i dont know how to edit anymore tbh

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SCREAMS I HAVE AN IMPORTANT QUESTION............how do you make your female models t hicc........ because some of my ocs (like most of them) have different body types, and usually my shorter ocs have thicc thighs lole //especiallymycatocwhyamilikethishahhaanoclue// but yEAH pls help me.... If it needs meta I'll cry because I don't know how to use it plus I haven't bought it lma o

HI,,,,,,,, I SERIously have no idea how to explain wtf i do tbh,,,,,,,,, so i thought the best way would just to record an example (i used my already edited miku base since i dont have the original tda base anymore im so sorry)???? so here u go!!!! (i edited pretty much everything but her tiddies)


sorry the recording is sooo shitty quality!!!!! im noob this is like my first time doing a screencapture, but you get the basic jist of what im doing (just moving and scaling vertices) and i turned on wireframe to make it more clearer zzzz 

tbh i usually would and recommend doing it in meta bc it’s just easier,,, but i did it in PMX just for u bc i mean, its pretty much the same thing!!! the only thing is that in meta- u can mirror and watch ur actions reflect on the other side in real time, but in PMX- you can only work on one side and imagine it reflected until u actually mirror it zzz (im shocked that it turned out pretty ok my first go but yknow)

and this is wat the edited looks like bc i almost forgot to add that in:

i hope something helps idk if this is even helpful at all 

im also gna quickly clarify some things i clicked or w/e in the speededit in case you can’t see or its too fast in a readmore:

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