly love Fred now.”

“Okay,” a cough. “Its weird.”

You stared at him and he stared back ar you and then after a second from no where, you both started laughing. Like truley laughing. And it felt good,to smile and to laugh after these days and at that time you realized that George was one whom you could use as a friend. As a friend, nothing much.

You guys didn’t got much time to talk more cause students had started to come back in the commom room but in that short time George promised you something, that he will surely take some time and will try his best to explain everything to Fred as much as he can.

Two days after with a conversation with George, something had changed in him and you. You didnt felt much terrible as you did two days ago. It was like having a feeling that everything would be okay soon.

Above all,George had told you that Fred had agreed to meet you and to give you a chance to explain him. He also told you that Fred had started to believe his brother about that there was nothing between you two and that he might be wrong but still he wasn’t sure.

For now, as it was Sunday you were laying in your bed. All quiet was the room cause all your room mates were enjoying out the holiday. They did insist for you to join them but you were not in mood. All you required was peace and rest from all studying and stuff.

Humming and lost in your thoughts, you turned a corner of your other side and saw a corner of some book hidden under your bed. You realized the familiar cover and picked up your diary from down the bed.

Admiring the cover,you thought that how this thing have brought changes in your life. A month ago it was the reason of your happiness as it brough you and Fred toghether and look at now, it was just two days ago when it had broke you two apart. Maybe keeping a diary was not a good idea though, whatever it was you just didnt needed this thing anymore. Laying there thinking, you didnt remember when you went to sleep.

You woke up to the sound of something knocking against your window. You got up and rubbed your eyes to found a familiar owl having a piece of paper in its beak. You went to stand near the window and opened it. The old looking owl landed the paper on your hands and after giving you a “hoot” it flew away and dissappeared.

“Bye there!” You waved your hand to the air and observed the little piece. Written on it was

Meet me at the astronomy tower tonight at 12 O'clock. I’ll be waiting.

Even it was written in a very brief manner, you kept reading it again till the words sunk all inside you till a smile spread across your lips. But suddenly you started to get nervous wondering what if he wants you to stay away from him?what if he doesnt trust you? The feelings were mix.

anonymous asked:

what's the best season of bones in your opinion?

good question!!!!! I don’t know about the best but I can tell you my favourite season. first instinct is to say season 5 I think because it’s got the 100th episode which is one of my favourites. also I liked the grave digger trial story line and I love sweets in that season. and I love the finale as well 💓 it’s so sad but so beautiful. also brennan is so stunning in that season? I dont know if they upped the camera quality or whatever but I cant watch an episode without pausing and crying because of her face. 

you didn’t ask for this awlksdhjl but here’s an incomplete list of my favourite episodes that have just been chilling on a sticky note

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2 & 3/∞ favorite passages from Awkward Beat/Pregnant Pause, chapter nine & twenty-seven:

“Do you ever use my body wash when I’m not here? Sometimes I use yours when I’m at your place. It smells like you. Or you smell like it.”


“My teeth grazed the sensitive skin of her neck and I realized she smelled familiar. Like my body wash. Like me. I nearly lost it then and there.”