i dont know how to pose in pictures

Reasons To Date Dean

Face times together  

When he wants to snuggle

And snuggles turn into well… this

Him singing to you 

Late night phone calls 

Him being a dork and a cutie

Him snapping you 

Dean making you take pictures of him

Jam sessions together

When you cook him food, him devouring all of it and being a happy little Deanie

Adventures and dates together

Him getting all shy

Car rides together… just being able to watch this in the car… Jesus take the wheel.. please

His weird little pose he always does

Him being FOINE


how did talking about Dean in the car turn into this @clubeskimo i dont know if this killed you or not but… 

*these gifs and pictures are not mine credit goes out to the original gif makers as well as stills*

*except the snapchat’s i made those hehe ^^*

photographer!kihyun au

Originally posted by wonhontology

  • i,,, have had a thing for photographer kihyun for like,,,eVer sinCE i started stanning him,,,
  • and since there’s not much out there fics/aus about photographer kihyun
  • /rolls sleeve/
  • ok but photographer!kihyun would be both cool and cute i kid u not
  • the type to always???? ALWAYS!!!! have his camera by his side; either slung on his arm or in his backpack
  • there was this one time he forgot to bring his camera along and his friends thought something happened to him or the camera
  • “is ur camera oKay??????r YOU okay????” “why wouldn’t they be okay and im here aren’t i?”
  • turns out he just forgot to charge the batteries overnight shdsdsj clumsy
  • but how much do you wanna bet he can’t sit still without his camera by his side?
  • “yOo kihYUN sTop FidgEting” “i cant help it!!!!i’m so used to have my camera with me i-”
  • his camera is basically his wife,, but anyways moving on,
  • the type to be gone during the weekends to take short trips to the beach or countryside for pictures
  • “hey kihyun are you free this weekend” “can’t im going to the beach” “hey ki-” “CANT i have to go to the neighbouring city”
  • but his pictures ended up being to die for so it’s forgiven ;;
  • his phone wallpapers,,, would mostly b pictures of sceneries he took. Only on rare occasion it would be faces of people,,,, prob mainly bcs it was him who took it.
  • imagine him putting a picture of minhyuk because he loved the way the pic turned out and minhyuk saw,,,
  • “omg ki i didn’t know u liked me that much ;”^ )” “i  DONT. the pic just turned out nic-” “AWWW SHUSH I Like Me Too ;););)” “sdhjsdhjskajhskja remind me to not take a pic of u ever again”
  • “no way u like the way he poses for pics too much to not take pics of him” - prob shownu
  • “,,,,,, riTe”
  • its tru tho kihyun is picky when it comes to his pictures, especially potraits and he always complains about how its so hard to take pics of shownu
  • “shownu u do know you can breathe like normal, right?”
  • but anyways,
  • his instagram!!!!
  • god his instagram would b aesthetically pleasing nd like, low quality-ly hq,,
  • pics from his trips? pics from his coffee stops? pics of mx hanging out? you got them all!
  • but like,, what’s hard to see in his feed is probably his selfie since he takes bad selfies according to wonho and minhyuk
  • “i  DO NOT. take bad selfies” - says kihyun as he poses the same pose for 2938482 selfies with the same angle
  • sighs
  • so instead of uploading his selfies, the only pictures that would have his face in it would be the candids the boys took of him
  • from when he’s drinking coffees, or from when he’s taking pictures,,,
  • mostly r pics of him taking pictures w his camera since he find himself looking extra cool doing those
  • but like,,, since most of his pics r candids, u can hardly see his face since it’s always being covered w camera or looking down
  • also since most pics r from  the boys, u could expect to see minhyuk or wonho annoyingly commenting on his pics
  • “omg what a cool pic i wonder who took them” “i bet the photographer’s good looking tell him i’m a fan of him!”
  • “im  Blocking. both of u”
  • ok but you,,,, you do know kihyun, sort of
  • that is if u consider being friends with changkyun and hearing changkyun bragging about how good this one photographer friend is then yeah you do know kihyun
  • you follow him on instagram, but like,,, u never actually met him before??
  • tho judging on his ig pics he seems attractive but also seems like a snoob?? or a bit cocky?? based on his comments so idk,, u just dont really like those type of guys
  • but anyways, you’re studying filming major in school so you’re always standing behind the camera or screens instead,
  • but you’re been told a handful of time that you have enough visuals to be a model,, it DID crossed ur mind but like???me??? a model??? must b mad enough to do  That,  so u didnt
  • so you’re a close friends with changkyun, and you two are always hanging out when kyun ain’t hanging out w mx
  • so when you’re out together, it’s always u who takes kyun’s pictures and you’re no photography student, but you could say your pics r decent (since you actually like photography as well,)
  • changkyun loves!!!! ur pic and he always say that you would bond well with kihyun since the two of you have similar taste
  • youre like  “naaaaah no thx” and kyun just shrugs bcs like okay then sure no fOrcing u
  • so u continue to hangout with changkyun with him mentioning about wanting the two of you meeting up but you always refusing
  • UNTIL 
  • one day you two were hanging out at the park, just casual and being a bunch of goofs when kyun said some of the mx boys r here and wants to meet up nd if its okay with you
  • “yeAH??? i mean i would love to meet them anyways especially minhyuk! i heard he’s kinda cool,,”
  • “yeah but there’s gonna be kihy-” changkyun before his words being interrupted by a hollering minhyuk from afar
  • you immediately recognize minhyuk based on his jumpy attitude and also wonho who’s following behind a sprinting minhyuk
  • minhyuk immediately pounced on changkyun and you like,, laughed at how done kyun looked
  • u suddenly heard some clicker sound beside u and when u turn, ur eyes meet w a pair of very??? beautiful??? eyes???
  • it took a few seconds but u then realized it was kihyun,, with his camera his hand,, like OF COURSE kihyun would b around taking pics
  • immediately introducing yourself to the boys, changkyun immediately said, “ah ki hyung, she’s the one who always took my cafe an d ootd pics”
  • youre like ?? but when u look at kihyun he was like O-o and was saying “yeah i sorta figured?? since u hardly hang out w anyone else anyways” but he wasnt even looking at u or anything,,,
  • “wow he really /is/ snobby,,,,” was what u thought at first since even after a few mins of hanging out at the park, he still wont meet ur eyes??? even when he’s talking to you or something??? wow   rood.
  • but like yea you guys hanged out for a while longer before u decided to leave the boys alone
  • so when you excused yourself, changkyun was like “yeah yeah sure i’ll see you later” but
  • kihyun seemed weirdly and surprisingly disappointed for someone who hardly made any eye contact w you through out the hour of hanging out
  • nd judging on his personality around the boys and on what changkyun told you, you doubt he’s actually  SHY
  • (in which he is but we’ll get to that later)
  • but anyways, kihyun was like: “you’re leaving already?”
  • “????y ea??? i have early classes tomorrow so,,”
  • “o right your filming classes”
  • ???? ?you’re actually surprised that he knows??? but okay then
  • so like u go home and attend your classes like normal for almost a whole week, nothing unusual happened, and u doing ur usual routine,
  • like going to classes, having lunch w your friends and changkyun when he’s free, studying in the library,, and even going out during the afternoon for an hour of,,, walk
  • so here’s the thing
  • even when you’re a film student, you have a huge interest in photography, so,
  • every afternoon you would go out for an hour or two, just to walk around town, stopping once in a while to just take pictures.
  • people thought you go out for some exercises but l mao n O
  • you always have your small handy little camera by your side,, your loyal best friend.
  • so like it was a week??? after that meeting with kihyun and the other boys, but nothing happened,
  • you did saw kihyun around the campus once in a while,
  • but everytime your eyes locked, he would blin k for once or twice then quickly look away,
  • in WHICH, helped u to think that he’s really a snob
  • (u gH HE IS REALLY NOT but we’ll get there anyways,)
  • so like one afternoon you’re just walking around town, taking pictures like normal,
  • and you’re at this small park at the end of town,
  • its small, and not packed, just like how u like it,,
  • so you ended up just spending your afternoon there, taking pictures and stuff
  • nd after a while u spot a cute little kitten playing around, and of course u took pictures of it
  • the cat spotted you and it just ran towards you and soon,,
  • your camera was forgotten and you’re there,
  • just sitting on the ground and playing with the little kitten,,,
  • it was really peaceful, with just you and the kitten, and maybe some one or two people passing by, a couple sitting on a bench nearby,, but that’s just it
  • it’s not noisy or anything, just the way you like it,,
  • at least until u heard some sound of the flicker of a camera
  • looking around, you were expecting to see someone taking photos of views or the trees,, BUT
  • what you wasnt expecting was seeing a camera lens being pointed directly towards you,, just a few feet away from you,, and the kitten
  • you just stared at the camera,, nd the person behind the camera since you’re not really sure what to do
  • because like you’re not sure either to be mad or not?? since yea, it’s not nice to take other people’s pictures without permission but like,
  • you yourself have taken so many candid pictures of others,,, so??? u’re not exactly sure??
  • realizing they were caught, the person quickly lower down their camera and bow down their head slightly
  • but like you managed to catch their face and you just,,,: “kihyun???”
  • the person look up at you and with his round glasses on the bridge of his nose, his beanie covering his black hair, a simple round sweater hugging his figure,
  • you could easily tell it is indeed your campus’ infamous photographer, Mr. Yoo Kihyun
  • “what are you-”
  • “look, i’m sorry for taking your picture without permission it’s just that the settings was all so nice and the sunlight was on point, the kitten was active and you look really pretty so i just had to,, and like i hope u dont ask me to delete them??? because it’s really pretty,,, like i could show u if you don’t believe me it’s ReALLy nice!!! and-”
  • “l mao kihyun you’re babbling and yea of course you can keep them,”
  • “please dont tell me to- wait, what?? reaLLy???”
  • “yea h, i mean, as long as i look good in them tho”
  • “o- oh,, well,, u do look decent i guess???”
  • “don’t lie, i heard it when u said i looked pretty.”
  • “o h sh OOt”
  • CUE a cute blushing kihyun scratching his nape, trying to figure out how to cover up his honest words he blurted out a while ago,
  • but when he looked up trying to spit out some words about how it was the sun that helped you looked nice,, he sees you grinning at him while the little kitten still playing with your fingers,,,
  • and he thought,, oh screw it
  • “y-yeah,, well you always look good anyways, so nothings new”
  • and when he sees your cheeks slowly growing red, he was glad he said those words,,
  • he’d always thought you’re cute anyways, only he never actually brought up the guts to approach you properly
  • and now,, with you here for once smiling at him instead of looking at him as if he’s some kind of snob you hate, which he knows you thought of him that way before this,,
  • he decided he’s gonna be a  Man and not waste this chance with you
  • “but like, do you wanna see it though? the pictures, i mean.”

a/n : i might do a second part of this, who knows since i have a major big fat love for photographer!kihyun anyways! Also, newton was released today and photographer!kihyun made his appearance!!!! 

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hi hi I hope no one has asked this already, but could u maybe give some pointers on how to draw bodies ??? :-0 whenever i draw them they look so stiff and awkward,, the way u draw bodies is so flow-y and gentle ??thank u so much!!!!

hello! of course im glad to do so👍 firstly, i think its pretty self-explanatory but anatomy and the flow of your style develops with lots of practice and time, and what i say after this is the less important part. what helps you the most are making studies of pictures and life, bodies of different sizes and shapes and positions – and poses especially, if u think ur figures look awkward u should stock up on some poses🌝 (i personally never took part in such thing but model classes seem especially useful, since theres a time limit to each pose, it forces you to not dwell on smaller/unimportant details too much, realise what are those details that you do need to picture the likeness of that pose and body, and generally makes your work quicker and flow easier).

  • reference: should i explain this. reference is all artists pal (until ure not copying others artwork) please use references.
  • learn general anatomy rules: body is 8 heads long, feet size = lower arm size, etc etc, there are plenty of anatomy guides about this. these also help when anatomy doesnt feel right but u dont quite know whats wrong. its mostly about developing an eye for proportions, comparing sizes, what should be in line with what; how that changes in shifting positions and angles (like the ears in relation to the eyes when the figure looks up and down post that blew up recently(?) i cant seem to find it lol if anyone has it link me pls so i can link it here as well,,,,) ; and in what ways/how far can the body and limbs bend.
  • leave sketch behind: it kind of requires you to clear the previous point but. the reason i stopped sketching (usually only do when i need to plan where to place the body n stuff in a background) is that since general proportions come to me naturally now my drawing becomes stiff if i do the lineart on a sketch, also i tweak and adjust anatomy a lot along the way so. my sketch wouldnt be more accurate anatomically than the end result and it gives me no real guide. sketching helps u at the beginning stage of learning anatomy as it allows u to think abt bodies in a simplified way (a circle with a cross on it for head we all kno✓), but later it can drag u down and it might be better to move on. also, the common problem of the sketch being more dynamic than the lineart. all my linearts are cleaned up sketches, if we put it that way🌞👍
  • develop a routine: actually this is more of a workflow/speed/not feel so lost tip but it might be useful idk. for the longest time, no matter if its a portrait or full body pic, ive always been drawing body parts in the same order: eyes, eyebrow, nose, mouth, sideburns (yes to locate where ears will be), ears, fringe/forehead area, hair/head, neck, collarbones (to locate shoulders), upper body, hips (to locate what way will legs go), lower body. a video of my sketching to demonstrate 🌚 since hands are p expressive and easy to misplace i usually draw it before the rest of the arm (like a figure leaning on their hand, i get to the collarbone, then the hand, then arm).
  • break down to parts: makes it easier to process the  details. this actually came to me thinking about hands, but applies to the whole body. on a hand, i think of phalanges as different compartments and draw it as if it was a mannequins hand placed together of different premade parts in the shapes of joints and such, and if it looks too much i erase the extra lines (but not always, as seen in the pic below). a ball jointed doll (altho often they have v twisted proportions, and might not go into details on parts like feet) is a good example on how to break it apart imo but im sure there are guides on this online as well. generally meat and bones and stuff that are in one chunk lol. it also helps if u draw the difficult things (hands usually) on a different layer so u can drag it around and see where it fits best. idk if that sounds weird but its part of my pose making process sometimes o(-(
  • zoom out, flip the canvas: i put this after the previous point to enhance: dont work too zoomed in, only on one part of the body. i mean ofc cleaning up lineart is another thing but seeing the whole of the pose and the body is how u prevent misproportioning and misplacing. breaking it apart and then putting it together in the right places and sizes is what we want to achieve here. flipping the canvas horizontally can reveal anatomy mishaps that u might have not even noticed so good to make it a habit.
  • lasso tool and transform (obv only if u work digitally) : my Best Friends :-) as said i adjust anatomy (or the pose even) a lot while linearting and use these two lots. make use of the transform tool not only with sizing but shearing and this thing here that allows u to swish ur selected area around by dragging or how to explain its rly useful.

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Im felling so bad about my art,im studying for 3 years,and i cant see any significant improve. I try to draw everyday,to do studies and etc,but i can't barely remember how to draw a torso in different angles from memory. I have depression and so many things,all pull me down... Do you have any tip for study anatomy in an efficient way?

shit man this is honestly a rough situation and i feel for u so much but even if you dont see improvement, by drawing everyday you are improving even if u dont feel it yknow?

in my opinion if ur not happy with your art its either time for a style change or for you to forget anatomy, forget techniques, forget everything that can frustrate you and focus on having a comfortable environment with calming music and just drawing whatever you enjoy and if it comes out with shit anatomy? who gives a fuck its the experience not the product u need rn

BUT i know youre asking for tips for studying anatomy rn so my advice is

PLEASE DO NOT STUDY MUSCLES/BONES/EVERY TENDON. that shit is INSANE LMAOOO i learned anatomy by never even looking past the skin of a body and thatS BC IM NOT PSYCHO ALMSOGDIGFJH and please i know this sounds dumb as SHIT and may be the stupidest advice youve ever heard, but please dont sit down and put up a picture of a girl and draw from that while staring at it

so now that u know what i dont think u should do heres what i think u should do:

go throughout your daily life but look at arms look at muscles look at naked bodies look at porn/manga/your mom when shes makin food LMAOOO

and dont look at anything and draw a pose you remember seeing. ITS OK TO FUCK IT UP ITS OK FOR IT TO BE BAD ITS OKKK TO BE BADDDDDDDDDD because drawing from memory is how youre going to improve and rn you dont know how to draw it from memory. AND THEN everyday do a different pose dont repeat the same pose and if shit looks wrong IDENTIFY WHATS WRONg yknow?

sorry im bad at advice but ill try to show u visuals:

look @ this back its so fucked up the muscles r all wrong its INSANE and i got that back without looking at reference without seeing the pose or anything

this is later and look im still shit at backs but im doing diff poses involving backs right?

then u go and see my backs r getting a lil better im starting to remember how it looked in a manga/ when seein men

and then eventually im at this back which still has issues but its okay yknow?

so overall my advice is: stop studying stop focusing on getting better and focus on drawing different poses without ref bc eventually (even tho it took me 3 years) u get that shit 

SORRY IM SO BAD AT ADVICE I WANNA KMS I LOVE U ANON I HOPE U WORK EVERYTHING OUT AND im sorry youre suffering from depression please stay safe and remember that youre always improving even if you dont think so


Hinata crow and Kageyama crow also Kenma cat @ Jump Festa 2017

You can find them at Toho Animation area. Hinata crow just too cute! He always let us touch his fur and also being cute infront of us. Tobio being tobio~ Unimpressed as ever! Haha.. But during Jump Super Stage Haikyuu, Tobio is the one with most energy where he jumps around really high! and keeps on jumping, I dont know how many times he jumps but sure he’s cute! Kenma cat also very cute! One time when I want to take his picture he stand in front of me and pose cutely and at the end he blocks my front camera with his furry paws! So cute! 😂

I have a very soft spot for this pic that i end up using it for my twitter profile picture and haven’t change since..i cannot change it..this one moment is rare because you just cant believe Jaebum doing this to Jackson..it so rare and this is so special and so intimate..i just dont know how to explain..look at their pose and body language..my heart 😍😍


for whoever is curious how the process went for this picture. Honestly the head took forever, including the neck, just didn’t know how to do it right, proportions and everything. Kind of fucked up in my eyes, but in the end, still happy with the result. 

Details: character © Favetoni, used mainly CSP and then PS for the last effects. 

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How come you called shaun king talcum x? I dont get why black people tease other blacks for not "being black enough". Its fucking stupid

Because he’s literally not black at all. At least there’s significant suspicion that he’s only posing as a black man to grant legitimacy to his positions. Pictures of him as a kid are white as can be and he claims his father was a light skinned black man he didn’t know and just his mom was white. But that’s a remarkably convenient story, and we already know he lies and exaggerates like when he claimed he was attacked for being black and no one could find any evidence of it. It has nothing to do with me not thinking he’s “black enough” so calm down.



thank you @scribblingninja for taking such great pics, i hope i can see you again soon! 

I went as your most lovable mr sharpshooter himself,LANCE

♥BEST EMO♥ is @danuchou , thank you for being my space ranger buddy ( and holding my bag u are an angel and we dont deserve you)

Our one and only pidge is @something-caliginous!

If you see yourself in these pictures please let me know! ( esp the korrasami girls! it was so much fun to take pictures with you both and create the least straight picture on planet earth)

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You reboggled sth about how we commented what happened on Sat, how he was sad, bored and forced to pose but never touching her, and how pr reacted to that so we got the pictures yesterday hugging her and wearing her dress. Dont you think sometimes we should wait until the weekend is over to post about it? To point out all of their fails? I know frustration makes us wanna post immediately, but we should be wiser than them and wait, so they cant react in time. For Darrens sake and well being.

Anon. Trust me. I appreciate your sentiment. I constantly struggle with what is it is not appropriate to post. In this case. And it is case specific. And event specific. And can change hourly. I don’t agree.

To me it was critical to preserve what happened Saturday and to point out the flaws. Traffic to my blog yesterday doubled from the norm. That’s a lot of people reading. And many are PR believers. And one of my goals is to help them to see not only how fake this is. But how manipulative she is. And how unhealthy this relationship is.

And honestly. With the exception of his awkwardly wrapping his arms around her and her practically sitting in his lap while standing. I don’t think anything we got was a result of our actions. It was actually surprisingly drama free.

On the dress. With the exception of the fact it made me cringe and I just hoped she bathed yesterday. in my opinion that action was not related to us. The other guy had a dress on too. It was some game. Likely designed to mock him. It’s what she does. And we got the video purely so everyone saw it.

But you know what I zeroed in on? Him smiling at his phone. Again the more riveting companion. Maybe he took a selfie and sent it to his husband and they were laughing?

Trust me. I know every word we write is monitored. I’m aware we have an impact on this game. So it’s a balancing act. I don’t always get it right. But in this particular case. I have no regrets.

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At this point, I dont give two fucks if Mystal is real or not! I just want Michael to get away from her because it’s obvious he’s uncomfortable. We’ve all known him for years and know how he poses for pictures when he’s comfortable, and that’s not it!


DAY SIX masquerading as day five and posted on day seven!! Albel Nox, presumably posing for the 2018 calendar of Airyglyph’s Fuckiest (which is just 12 different pictures of him every year). in his head he is calling everyone a maggot

eris asked for battleskirt so I ATTEMPTED BATTLESKIRT??? still very grateful to whoever decided belly shirt, collar & thigh highs screamed “intimidating warrior character”, thank you tri-ace.

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Hey, so, i've been following you since your waylon park ask blog thing and i really like the dynamism on your drawings. everytime i try to make my drawings more "alive" and dynamic they look stiff or something like that. Any tips on this? I understand if you dont know how to answer. Thank you!

What has helped me over the years is a shit ton of gesture drawing classes. It takes time to develop getting an eye for the line of action, but once you can start to nail it down, it really does help with fluidity and dynamic movement.

If you’ve never done gestures/been taught about the line of action here’s a very brief crash course on it. (It would benefit you immensely to practice this everyday but to also learn from professionals as well.)

So here’s your model. She’s doing a pretty gnarly pose.

**All model pictures are from the site pixelovely which I highly recommend as a practice tool.

The first thing you should do before anything else is lay down a line of action + possible indication of where the head is. There are two types of lines of action that are generally accepted: the s-curve and the c-curve. They’re fairly explanatory but just for the benefit of the doubt I’ll show you both kinds so you can get an idea of what I mean.

When it comes to gestures generally the figure doesn’t have to be uber anatomically correct unless it’s meant to be a more realistic/life drawing. If you want something animated and cartoony in theme what you need to be doing is pushing the pose, not drawing it so precisely you’re doing a life drawing. 

Also important to note is that details are not a priority in gestures. Lay down the bare bones of the pose and get the torso limbs down with as few lines as you can.

Boom, you have a gesture.

If you want to add details after laying in the sketch you can, however it’s not really necessary to do much else besides possible vague facial indication or clothing fold indication (unless of course you want more detail). 

The main idea is to really think about what you want your character to convey. Pushing the gesture/pose will display whatever emotion the character has and therefore make them more life-like and easier to read.  Try doing gestures between 30 seconds and 1 minute– do them in groups of 10 or 20 everyday and with time you’ll definitely start to see change.

Getting hung up on anatomy in such an early stage is usually what causes people’s drawings to come out stiff. You can always go in and edit a drawing later on–laying down the movement of the pose first helps ensure it’ll stay dynamic in some way. Of course it’s also very good to draw from life–learning your muscles and how anatomy works genuinely helps gestures come out better since you have a grasp on how to deform a character properly without making it look incorrect and plain weird.

But yeah! I’m unsure if that helps, but that’s what I do when I go to draw. Gesture/line of action first, vague body shape next, and then details later.

One last note: when you practice gestures start out with a sketchpad and pencil. Trying to learn gestures through drawing on the computer automatically stiffens poses. Using a pencil and paper allows you to make your strokes as crazy and fluid as you want + allows varying line weight as well.

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can you do a tutorial about how you draw people?

i wasnt sure if you meant process or specifically drawing people, so here is a process gif i made in case you were curious, and for drawing people i dont really have a “set way” to do it i just???? dO IT??????

but generally, to draw people, its important to have a grasp on anatomy and proportions. i mean im not perfect at it but i have a pretty good idea of it?? (i took a figure drawing class and it was a 10/10 experience u learn a lot when u do it; if u have the chance to take a figure drawing class i HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!) use lots of reference pictures too, like photos or anatomy books (artistic, not medical altho i use medical ones to study skeletal structure, which is also v helpful). also use yourself as a reference!!! if ur drawing an arm and dont know if it can bend a certain way, bend ur arm to see how a real arm moves!!!! sometimes if the anatomy on a drawing gets tricky, i will literally get up and pose out the drawing.

in actual drawing, i feel like its very important to sketch out the drawing using geometric shapes.

im a little more literal than i lead on but this is what i basically mean. i draw circles for heads and round body parts, and i also use them for joints in the body. the head i sketched is a circle and triangle, and a real head is obviously not that shape, but it works to get the main idea of the shape down. when you sketch, you want to get the main idea down, so you dont need details (yet); just the main shapes.

now granted my anatomy isnt perfect or anything but you have to remember that im heavily stylized as well??? i mean. do NOT use stylization as an excuse for bad anatomy!!! but like dont draw an arm twice as long as a normal arm and say “thats just my style!!!” no. arms usually fall between like mid-thigh ish, give or take a centimeter or two. but basically what im saying is that if youre drawing people, fictional or not, its important to have an understanding of anatomy. it has to be believable, you know what i mean?? like if i drew this picture and gave oropher legs twice as long as regular legs, it wouldnt look “right”. i dont think im explaining this well but i dont think people have 6 ft long legs.

other than that its also important to just keep practicing. its a really cliche thing to say but thats basically it. also use books, pictures, yourself, and other humans as references on how to draw people!! this wasnt really a tutorial rather than just me talking, but i hope this helps!!!!

by the way im getting tired of this lil phenomenon: *picture of me striking a pose, arching my back, etc* “mmm, nothing wrong with having a little more meat on the bones” “this is a REAL WOMAN”“ i want to fuck this”
*picture of me at the same exact weight wearing the same shit but im sitting down* “ok im all for body posi but this is just taking it too far” “this is unhealthy” “advocating obesity" 

like………. i dont think you guys know how bodies work