i dont know how to draw cats


based on @looneyfrechie draw the squad

Hux carrying his favourite ginger. 

Bonus: Kylo enjoys carrying his favourite ginger as well.

I am capable of serious Star Wars art, I swear. One day I will prove that to you all.

One day. 

anonymous asked:

what the fuck are you serious? how has this not been taken off yet?? i cant see lgbt+ related content but i can see dumb straight people having softcore porn when i go too deep in the search section that has nothing to do with it. like u know if your results dont have too many options, it starts showing nsfw content like??? *sigh*

Yeah I think I did see them making some announcement that they were gonna try and fix it but like.. I saw somebody upload a video entitled “gay flag and me petting my cat” and it was literally just a video of them stroking a cat with a drawing of a rainbow flag next to it and it got filtered out.. so clearly they set it up to filter out anything with GAY in the title.. so I’m not really seeing how they can now respond like “omg this wasn’t our intention we’ll try to fix it right away” 

I’ve been neglecting this blog. Yikes 😫

Anyways, this is my finished work of Lily Collins. I was in a love-hate relationship throughout the process of drawing this because you know how it is.. Some things start to look different after you stop looking at them for a while. I’d go to bed feeling great about it and then when I wake up next morning and look at it, I’ll see every little thing I did wrong.

I’m actually more active on instagram (@quixoti.cat), because tumblr eats up my data like a hungry hippo. That sucks because I like looking for art reference here better. Still, I’ll try and post some, every now and then.


Ladybug AU where Blake despite being more of a cat person visits a doggy day care which Ruby works at. Mostly to see Ruby but to also better understand dogs a little more.

Blake also catsits for other owners and when she does she tries to teach Ruby about their behavior and why they act strangely when petted differently from dogs.

On Ruby’s day off Blake would walk with Ruby and her dog Zwei and they would get to know more about each other.