i dont know i just love these

  • someone: hey you ok?
  • me: yeah im fine
  • also me: i really don't know how this candy morningstar situation is really going to be solved i am losing sleep over this i cannot believe lucifer is going to marry some random stripper as a revenge plot against his dad chloe doesnt deserve this lucifer doesnt deserve this I SURE AS HECK doNT deserve this what is going to happen to them they were so happy and in love for two and a half episodes and now it's all come crashing down and it's all mother and father's fault and my poor babies i just need them to be happy and chloe is going to be so devastated she will try to shut him out she had just allowed herself to open up and feel for him to take a risk despite all of his flaws despite the fact that she knows he has issues that hes trying to work on and lucifer is going to give her the cold shoulder and be miserable thinking what he had was never real with her that she could never truly love him in the real ways that he wants to be loved because all he has ever known is being an outcast that was unwanted and manipulated with no true friends besides a demon so when 2x14 airs i am going to be in pieCES and to top it all off this hiatus is killing me slowly but surely and youve got FOX out here releasing canon deckerstar fan vids and renewing for s3 so these two tragic cases can come back and haunt me for 31 more episodes

so i was feeding my bird when i had a random thought: dear evan hansen characters and pets????

evan would totally have a dog (and he’ll name them after a kind of tree smh),,, imagine evan coming home after school and hes having a shit day and the dog is at the door jumping with joy and evan just melts because who knows how long his dog has been waiting on the door mat for him
he cries in bed, and the dog just jumps in bed with him and sleeps by his side and evan is like, instantly comforted
he swears the dog knows when evan is feeling like shit bc it always lies by his side when he is
evan loves his dog so much ok

evan brings zoe over and she just pets the dog and plays with it for hours probably

connor would totally have a cat?? a house cat if u will and sometimes when connor has like those mad mood swings hed just look at the cat and observe how chill it is and he’ll just sit there talking to the cat and asks how it even does that and idk. connor loves the cat. he cant sleep without the cat by his side
he also spoils the damn thing and appreciates it when the cat brings dead rats to him because wow it took all that effort to bring him a gift and at the same time kinda pissed bc “what you think i cant get my own food?? smh cat”

jared ?????? would have a BIRD?? idk man maybe its just me being biased but imagine jared having a talking bird and he just teaches the bird how to say inappropriate things like “penis” and thinks its funny until his mother catches the bird saying “penis” everytime she says a word to it lmao
jared loves his bird to the moon and back,, he put the cage next to his desk so he can have company while working on the computer and it always makes jared snort when its super quiet and he starts typing and the bird just says “penis” in response


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Can we talk about how Isak doesn't go watch Romeo + Juliet on some illegal streaming website. Like he probably doesn't know about that or anything (he was still using internet explorer at that time) but like he buys that film. He BUYS it. Like he payed money because he was like "This is Even the hot guy's favorite film. The director is his fav. I have to love it. And I have to buy it." He's stalking and paying. That's so fuckin real and he just loves Even so much, he has a legit crush on him.

i just cant believe he hadnt seen romeo and juliet before :/// really unrealistic…even if u dont like the story….leonardo dicaprio??? come on:/ he also typed “romeo juliert” in google ,my dude,,

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Hey pal *finger guns* um I'm an aspiring artist and i know you get like 100 of these messages but like this ones different i get discouraged super easily seeing your art and then mine being trash so i was wondering if you had art from when you were like hella little to like compare? or like when you were first starting out? like a progress photo. i mean you 100% dont have to but it would mean a lot to me personally to see how far youve come... Its totally fine if not but i love your blog & art

Oh god I know how you’re feeling rn. it’s the artist crisis ! 

Firstly : YOU NEED TO STOP COMPARED YOUR DRAWINGS WITH OTHER OH GOD! It will discourage you and it will never help you from progressing. You need to remember that everyone have started by doing stick man on the white paper and with the time, you can have an interest for drawing and just practice everyday to improve as much as you can ! I started being in love with drawing at 7yo and at 10 yo I started depressing bc I couldn’t improve and I was keeping compared my drawings with other and decided to stop drawing until at 12 yo I discovered DIGITAL ART ( dundundun~ ) which literally changed my life so since I have my bby graphic tablet I just keep drawing mostly everyday and improve ! I could make a speech of encouragement but I think my english is too bad for that :’) …

Secondly : Sure I can do that ! Also as I got depressed a lot bc of my art style most of my drawing have been throw in the trash so ya…


brb i’m gonna cringe now

Before It’s Too Late

Spencer finding out he has a 17 year old daughter when her aunt\mother contacts him because she tried to kill herself and they dont know if shell make it so they want him to get a chance to meet her? please all the team there and very dramatic with happy ending please? xx love your works!<3

WARNINGS: Mentions of suicide. 

A/N: H/N is just the daughters name sorry for the confusion I didnt want to name people for you guys lol Hope you like this! I also didnt want to go into detail of how the girl tried to commit suicide or why, I didn’t want to take it there sorry. 

Originally posted by exonev

The rain continued to pour down, Spencer looked out the hospital waiting room windows, trying to piece together everything that had happened in the last couple of days. 

It was just another afternoon at work when Garcia rushed over to his desk, “Spencer I have a message you might want to listen too” 

“Garcia it’s Y/N, look I didn’t know how else to get in touch with him. But Spencer isn’t answering my calls, this is urgent I need to get a hold of him, please just have him call me back” 

The voice message ended, and he reached into his pocket for him phone which had been on silent all day, an endless stream of missed calls floated on his screen. “Do you know what happened Garcia?” Garcia looked flustered “I can’t say exactly my digging up didn’t get me very far, please call her” 

That afternoon he saw you for the first time in 18 years, you together in the cafeteria of the hospital. Explaining to him everything that happened after you left and the reasons why you had called him, his daughter. 

You had left to go on a trip for work, and left her with your sister. A couple of days after you left she called you tell you she had attempted suicide and was being rushed to the hospital. “Spencer I wasn’t going to call you, but then they said she might not make it, and I didn’t want it to end this way” you said with tears streaming down your cheeks. 

Then he asked the question you couldn’t answer “Why didn’t you tell me before” 

“I don’t know, I just couldn’t, I’m sorry I kept this from you” 

Spencer had stayed at the hospital since then, H/N still hadn’t woken up. The team came to visit them after they had finished a case. Everyone was trying to be as positive and reassuring as possible. 

Garcia visited almost every day always brining with her a generous amount of food. Waiting around for something to change was torturous, the doctors we’re optimistic, they also didn’t have bad news to share. 

After five long days, you were held asleep when you heard her call out for you “Mom” a low raspy voice said. 

Spencer looked as you jumped out of your chair and rushed to her side, finally, it was going to be okay. Spencer stood by the door as the doctors and nurses came in to check your vitals, and make sure H/N was in a stable condition. 

H/N eyes continued to follow Spencer as he entered the room. There was no need to say it out loud, she knew who he was. Spencer let her ask all the questions, he didn’t want to push the conversation. Before he left that night he reached into his bag handing H/N one of his favorite books. 

It had been months since she had left the hospital, with her birthday right around the corner Spencer had asked the team to help surprise her. It was the first time was going to visit Spencer at work, excited to see where and with whom he spent all his time with. 

H/N followed Spencer through the glass doors as he continued to give her a tour of the office. They had gotten to the conference room and Spencer paused for a second, “This is where we always meet for cases” he opened the door gathered around the table was Garcia, JJ, Emily, Rossi, Hotch and Derek Garcia. Balloons filled the room and the table filled with decorations and a birthday cake with her name on it. “Surprise” Spencer said as she threw her arms around him. 

Grateful that for the first time in a long time everything was feeling right. 

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i used to be proud to be asexual, then my partner broke up with me because of it... now i dont know if i still wanna be asexual... i dont know what to do

This is an understandable feeling rooted in loss. It makes you feel like you have less value if your ex doesn’t value you the way you want, or the way they once did. Of course, this isn’t true. Your worth doesn’t change based on who sees it. But I think it’s okay to be hurt by this, just remember you want a relationship with someone who loves and respects you for who you are. Tell yourself this when you forget, it won’t instantly fix heartbreak but your pride will likely come back even stronger.

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know any good shimadacest blogs? or even just people who ship it or aren't against it? 0: <3

o boy i dont actually follow a lot of overwatch blogs/shimadacest blogs? but here ya go

shimadacest mainly: @genji-for-shimadacest, @hanzo-loves-shimadacest, @pureshimadacest, @nohaijiachi, @koiwazurai, @hanzosnipple-against-shimadacest (not actually an anti blog LOL), @shimadafluff (on a hiatus), @angela-for-shimadacest, @baire-ow, @qyoo

ppl who ship it: @shimadacestamigo, @ser-ren, @spectralfossa, @lvtro

as for ppl who arent against it but dont ship it, i noticed a lot of the popular blogs for other ships never mention it and have friends who actively ship it sooo try ur luck with them :v

srry i couldnt really help ;-; if someone else ships shimadacest or arent against it, it would be great if you could like/reply to this post to help anon out :p (and give me more ppl to follow lmao)

hey guys did you know that

i love my friends so much they are what keeps me going every day i love them so much they are all so precious and everytime I think about my love for them i feel like crying i honestly dont know what would be of me without them and their daily support which makes me who i am today and who helped me so many times through my life and I dont think theres enough good things in this lifetime for them because they are just way too good for this world I truly suspect they might be angels disguised as people on earth and i’m just so lucky to live in the same time they do and especially to have met them even though some of them live so far from me it feels like a real miracle

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I love Wackson!! Can I marry him? The new comic is great btw!!! What do you think of nams new hair color????

I TOO LOVE WACKSON but unfortunately for u he only has eyes on one dimpled qt and im not going to name names but ya know insert eye emoji (ALSO I LOVE HIS HAIR it’s so vibrantly purple! but tbh nams looks good in every hair color like that’s just the indisputable universal truth it cant be fought or brought to court sry i dont make the rules)

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dont you fucking dare stop answering your asks. literally every single time i open my phone, i open tumblr. and every single fucking time i open tumblr, im checking your account to see what youve been up to. if you stopped, it would actually make a rather big impact on my life? negatively?? and i love how we can just chat with you about whatever and build AUs off each other, and i love your personality and humor. i love you angel please dont stop talking to us <3

i dont know who is paying an army of unusually nice people to send me unusually lovely messages, and i dont know why would they do that, but by all means keep it coming

in other news, 💕💕💕

Im sorry for all my followers but im having a meltdown
BRETT FUCKING DALTON is back on agents of shield….MY BOY WARD IS BACK.

Like…he is part of the three loves of my life triangle…Bellamy/Bob, Stiles/Dylan, Ward/Brett

And I quit the show when he left because the writers just treated him so badly and now im happy because he is just SO GOOOOD im sure they didnt know how to bring him back

Im so conflicted…like I dont even know why he is back..should I watch the show? Should I let them break my skyeward heart again?

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There was a picture of Dan and Phil, some tiger good for winston, a paper with their phone numbers, a silver hat, a shirt, the play dough Jess Glynne used last year (they played a clip of that) and the blindfolded drawing of britawards Years and years draw last year (they played a clip from that too) 😄

i dont know why that makes me smile so much i just

i love dnp and i love caspar 

this is so cute

ndjdjdd godd my friends dating this guy whom i went on a date with last month and nothing happened between us and theyre ’ in love’ now but the guy just texted me and wanted 2 hang out and i was like sure i have a bf we can hang out as couples too and he said thatd make things less awkward and i was like why would it b awkward our date was so friendly and nothing more and he said hes friendly on 1st date and fucks on the 2nd and sent me crying emojis and was creepy like djdjdjdkdkdkdlsksjsodkdkdd i didnt ask also why are men so ugly

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(anon with bf that isnt ok with transitioning) just to clarify i know its rly not ok of me to wish he was gay and stuff, because thats his sexuality and i cant change that, but knowing someone who loves you would be willing to leave just because you changed physically.... i just found out and its really disorienting and i dont know what to do.

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I think I might start watching Hunter X Hunter bcuz of how you draw them tbh. Like idk what it is, but your art is rlly motivating me to watch it. I love your art regardless of what it is and I just, omg. You should know how blessed erryone is to have you alive like omfg. I might be praising a bit too much but idfc. You deserve it ❤❤

akdsjgklasjdgkljasdlkgjaklsdgja, i’m smiling so so so hard! ahhh! this message really means a lot to me and actually came at a really good time–i’ve been nervous to draw more multi-fandom art even though I really want to and to know that you love it regardless of what it is? It just makes me choke up a lot.. . thank you so much for this message, thank you so much, it’s a blessing that you are alive anon! ahh! and yes, please watch hunter x hunter it’s a really great anime and its characters are really lovable :)

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hhh i think i sent an ask like this before but i dont even like steven universe/i never got into it but like? i still follow you because youre such a sweet gumdrop i love you

Oh, hello sweet darling!!

First of all, you cocoa-filled donut, I would like to thanks you for your sweet glittery words, its always nice knowing people like you for who you are!!!

Second, Omg i am so sorry if all the SU makes you a lil uncomfy! its just… I guess I could call it my special interest?, and I love it a ton!!

Still, thanks a lot!!! please remember that if you ever feel like not being here anymore, is fine to leave! no pressure to stay just because of X and Y! 

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You don't have to be scared of klance 😇 it's not the fault of the ship 😇 If some people aren't respectful. My otp is klance but i don't hate people who like sheith just draw what you like and remember all the fan of klance aren't that bad 😇 💜💜😇la tolérance est la base de la vie😇💜💜

Oh dont worry hun, I aint scared of Klance I actually freaking love klance, im scared of klancers
I know all klance fans are not like that but I haven’t met many who are nice 😥 so that’s that

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I has a friend who was rather sure shes ace, but when she got a partner got super sexual a while then got back to being 100% ace again. I was 100% sure Im gay but now Im 100% sure im pan. Im sexual now but I had a time when I had 0 interest in sex, probs due to depression. I dont want to be like "ur only ace cuz ur depressed" but the point I wanna make is sexuality can be a changing & fluid thing and not fixed u kno? So I just go with the flow & label me whatever feels right at the moment <3 <3

thanks love!! I’m not labeling myself rn because I’m just. so confused, but thanks for letting me know!!