i dont know how to draw swords dont look at it

anonymous asked:

i love your art so much!!!! the lighting, the hair and expressions, but most of all the poses!! i hope you dont mind me asking, but how do you go about planning the pose for a drawing (especially if its like an action or battle pose) like what kind of references do you use? its really hard to come up with something and i dont know where to look for inspiration. thanks!!


when im stuck on pose ideas, i usually just google some example poses L O L!!! i also look over some of my fav artists’ work. although i believe once you can grasp the way limbs etc. work, youll be able to create any pose you want. although i believe the crucial thing is to make sure whatever pose youre choosing is correct.

mia jumping in the air with a one vanishing point perspective

for more dynamic poses, try experimenting with camera angles.

mia with attempted 3 vanishing point perspective L MAO

energy lies in small details and gestures

although there isnt really anything wrong with this pose, you can add more energy by changing and adding a few things.

i hunched lyns back and shoulders more for tension and moved the sword to a more active, dynamic pose. the direction and flow of her hair further adds to the energy. dont be afraid to get our of your comfort zone to try more dynamic poses

hopefully that helps…. GOOD LUCK MY DUDE!!!

Breaking Mr. X  (2.0)

Here, we have the old riddles from two years ago. We are trying to figure out the ones related to what is happening now. If you want to add something or share your thoughts, feel free to drop a msg! 

Note: This is just our assumptions!. We are not claiming this to be true. These are just our opinions. 


Five little birds are trapped in a CAGE,
one little bird fell off the stage.
Four little birds, the cage is getting narrow,
one little bird got shot by an ARROW.
Three little birds come out to play, one will die
Two little birds one about to die, no one hears his painful cries.
The four dead birds the last one mourned. His heart was tragically TORN.

The cage is modest, the bird that fell off the stage is Zayn.The bird that got shot by an arrow is Liam (Ziam bromance/romance) Two birds about to die, LARRY. Harry will be the emotionally dead and Louis being the closeted one cannot be heard when he cries. 


The time will come and a heart will soon stop beating. A love once strong will leave one weeping. The world is spinning leaving everyone confused. A war so strong it will spark a fuse. Be prepared my dear. For the end is drawing near. A sword will be no help.No one will hear his cries. One will fall, broken, into his own blood. Four will stand tall, Obvious to the young one.Take a deep breath, some will leave, some will stay, some will never be able to look past the day. Some will cry and run away, but that doesn’t mean One Direction will also be affected. In fact dearest, is it their fans that will not be protected. Fear not, it w: Strangill be over soon. It also maybe lost. Oh don’t be selfish, please oh please! There are millions of you, and sadly, only one of me. Share what I’ve gifted you. Oh I hope you do.

Larry will have a fight. Louis being the deep closeted cannot/afraid do anything if Harry will flip, get mad, get tired of the situation. Harry will be so hurt but the anger will over power it. It will start a big fight between them however no one in the band can’t do anything about it and Harry will be left fragile and broken. Louis cannot show any emotions to the public leaving him mourning at night. Some will leave, some will stay, some will never be able to look past day. This is for the fans. Some fans will leave for they cannot handle the drama. Only the matured ones can understand the situations will be left. Which is what the band wants for the re branding. As we have mentioned it the past posts, they are doing this not to gain fans but to get a new market/image. The boys are getting old so as their music and personalities. One Direction will not go anywhere it’s the fans that will change. We cannot blame them for this for it is what the band needs. They cannot be 18 forever. To support this, In OTRA, the boys have started to act their age. Be the man who they are compared to the bubbly jumping suspender wearing boys during Take Me Home. This is who they really are. They have been seeding the re branding ever since WWA. They started with subtle sexual gestures to what we now witness as the Harry Styles moaning segment every concert. 


The boy from the nation orange and green, will never be able to find his queen.

Protection is what he seeks, but the curly haired boy starts to speak.

This may have something to do with Niall being linked to a girl that dumped him. (We are not sure if it happened already or bound to) This can also be the start of Harry giving more obvious hints about being gay. 


The Irish lad, will soon be sad.
His friends have gone off the walls.
Or is it him who set them up for their fall?

We are not sure about this but this indicates Niall being someone involved in everything. (Thoughts? ) 


The truth is hidden, but will it be overwritten?

The curly haired boy will tell it all, only leading to his own fall.

Harry will come out. 


The outcome is only declared by the presenter himself.

It is now his turn to decide…

Should he come out, or go back inside?

Thoughts on this? We have a few ideas about this but we are still not sure if it already happened or bound to happen. We have a number of theories that can lead to different outcomes. But this is Larry related. A possibility that this is just about Louis or Just Harry, maybe both. 



Someone isn’t who they say, but one secret will make it okay.

This describes Louis. Hiding himself because he may not yet embraced the fact that he is gay but with Harry everything makes sense. He is not sure about the things around him or in him all he is sure about and what is important to him is that, he loves Harry



I may be a friend, I may be a stranger.

But don’t worry about me, for your boys are in danger.

Focus on the word “me”, the question was referring to Harry being in danger and Mr. X answered don’t worry about “me” . Is this Harry? Or is it Ed talking for Harry? (Please share your thoughts in this) 


The concert Begins.
Fans Scream and Cheer.
They don’t expect
The event that is near..

The boys will come on stage
preparing to sing
However one won’t.
With me in the wing.

The one with curly hair,
and emerald green eyes.
Such a pity it is
to see the doom to arise

He’ll get ready to start
as I load my gun
Quick shot to the head
This boy will soon be done

You have been warned.
he will soon be no more.
Instead of five boys in 1D
There will only be four.

“However one won’t. With me in the wing. “ remember Harry being in the wing section on the stage during some songs? And Zayn not being there as well. 

We think that this is like Harry talking to his self. Like his dark self talking about how he will fall apart on the stage. 


The boys will be left alone by me of course,
but management will take them by force. 

We think that Harry will leave the boys alone (come out) the boys will support Harry but management will pull them back. Leaving Harry alone. 



You people are not thinking of his emotions,

his tears are going to flow like oceans.

It may not be on stage, but look again and you will see.

The curly haired boy’s secret will soon be free.

Harry will come out not because he is selfish and he wants to be happy but he is coming out because he cannot take it anymore. 


General Thoughts: 

We think that Ed could be writing for Harry. 

Sophia and Bella



Lethe, mighty Lethe, they all say you wash away memories yeah so why is it when i submerge myself beneath your waters the memories only seem to grow more damn vivid, why have I been so forsaken as to be denied your favor,
O Goddess Lethe, please
hear my plea
I’m bloody begging at your feet O great and mighty Goddess
for the love of the gods

I gave the ferryman my ruddy obol, I submit myself to the gods will, honest I swear I do 
Aphrodite, you fickle bitch, she was yours, she had your looks, your grace,
your favor
sharp as Athena, as strong as Artemis, lovelier than all the graces, more talented than all the muses,  
and now? she’s shacking up with Michael and Lindsay in Tartarus and if they aren't all in Elysium I dont know what I’ll do.

We aren't good people, not in so literal a sense, but those three are the best damn people I’ve ever known. Elysium would and should be proud to have them.

and as for you two, Enyo, Ares, you heartless bastards, Michael would have loved you. I know you two favoured him. He was a champion, your champion, he was glorious on the battlefield, even if the battlefield was more a warehouse, even if his weapons were spears or swords but guns or grenades
and a bat of the eyelash
a flick of the goddamn wrist, ye cruel callous gods, and your champion is dead

and Lindsay…Zeus, i just dont understand. I don’t. how can i? How the hell does that make any iota of sense? She was a leader, a fighter, a lover,
Zeus  she was you with none of your flaws
she was perfect
they all were
or was that your problem?

Were you threatened? By their flawlessness? I know you lot can get mighty damn jealous. The great and powerful gods threatened by mere mortals, how pathetic. You can caution me all you want, bid me hold my tongue but I’ve already paid the price for my hubris and nothing you could ever do will ever punish me like that did. Take the crew, take the city, I don’t care.

You’ve lost all three of your betting chips, I hope it was worth it.
Because I, Midas, cursed with my golden corruption,
I, Midas, broken and pathetic, missing all of my soul
I, Midas, who begged for mercy and received none,
I, Midas, swear on the Goddess Styx and her river, on the unbreakable vows which are yours Goddess by the decree of the Almighty All Father Zeus, who’s vows are binding no matter the circumstance, to take my revenge.

—  the lament of Midas || (via fahchaus)